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Cingular Won't Admit What They Are Doing
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I used to be and AT&T customer until cingular bought them out. I was told I could switch to cingular and not be considered canceling contract and start using their services better rate plan and such and not have what we originally had with AT&T. I said OK sure no problem, then I was told I had to buy cingular phones in order for it to work. Everything was fine for the first 1yr of the 2yr contract, then I started getting dropped calls constantly. I mean several times a day about 5 times. I have been told its my phone and it isn't in warranty, so I need to get another phone. I don't believe them period! I find it interesting soon as my warranty was up, its my phone and not them. I have told them its their network not my phone, I get the run around on it constantly. Was promised a free replacement phone, never got it, come to find out that was if I agreed to another contract and I refuse to do so. This has been proven over and over, if they think I am getting a new phone, or a loaner to see if it is my phone to appease them, I don't get dropped calls, but as soon as they figure out , I am not getting a different phone, they start up. They have thought the last 3 weeks I am trying another phone and not one problem but guess what? my husband is having clarity problems with his phone now ,isn't that interesting? They have taken roll over minutes out not used, always calling on that, they did it long enough that 1yr ago when I wasn't aware I had 100.00 in overage charges. Their customer service is lousy. I tried to get tech support and some bozo there, never said hello or nothing and just sat there on the line for 15 min not talking. They even knew I was on the house phone calling to complain. I was told everything under the sun its my phone, need a new sim card, got one , nothing changed, I am still under AT&T towers or I am stuck inbtwn towers. My contract is up Nov 26th and I am counting down the days! You will so regret having them!
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Anonymous on 09/13/2006:
It is "THEM" they are trying to drive you nuts, that's what it sounds like. Good luck and I hope you find a good service next time. I use US Cellular and so far(1 and 1 half years) good
angels on 09/13/2006:
I know its those bozos. I started calling every time I had a dropped call and asked them to note it on my acct. there were so many this one rep didn't want to count them all LOL. they pay for the call so why not eat up their money if they are going to drop my calls constatnly
popa smurf on 09/19/2006:
The concept of Cingular having the fewest drop calls should be investigated as fraud. With the purchase of the old AT&T I had hoped that certain spots that I travel through would not be dropped calls but that is not the case. I drive a truck for Fedex Freight and there are areas heading towards Memphis that there is no signal at all and if you do get one it is usually so garbled that you can not understand what the person is trying to say to you. Every time I have asked about this they say it must be your phone. How could it be my phone when other people with Cingular have the same problem in the same areas? When I tell them there are towers in sight of me they say those towers must belong to someone else. So far they have done nothing to fix this problem.
lostit02 on 10/01/2006:
the add is based on 3rd party research and brings many calls into the call center. no cell phone service is w/o dropped calls. some can not be stopped such as w/the handoff from one companies tower to another or topography issues w/signal while traveling. some things you can do.. power off and right back on daily to reboot and refresh on the system, call in and have the downloads (irdb's /plmn files) on your phone updated if this is a new issue or new activation or new phone, check condition of you phone the normal wear and tear or dropping /exposure to moisture among other things can disrupt the connections in you phone and therefore cause issues w/your call quality these are all true reguardless of you carrier. rather than harassing the cust service csr request tech assistance and follow through to fix issues up to replacing the phone w/warranty exchange or ins if out of warranty
angel2007 on 12/30/2006:
Update on my service with Cingular. I now have proof it was NOT my phone but Their SERVICE. I was unfortunately laid off from work, since then I have not had one dropped phone call. Tho something interesting is going on with my bills. The last few months I am getting charged for services that I don't even know what they are. They have credited me the last 2 months but this time they are "checking" into it. This last month I supposedly received $27.30 worth of horoscopes. I don't do horoscopes. I requested to have a new cell number, because I have no idea where these charges are coming from. Will be interesting to see what happens. I am out of contract with them FINALLY! Still stuck, I can't afford a new phone until I get a new job, then I can go elsewhere! Check your bills closely!
cingular tech rep on 04/25/2007:
angel2007....the csr's at cingular has a admin tool to remove any and all 3rd party items like horoscopes that way you are not to be charged for things you did not buy. The new cell number is an option yes now I will say we charge 36 dollars for the number change if its been changed before if not than its free.....
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Sick of being overcharged on my bill - enough already!
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I've been a Cingular customer for almost three years now, and havepaid that company hundreds of dollars that I DID NOT OWE THEM! I signed up with them when I started my job. Everyone in the office used Cingular and suggested that I sign up with them, since we'd all bein the same network. BIGGEST MISTAKE OFMY LIFE! When my first bill arrived, there we no problems. Thefollowing month, however, my bill was approximately $ 15 more than it should have been. I was on a calling plan for about $ 40 a month, with 200 anytime minutes and 5000 night and weekend minutes. When I called to question the bill, the woman told me that the charges were for call I made. When I told her that I didn't even use of my anytime minutes, she changed her story, started to say they w ere calls from a past bill - a late payment. Well, since I paid everything in full the prior month and, at that point, my account stated a zero balance, I asked her about it. She changed the story the end, the bill never got changed and the charges stood. For three years this continued, but I could not changecompanies because I needed to be in the same network as those in my office.

Now....this Monday I paid off a bill for $ 55.24. I paid on line, and my account said my balance was zero. Well, yesterday, one day later, I checked on line to see if the payment went through. It did, but it also said that NOW I have an account balance of $ 57.62.

Once again I made a call to Cingular, spoke with a VERY rude woman, who told me that the $ 57.62 is a new charge, and the old balance was a late fee. I told her that I knew theold balance was late, but why did my internet account say Ihad a zero balance? And why is my new balance $ 57.62 when my monthly plan is for about $ 40, and Ihadn't even used my phone...still had all my any time minutes.

The problem never got solved. She was very manipulative, changing the story every time I proved that there actually WAS a problem with my bill. In the end I just gave up.

I have 4 months left on my contract, and only two choices. I can either struggle through the next few months, paying this deceitful money that I don't ow them, or I can cancel my plan right now, pay them off the balance (that Idon't owe them) in ADDITION to a rather large cancellation fee.

Cingular should be put out of business.
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Brewer2 on 08/16/2006:
I went through the exact same thing you are going through. For the first few months my bill was fine, then after that it was a nightmare. Like you, I tried numerous times to get my bill straight but I just kept getting the run around. The day my contract was up I switched service to Cellular South, and I couldn't be happier. I know exactly what my bill is going to be each month, no unexplained charges. I would never use Cingular again!!
rhondam718732 on 08/16/2006:
It sounds like since you were late on paying that as soon as you paid the current amount due the next bill cycle bill kicked in. I would try to save yourself some confusion and stress there and pay ontime. As far as the you honestly not get a bill that doesn't list your charges?? Look at the itemizations. $40 for the plan, $12 for taxes, etc.
moonbath on 08/16/2006:
I was late on paying the prior bill, but the current charges that "kicked in" were for more than my monthly plan. Ihadn't used the phone, in fact, I only have it for emergencies. Even if the new balance was current, that still does not explain why it was for $ 57.62 when MY MONTHLY PLAN IS FOR $ 40 AND I HADN'T EVEN USED UP MY ANY TIME MINUTES! And of course, there's no point trying to explain this to them. It's like talking to the wall. They have an excuse for everything.
AverageJoe27 on 08/17/2006:
I think rhond was asking what your bill said. All phone bills are itemized. If you call to dispute a charge, you need to tell them which particular charge you are disputing I.e. on aug. 3rd I didn't make a 3hr phone call. You can't just call and say "I have a $40 plan, and don't believe in paying taxes, so please lower my bill."
moonbath on 08/17/2006:
Taxes? Excuse me???? Sounds like someone is trying to come up with everything possible to make this my fault and take the blame off Cingular. I have lots of accounts with set balances that bill me, lots of bills coming in the mail, and ALL OF THEM bill me for exactly what I signed up for. That's how a contract works! Are you a child? Do you know anything about how taxation works? Whatever taxes are taken out are taken out DO NOT show up as an additional fee to the set plan we signed up for. When an individual has a SET PLAN, that person is BILLED exactly wehat that plan is set up for, TAXES INCLUDED in it, unless the person adds on extra charges somehow. In fact, even Cingular has billed me correctly a few times....for the exact price of my plan. Not wanting to pay taxes has nothing to do with it. The extra charges are not for TAXES...unless you're a fan of Cingular, or work for them, in which case, they're taxes, late fees that have already been paid, for an additional line that wasn't ordered....anything but the truth...that they messed up.

As for my bill. I'm looking at my plan on line right now. It shows that I have all my any time minutes, and all my night and weekend minutes.It aso shows that I have no "overage."

My bill should be around $ 40, TAXES INCLUDED.

Are you stupid, or just trying to be manipulative and block out the fact, in any way you can, that Cingular Wireless is deceitful?
AverageJoe27 on 08/17/2006:
I was just sticking up for Rhond. You don't seem to know what the extra $15 a month is, and you seem unwilling to look at your bill to see what it is. If your bill says you're on a different plan than you signed up for, go to the cingular store and show them the paperwork you signed. I doubt that is what it is though. Most cell phone companies give you freebies that are only free your 1st month, and then after that you have to cancel them or pay for them I.e. roadside assistance. On your bill it will itemize everything you are paying for. The stuff you don't want call and dispute the charge. Read all contracts before signing and pay your bills on time
moonbath on 08/17/2006:
I'm not sure where you're getting your information from. "I seem unwilling to look at my bill???" I just stated, in my past post, that I looked at it on line, and this is where the confusion is coming from. On my info it shows that I haven't used up any of my media (text msging) or any time minutes and, obviously, haven't gone over that. I already explained that in my last post. It gives NO explanation for the added charges. Do you see the problem here? Or do you simply not want to? Have you blocked that out? My account info has me listed on the same plan I signed up for. My bill says that I haven't even used my any time minutes, let alone charged any MORE....this info came from my "looking at my bill." Do you understand that? Am I night explaining this properly? I feel like I'm talking to a Cingular employee...going round and round in Circles, having what I say ignored, having everything twisted. READ MY POSTS CAREFULLY before you respond. And if you're response doesn't make sense, spare me the frustration and don't send it.

There's nothing extra on my plan, btw. My plan is as it has always extras. If there were, they'd show up on my bill, wouldn't they? There's nothing there to show for the extra charges...just the extra charges. And THAT is the problem...that is causing the confusion. And I don't get any farther with them than I have with you work for them? Cause to be honest, I'm starting to lose my tempter.
TNLK on 09/01/2006:
I have the same problem with my bill. Except they keep saying my kids are going over their text messages as well. I have been making the kids keep up with their text messages. They have 2000 each. They say we go over our minutes, but all of our friends and family are in the same network and we have close to 6000 rollover minutes. Now they have turned our phones off and say we owe $700 when our bill should be around $160 this is about the 5th time in 4 years we have had an extremely high bill twice I was able to talk them down to half, but not the other times and they say if we cancel they will add $550 to our bill. It's tough for us not to have phones because my kids and I have to drive long distances to work and school. If something happens to one of them I will hold Cingular responsibal.
moonbath on 09/03/2006:
I hear ya. It's a shame they can get away with this. But it's been going on for so long, and they've had SO many complaints. If they're having gotten honest yet, they never will. sigh
lostit02 on 09/30/2006:
the current rate plan w/200 peak has 1000 night and week ends an older one had 3500 night and week ends. being on the same network w/people at work does not help w/this plan since neither included mobile to mobile you have to go up to the 39.99 pla for that. if you are not satisfied w/an explanation request a manager. depending on your state the 29,99 plan will be between 35 and 45 dollars w/o any extra charges from cingular. more info required to know if this is cingular issue or denial issue for the cust.
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Cingular Sucks
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BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- DON"T BUY CINGULAR SERVICE.THERE IS NO SERVICE. I found out the hard way. Got a cingular phone and service contract. I couldn't use the phone camping,at the beach or out West. I was so disgruntled using my friends' phones all the time to get in touch with home while traveling. The last straw was out in Las Vegas.When I got home I literally threw my phone down on the counter and said you have have your junk back. I have Verizon ever since and haven't had a lost, dropped or no service area! Well lo and behold over 2 years later they are after me for $ since I broke the contract. I insisted they broke the contract because I paid my bills on time but they did not provide me with service. WELL GUESS WHAT? In small print on the states..THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE SERVICE. Got to pay them so my credit stays good..BUT every time I go to the mall I'm taking my CINGULAR SUCKS SIGN nad stand by there door for a few minutes. Hopefully they'' lose a lot more revenue then what I have to pay them!
And their advertising is FALSE. No dropped calls..Yeah..RIGHT!!!
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User Replies:
Doc J on 06/07/2006:
A couple of finer points regarding your post. If you would have read the contract prior to cancelling, you may have had remedies. Your temper costed you. And, Cingular's adds don't say "no dropped calls"...they say "fewer dropped calls". Good luck with Verizon...they have as many posts here as does Cingular.
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/07/2006:
My Cingular phone works like a champ in Las Vegas. In fact, last time I was there it was my friends with Sprint that kept borrowing my phone.
Justin001980 on 06/07/2006:
You should have also check the service coverage map before purchasing cingular. It clearly shows the lack of service out west. People still make me laugh when they expect cell service in caves, in the mountains, underwater, in the air, etc. Yea, its annoying when driving across country while talking on the phone and your call gets dropped as the cell service changes towers but its not that hard to redial. If you want perfect service, pull over and use a landline. Or is that too inconvenient for you?
dmjar863 on 06/08/2006:
There is one thing I learned working at Best Buy. I worked in the wireless department (Cell Phones and PDA's) for six months. All cell phone companies suck. (Insert cell Phone Company) always dropped my calls and over charged me. Personally I think we expect cell phones to be too good. We want them to be like our home land line phones. I don’t think the technology is that good? Don't get me wrong I'm not taking the cell companies side, they over advertise the ability of there product and nickel dime you to death. 10 cents a text message, 2.50 for some stupid song as a ring tone. Just read what you sign and purchase your plan and phone in a store so when they screw up you can go confront someone face to face you'll get better service than some drone over the phone. (Hey that rhymes)
Doc J on 06/08/2006:
Cell service in Israel is outstanding. So, not "all" cell service is bad. I've never had a dropped call and my service is cheaper than in the US. It's not just my anecdotal observation. There are numerous publications that praise Israeli cellular service. We would do well to copy them.
dmjar863 on 06/08/2006:
I made that statement based on my experience with customer’s statements at my location (ATL, Ga.) Guess I should have been more specific.
Praetoguy on 06/16/2006:
Me too! I have great service in Las Vegas everywhere we were at. In fact it became a running joke when my friend needed to make a call they were borrowing my phone. Most of them have changed over to Cingular now too. Sounds like possible user issue!
MB1971 on 07/09/2006:
Got to say, My reception with Cingular in those areas you mentioned seems just fine. Especially Vegas!
Who has time to stand around holding a sign anyway??
ohno on 08/01/2006:
it almost brings a tear to my eye to see that we do have customers that can do more than gripe...BY THE WAY ALL CELL PHONE CONTRACTS SAY SERVICE IS NOT GUARANTEED...bummer, guess ur sol
kbunker on 08/10/2006:
What is your complaint. I get dropped calls, failed calls and network busy 50% of the time in my home calling area. Reception is bad, customer service is bad, service is ad havoc - and it all seems to be my problem. People, don't let them continue to get away with it. Drop THEM.
phoneguy1055 on 09/13/2006:
you actually have the time to do something as childish as stand in front of a door holding a cingular sucks sign?
MollyDolly on 09/30/2006:
Yeah I agree their customer service is pretty aweful and so is there reception. At first my reception was great and now its so aweful. I cannot make phone calls in my apartment unless I sit on a my bed, I cannot make phone calls when I walk to work. The other day during my lunch break I made a phone call and I had four dropped calls within two minutes.
MollyDolly on 10/01/2006:
Not only that but when you ask the reps on the phone a question they never answer my question and you have to wait on hold for like twenty minutes; its ridiculous. We never had those problems with sprint; on the otherhand sprint has hidious phones and s.hitty reception
MollyDolly on 10/14/2006:
Hugh_Jordan you are lying! Stop acting like you are a customer service. I believe you are either a manager of cingular or a rep; your opinions don't count when it comes to us complaining about cingular! Let us get mad and be quiet.
MollyDolly on 10/14/2006:
Hugh_Jordan you are lying! Stop acting like you are a customer. I believe you are either a manager of cingular or a rep; your opinions don't count when it comes to us complaining about cingular! Let us get mad and be quiet.
MollyDolly on 10/14/2006:
ugh! double double trouble trouble
MollyDolly on 10/14/2006:
stop acting like you are a customer*
cingular tech rep on 04/25/2007:
Its almost getting to funny because customer keep saying our ads are wrong: And their advertising is FALSE. No dropped calls..Yeah..RIGHT!!! Come on now, did you actually hear that or did you just want to hear that to TRY to make a vaild point which you did not in this post? If you are not with us anymore I'm sorry for your loss and hope you are happy now..thank you for choosing cingular have a great day
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Cingular Wireless despicable service
Posted by on
Cingular Wireless is by far the worst cell phone carrier I have ever had.

Since I started service with them in August 2004, I have had NUMEROUS problems with my voice mail. Instead of my recorded greeting, people calling me would get a message saying “the subscriber is not available right now, please try your call again later”. As a result of this I have lost a large amount of business, since my cell phone is my advertised phone number.

I have contacted customer service and technical support on every occurrence and there never seemed to be a logical explanation as to why the problem kept reoccurring. Every employee had a different version of the story as to why my voice mail didn’t work, but NONE of them solved my problem.

I had been told that is because I initiated service in Florida, but then moved to California (isn’t a National plan supposed to work anywhere in the States?). Then someone else said that my “pilot number” programmed for my voice mail wasn’t the correct one (so why didn’t they fix it?). I have even been told that it was because I didn’t powered off my phone every day to allow time to reprogram. I tried that and it didn’t make a difference.

During one of my last conversations with technical support I made it very clear that if the problem persisted I would have to close the account, because Cingular was obviously unable to provide me with voice mail.
My discontent was bad enough that I was willing to be charged a service interruption fee, which is in my opinion, a bad excuse for not been able to keep their customers otherwise.

What sent me through the roof thou was the customer service rep telling me that my last month service payment was NOT REFUNDABLE. Since Cingular bills in advance, I have used 3 days out of the 30 I have been charged for, and no amount of complaint letters seem to make any difference in their criminal policies.
Cingular is one of many arrogant corporations that is forgetting that it’s us, the consumers, that turned them into the biggest cell phone company in the U.S. and WE ARE PAYING THEIR SALARIES.
If you got screwed by Cingular as well, please voice your opinion and tell us your story.
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Cell phone contract
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TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- Before my husband and I were married, he had less than perfect credit. As soon as we were officially hitched, I took over paying his bills so I would know that they were on time and also to re-establish his credit. Two years later, we moved and he wanted to put me on his cell phone contract since my carrier did not offer service in the area. We went to the store and after pulling up his file, the service rep said it would require an $800 deposit to get me a phone. That seemed a crazy price to get a simple phone, so I had them open a new account in my name. I got the same phone free--no deposit. I understand that the company has to protect themselves from persons with bad credit, but for the last two years, all of his payments have been on time--no delinquincies. When I questioned the sales rep, she informed me that because he had to put a deposit down once, he will never qualify for a free phone. I think there should be a point where his credit should be reviewed and if found satisfactory, he should start with a clean slate. Am I wrong??
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Hugh_Jorgen on 07/25/2007:
Depending on how bad his credit was, it might take some time to straighten it out. The lenders are going to assume that "once a deadbeat, always a deadbeat". As far as two clean years, they will assume it's because no one would give him credit during that period. You need to work on getting good credit results in his name. Get him whatever credit card you can - department store, gas company - whatever - and get started with a new, clean payment history.
Duckla on 07/25/2007:
Was the account in your name or on his name? If it was your name, then the good payments are reflecting your credit history, as its your social security number on the account. As for "never" being able to qualify for a free phone...that is partially incorrect. You can get a free phone online, but he will probably have to put down a deposit. I agree with Hugh, he needs to start establishing credit in his own name, so that way the deposit can be lowered or even waived in the next year. Secured credit cards are a good way to go because most companies will give you an unsecured card in a year with on time payments. Capital One also does great deals for those who need help in the credit department.
10retail on 07/25/2007:
There are some options on clean slate. Get a consolidation loan with your credit and pay off all his bills, bankruptcy, or just work hard and pay your bills on time and pay them off without getting behind or getting more credit cards.
dodge_ram_03 on 07/25/2007:
All your advice is excellent--I started that about a year ago by refinancing my car and putting his name on as a co-signer. His credit score has improved a great deal. Hopefully, in time he can establish his own line of credit and build on it. I still think an $800 deposit for a cell phone is a bit ridiculous.
Duckla on 07/25/2007:
The $800.00 is bothersome. Normally, AT&T/Cingular's deposits are in the $150.00 (like $150, 300, etc) increments. Is that for two lines (you and him) or just one line?
Maags on 07/25/2007:
In 2005 I was paying my Cingular bill, it was expensive but I paid it. It was supposed to be $80 a month for two phones on the family plan. I kept paying $179, chalking it up to teenage use. After a while I started scolding my teen saying "What the heck"! She said no, no, I took a good look at my Cingular bill.

Low and BEHOLD, I had a phantom family member named Nick Esposito that I was paying for. I had 3 cell phone numbers. I called up Cingular and waited and waited, press this button press that button, we all know the story. Finally I get this straightened out, all was forgiven, they gave me a credit so on and so forth. I paid for "Nick Esposito" for about 5 months.

This year, we stayed with Cingular. I had a 2 year contract and was paying the usual bill.

Finally, my bill started going up again until it was $200 one month. I was paying it and looking at my bill. I NEVER used my cellphone, only for emergencies. My teen does use hers frequently. There was no phantom family member or number as before.

I got one one behind and decided to go online and pay the $200 "yuck". Low and behold, they cancelled my online bill payment service ! I tried calling them and they were "closed for the day". My phone was shut off for one month arrears !

Now I am fed up. I refuse to pay my bill in any way, shape or form. They say I owe them $525 because I cancelled the service, when in fact, they shut me down after ONE month of nonpayment. Didn't they break the contract ? Where and what were all the extra fees I was paying for. Can teenage use really go from $80 to $200 in one stinking month ?!

I feel that Cingular broke the contract by shutting me down and disabling my online bill payment. I feel they are liable and not me, not to mention the incompentent invoicing and extra "hidden" fees. I smell a rat and I would like to sue them for breaking the contract they made with me.
Maags on 07/25/2007:
Screw all these contracted cell phone companies. We should all go Virgin Mobile Trac Phone if we must have cell phones or nothing ! If our teenagers want a phone, let them get a job.

These "contract" cell phone companies are bitter, evil rip offs ! Let's boycott them all.
dodge_ram_03 on 07/26/2007:
Duckla--The $800 deposit was just for my line. Right now, I'm paying for two accounts which combined equal $190. They said I can put him on my account and save the extra money, but it does little too help him out with his credit if I constantly put everything in my name. I have to say, I'm not very impressed with Cingular. I had US Cellular before this and only switched because they are not established in WA. But I sure had less dropped calls and the rates were a whole lot better.
CrazyRedHead on 07/26/2007:
It takes longer than two years to repair ones credit, especially if it was really bad. Don't feel bad, Verizon wants $1,000.00, I'm not sure what it would be now since it has been 2 years since I was there. It usually takes around 2 years for credit inquiries to come off, longer for other stuff. I don't have a cell phone anymore cause I have no use for one now, although my daughter has a Go Phone and she loves it.
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Cell phone bill
Posted by on
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- My son was charged an outrageous cell phone bill from cingular while he is serving in Iraq and trying to stay in contact with his family. The bill ended up being $6000 dollars and when him and his wife realized how much it was they contacted cingular asking them to work with them, being they don't have that kind of money. Cingular demanded immediate payment, they cut off their cell phones and charged them an extra $750 dollar fee for shut off charges and sent this to a collection agency. Now my son will be in trouble with his commander, being backed in to a corner his family will have to live on $30 a month because cingular does NOT support our troops and does not care what they do to the individual soldiers lives. I think they should have explained the plan for international was more, because my son said he had international coverage on his cell phone plan and cingular charges more apparently because there are no satellites in that area. This is an outrageous example of a company that is only out for the money. I suggested my son's wife go on national tv with this. I hope she does, because I know this will affect a lot of soldiers and their families. They are not getting rich over there and they still have families at home to support, and a lot of the wives don't work.
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User Replies:
dfields on 04/15/2007:
international coverage? that's usually for calls made oversea's from within the U.S.
voiceoff on 04/16/2007:
Cingular could have more heart but business is for a profit. Since they already terminated the usage, what more can they due to you? Pay what you are comfortable with, not the whole amount at once.
rhondam718732 on 04/16/2007:
I feel for son and his wife's situation, however, #1 Did they assume that "intl coverage" included communication from Iraq to the U.S and back?? I don't make any intl calls ever and I would have not assumed that's what it meant. Someone should have asked for detailed info on costs. Also, upon making/receiving the first call why didn't your daughter in law check her bill or call and ask what she was charged? That would have been on my mind as something I dilligently needed to check on regardless of what I was told or what I believed. I am not saying Cingular was right, however if your daughter in law is responsible she might not have wanted to let the charged pile up without checking on the call costs. If I pay for a $1.99 ringtone, I check to see I was billed correctly..I would think she would be cautious to check on the type of calls she was making/receiving. Also, I have not heard of other compalints from any other company rergarding any soldier. Not to say thay don't exist but clearly most soldiers have it handled and know what they are being charged.
Ponie on 04/16/2007:
I haven't kept up with phoning to/from Iraq because the members of my extended family involved have either retired from the military or are now state-side permanently. However, a couple of years back wasn't there a company called Instant Stream Media (or something similar) that was prividing phone service at no charge to our military? I may be way off base but I thought I had heard of this.
Ponie on 04/17/2007:
Again, I posted incorrect information. Rather than post the whole article, please go to:

It's a segment Katie Couric did on one of her programs.

According to the broadcast, since 2004 our military has been able to place calls home at no charge. Perhaps your son and DIL should have done more checking before they ran up $6,000 in phone calls? I can't imagine all this amount was for just one month's calls. Didn't they notice it was an awful lot when they got the first bill?

Dragunbutt, next time you speak to your son, please thank him from me for his service to our country. However, I doubt he'll ever get the message. Looks as though you haven't checked in since you posted two days ago. I don't have the time to do so, but I'll bet if we checked some so-called 'complaint' forums on the Internet we'd find this post copied and pasted to each one.

Again, I thank your son for his service.
cingular tech rep on 04/24/2007:
First of all cingular does support our troops...secound of all this customer should have researched the plan before signing to it for a monthly charge to see what's included in the plan. Third is that the difference of having a data international plan and having a voice calling plan for international roaming. It cost more overseas because we don't have the same frequency in other countries as we do here in the states. Again not researching on world traveler plans is where this went all wrong...thanks
trumania on 06/30/2007:
Bleh, I blame the phone call people. Cingular was not at fault here. Did you bother to ask Cingular how much it would cost to make an international call? No, you assumed it was free. Um, sorry, but that's how people get screwed over.

This is a error on the customer's part and they are just trying to pull the "Cingular does not support the troops" card in an effort to get out of the bill.

If the bill was already sent to a collection agency then they will work with you to get the money. Setup a payment plan with them.
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Very poor service and I am in a strong coverage area
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BIRMINGHAM, ARIZONA -- I have contacted the Prez of Bellsouth on 2 occasions to complain about the poor service with no change over the past 2 years. So I made a little video that I think sums it up best. I hope you enjoy this -
I wish it was not as true as it is, but at least it is funny. Thanks
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Taking Advantage of the Elderly
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SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS -- My mom who has Alzheimer's tried to turn in her phone and ended up with a two year renewal for a phone which she has no use for.

She is not so bad that she can't function at all, but she is clearly confused and disoriented. She wanders around the neighborhood and often gets lost.

She no longer has any use for her cell phone and since her contract was nearly up she went to the local Cingular Wireless store with a friend to turn in the phone.

We thought that that was the end of the story, however when going through her bills, I found out that she was still being charged for the phone.

I found a new phone still in the box under her bed. She had no idea as to how it got there.

I went to the local store with her and explained the situation.

They wanted to charge her $150 for canceling the contract!

I explained that the phone had not been used and her original account had not one call in six months, but they refused to budge on the charges.

What kind of customer service is this???
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User Replies:
melissa.messner.ni1q on 06/10/2004:
Unfortunately, it sounds like they saw a confused elderly person and took advantage of the situation. I don't know if there's anything that can be done to avoid the $150 cancellation fee since she probably signed a contract. The only thing I can think of is if you have documentation showing that she has had Alzheimers for x years, perhaps the manager of the Cingular store will see that one of his employees made a mistake. I wish you luck!
bill on 06/10/2004:
Try talking to someone in the corporate office. You may find the district manager to be more understanding than the store manager.
ejack053824 on 06/10/2004:
I would jam that phone up their arses...taking advantage of a confused elderly person is sick!
ChowderHead on 06/11/2004:
OK, mom has alzheimers. Why did her friend let her sign for a new phone?? That is just wrong. At this point, I'm not sure the phone company would be sympathetic to your cause. You can try, but can anyone take the phone & use it until the contract is up?
Sushi on 07/30/2004:
If you felt this friend was competent enough to go with her, how do you know they were being shady? All you had to do was call the company to cancel the account. Why did she need to return a phone that was hers?Ask the friend what happened, they were there.
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Cell Phone Service Problems
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BENTON, ARKANSAS -- Reception is poor in most areas of Arkansas,
not as advertised by the coverage area map.
Voice Mail Never works as intended...
Customer Service is sub-standard, and most times very rude.
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Cell Phone Call Reception
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My husband and I have both had Cingular Service for over three years and have found it to be quite good. I have used my phone from several parts of the country and have never had reception difficulties except in the mountains where no cell phone service worked. My parents have AT&T and their reception is often distorted. We have been pleased with the service.
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