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Customer Service and Quality of product
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I have been waiting for Certmagic.com to get the Professional in HR (PHR) certification prep bundle for me since April 30th 2007. they have not gotten it to me for over 2 months and finally they promise me that they are getting it to me within a week (June 28th) and if they do not they will give me a full refund on the spot. Of course they did not get the stuff to me on time and after I gave them the extra week I got the test prep stuff from another vendor and now they won’t refund my money.

I have a email from one of their customer service guys saying that they are going to refund the money :

"support@certmagic.com" to me
show details Jun 27

Dear Customer,

We will have it within a week and if we do not, we will issue you a
refund on the spot.

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Best Regards,


But the next email I got from them today saying:

"support@certmagic.com" to me
show details July 13th 2007 8:10 am (2 hours ago)

Dear Customer,

Unfortunatelym our higher ups have told us that its already available
due to which we cannot refund as you already have the product.

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This company will BS you to get your money, do not fall for anything they say or promise.

They have very poor customer service, and they do not give out any phone numbers to call their customer service center.

Lastly their test prep stuff must be written by a monkey. I used it and failed the MOS certification.

I found the test prep stuff on MeasureUp.com another vendor that supplies test prep bundles. They have awesome stuff; I passed my MOS certification with just two weeks of study.
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