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Ken [snip] is still at it
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Rating: 1/51
SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Most of the reviews I've read are older, but I'm letting you know that CitiCards and Ken [snip] are still at it.

My husband died in December and I finally got to changing our MasterCard (he was the primary) to my name. I was at CitiBank with one of their service reps and got CitiCard on the phone to see what I had to do. I was told that I could assume the account, I just needed to fill in the form and send it in within 30 days - which I did. A week ago I called for the status and neither the representative or her supervisor could help. They both said they didn't know if I could assume the account but, as it might take a month, to call back.

Yesterday, I received the MasterCard bill in the mail - still in his name. I called back and spoke with another representative who told me, after checking with her supervisor, that the first representative shouldn't have told me that. They no longer allowed spouses to assume the accounts for their deceased spouse. The only thing she could say was "I'm sorry". I told her that didn't cut it. She said there was nothing I could do - so I got "Ken [snip]" name and address and planned on writing him to see if something could be done - then checked online and saw what I fiasco it is to deal with him.

I still planned on writing when, last night, I was at the store and tried to use my card - IT WAS DECLINED!!! My balance is only $95 and isn't due until next week. So, I paid cash and walked out in shock. I called again, and this time spoke with James who said he is a manager. He informed me that my account had indeed been closed. Now, AT NO TIME in this whole fiasco had I been told that the account would be closed immediately. Now I'm left to go through applying for another card and waiting for it to be approved and mailed. All James could say was "I'm sorry" (sound familiar) although he did sound remorseful when he said he wished there was something he could do and agreed that the whole matter had been handled poorly from the start - but no luck on the card.

So, in the interest of expediency, I applied for a new card with them - for the time being. I need a card as soon as possible for emergencies. So the witch - excuse me, representative - that I spoke with (and her supervisor Nicole) closed my account the minute I hung up if not sooner without telling me they were doing it. Now I might add- we've had that card and been cardholders in good standing since 1993 - we're not slouches. And it was all part of a CitiGold account. We've been very good customers between the card, numerous checking and savings accounts, a mortgage, and money market accounts with CitiBank.

So, too many "I'm sorry's" later I've been approve for a new account (lower credit line, of course) and will be awaiting my new card - in the meantime I can't charge anything if I need to. Throw the widow out into the cold - at least I paid off the mortgage so they can't get me for defaulting on that. Next up is my letter to Ken [snip]. Citi strikes again!!
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Terrible, Terrible Company
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Rating: 1/51
NOT SURE, CALIFORNIA -- I wish I could give them negative a thousand zero stars. Like, you know what the temperature is on Neptune at night? That's how many stars they deserve. This company is run by very good scammers, I will give them that. To make my headache-ridden, almost unbelievable story of how they scammed me short, I will give you insight into your likely future scenarios at Citibank:

Their online banking system is very poorly operated and kicks you out regularly. It prompts you to call their customer service. Then customer service sets up your bill pay and confirms your bill is paid by phone and email.

8 days later, you will receive an email saying that your 'check' was returned and you are being charge $20 for returned check fee and $20 for late payment on your bill. You will call to b*itch. They will say sorry and that they'll pay you back. Then they ask for your information again and confirm your bill is paid.

Next month, the same thing happens, which is odd since the payment already went through last month. Weird, right? I'm not a rocket scientist, but my credentials didn't change in 3 weeks, so I would think the payment should easily go through again.

Somehow my information keeps changing every month so that I have a 'returned check fee ($20)' and a 'late fee ($20)' EVERY MONTH for 6 months. And EVERY MONTH they say sorry, bank error, we'll return your fees. AND EVERY MONTH THEY DON'T.

Until 6 months later when you ask them where your money is and they say, 'Well, it's only $60'. ACTUALLY IT'S MORE LIKE $160 and if it's ONLY $60, then why won't you give it back to me?

I paid in full (plus extra that they scammed out of me), closed my account, and vowed to be a thorn in their sides. Do yourself a favor and beware of credit card scammers operating under the guise of a reputable company.
Citi Cards cheating Customers
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THE LAKES, NEVADA -- Citi Targeting Customers paying in full on time. If there is any Class Action Suit on Citi for this behaviour please contact me I would gladly be part of this to stop a Monster organisation like Citi from messing with Hard working tax-paying folks.

I have a Citi Card for the last 12 years, I have had a clean history always paid in full. I missed a payment last month ( Due date: Sept 28th). Within 6 days of being late they froze my account. I called them ( Oct 6th ) and told the customer service representative that I had made the payment, she said that moment they received the payment the card will be activated and will not affect my credit history of any kind but they will charge me the finance charge and interest ( which I contested but they did not budge, I guess that's how they make money these days). My payment was posted on Oct 9th and card activated. On Nov 1st ( after 20 days of my payment in full) out of the blue they reduce my credit limit to 200$ from 1000\'s. I had called the customer service on October 6th and October 23rd ( to dispute the charge which was turned down which is fine) and in all the calls made I have asked the representative
whether my card is being affected and the answer has been no, it is reinstated without any issues. Since the last 2 days I have been calling them to have it reinstated so it does not affect my credit history but all the representatives that I have spoken to have been rude, I couldn't care less attitude and have refused to reinstate my credit limit back. I cannot understand the logic of reducing the limit and messing a credit history of a person for one late payment that was paid in full the moment it was bought to my attention. I am looking for any sort of help I can get in disputing this and making sure Citi Cards does not do this to other hard working tax paying people. The representative that I spoke
to said that my limit was dropped because my account was delinquent. I checked my history thro a credit agency, far from being delinquent its in excellent shape and have not received any notice from Citi about my delinquency. I heard the financial industry has been regulated but this kind of messing with peoples life need to be stopped. Please stay away from Citi Cards. Of all the credit cards that I have had Citi cards has been the worst. The policies are the worst and the customer service 1 notch lower than their policy( The representatives don't know about the customer accounts, don't care and when question outright lie to justify the policy).

Damage Resulting
They have dropped the credit Limit from 1000s to 200$ for one offense. This will affect my credit history which I have worked hard to build. They have also charged me 100$ in finance charges and interest which looks inconsequential compared to what they will be doing to my credit history
Unreasonable Card Account Closure of Sears Citi Mastercard
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Had Sears credit card since 1984 at some point Sears exchanging it to a Citi Platinum Mastercard. Never late in 27 years and had zero balance on the card. Received new cards at expiration and called to activate as I wanted to use at Sears to purchase a refrigerator. When activating I informed them that my husband had passed away three years ago so no longer needed that extra card. They immediately cancelled the card/account even though I had been the only wage earner on the account since 1990 when my husband retired and continued employment to the present as a widow. I offered to give them current credit and employment info so they could keep the current card in place and retain the "customer since 1984" credit status but was rudely refused and told that they had already cancelled it and I would have to fill out a new application and re-apply at a Sears store or online. Asked to speak with a supervisor and explained that I didn't want to lose the years of experience on that card and she told me there was nothing she could do, the card was cancelled.

No way will I ever do business with Citi EVER AGAIN. If this is how they treat long term great card holders then I can totally believe the horrible stories that other people have reported. Opened a Capital One Venture VISA over the phone recently and they gave me more than twice the credit limit as I had on the Citi card ON THE SPOT.

What goes around comes around CITI. Wishing you what you do to others. As for need to find another credit card sponsor or risk losing the use of your card by other long term Sears customers (and stockholders) who have been loyal customers over the years. As an FYI, I bought the refrigerator at a different merchant with the Capital One card.

Unbelievable Incompetence At Citibank Citicards Credit Card Division
Posted by on
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Okay, how's this...

My wallet was stolen 15 days ago. I called Citibank (Citicards) and reported the theft. They promised to send out a new card by overnight mail. (They charged me a $25 fee for sending it overnight.)

Two days later the "overnighted" card had not arrived. The customer service representative I talked to promised it was on its way and gave me a UPS tracking number. The number turned out to be bogus.... UPS said it was a number that had been used two years before for a package delivered elsewhere in the country. I called Citicards and they said they were having a "problem" with their tracking numbers but promised the card would arrive "today or tomorrow." Ha ha ha ha ha.

Two days later the card had still not arrived. I called Citicard back and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor admitted this time that the card had been accidentally sent to the wrong address. She said the card that had been sent by regular mail to a P.O. Box and would take a week or two to arrive. But, she said, she could send me a duplicate card by overnight mail. She promised this one would go to the right address, that she would see to it personally.

The "new card" she was supposedly sending out, predictably, never arrived. I called back day after day, and they said it would definitely arrive "today." I asked for a tracking number to prove it had been sent. They hemmed and hawed and then said they had no tracking numbers because of "the hurricane" which was supposedly interfering with UPS. I called UPS and they said that was nonsense, that there had been a little storm in Florida but it had not affected their deliveries or tracking numbers, and that Citicard was passing the buck by using it as an excuse.

I called Citicards again and again they promised the card was on the way. (Though they had no tracking number, still, to prove it.)

Two more days, still no card. So again I called and talked to a supervisor. She said I should cancel the card that had been sent out, because it had probably been lost, and she would send another one immediately by overnight mail. I did what she recommended, cancelled the card. God must have a sense of humor, because the card that had been delayed for almost two weeks, that I had just cancelled on her advice, arrived later that day by regular postal mail. (The one(s) supposedly sent by UPS never did arrive.) So again I was without a credit card.

It is now more than two weeks later. I've called at least twelve times talked to at least ten supervisors. Some of them were polite in a kind of tedious machinelike way. Others were nasty and argumentative. They didn't like having their time "wasted" with customer complaints. The "nice" ones sounded like they were on drugs, they are utterly out of it and keep repeating how "sorry" they are that I "feel this way" in a tired voice. They keep promising to "take care of it" but it's more than two weeks now, and no replacement card. Either the employees are incompetent, or the system is so poorly set up that there is literally no way to fix problems like this when they occur. I'm now waiting for a card which (I am told) should arrive by mail within two more weeks. This after paying twice for overnight cards that never arrived.

I guess working for a company in which there is such deep institutional incompetence, must take a lot out of the employees. Are All Credit Card Companies this abusive, nasty and incompetent? Or are these problems specific to Citicard and Citibank?

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They Closed My Account Without Notice
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Rating: 3/51
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a Citi customer for over 7 years. I missed my payment this month by DAYS and they closed my account. I did not receive any notice or warning. In fact, the only way I knew that the account was closed was because I couldn't access my online account. I am VERY disappointed with the way this business was handled and the lack of notice and patience that I received as a (not so valued) customer.
CitiCards is unconscionable
Posted by on
I have been a CitiCards customer for a very long time. I have never, ever been late on a payment. Suddenly, out of the blue, they decide to cancel my card. Turns out I made a couple of late payments to other companies SEVEN years ago. I wrote customer service regarding this matter. Never heard back. When I called to follow up, I was told by several "supervisors" that nothing could be done. In addition to unfair business practices for which they have been caught - e. g., ridiculously high interest rates and double charging for certain fees - now CitiCards is doing this. Please, do yourself a favor. Do not get a CitiCard. If you have one, cancel it.
Paid in full and still charged interest
Posted by on
I pay my balance in full every month. My last statement, I was charged finance charges for a balance that was paid in full. I've always paid it in full and have never been charged finance charges. Upon questioning CitiCard regarding the finance charge, its reasoning was interest accrues when purchase are charged to my account. They did not want to waive the $1.03 finance charge, for a balance paid in full.

I've had the account for over 15 years. The Government bailed them out, yet they are trying to get every penny from balances that are paid in full. What kind of behavior is that?
They lie
Posted by on
They change due dates at will. I was 2 days late on one payment due the change. then instead of a 29% interest rate for defaulting(ha), I accepted a 12 month, no interest plan. I was also told that when I completed the plan and all of my payments went through that my account would be reopened. I just talked to the customer service dept and was told not only had they closed my account, but that my remaining balance would be calculated at the default rate!! if it wouldn't ruin my credit, I would just tell them to take a hike. beware, everything you have read from other customers is true. try Amex instead, they are truly customer centric!
Citicards Desperate to Collect
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My wife and I both had Citibank master cards where we got cash advances and the interest was only 1.99% with no transaction fee. We paid every month the minimum requested, which was part principle and the interest due on the remaining balance. We decided in October 2009 that it was an administrative hassle to keep remembering to access the accounts electronically and pay the minimum, even though 1.99% is a great deal. I went to the local Citibank branch and asked to pay off the balances in full. In January 2010 we started getting recorded calls asking us to call Citicard and "it is not a sales call" the recording stated. I called said I owed back interest. I relayed the story about the branch payment and not receiving any communication either by mail or Internet or phone. Again all payments and look at statements were electronic. Long story short, the call continue into February and we have now complained to the FTC (2X) since Citicards stated the dunning recordings would continue.

BTW the amounts they say are owed are respectively $8.50 and $1.50. They also stated the branch of Citibank did not have access to a payoff amount. No wonder they are losing money; then again the CEO needs that big paycheck.
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