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Beyond Poor Customer Service, Criminal almost
By -

KENTUCKY -- I have read several complaints on Cingular, and in fact they rank #1 in complaints. Today, I have experienced the worst customer service ever. A little background: I have been a Cingular customer for almost 5 years. The first two were great, no problems that were not at least partly my fault, except for being on a plan that didn't exist and adding minutes which actually changed my plan without notice, I didn't like, but I got over it. Also, it should be noted that I use my phone for business and I'm not a $39/mo. customer.

So a few months ago, I had a phone die that was replaced under insurance. Within two weeks that phone died too, another replacement arrived. Within a month, that phone died as well. This time I finally complained that I've been through three phones in a month and a half. Also, all of the ringtones and what not that I paid to download from Cingular (not even another company) had been lost twice and I wanted some sort of compensation. They basically explained that's just the way it is. They did offer to ship the phone out next day air for free, something they've always done in the past anyway.

So the next day, I stay home to get the phone thinking it would be thereby morning. 10 o'clock comes, no phone, 1 o'clock, no phone. I waited all day and no phone ever arrived. I called the next day and they said they weren't sure what was going on with it and would have to check it out, but that it would probably show up that day. It never did. I finally went to a Cingular store and had a rep call in, as the only phone I have is my cell phone.

After a couple of puzzled looks, she hands me the phone (the store phone that she was talking on). The person at the other end of the line informed me that the phone hadn't even shipped yet and that it was marked for 5 day shipping and couldn't be changed. I said, this is the only phone I have, and I use it for work, what I am I supposed to do?

Again, the attitude was, that's just the way it is. I had to have a new phone so I was basically forced into another 2-year contract. A week went by and my old phone replacement still hadn't arrived. I called and a rep I spoke with was the only person I've ever talked to at Cingular that offered to do anything for me. They upgraded my old phone for me, but when it came in, only part of it was there!!!!!

Anyway, that's not even the worst part. I had a couple of months were I went over quite a bit so I upgraded my plan. Since they charge to do this, I decided to go with a 2000 min. plan and bank up some roll over minutes then I could drop back down. Recently my access to my online account manager had been disabled for no known reason. This took a couple of months to fix.

Today I found that it was working and went to change my plan. A note popped up that said if you go to a lower plan you will loose all of your roll over minutes over what the new plan offers. I called in and was told that this policy was enacted October 1st without notice. Any rep you talk to will tell you if you have just an occasional month where you go over, it's smart to select a very high plan, bank a bunch of roll over minutes then drop back down. You can easily make up for the charge to change plans (which also keeps going up without notice).

They force us into a lengthy contract, but they can change the terms of the contract in a very significant way without notice? Yes they can. What's more, I attempted to change my plan via the website last month and would not have lost 3100 roll over minutes, but as I said through the fault of Cingular, I was not able to. I would think that they could waive this policy in a case where the fault was on their end, but again the answer was NO, that's just the way it is. It's going to cost me around $200 to cancel my service early, but you can bet that I'm going to do just that. I can promise them that it will cost them much more than that.

My monthly bill is never below $100 and I have 22 months left on my contract so that, $2200 right there. It's unbelievable that you can't explain to them that they will be losing much more than it would have cost them to simply allow me to keep what I was told I could keep. If anyone could give me names and contact information on places to report them, I will report them to any agency who will listen. Feel free to email me.

Customer Service???
By -

DAYTON, OHIO -- We signed up with Cingular in June of 2003. A 2-year contract at signing came with a free phone, so that is the option we took. In May of 2004, nearly one year after having signed up for service, the power button to the cell phone broke off and fell inside the phone. This was causing the phone to shut itself off. So we took the phone to the local Cingular office for replacement or repair. After waiting nearly 45 minutes for someone to help us, we were told that they would have to send the phone back to the manufacturer and if that company covered it under warranty (not considering this a result of the phone being abused) then there would be no charge.

However, if the manufacturer did not consider it under warranty, then we would be billed for the new phone. No big deal there, as we were sure that they would cover the broken power button. We were also told at that time that the phones came with a one year manufacturer warranty. We were given a new phone (same exact model.

In fact they sent us away with our old battery instead of the new one that was with the new phone) and waited another 35 minutes while 3 employees tried to share the same computer to process 3 different transactions (are the other computers in that store there just for show?? or maybe to hold the counters down?). All was well for 3 months. Then the new phone started to turn itself off. We called customer service and they said that the phones will do that to "update" and not to worry. This seemed strange to us, but figured there was not much to do about it at this point.

Well we soon noticed that the phone would shut itself off if you pressed anywhere on the face of the phone. We called the store that we had gotten the phone from, and explained this to them. A young lady there said that since the phone was only 4 months old it would be under warranty from the manufacturer, if we brought it in the phone would be replaced.

Off we went to the store to exchange this phone. Low and behold the guy there said that the phone was not warrantied. That the warranty offer was for one year from the date of the contract, not one year on the phone. We had been told differently by several of their employees, but none the less the phone was not exchanged.

At this point we could no longer keep the phone on long enough to make a call. So I call the customer service line. The person I spoke to there offered to sell us a brand new phone if we would sign another contract for an additional 2 years... otherwise I was told that I would have to contact the manufacturer to see about repairing the phone.

They would only sell us a new phone if we signed on for 2 more years!! I contacted the manufacturer and was told that the phone is warrantied for one year from the date that phone is activated, not contract dates, and that it would be repaired for free. We never repaired the phone though, instead we have paid to cancel the contract early and switched to a different wireless company. I have never before heard of a cell phone company that would not help you to remain a customer simply by selling you a phone that works.


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I turned in all the paperwork for my $50.00 rebate on a phone I purchased in December. Here it is almost April and I still have not received my rebate. I have called 3 times. I was asked to fax in my paperwork and they would call me when it was received. I never received a call, so I called. I was told they receive 1,000s of faxes a day and it would take 2-3 weeks to know if my fax was received. When I was told this, I told the girl that that tells me you have 1,000s of rebates that you screwed up daily. Conclusion: DO NOT trust Cingular's rebate. And when you switch plans, well, that's another story. Just watch out for the charges that you get hit with.

Worst Wireless Phone Service Imaginable

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Until recently, my company used Nextel as our wireless phone provider. The service was horrible -- poor coverage area, phones not working inside many buildings, dozens of calls going directly to voicemail. At the time, I wanted to switch to another carrier as did most of my co-workers. ANYTHING would be better than Nextel, right?

Wrong. I never thought I would hear the words, "This is worse than Nextel!" coming out of my own mouth, but that was before we switched to Cingular.

I reel when I see the commercials about dropped calls that Cingular/ATT is now running! The only thing I can think when I see someone talking away and the other party not hearing them is, "They must be using Cingular..." I've never had that problem with other carriers. My personal phone is through Verizon; I've been with them for about six years, and have had exactly four dropped calls. I remember each one because they happen so infrequently. With Nextel, I often didn't have service, but it was a works-or-doesn't situation with no grey areas. Cingular will let me place or receive a call, but drops it almost immediately. I EXPECT every call I make with Cingular to drop. I get a huge volume of calls each day, and at a conservative estimate, 70% get dropped. Granted, there are areas where my calls do not drop, but those are few and far between. These areas are also small; I have learned exact places to stand when I need to make a call...move a few feet away and the call is dropped.

I also have an issue with the voicemail, which does not offer any sort of time/date stamp on the incoming messages. It sometimes takes two to three days for a voicemail to show up on my phone, and I have no idea whatsoever when it came in!

I've seen several complaints in which users state that they have been told that the dropped calls are because of the other party's phone. Well, a great majority of my calls are to other Cingular customers, so explain that away. I'd also like an explanation of why I can't make calls or drop the ones I do place when my Cingular phone shows four or more bars.

I think I'd be better off with two tin cans and a piece of waxed string...

By -

LOUISIANA -- I'm a tech rep for Cingular Wireless now the new AT&T...I will say that I have read the complaints that customers have and must say I'm tired of people saying that ( My phone works in this location but not in others) We file cases to help customers in the area in need. We have a ladder if you will to follow to get things handled such as I'm a tech rep the person in the field ( your home location) who works on the tower is called a radio frequency tech or field tech. The filed tech you as a customer will never talk too....why? they are not in a call center for one...also this one I love in my field by the way HOW MANY OF YOU ACTUALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT USING A BLACKBERRY OR TREO?...Think about know the slow old man or woman driver you cuss and hate and you know if they have a car they should know how to operate the car right?...same way with a phone if you don't what to do with a phone like TURN THE THING ON don't buy the most technical phone out there then call me and expect me to stay on the phone with you without you reading the guide for the me its like a monkey doing a math problem and I shall say this too if you can work a radio you should be able to turn on the many actually read their bill page by page? no one hardly does! you see the amount and call all pissed off and never had read the bill. How do you think we know what charges your calling about if you never read the bill? you think we can read your minds? I say NO. If and when you pay your bill, its not us to keep up your income of how and when you paid the bill we are not here to baby you! All in all you never researched the company you are signing for again as well never read your contract you just signed it right? then because you didn't read it now after the 30 days there is an issue because you get billed MONTHLY MOST OF THE TIME A MONTH IS 30 DAYS PEOPLE DO THE MATH...good day

Unauthorized contract
By -

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- I went into the Kissimmee Cingular because my phone broke I asked the guy if they sell replacement phones at a discount since I have been in my contract so long like some company's do. His name was Javier he said yeah, he showed us 4 phones starting at 99 dollars but they had a 50 dollar rebate. We picked out the sync phone and he took our old phone and walked away with it. Javier came back and then gave us the phone and receipt in a bag. About 4 days later I went to mail out the rebate form and looked at the receipt and it stated that there was a 2 year agreement tacked on. Which we never signed for or agreed to. We went back to the store and fought of course there is no manager. He pulled out the contract which we never got a copy of and surprise surprise it wasn't signed! He then told us that we would have to pay 175 dollars to cancel the account or pay 375 dollars total for the phone, after we never agreed to any of this. Then we called cingular phone center and they said they couldn't do anything. Well today we were told we would get a call from the manager of the store and actually what we got was a call from the rip off sales clerk. He admitted to okaying the contract by phone but couldn't answer us why we didn't talk about an agreement he said that is highly unlikely. First of all if you pay 39.99 for a contract with 600 minutes and free nights and weekends why would you agree to go to a 450 minute plan with 5000 nights and weekends . When you go into a new contract you always get more! So Javier decided our contract for us and still Cingular is doing nothing and to top this all off this phone is in my mothers name who lives in Pennsylvania and he approved the phone in Florida without any consent from the contracts owner! So don't buy from the Kissimmee Florida (John Young ) Cingular they lie and authorize contracts without permission. I am now writing on here and going to be contacting the Better Business Bureau and the news and if nothing is done from there I will be taking this all to small claims court. Buyer Beware!

By -

SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN -- I have CINGULAR ROADSIDE SERVICE. ON Dec 28, 2006, I had a flat in Southfield, MI and contacted my CINGULAR ROADSIDE SERVICE to come change my flat. CINGULAR sent a company called RAPID RESPONSE TOWING (RRT), when RRT came, they called me on my cell because I told them I would be in the restaurant that my car was parked in front of. I came out, opened my trunk and gave RRT my spare, the flat was on the right passenger. I told RRT that had to go pay my bill, and I would be right back. I told RRT that I would leave the door unlocked for him to pop the trunk to put the rim & cap in, so he wouldn't put that dirty wheel in my car. When I came back he was finished changing the tire and writing the receipt for me to sign on the drivers side of the car. I signed it and we parted. It was too late to get my tire fixed that day, but the next day when I went to go get another tire, I discovered the wheel wasn't in my car. I called CINGULAR ROADSIDE and they told me to RRT because they had been dealing with them for a while and they were sure they would want to make it right. I called, and long story short, they are very uncooperative and refusing to return my calls or replace my rim and cap. I don't even know if Cingular has bothered to check this company out! when I did talk with Stephanie who said she would replace the tire and never called me back, she mentioned that the business was operated out of her home. Is it legitimate? does cingular even care? I called Cingular again & they refuse to assist, they say it is between me and RAPID RESPONSE TOWING that they sent out even though I am contracted with CINGULAR to send out REPUTABLE roadside services. I went back to the sight were the tire was changed, and a security guard who works in the area said he saw the rim their all of the day B4, and someone in a truck had just picked it up a few hours before I came. It has been over 3 weeks, and I am still driving on my donut tire.

Cingular's "To Go" Phone Service WENT
By -

SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a "TO GO" phone service plan with Cingular Wireless. I used it a lot and liked it so I changed my plan in the middle of the month to a higher usage plan. Everything was fine until the due date for my payment. They deducted the money out of my account for the higher usage plan, however, I did not have any service. They had my money but I could not use my phone. With 2 brain tumors, having just lost my dad-he had passed away, and having been burned out of my home recently, I needed the phone and service. I called their customer service line. My first call was for 20 minutes or so on hold only to be told by their customer service agent that I could not be helped. The customer service agent transferred me to another number-25 to 30 more minutes, more awful music, and again, no help. I call back again and for over 30 minutes I am on the phone. I do have a witness who will vouch for me on this as she was present with me when I was trying to get this matter resolved. Now I am mad. The agent tells me that I need to be transferred back to the previous line-where I was told I could not get help-to get the solution for my problem. I started to hollar do not transfer me and I was on hold again. I went to where I bought the plan and the manager of the store tried calling. She was on hold for over 15 minutes to be told that they could not help her. The next day I contacted the CFO's office, spoke with someone, faxed my information and informed them of what I would do if this problem was not corrected. A Vice President in Valley Forge PA finally called me, spoke with me, and then called their number to get the matter resolved. She was on hold for over 15 minutes, was told that they could not help her at which time she informed them she was a VP of the company. She had to put my phone service on her credit card to get me service which she did. She called me back, gave me the direct number to their expediting service and I spoke with someone there. They were receiving over 3000 calls a day I was told with customer service related problems and issues. I finally got the matter resolved and my service restored in my name on my card. The problem was the "technology" I was told. My son recently purchased the "TO GO" plan and he had similar problems with the service and dropped it as well. I did get the matter resolved to my satisfaction, however, I had to go to the CFO's office to get it done.

Cancelled contract on my credit report
By -

BEAUMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I accidentally stumbled upon this site as I was looking for a new cell phone provider. I am really shocked to hear that Cingular has had so many complaints yet they are still in business. I too was a very satisfied ATT customer until I needed a new phone. The only way that I qualified for a new one was to switch my contract from ATT to Cingular. Well if ATT is this good the two of them together ca only be better. (That's what I w was thinking). I signed another two year contract only to break it after three months because of outrageous bills. My calls were constantly being dropped. The first two months my bill was adjusted accordingly. The third month when I again called to complain I was told that there was no record of my previous sessions with their customer service representatives. EXCUSE ME... I had spent HOURS on the phone trying to get some satisfaction. On the third attempt I insisted on speaking with a supervisor. HE told me that it was my problem and that I would just have to pay the entire bill this time. I cancelled my contract but it now shows on my credit report. There must be a way to put them out of business. By the way I am now a very satisfied customer of T-Mobile.

Lessons learned
By -

WESTERVILLE, OHIO -- I was very proud of my 12 year old son. He worked hard cleaning up dog doo and cleaning my office on the weekends to save up to buy his own cell phone and minutes. He found the deal on a refurbished phone he wanted with a GoPhone plan from Cingular.

I put $25.00 on my credit card for him for minutes (he paid me in advance) and I made sure he knew how proud I was that he earned everything himself, and could see the value and return on his hard work. The phone came quickly and was very nice, with great reception.

Within 3 days there were charges of over $15.00 on the phone from a ton of text messages, and charges for ringtones/games. He came to me crying that he didn't do any of these downloads, and no one knows his text address.

My wife called Cingular and was told that his phone number was re-cycled from someone else, and that that person before must have signed up for those services and those were his messages. They did credit back for the ringtone charge but said it was really our responsibility as were the text messages.

while this is shocking to a 12 year old that a company can do this, it seems illegal to me that they can sell you something with non-disclosed liabilities.

I'm now teaching him how to complain to the FCC and to a local reporter friend (she believes if there is enough people that the "6 On Your Side" guy will be interested).

In the end, if he learns not to take it from a big bully company and that he can fight back, it will be a lesson well learned.

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