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Beware: Don't Count On Customer Service
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First & last purchase with this company. Before you make the same mistake make sure you fully understand that ALL SALES ARE FINAL! No sales person will tell you this- they are driven by the all-mighty commission.

I purchased a $2000+ sofa and love seat, added an end table and cocktail table. Delivered the next day at 10pm. After delivery men left figured out tables were too big and not exactly what I wanted. Called the next day to see if I could return them. Once delivered they could not be returned without replacing them with other merchandise and a $100 fee within 48 hours.

This company obviously does not care about building relationships. I will rejoice the day I see them go out of business. Shameful practice, disgraceful service.

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Warranty Scam
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PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -- I am BEYOND upset right now with the service of City Furniture. I have been a valued customer with them for years and just this year alone I spent over ten thousand dollars in furniture and was ASSURED that when purchasing there warranty my daughters furniture would be completely covered if something was to happen to it such as the paint peeling of and other things. Well guess what? The ONLY thing they said they could fix was a draw handle!! Can you believe this! They used the cheapest material and paint on there furniture and now they are not willing to fix nor replace it!!!

WARNING to any potential customers "DO NOT TAKE THERE WARRANTY" it is a scam they will not replace anything major that will happen to there items....
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User Replies:
FlShopper on 09/03/2010:
What exactly does their warranty spell out?
Anonymous on 09/03/2010:
These extended warranties are ridiculous, and goes to show how companies will do anything to make a buck. To everyone out there, do NOT waste your money on these extended warranties. take the money, put it in a interest bearing account. Then if you need something fixxed, fix it with your OWN money! youre doing nothing but making a rich man richer.
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Catastrophic Delivery by City Furniture
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NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- March 26th, 2010, we received our furniture by City Furniture in Miami Florida. The delivery men were prompt, and brought furniture upstairs. Our Queen Sleeper was much too wide to fit through the doorway. As I explained to [snip] (delivery man), to halt the process due to the lack of space, he continued to ignore my requests, and forced the sleeper while breaking off our thermostat, severely damaging walls, and chipping off fresh paint. As I continued to observe the anger building up with [snip], I kindly requested that they call their Supervisor or City Furniture to repair all damages. They agreed. As I noticed their call to office had not been made, I called in front of them. While on the phone with Sam from customer service, he screamed and yelled stating that HE WAS GOING TO MAKE THE CALL! Making me feel very uncomfortable. His aggressive nature was frightful, unprofessional, demeaning, disrespectful manner was uncalled for. City Furniture, needs to assure themselves that they hire unaggressive men for such tactful and serious positions as such. Such a position requires not just "warm bodies", but customer oriented, polite, respectful, and not aggressive men-especially when receiving these employees in the company of women, whom are home alone!

This needs immediate attention, as to other women might suffer the same serious situation that I suffered or it might be worse the next time.
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disappointed buyer on 12/21/2011:
The same thing happen to me they would not listen to my concerns regarding my furniture and now they are asking for $45 dollars to have a service person come by and fix something that should have been taken care of in the first placce.
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City Furniture Complaint City Furniture
Posted by on
WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased a City Furniture wall unit on March 1st 2010, and when I purchased this unit I also purchased a bridge to go with it. When we were buying this bridge we were debating buying it as it had 3 shelves that hung down and we thought would get in the way of the TV we were purchasing.

The sales person said you can always buy it and then return it if the TV does not fit the unit. So we purchased thinking we would be able to return once we had the TV delivered.

Tv was delivered 3 days after the wall unit, and wouldn't you know, the bridge got in the way of the TV.

When I called customer service, they said that there is nothing that they can do and that if you don't want something on the delivery you must return it with the driver.

Although when we purchased this unit, the sales person said otherwise, they did not accept the return of the bridge even after numerous phone calls into management explaining the conversation we had with the sales person.

Buyers, I would not recommend City Furniture as their customer service is, in my opinion, one of the worst in the business.
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HORRIBLE experience, messed up delivery
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SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- I purchased $7,600 worth of furniture at City Furniture in Fort Lauderdale Sunrise and my problems started the moment I walked into the place. First of all, I had a liar salesperson who pushed and pushed for the sale. They promised the items in 3 days and it ended up that they knew all along that it take more like 1 month. The inventory on my Palm Court furniture was oversold..THEY KNEW THIS! Also, by the time I got the furniture, it was damaged badly and I was told it would be fixed only to get big attitude when I told them I paid for NEW and wanted new!!!! They finally delivered the new stuff (another day off work) and it was AGAIN damaged. The drivers were rude and ripped my screen door bringing in the items and gouged a wall.

NO call back and I'm STILL waiting for replacements. My salesperson never called me back until I acted like I was going to purchase more!!!! FIGURES... Avoid them like the plague.
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milkone_1 on 02/11/2012:
City Furniture RIPOFF !!! Don't buy there. Don't purchase from City Furniture... Once they have your MONEY,,,CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!! We purchaseda $2400,00 leather set and after 3 weeks where your head rest it was sagging and all wrinkled, Called City Funiture and they sent a rep out also the sofa was sitting so far back and there was a noise when you sat down in the loveseat , The rep came and said there wasn't enough stuffing and told us that the frame on the sofa and love seat was bent either in loading or delivery so we contacted City Furniture so see what to do and they said they would send out anoiher and we had to pay $150, 00 in restocking fees and had to be the same price ,,,no money back ,,,we were afraid to get the same thing ,,,we couldn't find any thing else they said sorry you have 2 days to pick out something else out. Money Hungry People, TERRIBLE PLACE TO BUY FURNITURE .....BEWARE OF CITY FURNITURE...Lets all contact Fox 4 in Your Corner ...By the way Savon warranties their leather for LIFE!!!
Boca guest on 07/06/2012:
I totally agree with all these reviews because it happened to me too at the Boca Raton location!!!!!!!! I never believed in good or bad reviews until I actually had a really bad experience with City Furniture.I should have read them before I stepped into that store.You guys are selling products that you don't even have AND YOUR SALES PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS,THEY JUST PLAY STUPID JUST TO GET THE COMMISSION!!!!!!!!! HEY CORPORATE OF CITY FURNITURE DON'T YOU READ ALL THE REVIEWS ABOUT YOUR STORE!!!!! YOU CALL THIS CUSTOMER SERVICE,DON'T FORGET THAT WITHOUT US ( CUSTOMERS ) YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO PAY YOUR BILLS SO STEP IT UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT HORRIBLE SERVICE !!!!! FOUR DELIVERIES FOR ONE SECTIONAL COACH BECAUSE YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND ONE PIECE WAS A BACK-UP ORDER THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET 2 WEEKS AFTER MY PURCHASE,NOW IT BECOME ONE MONTH AND A HALF,HOPING THEY WILL BRING ME THE RIGHT PIECE.I returned an armless chair and the salesman said that he will give me a refund for it ,two weeks later still no refund check in my mail box!!!!! You should have a new policy saying that customers will pay City Furniture in full when delivery is DONE with customer's satisfaction!!!!!!! Liars!!!!!!!!!!! I give you half a star!!!!!!! I'm done doing business with you!!!!!!!
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City Furniture Repair Policy
Posted by on
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- On May 21, 2007, I purchased a wall unit for $1,064.84, including delivery. I declined the "In home service warranty," as they told me that the "manufacturer's standard warranty applies." Yesterday (July 4), my dad and I were finally putting items in the unit and one of the door brackets (hinges) came loose. I called City Furniture today and was told that I was out of luck, that if I wanted them to fix it, it would cost $40 for someone to come out. They said that they allow "one courtesy call" per purchase to fix anything that's wrong, which we already used (one of the drawers was badly damaged when it was delivered and we asked it to be replaced. We expected such as small defect as fixing the defective bracket to be taken care of, but was sadly mistaken.
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User Replies:
rhondam718732 on 07/05/2007:
In your very own post you state that you declined the warranty because the mfrs warranty applies. So why don't you contact the mfr and get the bracket fixed/replaced? You saved $ by not buying the warranty so you may now have to pay for a repair...
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
Contact the manufacturer.
furnitureman on 07/05/2007:
City furniture should come out reguardless of extended warranty. I own a furniture store and they should come out and fix the item then send a bill back to the manufactuer for credit
SWS on 07/06/2007:
FYI, the manufacturer is (as is usually the case) located in China. I appreciate the comments by furnitureman that City Furniture should fix the item. After all, should a wall unit have problem less than two months after purchase, and when was the last time you purchased a warranty on furniture purchased? Give me a break.
furnitureman on 07/06/2007:
On a casegood item like this manufacturer warranty is enough. While most wood products are made overseas they are brokered by a USA company like Broyhill, Lane, Kincaid all the famous brand outsource. Is there a manufacturer name or did they bring it in straight from China? If there is a company name let me know I will see what I can do for you and have them part shipped to your home.
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