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Century Link = Century Stink
Posted by on
Century Link.

As a student, the internet is very important.

Internet means being able to Connect to the internet. With Century Stink it is a crap shoot. The past three weeks, there have been 3 outages. I was OK during the first, though I was working on a school project. Two weeks ago there was another. Now, contacting there tech support I learned that they were working on it. Internet came back up... no speed whatsoever. I contacted Century Stink again. Oh, guess what? They no longer offer 24/7 tech support. Since the last outage, it is a service they no longer provide. 5 days now of horrid service and slow speeds. maybe I should quite my job so I can reach there tech support people? I always love to hear how they are working on a problem and being thanked for my patients. I didn't say I had any. I am working on school.

Today, AGAIN, there was an outage. Again, I am told that may be by tomorrow I will have internet access.

I won't touch there bundle billing packages, and the fact that every bill is different. How? I don't know.

Glad I have a cell phone, and cable is being installed.

Stay away from Century Stink at all costs!

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Anonymous on 03/03/2010:
Outages can happen with every carrier.You do realize that weather, accidents and all manner of things can cause an outage. Outages usually mean an entire area is out, not just your one home. They can do nothing but fix them as fast as possible.

I suggest using a dial up package as a backup. You can use Juno for free for 10 hours each month. I have had them as a backup for 5 years.
Samaneenook on 03/11/2010:
Dearest "college student",I believe you mean Their not there. If we cannot keep an airplane in the air 100% of the time, what are the odds that something such as internet would go out? This is called life and how things work. I recommend not waiting until the last minute to do your homework.
newsmyrna1 on 03/16/2010:
I don't think it's just "life and how things work" when it comes to paying for a service and not getting the service that you pay for. I do not have the connection speed that I pay for and most of the time I cannot connect to the internet unless I open and close my browser several times. CenturyLink is aware of this connectivity issue but have not been able to fix it. This has been an ongoing problem since CenturyLink became my isp ~ last fall. Unfortunately, I do not have a choice when it comes to a DSL provider. Satellite is unreliable and I cannot use dialup due to the nature of my business. So, I'm stuck with lousy internet service that costs too much...
Anonymous on 03/16/2010:
Hold up. If you are having to open and close your browser to get connected, that sounds like a configuration or browser issue, not a connection (service) issue. Have you checked to make sure you don't have your firewall settings on HIGH? Are you connecting wirelessly or by a wired connection? Is your adapter being run by software or Windows?
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So many issues
Posted by on
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- I just moved to Tallahassee, FL and needed to connect local phone service. I originally went into the Embarq store to see how much they would cost to have both DSL and home phone service. The rep I spoke to said that "dialtone" service with no "bells and whistles" would cost $15 a month and the DSL would be $24.95, he then added that for "$4 more I could have voicemail, caller id, line protection, etc." I said, sure and he then stated that my bill per month would be $62. I may not have taken too many math classes in college, but if memory serves me $15 + $24.95 + $4 = 43.95, not 62. I told the rep that I changed my mind and only wanted the $15 dialtone service. After trying to give me the DSL package with a free month and other things I didn't need...I finally convinced the rep (or so I thought) to give me just dialtone. I left the store with a massive receipt with cryptic codes on it and a date that my service was to be connected. Unsure of the rep's skills, I called Embarq after my service was turned on and was informed that my account had DSL, Voicemail, Caller ID, and all the other features I didn't request. I told the agent on the phone that I did not request any of those features and that I JUST wanted dialtone for $15 a month. She said she would take care of that and credit back my account. The next month I receive a bill higher than expected and I noticed that unlimited *69 was placed on my account. I then called Embarq again explaining the situation. The first agent I spoke to said he could take *69 off my account, but that he would not credit my account because I "probably used it" I explained that I never requested anything on my account and that refusal to credit my account constituted "cramming" (the telephone term similar to bait and switch). The agent said I was being hostile and disconnected the call. I called back an hour later and had a credit applied to my account by speaking to a supervisor. I thought everything was finally solved with Embarq, but this month I never received a bill and was almost late in paying. I was smart enough to go online and pay by electronic check before they charged me another fee.

If this were 10 years ago, there wouldn't be anything I could do. However, I decided that enough was enough and I'm switching to VOIP for $9.95 a month and disconnecting my land line. LECs can't afford to treat their customers like AT&T did years ago.
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No problems here
Posted by on
Had centurytel DSL for almost 10 years, rarely ever had a problem with it..
I can count the times the it went down on one hand..
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Horrible Service
Posted by on
LORAIN, OHIO -- I moved to Lorain OH and was very busy with all the things moving entails. My wife call to see about internet access through AT&T and was told it's not available here.

Well, Centurytel was so I signed up. Nothing but trouble ever since. Tech support call after Tech support call. Rude customer service people, you name it.
When I tried to cancel I was told I would be billed $200.00. Wow, what a trap.
I am thinking of canceling service anyway. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.
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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 10/04/2008:
Maybe try getting cable modem service...it is faster than DSL.
Ponie on 10/05/2008:
Did you read your contract before you signed? I'm certain it will be stated in it whether there is an early termination fee. Centurytel serviced The Thumb of Michigan at one time. It was the local telephone company. No contracts were needed and no early termination fees. Subscribers got a monthly bill from which to pay for services. Guess things have changed since then.
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Posted by on
AUGUSTA, MISSOURI -- I received a flier from CenturyTel stating I could get FREE Professional installation for DSL. However, when I called they informed me that I would be charged $2.00 (every month that I had the service) if I had a premise visit. I called and they said they had a lot of complaints but couldn't do anything about it. They said it was a poor choice of words on the flier!
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house damage
Posted on
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I had CenturyTel install phone service. The service technician used my bathroom and had diarrhea on the wall, the floor, it was a mess! I called CenturyTel immediately to tell them it needed to be cleaned. They responded by telling me to call a cleaning company and send them the bill. I did that and sent CenturyTel the bill. That was August 15th, as of today Dec 16 I had to pay the cleaning company the $276 and I have heard nothing from CenturyTel. I have spoken to two representatives concerning this matter and they tell me they will take care of it. This is unethical behavior since they told me to call the cleaning company in the first place.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/17/2002:
I think part of the problem is the amount of that bill. Our office is 16,000 sqf and that is the bill per week, which includes cleaning the bathrooms 5 times a week as well as the rest of the space with a crew of two.
Anonymous on 12/18/2002:
Why was the cleaning bill so high? Our house is 4500 square feet with 4 and 1/2 bathrooms and it only cost a $120 a week to clean.
Anonymous on 12/18/2002:
I agree with the rebutts. Your telling us that he missed the john so bad it did that damage? Sounds more like the bill to clean the whole house and some yard work too.
joe on 03/11/2004:
Have you considered what the tec may have had for lunch to blow such a load out his butt. Now are we talking the runs or whole chunks of crap. When cleaning up whole chucks they can sometime get smashed in the carpet or stain the wall. I know from experience, that was one night and too many hot peppers - Whew!!!! There was diarrea and a little blood running down my leg. I ended up spraying the back seat of my car with crap because it came out with such pressure (trying to hold it in). I think you ma have stepped in one of the chunks and walked through your house spreading crap all over the place. Did you accually bend over and smell or sample the doo doo? It could have been just a chocolate bar in his back pocket.
spanky on 03/11/2004:
I cannot side with anyone yet until I get some answers. Was there sufficiant paper for the tech to wipe his crack with after he got threw dropping a grenade? I mean at least leave an old magazine or a towel or maybe and old toothbrush. If that wasn't available he had no choice but to glide his butt along the rim of the toilet and walls to get the runs off him. I've even heard if you get enough floss in a wad you can get a good whipe after such an explosion out of the rear.
tjo058315 on 09/29/2006:
Yeah.. I bet!!!
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