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Dirty Filthy Establishment
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Rating: 1/51

NEW BOSTON, TEXAS -- Firstly, the staff portrayed a large amount of incompetence and a bad attitude towards customers. No one attended to me for about ten minutes, and when the food service worker finally showed up, she showed a severe lack of interest. She had to take my order three times, but even so, she still presented me the wrong food!

Secondly, the service was very slow & poor. I ordered tender strips and this dork gave me 2 thighs and 1 leg. I asked her the if she understood my order and she still messed it up. What made matters worse was that after waiting for so long, the food service brought the wrong food and she had to take it back, she became loud and angry. I stood my ground and let her know she will not talk to me without respect.

The female is the rude one who wears loud ruby red lipstick and a jewel between her eyes. I called back to speak to the manager who is a female name (**) and she was very unconcerned about this issue and showed no interest in what I was reporting to her about the incident. I decided to take matter in my own hands and report it.

Thirdly, the food itself was of very poor quality. It was quite cold and tasteless. Immediately I reached home, I suffered from very bad diarrhea which lasted for two days. All these things considered, I feel I need to be compensated. In addition, I demand that you improve the service at particular Church's Chicken restaurant or improve the quality of the food, as the service being offered is hazardous to the health of your customers. I have notified the local health department, therefore I will be reporting it to the authorities myself.

Employee's Not Putting Your Food in Your Order From Talking.
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Rating: 2/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- I ordered 2 chicken Tuesday specials and 2 peppers a a order of fries, I had to wait about 5 minutes. The chicken I ordered was not ready yet so I was given a soft drink because I had to wait, that was nice. But then I got my order and left for home. Get home no peppers, so I called and the manager said what her name was and told me the next time I come in and ask for her. I wasn't able to make it back the following Tuesday but did return the 2nd Tuesday and I asked for her.

The new manager looked in a notebook and said he didn't see that she had written it down, and said she was at another store, which I was not driving across town for 2 peppers. So he said he couldn't take care of it. Also they are so unorganized, you go to one window and stand they say "we are not taking orders at this window". Let the customer know from the beginning where to go and stop the horse playing.

I worked for Church's in 1972 to 1974, and our motto, was our customers were 1st and not to give them the wrong items or forget items they paid for. The problem is, very very poor managers who don't care enough to train their staff, that the customers are their meal ticket and they should take pride in their job, and remember a customer's order, which they will ask you 3 or 4 times, take your order and forget they just took your order.

Was Treated Extremely Rudely by the Two Hispanic Cashiers
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Rating: 1/51

LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO -- My husband and I went into the store June 8 12:20 pm, ordered a 10 piece meal extra spicy, or "spicy spicy". Waited a few minutes, was given the box of chicken in a little tiny plastic bag. Proceeded to taste the crispy part, and told the clerks, "this is not spicy". The actual cashier just looked at me and the woman standing behind her piped up "you said half and half", and of course the cashier said "yes". Well not more than two pieces were spicy at all, and I said, "no I did not" (guess I'm being called a liar").

Rude tone of voice, lousy attitude. The boxed was opened by the mouth behind the cashier and said "it's dark so that means it's spicy spicy", called me a liar again. "That's what you ordered", called me a liar again, and rude, at that. I am obviously an older person, and they seemed to be enjoying their power over the customers? (Sick) Also asked about the 2 sides and biscuits. I re-inquired, and the clerk who had mentioned this to me in our initial order just looked at the woman standing behind her (must have been a manager or whatever) and just stared back at me and said nothing, then ignored me and turned toward the manager?

And the rest of the crew about 3 more all just standing around doing nothing, but all seemed pleased with themselves and enjoyed their lost sale, and total rudeness toward me as a customer. If this were my store, I would find at least 2 or 3 new employees who could treat folks with respect, and politeness, things all these women seem to lack.

Church's Chicken - Danger- Extreme Health Hazard to All Customers
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Rating: 1/51

WHITEHALL, OHIO -- Danger - Extreme health hazard. I entered late 6:48 5/26/14. These people did not care. The floors had free standing water from the front counter right under their ovens and deep fryer. This water had to be at least one inch deep, over 30 foot area during operating hours. All the employees were walking through this and tracked it all over the back area where they were working, and into their refrigerated walk in.

After we were given our food, they got it wrong, had to repeat ourselves many times. The register person who was running the window gave us empty cups when their soda machines were broken down for the night. A black lady was telling us "Seriously, I'm telling you cannot eat here." This is a freaking restaurant. We walked in and our food took them nearly 40 minutes to serve us.

The worst thing I seen was a black employee putting his hand in the flour bare handed, mixing chicken for the fryer. The counters were clean, but the back was a disaster area. I have never seen a place that needed employees fired such as this place did.

I'm surprised they have not seriously injured anyone yet by serving food out of a kitchen that should have been shut down by the health department. Pure and utter filth floated on the water with garbage floating in it as they walked through it. GAWD! Water evaporates, it was hot inside. They even had the back door propped open with their mop and bucket. Flies buzzing their dining area. There is no customer service at this establishment. If you value your health. Stay away. This place deserves no stars, if anything. They should be shut down.

Terrible Experience With Service
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Rating: 1/51

CALHOUN, GEORGIA -- The Church's Chicken in Calhoun, GA. is brand new. I have been there 3 times. The first time they got my order wrong. The second time they were out of tea, they got my order wrong and I had to wait in line to order with about 12 other people and only one register open and wait another 20 minutes for my food which, as I said was still wrong.

I went there today for lunch and you guessed it still got my order wrong and when I complained to the manager and an employee, both of them argued with me telling me that was what I ordered. When I showed them my receipt, they acted like it was not mine. I know new places have to get the bugs worked out of the system but the manager and the employees here walk around like they're lost all the time. But, Popeye's chicken is about to open down the street so I won't be eating at Church's anymore, a very bad experience.

I Was Discounted and Cheated Which Made Me Feel Like a Thief.
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Visiting Church's Chicken on Main Street close to downtown Columbus, Ohio makes me feel like I'm collecting evidence to write a horror book. I don't visit often, but when I do I feel as if I am adding information to my book. This time, I ordered a 9 pc special (just chicken). I was told it comes with 3 white PCS and the rest dark. I asked for 3 wings and the rest legs. I wasn't told I would be waiting 7 minutes for my order, someone put the chicken on the wrong timer.

When I got home I had 2 breast, 1 wing, and 6 legs. We started eating, put the hot sauce all over my breast. First I tasted the hot sauce as I continue to eat my mouth was filled with a burnt taste. I turned on the big light and looked at the chicken it was burnt. By then 4 PCS was ate by my family.

I called and person whom answered the phone did not introduce themselves. I told her my dilemma. She said, "Bring the chicken back." I stated "I was not coming back tonight." She said, "If you do make sure you have a receipt." What happened to "I apologize", she made me feel as if I stole some burnt chicken and that it was my fault.

I was inconvenienced, we could not eat the chicken, and I really do not understand why this location is still open. The people whom are called managers has poor skills, slow, it is OK to be slow if you're getting the orders right. The rating for the service was hard because I could not find what comes before the star. They do not deserve 1 star.

Got Hurt by a Rude Employee When She Opened the Door Inside the Restaurant
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Rating: 1/51

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- On September 05, 2013, I went inside the Church's Chicken in Moreno Valley at about 6:14pm. I ordered my chicken, the cashier said the wait time was 15 minutes for the chicken. I went to the restroom. When I was coming out, the rude employee opened the kitchen door hard and hurt me on my left arm. She said "I'm sorry", I left for home. I woke up in the morning with pain in my arm. I been calling the restaurant to report this incident with no answer. September 6, 2013 and my arm is swollen and I don't have medical insurance.

Food Was Gross, but Service Was Great!
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Rating: 4/51

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- Today for lunch, I decided to drive-through Church's Chicken, since it was close to another appointment I had scheduled. I return to work with my lunch, and after opening the bag, the lettuce on my chicken sandwich had a brownish tint to it, and the mayo tasted rancid. I also ordered a 5-piece boneless honey BBQ, but wasn't given any napkins or even a fork to eat it with. I scrounged around the employee break room back at work, and eventually found a fork. The boneless chicken tasted great!

So, for those of you keeping score, we have great tasting boneless chicken vs. brown lettuce, rancid mayo, no napkins, and no fork. The scales seemed to be tipping in favor of an all out verbal assault or irate online review. However, there was something during my visit that trumped these miscues. And that was good ol' fashioned customer service with a smile.

From the time I ordered, to the time I pulled away and into the street. They greeted as friendly as one possibly could, just short of coming outside and hugging me. The food was served promptly, and I saw nothing but smiles on the faces of the drive-through workers and a sincere thank you as they handed the food out the window.

If I was on the Undercover Boss show, I would've definitely rewarded that crew for their excellent customer service. Even though the order was less than satisfactory, the great attitude they displayed will have me coming back to give them a second chance.

Rude Employees, Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- I went to Church's at about 6:10 p.m. CST. I walk in and there were about 4 to 5 customers in line in front of me and about 4 or 5 cars in drive up window. The employee at the window told the person at drive up window that they were out chicken and they drove off mad as hell. I ask him "how long before the chicken is ready." No answer. I ask again thinking he didn't hear me. Still no answer. So I ask again a little louder. Still no answer - just a blank stare from dumb and dumber.

Some of the customer in front of me didn't get any answer either and walk out just like I did. I been a Church's customer for over 50 yrs. and never been treated as bad as I have been today. If this is the type of operations you're going to run then you might as well declare chapter 13 and close the whole chain down before you drown in your own dirty grease.

Customer Service
By -

GARALND, TEXAS -- I decided I would go to Church's Fried Chicken on Broadway Blvd. yesterday after church. It is store number #1564. When I pulled into the drive through and was waiting to order after about 5 minutes of sitting there this lady asked if she could take my order. In the middle of ordering she asked me to hold on. I said okay. So I sat there for about 5 minutes and in the meantime another car pulled in behind me.

I sat there about another 5 minutes (I didn't want to go anywhere else because my family wanted chicken for lunch. The lady behind me screamed to me, "Is the drive through working?", so I answered "yes". She told me to hold on a minute. So the lady answered "well, that sure is a long minute!"

So, I decided to say something to the order microphone. I said, "Hello!" The lady came back on and said "Just a minute, we are short handed today!" So I said "Okay ma'am." Finally after about 15 minutes sitting at the drive through she took my order and I pulled up to the window. When I pulled up, the lady looked at me and said, "Wait a minute, I've got to fix this lady's order." I didn't know if she had put my order in wrong or someone else's order in wrong. Then she said, "Pull up and I will bring your order out to you." I said "okay", so I pulled up and turned my vehicle around facing the building.

I looked at the ticket and she had placed my order wrong (order # **). I had asked for the mixed special with just potatoes. She put in all dark meat as my order. I decided since it was taking so much time, and I was very hungry and my family was waiting that I would just take that and go hopefully. As I sat there, 3 or four cars came and went with their orders filled, and 2 people had gone through the window with their orders filled. By then, I had had enough. So I went to the window after waiting behind two more people and asked for my money back. The cashier at the window, whose name was **, asked me if there was a problem.

So I said "yes", and pointed to the lady (I didn't get her name), who looked like she had eaten my chicken, and said "She told me to pull up and she would bring my order out." I had been there 45 minutes by then. ** looked at the woman, and asked her what the problem was, and she said "Oh, I just forgot about her!" By then, I was very upset. To think I had sat out there, and to boot, she had totally forgotten about me! Church's Fried Chicken just lost a good customer.

** who was a very nice young man, showed me where he had subtracted my order out of the system, because I had paid with my debit card. It is midday and I am still waiting to see if my account shows where they refunded my money. It has not been put back in my account yet. We love chicken, but I know one thing, Church's will not be getting my hard earned money anymore!

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