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Choice Home Warranty--Buyer BEWARE!! Scam!!
Posted by A&C Akers on 05/04/2010
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Our complaint is a repeat…repeat…repeat of all the complaints listed here. Legit contract, paid for months, first claim ever…needs repair…requested records…provided it to them…even phone numbers of our maintenance company so they could ask any questions they want…stories changing all the time…lies told…information made up…degrading comments made by Michael Scott…accused us as well as our maintenance contractor of fraud, based on nothing but lies he made up…threatened us legally…same, same, same, ditto, ditto, ditto.

In reading all other comments I found one from the president of CHW himself. Here is what it says:

Please be aware that CHW is a legitimate business. All home warranty companies deny claims on items that are not covered under the warranty agreement. Please read the contract for specific coverage, limitations, & exclusions. My name is James Moss and I am the President of CHW. If anyone ever has a problem with our service I would love to know about it. At CHW we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service, and when problems arise we pride ourselves in working efficiently to rectify the problem. Please e-mail me at JMoss[at]ChoiceHomeWarranty.com with your concerns. Thank you, James Moss President visit my blog @ blog. choicehomewarranty.com

Soooo…before posting this comment I certainly went to that blog site to attempt to deal directly with Mr. Moss. No shock to find that all comment sections are disabled. Went to the Facebook page…no commenting available there either!! So surprised. Tried the email address…rejected…shocker. We have sent everything by fax. We will be pursuing delivering all of this by certified delivery in person to Mr. Moss and his company as well. Based on all of this we will pursue through the BBB as well.


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Posted by Dallas, TX on 2012-12-12:
Choice Home Warranty is the true definition of "Bait and Switch"! Since I don't have my receipt from a tech who came out to service my a/c in 2011 and prove this was done through CHW, they are denying ANY future claims for my heat or A/C unit due to "shotty" work done by their vendor at that time which has caused my outside condensor to now not have power. (See Paragraph 19). Unfortunately, this vendor is out of business and no way to get a copy of the work order. Conveniently, CHW doesn't show this claim whatsoever in their database. How convenient for them.
Posted by ken on 2013-05-30:
my experience as a contractor in the home,
their claim being denied due to a complete idiot
mike in claims who said he was the manager.
denied because they cannot read and understand their own policy. For a heating system when it reads any, all components in the machine that cause the heat to function means all all means all, and this idiot mike goes to the next page and points out valves, which is in the context of boilers, geothermal, pipe systems, and excludes valves
but i was working on forced air which the valve on the forced air which is a different context
makes heat for the furnace and to tell the customer that that is not covered is insane
i wonder if james moss is aware of this and idiots like this really damage the company
Posted by Rita Wynn on 2013-11-28:
Call CHW because my garbage disposal has a crack in it. So they had a tech to call me for appointment, which we set up for Monday at noon, no show. AT 3:35 he calls to see if it's too late. I had to be at work at 4 pm. So he ask me to leave a check for the $45.00 in mail box so he could buy the disposal. Tuesday he sends someone else to put in the disposal, which he didn't have it with him. So he leaves and said he would be back soon. No SHOW. So I called CHW and they tell me the tech found a olive fork in disposal and that's what cracked the disposal. There was no fork in disposal. He didn't check anything except the crack. So I called the tech, he said he didn't tell CHW that. So I have spent big bucks for nothing.
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Does Not Honor Contract
Posted by JJJConsumer on 03/06/2009
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Simply put, this company will not honor your contract. The company looks for reasons to deny your claim, and will not honor your contract even if the contractor says that the failure is due to normal wear and tear (which is specifically covered under the contract).

One of my claims was denied, not because the part wasn't covered, but because "something didn't seem right in the diagnosis."

Another claim was denied even though they told both me and repair technician that the repair was covered under the warranty, prior to him doing the work. The told me to complete the repairs and submit a receipt for reimbursement. I waited 30 days, and called to find out the status. I was told that the repair was not reimbursed because the part was not covered.

Another claim was denied because the "part wasn't covered". I purchased optional coverage to cover the part at an additional charge. I questioned the denial, and I have yet to receive a response from management.

Another claim was denied because there were some slight mineral deposits on the fixture. It did not matter that the technician told the representative that it was not the cause of failure nor was it part of failure. When I spoke with the company representative, he accused the technician of lying in his diagnosis of "normal wear and tear". (He made this statement about a company that they tried to assign to the job).

To make matters worse, I had to pay out of pocket for all of these expenses, with promises of reimbursement from them.


Please heed my warning!!! I am consulting with an attorney to determine recourse. I have a recorded conversation with Ron from this last round where he asserted that the contractor was lying. Does anyone know how to start up a class action law suit?
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Posted by Shari on 2011-06-29:
If you come up with information regarding a class action suit against this company, PLEASE post. I would LOVE to get in on that. All the reviews I have read all over the net are exactly what I have experienced after filing a claim after paying them for over 2 years with no other claims ever submitted. I will be checking this site often to see progress.
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Do not do business with Choice Home Warranty
Posted by YvonneS on 09/11/2009
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- This company is awful. They have terrible customer service and do not stand by anything they say on the phone. I had a 30 day wait period before warranty became effective as the sales representative told me for pre-existing reasons. Well I noticed my pool pump leaking on 090409 and because my warranty had only become effective on 083109, the company said this was pre-existing and did not cover it. Isn't that why I had the 30 day wait period, I bought this warranty on 073109. Over the process of this I also received poor service, so I wanted to cancel and get my money refunded, after all they don't want to cover something because I was only effective a few days. Well they will not give me a refund- why not I have only been effective a few days and already I am extremely dissatisfied. They did not call me back when they said they would. I was upset I wasn't getting answers in a timely manner as had been promised. The only one rude customer service girl they have hung up on me. I have never heard of a company that does not let you cancel with them and get a refund when being totally unsatisfied with their service.

Please check them out with the BBB as it is stated:
According to information in BBB files, the business was previously headquartered at 244 Madison Avenue in New York City. As of May 2009, that location has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB serving Metropolitan New York due to a pattern of complaints, and the business has not corrected the underlying reason for the complaints.
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Posted by YvonneS on 2009-10-06:
I have reported this company to the BBB and all I want is a refund $535 dollars is a lot of money to me and this is not the company I want to do busniss with for the next 12 months of my warranty. They will not resolve it through the BBB which gives them an F rating. The supervisor also said he would take action against me if I was to go to the BBB or get a lawyer.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-06:
What action can he take against you? You certainly haven't done anything illegal, so is he threatening physical harm?
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-10-06:
They can't do squat and I would step it up just for the audacity for them to try and bluff. The BBB is worthless as they already have trashed their report. Go to New Jersey's Attorney General or Consumer Protection webpage for starters and file a complaint there. Do it with your state's attorney office as well if you reside elsewhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-06:
What Ken and Slim said!!
Posted by YvonneS on 2009-10-30:
This James Moss, President of CHW has now came back with a response to the BBB that I threatened to kill an empolyee if they didnt approve my claim. That is just insane to me that the president of this company would straight out lie. But I guess as he said when I tried to cancel the policy and told him I would go to the BBB, he would take action against me. Funny thing though, they record each phone call, wouldnt you call the police if someone threatened to kill you. This company and James Moss is a joke!
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Word To The Wise, I Admonish You Do Not Purchase A Home Warranty From Choice
Posted by Dinaarogers426 on 08/13/2011
I have owned my home for 11 years and have always carried a home warranty. Prior to purchasing Choice's warranty, I had AHS. Essentially, I found the customer service was none existent, the 24 hr contact claim is untrue, moreover the contractors that I dealt with were substandard and unprofessional. I had one service call just two months prior to the expiration of my contract, which was a total nightmare. Choice failed to cover the loss and failed to respond to my complaints in a satisfactory manner. I was told that leaks and faucets are not covered. Additionally, the technician was unable to diagnose the problem with my water heater. Unfortunately the problem continues and I left to cover the repair out of pocket.

Typically, I do not write reviews, but I was compelled to do so because of the enormity of the breach by Choice to operate in good faith. Worse product and service in my opinion. I urge you not to engage any of the sales people, who by the way are relentless to get your business in an annoying fashion. Two months prior to expiration of my contract I have been harassed by Choice sales folks. Purchasing a Choice home warranty is positively throwing good money after bad...

Dissatisfied and Disappointed Customer.

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Posted by Rita Wynn on 2013-11-28:
Please people think twice before you buy insurance from CHW. THEY ARE LIARS!
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Contractors Beware Of Choice Home Warranty
Posted by PoolContractor on 08/24/2010
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- CHOICE HOWE WARRANTY: Does not pay on invoices on due bills. I contracted with them after they contacted me for a work order. We were not even listed with them as a contracted company. However, we were interested in getting on board. After months (starting 3/10) we still have not been paid. Lies, run around and games with their accounts payables department and Mr. Goodspeed's dishonest statements on payment. We were told that we are not being paid because we cancelled our agreement with them. YES! After we did not get paid on an invoice and then they tried to send us on another job. Stay away from this company. We contract with several other ones, and I have never had a payment issue. The direct lies and games on a $73 invoice is hilarious. Stay away from CHOICE HOME WARRANTY.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-08-24:
I would not be inclined to use Choice given this review and others indicating poor service.
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Scam - No to Choice Home Warranty
Posted by WGUY on 01/11/2011
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- CHW is a very bad company, I filed a compliant which is in the covered item. The appointment is Fri 9-11 am and technician finally came at 4:30pm after I keep calling him. Then he said the claim department is closed and he needs to collect the service call payment and come back next Monday after got the authorization code or pay him $200 to do the job. He also mentioned I should go with a good warranty company like "Old Republic". I suspected he will never come back at that time. I check again on Monday morning and he said he is talking with CHW, then CHW denied in the after noon. This technician said I can pay him $200 to do the job since CHW is not paying. I was so angry and call CHW to cancel my policy and the representative said I need to mail a written letter to their address. I felt the whole thing is a scam because the following reasons:

1. When I called to file a claim, the phone representative tried to deny the claim first. I insist the problem and finally they assign a technician.

2. Not sure if the technician is a scam as well. The appointment is 9-11am and he came at 4:30pm to come to collect easy money of service call fee without doing anything and say different things to me and CHW. Want to ask me to pay $200 and said CHW is not good and should go with other company. Interesting, he is assigned from CHW.

3. Finally CHW just said they are not going to cover no matter what I say the problem is.

4. I was mad to call to cancel and the phone representative asked me to send a written letter to the address. No online, email or fax. So I mailed a cancellation letter.

5. I finally got a response to fax a cancellation form after I specify I am going to cancel on the claim case.

If they only collect the premium and try every possible way to deny the claims. I really don't know why we need this kind of home warranty insurance. Also I think we shouldn't pay the service fee if the technician didn't do anything, otherwise it becomes an easy money for them to collect. They just came to collect the money and always said come back later and never come back.
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This Company Sucks
Posted by Bellrjrb on 11/06/2013
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- On Sept. 30th our heating unit went out. Called Choice, sent repairman out, unit needed to be replaced, Choice denied claim. Said it was pre-existing which they determined only by pictures.

They Never once talked to their contractor to get his opinion, he said there was no way this was pre-existing but, they wouldn't talk to him because they knew they weren't doing anything, it's all a big game to them. They want you to beg. I will never have another home warranty, will pay as I go from now on, so much for piece of mind warranty. They are a big joke. I really don't know why they even bother to have contractors if they don't trust them enough to get their opinion.

I can most definitely see why they have an F rating with the BBB. I gave them and F- on my review with BBB and will continue to do so.
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Failure to Resolve Claims
Posted by Buppie2002 on 10/07/2013
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Choice Home Warranty was called to send a technician to repair a leaking pump motor on a swimming pool. The technician replaced the motor with a used pump that caused the other systems (floor cleaning system) not to work. The pump is the cheapest the technician could find. When Choice Home Warranty was called they stated that they don't work on the any other system connected to the pump and if installing the used pump caused the rest of the system not to work then it's not their problem. DO NOT buy a contract with this company. They will give you the run around until you get so frustrated that you give up. Their employees are rude they will not solve any disputes. They just keep telling you it will be reviewed by the company.

Every time you call Choice, you have to explain the entire complaint to the person who answers the phone. Stay away from this company.

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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-10-08:
Choice Home Warranty are some real bottom feeders. You're 100% correct, they wear down their customers till they just give up trying to get Choice to perform what they are paid to do. Confuse and ignore, seems to be their business model. I would never give them a dime or use them for warranty work.

They have a heck of a business, take money in, but do all they can to never have to pay it out.
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Buyer Beware
Posted by M.lazasifuentes on 08/15/2012
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I have had Choice Home Warranty for 3 years now. I have been relatively happy until now. Previously, there had been a couple of bumps, but I had felt that they made good on it. Recently, however, I feel they dropped the ball and did so in a BIG, BIG way. It's a longish story, but necessary to understand.

I made my claim and was contacted right away with a service representative I had a hard time contacting the service rep--every time I called, I never got an answer or voice mail. Finally, the representative contacted me and we made an appointment. He then no-showed. Choice Home Warranty called the original "preferred provider" to find out what happened. The "preferred provider" then contacted me. He forgot about our appointment. He wanted to set up another appointment in a few days. I called Choice Home Warranty, the apologzied and gave me the name of new service representative Again, I could not get ahold of the representative The representative finally called me and told me that he would be at my house the next day in the 1-4 pm window. I told the representative I had another appointment, and I could not be there until 2 at the earliest and 2:30 would be more reasonable. The representative just told me that he would call and see if I was there, but my window was 1-4 tomorrow. He would not set up another day or time. He showed up at 3:30.

When the representative showed up, he had no tools. How are you going to fix an appliance (built in microwave) with NO tools? Before he even stepped foot into my kitchen, he offered to turn it in as non-fixable if I wanted. This is point one: What kind of service reps does Choice Home Warranty contract with? These are the people coming into your home! They are not reliable or trustworthy. The service representative was not happy when I stated I wanted it fixed. He then got a screwdriver and a drill. He removed the microwave and began to leave with it. When I questioned it (remember, he has already proved to be "iffy"), he then said, he would need to look at it at the warehouse. I objected. I didn't want wires hanging out of my cabinet for 1-2 weeks, especially with small children, and I didn't trust the guy. I didn't know if I would ever see the microwave again. The service representative threw a fit. Looked at the microwave, said he needed to order parts and would contact me in 5-8 business days to make the repairs.

3 business days later, I received a phone call from Choice Home Warranty saying the representative said that the repairs weren't worth the cost of the microwave. It was going to cost about $200 to repair and the microwave wasn't worth that. Choice Home Warranty offered me a buy-out of $205. While on the phone with Choice Home Warranty, I looked up the cost of my microwave--$969, $899 at Sears (the lowest price). I told them that $205 wasn't acceptable and why. The representative on the phone agreed and said he would pass me on to someone with more authority.

The someone "with more authority" said, basically: Too bad, so sad. That I didn't need to have a stainless steel, built-in microwave with features (what needed repair), I could buy a basic, counter-top microwave that wasn't stainless steel and had no features instead for $200-$300. That's what they are priced wholesale. I'm a consumer; I can't buy wholesale. I kept complaining, so he upped the price to $250 to cover my service fee.

Choice Home Warranty says (straight from their website): "CHW will replace your unit with a similar or like feature model, or even send you a check to buy a new item!" as their advertising pitch. The contract states: "We are responsible for installing replacement equipment of similar features, capacity, and efficiency." $205 is only 10% of what the SIMILAR or LIKE FEATURE or SIMILAR FEATURES, CAPACITY, and EFFICIENCY model would cost. The person "with more authority" claims they don't have to match features, just wattage. Not according to their contract. I don't expect a full replacement fee on a 6 year old microwave for a brand new one, but more than 10%. I would expect at minimum 50% and probably closer to 75%. I do have friends with different companies that get 90-100%! Here is point two: Choice Home Warranty does not honor their agreements. I've tried contacting Choice Home Warranty several times (phone, online form, email), but they won't work with me to solve the problem.

And it was a darn good thing I did not let the guy take my microwave because then I'd really be out of luck.
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Extremely Bad Customer Service Non Experienced Contractors Just Very Bad Company
Posted by Frankieg314 on 12/21/2011
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Choice home warranty is giving us the run around as they always do. They came out to repair a faulty pump on our septic system, had to pump the liquid tanks to get to the switch to test it and counted it as a septic overflow pumping, when they never had the solid tank pumped. Now 1 month later, the solid tank is full, I called them to pump it but they said only 1 pump per year allowed, but that pump was not for the intention to resolve a solid back up. Okay now we had to pay 225 for the pumping, okay, the drain is clogged, they send the plumber, he has no clue how to clean out a drain, so the so called plumber, calls Choice and tells them the septic is full that's why the drain is clogged, now, we just had the tank emptied the day before so that is not the problem, now to delay this service Choice is demanding the receipt for the pumping to be sent to them, now, I had just told them I paid 225 to pump the tank, the plumber is really not a plumber but a back yard mechanic posing as a plumber and says he can't unclog the drain, what kind of BS is this. Choice is a SCAM STAY AWAY from them.

They DO NOT Team up with Professional contractors, this is the 3rd time this such event has happened to us. in 1 year... Customer service, very rude and not willing to work with the customer to resolve. Just a bunch of idiots maybe 20 years old answering the phones.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-23:
It would be worth a bit of your time to report this to http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/ocp and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml
When enough complaints are tallied up by these agencies, they do, upon occasion, act on them. Choice, judging by reviews I've seen about them, is working on attracting their attention.
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