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Disappointed in Management
Posted by on
WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- I have written numerous letters to companies in the past and every one was acknowledged with a response. On Sept. 27, 2010 I wrote 3 letters: to the manager at the Tuskawill Rd., Winter Springs, FL, S. Truett Cathy
(Founder, Chairman & CEO, and Dan Cathy (President & COO). For the first time in years my letters were completely ignored. Here is the letter:

Dear Mr. Cathy,
This letter is being written to you specifically because you are widely recognized as a company that respects and adheres to Christian values. Chick-fil-A is also known for promoting family values and sponsoring worthy causes. However, in the case of my son, Chick-fil-A has been a huge disappointment as an employer.
Randy Dannic was hired at the Chick-fil-A at 1455 Tuskawilla Rd. in Winter Springs, Florida after over 6 months of searching. He had previously worked as a dishwasher for over 3 years at a local restaurant until it closed in December. Randy turned 23 in June and had been in SLD classes (for learning disabilities) all of his school years until he was a Sophomore in high school when could no longer tolerate the level of mediocrity and lack of ambition among his SLD classmates. Although his counselors were apprehensive, Randy was switched to mainstream classes and graduated on time because he worked diligently and with commitment.
He had wanted to work for Chick-fil-A for months, so when he was hired at Chick-fil-A, he was ecstatic. He was proud to tell everyone where he worked and was obviously happy and his self-esteem blossomed. He came home after a meeting he had about 2 months after being hired and was extremely nervous and anxious that he could be let go if he could not be faster. He has always been a responsible and conscientious worker, so I assured him that if he is doing his absolute best while continuing to strive to improve, his efforts will be noticed and his work ethic recognized. Last Friday he was let go because he is not fast enough.
My question to management at Chick-fil-A is this:
What holds more value to you: making sure you sell as much as possible for the greatest profit? Or sowing into the life of a human being who puts forth the best effort he is capable of?
I am a single mother who has raised 3 fine young men. One of my older sons is a manager with AT&T and the other is an artist with Universal Studios. I am well aware of my youngest son’s shortcomings, but I am also aware of his strengths and how hard he works. The management at the Chick-fil-A where he was employed was also well aware of his character and excellent work ethic. It was apparent that Randy was dependable, reliable, responsible, respectful, on time, and has an upstanding Christian character. He knows how difficult it has been for me to support us both, so he was so proud to be able to finally contribute to household expenses for the first time in months.
Now Randy is depressed, his self-esteem is crushed and he feels rejected and dispensable. Is this how you illustrate and display Christian values? That when someone very obviously is doing the job to the very best of his ability, you reject him because in 3 months he is not fast enough? I have no choice but to conclude that like most businesses today, profit is of the utmost importance to Chick-fil-A as well.
Have you forgotten the story of the widow woman who gave her last penny as an offering? Was she rejected because what she had wasn’t enough? NO – her contribution was valued even more because she gave everything she was able to give. But this Christian principle does not apply to Randy – he gave everything he had and was rejected. Can you even imagine how this has shaken his faith? He was so proud to be working for Chick-fil-A and felt God’s hand was in the perfect timing of his being hired by a company known to have Christian values. As a mother, my heart aches for my son since his is breaking. What do you say to someone you love who has given his best and in return has received rejection? The message is that profits matter, people don’t. Is that the message you want to broadcast?
If you are truly family oriented and uphold Christian values you would look deeper into the character of those you want representing you. A work ethic like Randy’s is a rare gem – but you have cast it away as unworthy of consideration. Instead of sowing into the life of a God fearing Christian young man and encouraging him to strive, persevere and become an employee you could be proud of, you have crushed his self-esteem and crushed his feelings of worth and usefulness.
Your website states:
Yet, from the beginning, the top priority for Truett and Chick-fil-A has never been just to serve chicken. Part of our Corporate Purpose is to “have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.”
That’s why we invest in scholarships for team members, character-building programs for children, foster homes and other community services.
Yet you proudly put this message on the website that is a blatant lie when applied to Randy:
Putting People First
At Chick-fil-A, we put people first. We credit our 42 consecutive years of sales growth directly to the outstanding leadership and hard work of our franchised Restaurant Operators and their teams.
In addition, Proverbs 22:1 is quoted on the page for S. Truett Cathy.
“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor
rather than silver and gold.”
Are you upholding the principle in Proverbs 22:1? I am disappointed beyond anything words can say. You most certainly CANNOT claim that there has been any positive influence in my son’s life or mine.
To ad insult to injury, my son has been waiting over a month for his Unemployment claim because they are still waiting for Chick fil a to respond so they can process his claim. All I can say is, "shame on you, Chick fil a for being profit-chasing hypocrites."
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 12/23/2010:
They probably did not respond because you are the parent, your son is an adult and they are likely not allowed to comment on one person's employment to another person no matter the situation.

Even though they are a "Christian" business, they are still a business, and businesses are there to make money. Time is money and if your son was taking too much time, he was likely costing the company too much money in their opinion. I'm sorry that your son lost his dream job, but it just means that it wasn't meant to be. Hopefully he finds something out there soon that he will love just as much.
Anonymous on 12/23/2010:
Zsuzsi, the best job for your son would be one that is not time-sensitive. "Fast"-food isn't one of those. Speed is crucial in these businesses, they do take a profitability hit if they do not meet the public expectation (which is high) and I think it just isn't a great fit. Work with him to find something that will allow him to work and learn the job at a slower pace. I used to work in a library so that is the first thing that comes to mind but there are many other jobs that have more wiggle room and a more relaxed atmosphere. You're a great mom! I hope he finds something else soon.

P.S. To be fair to Chick-Fil-A, they gave him 90 days and that is generous for these types of establishments.
MDSasquatch on 12/23/2010:
Don't take this wrong, but most Goodwill stores hire folks that are mentally challenged and they work with their disabilities. If you have one in your area, they might be happy to have someone with your son's qualities join their team.
ChuhBaca on 12/23/2010:
Clutzy, I hadn't thought of that. Even if the situation is such that they could respond about his employment, they would err on the side of caution.

I also have to agree that it is "fast" food. I've trained several people in my line of work. I've found that there tend to fall on the fast side or the meticulous side to varying degrees. Fortunately we have varying functions and can utilize both.

Also, how would you expect him to respond? Your letter seems to want to insight a religious debate instead of addressing a business decision.

Besides, how do you know that his position wasn't filled by a some guy with a wife and two kids, where he and his wife have fallen victim to the economy, and that job ends up keeping a roof over their head?
werelucky on 12/23/2010:
Maybe your " church" could give him a job. It sounds like they gave your son a fair chance and it was not a good fit. They are a business, not a charity. Your attack on Chick fil A is not only unfair, but as you say, unchristian. I don't believe in all that church and bible nonsense, but I found that God never closes one door without opening another. You just need patience and faith.
fja1981 on 12/23/2010:
I have always found it remarkable that all Chick-fil-A stores are closed on Sunday. Imagine the tens of millions of dollars in revenue the chain gives up by having that policy. That doesn't sound like a corporation that cares only about profit!
clutzycook on 12/23/2010:
Perhaps not, fja. But as the saying goes "make hay while the sun shines." Apparently the sun doesn't shine on Sundays for CFA
leet60 on 12/23/2010:
The employee was given notice after two months that he needed to perform his duties faster in order to keep the position. He had an additional month to improve, and apparently was not able to meet the required standards. I see nothing wrong with releasing an employee that cannot perform the job to the required standards. If he remained employed it would then require that other employees be reassigned from their duties to assist him so the business could meet their requirements.

The business may espouse Christian and family values, but it is still a business, not a church or a charity. Were it to WHOLLY espouse Christian values the food would simply be given away to the needy.

Waiting a month for an unemployment claim to be processed is not exceedingly long. I suspect if the truth were known it is just as likley the state has not processed the claim and they are blaiming the employer for not responding.
Anonymous on 12/23/2010:
Have you considered career counselling or a trade or vocational school for your son? And really mom, you were in no position to assure him of anything concerning his employment. Best of luck to him in finding appropriate job placement.
Nohandle on 12/23/2010:
In my state the employer is given 10 days to respond to an unemployment claim. If they fail to do so benefits are automatically awarded the former employee. And lets not throw Christianity into this. A business is a business.
Ytropious on 12/24/2010:
What job was he doing? One that was time sensitive? They could have put him on clean up crew or something but they were perhaps afraid THAT would make you mad too. They chose to let him go. I'm afraid that's within their right as a business.
ncoclub on 01/28/2011: food requires that everybody puts in max effort as business requires..There is no set "clean up crew or something". No offence to you but I don't think you ever worked in the industry. That's just not how it works..sorry for the man but he is not suited for fast food.
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Chic Fil-A. Are You Kidding Me?!
Posted on
DENVER, COLORADO -- The Chic Fil-A (CFA) that I remember was mainly in shopping malls and served hot and tasty food back then.
The one that I went to in Downtown Denver yesterday was just awful. It is a serve yourself type of deal in a food court.
The sandwiches are prepackaged in a box and along with the waffle fries, etc, they are sitting out at room temperature! The chicken nuggets (about the size of a cocktail olive) had a little warmth but the spuds were like potato chips. The chicken sandwich that was already bagged up wasn't much better with TWO friggin' pickle slices and nothing else on it.
I mean seriously, I have had better meals than this in JAIL save for the free refills of lemonade!
This place has really gone downhill over the years and I won't be patronizing them anytime soon to be sure.
Thank goodness that I am pretty handy in the kitchen and don't have to eat this FF krap too often!!

Buyer beware.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
I thought their chicken sammies only come with pickles on them. You have to add your own condiments.

ZZ, please come to AZ and let me cook for you
Ytropious on 01/19/2010:
That sucks. I've had nothing but good experiences with Chick Fil-A, except for the fact that I always crave it on Sunday and they're closed on Sunday.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
wth is up with the pic, zzrokk? the aftermath of your cfa experience? lmao.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
Pretty much, King.
YT, is the CFA where you go self serve or do you place the order? That could be the reason that my visit was so bad.
Yaya, will you take me to ICHI?
Ytropious on 01/19/2010:
It's like McDonalds where they take your order. I didn't know there was such thing as self serve, can you elaborate a little on that? Sounds like that's where the problem lies. I can't imagine self serve fast food tasting very good!
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
The OP, as so many others, condemns an entire operation based on one experience. CFA is as fine today as it has ever been. Based on his other reviews of fast-food restaurants, he is certainly confused about food in general (e.g. thinking a fast-food fish sandwich was remotely healthful). This review is not only not helpful, it is clearly only a misplaced attempt by the OP to get attention.
DebtorBasher on 01/19/2010:
If it's a serve yourself type of place....didn't you see the food before you bought it? Come on ZZ...I expect better from you, of all people. It's like a salad bar, you check out the goods before you buy, if the goods look awful, ya don't bother buying it, you walk away. Geesh!
*Hands ZZ a Basher Burger and a bowl of Slumgullion*
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
wow noandyes. fora brand spankin' new member, you sure laid the smackdown on ole zzrokk, din't ya?
madconsumer on 01/19/2010:
hey is that slum stew?? or what ever it is called?
PepperElf on 01/19/2010:
it just looks like stew with a thick broth
looks perfectly edible
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
*laughs* Thank you for your insight, N&Y. If you knew anything about me, you would know that most of my posts are dripping with sarcasm.
I was basically condemning this one store, okay?
Lay off my posts and my fish references or you will catch my literary wrath you dig?
Shut it, King!

YT, you push your tray down a platform and grab your food along the way from the metal shelves. The help has very little contact with the customer. Cafeteria like setting.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
It is called Slumgillion, I call it "what I had for lunch" yesterday.
jktshff1 on 01/19/2010:
vh...good post thanks for the heads up on this location.
PepperElf on 01/19/2010:
zz I'm sure it beats some of the crappy meals I've had in the navy =)

like the time my last ship served spoiled milk.
yum yum
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
that telephone number you posted is bunk, zzrokk. I called and got some dude's vm that said something about bill collectors and mr payday loans not available yet. what's that all about?
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
*tears* King: Shut it!
Pepper, did a lot of people get sick?
Poor refrigeration or just old!
DebtorBasher on 01/19/2010:
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
Don't you have some photoshopping to do?
DebtorBasher on 01/19/2010:
Why, do you have another special request?
PepperElf on 01/19/2010:
not from the milk
most of the crew didn't even bother drinking it unless they were crazy and didn't do a sniff test first

mostly we gave up on it and switched to drinking other stuff ... and then pretty much the other stuff ran out too so we had water.
that sucked
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
They don't serve refills on lemonade in prison? Those bast*rds. That's prisoner abuse, man. ZZ, I can't look at the picture too long-it has *uncomfortable gulp* meat in it...I think.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
*LOL* No they don't Sherdy. Isn't that just awful!
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
I want the recipe for that yummy looking stew.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
LadyS, surely that "soup kitchen cuisine" hasn't piqued your interest?
Save up a couple bucks from your candle sales and go to the Spaghetti Factory!
DebtorBasher on 01/19/2010:
Lady...if you make it RIGHT, it won't look like ya go, here's the good yummy kind!

Yeah ZZ...I'm self promoting MY thread on yours! What are you going to do about it?
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
Hey, it's LadyS' 'ptomaine' not mine.
Have at it!
DebtorBasher on 01/19/2010:
What? Reviews go green with JUST five helpful votes now? used to be that you actually had to write something worth reading to go know, like all of MY reviews!
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
Zz pucker up honey and take me to the SF. You can afford it surely with all those youtube hits on your "Pants on the Ground' video.

Thanks DB.
waterbury01 on 01/20/2010:
ZZ, my new friend, let me sum this up for you for next time. Self Serve=Bad, Counter Service=Good. Don't bash my Chik-fil-A. That's all I have left after reading this website. Every company I ever thought was good is trash according to these fine people.
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Cell phone text messaging
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- I get text messages from Chick-fil-A or someone doing blast for them on my cell phone at least 1 a week and usually more. The phone number is displayed as 777-111 so texting back and telling them to remove my number is not an option, and in the messages there is no opt out option-so basically once they get your number you are stuck with these texts. I am not a patron of Chick-fil-A and that is by choice. Every time I get one of these messages it really dose not inspire me to even want to go into one of there stores. I would really like them to just stop-
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 03/02/2012:

This link tells you how to stop the messages.
trmn8r on 03/02/2012:
Great tip spiderman2. The specific instruction at the link is: "To opt-out at any time of Chick-fil-A Text Insiders, text STOP to 411246"
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Worst experience at any restaurant
Posted by on
PLANO, TEXAS -- I went through the drive through today to place my usual order. I was told to pull around as it would take a few minutes to prepare. 10 minutes passed so I phoned from my car to see if they had forgotten about our order. I had kids and a dog in the car so I didn't want to get out. They told me they had a problem with my order and would be right out. Someone brought the wrong order out to my car and I asked to see a manager. The owner came to my vehicle and very aggressively put his hands on the roof of my car and leaned into the window and asked what the problem was. I told him and he started yelling at me that I always cause problems. ( I have never seen him before or had problems in the many years of visiting this store.) I told him I think he was confusing me with someone else and that my order was wrong and to please correct it. he still had his hands on my car and was leaning into my window. I told him to please take his hands off the car and to back up, that I felt he was being to aggressive. he then yelled back I was being aggressive. ( I had my seat belt in, two kids in the car, and I'm a am I being aggressive to a man standing over me yelling at me) he had no right to treat me this way. I told him I would never come back and he said you better not. I asked him to back up off my car and give me the food or a refund or I would call the police. he said he dared me to call the police. I had to phone the police to resolve the matter. I ended up getting a refund and was very badly treated and embarrasssed. Now my family and I can't return to the restaurant we once enjoyed and I'm afraid this man has some misplaced anger issues. this man looked like he wanted to jump in my car and hit me. what a family restaurant! Seriously this kind of behavior can not go on. if you have had a bad day or a bad experience with a customer, politely apologize and correct the order. There is no need to abuse customers in this way. By the way, we visited this store at least once a week for 10 years and never had a problem before today. They lost a loyal customer. And they don't even care. They told me so...
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 09/01/2010:
Wait, you really called the police over a fast food dispute? This is like that woman who called 911 over wanting nuggets from McDonalds or a refund and they slapped her with "misuse of 911".

Yes, he probably confused you with someone else, but I'd somehow like to believe there is more to this story, that a Chick-Fil-A manager wouldn't act this way for no reason. They are usually the nicest of all the fast food places.
Venice09 on 09/01/2010:
I really got a feeling from your description of what happened that you feared for your safety. Even if you did contribute in some way to this incident, I don't think the owner or anyone else had the right to bully or intimidate you. If he wouldn't back up off your car and dared you to call the police, I'm not sure you had a choice. It certainly is a shame that you and our family can't go back to your local Chick Fil A without worrying about another encounter with the owner, but I think it's best that you stay away.
Anonymous on 09/01/2010:
Anonymous on 09/01/2010:
How did the police resolve the matter?
clutzycook on 09/01/2010:
I don't think the OP called 911 simply over an incorrect order. I think she believed that the police were warranted because the owner was behaving in an aggressive and threatening manner and she feared for the safety of herself and her children. I'm also curious as to what the police told this guy that caused him to refund her money when he was so unwilling to do so just a few minutes earlier...
MRM on 09/01/2010:
When the manager had said that you have been causing problems, he meant that "you," as the whole customers, have been causing problems. How rude!
Anonymous on 09/01/2010:
This is when I want to hear both sides of the story so I'm not making assumptions.
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I will never eat at store number 373 again!!!
Posted by on
COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA -- I visited store number 373 on 10/27/06 and because of what I experienced, I do not plan to return. I asked the person that waited on me if I could have the next batch of waffle fries that came out and I told her that I didn't mind waiting for them. She told the people in the back that I wanted to wait for the next batch of waffle fries. The team leader walked over to her and said something that was apparently displeasing because the team leader started shaking her head no. I heard the team leader say that she wasn't going to do it and then she went in the back to talk to the fry cooks. Less than a minute later, the person that was originally waiting on me, hesitantly gave me my order; her actions seemed to say that she was doing something that she didn’t want to do. Puzzled by the events that transpired, I asked her if the fries were fresh. She said that they hadn't been there that long, all the while she was very hesitant. I tasted them, and although they were very hot, they were soggy and greasy which is unlike Chick-fil-A fries. While all this is going on, another person in a different line had asked for fresh waffle fries, which he received. I know this because he was actually a friend of mine. The person that originally served me kept watching me, as I tasted my fries. I asked my friend to taste his fries, which tasted different. Before I could say anything, the person who originally served me said that she would get me some fresh fries because she didn’t want me to get sick.

It is my belief, although I didn’t hear her say it, that the team leader on duty, told the fry cooks to reheat the fries that were already there. There was no reason for the team leader to go in the back and tell the fry cooks anything, especially since she was not the one taking my order. I know that my fries tasted extremely different then any other time I had visited a Chick-fil-A restaurant. It is my belief, based on the events that transpired, that something had been done to them.

I wasn’t rude to the team leader or the person who waited on me. I do not put blame on the person that waited on me, because she was following the orders of her supervisor. Even after everything transpired, I did not become rude. I reasoned that I would take the matter up with the storeowner.

I do not believe that my request was unreasonable, especially since I said that I would wait for the fries.

I was extremely upset by the team leaders actions. I was appalled that she had the audacity to say that she wasn’t going to honor my minor request. I was disgusted that she refried cooked food (my belief), which I am sure is a violation of the Virginia Health Code.

Just a week ago I filled in a comment card and said that Chick-fil-A had the best customer service ever!! I have never experienced customer service like this at Chick-fil-A. Although I am sure that this was an isolated occurrence, I will never eat at store number 373 as long she works there. Never!! I love their food and usually their customer service but I should never have been exposed to what I had been today. In my opinion, Linda is not worthy of working in a Chick-fil-A store.

I spoke to the storeowner on 11/06/06, and although he was somewhat apologetic, he could not fathom the idea that his employees would do something that deviated from his instructions in his absence. I told him that as a supervisor myself, I would hope that my employees followed my command in my absence, but it would be impossible for me to be 100% sure if I wasn’t there. The storeowner said that since his employee said that nothing abnormal was done to my food, I had to have been mistaken. I know that Chick-fil-A is a religion-based store but that does not mean that all his employees are honest. The storeowner did say that he re-instructed the employees as to how to handle a situation when a customer asks for fresh fries.
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User Replies:
heaven17 on 11/06/2006:
Wow. All of this over an order of fries. In all seriousness, getting old or possibly bad food is never cool, but you make this sound like an episode of the X-FILES.
Anonymous on 11/06/2006:
Although you seem to have a legitimate gripe, I'm not sure this is the forum for it. I'd call corporate, maybe you'll get a coupon or something.
Skye on 11/06/2006:
Maybe this person isn't telling the whole story. I find it hard to believe they wouldn't honor his request for fresh fries??? Even though I don't eat chicken, I have had those delicious waffle fries, and have never been disappointed. It seems this person just has feelings and is assuming they were against him. I also have to say, I couldn't read this whole complaint. Two pages dedicatd to the fries, well I just found boring :p
Skye on 11/06/2006:
That should read "even though". I type too fast sometimes when I am in a rush.
Slimjim on 11/06/2006:
I don't know, it sounds like the difference in freshness is noticeable with these fries and the poster's account of what happen seems plausible. As far as bringing the story here to this forum, isn't that what the site is about?
Nohandle on 11/06/2006:
Quite frankly myzzlisa, with what you've stated, waffle fries tossed back in the cooking oil would be the least of my concern. I've heard too many war stories on this site about what happens when customers are unhappy with the meal and have it sent back, object to what they have been served or insist on waiting for a fresh batch of whatever.

The original individual who took your order seemed to have a problem. That makes me wonder exactally what was going on.
Joe Smith on 11/07/2006:
Chick-fil-A IS a religion-based store, religious people are allowed to lie to other folk as long as they apologize to their (the liars) God afterwards.
Noneill on 11/07/2006:
So Joe who do you apologize to?
Shan87 on 06/22/2008:
There are no microwaves at Chick-fil-A, so you mean they had been refried. This would have made them crispier; not soggier. I really doubt the team leader was making any rude comments or suggestions about your simple request. You're probably just paranoid. Better luck next time.
jrorex101 on 08/07/2009:
I work for a Chick-fil-A and honestly, it isn't that hard for us to cook fresh fries. 2 and a half minutes and there out of the fryer, glistening with oil, hot and ready. If I were you, contact the operator of that store, and tell him the actions that the team leader did. That should've never been done. And putting fries back in the fryer is against our stores policy, as it contaminates the oil.
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Great Service and Very Friendly
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
`OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND -- My family and I go to have breakfast or lunch here several times a week. We like the wonderful menu and prompt service we always get. Chick-fil-a is very lucky to have people like Kim working and interacting with your customers while they are having their food. So please tell Kim she brightens our day, she has our kudos. Thanks for having such a great bunch of employees who are so in tune with the customers
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100% Excellent Service/Food.
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
FORNEY, TEXAS -- I want to go on the record and commend this particular Chick-fil-A for an excellent run business. They are ALWAYS so polite, and the food is always fresh. We've been a number of times, and have NEVER been let down.

It's a joy to go through the drive-through knowing anything that I ask for will be met with, "My pleasure.'

Makes you realize, there ARE some working teens out there who do respect others.

Way to go guys.
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User Replies:
I love my son on 05/16/2012:
My family loves chick fil a.. we have many in our area and all are run great with great customer service..I think its just there standards its always a pleasure going there..
Bill on 05/16/2012:
Most of the chick-fil-a's are well managed and staffed with friendly helpful staff.
At least one fast food joint is doing it right.
Churro on 05/16/2012:
Chick-fil-a always rocks!
Anonymous on 05/16/2012:
Never tried them before. Looking forward to it someday.
DebtorBasher on 05/16/2012:
Man-O-Man, I sure miss our Chick-Fil-A that we used to have...sadly, they closed down at our Mall. I guess they moved somewhere else.
MRM on 05/16/2012:
Just the other day, the pharmaceutical rep brought to the office Chick-Fil-A and it was Mmm good!
MRM on 05/16/2012:
For dessert, I had chips and brownies and that was scrumptious!
MRM on 05/16/2012:
For beverage, I had lemonade and that was sweet as a mofo. I had to put 75% water to dilute it.
MRM on 05/16/2012:
For the main meal, I had chicken sandwich and salad and it came with pickles.
MRM on 05/16/2012:
I would like to give thanks to the pharmaceutical rep that catered to the office.
MRM on 05/16/2012:
BTW, they haven't been bringing PF Chang in the last couple of months. I sure miss PF Chang.
robridingbike on 05/16/2012:
The same goes for waynesboro Virginia chick-fil-a.... 2 thumbs up for their AWESOME employees!!
Anonymous on 05/16/2012:
Chik-Fil-A caters at my work every Wednesday so I eat it a few times a month. I love that they don't put Mayo or any other condiments on the sammie, just a pickle. And the chicken isn't processed and it is always juicy. The staff is friendly too
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I love chick-fil-A's service and food. The only complaint I have is that Styrofoam is still used for food packaging. shows how Styrofoam is recycled, but my county does not recycle this material... only plastic's #1 & #2, aluminum, paper, cardboard and metal containers. If the company recycled these materials or changed over to more recycle-friendly materials, I would have so much more respect for the company's community involvement.
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DebtorBasher on 06/09/2011:
McDonalds used to use the Styrofoam container for their burgers and fish...but for the very reason you stated, they changed back to using the cardboard containers. What a waste to use Styrofoam anyway, you eat your burger when you buy it so it isn't as if it's going to get cold.
Passing Through on 06/09/2011:
While I generally agree with the sentiment, another way to look at it would be that the OP's community's recycling efforts would be much more effective if they expanded their service to include styrofoam.

Maybe this complaint should be expanded to include the OP's community leaders and not just a business that does business in many, many communities - many of which may recycle their styrofoam just fine already.

In the meantime, if you do a Google search for how to recycle styrofoam, you will find plenty of information that you can use right now, instead of just expecting someone else to do something.
FaFaFhooey on 06/09/2011:
The car you drive to any establishment does thousands of times more damage to the environment that a hundred styrofoam containers. If it keeps my food hot, I'm all for it.
Anonymous on 06/09/2011:
Good info and advice, Passing Through, too bad I can't vote your comment helpful.

A lot of Asian restaurants still use Styrofoam for to go orders or leftovers...I always ask them when they will start using cardboard and do they realize how detrimental Styrofoam is to the environment.
Anonymous on 06/09/2011:
Passing Through, very well said.
Slimster on 06/09/2011:
Agree with Fooey on this one.
madconsumer on 06/09/2011:
great review!

I thought they used cardboard containers. good info so I know to avoid them in the future.
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Customers Beware
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Recently I took my kids to Chick-fil-a for dinner. Unfortunately the chicken sandwich I purchased, had a black, porous, charcoal-like object in it. When I bit into the sandwich my bicuspid tooth split through the root. My tooth has to be pulled - much pain and costly repair, which I have to pay for. This could have posed a choking hazard for a child or even an adult as well as breaking a tooth.
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momsey on 03/10/2011:
I'm sure this was an anomaly. What was Chick Fil A's response to your terrible experience?
azRider on 03/10/2011:
did you show the manager when it happened? did you contact the company about it? maybe its something that could help others to avoid the issue, maybe its something the company needs to know to make sure it does not happen to others.
Anonymous on 03/10/2011:
While quality control is a major issue and selling point with most companies, as momsey pointed out, the occasional mishap does occur. Ideally, it should never happen, but we don't live in a perfect world. The occasional screw, bolt, hair, insect, bound to accidentally drop in the vats or shipping boxes, and so forth every once in a while. If it happens more frequently, then you should have cause to be concerned. However, it is a mishap nonetheless, and the restaurant should step-up and accept all responsibility. Best of luck in recouping your losses.
Ytropious on 03/11/2011:
And I'm sure you told the manager on duty so he can file a report on this incident in his store?
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Simply GREAT
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MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Allow me to introduce myself. I'm the founder of the Stew loves Chic-Fil-A Society (SLCFAS). What made me form such an organization you might wonder? Sounds likes a compass that points to crazy you might think. Well let me tell ya something.

Now we all know Chi-Fil-A makes great food. I don't know need to tell anybody that. What really impresses me about the Chic-fil-a in Midwest City Oklahoma is the awesome service, professionalism and attitude always on display. All the people working there have that 'I like working here' look on their faces and it certainly shows in the service they provide.

Long lines at the drive-through are a given for this location. It's crazy the business they get. At first I was somewhat dismayed by the lines until I realized they could service a dozen cars in the same time that it takes McDonald's to do four cars. I'm not kidding. The drive-through line there is a train in constant motion. I've been behind five cars before and got my order in less than five minutes. Now that's impressive.

If you choose to dine inside you're going to be well treated to a positive upbeat encounter of the best kind. The store is always immaculately clean. Your order will be taken and completed in a blink of an eye. Your order will be right the first time. Consistently GREAT every time.

This Chic-fil-a sets the bar high. They get lots of business and they handle it well each and every time. It's a shame more places don't take the same pride in a job well done as does this Chic-Fil-A.

What can I say other than simply great!
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Principissa on 04/09/2010:
A man after my own heart! I love the Chik-fil-a down by me. I go in there every few months for a 6 pack of nuggets a small waffle fry and a lemonade. The food is always fresh and hot, the fries are never too salty, and I'm never greet with an attitude or snark. The drive-through is efficient and quick, I've yet to be shorted a single thing. And the best part of it all, is that the chicken tastes like real chicken. Not processed formed, flavor injected mystery turds.
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
I've always had great service at Chick-fil-A.
bargod on 04/09/2010:
Never heard of Chick-fil-A but I like this review. It's got a good beat and you can dance to it. I'm giving it two thumbs up.
goduke on 04/09/2010:
You are dead on, Stew. Chik-Fil-A is awesome. I miss them terribly.
MRM on 04/09/2010:
Great review, Stew! I love Chick fil A and so does Wally!
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
GD, I'm getting ready to head down the street where there is a Chick-fil-A nearby. What should I pick up for you?
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
Never heard of them either? I'll google and see where the closest location is. I demand a refund in gas money from goduke & stew if I'm asked to pull forward in the drive through(: C'mon, you got to like the personal jab!
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
Or maybe I'll Lougle tub time machine. Pretty funny in some parts.
GlitteringFirefly on 04/09/2010:
Chik-Fil-A is awesome! But, you should come to Louisiana and try Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers! They only do chicken fingers, fries, coleslaw, and Texas toast. And the stores are clean and the employees are always super happy!
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
Justice, Don't go on a Sunday because they won't be open. And I got to tell ya at the one in Midwest City the layout of the drive-through lane makes it very unlikely they would ever park ya.

I'm still a loyal fan of their original chicken sandwich. The only problem is after I eat one I want to eat another and another and another.
memoryx57 on 04/09/2010:
Glittering...ya got to love Raising Cane's dipping sauce...some of the best I've ever had !!
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
Stew, pickles, right? I must have pickles.

Hmmmm....that reminds me of a recent excellent pickle review.
Anonymous on 04/09/2010:
GlitteringFireFly, We do have a Raising Cane's in Norman Oklahoma and I agree it's dang good. And yes memoryx57 the dipping sauce is to die for.
GlitteringFirefly on 04/09/2010:
I put that sauce on my chicken, fries, and toast. Pure heaven! I think I may have that for lunch today!
Nohandle on 04/09/2010:
I personally have never gone physically to a Chick-fil-A but anytime an employee announced he was going there for lunch and did anyone want anything was the first to raise my hand. We have two locations in my area, one inside a mall and the other at an extremely busy intersection. Neither location good for a lunch break if you are at an office with limited time but they do a thriving business here. No question as to why.

If any of you have not tried one then give yourselves a treat. The food really is good and I'm told the employees go out of their way for everyone.
ChuhBaca on 04/09/2010:
I'm with you Stew, I LOVE Chick-Fil-A! There is one in a food court by where I work and it ALWAYS has the longest line, but they move so quickly, the food is always fresh and the employees always have smile on their face!

Joined a friend for a quick lunch at McDonald's one time, ordered a chicken sandwich and it was 50% more expensive and only half as good!
skelly39 on 04/09/2010:
I don't even like chicken that much and you guys are making me hungry for chicken.
Slimjim on 04/09/2010:
These things are all over the place yet I have never tried one. While your thumbs up on the food is noted, the details in that area are left to assumption and instead more information focuses in the directed of one particular location I'll never be near.
Can't decide whether to vote this "helpful" or the fragile ego-cushioning "NWIWLF". Hmmm....I'm going to go with helpful as you have inspired me to consider this establishment chain in the future, whilst before they were invisible to me.
DebtorBasher on 04/09/2010:
Stew...I'd like to request that you get the SLCFAS together and have them demand they re-open the Chick-Fil-A that closed at the mall near me. That was a sad, sad day when I walked into the mall with my tongue hanging to my toes as I made my way to the food court, only to find out they were gone! I rolled my tongue backup into my mouth and went home a sad and hungry Basher.
Alain on 04/09/2010:
Stew, excellent review. Our Chick-fil-A is great here, too! Nice to see a fast food place doing things right!
sourgurl758 on 04/28/2010:
Just wish they were open on Sundays! After church seems to be when I crave their breakfast chicken sandwich the most!!
Jezziebelle on 11/23/2010:
Stew, I'm a die-hard Chic-fil-a chic but let me tell you something - the one on South Cobb & 285 in Atlanta has the very best food and service I have ever witnessed. I make the 20 mile drive twice a week for my fix!
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