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Never Go to Church's at Night!
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GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS -- My husband and I went to the Church's Chicken on Carrier and Jefferson and got there about 15 minutes before they were closing. We were cutting it close, but all we ordered were two of the double chicken sandwiches to go so we figured no big deal. We pulled up to the speaker, and they took our order, no problem.

Then, we drove around and paid for our food. The lady at the window left to get us change. We waited. And waited. And waited. About 10 minutes had gone by when we started to wonder if anyone was coming back to the window. Then, we saw an employee come to the back and start bagging up our sandwiches, so we are thinking that we're finally getting served. No, she was bagging up "extra" food, and LEFT THE STORE with the sandwiches we just paid for.

Then, they turned off all the outside lights, as we're still sitting out there with no food and no change. My husband gets out and knocks on the drive through window. The employees actually look at us, turn their backs, and continue going about cleaning the store as if we aren't there. This infuriates him, and he starts honking the horn.

Finally, another 10 minutes later, and the manager comes over to inform us that they are closed and we need to leave. He tells her that we just ordered two sandwiches, they took our money, we watched her employee LEAVE with our food, and we want our money back, NOW. She actually starts to argue with us that she never saw us come through and order anything, and we went back and forth with her arguing that she needed to give us ten dollars that we gave one of her employees for our food.

Finally the person that actually took our change came to the window and told the manager that she did in fact take our money and then forgot to put our order in. How do you forget to put an order in for the only customer at the place?? They tried to apologize and give us coupons, but we promptly informed them there was no need, because we were never going back to that store again. We did call into the corporate office and made a formal complaint as to the way we were treated, and they sent us gift cards but we just threw them away.

This Is Too Bad
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Rating: 2/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- My family love Church's Chicken and we love them more because their chicken is bigger than any other chicken place. BUT for the past few times we have been disappointed with Church's. The first time we got some chicken they gave us the wrong order. We ordered Mix chicken and they gave us all dark. We had to drive a 20min drive back for them to fix it. Then we got one piece that was either sour or left out too long because it stunk, after you bit into it. We immediately called and let them know. The manager said when we come back in to let them know and he gave us his name.

So the second time we went we forgot to let them know and we order the same thing. This time we checked it before we left. BUT! Again when we got home and taste one piece it was sour or had been left out too long before cooking. We called again and the manager said he couldn't believe it so he wanted us to bring it back and said that he will replace it.

Of course it was a 20min. drive and we told him that and we explain to him this is the second time and why would be like when we order a 12 piece and it's only one piece. So again he said he would replace it when we come in. NOW!! On March 27th, 2012 we stopped there and got an 8 piece mix with a side of mashed potatoes which is their advertise special. The location is Church's Chicken, (713) 434-0916, 13350 Alameda Rd. Houston, TX 77045.

We left and went home to eat and they gave us all dark meat again. By this time of visiting them I was mad. I had to dive the 20mins back to get the order corrected and the ladies there wanted to argue with me that if they give me at least 3 pieces of white meat that it's mixed. I told them that is not true according to their manager which I have forgotten his name, and had to describe him to them so they could know that I spoke to him, that it's supposed to be 2 wings, 2 drumsticks, 2 breasts, and 2 thighs.

She again wanted to tell me that I was wrong. I told her again the same thing and asked for her manager. She said he was not there and she gave me the correct combination and I then explain that I also wanted to get my other to pieces, for the inconvenience they have put me through. I really hate it because we did love Church's. We have now decided that we are not going to Church's again.

Bad Service
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I have ordering Church's Chicken for a very long time but the Church's Chicken in FORT WORTH is awful. Every time I go there the order is wrong or most of the time they don't have chicken ready. I ordered WHITE meat, I got dark, I order mixed, I get dark plus the bread is never with the order. I went Jan. 25th '08 ordered dark meat the lady said it would 15 min. Other people came in, she gave other people that came in after my husband and I their order before ours. My husband ask her why we did not get our order, he told her it had been 15 min. She said it had not and we have to Waite 10 more min. Plus she was going to put all legs and old chicken that had been there.

My husband told her we never get our bread with our order could she put extra bread because they never put the bread in our order, she said NO! He told her he wanted his money back for the bread or the bread, she talked to her manager {he would talk to my husband} so he gave us the money back, why couldn't she put the bread in if she could give the money back? We waited 30 min. for the chicken and the people that were there before us were still waiting when we were leaving. Each time I have been there they NEVER have enough chicken cooked.

I have worked in the food business a long time, these people just don't care! It is the manager that should see they are trained to do the job! The store # 205 in FORT WORTH, How would you feel when you get home and what you ask for is not there? And the floor had grease on it someone is going to fall. The place is not very clean. I just bet you would not be happy if you order at the same place! IT IS JUST NOT RIGHT!!!

Unexcusable Customer NON service
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- At the corner of Clay/Brittmore in Houston Texas is a convenience store and a Churches Fried Chicken. Today about 9:30 AM I was parked there enjoying my coffee that I purchased from the convenience store, while I waited for an important phone call. Churches was closed at the time and I was legally parked and minding my own business, and staying away from the busy convenience store traffic.

A female Churches Fried Chicken person drives up in her car (the Churches Fried Chicken place was closed) and said that I was in an employee parking area which is not posted that way. I was parked with one (1) other car the area, and properly parked. There was at least 8-10 empty spaces available for employees or customers. She gives me a (talking to for parking there)not nicely eitherand said I was not to park there and to close the door of the truck (pick-up truck).

I guess I was in her parking space that does NOT AND I REPEAT NOT have HER name on any of the parking spaces. If she would have asked me kindly I would have been happy to have moved but I will not if someone treats me like a dog. Lady I am a human being and I will be treated that way!!

I would like to know who told her she was God and that she has a say to where people park. I believe this is still the United States of America and I have a right to park anywhere I please. Thank you. I found out her name is Huminder and her boss is Kevin. The employees are obviously afraid of these people and I had to go to the convenience store to get any information. The Convenience store said that they are not nice or friendly to them either and refuse to do their part to help clean up the rest rooms.

I strongly suggest, they need a LOT of customer service training because they have NO TRAINING. Further, I have eaten there and their food is BAD. I think I might need to contact the Health Department. Obviously, if they can't cook, can't clean up the restrooms, can't manage the store and they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE skills at all.

I wonder what good are they and they. Maybe they need to SHUT DOWN this store. I am not sure I have the correct store number but the only info I could get from the employee was store 11778!! District manager you might want to look in to your employees that run this store. Further If I want to park there and park with my door open I WILL! Probably Monday morning just for fun. If you think I am mad I AM.

Dirty Filthy Establishment
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Rating: 1/51

NEW BOSTON, TEXAS -- Firstly, the staff portrayed a large amount of incompetence and a bad attitude towards customers. No one attended to me for about ten minutes, and when the food service worker finally showed up, she showed a severe lack of interest. She had to take my order three times, but even so, she still presented me the wrong food!

Secondly, the service was very slow & poor. I ordered tender strips and this dork gave me 2 thighs and 1 leg. I asked her the if she understood my order and she still messed it up. What made matters worse was that after waiting for so long, the food service brought the wrong food and she had to take it back, she became loud and angry. I stood my ground and let her know she will not talk to me without respect.

The female is the rude one who wears loud ruby red lipstick and a jewel between her eyes. I called back to speak to the manager who is a female name (**) and she was very unconcerned about this issue and showed no interest in what I was reporting to her about the incident. I decided to take matter in my own hands and report it.

Thirdly, the food itself was of very poor quality. It was quite cold and tasteless. Immediately I reached home, I suffered from very bad diarrhea which lasted for two days. All these things considered, I feel I need to be compensated. In addition, I demand that you improve the service at particular Church's Chicken restaurant or improve the quality of the food, as the service being offered is hazardous to the health of your customers. I have notified the local health department, therefore I will be reporting it to the authorities myself.

Rude Employees
By -

ORANGE, TEXAS -- This afternoon, my husband stopped at Church's Fried Chicken to order some chicken for supper. He doesn't like to go to Church's but that is the only fried chicken restaurant in our small town. He was treated so badly as usual. The employees have this don't care attitude. Others that have gone there have reported to us the same thing, saying that they (the employees) just don't care if you order or not, or if you get what you ordered. Church's won't be getting any more of our business. We will look for a grocery store that sells fried chicken, and the employees are very friendly. Also, the chicken is fried just a bit too long, it is not a golden brown, but a bit dark.

Got Hurt by a Rude Employee When She Opened the Door Inside the Restaurant
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Rating: 1/51

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- On September 05, 2013, I went inside the Church's Chicken in Moreno Valley at about 6:14pm. I ordered my chicken, the cashier said the wait time was 15 minutes for the chicken. I went to the restroom. When I was coming out, the rude employee opened the kitchen door hard and hurt me on my left arm. She said "I'm sorry", I left for home. I woke up in the morning with pain in my arm. I been calling the restaurant to report this incident with no answer. September 6, 2013 and my arm is swollen and I don't have medical insurance.

Food Was Gross, but Service Was Great!
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Rating: 4/51

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- Today for lunch, I decided to drive-through Church's Chicken, since it was close to another appointment I had scheduled. I return to work with my lunch, and after opening the bag, the lettuce on my chicken sandwich had a brownish tint to it, and the mayo tasted rancid. I also ordered a 5-piece boneless honey BBQ, but wasn't given any napkins or even a fork to eat it with. I scrounged around the employee break room back at work, and eventually found a fork. The boneless chicken tasted great!

So, for those of you keeping score, we have great tasting boneless chicken vs. brown lettuce, rancid mayo, no napkins, and no fork. The scales seemed to be tipping in favor of an all out verbal assault or irate online review. However, there was something during my visit that trumped these miscues. And that was good ol' fashioned customer service with a smile.

From the time I ordered, to the time I pulled away and into the street. They greeted as friendly as one possibly could, just short of coming outside and hugging me. The food was served promptly, and I saw nothing but smiles on the faces of the drive-through workers and a sincere thank you as they handed the food out the window.

If I was on the Undercover Boss show, I would've definitely rewarded that crew for their excellent customer service. Even though the order was less than satisfactory, the great attitude they displayed will have me coming back to give them a second chance.

Rude Employees, Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- I went to Church's at about 6:10 p.m. CST. I walk in and there were about 4 to 5 customers in line in front of me and about 4 or 5 cars in drive up window. The employee at the window told the person at drive up window that they were out chicken and they drove off mad as hell. I ask him "how long before the chicken is ready." No answer. I ask again thinking he didn't hear me. Still no answer. So I ask again a little louder. Still no answer - just a blank stare from dumb and dumber.

Some of the customer in front of me didn't get any answer either and walk out just like I did. I been a Church's customer for over 50 yrs. and never been treated as bad as I have been today. If this is the type of operations you're going to run then you might as well declare chapter 13 and close the whole chain down before you drown in your own dirty grease.

Old Grease
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- To whom it may concern: I go to the Church's Chicken on 79th and Damen. And every time I go I get my food and it's burned. And I ask can they cook me some more, they say no. And the reason why it is burned is because it is old grease. Why do they use old grease? Would you like to eat burned chicken? I know that you wouldn't so why do you sell it to the people who come there.

And I also go to the one on 69th Western and the chicken there stinks. I don't understand why you all sell that kind of food to people. And also why they put it in a bag, why not still the box because the bag is not good. I work at a hospital and that is not good to put in a bag. I hope that you all do something about this. Thank you.

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