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Jumping through hoops for a big goose egg!
By -

MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Like the title says, I got to jump through a million hoops for nothing in the end. I am on a fixed income. I was getting a loan for $5000, which was specified by them on some papers I needed to have notarized(so they knew they were to loan me $5000 upfront, that was the understood loan amount). It wasn't specifically an Auto Loan, but a personal loan. Actually, the very first day I called and gave my income info and my granny's income, she told me "well the max will be $5000 to loan you." Being on a fixed income, I had to have a cosigner. My grandmother was cosigning. My mother is her Power of Attorney and does a lot of my granny's legal stuff. My granny doesn't get around so well.

So, after documents had been signed and notarized (the first document was "oops" the wrong one, their mistake, they couldn't accept that particular NOTARIZED document verifying a Power of Attorney for my cosigner), after many phone calls to get information, after she had said my loan is approved I just need a couple more things to bring like mine and my granny's proof of income (after I had already provided proof of income once which she said she must have shredded by mistake), we go to get the loan.

Shuffled into a little room in the back, we had to watch a video telling us "Thank you for your business" and the video basically tried to sell us loan insurance and disability insurance. Finally time to sign the papers. The loan officer said, "So, your loan is for $3500. Do you have a car picked out?" I said, "Yes, the car I have picked out costs $5000 even. 2000 Volvo S40. That's how much the loan was supposed to be for."

I was stumped. I didn't understand why all of a sudden there was some grand miscommunication. "Well, it's your income. It's too low." It was then discussed that maybe I could take this loan and maybe get another to make up the difference. Or do they have any cars for $3500? I got up and said thank you for your time.

She did inform us before we left that the loan would be a 21% interest loan for 48 months. The payment would be $120.00. I'm no math genius, but according to my calculator, that works out to about 64% interest. They must be using that "NEW" math! As far as I'm concerned, this is a form of "bait and switch". They tell you you're getting one thing and then try to sell you a substandard something else. So, if you want a lot of hassle for a lot of nothing in the end, go to Citifinancial!

False Promises
By -

Do not get a loan with Citi FinancialAuto! If for some unforeseen reason you become behind on your payments. Nobody thinks it will happen but it does/can. My recent experience with them was horrible. I became 3 months behind on my car payment due to unforeseen circumstances. The economy is going down the drain and I get paid on commission so it doesn't help me at all. I set up 2 postdated phone payments with them to come out within the month of June one the 19th and one the 30th which the representative that I spoke with said would cure my account or catch it until my July payment. Which I thought would be great.

I had to go without lunch unless it was slow enough for me to come home, I had to use my change in my car to get water at gas stations out of the fountain so I wouldn't dehydrate I had to borrow money from family for gas to go to work which I hate borrowing money for pride purposes If my girlfriend wanted to do anything she had to pay for me which is OK when I can pay my own way or pay for her to do something else but not when I can't again a pride thing It was horrible but I thought it was worth it until today July 6 I get a phone call looked at my caller id and it said Citi and my first thoughts what could they want.

They told me my account was 22 days past due. I'm said that can't be I just set up arrangements and I see on my online bank statement where they both came out no problem. Well apparently the first representative lied to me or told me false information and to cure an account just means collection calls will stop until the postdated check comes out. Which I think about it and I say you all have a poor choice of words that doesn't cure anything that just delays the inevitable I mean if you cut out half a cancer tumor and leave the rest the person isn't cured of cancer so they wouldn't say they was cured.

My advice is do not believe any of them they will say whatever they want just to get you to make a payment so don't believe their false promises get it in writing. Which is a horrible thing to say about a company as big as Citi. P.S. they have called my grandmother giving her information about my account and asking for a payment. My grandmother isn't on the loan she isn't responsible for the loan and they shouldn't give out my business like that.

Do Not Finance With CitiFinancial Auto!
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I was 19 years old when I bought a truck from Jones Junction in Maryland (another place I should write a bad review about). I will be 22 next month. The truck's sticker price was about $30,000. My $200 Macy's store credit card might as well have counted for nothing on my credit report, compared to the $30,000 I "needed". That's when I asked my mom for some help. She put the loan in her name, and I co-signed. My monthly payment is $661.00.

I (not my mother) have paid every payment on time (if not 2 weeks early), sometimes sending in $700.00 (does this even show on my credit report?). I am 2 payments (months) ahead - Only about $358.00 of the $661.00 goes toward the truck - the rest is toward pure interest! By the way this loan in for 6 years - which means almost $20,000 in interest they will have collected from me when this is paid off! And now I have myself a truck that, when all is said and done, was about $50,000.

Back on track. I called CitiFinancial Auto to ask them if there was anything I could do to get a lower monthly payment. The first **, told me that CitiFinancial Auto does not refinance their own auto loans - gave me no other suggestions or options. So I emailed them. They said call us. The second **, went a step further, as to look at my account, saw I was 2 months ahead and not struggling by any means - therefore said they do not help anybody who doesn't need help although I have "only" 3 years left of payments.

My (near) future is sure to bring in more expenses, and fast - wedding, home buying, children, etc. It disgust me that, we taxpayers just bailed these guys out, and they won't work with you, period. Not even a little! I'd be kind of happy if they knocked 60 dollars off the payment. They are by far the most awful financial people I have ever dealt with. STEER CLEAR OF CITIFINANCIAL AUTO!

Unethical Business Tactics
By -

OHIO -- I have had an auto loan with this company for five years. I have always had the loan on an automatic deduction from my checking account. The final payment was due December 2008. I was out of town for the holiday and returned to find three messages and two letters stating my account was past due? I immediately called to find out what the problem was and why the final payment wasn't taken out of the account as it has been the past five years. I was told if I read my agreement I would have found out they do not take out the final payment?

I asked the agent what would provoke such a policy and she went on about deferred payments that could cause a final payment to be $1000? I asked if this was a scam in order to access late fees and additional fees from people in an effort to pay off the debt? She did not even comment. She went on to explain they could take the payment over the phone if I had a debit card. I asked what the fee was to do so and she said $14.95. I told her no way. I would mail in the payment since it would not be more than 30 days past due. I asked her for the pay-off amount and was given an amount different from the original amount she was going to bill my debit card.

I was told that was the amount for today. Since I was paying by mail it would be more???? I told her I would mail out the payment first thing in the morning and requested that I be taken off of their mailing list and their calling list that I did not want any future contact with their company. She told me she didn't handle such and gave me a number to call. I was told not to call before making the payment or they would send my account back to collections. I thanked her and hung up. I hope this is the end to this madness. I advise those of you seeking a loan to avoid CitiFinancial at any cost!!

Citifinancial Auto Fails Completely
By -

COPPELL, TEXAS -- Here's the short version. On 12.08.07 I called Citifinancial Auto to take advantage of a Skip Pay Program Letter I received inviting me to "Take a Break from my December Payment" and that all I had to do was call the 866 number on the letter to take advantage of it. I spoke to a "Chris" who stated that my next payment due would be 01.15.08 and that the Skip Pay is processed.

Shortly after taking advantage of the Skip Pay letter, I begin receiving collection calls stating that my account was past due. I explained to the collection person what I had done (Skip Pay). He stated I would continue to receive calls until I made a payment.

To make a very long story short, after multiple (and well documented) calls to the Customer Service, Skip Pay, Differal, and Collections area, not only have they failed to process the Skip Pay, but the "differal" that THEY recommended I do ("make a payment, and we'll differ the next month's for you") is not processed either. Each time I call to check on the differal, the operators claim that they have no record and that they need to route the differal "to a manager". As of 02.04.08, my differal is still not processed.

In addition to filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, I have sent a complaint letter to Citi's main office in NY and Citifinancial Auto's office in Coppell, Texas. Avoid using Citifinancial Auto at all costs! Their customer service is non-existent, they are openly and repeatedly breaking FCRA Federal Regulations (in my case) and completely fail to be able to correct errors that they themselves have created. My next step is to forward my timeline of events to an attorney. I wish there was an attorney willing to take them on. I know we could win. We'll see what happens.

UPDATE: 04.15.08 - Though it took over 4 months, as a result of the contact from the S.A.G Office-Florida, Citifinancial Auto has finally corrected their error (I called to verify). I received a letter from Citifinancial Auto and the S.A.G - Office in Florida regarding the resolution. Although the error is corrected, Citifinancial Auto, in the letter, still admits no wrong doing. Instead they state "The offer is no longer available..." and then proceed to list the actions they took to correct the issues I was complaining about.

Again, anyone considering financing (or refinancing) their vehicle should RUN from Citifinancial Auto and use someone else, based both on MY experience and the fact that others here at have gone through the same thing.

Inept, unreliable, poor service, lack of communication, lack of customer service, repeated errors, lack of accountability, lack of due diligence, and (until corrected) clear violations of lending law and credit reporting law are reason enough to avoid Citifinancial Auto at all cost!! My thanks the Florida State Atty's General Office for their action!

Bank Charges You to Pay Them!
By -

CitiBank CHARGES you $15 to make your online payment. I am not talking about making a SAME DAY payment, just your regular, monthly payment. When asked they said "Oh, it's not us. It's the payment processor that charges that fee." You can't tell me that CitiBank can't process their own payments! They told me there was NO WAY they could process a fee without the charge. Of course, this was until I spent over 1/2 an hour arguing with them (they were so rude I refused to give up) and waiting for the "unavailable" supervisor. Then, finally, they took my payment without charging me. A modern day miracle!

Obviously what they want is for you to forget to send a check with the hectic lives we live so they can charge you a late fee or charge you a fee for online payments that NO OTHER bank/merchant, etc charges me. I feel like I am dealing with loan sharks, the mob or the bully from 5th grade. I am taking my loan elsewhere and suggest you do the same if for no other reason than this low-life policy.

By -

I have been an account holder with Sears & Roebuck for 15+ years. I carried no balance on my credit line, never made a late payment. Recently went to Sears to purchase a freezer, and found out that my Sears Card had been cancelled. I received no notification and drove over 120 miles to a Sears store in West Virginia to make this purchase. I did not know why my account had been closed, but tried to re-open it and was declined by Citibank (South Dakota). I want to express my dissatisfaction for the poor customer service I have received from being a loyal customer for 15+ years.

I was informed I need to make a couple of small purchases a year to keep my account status open by a Sears employee. I shouldn't have to make a purchase just to keep my account open as I've been a customer for a very long time and have spent a lot of my money at this company throughout the years. I think the actions by Citibank are unfair and unjust. I want others to know that this is happening and be aware. I will no longer be a customer of Sears & Roebuck.

Don't Make My Mistake
By -

First off I'll say, I signed the loan papers and I am trying my best to keep up my obligation. That said, Citifinancial granted me a loan for 18% on a 38000 dollar car. I was young, naive, and really wanted the car. I am paying 900 month and barely 100 going towards the principal. I am now flip flop on the car by 15000 dollars. Can't trade it off or sell it. If my payment is even 1 day late, they are calling 20 times a day threatening if I don't make the payment that day then they are coming to get it. I have had the car 2 1/2 yrs and the principal has barely budged. That's over 20000 in payments. I'm fed up.

Finally told them if they couldn't lower the payment then come get it. I'll file bankruptcy on the deficient balance. I made a mistake signing the loan and not thinking, but I think at some point Citifinacial's lending practices should be watched. Also, auto dealers shouldn't be able to sell cars at ridiculous rates.

This Company Is Fraudulent
By -

My husband and I have had bad experience twice now with these people, the first car we had financed through Citi they over charged us a thousand dollars at the end of our loan when we sent the last payment we waited several months for our title and didn't receive it so it wasn't until we called to inquire about it, we was informed of these fees. Now we have reached the maturity date on this loan and once again they have come up with some bogus fees only this time its three thousand dollars.

The representative keep calling trying to get us to sign papers and fax them back so they can refinance this amount. We offer to continue paying the same amount we paid on our loan so we can be done with them but she states we can't do it that way the only way we can do it is by refinancing and they can't mail us the paperwork, we have to get them through fax so we can sign them and send them back. Anyone can see this is not right and someone needs to help us take them down.

Citifinancial worse than a loan shark!
By -

LOWER BURRELL, PENNSYLVANIA -- I took out a small CitiFinancial unsecured loan about two years ago for home repairs. The staff was wonderful for all of 3 months. They would start calling relentlessly about a week before the payment was due. I would personally deliver the payment to the branch office that I took the loan out of. When there with my payment they would always try to get me to take out more money.

Recently we had fallen behind by 30 days on the loan. Ten days after the payment was due they called my 70-year-old parents and told them that my wife and I was in serious trouble. They proceeded to tell them how much we were behind, told them that we could lose our house, and best of all asked them if they could loan us the money to "catch back up". I am 40 years old with my own family. I never gave Citifinancial permission to give anyone my personal info. I did not even put my parents info on the application.

Unfortunately I now have parents in their mid-70's worried about our finances. Citifinancial has clearly broken the privacy act laws by giving my parents private information. Best of all let's use scare tactics on the elderly! THANK YOU CITIFINCIAL!!! I AM FURIOUS!!!!

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