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Worse Damn Service To Have To Pay For That I Have Ever Seen...
Posted by Hotrod1200 on 12/11/2012
Charter cable came into the south and bought out a reputable company and commenced to turn this into one of the worst experiences of television watching in the history of television. I wish the FCC would come in and grab them by their asses and make those people clean up their act. Give a good product for the high price they are charging.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-11:
I wish there were some details of the issue(s) you're evidently experiencing.
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Subscriber Beware!!!
Posted by Cgross on 12/04/2012
Absolutely horrible customer service. Do yourself a favor and chose another provider. Charter Communications does not value the customer. The worst company I have ever dealt with by far. Its a mystery how they have been able to stay in business this long. Everybody I have talked to agrees that Charter Communications is an absolute nightmare!!!!!!!

Subscribe at your own risk.
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Posted by Umatter2Chrtr on 2012-12-04:
Hello cgross,

My name is John Mattingly, and I am a Social Media Specialist with Charter. I’m very sorry your experience with our customer service advisors has not been positive. This is something we definitely want to fix. Please send an e-mail with any concerns you have to Umatter2Charter@chartercom.com with the name, address, and phone number on the account, as well as the best number to reach you. Also, please put “cgross: My3Cents” in the subject line, so I can watch for the e-mail.

We look forward to helping you resolve your concerns.

John Mattingly
Sr. Social Media Specialist – Charter
Posted by Gary on 2012-12-05:
I emailed charter and asked how much it would be to add their select TV package to the Internet service that I already have with them. First I was told the TV only would be $59.99. I replied asking if they were sure that they quoted me the correct price as that sounded too high because their advertised bundled package of Internet and Select TV was $69.98 Their reply was that the two services would be $114.97 including a modem for the Internet. I replied that I already have the Internet and only want to know what adding their "select TV" package would cost. Now they won't answer. I suspect they must have a limit of two relies for each emailed question. Charter employees need to listen. Charter employees need to pay attention. Charter employees need to focus. Charter employees need to read. Charter employees need to answer the question that is asked. Charter isn't alone in this problem. I see it all of the time lately and sad to say, mostly in the young. When speaking to them in person, They do not listen. When communicating with the written word, They do not read the question. I sit here wondering how in the world these companies can survive? I'm sitting here still wondering what my two services would cost?
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Scammed Again!!! Don't buy into their advertising!!! Warning False Advertising!!!
Posted by Ministry5000 on 10/10/2012
ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA -- Here goes, I wrote a book on the nightmare services we get from Charter but erased it, you don't need to know the details. All you needs to know is this; Charter Communications, be it Franchise (tack on $5 a mo.) or not, is a racket. Once they get your commitment for 2yrs. they will hang you out to dry. For example, After a dozen young men in and out of my parents room trying to get the digital receiver to work, they came to a conclusion."It was the lightbulbs in the ceiling fan above interfering and we would just have to live with it." I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him smacking the box to see if that might make it work! To this day this nice flat screen TV has a distorted picture because the leased equipment stinks even the replacement couldn't help. Then there is the botched cable work, one teck said quote "Needs to be replaced, its interfering with air traffic control." Now we are stuck with 2yrs of $155.00 monthly fees for 4 TV's with no cable boxes because a credit rating of 705 wasn't good enough to lease more than 1. And remember, that ONE box has never worked, not even when we 'removed the ceiling light bulbs' and wrapped 'aluminum foil' around only God knows what?!? Watching TV isn't even worth it anymore the best channel you can select from is PBS. So there you have it. My experience is proof and my word is as solid as a rock when I tell you that Charter Communications is a dirty scam and their FALSE advertising is nothing but pure lies. All they will do is offer the same old rhetoric bull we have gotten since the got a signature. Don't be like me and get stuck with nice TV's (earned by blood, sweat & tears) that will only pick up a few non digital, as of this yr, channels. Its is so not fair to our family who have worked so hard to earn enough money just so we may be able to enjoy off time with a television. God knows the average American can't afford to go out to see a movie anymore.
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Posted by Umatter2Chrtr on 2012-10-13:
Good afternoon,

My name is Jeremy Daniels, and I am a Senior Social Media Specialist with Charter. I would be upset over this situation as well, and you have my apologies for the trouble you have gone through trying to get the cable working properly. I would love the opportunity to get the cable fixed for you. Can you send me an email at Umatter2Charter@chartercom.com with some account information? When you contact us, make sure to put “My3Cents – ministry5000 – CharterJeremy” in the subject line so I know it is for me. Please make sure to include some information such as your name, address, and phone number.

You can find more information on our team at: http://www.charter.com/Umatter2Charter.


Jeremy Daniels
Senior Social Media Specialist – Charter
Posted by Joe on 2013-06-20:
I agree in this area this is absolute worst. They love to lie and make promises but not fix problems. All of the advertisement is bs there picture snows out during rain worse then I ever experienced with direct or dish plus the new 100% customer service guarantee is crock they even sent me letter said they would not be back out and will not even mark off bill when I have shown them video of happening and neighbors have even stated have same problem but they say can not find any problems. Though till this day no one has been out while raining. Dearly one customer lost by charter and taken as many around me to somewhere else.
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Posted by Nates-sweetpea on 09/26/2012
COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- My husband and I are renting a condo and the only Cable company in the area is Charter, since we are not allowed to install a dish we thought we would give it a try. My husband called the number to talk to an agent about signing up, their number goes to a call center in India so we had some language barrier but my husband felt he had negotiated well, and got the triple play: phone, TV and Internet, even though we didn't need the phone, as it was the best price and we had a decent selection of channels, and a DVR, all for one year. Initially, the instillation was quick, easy and the installer was top notch! One evening my husband turned on the TV and for some reason we only got a handful of channels compared to what we usually got, so we went online for tech support, and quickly found out that this was not a tech support issue and we were directed to call a phone number for assistance on our package. Well, hoping it would be American based to avoid the confusion of a language barrier, we called but again, we reached a call center on the other side of the world and we quickly found out that the channels we had now belonged to a different package and we would have to purchase the next TV package up in order to be able to view them again, at this point we were six months into our one year agreement with Charter. We were currently paying around $85 a month for the triple play and had about 120 channels. Annoyed but lacking an alternative Cable TV provider in our area, we decided to do away with the phone and get the new channels. My husband was on the phone for over an hour, half of it on hold as he held for the guy in the call center to arrange for installation, which would be our confirmation of service changes; then after the insane period of being on hold, the call dropped. Seriously? Bad business. We went on line to the chat feature and decided to cancel all but our internet service as we were done with Charter Cable! That off our chests we ordered SkyAngel TV that would work through our internet and unplugged the phone. Two days following I received an automated call from Charter wanting me to rate my service call experience in having the new service installed by them. I chose (completely dissatisfied) for each selection, figuring a real person would eventually contact us. None did but we did get a statement shortly thereafter stating that we owed Charter $250, we had been charged for a service call to remove old equipment, which I had returned myself to our local office. Charged a service call to install our higher speed internet which was done remotely while my husband was on the chat feature with Charter. You're kidding me!! Right? We've proceeded to be billed monthly for the phone service and at a much higher rate since we cancelled the TV, all because they have not completed their work order to cancel the phone service. Need I say more?

Do yourself a HUGE favor and steer clear of CHARTER CABLE and buy yourself a cheap antenna, we did and for $10.99 we get several decent local channels to boost what we have on our Sky Angel programming.
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Worst Cable Ever
Posted by Rroonneeyy on 08/16/2012
PLEASANT VIEW, TN -- Ok so ever since we got Charter Cable, internet, and phone the T.V. Has cut out. No matter what channel what time sure enough at the best part of the show it cuts out. It sometimes stays out for 5 minutes or more. The audio and video blink in and out sometimes for an hour or so or until I turn off the tv and go do something else. We tried calling but they said they can't set up a tech appointment to look at it because theres an outage... There isn't an outage, this cable just sucks. Don't get it if you can avoid it.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-08-17:
You can make a quick complaint to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints Charter must have loads of them on file.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-17:
If this happens regularly, yuck - what a horrible service. Thanks for sharing your experience so others can avoid them.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-08-17:
It sounds like a bandwidth issue. You do need a tech out to check the lines, fittings, etc. Amazing what frustrations one loose fitting can cause.
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Worst Cable/Internet Company on Earth
Posted by Captaindavem on 06/20/2012
Charter is the root of all evil. Absolutely the worst cable service provider in the whole world. Honestly, there are not words in the English language that can describe how badly Charter stinks.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-20:
But Captain Dave, if words can't be found to describe how the service is bad, how will others learn about it? I don't find anything actionable here. Can you explain why, so it would make me think twice before subscribing? What happened?
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Worst Ever
Posted by Djk1953sc on 06/10/2012
Worst service I have ever had. Avoid them like the plague!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-10:
Why would I avoid them? In what ways did your instrument and or service fail to meet or exceed your expectations?
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Promo/ Price guarantee...
Posted by Mgzorn1976 on 05/11/2012
TRUSSVILLE, ALABAMA -- People wake up and take notes when it comes to cable service. Be sure that you write down everything they tell you. Just experienced my first issue in a long time with them and I must say Charter sounds like they work with Uncle Sam. They try to sneak in to take more money from customers after they have locked in a promo/ price guarantee. Make sure you write down the name of the people you talk to and make sure you take no less than what you were given tax included or they will try to screw you out of it and blame it on the tax dollars. Promo or price guarantee there really is no difference. If promo is there when you get your service and its a 12 month promo, don't let them charge you for more if the promo happens to end according to Charter. Thats bs and false. 12 months is still 12 months unless disclosed otherwise by the provider.
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More Cost and Less Channels
Posted by Tazdvl0330 on 04/21/2012
ALBERTVILLS, ALABAMA -- This month our cable bill increased again and we lost 2 more channels. We never know how much they increase the bill until it arrives. There is never anything to watch except reruns. The channels I would like to watch would almost double the cost. I am so disgusted. When they dropped another channel today I told my husband to turn the blankty blank thing off and put up a TV antenna. My daughter has Direct TV and gets every channel for about 25 dollars more than ours. Eventually my husband will get tired of paying something for nothing!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-22:
Looks like Comcast and Verizon may also serve your area, along with Dish.
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Worst Phone/TV/Internet Service
Posted by A-parish on 04/03/2012
TURLOCK, CALIFORNIA -- We switched to Charter from AT&T (big mistake), in January 2012. Granted it was cheaper than AT&T, but we didn't receive calls from AT&T customers, Internet kept disconnecting, and we never had chance to experience the high speed Internet. TV also had some minor issue but we could live with it. We called 5-6 times complaining about service and after we didn't get any resolution, we switched back to AT&T two months later. Funny is that after we paid them $95 for installation and service, they charged us $207 for one month. I guess AT&T is not that expensive after all.

I pulled the Charter service from the other house we own and asked Charter to put us on "DO NOT CALL" list. I was willing to pay the half of the bill, like the half service they gave us, but they didn't work with us and it seems they didn't have any problem losing another customer. They must be making a lot of money by switching and switch back.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 4/6/2012:
Good morning a-parish,

I'm terribly sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with your services. We never want any customer to experience the issues that you’ve listed. My name is George Vick, and I'm a Senior Social Media Specialist with Charter. I definitely understand your frustration and would like to apologize for things not being repaired in a timely manner. I would also like to make sure that you received the appropriate credits on the account for your troubles. Please send me an email at umatter2charter@chartercom.com, Attn CharterGeorge. Please also include My3cents- a-parish in the subject as well so I can keep a look out for it.

Thanks and I look forward to assisting you!

George Vick
Senior Social Media Specialist
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-05:
Looking at some of the Charter reviews (including yours) it does seem that they really aren't worried about losing customers. Drop them a line at umatter2charter@charter.com just to say good-bye if the notion strikes you!
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