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Cheaptickets "hidden" phone number
Posted by R3 on 02/18/2008
The Hawaii area code number that appears in most searches for Cheaptickets is disconnected and has been so for quite some time. They go thru great pains to hide their current number within the small print of their extremely long privacy statement.

Their number is 888-922-8849. I just tried it.
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Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-18:
These companies are all horrible. You are so much better off and can save more money by going through the hotels/airlines/car rental agencies directly. No hidden phone numbers for customer service and if there is a problem you deal directly with the company, not get bounced around between the company and the third party travel site.
Posted by Doe3001 on 2008-02-18:
I Agree. Disconecting phone #s or nor answering e-mail are strategies those companies are using to scam travelers. Check my profile to learn more tricks (inspired by EXPEDIA when they tried to scam me 1254.96 U$D, and failed miserably).
Posted by shelly16 on 2008-02-18:
Most of the third party travel companies just want the reservations to be made and that's it. Unfortunately, when there's a problem they don't want tp have anything to do with it...book direct with the hotel, car and the airlines.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-17:
The number 1-888-922-8849 can be easily seen when you go to the site, click contact and scroll down under CALL US...
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False advertisement of airfares at Cheaptickets.com
Posted by Dimitris on 11/26/2007
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have been trying to purchase a ticket from Portland, OR to Buenos Aires, Argentina for weeks now. I have been monitoring the prices for the last 45 days but was not able to purchase my ticket till recently for personal reasons.

While searching (I use Mobissimo and Kayak.com normally) I kept having Cheaptickets.com coming up as the cheapest deal. I was really surprised because the tickets at the time were around $1300-1500 each, but magically at Cheaptickets.com they would appear for $1064. But each time you tried booking them, when you got to their web site and after you clicked to purchase the ticket, it would say that the quoted price was no longer available and gave the following message:

"We're sorry. Due to changes in airline availability, the fare for your selected trip is no longer available. We have adjusted the fares for all affected flights. The fare for your selected trip is now $ 6380 total. See below. (Message 1048)"

In actuality, the price in the results would be: "$1,316+ $305 taxes & fees = $1,621 per person"

But wait... when you chose that price and clicked on it to purchase it you received the following message: "Due to changing availability, the fare you selected is no longer available. Here's the lowest fare for your flight(s). (Message 102a)"

And the new price was now quoted to be: "Total trip cost $1,657.19 USD"

So the ticket advertised for $1064 was actually $1657.

Now this happened on every one of the cheap tickets offered on their web site. I should know because I had tried to purchase them for three days. In some of them you would get the following message: "Great news! We found an even lower fare for this itinerary. Act fast to take advantage of this fare before it expires. (Message 102b)" and the price would be quoted as "Total trip cost $5,881.19 USD"

Of course, I understood this was a scam, but then I was so angry I tried each and every one of them, and saved most of the results. So now I have this collection of price quotes from Cheaptickets.com that are all false.

And the worst part is that if you try using a search engine for airfare tickets, like Kayak.com or other ones, they all quote Cheaptickets.com and Orbitz.com as the cheapest ones, but yet, they both are false advertisements to lure customers in and hope they purchase one of their more expensive tickets they actually offer.

I am not the only one experiencing this because other friends and family members are having the same experience.

I will forward all the information I have collected with my complaint to the Attorney General's office and the Better business bureau because this is not right. People are trying to get a better deal on an airfare and we waste our time with false advertisements. I could have purchased a cheaper ticket much earlier, if I wasn't spending all this time to purchase a cheaper ticket that didn't exist.
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Posted by Ryan84 on 2007-11-26:
I've had this experience with Cheaptickets. I tried booking a flight to Maui for my honeymoon, the advertised round trip price for 1 ticket was something like $750, when i clicked on it, it came up as $1100. I called them and they explained to me its because the airlines have just changed the price! even tho they advertised the $750 for 4 days afterward. I ended up booking on Orbitz for $756. try the airlines website.
Posted by msnanny on 2007-11-27:
If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Book directly with the airline. You will be MUCH better off in the long run.
Posted by bargod on 2007-11-27:
A lot of the sites and even the airlines themselves sell a limited amount of seats at a sale price. So depending on the dates you enter they could be sold out already as I have found out from experience.
Posted by Dimitris on 2007-11-27:
I understand if they have a sale, but if it is sold out why is it appearing then as an option only at certain times of the day? Interestingly enough, today is the first day that these cheap tickets did not appear on their web site after 4 days that I know of. Interestingly enough, it is also the day after I complaint about it and spoke with a manager and said that if it continued today, I would write a formal complaint to the attorney general's office and the better business bureau. Coincidence??? Maybe, but I am not buying it. They were getting so many hits from all the travel search engines that it must have been crazy.

Anyway, sold out means unavailable. I know that many airlines had sale prices on the specific trip I was looking at. When they run out, they simply did not appear again in any search engine. Why is it that theirs and only theirs and Orbitz seem to be the only ones to appear, even though they are unavailable? Why not other travel sites?

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-28:
If it's really a scam, you should've been able to purchase the flight before it will declare the increased price so they can benefit from it, don't you think? Now what do they get by advertising the wrong price but not booking you in it?COMPLAINTS.So tell me, how is it a scam? what is the purpose?

Travel agencies base their prices from the airlines- which changes from time to time. Sometimes if change is too constant there would be a delay in the update. NEvertheless, the WOULDn't let you finish the booking if it's not the correct price. So that means they didn't get anything from you.

It's not a scam. It's a system delay. Equally just as bad though.
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They Bullied Me
Posted by Brownieporterfield on 03/21/2014
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I am not one to complain, and this is my 1st time ever to write a review on a company but this must be said. I WILL NEVER USE CHEAPTICKETS EVER AGAIN! I went to cheaptickets.com and tried to get a plane ticket from Pittsburgh to Houston Texas, Feb 28 to March 4.

A few days later I realized that the confirmation email they sent me had the wrong dates. I believe this may have happened when I filled out the billing information and left something out; when I pushed "send" or "next" it went back to that same page and said I left something out that needed to be filled in, I guess what I did not realize is that CheapTickets also cleared the dates when it reloaded back to that page.

I called them to explain what happened, but the customer service representative got very defensive and would not work with me at all. He wanted me to pay them for the plane ticket, a cancellation fee of $250.00, and then buy a whole new ticket with the right date on top of that! I offered to pay the difference between the cost of the ticket I bought and the ticket I was trying to buy. And I actually would considered paying a cancellation fee that was not so ridiculously way too expensive! It was more than my ticket was!

All other companies have like a $50 cancellation fee if any at all! I used this company quite a lot this year because I travel for work and this is how they treated me? I felt bullied so I disputed the charges. Now they sent me an email threatening that they were going to go to a Collection Agency. They are just a bunch of bullies who do not care about the customers at all. I would suggest for you to never use them! I would use Expedia or ANY OTHER company instead who are known for having good customer service. Thanks for listening
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Posted by Peter on 2014-03-22:
To change a ticket anymore, almost anywhere except Southwest, is $150-250. This is the airline fee, not cheaptickets. And, as always, check your entire itinerary before you click the Accept or PayNow button. I've also had the problem with the webpage picking up something from the same session and putting it in a field if something comes up with an error. That is why I've learned to double check. Next time deal directly with the airline and see if you can get the same fare a a 3rd party vendor - only once in my travels did I find it cheaper to use a 3rd party vendor than the airlines website. Another trick some of these sites do is pre-check the accept box for insurance so you have to uncheck it if you don't want it.
Posted by CheapTickets on 2014-03-24:

My name is Charlotte, and I am part of the CheapTickets Customer Relations Team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@CheapTickets.com and enter my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


CheapTickets Customer Relations
Chicago, IL
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Do Not Use Cheaptickets.com
Posted by Schroepfka16 on 01/24/2014

By far THE worst customer service I've ever had. I had purchased two tickets to the Pink Concert in Milwaukee January 9th. We get to the concert to find out that the tickets they sold me were FRAUDULENT. I then had to buy two crappy tickets in order to go to the concert. The next morning I call Cheapticket's "Customer Service" and some guy answers the phone. I tell him the problem and his response was "ah ok well we are upgrading our systems so call back in a few hours".... EXCUSE ME!?!?! So then I email the company to let them know the situation and I get an email saying I will be contact within 5 business days. Now, I don't know about you, but I have just been screwed out of over 200 dollars and I'm not happy. 5 business days is a crazy amount of time to expect someone to wait (plus still never got that call) So naturally, I dispute the charge on my credit card. This finally got cheap ticket's attention because they notified me that I could only receive the 150% refund they promise on their site if I can't the dispute. Well gee, maybe if your customer service didn't suck, I could've talk to someone there and felt more comfortable not disputing it in the first place. After emailing back and forth with a girl, I finally cancel the dispute last week. I again emailed them today to ask for an update on my refund. They have done nothing because they have not received notification that the dispute was canceled. BS. I don't believe that for a second. A customer tells you that you are selling bad tickets and you don't even look into it? Meantime, they tell me it takes up to 30 days to get the refund, so I'm sure they expect me to pay the interest charge on the 200 plus dollars sitting on my credit card waiting for the refund? Why doesn't the company do as they promise??? It is not hard to contact the venue and talk to the VERY NICE people there who helped me out to see if my tickets were in fact fraud. But nope, they are dragging their feet in hopes that I give up so that they don't have to pay me the 150%. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2014-01-24:
shouldve kept the dispute, after 30 days?, i dont think you can dispute it so if you dont get your refund then, theres not much you can do...
Posted by jonthethird on 2014-01-25:
The chicken is correct: they are stalling you until the dispute period is over, then will ignore you. Reinstate the dispute and at least get your $200 back
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I Cancelled My Two Flights and They Told Me I Have One Year to Rebook.
Posted by Jinl16 on 01/06/2014
I cancelled my two flights and they told me I have one year to rebook. When I called back 6 months later, they told me both ticket value ($1600) has been forfeited. They refused to admit that their agents had advised me the wrong action- event though I have called in twice before to confirm that I had an year to rebook. Even when I was talking to the supervisor- Chloe, she told me there's nothing they can do, not even a place where I can file a complaint for the mistreatment. No sorry, just too bad- there's nothing we can do.
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Say Price, Then Not Honor It, Then Offer Higher
Posted by Rhunter31 on 12/16/2013
The site says it has lots of tickets available a a certain price but when you select any of them, it says, "sorry, no longer available at that price; the new price availability is $XXX; which is $700 higher

Beware of this site! It is a scam!
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Beware of Cheaptickets.com!
Posted by Gretala80 on 08/22/2013
HAVERFORD -- I booked 4 people on a flight from Munich to Detroit in April. In July I start getting emails for 1 of the persons saying that they have changed his flight time. The airline and flight number stayed the same, but the departure time went from 12:20 to 1pm. No big deal. I talked to 2 others and they got the same email. The last person in the group never got an email confirmation of the time change so I just let it go. Big mistake.

Yesterday (21 Aug 2013), I get an email saying that she was on a 10am flight arriving in Detroit 4 hours prior to the rest of the party. I don't understand! Why was she moved to an entirely different flight and time. I got the email around 6pm and called by 1pm the next day to try to get her back on the 1pm flight...the flight including her husband who has the same last name (which is not that common!). I was told that because Lufthansa already issued the tickets (how? they are e-tickets!) that I would have to pay a change fee to get the person on the same flight as her husband. Why do I have to pay $450 to fix cheapticket.com's mistake?

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that she could pay for half (mind you this was after about 1 hour on hold and then me telling the supervisor to call me when she had answers as I was at work) but I would still need to pay $150. I was happy that half of $450 was $150 but soon found out that reason was that the supervisor had inverted the return date from 01 Oct to 10 Oct! After another 15 minutes on hold she could not yet confirm that it would be $450 and I told her to call me back again when she had it. I finally paid $225 to change a ticket so that the person could be on the flight that I originally booked her on....why am I responsible when cheaptickets.com screwed up? I will make sure to avoid this site in the future!
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-23:
Cheaptickets didn't make the flight change Lufthansa did. When a party is not booked as a group the passengers are treated as individuals. The airlines are free to make changes to individuals as long as they are delivered to the destination.
Posted by Gretala80 on 2013-08-25:
But the flight didn't change. Just the departure time. The flight number was still the same. And all the "changes" were from cheaptickets.
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My Flight Was Never Booked.
Posted by Noah.wilson on 08/08/2013
HONG KONG, ALASKA -- I booked a ticket to Taipei 6 weeks ago. When I got to the airport the airline had no record of my reservation. But somehow I was charged for the flight insurance. when I called to complain. They told me that I had to call the insurance company, Alliance. When I called them, they told me they would refund my money but I had to provide proof that I had never taken the trip. I asked them how I could do that since there was no record anywhere that I hadn't taken it. they gave me an email address to send the proof too. And after calling cheaptickets a second time and arguing with the person on the other end until I got to talk to a manager, the manager simply told me that they would straighten it out. But this was 3 weeks ago. & I haven't heard from them yet and nothing has happened. And after all of these calls at international rates. I spent more money trying to get my money refunded than the actual refund would be.
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Posted by saj80 on 2013-08-08:
How much money and time did you save, versus booking direct?
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-08:
Did you pay with a credit card? Contact your bank and inform them that the agency has failed to render the services paid for.
Posted by custrelguy on 2013-08-09:
Hi, Noah Wilson,
This is Robert, and I am part of the CheapTickets Customer Relations team. We want to learn more about your experience so that we can address the issue. Please email us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com. Please use my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.
Thank you for your patience, I look forward to hearing from you.
Robert Woyach
CheapTickets Customer Relations
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Ypolevoy on 06/15/2013
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I booked an international flight from Canada to London on Cheaptickets because it had a slightly cheaper fare than any other site I could find, and have since lived to regret the decision significantly. I've called to change the ticket 3 times. When I tried the first two times I was on hold for over 45 minutes each time, and had to hang up before getting through to a customer service agent because I had to return to work. The third time I called I checked the price of the ticket through the airline and noticed that it had dropped by $40. Despite this, the completely unhelpful people at Cheaptickets told me that the fee to change was still $200, plus the $75 to Cheaptickets. I told them that the price of the ticket had dropped, and they said there was nothing they could do about it. When questioned about what the $275 was for, they told me that they have a "sophisticated" system that requires them to charge an operating fee.

They are quite easily the worst service I have ever come across, and it has been an absolute nightmare dealing with them. For anyone reading this, NEVER USE CHEAPTICKETS!
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Posted by custrelguy on 2013-06-17:
Hi ypolevoy,

My name is Lynne. I’m a member of the CheapTickets Customer Relations Team. I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult experience. Please understand, typically, according to the airline fare rules, non-refundable tickets incur airline penalties/change fees up to $300USD per/person for any voluntary change.

In this case, the $200USD fee you’ve mentioned refers to the airline “change/penalty fee”. This penalty fee, as well as any fare difference, will be collected by the airline according to the airline fare rules.
The only CheapTickets charge for any ticket change is a $75USD re-issue fee per/person, but we must adhere to the airline fare rules at all times. Therefore, all fees, penalties, and any fare difference are quoted as one total cost to be collected at the time of exchange.

If you’d please email us at socialnetwork@CheapTickets.com and include the CheapTickets confirmation number, we can review the specific airline fare rules for your ticket. Thank you for reaching out.

CheapTickets Customer Relations
Chicago, IL
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Customer Service Is Non-Existent...On Hold For Over An Hour
Posted by Cadburyfarm on 05/29/2013
Cheaptickets.com is not a bargain! I have been trying to reach customer service in the international flight dept. to change my flight reservations for a week now. This last time, I was placed on hold for more than an hour which leads me to believe that they don't have the staff to handle their business. I tried to change the flights online myself but because it was an international flight, the website directs me to call them directly.

After waiting for an hour on hold, I asked to speak to a supervisor, of which does not pick up. This company is a scam!
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Posted by Suzie Tuck on 2013-05-29:
If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is...
Posted by CheapTickets Customer Relations on 2013-05-30:

My name is Charlotte, and I am part of the CheapTickets Customer Relations Team. We apologize for the hold times you have encountered. Please email me at socialnetwork@orbitz.com and enter my name in the subject line, and I will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Charlotte Willis
CheapTickets Customer Relations
Chicago, IL
Posted by EP on 2013-06-23:
"Customer Relations"? What relations? I'm on my third phone attempt today to reach a human at CheapTickets, well into a second hour on hold. I will not purchase tix through CheapTickets again.
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