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Bad Service and Low Quality
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Rating: 1/51

3830 S. COOPER ST., ARKANSAS -- Waitress delivered the food and left. Did not offer to refill tea glasses or water. Finally had to ask the Hostess for my bill. The Chicken fajitas did not taste good. Will not go back.

Really Bad
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Rating: 1/51

PLANTATION, FLORIDA -- People off duty in the kitchen... in the dining area playing around while customers are eating. Manager had no control of staff. Had to tell the waitress to tell cook how to cook flour tortillas. They came out great then... but drunk kid was all over the store and no manager to be found. Then two guests walk in and a guy that is in uniform tells them someone will be there instead of helping them... I'll never come here again.

Terrible Service
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Rating: 3/51

ALGONQUIN, ILLINOIS -- Every time my family and I go to Chili's in Algonquin, IL the service is terrible. You have to wait for refills, wait for your bill. We ended up paying on the kiosk but had a question - never saw our server. It's very frustrating we like the food but the service is continually bad.

Being Arrested for Not Paying Would Have Been Worth It!
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Rating: 1/51

CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS -- My family and I had dinner at the Chili's in Champaign IL last week and it may have been one of the worst meals I have ever had. To begin, we picked Chili's because in the past it was safe. We knew what we were getting and we wouldn't leave broke or hungry. This was not the case this time.

We started off by waiting fifteen minutes for ** to get his orders at the table of ten correct and walk by us five times and not say a word. I know it was his big tip but, we tip too. Finally, we get our drinks and food ordered and ** brings out chips, which he calls "complementary" but really my son's meal comes with an appetizer that we did not order because he brought the chips out. Really, if the meal ended here I would say, he was new and had too many tables but, the food and how he handled it was the real issue.

We got our food and my son's steak was blood raw and at least half gristle. We tried to flag down **, but he was nowhere to be found. My salmon was cold, dry and salty. I literally ate one bite and was done. I love salmon and for $18 for this little piece of fish, I expected more... a lot more! My wife's food was fine. She had tacos and they were good. We all including my other son who ordered quesadillas, ate off my wife's plate. His quesadillas were probably good at one time, but were under the heat lamp so long that they lost any flavor and tenderness they once had. Where were you **!

** did stop by and ask us if we wanted to box it up and I told him no. I should have requested a manager on the spot, but after an hour and ten minutes, everyone just wanted to go home! I posted on Chili's website that night and they never got back to me. I tried to give them a chance to make it right. This is five days later. No emails, no phones calls, and no one gives a crap. So here I am. DON'T EAT AT THE CHILI'S IN CHAMPAIGN ILLINOIS!

Can't Get Order Correct Twice
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Rating: 2/51

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- This Chili's on Upper Roswell Road used to be the best run restaurant that my family and I ate at several years ago when it had an African-American manager (I am not African-American) who did a fantastic job running the restaurant. Since he left this franchise location (probably a couple of years ago), it has slowly been going downhill in relation to getting orders right and service.

Today, 10/7/2012 I ordered a Big Burger Bites to go with nothing on it but bread, well done meat, Applewood bacon and unseasoned fries. When I got home, my wife opened it and saw that it had crispy onions on each burger, and to my surprise, even though she is sick, she called the restaurant and told them that she was bringing the order back and told them exactly what was wrong and what she wanted (I listened carefully to what she asked for).

When she got there, she had to wait a while to get the corrected order and left the original order and receipt there. On the way home she decided to stop and check the new order and found that it was covered with melted cheese (which she is allergic to). This time she drove back to the restaurant and just asked for her money back, which they did give her.

This episode just sort of capped off several previous visits to this location where orders were wrong (which they took back and corrected), glasses don't get refilled (my number 1 sore spot with service) and once where we waited approximately 20 minutes before the first server came back to take our order. Their tag team approach (two servers for each table) seems to be where some mix-ups happen because the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I like Chili's and wish these problems could get better. We really don't want to quit going there.

Wrong on So Many Levels
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Rating: 1/51

BAYTOWN, TEXAS -- I was just fired this morning, from my job as a server, at Chili's Bar and Grill, in Baytown, TX 77520. I started working there on October 24, 2011. I arrived to work everyday groomed, clean, looking great, positive attitude, huge smile, and ready to make money for my company and myself.

When I started this job, no one at work knew I was being physically abused at home. The bruises were always under my clothes, and hidden. I left him finally in November, moved and he found me shortly. I had to tell my manager when he started breaking in my house, throwing bricks through my windows, and choked me out. He once drag me down a flight of outdoors stairs, pulling out chunks of my hair, stomping my head till I was unconscious. I had bruises all on my back, neck, sides, and legs.

When I called in that morning, one of the managers questioned my honesty about the situation in front of everyone... After all that, I pulled up my shirt and showed her and everyone else how my entire torso was a huge bruise. She never apologized for calling me a liar. I was written up for not giving an appropriate amount of time before my shift before calling in. Are you serious??? I showed them copies of the police reports, my Emergency Protective Order, and the bruises, cuts, and was STILL written up, because she said that despite my "personal problems", Chili's still had to run.

Throughout the following months, I moved three times, had the cops called numerous times, beat every time my ex found me, had a lifelong friend die, and eventually had the ex put in prison for three years. During all that, I only missed one day of work, and I was late a few times. I had no vehicle because my truck had bullet holes in it (still does), maybe had one guest complaint, never had a table walk out on a tab, always had a positive attitude, and I got fired for what???

I am so disgusted because I always loved Chili's and was so excited for a new start when I got hired. This has shown me that the corporate world truly has no heart. The touch of humanity is almost completely lost to all of us... Smh...

Hoping for Better Luck Next Time
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Yesterday (Mother's Day) after a day out with the family, we decided to make dinner easy and order some takeout from Chili's. It should be noted that we have ordered take out from them before, with mixed results, but our recent experience had been positive.

When my husband picked up the order, all seemed in order - the receipt was correct and everything packed neatly in the bag. Upon arriving home, we discovered a few problems with our order... First - they had switched out the Texas cheese fries for chips and salsa. Next, I opened my BBQ chicken salad - a favorite of mine to discover that it was assembled using lettuce that had not only been shredded, but shredded to the point of almost unrecognizable as lettuce.

It was soggy and had obviously been sitting for a while tossed with the corn salsa and tortilla strips. There was a paltry chicken portion sliced on top. Even after we chopped up some of our lettuce and added it to the salad, it was just terrible. Not exactly the Mother's Day dinner I was anticipating. When we opened my husband's dinner salad, we found a similar travesty. The lettuce shredded to nothing in a pitiful little pile in the middle of the to-go container. Not in the least appetizing or tasty - who really wants to eat their salad with a spoon?

After dinner, I called the restaurant and spoke to the General Manager. He was very courteous and seemed to understand my complaint and was apologetic, and is (hopefully) mailing me some gift cards to make up for this experience. He also informed me that the superfine shredding was the way they were now doing all the salads, but that they would do "regular" lettuce upon request. I highly recommend that everyone make that request as this new style is terrible and the portion size is laughable.

By -

VALDOSTA, GEORGIA -- Tonight my wife and I attempted to dine the Valdosta GA Chili's location. It took nearly 20 minutes to get service AFTER we were seated. When we DID get service, we ordered the southwest egg rolls… and they arrived undercooked (chunks of corn were like little chunks of ice). My wife ordered the Chicken Crispers with the white gravy. I ordered the "Create-A-Combo" with the Half Rack of Baby Back Ribs and Garlic Lime Shrimp. The Shrimp were FROZEN in middle… I sent it back.

Her chicken was PINK in the middle. Before we could send THAT back they brought my plate back out, the cheese on potatoes was melted to the plate & toasted brown and the plate was hot to the touch… indicating THEY broiled the whole damn plate! As a result, those mouth-watering ribs they show on TV were dried out tough, and the bacon on the potatoes was burnt…

I asked for the manager and he kept saying "let me get you something else" despite being told repeatedly that "I'm Leaving, I lost my appetite". I attempted to leave, the runt manager chased me out front door apologizing profusely at the top of his lungs. How does that make a waiting customer feel? When they have to watch CHASING ME out the front door apologizing. And he couldn't even take a hint when I said "bug off... I'm not interested in your retail spiel".

He chased me all the way to the Walgreens' parking lot next door where I had to park. I was told that the bill was “taken care of”. I'd hope so, cause I damn sure wasn't planning on PAYING FOR IT. This marks my third trip to chili's since restaurant opened and the second time of three that I've either had either poor service or bad food OR both.

I PROMISE YOU, I will not be going back unless this company offers offering some sort of compensation for bad service received thus far. In fact... I wasn't even paying for TONIGHT'S meal. It was to be paid for on a complimentary gift card we received... This is the only company I know of that could SCREW UP "FREE". Oh well, I guess I got my money's worth.

Holy Crap - The Service And Attempt To Rectify Sucked!
By -

LAND O LAKES, FLORIDA -- I have NEVER complained about service at a restaurant. Having served in one for 7 years, I am extremely lenient on servers. HOWEVER, tonite I went with 3 friends to Chili's Bar & Grill in Land O Lakes, FL hoping that they would redeem themselves for the prior 3 times I had HORRIBLE service there. After 15 minutes of being ignored, I let my server DJ know that we were ready to order. He then put his finger up at me (as if to say Wait) and then said, "Uh, just a minute." He turned his head, but not before my friend on the other side of the table saw him roll his eyes at me. I then proceeded to tell the manager about the incident, and the manager copped an atitude with me also, alluding to the fact that people his restaurant never act like that (like I'm a liar). I was livid at this point, thinking in my head "These people don't give a S*** that people like ME keep them in business!!!"

Finally, the 1st assistant manager, Nick, came over and asked how our evening was going. I told him "HORRIBLE" and he offered me a free dessert. A free dessert? really? After being made to feel as if IIIIII was the one who just cost my company lots of money and valuable customers??!??!?? Ugh. So, the waitress who took our table (who was JUST as bad as our first server) then brought this skimpy, sad excuse for a caramel apple shot (literally 3 ounces of a dessert for FOUR PEOPLE!!!).

That was it. They didn't take care of our bill; they didn't offer gift cards; NOT EVEN ONE PERSON INVITED US BACK. I mean, if companies are more concerned about taking care of their damn employees then taking care of the people that pay to keep them in business, then we're ALL in troiuble. I shouldn't have had to pay for that experience, and they didn't even care about our contentment at the end of the day. I will NEVER go back there, and this is one of my ways of letting everyone know how crappy it was!

Hurry up and Leave! Service
By -

NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO -- I had a very unpleasant experience on my recent visit to one of the Chili's restaurant at the Great Northern Boulevard exit in North Olmsted, OHIO yesterday.

The first indicator that not all would be well was when the older couple that came in after we did, in plain sight of the Hostess, was seated before my friend and I.

OK, whatever, I try not to sweat the small things, right? After being seated my friend got up to go to the restroom. Our waitress comes along and greets me with a very cheerful "Hello Ladies". Did I point out I was seated alone? I greeted her and told her that I would order a drink but that my friend would be back shortly. I took my menu and started to browse through the drinks. I guess I was taking too long because as soon as I started to read she asked me if I was going to have the Strawberry Lemonade. I said "OK" still blissfully oblivious to the fact that I needed to hurry up.

My friend came back and ordered his drink. We were brought the drinks and I placed an order for the Southwestern eggrolls - which I enjoy very much.

Shortly after ordering them, they were brought. I was delighted to begin. At this point we placed our orders. The entrees were brought out before either of us had started on our second eggroll. I thought service was really fast and didn't really think too much of that either. What got me very upset was when our waitress came back as I had started my second chicken crisper and asked us whether we were ready for boxes!!!

Shortly after I told her that we were still eating and she left, a gentleman (manager, I assume) came by and asked us how everything was. I was too upset to answer him but my friend said everything was OK not wanting to make matters worse by telling him the truth. I see now that he should have been the 1st person to clue in on what was going on.

The waitress seemed to be very polite but the way my friend and I were being rushed throughout the entire meal was absurd. Also, during the eating of the appetizer, our waitress came and asked us too many times how everything was. She was never rude but we were clearly being ushered out as soon as we arrived.

I sent a similar email to the Company on their website but had to curtail it because I could type only so many characters long.

I'm not saying I won't ever go back to a Chili's but it will probably be a while before I do and it probably won't be on that side of town.

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