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Account closed suddenly without notice
Posted by GenuineNerd on 10/17/2009
SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I have a Shell Mastercard from Citi. Yesterday I attempted to use it at a Big Boy restaurant to pay for my meal, and the card was declined. I was puzzled, since I still had over $1100 left on that card's credit limit, and that I was never late with a payment, never went over my limit, and often paid more than the minimum payment on that card. I first assumed it was a computer problem with the restaurant's cash register, so I attempted to use the card again today, this time at a Big Lots. Again the card was declined. I then called Shell Mastercard, and was told that my account was closed due to something that was on my Equifax credit report. I then pulled up all 3 of my credit reports (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union), and found nothing negative on any of my credit reports. Ironically, Equifax was the only one of the three that still listed the Citi Shell account as open. Experian and Trans Union listed the Shell account as "closed at card issuer's request". Because I have always been good at managing my credit card and other accounts on time, I took this account closure as a shock. My other concerns are that Citi will charge overlimit fees and/or ask me to pay the $6000+ I owe in one lump sum. I do have a Visa with another bank that I can transfer the balance to if need be, but I would prefer to work something out with Citi Cards, possibly by paying a fixed amount per month until the balance is paid in full.

Apparently I'm not the only one in this predicament. I went to the FatWallet.com forum and noticed that several other Citi Shell Mastercard customers had their cards declined and accounts closed as well. I also wonder if Citibank NA and Shell Oil are discontinuing the Shell Mastercard program, considering the sheer number of closed accounts, which I heard were in the thousands. Most of the other Fat Wallet posters mentioned the reason for their accounts being closed is due to something from their Equifax reports as well. Citi Cards is giving their Shell Mastercard customers a lame excuse for closing thousands of credit card accounts, the majority of them in good standing. If a class action lawsuit is being considered over Citibank NA's actions over their Shell Mastercard customers, I would definitely be one of the plaintiffs.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-17:
Just as credit is a privilege, it can be revoked at any time. Sad but true.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2009-10-20:
Link to MSNBC article about Citibank closing thousands of Mastercard accounts tied to oil companies:

Posted by Nohandle on 2009-10-20:
I read that same article today on MSNBC. I don't think anyone understands what's going on. Any CC company can probably close an account at their choosing but I would certainly hate to find myself in another area depending on a CC to then discover the account had been closed with no advance warning. Thanks for the heads up. I don't have that particular card but I expect a number of other members do.
Posted by prkr on 2009-10-21:
I know it sucks that the account was closed but dont worry about having to pay the balance in full.You will still be able to pay it down monthy and as long as your finance charges do not place the account over the limit then there would be no addtional fees.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2009-10-23:
I received my letter from Citibank today, the 23rd. The letter was dated the 15th. The reason for my account being closed is, according to the letter, "Ratio of revolving balances to credit limits too high". The Citibank letter also said, "Our review was processed by a credit scoring system that assigned a numerical value to various items on your account(s) with us and your credit report."

I wonder if others received similarly-worded letters with similar reasons for their accounts being closed.

At least I can still make monthly payments, hopefully at my present interest rate of 18.9%, until the account is paid in full. If Citibank raises my interest rate, I do plan to transfer the balance to a lower-interest Visa I have, but I prefer to pay Citi off at this point, to keep whatever available credit I have open, thus keeping my FICO score within acceptable range.
Posted by Giraffe on 2009-10-29:
The same thing happened to me! I pay in full each month and never late or over my limit! The excuse they gave me is just that an excuse or lie. When I talked to a supervisor she said my credit acore does not meet their new parameters. I asked what the parameters are & she doesn't know and I can't be informed. How can I fit into the parameters when They won't tell me. The real deal is I don't make Citi money. Why do they have to make excuses. The same happened to my Mom. Yea if there is a case, I want to be involved. The sad thing is I always recommended this shell card to everyone. What a joke! Maybe now that my credit score has been wounded by them I will fit the mystery credit score parameters!
Posted by Desert_Mutt on 2009-12-01:
Walmart's card did the same thing to me. Had used it monthly and then would pay it off after I got paid. Received a letter in the mail one day that said my credit was reduced to $100.00.

They are actually doing us a favor in a way. If they don't extend us credit at their stores, we only pay for what we need.

I have cut my consumption quite a bit. I used to spend a lot of money on dumb things because of the easy credit.
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-02-03:
They do not like huge balances as they think sooner or later you will go to CCC and stop payments.
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$2500 Vanished from my Citibank Account
Posted by on 08/09/2003
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- On 7/15, I had transferred an amount of $2,500 from my savings account into my Checking Plus account to cover a check. On the same day, Citibank also transferred money from my savings account to my checking account to cover my check. However, the money which I transferred did not appear in my Checking Plus account, neither did it come back into my savings account.

I called Citibank on 7/16 to inquire on this transaction and I was told they will investigate. I called back on 7/31 to find out what happened, only to be told that the investigation concluded that no money was transferred into the Checking Plus. There was no answer as to what happened to the money that was transferred out of my account.

On the same day on 7/31, I opened yet another investigation on what happened to my money. This time again, I was told I will receive a response by 8/7. I escalated the issue to a supervisor, Travis, employee number 7273766. He, however, gave me the same reply and said there is nothing he can do. I was told that I could escalate matters if I go to a branch. At the branch, I am told they can not do anything for me. All I can do is wait.

I went to Citibank on 8/8 to inquire on the investigation result, only to receive another inconclusive answer on what happened to my money. $2500 dollars have been missing from my account since 7/15. After two investigate and two visits to Citibank branches, nobody was able to give me an answer on what happened to my money.

Bottom line, $2500 disappeared from my account and Citibank had done nothing to help me recover this money. The people at Citibank don’t care that a large sum of money disappeared from my account due to their system error. The representatives I spoke with all acknowledged the fact that the money I had transferred disappeared. Yet, nobody did anything to help me recover my money.
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Posted by kathydanette on 2005-04-24:
Citibank did me the same way for $8,000.00 05/2003..The person whom wrote this complaint PLEASE e-mail before 01/10/05.
Posted by kathydanette on 2005-04-24:
Please e-mail me I would to talk to you before 06/10/05...danetcomea@aol.com
Posted by sonnie26 on 2008-04-02:
My advice to anyone is to only deal in small amounts with Citibank. CitiBank lost a bank wire and they refuse to do anything about this problem.

They are providing no customer service whatsoever.

If anyone has any advice on how to go about trying to get my $8500 back, please email me.

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Private Mortgage Insurance
Posted by Jim G on 03/04/2008
I currently have a mortgage with Citimortgage that was purchase from ABN/AMRO in 2007. I purchased my home in May of 2007 without having sold my old home. Therefore, I only put down 10 percent on my loan and was required to purchase private mortgage insurance which I understand. Once I sold my old house, I paid ahead on my mortgage to bring the loan to value ratio under the 78 percent that is required to automatically drop PMI. When I saw that it did not automatically drop off, I called your customer service and was told that I would be sent a letter of authorization that I would be required to sign in order for my PMI to be cancelled. However, when I received this letter, I saw that in addition to signing the letter, I would be required to pay for another appraisal even though my loan was only 8 months old. It took me three calls to get a hold of someone who knew anything about the policy even though they really couldn’t explain the reasoning behind it except to say it was a Fannie Mae requirement.

Doesn’t the Homeowner’s Protection Act say that PMI MUST automatically drop off at 78 percent? This supervisor I spoke with said the PMI would drop off at the scheduled 78 percent date which was in about 8 years. This is RIDICULOUS! Why would PMI drop off in 8 years automatically but not when I actually pay the loan down to 78 percent? If I pay off the loan in full today will I still have to pay PMI for another 8 years? That sound about as ridiculous as your current policy! Shouldn’t PMI be contingent on your ability to pay back your loan? My credit score is over 800 and I have never missed a payment of any kind in my life but still I have to have a second appraisal to drop my PMI? This is one of the reasons the banking industry is so screwed up when you put people like myself with excellent credit through hassles like this but allow people that have no ability to pay their loans to obtain any amount they desire.

I also have a complaint with your mortgage refinancing sales representatives. Since I had to get an appraisal anyway I decided to look into refinancing. Once I began talking to mortgage brokers, I was sent a letter from your refinancing department that said that you would meet or beat any refinancing offer I received or I would receive a $100 gift card. When I called one of your refinancing representatives (I believe his name was Mike Ishmael) and told him I had received an offer from ING Direct for 5.25 percent financing with only $895 in closing costs he replied that he would be able to beat the offer and that I should fax him the good faith estimate which I did.

I never heard back from him again. I called him the next day and couldn’t even leave him a message because his voice mail was full. Is this the way you honor your guarantee to meet or beat any offer? By ignoring the ones you can’t meet?
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-03-04:
I just purchased a new house and the loan officer told me once I reach the loan to value ratio, I could drop PMI. Regardless whether it's in 8 years, 8 weeks, or 8 months.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-04:
PMI does not automatically drop off. You have to contact them.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2008-03-04:
Yes, you're right PB.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2008-03-04:
With the market as bad as it is it doesn't surprise me that they require this. You may have dropped your loan down to 78% but the value of your home could have dropped too, even just 8 months later.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-05:
Sorry for this late response, I knew I had this documented somewhere, but I had to dig for it:

"Under certain circumstances, the Federal Homeowners
Protection Act of 1998 gives you the right to cancel private mortgage
insurance or requires that such insurance automatically terminate.
You have the right to request private mortgage insurance on your loan be
cancelled on or after. (a) The date the principal balance is first scheduled
to reach 80% of the original value of property, -or- (b) The date
the principal balance actually reaches 80% of the original value of the
property. Private Mortgage Insurance will be cancelled only if all the
following conditions are met:
(a) You submit a written request for cancellation
(b) You have a good payment history (meaning, no payments 60 or more days
past due within two years and no payments 30 or more days past due within
one year of the cancellation date): and
(c) the financial institution, receives, if requested and at your expense, evidence
satisfactory to the holder of your loan that the value of the property has
not declined below its original value, and certification that there are no
subordinate liens on the property."
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Online Account Hacked
Posted by NX on 06/09/2008
VIRGINIA -- We have been Citibank customers for over 10 Years. Citibank offers online bill payments for Credit Cards, Utilities etc through their online banking system.
Yesterday while checking our account, we realized someone had actually logged into our account (considering it a secure site) - set up their own Credit Card and paid $6K through our account!!!

We were aghast that such frauds happen. We contacted Citibank immediately and notifies about our account being compromised. All we heard from the is that will open and investigation and will try to get our money back.

We had provided all the information required- we even gave them the credit card number that was used, how hard is it to find out whose number that was. Not only did we have to go through the process of closing our account and opening a new one, we had to replace all our credit cards since that information was easily available to hacker once he logged in.

Since we have no balance left we will be late on all our payments as well.
Citibank refused to prioritize our investigation and every time we called for an update on the investigation status, an associate would say they cannot see any complaints on the account and open a new report. This happened 3 times. What kind of system do they have? The associates sitting in some third world country were not even able to understand how the account was compromised.

We are extremely unhappy and are only waiting for the result of the investigation and for our money to returned. We will start looking at other options.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-06-09:
do you have a firewall active on your computer?

do you have an adware and spyware program running?

does your online services lod ip addresses for each and every online sign-on?

i suspect this could have happened if you are not running as firewall.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-09:
Have you filed your dispute in writing? If not, do so. Banks will usually provide a provisional credit to your account while they investigate but most times after they have received a signed affidavit from you. It also helps preserve your rights in the disputed transaction.

After they have your affidavit, they have a certain number of days to complete their investigation.
Posted by MRM on 2008-06-09:
I would recommend a software called Roboform where it automatically log in the website for you. Any kind of spyware programs cannot capture your keystrokes when using Roboform. Please see my raving review on Roboform.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-09:
Robf is absolutely correct. When you contact them by telephone and file a claim, you should always following up immediately witha registered letter reiterating everything that transpired on the phone call, including the ID of the agent who took your claim. They can dispute receiving a call, but not a registered letter. Once they have the claim, a clock starts ticking for them to resolve the claim, otherwise they incur liability.
Posted by moneybags on 2008-06-10:
Contact the police department and the DA's office. Many banks won't do anything without a criminal investigation being launched.
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Personal Loan
Posted by Hondacr250 on 08/03/2007
75067 -- I have had a loan through Citi Financial for a year. They managed to call my work, and continuously entice me into borrowing more money, which I was stupid and did. I called them a week before my loan was even late, to let them know I was on short term disability and couldn't pay them till I got paid. They have called my home over 100 times in the past 5 weeks, my cell phone over 56 times, my husband's work phone (he isn't even on the account). They use various local numbers, and also use that 803 area code #. I hope an attorney sees these complaints, and there is a class action suit filed against them. They charge outrageous interest, sell you "unemployment insurance" but that is only good if you get involuntarily terminated. No other credit has EVER treated me so badly as these people have. They are argumentative, aggressive, harassing, intimidating loan sharks that need to have their lending ability suspended.

They are a nuisance to the working class people, and prey on the poor and unemployed.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-03:
Contact your state attorney generals office for assistance. Make sure and send a written complaint to them via certified return receipt mail.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-03:
hondacr250 you did the right thing coming here. I'm going to defer to one of our loan/collections experts. Thanks for sharing and good luck. I voted this 'Very Helpful'.
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predatory lending
Posted by Cmp on 04/10/2005

(regards to the above named: our actual loan and loan servicing is through citifinancial, and formerly by associates, but citigroup trust bank is listed as the plaintiff in the default notices to us and the associates is listed as the plaintiff in all of the papers filed with the court).

My husband and I are about to lose our home because of a wrongful foreclosure action with our mortgage company CitiFinancial Mortgage formerly known as the Associates. We believe that this company is and has been using deceptive practices against us, which violate federal and state regulations that protect our consumer rights. We live in NY and originally took our home loan through The Associates in 1997 and then refinanced in Oct. 2000. Citifinancial took over our loan Nov, 2000. For some reason , they transferred are account out of the NY office to another state, then another and another. In fact, this has happened so many times in the past 5 years, I am not even sure what state our account is actually in now.

Beginning in May of 2004, we began having problems with C.F. repeatedly claiming that they were not receiving my payments, even though they cleared through my bank. I spent numerous hours on the phone with so many different collectors, each with conflicting information regarding our loan. I never got anywhere with anyone, even though I faxed copies of my canceled checks to them, many times, to many numbers, over and over. The more time I spent looking all the monthly statements, and loan agreement, the more I began to notice. I observed many discrepancies with interest rates, different account numbers, different amounts, credit report errors, and other conflicting documentation. As soon as I began asking questions and demanding answers from the company, the phone call from them stopped (when they were previously calling many times a day.

The next thing I know, there is a man sitting in his car, outside of our home. He told us that he was asked to do a drive-by appraisal of our home, but he could not remember by whom. (C.F. found out that we have approximately 75, 000 worth of equity on hour home). Ten days later our nightmare began. We received a notice of default, by the company’s lawyer. We were given 30 days to bring account current, which involved an incorrect amount. They received the correct amount in the time set, which could be proven with proof of checks and postage. A short time later, we receive the first Summons and Verified Complaint against us, of course all with their information and claims inaccurate, requesting foreclosure on our home and all equity that is left over after principal amount.

. After we received the first summons and verified complaint filed against, we tried to deal with the company directly to explain their error and our proof of it. No one would listen to us or cooperate what so ever. In fact, those who we did talk to were very rude and even hung up on us as we tried to get an explanation of what was happening. After getting no where by ourselves, we became unsure of what to do, so we decided to seek legal counseling. Basically, we had to pay a lawyer to show the same proof, which was the same proof, that we tried to show them many times. They were very anxious to cooperate as soon as they found out we had a lawyer. After things were agreed upon, we thought we could take over where our lawyer left off because we could no longer afford to pay him and no longer thought we needed him. As soon as the company learned this, their cooperation and willingness to work things out, disappeared. Even though they admitted their mistake, they withdrew their first foreclosure proceedings; we received the second notice of default, again with the same errors. Soon after, the second Summons and Notice of Complaint arrived at our doorstep. They did admit their errors and withdrew the first foreclosure proceedings.

My husband and I tried to answer the summons by ourselves, by sending a letter to the plaintiffs attorney and the court as instructed to in the summons. In the letter we stated that we disputed their complaint and alleged allegations made by them. A few days ago we received an "Order of Reference" made by the Judge of the NYS Supreme Court stating that they were in favor of the plaintiffs. We have the documentation and other forms of evidence to prove that this company once again made a mistake, as they did once before, but we are not being allowed to defend ourselves or be heard because we do not have a lawyer.

We could not afford to hire another lawyer to do same thing that had to be done last time, to straighten our their mistakes, nor did we feel we needed one because we knew we were right. I truly believed that at some point, this nightmare was going to end because the courts would eventually listen to our side of the story, before they would grant an order in favor of them. I was wrong. I have since, learned a hard, life lesson. That lesson is that the little people, like us, are not allowed to receive a chance for justice and will not be heard, unless thousands of dollars are spent on someone who will be heard for us.

My husband and I now realize that we need legal representation immediately or we are going to lose our home through the legal system. We are in the process of gathering money for a lawyer to try and stop this wrongful foreclosure, hoping and praying that it is not to late for us.

I have spent endless hours researching this company and. This company is notorious for their deceptive lending, servicing, and collection practices regarding home mortgages. I have learned that there are many federal and state regulators of consumer protection rights, whom are well aware of their practices and illegal tactics.

I am very confused, angry and sad that people like us, who do not have the money and/or resources to fight these corruptive companies, our losing everything we worked so hard for. Now that I am more familiar with the facts, I will not sit by any longer and not be heard by those who are liable to protect us. I am ready to fight and do whatever I can do, so that other families do not have to go through what we have. I will not allow this company to take away our home, the only home that my children have ever known, for their unjust actions and allegations.

We have worked so hard for what we have and it is not fair that we stand a chance to lose it. We were taken advantage of, as are many thousands of other families, by a very powerful and deceptive company who should not be allowed to be in business. I want answers on why this sort of thing is happening over and over again to honest and hardworking families all over our country. It’s unfair, unjust and something has to be done and us little people are not going to be able to do it by ourselves. I have spent hundreds of hours learning about this company, and getting information that will help us in saving our home and making this company pay for the pain and suffering that they have caused my family and other innocent families. I am willing to spend hundreds of more hours if I can bring justice for myself and others in these same situations.

I am by no means looking for sympathy or handouts. I am simply looking for any resource, advice, or any other information that can help give us direction towards our goal of justice. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Posted by cycolbur on 2005-04-10:
i would get a hold of a mortagge broker since you have a lot of money in equity refinace or file a ch 13 that will stop them in there tracks. good luck
Posted by tander on 2005-04-10:
If you have paid all your payments, then dont file a Chapter 13, they just add attorney fees and other costs, try contacting the attorney generals office, and tell them you need help immediately, and can't afford an attorney.
Posted by downandout on 2006-08-26:
very simmaler story here with us in ohio, some of it exactly the same! we tried to fight, and even filed a 13 to stop them, but they even got removed from that! and forclosed, house sold at sherriff sale, and they bought it "we had equity" we tried to sell first but couldnt get it sold, they would not extend the sale date
email me if you want rockinrandy65@gmail.com
Posted by Bohizzle on 2006-09-25:
My experience with Citifinancial has been fine. Acourse my wife and I pay our bills on time. When my wife had knee surgery and was out of work for about 3 months last year we were eligible to take out $7,500 via a personal loan. However, we didn't overextend ourself and settled for $5,000. The bottom line is .. don't overextend yourself and pay your bills ontime. The branch I work with here in Phoenix the employees are very nice, knowledgeable and courteous. Sure Citifinancial charges high interest and they try to get you to sign up for other services to increase the loan but you don't have to sign up for it just say NO !!!

I can go to my local credit union and try to get a loan but the credit unions are just like big banks. Stingy. I work with Citifinancial for personal loans because I know I will be able to pay it back and be able to borrow later on if need be.
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Disregard for Opt Out Law
Posted by Penni.newman64 on 07/27/2013
SIOUX, SOUTH DAKOTA -- I have chosen to use the opt out program that was created by Congress to allow citizens to opt out of receiving credit card offers and advertising.

Citibank has totally disregarded my wishes. I have called them to complain and still continued to receive their credit card offers. I have also written them twice asking them to recognize the law in place and quit sending me mail, but I still, as of today even, continue to get their offers. I have reported them to the Federal program that oversees opt out, but they still send me mail. No other bank or Insurance company that I opted out of has done this, they respected my wishes and the law and immediately quit sending me mail offers, except of course for Citibank. Citibank is arrogant and disrespectful and must think the law doesn't apply to them. I would never use their services in the future and I hope others won't either.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-07-27:
I agree 100%! They are the worst! There were times when I'd get two or three in the mail on the same day. I would get so many and just throw them away...then I thought, this has to stop already. I tracked down the home address of the president of CitiBank and saved up all of my mail for about two or three months...and it was A LOT! I stuck them all in a big envelope and maile it to him at his home with a note that said,' How do YOU like getting all of this junk mail?' I told him I had sent back their mail with notes to remove me from their mailing list so many times, over and over and they won't stop. Guess what? That was three or four years ago and I haven't had anymore since.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-28:
When I get unsolicited mail and they provide a stamped, postage-paid return envelope, I just stuff their paper and anyone else's into the envelope and mail it back to them. They get to pay the postage and I get rid of junk mail. Better than just throwing into the garbage. Try it.
Posted by S on 2013-12-19:
I receive 2 solicitations per week from Citibank for credit cards in spite of being on the Optout list. I receive no other offer from any other institution except Citibank.
Maybe it's time for Congress (yea right-this do nothing congress, they are probably paid off by Citibank to exclude CB from the law)
to pass a special law aimed directly at Citibank to stop their mailings.
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ThankYou Points a Rip-Off, and Ripped Off
Posted by Roy655 on 04/27/2013
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I am closing my Citigold relationship with Citi, having just learned
Citi removed 56,401 ThankYou points from my account without notifying or telling me.

I check the site regularly. There is a notification of points "Expiring (within 90 days)". It has always been 0. Yet I am told by "Wanda" that, because I closed one (of my seven) credit card accounts with Citi (a Premier MasterCard, of which I already had one) and did not use the points within 30 days of closing, the points were confiscated and there is nothing I can do.

The Thank You points are more like f-you points. There are a depreciating currency (over time, the cash you can receive for them has declined ... it's now down to 1/2 cent per point). There is apparently some very fine print about their expiration (WITHOUT notifying you online), so what Citi giveth, it taketh away.

With the exception of gift cards (restricted currency), rewards on the Thank You redemption site are very expensive. Even deposits to one's account (a simple electronic transfer) are valued at 1/2 cent per point. Chase points are worth one cent. Bank of America points are worth one cent. HSBC points are worth one cent. Capital One points are worth one cent. Discover points are worth one cent. Only Citibank is so niggardly.

Further, my six remaining Citibank credit cards have some of the chinciest point rewards of all (1.2% for gas -- woo hoo! -- whereas my various other credit cards give 2%, 3%, 3.3%, 5%, and 5.1%). And these other cards reward one with cash back, not 1/2-cent points.

So for the 56,401 points they deducted, without notification, from my account, Citibank will be losing a long-time Gold customer, and gaining a noisy spokesperson against them. (I'm also a stockholder ... don't even ask me about what I think of their management.)

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Multiple Failed Transactions
Posted by Navidp on 12/05/2012
S HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- This is a copy of a complaint I posted to BBB website.

Nature of Complaint: Billing or Collection Issues - The company has failed to correct billing errors
This is the second problem in a series of problems with the Citi Cards company 1) I made a payment to my Citi Cards account (x5472) via personal check in the amount of $5697.07. The account info was written correctly, and the check was in my name. I also called to follow-up & confirm that a check would be coming in the mail, and to deposit it to the correct account. The check was mailed on 9/28. On 10/2, the check cleared from my bank account and my bank account balance reflected the deduction of $5697.07 from the check that I had written. However, there was no payment reflected on x5472. Additionally, I continued to accrue interest in the amount of $58.63 for that month. I called the bank on 10/17 and they informed me that they misplaced the check. They asked I mail them the copy of the cleared check. I did so on 10/17. I followed-up on 10/22 and they representative had no clue of any check that was supposed to be deposited, had no clue of any pending payments, and no idea that any of this had transpired so far. I had to start from scratch. I spoke to an account supervisor that investigated and found that not only was the check misplaced, but so was the letter I sent them on 10/17. They said they found it in a stack of "lost items" - again everything was correctly labeled and clearly handwritten - Citi just simply lost it. The representative called me the following day asking me to fax them the copy of the check a third time, as they had lost it AGAIN. I faxed it and within the next 5 days, after daily phone calls, the credit was finally applied. 2) On a separate account (x 8238). A credit balance of $344.66 was present from 09/2012 - 12/2012. I requested a credit to my bank account on 11/21. No confirmation number was offered. By 12/5 he credit was not applied and I called Citi to check in and again they said the communication was "lost" and the transaction was "accidentally closed"

Desired Outcome
Desired Settlement: Change the Store Policy
Desired Outcome:
I saw failures on multiple levels during the first credit card issue with Citi Bank on account x5472. It was resolved only after daily aggressive phone calls. In both cases, Citi representatives admitted the error was on their end. Thousands of dollars were out of my possession for over 1 month and this would have been indefinite had I not called AGAIN AND AGAIN. The public must be made aware that the current business practice of the Citi Card corporation requires customers to call multiple times to ensure that requests are completed. This is inexcusable. The credit from x8238 is still pending. I still have no confirmation number. The complaint should remain open until I get the credit I submitted on 11/21. Somehow the public needs to be made aware of this business practice. Also, Citi should provide confirmation numbers to customers after ANY telephone transaction. Notations on customer accounts must also have confirmation numbers so they can be looked up quickly and not lost.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-05:
It sounds like you had a lot of trouble getting your issues resolved, but I haven't seen other similar complaints.

I assume that the payment was ultimately applied, and interest charges were credited back. While the money was "out of [your] possession," it was known by you that they had taken it. You just had to convince them. This would leave a bad taste in my mouth as well. I had a Citi account for a few years and was happy to give them the old heave ho. The customer service I found lacking as well.
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Heartache and Heartbreak
Posted by Geo_a_harding on 09/11/2012
This open letter is in response to a letter received on September 8, 2012 but dated August 29,2012 from a Citibank VP. This is in regards to 2 accounts; Holds have been placed on the two accounts. I am a pensioner with social security these are guaranteed EFTs. Last month I
had surprise expenses and was receiving a wire transfer from an associate.
Somehow on August 24,2012 the wire transfer was blocked by the local branch.

As well my September 1st pension deposit which goes in every month on the first. My cosigner who currently is on medical bed rest called the bank and the other two parties to get to the bottom of the situation. The Branch representative stated that EFTs aren't guaranteed funds and but they would take a cash deposit from anybody who was acting as our agent since my cosigner could not leave her bed. So another person went to another branch (Relative lives out of state) Her
attempt to make deposit was not allowed and it was cash. Cosigner and I then called Citibank(3 way call) and were told no deposit could be made on the account until is was brought up to date. That was an interesting
I then called my place of my former employment which I had retired
from which send me my monthly pension via EFT. After 3 days of investigation the money wired to my Citibank accounts which has been placed on hold is in limbo some how. Monthly I get wired closed to 2000 dollars from my pension, as well as my associate who resides in Canada whose wire transfer was blocked which would more than cover the accidentally overdrawn funds.

I am now stuck in a country which no longer has a Citibank branch and have been trying to return home since September 2 since my cosigner has fallen ill. This situation goes beyond hardship. I am trying to make good with Citibank in regards to this oversight; but where are my funds since the parties that handle my pension and my associate's bank accounts who sent EFTs show a paper and electronic trails that stop at your bank branch? I am holding on to all correspondence in anticipation of the resolution of this misunderstanding
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Posted by copper_works_ on 2012-09-11:
Can someone Western Union money to you? Just bypass Citibank? You don't say where you are but that might help. A lot of places have Western Union, doing it that way you could at least get home to work out the Citibank thing.
Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-09-12:
EFT's are guarenteed funds. If they are not being made available to you, it is because they are not enough to cover the overdrafts, or because the activity on the account has raised a red flag, making them wary of fraudulent activity. This doesn't necessarily mean that is is fraudulent, just that it fits certain parameters. Wired funds from out of the country is certainly one of them.

It sounds like they may be freezing activity in preparation to closing out the accounts. All you can do is call the branch, and ask them exactly what you need to do to get your funds released. It would be a whole lot easier if you could get there in person somehow.
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