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Cingular Service
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CALIFORNIA -- I called to cancel my cell phone service with Cingular. They said they would cancel. The reason for canceling was that I was leaving the U.S. for at least a year. I had no contract with them so there was no commitment. I paid automatic by credit card so was paid up. I cancelled in Dec. and left the U.S. On Jan 2005 I was billed by Cingular and then again in Feb and again in March. I asked my credit card to not pay these bills anymore. My credit company tried to contact Cingular and they never responded to them. I started trying to contact Cingular and found that they had no e-mail contact. When I started trying to contact them by phone from overseas which is not a free call, on the first attempt they rerouted me to California after waiting quite some time. The California office said they were closed. I waited until the appropriate time and in March at 10:30 p.m. my time I started trying to connect to clear up this matter.

I called their international line and waited a very long time before I was connected with someone. They then rerouted me to California and I again had a very long wait. I was told, yes, I had asked to cancel in Dec and they had not canceled. They then rerouted me to someone to cancel me. I was put on hold several times during all the different reroutes. The next person finally said I was now canceled. I asked what about the refund of the $224.14 that had been billed to my credit card. Oh, that was another reroute. I was rerouted and the next was a person that said the auto-pay needed to be canceled. Another long wait with being on hold followed. The announcement came that my auto-pay was now canceled. I again asked about my refund. Oh, that was another reroute. After more time being put on hold I was finally told that I would be refunded $224.14. I asked when this would be refunded. I was then rerouted again to another person with the same hold and wait process. I was told that my credit card could not be refunded because they had canceled my auto-pay. They said in 4-6 weeks that they would send me a check. 58 minutes after I began the process at international phone rates, the call with all it's holds and rerouting was over. Had I not asked the questions I would have had to re-call to get my refund and go through the entire process again

This is now almost June. No check was ever sent. I have had to contact Better Business Bureau and California Attorney General for fraud. I wish I could say that the matter is now fixed, but I just received a bill for $1.38 from Cingular for whom knows what. Try logging onto their website. It rarely works. I still have to pay the enormous phone bill that I will receive and now would like to give them their $1.38 to get them out of my life forever. It appears that the $224.14 has finally been cancelled. Military beware of this company. Buyers Beware

Customer non-service
By -

NEWTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have never had to work so hard for the privilege of giving a company money for poor service. My bill has a charge for what they call "DirectBill Charges." The bill does not list what these charges are for. The bill sates "To view detail go to"

When I log into this site it prompts me for a log in. This page is a very long list of things that I may buy from Cingular (remember that I am trying to find out the detail on my bill, not add to it). I scroll up and down the site searching for anything that says Bill Detail or billing or Customer service or - nothing. I select Contact us. They have a phone number. I call and go through several menu options (non of which say talk to a representative). I final "0" out and wait on hold for a while only to find that they don't have customer service on Sunday.

I go back to the website and search on the contact us page and find something that says email. I think to myself - good, I will just email my issue to them. I select this and find that it is a service to email anyone (but not them). They don't provide an email address for customer service. I suspect that if I were to use this email service it would probably appear on my bill next month as a DirectBill charge (is this their way of generating more revenue).

I go back to contact us and find a pick for billing information. I select it. I scan the quick links - nothing about explaining your bill. I see that there is a pick called "Additional charges on your bill." Now I think that I am actually getting somewhere. I select it. It prompts me for a zip code and tells me about the regulatory fees. What about the other additional charges?

I return to so called Customer Service and then select the next best option: "Introduction to your bill." I get a movie. The movie shows me a picture of the bill I have in my hand. It has a menu item that says "Problem with your bill?" I select it and takes me to the phone number for the customer service that isn't available on Sundays -€“ been there done that. I try common questions about DirectBill - they have two - what is my limit and how can I buy something. Useless.

Next I try "My Account". It has options for viewing and paying my bill. Maybe this will help me find out what the charges are for. I notice that I need to login. Remember that the bill told me to go to a different log in screen for details of my bill. The login for "My Account" is different than for DirectBill. I login with my new login.

I navigate to "My Bill" to see if I can find the detail for this item. The online version of the bill does not provide any additional information about the charge. I see a pick for customer service. I select it. I am back to the previous page of customer service that got me here in the first place.

Two logins one phone call and an hour later I have no more information than I did by just looking at the bill. I would be happy if someone would actually let me communicate with a person at Cingular and explain the bill. What a concept.

Is It Normal to Take 7 Days to Migrate a Phone Number
By -

Let's see, where to begin... I'm at day 7 and counting to get my phone properly migrated from AT&T to Cingular. After bouncing around for phone orders, finally get to a guy who tells me the phone I want I can get at $50. Sweet, it's the Nokia 6280, "but I can't sell it to you, you have to call this number." Call said number, only to be told that it would be $150. Don't like that. Through my company, I can get a Nokia 6230 for $103, according to the person on the phone. Call back the next day, deciding to go with the offer. Guy tells me it's free. Sweet. But he can't hook me up with the company discount, "Call back tomorrow, give the system time." OK.

Getting hooked up w/ the discount was not a problem. Or so I thought. Monday comes, no phone. Tuesday, no phone. Realize Monday that they are shipping me the Nokia 6010. Um, no call. Talk to a kid who says, "just take it to a corporate store and exchange it." Fine, closest store is 20 mins away, not a big deal. Now it's Wednesday, still no phone. Check tracking, they had my wrong address. Lovely. Call the corporate store, ask if they have the phone I want, "yes". "Can I exchange a phone they shipped in error?" "yes". Go to FedEx, get the phone, go to store. As you've already figured out, I can't do what I want.

In addition, they can't even sell me the phone I want at the price I was quoted on the phone. Moan and complain, but the manager can't do anything. "This is the second complaint this week like this." Call 611, get dropped a few times. Finally get through, talk to a floor supervisor Paul, who tries to be helpful. Calls Cingular support for me, but the people who can "help" are gone for the day. Gives me a number to call back tomorrow.

To recap: Since ordering the phone on 2/9/05, I've talked to 12 people on the phone, two people in person, spent at LEAST 6 hours on the phone, and put 40 miles on my car that I didn't have to. I will call them tomorrow and demand the following: The free phone I was promised, overnight shipping for free, activation for free, other compensation for my hassle.

Failing to get this, I will: Cancel my migration on the spot, go to T-Mobile at lunch to pick up a new phone, cancel my AT&T account as soon as I determine new phone works, demand a waived cancellation fee, find every other site like this and post the same story. I never had a problem with AT&T's service. I lost my phone in the snow, they had a new one to me in 3 days. They weren't able to replace the model (dummy me, no insurance on it) but the customer service rep at least gave me a decent deal on a model. I hate to leave AT&T, but if my experience with Cingular is any indication, I might not regret it for too long.

Ongoing Billing & Usage Problems
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- This complaint involves my two wireless numbers. This includes my bill from 04/27/06-05/26/06 and my current bill 05/27/06 through today. I am being charged for Mobile to Mobile minutes that are supposed to be included free on my family plan. I am in TX and my husband is working in GA. When my husband and I talk mobile to mobile, my number list the call as a mobile to mobile call and no charge is added, but my husband's number is being listed as a regular call and his minutes are deducted from our 1400 anytime minutes, at a daytime peak time rate.

I have called Cingular 6 different times and a supervisor finally adjusted my bill for last month and deducted $247.78 overage charges and added 1000 rollover minutes to this month, in case we go over. We have gone over as of today, 119 minutes. I have checked this month's minutes and I am still being charged for mobile to mobile minutes. So far, Cingular has charged us over 270 minutes, that should be mobile to mobile minutes and free. I have tried all the steps Cingular has told me to do, to solve the problem on my end, but it does not work.

Update: We both have unlimited mobile to mobile minutes and we verified we are both on the Cingular Towers (Network) when we talk. We are finding out now that my husband is being billed for roaming charges, instead of receiving free roaming charges, like Cingular advertises. I have finally found where the problem lies. My husband is out of town and his follow me calls are listed twice on the bill. One time the follow me call is listed Dallas time and we are not charged, but then the called is listed again at Atlanta time at a daytime rate and we are being charged for those minutes.

Responsiveness to Customer Complaints
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- Over the past three months, I've experienced intermittent and frequently unusable cellular service, lack of carrier/signal, dropped calls, lack of a two-way connection (one party can hear/talk, the other only hears dead space). It's not always convenient to call customer service, especially since it's no longer as convenient, like it was with Suncom's 611 service. The lack of convenience means I can't complain as much. Must mean complaints are down for the company.

The last two months, I could not even maintain the connection from my cell phone to customer service without dropping the call. Another indication that customer complaints are down. This web site has been an awesome find for me. I reviewed your complaints and based on all that I found; I have successfully minimized the impact of Cingular's lack of service and benefited from my final call to their Customer Service. With a little more conversation, I accepted this offer as an easier approach to that of putting up a fight. I think maybe Cingular may have been reading some of these posts also.

Good luck to any of you who take this approach. Through my own research, I've concluded that pay as you go plans are the way to go. Watch out though. The providers are equally as tricky in this area also. The top three plans I found were through Net10, TMobile and TracFone. In my area, TMobile has the best all around offer. For those who purchase time in blocks of $100, the minutes cost $0.10 each and do not expire for one year. There do not appear to be any other hidden fees.

By -

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -- I was charged over 2000 dollars when my husbands phone was stolen while he was overseas serving in Afghanistan. I called Cingular when my husband told me that he could not find his cell phone. The customer rep said that they could not do anything because they cannot suspend service if the phone is outside of the United States and that any calls that are made on the phone would have to be paid for by us. I have been fighting with their billing department for a year. Every month we are charged for services that we do not have. I am at my wits end.

I called this afternoon and the resolutions department is horrible. ** called me a liar 4 times and accused my husband of making all those calls himself and not wanting to tell me about them so he pretended his phone was stolen. Then his supervisor screamed at me and talked to me like a child, when I asked her if she treated all service members and their families this way she said I DO NOT CARE ABOUT SERVICE MEN OR THEIR FAMILIES and hung up on me.

I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, the FCC, the State Attorney General, as well as Cingular Wireless's CEO, and as of 1 hour ago I have contacted the media. Including but not limited to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, local news channels, local news papers, and many other media outlets. If the situation is still not resolved then I will be sure to find the millions and millions of other Cingular customers who are screwed and welcome them the join me in filing a lawsuit against Cingular. I already have a lawyer in place waiting for the word. Anyone else who has had a similar problem with the rudeness and ignorance of Cingular Wireless please contact me at **.

Service Issues
By -

BLACKLICK, OHIO -- I had Cingular as a provider until I could not put up with there so called adequate service. I called there customer service representatives several times. I played there games for couple of months of turning the phone off and back on having upgrades sent to me and still no decent reception. Finally I switched back to my old provider I might add I did not have to go through all the above since I ported my number back on October 17th 2005.

I had written to the BBB, FCC and the Ohio Attorney General. Cingular's response was that they give adequate service and Cingular does not guarantee service at all times and in all places per their correspondences to all the above agencies. Advise to anyone if you get a new provider and if you are having any service issues most providers will give you 30 days which you can terminate or cancel your contract. This lesson cost me $450.00 to terminate three phones.

Do not be patient like I was it will not get better. I do not know what I was thinking I really thought we could solve the problem. This is no doubt a very crooked industry. It is big business. They can make their own rules and looks as though they can take advantage of the consumer with blessings of all the above agencies.

CINGULAR should get an award for the most dropped calls possible. When I had them as a provider I would have a dropped call couple times a day. With my new provider I get a dropped call once or twice in a month. Usually when I am talking to someone using Cingular, what a surprise! Cingular should be forced to change there slogan from Raising the Bar to Raising the Bar for Some. If we can not get them on their inadequate service maybe we could call them on their false advertisement.

End of Contract / Watch Those Dates for Porting
By -

I changed to Verizon at the end of my contract. I called Cingular three times before my end of contract date to ask EXACTLY when I could port my number, since I used it for business calls. They told me the contract expired on August 9. I ask them if I could port on that day WITHOUT a termination fee and the answer was (three times) yes, and that I MUST call to cancel on that day. I called them on the 9th, asked again for confirmation that I wouldn't be charged a termination fee, with affirmation from the service person.

I got a bill for over $407.42 for termination on two phones. When I called, they told me that I had canceled on the 9th and that actually the contract ends at twelve midnight of the 9th, so therefore I had early termination. Now, most contracts, I believe, expire as of 12:01 AM on the date named and they SAID it expired as of the 9th, not 12:01 AM of the 10th. I called with complaint and they said they would reverse the termination fees, but then I would have to pay to the "end of the billing cycle" which does not coincide with the end of the contract.

A few days ago I got a credit statement of $338.98. Since I was an "autopay" from my bank account, I checked my account and sure enough, no credit there. I called. They told me they could not credit my account as they "no longer had the information". They could, however, send me a check. I presume I will get the check, but suspect that if I had not followed up on this, the credit would never have been refunded. After the three advance calls and checking on the day of cancellation I believe the "fuzziness" of their contract expiration is deliberate.

Why I changed service: I had an AT&T contract, which included no fee extended area. Cingular charged for the extended area. When I called them, a number of times, the only answer was that I had "never" had inclusive extended area! So, if you are replacing Cingular at the end of your contract, watch out for those dates!

PS=Had I called on the 10th instead of the 9th, would they have told me I missed my end of contract date and therefore would have been charged a termination fee on the new, automatic contract or would they have charged to the end of the billing cycle? Who knows?

Cingular Wireless........a conspiracy????
By -

I canceled my Cingular Wireless service as a result of poor wireless reception and even worse customer service. While I thought that my problems would end when I canceled my contract, they had only just begun. I spent numerous days and hours on the phone calling many different numbers, being transferred and disconnected more times than I would like to count.

Who trains these people? No one knows what's going on. I returned all of my phones as Cingular requested and I never received a credit for them. I was told anything from, "it is your responsibility to get the credit yourself, by calling the number on your credit card statement" (I was told this by a manager no less, pretty scary), to "you were never charged for the phone". I paid for the phone upon applying for the service!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

I have been transferred to the wrong department, hung up on (accidentally, yeah right), given fax numbers as phone numbers to call, lied to, all just to get me out of their hair. Well guess what, I keep calling back and I will call back on a daily basis until I get my credit! All of the customer service reps apologize and tell you that poor customer service is not their policy. WRONG! It's all they know! They are horrible!!! They say, "Yes I can help you, just hold on a minute," then they transfer you back to the beginning as if you just called in and then you have to wait 30 minutes on hold again, only to explain the whole thing all over again to the next rep! I have been on hold up to an hour at a time.

I highly recommend that you do not sign up with Cingular. Try Verizon. I have them now and I have not had one problem. T-Mobile is another good one. I had problems with Cingular from day one. I would like to say more, but I would have to use profanities. I am going to fill out a form to dispute the charges with my bank. It got to the point that I felt like one rep would put me on hold and tell the next rep to give me a hard time and not help me, but I know better, they are all just a bunch of uneducated people!


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I turned in all the paperwork for my $50.00 rebate on a phone I purchased in December. Here it is almost April and I still have not received my rebate. I have called 3 times. I was asked to fax in my paperwork and they would call me when it was received. I never received a call, so I called. I was told they receive 1,000s of faxes a day and it would take 2-3 weeks to know if my fax was received. When I was told this, I told the girl that that tells me you have 1,000s of rebates that you screwed up daily. Conclusion: DO NOT trust Cingular's rebate. And when you switch plans, well, that's another story. Just watch out for the charges that you get hit with.

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