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Cingular: The Evil Spawn of Satan...It's that BAD!!
By -

NORTHERN ALABAMA, ALABAMA -- Okay, where to begin? If by chance you have read any of the other complaints...then I am sure you can feel my frustration. I have (had) been a customer of Cingular / Now the New AT&T for the last 3.5 years and at first I thought everything was great and then I changed my rate plan in Nov. 2005 and the flood gates of hell opened and out spewed an evil spawn I like to call the Real Cingular. It has been a battle to get my account squared and back in good shape, but for the life of me I have tried and tried and I just could not try any longer.

I have had bills in excess of $600.00 and to make matters worse I paid the bills and without fail and like clock work the minute they are paid, Cingular is your best friend and then less than a week later my phone is suspended (AGAIN) and it is back to the same crap I like to call: Customer Service Swap and Shuffle. When I call in I never speak to the same person (who can with call centers in every state (except mine).

The reps. never have any idea of the who, what, when, or how to correct the problem. When asking for supervisors it is always a wait time of 5-10 minutes and then the SUPERVISOR'S have no idea how to resolve the issues, but they are glad to take a payment by phone. How convenient, such sports they are. And to think, that is just the tip of my iceberg and the Cingular ship is slowly capsizing taking with it my hard earned money.

I have had services put on my account without my authorization, I have asked for services to be taken off my account I no longer needed or used these things were never done, but I have been continually charged for. My problems persisted with no resolve, I continued to get poor phone service, poor Customer service, poor response to my complaints and even more high bills which did earned my account credit, after credit, after credit and still the problems were never taken care of and steadily repeated themselves and were very problematic. I have spoken to so many customer reps and supervisors. I decided to take it to the corporate level.

WOW how stupid was I, if the reps are idiots what would make me think I would fare any better with Corporate. Idiots are born from idiots... I was told when I asked for resolve to my many long standing issues with the company that it basically isn't their problem. An executive from Corporate (**, I believe that was his name)told me that my account was riddled with notes and pages and pages of disconnects and suspension.

He then went into he has been with the company for 10 years and had never seen such notes on an accounts. Well my response was if I could have resolved many of these issues prior to today my notes would not be of any interest in the matter and furthermore I demanded as a customer he show me the same respect I was showing him. He cut me off and frankly said "The buck stops here this is the presidents office there is no one else to speak to and I should just get over it, pay your bill get your phone reconnected and things will go back to normal.

Okay so they are idiots and well my mother taught me "...fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me..." Well never again. So today, I stood my ground and I purged the Cingular / AT&T demon and moved to another carrier and I feel like I will be better off. Anything has got to be better than what I have gone through.
If you are still a Cingular / AT&T customer or thinking about becoming one please be aware and use caution.

You will have continual dropped calls, no service, bad customer service, reps who think of you as crap, and a company filled with ungrateful, disrespectful, and imperfect executives, who forget that the consumer signs their paychecks. This is not to say some of the people within the company are not good people but you sure can't tell. BE AWARE... BE CAUTIOUS... BE Happy with the company you choose to give your money to. Just think and choose wisely as long as it is not CINGULAR / The NEW AT&T!!!!!!

It's The Principle of the Thing
By -

I have been with Cingular (originally Houston Cellular) since 1994, but did not begin having issues until 2005. At that point, I kept getting charged for things that I should not have been charged for and had to call every month for the first 3-4 months of our family plan to get it taken care of. We had a total of four phones and two of them belonged to our young teenaged daughters (13 and 14). Because I did not want to deal with the hassle of texting and internet costs for them, I had both blocked from their phones.

Fast forward two years. We upgraded my husband's phone and renewed our contract to a more frugal plan. Evidently, this reset the blocks on our texting and internet, but I was not informed of this. My daughters discovered this oversight almost immediately and were using the internet to play games. Fortunately, my oldest has been in trouble and had her phone confiscated so she has not had much opportunity to run up much of a bill. Unfortunately, this didn't apply to my youngest.

Let me first say that our bill was nowhere near where it COULD have been, but our younger daughter ran up approximately $65 on internet usage in addition to the $10 that my older used. Let me also say that my family is very frugal (read CHEAP) and not only did I go to a cheaper rate plan just to save around $5 per month, but I also have UNLIMITED internet access in my home for only $10 per month.

In my mind, this was the fault of Cingular and they needed to "fix it". Of course I was also upset with my daughter, but she IS only 13. When I asked her why she didn't mention the fact that she suddenly had internet access, her response was that she thought it just came with the new plan and that I knew about it. She had NO IDEA that there was any charge at all for internet usage since I never mentioned that to her when I had it blocked.

I spoke with Customer NON-Service about this and explained the issue. Their response was that they had no record of the internet EVER having been blocked and "as a courtesy" would charge me only half of the cost. I explained that this made NO sense to me since there had not been ANY internet charges on their phones EVER and that now they SUDDENLY ran up $75 worth. HUH???

The supervisor's explanation was that she thought they had just discovered and started using the internet and they just weren't aware of it previously. WOW, at EXACTLY the same time that our rate plan changed?!?! How coincidental is THAT??? Not only that, but I PERSONALLY attempted to use the internet on their phones to make SURE that it had been disabled. Now I'm LYING?!?! Unfortunately, we just signed another 2 year contract with them (which initiated the situation in the first place). Anyone with any advice???

Coverage Is Misleading Lots Of Places Still Roaming!!
By -

CHARLESTON, ILLINOIS -- Before activating service in March 2006, I spoke with someone from Cingular to make sure they had service in Charleston, IL where I go to school. They assured me that I would have service. I called a couple of times to make sure of this. I wanted to make sure that there was Cingular coverage, not roaming. Charleston, IL is a somewhat rural area and other services roam here. I had T-mobile and it did not work well due to roaming. I had the phones registered at my home address where my family would have one phone and I would have the other at school.

After signing up with a 2 year contract I brought the phone to school to have terrible service. After calling multiple times the problem is still not resolved. The first time I called I was on the line with a customer service rep for over an hour talking about the situation. She claimed that Charleston, IL is a roaming area and that coverage and service is not guaranteed. I tried to explain that I was told that it would work. Also, we had a billing problem that was eventually resolved after calling several times, we were being charged 40 cents a minute for anytime minutes that were supposed to be in our plan.

It is like we were on a pay as you go plan except we were paying twice. It was resolved after a month of calling. The first person said it was roaming charges. Then finally they said "oh yes its a billing error, it will correct itself next month, our engineers are working on it now." After calling again, a representative would not even listen to what I was saying. I was trying to explain and she kept telling me that the coverage is fine in my area. She would not listen to the fact that I was in a different area, having problems. I asked if they were going to put up a tower and she kept repeating there is no plans to expand to this area since there is already (roaming) coverage.

I kept saying that it doesn't work. Finally she understood what I was saying, I had to keep repeating the zip code. She finally said "Oh yes it is roaming in that area" She said you might get a letter of termination if you roam to often. She said try not to roam. I said that I have to go into the next town 20 minutes away then to make a call?? Completely unhelpful. Basically calls are dropped, calls cannot be placed, low signal, even if there is a full signal there is still issues. Display will say call failed and/or network busy. Calls are missed and voice mails are received hours later.

Basically I just want it to work, they would not let me out of the contract and I just wanted their customer service to improve. I have been paying nearly $70 a month and it does not work well. It seems like they have trouble listening and that I know more than they know. All I believe that the advertisement "More bars in more places" and "fewest dropped calls" needs to be investigated. I think its one big lie. A big portion of their coverage area is roaming, where "coverage is not guaranteed". Just now in November they put a better map on the site.

Had that map been there in March I would have been able to see that Charleston was roaming. DesiredSettlementID: Other (Requires Explanation) Product_Or_Service: Motorola /v360/familytime 550
Account_Number: **. Date Service Started: 03/01/2006. Purchase_Price: 59.99.

I have filed a complaint since, on the BBB site, and they just put me in touch with someone from the corporate office, who was very nice, but said there was still no time frame on better service in Charleston. She did send out engineers to the area and she agreed that there is a problem there. All other CS reps seemed to have no knowledge. All I wanted was an answer. I do not like being mislead. They will be addding new towers in 2007 to the Charleston area. I would still like to see a discount since the services I am paying for are not working correctly.

Horrible Service
By -

OTISVILLE, MICHIGAN -- On December 7th, 2006 I went on line to and ordered a refurbished Sony Ericsson phone under a GO Plan for my daughter for Christmas. They charged my credit card $31.79 for this phone. I received the phone via FedEx on December 11th, 2006. When I inspected the phone I found that the power cord was not the cord that goes with this phone, so on Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 I called Cingular and after being transferred about 4 times they gave me a phone number 1-866-391-0749 for the office.

When I got a customer service rep on the line I told them that the power cord they sent me was the wrong one, could they send me the correct one and in return I would put the wrong one and the same box and send it back. I was told NO! I had to send back the entire box, phone and all and then wait 10 days for a prepaid shipping label to return the phone.

I explained that this was a Christmas present for my daughter and I didn't have the luxury of time. I told him that this was their mistake and as a soon to be new customer they should try to accommodate me. He stated that this was their policy, if I wanted another phone sent immediately I would have to pay for another one; I refused, since I already paid for one. At that point I asked to speak to a manager who also was very rude and told me the same thing. In frustration I hung up. After cooling down about the situation I called back on Wednesday December 13th, 2006 and spoke with a rep by the name of **.

I explained to ** what had transpired up to this point and asked him if I sent the phone back myself today by priority mail when they receive it could they just send a replacement phone to me, with the proper cord. He said yes! I also asked him if they would credit my account for the shipping charges and he said yes! He told me to call on Monday December 18th, 2006 to see if they received my return.

So on Monday December 18th, 2006, I called back and spoke to a female rep who told me it was in the warehouse however; it had not been scanned into the system yet. I asked her if they had sent a replacement phone and she told me NO. If I wanted another phone I had to pay for one and they would credit me back for the other one in 7-10 days.

I told her that ** had told me to avoid all that. I could send the phone back for a replacement. She said that he misinformed me. I was absolutely furious now you have my phone and my money and I don't have a Christmas present for my daughter. I said some not so nice things about how this whole situation has been handled then hung up.

I called back on Thursday December 21st. and spoke with a rep named **. I asked him if a credit had been issued for the phone and my shipping charges and he had told me NO. He said I would not see the credit for 7-10 days and as far as the shipping they would credit my account. I at that point told him I do not have an account with Cingular and I wanted it to be credited back to my credit card that I used to purchase the phone.

He said he didn'€™t know if Cingular would do that. He then told me he would submit some kind of request for the ship charges and then told me he would connect me with customer care. I was transferred to a customer care down south somewhere and they had to transfer me back to a Michigan customer care center. I was then connected to a rep by the name of ** and I explained everything that happened to me and she was very sympathetic to my situation but told me she could not help me and wished me good luck.

I have never in all my years been treated so badly by a company as I have been treated by Cingular. As I write this letter I don't have the phone or the money. I have 2 days to try to find my daughter a phone for Christmas. Your company should be ashamed of yourselves for the terrible customer service you provided to a potential customer. I will never recommend any one to Cingular and this letter will be forwarded to the Consumer Agency.

Most Bars Less Dropped Calls NO WAY
By -

SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- Spring Hill, Florida Friday September 15, 2006. In trying to cancel my cellular phone service with Cingular so that I could obtain service with a carrier that actually provided quality service to the area in which I live, since Cingular did not work in my living room or any other place that I happened to be. I was told that I was still under contract even though I had made no changes in my contract or otherwise signed for new service from their company.

I had started out with AT&T in February 2004 in Memphis, TN and when Cingular took over AT&T in early 2005 I was among those unhappy people force to be a part of a company locked into a contract (two years originally with one year left) that I did not choose and would not have chosen because of the bad word of mouth on Cingular! When I moved to Florida in March 2005, Cingular told me that AT&T no longer existed and that Cingular would be the only company that I could deal with...

I was getting nowhere, and all I wanted to do was to change my phone # from the Memphis area to a local # in Spring Hill, after many hours on the phone with Cingular telling me that I should just keep the Memphis # even though I had become a Florida resident, they changed the #... to a Gainsville, Florida #... oh good a new long distance #, when I called to complain and at that time I didn't know that it was a Gainsville #.

They told me I should have told them I lived in Spring Hill and would need a Brooksville # (I'm supposed to know that?) I told them that it was their job to know the local #'s for my area and since they had my correct billing and mailing address it should have been easy. (where is their customer service, India?)

Again I spent my time trying to correct their error. Today again I was on the phone wasting my time trying to correct their error again!! It was an error and they admitted it, but still would not give me their name or the name of their supervisor in case the problem does not get solved by the woman (Miss No Name) that assured me she would take care of it. With their track record I do not get that warm and fuzzy feeling that all is well between myself and Cingular.

If you are thinking of opening an account with Cingular think long and hard, because they will be able to ruin the experience for you and you will feel that they are doing something unethical or are trying to in some way cheat you, their valuable customer without whom they would not be in business in the first place. Although I live in Spring Hill, Florida, this complaint could have come from any state. Cingular does not seem to discriminate based on where you live, they give the same bad service to everyone.

Worst Wireless Phone Service Imaginable
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Until recently, my company used Nextel as our wireless phone provider. The service was horrible. Poor coverage area, phones not working inside many buildings, dozens of calls going directly to voicemail. At the time, I wanted to switch to another carrier as did most of my co-workers. ANYTHING would be better than Nextel, right? Wrong. I never thought I would hear the words, "This is worse than Nextel!" coming out of my own mouth, but that was before we switched to Cingular.

I reel when I see the commercials about dropped calls that Cingular/AT&T is now running! The only thing I can think when I see someone talking away and the other party not hearing them is, "They must be using Cingular..." I've never had that problem with other carriers. My personal phone is through Verizon. I've been with them for about six years, and have had exactly four dropped calls. I remember each one because they happen so infrequently. With Nextel, I often didn't have service, but it was a works-or-doesn't situation with no grey areas.

Cingular will let me place or receive a call, but drops it almost immediately. I EXPECT every call I make with Cingular to drop. I get a huge volume of calls each day, and at a conservative estimate, 70% get dropped. Granted, there are areas where my calls do not drop, but those are few and far between. These areas are also small. I have learned exact places to stand when I need to make a call...move a few feet away and the call is dropped. I also have an issue with the voicemail, which does not offer any sort of time/date stamp on the incoming messages.

It sometimes takes two to three days for a voicemail to show up on my phone, and I have no idea whatsoever when it came in! I've seen several complaints in which users state that they have been told that the dropped calls are because of the other party's phone. Well, a great majority of my calls are to other Cingular customers, so explain that away. I'd also like an explanation of why I can't make calls or drop the ones I do place when my Cingular phone shows four or more bars. I think I'd be better off with two tin cans and a piece of waxed string.

By -

LOUISIANA -- I'm a tech rep for Cingular Wireless now the new AT&T... I will say that I have read the complaints that customers have and must say I'm tired of people saying that "My phone works in this location but not in others." We file cases to help customers in the area in need. We have a ladder if you will to follow to get things handled such as I'm a tech rep the person in the field (your home location) who works on the tower is called a radio frequency tech or field tech. The field tech you as a customer will never talk to... Why? They are not in a call center for one.

Also this one I love in my field by the way HOW MANY OF YOU ACTUALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT USING A BLACKBERRY OR TREO? Think about this... You know the slow old man or woman driver you cuss and hate and you know if they have a car they should know how to operate the car right? Same way with a phone if you don't what to do with a phone like TURN THE THING ON don't buy the most technical phone out there then call me and expect me to stay on the phone with you without you reading the guide for the phone. To me it's like a monkey doing a math problem and I shall say this too if you can work a radio you should be able to turn on the phone.

Billing... How many actually read their bill page by page? No one hardly does! You see the amount and call all pissed off and never had read the bill. How do you think we know what charges your calling about if you never read the bill? You think we can read your minds? I say NO. If and when you pay your bill, it's not us to keep up your income of how and when you paid the bill. We are not here to baby you!

All in all you never researched the company you are signing for again as well never read your contract you just signed it right? Then because you didn't read it now after the 30 days there is an issue because you get billed MONTHLY. MOST OF THE TIME A MONTH IS 30 DAYS PEOPLE DO THE MATH... Good day.

Unauthorized contract
By -

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- I went into the Kissimmee Cingular because my phone broke I asked the guy if they sell replacement phones at a discount since I have been in my contract so long like some company's do. His name was Javier he said yeah, he showed us 4 phones starting at 99 dollars but they had a 50 dollar rebate. We picked out the sync phone and he took our old phone and walked away with it. Javier came back and then gave us the phone and receipt in a bag. About 4 days later I went to mail out the rebate form and looked at the receipt and it stated that there was a 2 year agreement tacked on. Which we never signed for or agreed to. We went back to the store and fought of course there is no manager. He pulled out the contract which we never got a copy of and surprise surprise it wasn't signed! He then told us that we would have to pay 175 dollars to cancel the account or pay 375 dollars total for the phone, after we never agreed to any of this. Then we called cingular phone center and they said they couldn't do anything. Well today we were told we would get a call from the manager of the store and actually what we got was a call from the rip off sales clerk. He admitted to okaying the contract by phone but couldn't answer us why we didn't talk about an agreement he said that is highly unlikely. First of all if you pay 39.99 for a contract with 600 minutes and free nights and weekends why would you agree to go to a 450 minute plan with 5000 nights and weekends . When you go into a new contract you always get more! So Javier decided our contract for us and still Cingular is doing nothing and to top this all off this phone is in my mothers name who lives in Pennsylvania and he approved the phone in Florida without any consent from the contracts owner! So don't buy from the Kissimmee Florida (John Young ) Cingular they lie and authorize contracts without permission. I am now writing on here and going to be contacting the Better Business Bureau and the news and if nothing is done from there I will be taking this all to small claims court. Buyer Beware!

By -

SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN -- I have Cingular Roadside Service. On Dec 28, 2006, I had a flat in Southfield, MI and contacted my Cingular Roadside Service to come change my flat. Cingular sent a company called Rapid Response Towing (RRT). When RRT came, they called me on my cell because I told them I would be in the restaurant that my car was parked in front of. I came out, opened my trunk and gave RRT my spare, the flat was on the right passenger. I told RRT that had to go pay my bill, and I would be right back. I told RRT that I would leave the door unlocked for him to pop the trunk to put the rim & cap in, so he wouldn't put that dirty wheel in my car.

When I came back he was finished changing the tire and writing the receipt for me to sign on the driver's side of the car. I signed it and we parted. It was too late to get my tire fixed that day, but the next day when I went to go get another tire, I discovered the wheel wasn't in my car. I called Cingular Roadside and they told me to RRT because they had been dealing with them for a while and they were sure they would want to make it right. I called, and long story short, they are very uncooperative and refusing to return my calls or replace my rim and cap. I don't even know if Cingular has bothered to check this company out!

When I did talk with Stephanie who said she would replace the tire and never called me back, she mentioned that the business was operated out of her home. Is it legitimate? Does Cingular even care? I called Cingular again & they refuse to assist, they say it is between me and Rapid Response Towing that they sent out even though I am contracted with CINGULAR to send out REPUTABLE roadside services.

I went back to the site where the tire was changed, and a security guard who works in the area said he saw the rim there all of the day Before, and someone in a truck had just picked it up a few hours before I came. It has been over 3 weeks, and I am still driving on my donut tire.

Cingular's "To Go" Phone Service WENT
By -

SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a "TO GO" phone service plan with Cingular Wireless. I used it a lot and liked it so I changed my plan in the middle of the month to a higher usage plan. Everything was fine until the due date for my payment. They deducted the money out of my account for the higher usage plan, however, I did not have any service. They had my money, but I could not use my phone. With 2 brain tumors, having just lost my dad - he had passed away, and having been burned out of my home recently, I needed the phone and service.

I called their customer service line. My first call was for 20 minutes or so on hold only to be told by their customer service agent that I could not be helped. The customer service agent transferred me to another number-25 to 30 more minutes, more awful music, and again, no help. I call back again and for over 30 minutes I am on the phone. I do have a witness who will vouch for me on this as she was present with me when I was trying to get this matter resolved. Now I am mad. The agent tells me that I need to be transferred back to the previous line - where I was told I could not get help - to get the solution for my problem.

I started to hollar do not transfer me and I was on hold again. I went to where I bought the plan and the manager of the store tried calling. She was on hold for over 15 minutes to be told that they could not help her. The next day I contacted the CFO's office, spoke with someone, faxed my information and informed them of what I would do if this problem was not corrected. A Vice President in Valley Forge PA finally called me, spoke with me, and then called their number to get the matter resolved. She was on hold for over 15 minutes, was told that they could not help her at which time she informed them she was a VP of the company.

She had to put my phone service on her credit card to get me service which she did. She called me back, gave me the direct number to their expediting service and I spoke with someone there. They were receiving over 3000 calls a day I was told with customer service related problems and issues. I finally got the matter resolved and my service restored in my name on my card. The problem was the "technology" I was told. My son recently purchased the "TO GO" plan and he had similar problems with the service and dropped it as well. I did get the matter resolved to my satisfaction, however, I had to go to the CFO's office to get it done.

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