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Choice Home Warranty
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Beware of Choice Home Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

EVERSON, NEW JERSEY -- I have had nothing but problems with Choice Warranty.
I bought a 3 year contract from them, as it seemed like great value.
It apparently is not, and CHW is not a company that is ethical or keeps
their word.
Firstly they do not replace, with a new item, like specified, they offer
you a buy out, and you cannot buy a new item, with the stupid amounts they
They offered me $250 for a new dishwasher. I said I could not get a new dishwasher for $250 and they said Sears outlet stores have them for that. Well no they did not.
And including tax and delivery installation it was going to cost me double their buy out. Including also, I had paid the $45 service fee, to be told it was broken, beyond repair.

When I said I would buy a secondhand one, they said they would only cover a new one. When I said it was going to cost me $130 to cover installation, and delivery, they said they do not cover that, although they do state that they do.

This is the third time they said they would do a buy out, the other two times, they said they would send me $200 (in six weeks) to cover repairs, and it was cheaper for me to go and purchase a good second hand one, and I cannot get a clear answer on if the second hand ones are covered.

When I wanted to cancel the policy, they said they would take off the full amount the policy would cost up to the time I cancelled (not the discounted amount I paid), so if it cost me $30 per month I had used, they where going to take off the full $42 per month I had used. Then to top it off, they where going to take off, any money that they had paid for repairs or buyouts, for the months I used, even though they where keeping my money for the months I had used already.

They are deceptive, they find ways to fight you for everything, they have bad customer service, and they lie.

They have reviews on their website, which they offer you free months for, however the two reviews they asked me to write, which where negative, where not put up on the site, they are selective of what they do put up on their website.

I told Choice "You should be ashamed of yourselves, your service sucks, and you do not do what you promise to do"



Deceptive Crooks
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Rating: 1/51

EDISON -- Choice Home Warranty is a TOTAL RIPOFF... I have first hand knowledge of many claims they screwed their customers on. We were forced to discontinue our relationship with Choice so we could "sleep at night." We as a contractor, saw a terrific amount of lies and denials of repairs that were well within warranty guidelines... We are a 45-year-old family owned and operated business for 46 years and NEVER have we seen such blatant ripoffs!!! Oh and these clowns hardly ever pay their service contractors should they honor a claim.

Buyer Beware
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Rating: 2/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I have had Choice Home Warranty for 3 years now. I have been relatively happy until now. Previously, there had been a couple of bumps, but I had felt that they made good on it. Recently, however, I feel they dropped the ball and did so in a BIG, BIG way. It's a longish story, but necessary to understand.

I made my claim and was contacted right away with a service representative I had a hard time contacting the service rep--every time I called, I never got an answer or voice mail. Finally, the representative contacted me and we made an appointment. He then no-showed. Choice Home Warranty called the original "preferred provider" to find out what happened. The "preferred provider" then contacted me. He forgot about our appointment. He wanted to set up another appointment in a few days. I called Choice Home Warranty, the apologzied and gave me the name of new service representative Again, I could not get ahold of the representative The representative finally called me and told me that he would be at my house the next day in the 1-4 pm window. I told the representative I had another appointment, and I could not be there until 2 at the earliest and 2:30 would be more reasonable. The representative just told me that he would call and see if I was there, but my window was 1-4 tomorrow. He would not set up another day or time. He showed up at 3:30.

When the representative showed up, he had no tools. How are you going to fix an appliance (built in microwave) with NO tools? Before he even stepped foot into my kitchen, he offered to turn it in as non-fixable if I wanted. This is point one: What kind of service reps does Choice Home Warranty contract with? These are the people coming into your home! They are not reliable or trustworthy. The service representative was not happy when I stated I wanted it fixed. He then got a screwdriver and a drill. He removed the microwave and began to leave with it. When I questioned it (remember, he has already proved to be "iffy"), he then said, he would need to look at it at the warehouse. I objected. I didn't want wires hanging out of my cabinet for 1-2 weeks, especially with small children, and I didn't trust the guy. I didn't know if I would ever see the microwave again. The service representative threw a fit. Looked at the microwave, said he needed to order parts and would contact me in 5-8 business days to make the repairs.

3 business days later, I received a phone call from Choice Home Warranty saying the representative said that the repairs weren't worth the cost of the microwave. It was going to cost about $200 to repair and the microwave wasn't worth that. Choice Home Warranty offered me a buy-out of $205. While on the phone with Choice Home Warranty, I looked up the cost of my microwave--$969, $899 at Sears (the lowest price). I told them that $205 wasn't acceptable and why. The representative on the phone agreed and said he would pass me on to someone with more authority.

The someone "with more authority" said, basically: Too bad, so sad. That I didn't need to have a stainless steel, built-in microwave with features (what needed repair), I could buy a basic, counter-top microwave that wasn't stainless steel and had no features instead for $200-$300. That's what they are priced wholesale. I'm a consumer; I can't buy wholesale. I kept complaining, so he upped the price to $250 to cover my service fee.

Choice Home Warranty says (straight from their website): "CHW will replace your unit with a similar or like feature model, or even send you a check to buy a new item!" as their advertising pitch. The contract states: "We are responsible for installing replacement equipment of similar features, capacity, and efficiency." $205 is only 10% of what the SIMILAR or LIKE FEATURE or SIMILAR FEATURES, CAPACITY, and EFFICIENCY model would cost. The person "with more authority" claims they don't have to match features, just wattage. Not according to their contract. I don't expect a full replacement fee on a 6 year old microwave for a brand new one, but more than 10%. I would expect at minimum 50% and probably closer to 75%. I do have friends with different companies that get 90-100%! Here is point two: Choice Home Warranty does not honor their agreements. I've tried contacting Choice Home Warranty several times (phone, online form, email), but they won't work with me to solve the problem.

And it was a darn good thing I did not let the guy take my microwave because then I'd really be out of luck.

Claim Denied
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Rating: 1/51

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I filed 2 claims on April 29, 2015, one for my broken front loading washer and the other for my oven. Let me just say they denied both, but the oven claim is where they really got creative. I was told that the technician reported that the control board of my oven went out. This caused the oven to malfunction while self-cleaning and catch fire. Get this they denied the claim based on the secondary fire (which is not covered) even though the technician reported the malfunctioned (brain). After I complained enough they offered me $91 to replace the control board of a totaled oven that the firemen, had to break the glass and door to put the fire out on. The technician reported the stove as a total loss. So after arguing with them to no avail, I told them as soon as my claim was settled I would be cancelling my policy. I was told by Warmesha that even though I was paid for the entire month of May, if I canceled then on the 9th of May, not only would I not receive a prorated refund, they also would not honor the existing claim and send me the $91 check. I argued that the claim/ incident happened during a time that I had coverage (April 27, 2015) and in fact I am still covered. They insisted that their policy stated that if I canceled they didn't have to honor my claim. So I said send me my check and then cancel my policy. Warmesha stated it didn't work like that, if I had any intention of cancelling, I would not be paid. Warmesha then stated that SHE was going to cancel my policy; I explicitly told her not to cancel, just send me the money ($91) for my claim and disconnected the call. This was 5/12/2015. I called today 5/19/2015 to check the status of my claim and was informed that my policy had been canceled by WARMESHA at MY request. After speaking to Michael ID #1852181 I was told that my policy would not be reinstated and my claim would not be paid since I was no longer a customer of CHW. I requested a manager and got Jose ID# 1852180 and was then told, that they never should have offered me any compensation and he was rescinding that offer. He also stated that he would try to reinstate my policy; I declined that offer and instead asked for a refund of my May premium. Jose stated that even though Warmesha canceled my policy against my will, they had not assessed me the $50 cancellation fee, if I insisted on a refund of the 3 unused weeks he would then apply the $50 cancellation fee. I then informed him again that this call as well as ALL previous calls regarding this claim was being recorded. He promptly hung up. This company is a SCAM, they are in business to collect premiums ONLY. Their motto is “you get more and pay less” the truth is you pay less and get NOTHING. Unfortunately, I didn't check online reviews BEFORE signing with the company. Do yourself a favor and check ALL reviews and complaints and GO WITH ANOTHER REPUTABLE company. All the complaints are the, same premium collected, claim DENIED. I am contacting the AG, the BBB and any other legal recourse possibly available to me. I am going to diligently try and get a class action law suit filed against this fraudulent company. I f I could give ZERO stars I would, unfortunately like everything about this company you have to give them something.

First Home...First Experience With Home Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

All I can do is laugh, only because I should have read all of these reviews before choosing Choice Home Warranty. I have now done plenty of research and have seen pending government action action them in New Jersey through the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and a NBC news story in Chicago highlighting very disturbing and consistently bad service and business practices provided by Choice Home Warranty.

My wife and I are one month into our first house together and Choice Home Warranty was our first home warranty company. The compressor in AC unit have stopped working due to wiring issues. I believe they were melted at the connecting point. So we call to make they claim and CHW sends a company out that does a great job and fixes the issue with no problems. All it took was a new replacing that set of wires with a new set apparently. A $75 claim after the $60 service call we have with our "premium plan". I get a call from our service company saying the CHW has denied our $75 claim on the basis that it was a "pre-existing issue". I'm confused, how the hell do you know this is a pre-existing issue if no one has ever serviced this unit before and by that logic you could possibly say that any issue we have moving forward was a "pre-existing issue". After reading all of these poor reviews and stories, it seems that Choice Home Warranty makes a habit of using this "pre-existing" claim consistently to get out of covering services that are the WHOLE POINT OF HAVING HOME WARRANTY!

I laughed again at this though because I figured that they would at least buy us a cheap drink before they tried to screw us! This was our first claim with them and it was for $75! If you're not going to cover a simple $75 claim, what on earth would give us ANY confidence going forward for you to cover ANYTHING ELSE down the road which basically makes you WORTHLESS!

I called this morning to cancel our contract with Choice Home Warranty with every intent to let them know how disappointed we were with their decision to decline our first claim and try to get a better understanding of their reasoning. I get transferred to the cancellation team, which is usually the team at most REPUTABLE companies that wants to know why you are canceling and will want to figure out if there is a way to not lose you as a consumer. This is the moment that all consumers use to air their grievances and give feedback on why we no longer want to use your services in hopes that the company will fix the issue, maybe make a note of the issue, or at the VERY LEAST listen to the issue. NOT WITH CHOICE HOME WARRANTY, they stayed consistent with every other bad business decision and proceeded to cancel my policy with not one question being asked about why I was canceling our policy FOUR days into it becoming active and told me I'd be charged a prorated fee of $33 for the month (which seemed high for four days of coverage) and an administrative fee of $50. It's sad to say but after he told me that I actually felt I was getting the better end of the deal only having to pay $83 to never have to deal with them again! Haha. They also said I would be getting $321 credited back to my account for our deposit. I fully expect for them to stay consistent with their business practices, which means I will most likely have to call them a couple more times to receive my money back. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

We are very fortunate and lucky that our first problem at our house was a very small and inexpensive one. I really feel bad for all of the other people on here and off that have had to go through this experience with much more expensive repairs. It's not right and can really change a families fortunes for the worse, which is the exact opposite of what a home warranty is supposed to do.

I've attached the link for the news story in Chicago here: (

There are plenty more stories like this with Choice Home Warranty and you won't have to search to far in Google to find them...

Bad Business and Bad Service
By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Choice Home Warranty practices Bad Business. Numerous complaints on this company as well as an F rating from the BBB. Do your research before using this company. Below is my letter to the president (James Moss) of Choice Home Warranty:

Mr.. Moss,

This is in regards to our claim #49167121. We had signed up with your company last year for piece of mind that when our appliances/hot water heater/furnace/AC ever went out or needed to be replaced, we were covered in cases such as these. We were thrilled to know that we had protection for a monthly fee in instances where if something went wrong, it would be fixed or replaced.

Well, come to find out were my wife and I ever wrong...Our A/C unit went out this past Tuesday evening. We contacted your company, your company sent a contractor out (Sunshine Heating and Cooling). The contractor told us we needed a new A/C unit. Your company has now refused to pay the claim because you need our last 3 years of service invoices. Huh really? Well let me check the Home Service Agreement regarding where it specifies this. Hmmm...I don't see it. Let me read it again. Hmmm...Not there. So, calls to Customer Service....Oh and I use the term 'Customer Service' very loosely when dealing with your company. Let me just say as I have been in Customer Service for over 20 years in various positions including management, that if I had hired any of the people you have working in your Customer Service department at my company, I would have received a pink slip and a grade of 'F' for talent evaluation. Speaking of 'F', I noticed last night that is your grade from the Better Business Bureau...Shocking! But more on that later...So, I call Customer Service yesterday to explain to one of your CSRs, who actually sounded like he was about 15, but I digress...To let him know (Shaun) that we have a friend who comes out and does that on the side for us and we pay him cash. I won't bore you with the details of my conversation because from what I can see doing a search of complaints by other consumers towards your company, looks like you have your hands full...

So, I call once again to speak to a manager (Jim). Told by one of your Customer Service Reps that they will have a manager call me back. Call me back? What? Why? When? Your CSR tells me in about 4 hours...4 HOURS!!!!...Seriously??? Oh wait, now I know why it took such a long time (oh and by the way, I had to call back because I never got the return call from a manager) because they have so many other complaints they have to deal with. So, finally get a hold of a manager (Jim) explain the situation about the refusal of the claim, why do you need the last 3 years of Service invoices, explained we have a friend of ours do it on the side, nowhere in the Home Service Agreement does it state this, etc. etc. Then he interrupts me that he is trying to explain the agreement and rattles off all of these section numbers in the contract where it states this...OK, I went through this agreement twice, don't see this...So, I raise my voice because quite frankly, the runaround is ridiculous. He then says to stop raising my voice and well, I raised it again and then he hung up on me! Yet another shocker! Let me tell you why I raised my voice...It has been between 98-100 degrees here for the past several days! So, let's see...NO AC + hot temperatures + poor service + lack of empathy = TICKED OFF!!!

OK, this gets better...So we speak to Randy at Sunshine Heating and Cooling. He says that when he spoke to someone at your company, Randy had told them twice that our AC unit was well maintained and simply put, just died....This is where the whole piece of mind thing comes in, but obviously not with Choice Home Warranty.

So, Mr.. Moss, let me ask you some questions:

Do you not trust the contractors you hire? In other words, if they tell you something has been well maintained why do you need 3 years of service records? Form the looks of the complaints I saw, doesn't look like your contractors don't trust you very much either
So what about all the other consumers who have people fix stuff for them on the side or actually do it themselves? Do you deny them as well? Especially ones who self-maintain their stuff. Can they send in a hand-written piece of paper that says the did it? Does that suffice? According to your manager (Jim), it must be serviced by a bonded and insured contractor. Really? Where does it say that in the Home Service Agreement? Yeah, Jim your manager's response..."Well it doesn't..." Yet another shocker...
So here is a scenario...My fridge is on the fritz...Call CHW...Service Contractor comes out says need a new fridge....Call CHW, are they going to tell me to provide 3 years of service invoices? Really? What about a stove? Hot water heater? Washer? Dryer? Mr.. Moss, do you have your fridge serviced every year? How about your stove? Dishwasher? Washer? Dryer?

Back to that whole 'F' grade from the BBB...Yes, we have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

So, here is what my expectations are...I want a phone call from you to discuss remuneration. And when I say phone call, I don't mean me having to call you, you need to call me! I am not in the mood for any East Coast BS...Born and raised in New Jersey myself, so let me just say I am up to the challenge. My number is 314.479.2304.

If I do not hear from you by end of business Monday August 9th, I will be contacting my attorney.

Poor Service and Will NOT Honor Their Agreement
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Rating: 1/51

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- On my first claim, my water heater was leaking. Due to the urgency, the Choice representative suggested I pay for the repair and submit a reimbursement form. I did. The claim was denied without any reason. I tried for several weeks to get a reason. None was given.

My AC went out and I called to file a claim. The first company I was told to call informed me they don't work with Choice anymore because Choice won't pay them. I called back to get a different repair company. Company 2 didn't work with Choice either. Company #3 didn't either. Finally, company 4 did accept Choice. Each time it took Choice a day to get me a new company so this is 4 days without AC in August in Mississippi.

My 18 month old washing machine sounded like a freight train. I called Choice and submitted a claim. The repair man said he would order the part and install it for free when it came in. 30 days later I called Choice for an update. I was offered $200 for my 18 month old front loading washing machine because it was too old to repair. When he finally agreed it wasn't too old--giving him the date I purchased it and registered it with Whirlpool--he said he would order the part. A week later I called for another update. Choice said the part was discontinued. I called Whirlpool Parts Department and found the part. I then went online and placed the order on hold. I called Choice and told them it was NOT discontinued. Then I was offered $300.00. I told them the machine was still financed and no--fix it! Another week later I called and was offered $400.00 and was told take it or leave it. I talked to everyone at that company to figure out why it was $400.00 and no one would talk to me.

I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint and Choice cancelled my warranty for both houses. Of course it has been 35 days and I still don't have the refund for either house.

Check out the NJ Attorney General's office. They are investigating Choice for selling warranties and add-on warranties then denying the claims. I jumped on that bandwagon quickly!

Choice Home Warranty--Buyer BEWARE!! Scam!!
By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Our complaint is a repeat…repeat…repeat of all the complaints listed here. Legit contract, paid for months, first claim ever…needs repair…requested records…provided it to them…even phone numbers of our maintenance company so they could ask any questions they want…stories changing all the time…lies told…information made up…degrading comments made by Michael Scott…accused us as well as our maintenance contractor of fraud, based on nothing but lies he made up…threatened us legally…same, same, same, ditto, ditto, ditto.

In reading all other comments I found one from the president of CHW himself. Here is what it says:

Please be aware that CHW is a legitimate business. All home warranty companies deny claims on items that are not covered under the warranty agreement. Please read the contract for specific coverage, limitations, & exclusions. My name is James Moss and I am the President of CHW. If anyone ever has a problem with our service I would love to know about it. At CHW we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service, and when problems arise we pride ourselves in working efficiently to rectify the problem. Please e-mail me at JMoss[at] with your concerns. Thank you, James Moss President visit my blog @ blog.

Soooo…before posting this comment I certainly went to that blog site to attempt to deal directly with Mr. Moss. No shock to find that all comment sections are disabled. Went to the Facebook page…no commenting available there either!! So surprised. Tried the email address…rejected…shocker. We have sent everything by fax. We will be pursuing delivering all of this by certified delivery in person to Mr. Moss and his company as well. Based on all of this we will pursue through the BBB as well.


Choice Home Warranty, Denials, and Terrible Service
By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I put 4 houses under contract with Choice Home warranty, and I am completely dissatisfied with Choice Home warranty.

Some of the specific questions I asked the Choice sales representative were about old plumbing, and old appliances, and was was told that neither would be a problem. this is a lie I was denied a plumbing claim because of old lines.

Choice has no repairmen under contract in Morgan City, so I have had to use their reimbursement system, which you need special authorization for repairs over $100.00, (including the service call fee). They have only one contact no. to handle all problems. The wait is usually ten min. to talk to a service rep, and if they have to transfer you, it will be another 10 min. Also they will not transfer you to a supervisor. Repairmen also have to go through this process, to get authorization for any amount over $100.00.

Most recently I have been denied for a washer that is out of warranty, It took me a about 2 weeks to get a repairman to come out, because the 1st repairman I called said they would look into the matter, and call me back, but never did. When I had a 2nd repairman finally come out, they diagnosed the problem, and gave me an estimate of $680.00 Choice home warranty would not authorize the repair, and the Choice service tech told me they would replace the washer. When I called Choice back to find out about replacing the washer, I was told that the claim was under review, and Choice had contacted a repairman to give a 2nd opinion, that repairman was the 1st I had contacted, who never returned my call. After another week that repairman contacted me, and told me he could not work on my brand of washer.

I immediately called Choice, and was informed that the claim was under review again, because someone had determined that he problem had to be a manufacturers defect, (how this was determined I have no idea). I was so mad, I told the Choice representative We should end this call before I start cussing, and I wanted someone in authority to call me back.

After 15 mins. I was calmed down, and called Choice back. This time I was informed that the claim was already denied, because of the manufacturers defect determination
I have still not talked to a supervisor or figured out who determined the problem was a manufacturers defect.

My experience is that Choice Home Warranty Lied to me at purchase of warranty, and went out of their way to deny 3 of my legitimate claims, (2 are documented here). Also their contact, and claim handling system is terrible. I have not found any way to contact supervisors, review my claims, or dispute denials.

Another problem I had was for a $90.00 reimbursement claim that I sent to the address on claim form as certified mail. The letter was returned to me because no one would sign for it, (according to post office clerk information). I sent the letter again 1st class mail, and finally received my reimbursement about 2 months later. Why won't this company accept certified mail, and why should it take so long to get reimbursement money.

Account # 419209
Claim number: 49060942

Major Rip Off - Save Your $$$
By -

GREENWOOD, ARKANSAS -- This company is not really in the business of honoring their contracts. I had purchased a warranty in Sept. 2009, hoping to offer peace of mind to a prospective buyer of our home which we were going to put on the market to sell. Don't ask me what website I had read positive reviews on before purchasing this warranty, because I can't find it now. I have wondered if it might have been made up by the company itself.

We had a buyer for our home and an inspector saw flames coming out of our unit which he thought were too wide and recommended we have the heater checked, thinking it needed an adjustment. We called a repairman the next day rather than use the Home Warranty thinking he would just need to make a minor adjustment. He found we had a bad heat exchanger and said carbon monoxide was coming into our home. I called Choice Home Warranty and they sent out another company the next day. Once again, we were told we had a bad heat exchanger. He called and reported it to CHW. They said they would let us know what they decided to do. I called the next day and they said my claim was denied due us failing to maintain the unit (sound familiar from earlier posts?) and rust and corrosion that the repairman had reported. I asked how there could be rust on our unit when it was inside my house in an enclosed closet?

Long and short, they refused to honor their warranty. We had a new unit installed as we had cold weather coming and the house was being sold. My husband called and finally was able to talk to a manager and my husband told the mngr. we had spoken with both repairmen and both had stated our unit had normal wear and tear and there was not excessive rust, and that we had pictures to prove it. The manager said that how were they to know we did not pay the repairmen $20 to say that and how were they to know it was OUR unit. We could have pictures of another unit. Are these people for real?

We have filed a complaint with the New Jersey BBB and after the moving and holidays, I emailed them and they had closed our case assuming it had been resolved. I emailed back that there had been NO communication and we are not happy with how any of our claim has been handled. I asked them to reopen our case, and am awaiting their response. In the meantime, I am going to call the New Jersey Attorney General, and send them my pictures and the statements from the repairman. Not only did we pay for a Warranty, but we paid for two repair visits and a new heater unit which costs $1962.
I would avoid doing business with this company at all costs. I bought my warranty in good faith and feel they have not been fair in handling our claim.

Stay AWAY!!!

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