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Posted by on 03/27/2003
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I turned in all the paperwork for my $50.00 rebate on a phone I purchased in December. Here it is almost April and I still have not received my rebate. I have called 3 times. I was asked to fax in my paperwork and they would call me when it was received. I never received a call, so I called. I was told they receive 1,000s of faxes a day and it would take 2-3 weeks to know if my fax was received. When I was told this, I told the girl that that tells me you have 1,000s of rebates that you screwed up daily. Conclusion: DO NOT trust Cingular's rebate. And when you switch plans, well, that's another story. Just watch out for the charges that you get hit with.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-24:
You need to call Little America the rebate co, these are mfg rebates, not Cingular rebates. Cingular has no control over them
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-13:

I don't think it really matters who is responsible for paying the rebate. Cingular offers an enticement to purchase their phone and contract...then reneges..that is not only against the UCC, but it is unethical. I too have a rebate coming...Don't know when I am going to get it. Cingular knows that a large majority of customers won't send in the rebate...that is why they don't take the discount off at the time of sale.

By your comments are you saying that Cingular has no responsibility to their customers regarding this rebate and how it is handled?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-17:
Many times these rebates are offered through the manufacturer of the phone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-31:
The rebate form that I got went to Cingular. Why? Because that is where the address on the envelope said that is where it will go. It didn't show the Manufacturer address. Cingular is responsible for the rebate. I just wish the public had more control over the cell phones industries.
Posted by Kellamy on 2005-04-02:
I also purchased my Cingular Wireless phones in December and haven't received a rebate yet. I did receive a letter from them dated Feb. 7 which stated I wouldn't be receiving one because they had no record of my account. When I called them, they basically said, "Ops! We entered a number wrong. I'll resubmit this to my supervisor and it will be sent to you. On March 5, I still hadn't heard anything, so I called again. This employee told me, "Whoever you spoke with last time didn't resubmit it, so I'll do that now. You should get it in 6 weeks." Even if this does happen, that will be halfway thru April-4 months since I purchased the phones! BTW, Cingular also apparently doesn't believe in "truth in advertising". Where my plan was advertised at $60/month, my first bill from them was a whopping $258, of which they went round in circles trying to explain to me, and the next one I received was $85. I've never seen so many pages of taxes, fees, surcharges, etc... I REALLY wish I hadn't gone with this company!!!
Posted by Iain0721 on 2006-08-11:
This is ridiculous and CINGULAR Wireless should be held responsible – it has been almost a year since I was hooked into signing a 2-year contract with Cingular to receive to Razor phones for free via rebates – I waited the required 180 days to actually submit the forms and now it has been 18 weeks since I submitted 4 rebates forms and due to a process change will now be another 3-4 weeks before I should receive these checks -- according the number I called today and waited on hold for 15 minutes -- (866) 607-9877 – If I do not get the rebates in 4 weeks I will consider my 2-year contract with CINGULAR NULL AND VOID and will never do business with them again!
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Need a corporate address for CEO
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 08/11/2004
TEXAS -- Hiya,
As of 8-11-04
Issues still unresolves with Cingular.
Does any one have a Corporate address for CEO Stan Sigman?
Think spelled correctly.
They don't have a direct address for their own CEO.
They have delegates that answer his mail and complaints.

Also note their Legal Dept does not have a phone or fax number, unless you are an attorney.
Nor do they have an address.

The Corporate office is in?
3100 Avalon Ridge Place
Norcross, Georgia 30071

If any one has any other contact information please post it asap.

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Posted by hunterspop on 2004-08-11:
Cingular Wireless
15901 E. Skelly Drive
Tulsa, Ok. 74116
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-08-12:
Go get em', Cingular sucks!
Posted by cingular sucks on 2004-09-01:
The following info, obtained from the US Securities and Exchange commision, should be usefull to any cingular customers that have unresolved disputes with cingular.

The phone number listed below connects you with the office of the president of cingular wireless

Business Address

Mailing Address

The corporate address for cingular wireless, as well as the phone number, is not given out by cingular customer service.

Please distribute this info freely.
Posted by Cingular Blows Chunks on 2004-10-06:
I am soooo glad I stumbled across this site - I googled the corporate office of the most abyssmal "service" company - Cingular Wireless. I will be sending Mr. Sigman more than my 3 cents. Unfortunately, as evasive as the company apparently is, I doubt they (the higher-ups) are any different than the primates they employ in their Customer Service call centers. If you have not committed to Cingular yet - go somewhere else if you want to save your sanity. If they send me any literature after I cancel the account, I will place it in a lined box, take a dump on it, and mail it directly to Corporate HQ. Basturds. Would love to hear anyone else's complaints, maybe it would make me feel better about my own :-)
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Find a way out of your contract
Posted by Jen2326 on 03/20/2006
STERLING, VIRGINIA -- I was a cingular customer for over 10 years--largely because my phone usually died before the 2 year period ended, so I had to keep getting a new contract. Recently I learned two very expensive lessons about how Cingular manages their contracts. 1) Several years ago, I added a second phone to the account. I learned when trying to cancel the account this year that early termination fee (of $150) is PER PHONE. Apparently each phone has its own contract, though I have never signed more than one piece of paper. 2) I had a phone stolen from my car in December and found Cingular to be extremely unhelpful. First, they told me that there was nothing they could do for me (i could of course buy a new phone, but to get a new phone number I'd have to get a new contract). Then they said that if I just cancelled the phone that had been stolen, I would have to pay the full (2 phone) monthly fee anyway and would have to pay the $150 early termination fee, for the phone that I NO LONGER HAD. As I recently failed in my final attempt to have this resolved, I thought I would pass along the supervisor's statement to me. "With all due respect, that stolen phone was still under contract." Keep in mind that I had been a faithful customer for well over 10 years... When the phone was stolen, all I wanted them to do was convert it to single phone account without a fee, but that was not something they were willing to do. I was, and remain, very disappointed.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-03-21:
If they allowed you to do that, then anyone that wanted to cancel a contract early would simply claim "my phone was stolen".
Posted by RAJ49 on 2006-03-21:
My friend had her purse stolen a year ago, and cingular was very helpful. They sent her to a local store who had a new (cheaper, yes) phone waiting for her- without extending her contract (she had recently renewed it). I used to have Sprint before but had nothing but customer service problems, and now I have cingular. The only other cell company I haven't heard a lot of negative things about is Verizon. You must have had a bad rep on the phone.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-03-21:
Did you make a police report for the stolen phone? If so, wouldn't your homeowner's insurance help out in any way? Some years back when my car was stolen, my homeowner's covered all the personal items in the car. But I didn't have my phone stolen. It was in my pocket. I don't know whether they'd have done anything about it or not.
Posted by wary-consumer on 2006-03-22:
Hugh is right. Look at it from the companys point of view. That is why they have these contracts, to garauntee revenue from you either way (every contract with any mobile phone company is like this, even Verison). They dont care if you lose it, they just want your money every month.
You run the risk if you dont buy mobile phone insurance though them (which is a scam too as its probably a wash once you add up all the addiontal insurance fees over the course of the contract).
Ponie has the best solution, of filing under homeowners insurance(if you have that), assuming your deductable is low & it will not affect your future premiums.
Yet another another solution is to buy a cheap replacement or loaner handset to have programmed with the same phone number as your old handset to use for the durration of the contract. Just be sure this replacement phone is made for the Sprint network and not another carrier.
Or the last option (and probably the cheapest) cancel the contract and pay the termintion fee. This way you can get a new phone at a discounted price when you sign a new contract. Just be sure to keep track of your phone at all times so it isn't lost or stolen, or gets broken, or you could be right back where you started.
Posted by wary-consumer on 2006-03-22:
correction to above...I meant 'Just be sure this replacement phone is made for the "CINGULAR" network and not another carrier.' for option number 2.---not Sprint network as I mistakely put.
Posted by 1CutePeanut on 2006-03-22:
Jen, this is EXACTLY what I am talking about! Cingular doesn't/didn't care about you as a human being. They ONLY cared about the revenue that you generated. That situation definitely could have been handled differently. I know that I could have taken care of this matter easily for you. Cingular is disgusting and they disgust ME! So sorry that you had to suffer for cingular's stupidy and uncaring/unconcerning about your situation :-(
Posted by ohno on 2006-08-01:
when every new cust starts contract with cingular they are offered mobile phone insurance...if you choose not to spring for the extra 3.99 a month, sounds like a personal problem to me...PEOPLE DONT REALIZE that the majority of the problems are caused by themselves...cell phone companies pay alot more than 29.99-79.99 for the equipment, that is why there is a contract, and there are early term fees if that contract is broken. that is why if you lose your phone and chose not to get insurance, cingular cant just crap a phone for you--take responsibility for misplacing the phone
Posted by monieshan on 2006-08-25:
You know, they do make these handy little devises called cell phone cases that strap conveniently to your side and even secure in place to where you can constantly have the phone attached to you. If your phone is that important to you, you would not have lost it to begin with. I bet you exactly where your tv remote is at all times.
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Cingular nightmare that only gets worse
Posted by Kulia on 03/08/2005
I would like to enclose the nightmare I went thru with Cingular Wireless and also the "attitude" they took on my complaint:

Cingular Wireless -

Today I had the worse Cingular Wireless nightmare - 4-1/2 hours that I personally will never want to repeat. However, I challenge every person holding a position of management from Directorship up to the CEO and COO. If different, the Owners of Cingular Wireless to experience what I have experienced, this should include all of the adult family members who benefit financially from my hard earned $$$$. I would insist that he or she personally experience the nightmare and not one of the appointed Cingular flunkies.

Needing to get a replacement telephone for 702-856-6083, for my 13-year-old son - at the time I ordered the phone on December 27, 2004, I felt a need for him to have a phone. He attends an excellent Magnet School, KO Knudson on the eastside of town; unfortunately, the area leaves very little to be desired and is influenced by a gang environment. The caution of being sure that if he is in “harms-way” he has immediate access to communicate. At the time I ordered the telephone in December, I also ordered the Media Service and extra insurance - Media Center - should he witness trouble, he can capture on camera and send immediately; the extra insurance - is it obvious, he is a 13 year old.

On January 31, I finally got around to calling Cingular for a replacement telephone - at the time, I thought that being transferred to the wrong departments, and disconnected many times was abnormal and I patiently called back each time.

1. My first call - I got a male agent, I gave him my pertinent information - “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of
SS #, pass code” - he informed me that I am an AT&T subscriber. I explained that I had upgraded my service and
was told that I am now with Cingular -- he put me on hold and without my knowledge, connected me with the AT&T
section anyway.

5-10 minute hold

2. Having to give me pertinent information again “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code” - talking
with the AT&T person -- she said I needed to talk to Customer Service

3. 5-10minute hold - disconnect

4. Called back - (5-10 hold) after giving the pertinent information “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #”,
explaining that I was upgraded service from AT&T to Cingular, this agent asked me where did I order my phone’s from, I
told him that I saw the add in the internet, but I called in for the upgrade. She connected me to another department (?).

5-10 minute hold

5. I gave my pertinent information “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code”, explained all of the
above and what I was trying to do, this guy says, “I will need to connect you to telesales”, I asked “what is the telephone # to
the department you’re connecting me to incase I get disconnected”, he said “I just came back from vacation, it is a new
department and I don’t have the telephone number and no one around me has it either, you just have to call back this number
and you’ll be connected again”. I was amazed at this explanation, I just wanted to get it over with and he connected me.

6. Went thru 2 songs on the radio and 3 commercials going 1/2 way thru the 4th song while on hold -


7. Called back - 5-10 minute hold - I asked for “telesales”, before I could be transferred I needed to give all the pertinent
information, “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code”, I asked for a direct fon # to Telesales, and
Then I was transferred.

5-10 minute hold

8. I gave my pertinent information “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #”, explained the situation, I was connected to the “exchange by mail”.

5-10 minute hold

9. I gave my pertinent information “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code”, explained the situation, I was connected to the “warranty line”

5-10 minute hold

10. I gave my pertinent information “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, passcode”, explained the
situation, I was told I had no extended warranty. I was >>>, she quoted me $150 to replace the
telephone and by now I just wanted a refund, and no longer wanted the Cingular Service. The agent said she would need to
connect to, I believe was, Customer Service.

I have to give credit to this agent - when she connected me, she did not release me, and she explained my situation to the next agent before she transferred my call.

11. The next agent was very nice, I explained to her the above situation and I didn’t want to have to pay for a replacement Fon.
She said because of all the problems I’ve been going thru, she would send me a new phone at no charge, I asked if I would
still need to pay for the Activation Fee, she said “no, I will waive the fee.
I was happy and accepted her offer, I also, added Media Center to the additional 3 telephones and wanted to be sure of the
extended insurance on my 13 year’s phone. She explained that my contract with Cingular would begin anew and I would
receive the new phone in 10 days.

PERFECT - I had resolved the problem, it was behind me and I could start a new day, I thought I was done?

Approximately 2 days later, I received a message on my home phone inquiring if I still wanted to cancel my service and I needed to call back and advise. I was surprised at the message, I had never finalized any cancellation and as far as I was concerned everything was moving forward as planned. Continued service and a new V220 replacement phone.

It wasn’t until there was a message on my 13 yrs old phone inquiring about the cancellation. I called and spoke to someone at Customer Service advising “no, I do not want to cancel my service and I am waiting for a replacement phone to arrive”. This agent advised that she cannot see the order because she is in Customer Service and I placed the order thru “Telesales” (?) and she is sure that it is on it’s way.

I called today, February 9, 2005

5-10 minute hold

1. Gave my pertinent information “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code”, inquired about a
Replacement telephones that I have been waiting for 702-856-6083 and had not received. I began calling at 10am, 888-333-
2355 - I gave the Order Number Q301-O0459, the agent said this is not correct there is not enough numbers after the dash.
She said she needed to connect me with “Telesales”

5-10 minute hold

2. Gave my pertinent information “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code”, explained my situation
she put me on hold, every 5-minute intervals returning to ask me 1 question each time - that went on for 3 questions. Then I
was on hold for the longest time and another voice was on the line - it was Customer Service.

3. I started all over again, gave my pertinent information “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code”,
she Put me on hold, she said she needed to connect me with the Sales Dept, I asked for the phone number, then transferred

5-10 minute hold

4. Gave my pertinent information “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code”, I explained my situation, this agent said I needed to talk to someone in the Secondary Sales Department, I asked for the phone number, then she transferred me.

this hold was memorable; I started to actually time how long I was on hold - 30 minutes then

5. I called the number the agent gave, 800-866-1514 - this phone # is a nightmare in itself. You call the #, it gives 4 options,
you chose an option, it give another 4 options, you chose an option and it gives another 4 options, etc, etc, etc - it almost
seems like an “infinity” nightmare. “zero” is not an option just to get a live person on the line.

By now I was into trying to resolve this for 2-1/2 hours. What I had forgotten about - January 31st and never had any intention of remembering it. Now I was 1 notch less happy....

7. Called back 888-333-2355, I asked for a supervisor, the agent would not give me a supervisor until I gave my pertinent
information, “telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code” - so I gave the info, and he transferred ---

20 minutes hold

---- to whom I thought was a supervisor - but it was not - it was another Customer Service Agent. Unbelievable. I asked for
a supervisor and this time I refused to give my pertinent information. With some going back and forth about needing my
information, he transferred me.

25 minute hold - DISCONNECT - by now I was timing every hold - 45 minutes have passed

8. Called back 888-333-2355, asked for a supervisor, refused to give my pertinent information, fighting to get a supervisor
without giving my information took 15 minutes alone. I was connected to a supervisor Robert - I was relieved to talk with
someone in authority. I explained my situation, he put me on hold, 10 minutes passed, asked a ?, another 5 minutes passed
he asked another ? 10 minutes passed he said he was trying to read my record to find authorization for the free phone. I told
him if he was going to transfer me, I didn’t want him to release me until it was straightened out. He promised he would stay
with me until it was all resolved. He put me on hold.

17 minutes hold

9. A woman’s voice was on the line, I was shocked. I asked what department she was in, Secondary Sales, I asked if she was a
supervisor - No, an agent. I asked for her supervisor - I explained what just happened, I gave my pertinent information
“telephone #, first and last name, last 4 digits of SS #, pass code”, put me on hold, 19 minutes pass, she asked how many
phones I had? I told her 4, put me on hold again -

30 minutes hold

10. Another voice, department - Customer Service, position - CSA. I asked for a supervisor - refused to give info because of
the 7 and 8 situation - this battle took 15 minutes to get thru - I was so flustered that I decided to call the Cingular
Headquarters ASAP and apprise them of my situation - when I got the supervisor, I didn’t care what her name was, I just
wanted to get the Headquarter phone # and address. I was surprised there was no phone number, only an address - no
Quality Assurance Department to speak of.

And I thought I was smart, I would find the Headquarter phone number in the internet, NO such luck. I called Directory Assistance for the Cingular Headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas - that was a joke.

11. I decided to try one more time, I called feeling only someone with authority could help me and no one else, not even a
supervisor, I wanted a manager. I knew I would have to battle the CSA to get a supervisor, which I did - I asked the CSA,
“are you refusing me service by not connecting me to a supervisor?” He connected me to Alfonso Gray-Supervisor, I wanted
his manager - Alfonso absolutely refused to transfer me to the Operations Manager - Lance Brewster. Alfonso, denied me
service by not transferring me to Lance Brewster. I can almost bet that Lance Brewster did not want to take my call?

It is 5:30am and I haven’t slept yet. My head is spinning from all of this, and reliving it all over again....... geesssszzzzzoooo

4-1/2 hours - I have never had this kind of customer service - and no resolution ----

I must say, the department that answers quickly with a 1 minute or less hold is the “I WANT TO PAY MY BILL” Department. Once you hit that option - dang - everything else is cake. You are in-n-out in no time.

As I ponder my need for a cell phone, it is no longer as important as I thought it was. Because Cingular could not nor would not resolve my dilemma - I have come to the conclusion I need to resolve it myself.

SOLUTION - cancel my service completely with Cingular immediately; without any negative report to any of the credit reporting agencies. Experian, Equifax or TransUnion or any other credit reporting agency nor within the cellular industry or any other communication companies. Every attempt has been made on my part to resolve the situation with no success.

CINGULAR CUSTOMER SERVICE CRITIQUE - I recommend the following companies that have excellent Customer Service that you might emulate their style.

Chase Bank - Master Card - in the 4 years that I have been with them, there has never been a time that I could not get immediate resolution, an answer to my inquiry, even if it is not what I want to hear - it is the answer. Of the 4 credit cards I have, Chase Bank is the preferred and frequently used because of their excellent Customer Service.

Hilton Grand Vacations Company - I am employed with this company and I can tell you, we work hard at a permanent solution to the problem with one call-in from the customer. A call is never transferred without it being announced and explained to the next department or agent. If a customer wants to talk to a Supervisor or Manager, the agent will try to resolve it - but the customer is never denied the opportunity to speak to a Supervisor or Manager, never.

With Alfonso Gray’s refusal to transfer my call to Lance Brewster or Lance’s refusal to take my call, it has forced me sit and relive the nightmare and now, it is documented in writing and sent to all listed below. I am, however, sure that the as big as you are, my $$$ and my time will be filed away with all the others - in the “to be shredded” file.

Cancel my service immediately......Due to work related use, I am currently using the cell phones until service is cancelled, advise when this will occur. I will then turn on new service with your competitor.

Complaint 2.
My reaction to Cingular's response to the BBB or S. Nevada:

It astonishes me the Cingular Wireless response. On or about March 3 or 4, 2005 - my all Cingular Wireless service was disconnected, after which time; I received a message from Jerry Reyes to him on this same date. This is the only time I was contacted and no other time.

I can honestly say, their statement in the 1st paragraph is a blatant lie. I have anxiously waited for a call from Cingular Wireless since February 11 to resolve this problem with the hope of no interruption to my wireless service. My family knows that I have been waiting for a call from Cingular Wireless, when Jerry called - my Son call me ASAP to notify me when he heard it was Cingular. No call prior to this and only after my service was disconnected on March 3 or 4.

What amazes me most, why wasn’t I contacted on the cell number/s? As I stated in my complaint, I use the cell phone for work purposes, therefore, must have the cell phone on me and turned on 24/7. Interesting part is in Cingular Wireless response, 1st paragraph it states “.....which is the contact number located within Ms. Fiatoa’s complaint”. The phone number they used to contact me, is my home phone which is no where on my complaint. The only number/s “located within .....complaint”, is the cell telephone numbers. Again another lie.

When I spoke to Jerry, he did not acknowledge my complaint, he wanted me to verbally tell him all over again, as if I wanted to purge? I just wanted to move forward and resolve the problem.

I called Jerry Reyes on March 3 or 4, and “NO”, I was not satisfied. A whole new problem - they want to charge me $522.12. I am waiting for the bill to arrive for review. The only bill I have received from Cingular is dated 1/12/05 for $141.21 and 2/12/05 for $143.39, and no other billing statement. I am not prepared to give a full response on this matter until I am able to review billing thoroughly.

If the “Office of the President for Cingular Wireless” is endorsing its representatives to blatantly lie, then I have no recourse but to permanently end my service with Cingular.

As I am talking to people about my Cingular Wireless nightmare, I am finding similar problems with those who had AT&T prior to Cingular Wireless.


Julian Fiatoa

P.S. I thought it was important for me to have my cell phone for work purposes, especially because the number was printed on literature, but Cingular has showed me that having their service was not important.

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Posted by tander on 2005-03-09:
T-mobile provides better service, Cingular sounds like they have serious issues
Posted by G-Man on 2005-03-09:
I too know the nightmare of Cingular..The Customer Service you get on the phone is so sad and unprofessional.I'am so frustrated with the piss poor quality of service and or unhelpful employees there.What ever they are being paid is way to much.The never can answer your questions witha straght answer untill your contract is expired and then they want to try to sweet talk you into staying and signing a new contract.The down fall of companies today is that you can never talk to a person..its always press 1 then press 2..ect..there down sizing has hurt there business(Those that use that method).I feel for you and hope you can findly have some resolution..Raising the WHAT?NOT!Ever since the merger its been poor service.."We don't have enough towers to handle the proper service"(What is that?)Signed G-Man (NOLA)
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Posted by Tj_63069 on 10/16/2003
CEDAT HILL, MISSOURI -- Last Feb I wanted to give my wife a phone for valentine day. I already had an account with Cingular and asked the salesperson what they had. He stated that I could add her and get a free Motorola phone for $20.00 per month added to my current account. He said I would not see any change to my roll over minutes (700+) and when my next bill arrived they were gone! When I called Customer Service they said I lost them because I changed plans and that person should not have told me they would not be lost. Have a nice day! I just saw my current bill in October and noticed that they were removed again and this time they said it was because my original start date wipes them out too. So I lose them 2 times in 7 months and the Rep told me this time that I could cancel my account but have to pay $300.00. $150.00 per phone. When I commented that there was no options here but pay she said "that's correct" and I said "well I guess this is Lesson Learned" she said that's correct.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-21:
Cingular wireless did the same thing to me when I added a new phone to my plan. My 1200 rollover minutes went away. I called every month since june. they said they were going to correct the problem. until yesterday nov 20 a representative said that there system cannot add minutes to my bill. they said I wouild have to call back every month and have my bill adjusted. I will get my minutes but the time I waist calling is ridiculous. If they know there is a problem with my bill and mail it isn't that a federal offense?
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Service Issues
Posted by CPRSAM on 02/20/2006
BLACKLICK, OHIO -- I had Cingular as a provider until I could not put up with there so called adequate service.

I called there customer service representatives several times. I played there games for couple of months of turning the phone off and back on having upgrades sent to me and still no decent reception. Finally I switched back to my old provider I might add I did not have to go thru all the above since I ported my number back on October 17th 2005.

I had written to the BBB, FCC and the Ohio Attorney General. Cingular's response was that they give adequate service and Cingular does not guarantee service at all times and in all places per their correspondences to all the above agencies.

Advise to anyone if you get a new provider and if you are having any service issues most providers will give you 30 days which you can terminate or cancel your contract. This lesson cost me $450.00 to terminate three phones. Do not be patient like I was it will not get better. I do not know what I was thinking I really thought we could solve the problem.

This is no doubt a very crooked industry. It is big business. They can make their own rules and looks as though they can take advantage of the consumer with blessings of all the above agencies.

CINGULAR should get an award for the most dropped calls possible. When I had them as a provider I would have a dropped call couple times a day. With my new provider I get a dropped call once or twice in a month. Usually when I am talking to someone using Cingular, What a surprise!

Cingular should be forced to change there slogan from Raising the Bar to Raising the Bar for Some.
If we can not get them on their inadequate service maybe we could call them on their false advertisement.
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Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-21:
Does your contract 'guarantee service at all times and in all places?' I doubt very much these words are printed in black and white and also doubt very much that ANY phone company would make such a statement. You must have been searching for a very good deal on phones (cheap) to sign up for three of them. Had you just taken one to see how service would be, you'd have saved yourself $300. I have a very basic, simple plan with T-Mobile and haven't had any compaints in the 3 years I've been with them. But, of course, I don't demand all the bells and whistles others might.
Posted by SuperSteve on 2006-04-01:
I must say the same! I changed to Verison because of all the dropped calls, that I had on Cingular!

Their problem is, that they are moving the old clients, and placing all their new clients onto the GSM system, without building a single new tower to handle all the expanded need for bandwidth. The result being, that the calls which have been on air the longest are dropped when new calls come on. All these new Cingular commercials saying that they have the least dropped calls are pure bull! They have absolutely NO proof for this claim.
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Poor cellular service and customer assistance!
Posted by LDS322 on 07/03/2001
MASSACHUSETTS -- Was told by the company that my phone will not work outside my home area, even though when I bought the phone I was informed it was a national phone. I feel I was lied to by the company because their explanation why it won't work is flawed. I also have trouble IN my home area so that causes more doubts. I am now stuck with 8 more months to a contract for a useless product. I cannot receive calls 90% of the time but I can dial out 90% of the time. This does me no good as I need to be reached on this phone when I am away from home. I have talked to the company once on the phone (2 weeks ago) and have emailed them twice since then asking for help in resolving the problem. I told them I would be willing to keep them as a provider if they would make my plan work for me. They told me on the phone that I could *BUY* a new phone (like I didn't do that once???) for the service. They have yet to answer either of my two recent emails or any that I have sent in the past. Very uncooperative to deal with. I am considering sending a third email informing them of my decision to report them to the better business bureau. Due to the lack of any sort of response from the company, I have decided to go elsewhere for cellular service and I will make sure everyone around me does the same.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-07-04:
You would think that Cingular, being a new company, would want to do a little better than the rest with customer service. Oh well, just goes to show they are no better than Sprint.
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-12-24:
I work for Cingular Wireless in the NE Regional Roaming Dept.It sounds like you have a programming problem with the phone.I would be glad to try and assist you with this please e-mail me with your wireless number and a call back number and I will help you.My e-mail address is jeff.waters@cingular.com
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-12-28:
I have Cingular Wireless and have had no problems. My only complaint would be they don't explain very well in advance of all the extra little charges: taxes, fees, etc. But service has been very good other than inside a very large building.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-13:
Hey please give me the email address where you are sending these requests. I want to apologize for any incovenience this may have caused you. I am a rep at Cingular and believe some of us do want to help you guys out. Post a message and let me know what I can do. "ONLY IF YOU HAVE CONTACTED US VIA EMAIL AND ARE NOT GETTING A RESPONSE." Sincerely, Custmer Service
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Ongoing Billing & Usage Problems
Posted by Icunow on 06/20/2006
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- This complaint involves my two wireless numbers. This includes my bill from 04/27/06-05/26/06 and my current bill 05/27/06 thru today. I am being charged for Mobile to Mobile minutes that are suppose to be included free on my family plan. I am in TX and my husband is working in GA. When my husband and I talk mobile to mobile, my number list the call as a mobile to mobile call and no charge is added, but my husband's number is being listed as a regular call and his minutes are deducted from our 1400 anytime minutes, at a daytime peak time rate. I have called Cingular 6 different times and a supervisor finally adjusted my bill for last month and deducted $247.78 overage charges and added 1000 rollover minutes to this month, in case we go over. We have gone over as of today, 119 minutes. I have checked this month's minutes and I am still being charged for mobile to mobile minutes. So far, Cingular has charged us over 270 minutes, that should be mobile to mobile minutes and free. I have tried all the steps Cingular has told me to do, to solve the problem on my end, but it does not work.

Update: We both have unlimited mobile to mobile minutes and we verified we are both on the Cingular Towers (Network) when we talk. We are finding out now that my husband is being billed for roaming charges, instead of receiving free roaming charges, like Cingular advertises.

I have finally found where the problem lies. My husband is out of town and his follow me calls are listed twice on the bill. One time the follow me call is listed Dallas time and we are not charged, but then the called is listed again at Atlanta time at a daytime rate and we are being charged for those minutes.

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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-06-20:
If I remember correctly, you need to have the M2M on both lines, not just the main one. This is even for a family plan. You should call a CSR and ask her about his and if it is not, have it changed there on the spot. I hope I am correct in this and it solves your troubles.
Posted by warddw1526 on 2006-06-21:
Not 1005 sure on this, but some companies mob2mob minutes only work if both parties are on the same network. For example, if you are on Cingular and your husband is on a Verizon tower, they would not be mob2mob. This is definately worth verifying with Cingular.
Posted by tiredofcingular on 2006-07-24:
i know exactly how you feel. responding to the other person's response it doesnt matter if the other party has m2m or not
if you have it
then it's free for you supposly
i have m2m and my bestfriend in nyc had a cingular go go fone
i asked cust service if this is free for me
they say yes
on my bill it reads m2m
but they tack my minutes
the past two months i have received 2 bills from cingular over $500
this past thursday i had 250 mins remaining
my besfriend and i talk 4 2-3 hours a day @ a time
when i *646# and send
102 message says i'm over my mins as of 7.23.6!!!
Posted by cingular tech rep on 2007-04-25:
The server or switch from the network will count the mins to show how people are useing the service on the bill not to say that you are being billed mtm. Also we do have plans to where say its a promo plan that may not included mtm in the features again the feature will list under the features page in the bill. (Doubt if you read the bill but hope you do) also on the plans make sure from www.cingular.com go go under plans pick the plan your on and READ the details of the plan. Also did your plan look like this NAT1400RUMTMUNKNW again doubt it..why?...That is a Nationwide 1400 daytime with rollover if not used unlimited mobile to mobile and unlimted nights and weekends...you probley had 1400RUKNW please notice the difference here thanks
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Lessons learned
Posted by DBlair on 05/28/2006
WESTERVILLE, OHIO -- I was very proud of my 12 year old son. He worked hard cleaning up dog doo and cleaning my office on the weekends to save up to buy his own cell phone and minutes. He found the deal on a refurbished phone he wanted with a GoPhone plan from Cingular.

I put $25.00 on my credit card for him for minutes (he paid me in advance) and I made sure he knew how proud I was that he earned everything himself, and could see the value and return on his hard work. The phone came quickly and was very nice, with great reception.

Within 3 days there were charges of over $15.00 on the phone from a ton of text messages, and charges for ringtones/games. He came to me crying that he didn't do any of these downloads, and no one knows his text address.

My wife called Cingular and was told that his phone number was re-cycled from someone else, and that that person before must have signed up for those services and those were his messages. They did credit back for the ringtone charge but said it was really our responsibility as were the text messages.

while this is shocking to a 12 year old that a company can do this, it seems illegal to me that they can sell you something with non-disclosed liabilities.

I'm now teaching him how to complain to the FCC and to a local reporter friend (she believes if there is enough people that the "6 On Your Side" guy will be interested).

In the end, if he learns not to take it from a big bully company and that he can fight back, it will be a lesson well learned.
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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2006-05-28:
If you actually read his post, you would see that he was given only partial credit for charges he didn't make. At least make sure you have your facts straight before you jackals start attacking the victim.
Posted by yoke on 2006-05-28:
I had a similar problem with Cingular with my sons phone. Seems the person who had the phone number before him joined all these adult text message and joke lines. At first Cingular insisted he had done it, but I know he did not. Cingular gave me a phone number for the phone lines. I was able to confirm that they were in place back in June of 2005. My son got the phone in October 2005. Cingular needs to make sure that the phones are clear of any existing accounts. They are the only ones who can do it. I did not have the authorization to cancel the accounts since they were not in our name, but in the person who had the number before us. It took about 2 months and a change of phone numbers.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-29:
yoke-Thanks! It makes perfect sense. I have a Go-Phone for personal use. I love it. Convenient, fairly inexpensive, I regulate my costs (no games, no fancy-shmancy ring-tones, no texting). My only negative experience is more network related (dropped calls). Anyway, if Cingular is the only one who can determine the date charges were made, how does a smart consumer work through getting them removed. Seems like a case of "my word against theirs". Curious.
Posted by yoke on 2006-05-30:
It took alot of determination to get the credit, but I knew we were in the right. I was able to contact the places and asked them to send an e-mail stating when the accounts were opened and by who, which they did. Once I gave Cingular the e-mails as to when those accounts were opened Cingular had no choice but to give the credit. they tried to get out of it, but in the end we got what we deserved.The problem was between Cingular, the text places and the person who opened the account, not us.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-30:
Thanks yoke-Very helpful info. You demonstrate that persistence can overcome a corporate wall.
Posted by lostit02 on 2006-06-05:
text can be blocked to prevent further charges. request and admin text feature.
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-06-06:
I think yoke did a good thing...went to the source of the problem. DocJ, the company usually has no way of knowing who sent the texts. I think sometimes the burden of proof falls on the consumer (sometimes unjustly) & working around that is in the consumer's best interest.
Posted by Praetoguy on 2006-06-16:
As with any phone company out there you run the risk of receiving a recycled #. ALL phone companies reuse numbers and it just happens that the person who had the # before was subscribe to a bunch of stuff. Just sad to see that you are teaching your son the be a (pain in the ***) PITA and you'll get somewhere attitude. I'm sure you were a PITA when you spoke to customer service. most of those people will bend over backwards for you when you call being nice when you act like a PITA then they usually will not be so helpful and stick to the "policies". Having worked in customer service when you ask instead of demand them do something its amazing what can be done for you. Just FYI to everyone.
Posted by footballguru on 2006-07-16:
The only complaint that I have with Cingular is that Customer Service is very poor. Everytime I have called I have been passed around to different Reps none of who knew how to address my questions. A few even gave me false info. Finally I wrote the CEO of the Company and surprise, surprise I got a call from the Corporate Office and the person I spoke with admitted the Reps gave me bogus info. As I said I have no complaints with Cingular Service the go phone is convenient, there is no contract and for what you pay the service is pretty decent. However, I really think that Cingular's Customer Service is hurting the Company's reputation and they need to take a closer look into some of these complaints and make adjustments within.
Posted by ohno on 2006-08-01:
you have to understand that these downloads are from a THIRD PARTY COMPANY...they send their downloads to the number, whether it is a verison, cingular, or t-mobile #...these companies in turn allow the third parties to bill through their bills...you were lucky to get a credit from cingular--seeing as they had nothing to do with these third party downloads...im not saying your son did, but it is these third party companies that need to be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS--yes M-QUBE, M-BLOX, Jamster...etc...
Posted by kbunker on 2006-08-10:
Cingular - beating up on the little guy & billing him for it.
Posted by cingular tech rep on 2007-04-25:
Sir if your son is picking up dog doo as you say for service first off I would have bought the kid a new phone pre paid or not he has suffered enough. The credits for the 3rd party stuff I would have credited but for all other data no way. I have not found a kid yet that didn't go behind their parents back to download or use sms/text and not be charged for it. Also he does not have a sms/text addy for anyone else to know about its his wireless number...(again lack or research on the customer behalf)....Also calling the FCC and telling them you gave a cell phone to a kid- I wonder what they were thinking?
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Beyond Poor Customer Service, Criminal almost
Posted by Jahm on 10/18/2005
KENTUCKY -- I have read several complaints on Cingular, and in fact they rank #1 in complaints. Today, I have experienced the worst customer service ever. A little background:
I have been a Cingular customer for almost 5 years. The first two were great, no problems that were not at least partly my fault, except for being on a plan that didn't exist and adding minutes which actually changed my plan without notice, I didn't like, but I got over it. Also, it should be noted that I use my phone for business and I'm not a $39/mo. customer.

So a few months ago, I had a phone die that was replaced under insurance. Within two weeks that phone died too, another replacement arrived. Within a month, that phone died as well. This time I finally complained that I've been through three phones in a month and a half. Also, all of the ringtones and what not that I paid to download from Cingular (not even another company) had been lost twice and I wanted some sort of compensation. They basically explained that's just the way it is. They did offer to ship the phone out next day air for free, something they've always done in the past anyway. So the next day, I stay home to get the phone thinking it would be there by morning. 10 o'clock comes, no phone, 1 o'clock, no phone. I waited all day and no phone ever arrived. I called the next day and they said they weren't sure what was going on with it and would have to check it out, but that it would probably show up that day. It never did. I finally went to a Cingular store and had a rep call in, as the only phone I have is my cell phone. After a couple of puzzled looks, she hands me the phone (the store phone that she was talking on). The person at the other end of the line informed me that the phone hadn't even shipped yet and that it was marked for 5 day shipping and couldn't be changed. I said, this is the only phone I have, and I use it for work, what I am I supposed to do? Again, the attitude was, that's just the way it is. I had to have a new phone so I was basically forced into another 2yr contract. A week went by and my old phone replacement still hadn't arrived. I called and a rep I spoke with was the only person I've ever talked to at Cingular that offered to do anything for me. They upgraded my old phone for me, but when it came in, only part of it was there!!!!!

Anyway, that's not even the worst part. I had a couple of months were I went over quite a bit so I upgraded my plan. Since they charge to do this, I decided to go with a 2000 min. plan and bank up some roll over minutes then I could drop back down. Recently my access to my online account manager had been disabled for no known reason. This took a couple of months to fix. Today I found that it was working and went to change my plan. A note popped up that said if you go to a lower plan you will loose all of your roll over minutes over what the new plan offers. I called in and was told that this policy was enacted October 1st without notice. Any rep you talk to will tell you if you have just an occasional month where you go over, it's smart to select a very high plan, bank a bunch of roll over minutes then drop back down. You can easily make up for the charge to change plans (which also keeps going up without notice). They force us into a lengthy contract, but they can change the terms of the contract in a very signifcant way without notice? Yes they can. Whatsmore, I attempted to change my plan via the website last month and would not have lost 3100 roll over minutes, but as I said through the fault of Cingular, I was not able to. I would think that they could waive this policy in a case where the fault was on their end, but again the answer was NO, that's just the way it is. It's going to cost me around $200 to cancel my service early, but you can bet that I'm going to do just that. I can promise them that it will cost them much more than that. My monthly bill is never below $100 and I have 22 months left on my contract so that, $2200 right there. It's unbelievable that you can't explain to them that they will be losing much more than it would have cost them to simply allow me to keep what I was told I could keep. If anyone could give me names and contact information on places to report them, I will report them to any agency who will listen. Feel free to email me.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2005-10-18:
I hate to tell you this but all cell phone companies do this. It is in the contract. Even if you didn't sign on, you are still on contract. I bet you don't read you bill,they send out flyers in your bill that tell you about the changes. I know I got one that explained the recent changes. When you get a phone with no battery or, or in some cases, no faceplate. You most likely got a refurbished phone. You better check on the warranty, refurbished phones usually only have a 30-day warranty. What I found out with the insurance. The first one will ship out in 2-3 business days but if you have to exchange it within the first 30 days it does take about 5 business days. Sat and Sun are not business days. Before you go telling all those agencies you may want to pull out your contract. You can also go online, if your online account is working and pull up the terms and conditions, and read. I really doubt you read the terms and conditions; most customers don't.
Posted by Cherise_M on 2006-01-04:
I am filing a complaint and would like to know if you know of any agencys I can contact. Please let me know how this has been resolved, if it has at all. Thank you
Posted by tnd on 2006-01-28:
As a suggestion you could file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at www.bbb.org and/or with the FTC at http://www.ftc.gov/. Cingular may ignore one person’s complaint, but if there is a significant amount of voices out there, we might get some compensation.
Posted by tnd on 2006-01-31:
I have just filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau at www.bbb.org and with the FTC at http://www.ftc.gov/. I will not stay quiet, and neither should anybody else! I hope this works!
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