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Chili's Deceives Their Customers
Posted by Intruder1400 on 04/07/2014
WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- As admirable as it may be that Chili's has their "causes", it is despicable that they drive their agenda through deceit. I was just "blocked" from Chili's Facebook page, my comment removed which you can see here:

"Chili's is becoming another Fox News outlet. I'm still incensed by their new policy of "no e-cigs permitted". It's fine that they have banned them. I get that...their choice, but...what is wrong is that they are telling their customers that the FDA has banned all e-cigs. This is an insult to customers who happen to be up on the news and know for a fact that they have not been banned by the FDA. When I asked Chil's corporate for a copy of the FDA ban they essentially told me that as far as they were concerned the issue was closed, no need for further communication. I love how Chil's has their head in the sand on so many issues and willingly misleads their customer base."

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Posted by Samanthaasmith on 11/30/2013
WEST LEBANON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I don't understand how a restaurant could allow employees to have there child there while they work. I believe as a customer it takes up a table and also it is neglect full of the restaurant and parent for the child safety. It's been bothering me for weeks now and still wondering if child service should be called. The food was slow to come out and half of it was cold. The waiter were more distracted from having the 4 to 6 year old boy brown hair blue eyes there and was taking orders and letting him practice, than waiting on customers.
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Bad Service and Low Quality
Posted by Lf_blevins on 11/20/2013
Waitress delivered the food and left. Did not offer to refill tea glasses or water. Finally had to ask the hostess for my bill. The Chicken fajitas did not taste good. Will not go back.
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Cold Food For Your Money
Posted by Sora.agmidia1 on 10/23/2013
WEST JORDAN, UTAH -- It's my birthday today and to celebrate it I wanted to go to Chili's, unfortunately my 6-year-old has been giving me hell today. So instead we got take out from Chili's. I've ordered take-out before at different restaurants and my food is always hot. So I ordered online. I go pick it up and I waited about 25 minutes, in that time two other ladies came in and left. Their orders were under 10 bucks but the one was offered a drink. I don't say anything and wait some more. I check out my food, of course it looks good, I asked before I paid if I could get a desert since it's my birthday. The lady said nothing about being on a list to get the coupon for a desert, she said "ya sure let me add that for you." Well she didn't. I pay and leave. I get home and start eating and everything is cold. I don't live that far from Chili's and like I said I've ordered take out before and it's always hot when I get home.

I call the head-quarters for Chili's and the lady said, "oh I'm sorry on behalf of the store", which is fine but all she is going to do to fix this is send me a coupon. Maybe I don't want to go back there? So I feel like crap, I've had a crappy birthday.

Thanks Chili's

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Posted by Paul on 2013-10-24:
In my experience, bringing food home from anywhere 8 miles away results in a cold meal. I have tried it a few times.
Posted by Jonathan on 2013-10-24:
Seriously, what more do you want? They're giving you a coupon for free food or at least a discount on food. They didn't have to do anything at all. I'm just not sure what you expected them to do.
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Bad Service, Inattentive, Inconsiderate, Bad Atmosphere
Posted by Jharkc on 09/08/2013
WEST MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Service was horrible. Waitress didn't pay attention to us. We ordered the haystack for an appetizer, which is supposed to be onions and jalapenos and ours also had green peppers in it. We were almost done with our food when asked how everything was.

Food was dropped off tray onto floor when being served to our party of five. So half of us had food while the others had to wait. No apology was given to us on the inconvenience that we couldn't all eat together unless half of us wanted to be eating cold food. One drink was compt on our bill for $2.59. We never seen a manager the whole time we were there. Though we did see a employee who sat at the table next to us talking on her cell phone while still serving tables. Music was so loud that we had to yell at each other to have a conversation.

When the new fajitas were brought out they weren't sizzling. The lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and other stuff to put on the fajitas was only enough for one Fajita. When we asked for more we were given a cup of cheese. The beef tasted like it was all seasoned differently like they cut it off of other peoples meat to get the dish out quick. We didn't get the beans and rice with it either. Our appetizer and main course was served by other people, not our waitress. She only served us drinks.

The only person who gave us good service that night was the hostess. She did her job great. I would not recommend this location to anyone. Management is not overseeing their employees properly nor their customers. We had a large bill and left a very small tip. Being a former waitress and waiter my husband and I always tip over the normal amount because we know the waitstaff depends on their tips to live. Will never go there again!
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Really Bad
Posted by Cassandrama05 on 06/25/2013
PLANTATION, FLORIDA -- Ppl off duty in the kitchen.... in the dinning area playing around while customers are eating... manager had no control of staff. Had to tell the waitress to tell cook how to cook flour tortillas, they came out great then... but drunk kid was all over the store and no manager to be found... then two quests walk in and a guy that is in uniform tells them some one will be there instead of helping them... I'll never come here again
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Horrible wait staff
Posted by Ttgog on 06/21/2013
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- One of the reasons people do not tip is because of the tipping game. Waiters and waitresses don’t give a crap about the customers. It’s all about kissing as much ass as possible in order to get the biggest tip. Chili’s is all about the tipping game.

This is an email I sent chili’s:

“Your waitresses and waiters are rude! They treated my 79 year old father and I like crap. First the bill was set on the table BEFORE the food arrived. That's poor management. When the waitress set the bill on the table she looked at my father and said in a snotty voice, "that doesn't include gratuity." What a piece of s&$@! We decided not to leave a tip with such disrespectful attitudes. As we were walking out the door, and the waitress noticed we did not leave a tip she looked at us with an evil, horrible, hateful look in her eyes, almost as if to say to us, "F-you." Chili's made me feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, and disrespected. I will never eat at Chili's again! You people need to get your act together.”

Saying Chili’s Sucks is a gross understatement. Over priced food, rude wait staff and an all around bad experience.
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Posted by Anna Molly on 2013-06-21:
If my bill was set on the table before I got my food, I would have just walked out.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-06-21:
I don't understand why putting your bill on the table before your food is served is disrespectful. I would rather have my bill sooner rather than later. I do not like to wait after my meal is finished to receive my bill.
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Terrible Service
Posted by Hgreen0928 on 05/11/2013
Every time my family and I go to Chilis in Algonquin, il the service is terrible. You have to wait for refills, wait for your bill. We ended up paying on the kiosk but had a question never saw our server. It's very frustrating we like the food but the service is continually bad.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-05-11:
We haven't been to that location in quite some time. But the last time we did go, I agree that the service was not up to par.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-11:
The problem with places of this caliber is that when they do everything right, it is a fantastic experience and the food is great. It's a problem, because most of the time, places like this can't do it consistently.

I've given up on chains for the most part. Chili's is one of the better ones in its class - the one near me closed years ago.

Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-05-12:
You say every time you go the service is terrible. How many more times do you need to go there to finally decide to NOT go there and find somewhere else to eat?
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Being Arrested for Not Paying Would Have Been Worth It!
Posted by Prmm1973 on 01/12/2013
CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS -- My family and I had dinner at the Chili's in Champaign Il last week and it may of been one of the worst meals I have ever had. To begin, we picked Chili's because in the past it was safe. We knew what we were getting and we wouldn't leave broke or hungry. This was not he case this time.

We started off by waiting fifteen minutes for Bruce to get his orders at the table of ten correct and walk by us five times and not say a word. I know it was his big tip but, we tip too. Finally, we get our drinks and food ordered and Bruce brings out chips, which he calls "complimentary" but really my son's meal comes with an appetizer that we did not order because he brought the chips out. Really, if the meal ended here I would say, he was new and had too many tables but, the food and how he handled it was the real issue.

We got our food and my son's steak was blood raw and at least half grissle. We tried to flag down Bruce, but he was no where to be found. My salmon was cold, dry and salty. I literly ate one bite and was done. I love salmon and for $18 for this little piece of fish, I expected more...a lot more! My wife's food was fine. She had tacos and they were good. We all including my other son who ordered quesadillas, ate off my wife's plate. His quesadillas were probably good at one time, but were under the heat lamp so long that they lost any flavor and tenderness they once had. Where were you Bruce!

Bruce did stop by and ask us if we wanted to box it up and I told him no. I should have requested a manager on the spot, but after an hour and ten minutes, everyone just wanted to go home! I posted on Chili's web site that night and they never got back to me. I tried to give them a chance to make it right. This is five days later. No emails, no phones calls, and no one gives a crap. So here I am. DONT EAT AT THE CHILI'S IN CHAMPAIGN ILLINOIS!
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-01-12:
Maybe someone would have cared had you contacted a manager then and there. I would have never ate nor paid for food that wasn't right.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-12:
IMO, you need to have situations like this "made right" on the spot, by the manager, or not at all.

Think of the abuse people (not at all saying this is you) would visit upon establishments, looking to have refunds or gift cards, after the fact. In your case, I see no evidence that Bruce would know later about your complaints, because you didn't inform him.

These mid-priced chains can really let you down sometimes. Sounds like this was one of them. The only option is to have your meal remade and hope it isn't bad a second time, as well as "extra" ingredients added. This takes your time. Or, hope a manager takes the offending items off the bill. Next worse is a credit to come back and have another horrible experience on the house.

Chili's can be very good, and obviously other.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-12:
With respect, the time do deal with the situation was within the restaurant, not after you got home. As you've stated, you should have spoken to a manager the moment the food was served poorly.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-01-12:
I've eaten at this particular location. Certainly not one of the better Chilis.
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Can't Get Order Correct Twice
Posted by Mgsimmons on 10/07/2012
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- This Chili's on Upper Roswell Road used to be the best run restaurant that my family and I ate at several years ago when it had an African-American manager (I am not African-American)who did a fantastic job running the restaurant. Since he left this franchise location (probably a couple of years ago), it has slowly been going downhill in relation to getting orders right and service. Today, 10/7/2012 I ordered a Big Burger Bites to go with nothing on it but bread, well done meat, Applewood bacon and unseasoned fries. When I got home, my wife opened it and saw that it had crispy onions on each burger, and to my surprise, even though she is sick, she called the restaurant and told them that she was bringing the order back and told them exactly what was wrong and what she wanted (I listened carefully to what she asked for). When she got there, she had to wait a while to get the corrected order and left the original order and receipt there. On the way home she decided to stop and check the new order and found that it was covered with melted cheese (which she is allergic to). This time she drove back to the restaurant and just asked for her money back, which they did give her. This episode just sort of capped off several previous visits to this location where orders were wrong (which they took back and corrected), glasses don't get refilled (my number 1 sore spot with service) and once where we waited approximately 20 minutes before the first server came back to take our order. Their tag team approach (two servers for each table) seems to be where some mix-ups happen because the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I like Chili's and wish these problems could get better. We really don't want to quit going there.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-08:
After several years of patronage of multiple chain restaurants, I gave up. It is very common to find spotty service, spotty food prep, etc. Management is key, and managers change.

I would suggest finding an independent restaurant - orders will be correct 98% of the time, and management doesn't change like a revolving door. My .02
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