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Clearly disappointing
Posted by Am828 on 06/26/2009
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- This is a review of the clear wirelss company and my experience with them. I was looking to ditch my cable internet + TV and just get hi speed internet and when I read that clear was offering wireless 6MBps access in the Atlanta area for $40 a month, I was eager to try it out. One of their their snobby and sarcastic sales agent quickly
put an end to such aspirations. Before I called, I checked their coverage area online and my home was well within it. They have a mobile access plan and a home access plan and it was the home plan I was interested in. I entered my address and it offered me only mobile plans, not any of the home plans, which seemed odd, since I was
supposed to be within the coverage area, so I called them at about 9:45pm on June 26th. The call was answered by a saleswoman who was
initially pleasant enough, took my home address and said they don't offer service there. I then asked her how that was even though my home
is well within the coverage area. Thats when she turned on the sarcasm in full gear saying she'd be happy to sell me service that I won't get
at my home. I tried repeating my question since her answer was completely unrelated. Her sarcasm increased even more and I realized I was wasting my time and gave up. My feeling now is, if this is how poorly Clear trains their salespeople, then I can expect nothing better in terms of actual service. Id rather spend a few bucks more
and stick with my cable company. I'm stunned how careless Clear is, considering they need to grow to survive and for that they need customers and goodwill.

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Posted by AJSecrist on 2009-07-13:
What did you expect the sales rep to say? Obviously your specific neighborhood, block, street or whatever isn't yet in service. Did you REALLY need to have that EXPLAINED to you? I'd suggest getting off your ("but my address is clearly within the service area") horse and with the real world instead. More sarcasm ... don't ya just love it? Seriously, sometimes you just have to use your brain instead of getting all uppidy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-13:
Couldn't she have been trying to tell you that you were in the area for mobile coverage, but not home? It sounds that way from here.
Posted by jacquiesblue on 2010-07-08:
I agree with you, stay clear of any company who can't answer a simple question without being rude. It's the last thing you need when and if you have an actual problem. There's no room for this behavior in the business world, where competition rules.
Posted by CoonCatOne on 2011-01-26:
Rude is rude. Don't do business with them!
Posted by Minneapolis on 2011-07-09:
Clear doesn't work. It is like having a dial-up service from the 1990s. I've spent hours on hold with Clear's customer service trying to cancel. Total nightmare. Stay CLEAR of Clear.
Posted by Jennie on 2011-08-10:
You dodged a bullet. Clear wireless sucks. The internet doesn't deliver what it promises--there are SO many hidden fees, 2 year contract--and it's been a nightmare to cancel. I've been on the phone several times (3 times so far at over 45 minutes on hold to wait for 'account services'). The latest fiasco was that I was being charged for an account that was cancelled 3 weeks ago--but since my account was 'cancelled' the account is now being shown as 'overdue'. I asked for a manager and was denied a manager. The service sucks! DO NOT GET CLEAR!!!!
Posted by Craig G. on 2012-05-15:
You should have spoken to her supervisor. If you are not getting a response that makes sense then speak to someone with more experience who will hopefully explain it to you.
Posted by jailene santos on 2012-07-06:
I am disillusioned with clear service sucks does not comply with the internet service I'm wasting my money with the company
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This service is exceptionally poor!
Posted by DiYgrrL on 08/02/2006
ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA -- In Jan. 2006, we spoke with a Clearwire representative about installing their service. For slightly less than Brighthouse cable highspeed internet, Clearwire was advertising a wireless internet. It broadcasts a signal from a cell phone tower so your computer can hook up anywhere. Great! We gave our address and received a date for the technician to come out.
When he arrived, we were just moving in. He hooked up the "wireless box" that must connect from the wall to the computer, and a receiver, which also needs to be plugged in. Remember this, it's important later.
Everything seems in order and the technician is pleased. So, he leaves. And the problems start.
Everyday Clearwire drops it's signal. It seems to vary from only a few seconds, to hours. When it's hours, I call Clearwire.
They always say it's me. I need to reboot and drop my current I.P. info and renew it. And this usually fixes it.
Finally, three months into this, the gaps are coming way too often, so I request another technician to come out.
The next guy comes right in the door with, "you don't have a southeastern window in your apartment. No wonder you're not keeping a signal." He fiddles with the devices. Everything has been fine all along, except NOT having an unobstructed path to the tower! The first technician never mentioned the problem, and the only solution the new technician could think of was to put the receiver on the porch facing west.
We tried this too, but there's no plug out there so the door would always be open a crack to allow for the extension cord. As well, it only helped but did not cure the dropped signals.
In conclusion, DO NOT GET CLEARWIRE, unless a. you are within 15 miles of the tower and b. have a direct, unobstructed path to the tower. Needless to say, we now have Brighthouse and are very pleased.
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Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-08-03:
It just goes to show you, cheaper isn't always better!
Posted by I_Stuart on 2006-08-29:
Clearwire is poor indeed. I cancelled my service due to the fact that I was moving outside of their service area, and boy am I lucky that I decided to do it before September 1st. Until 9/1/06, if you move out of their service and show proof of this, you can avoid the $180 early cancellation fee.

But according to the local Clearwire store, Clearwire will be changing its contract with its customers (apparently whatever their customers originally agreed to is meaningless, as they can change it whenever they want without your consent). The new contract will state that even if you move they will still nail you with that $180 fee.

I happened to be in the store and overheard a complaint from a local guy who might be deployed to Iraq in a few months. Too bad, said Clearwire, they're gonna slap him with a going-to-war gift in the form of a $180 fee.

Do yourself a favor and don't sign up with a company that acts like the mob and treats its customers like people who owe them protection money.
Posted by fbird82 on 2006-09-11:
I've had Clearwire since about November last year and have been happy with it until two weeks ago. I started getting severe signal degradation and frequent disconnects. I used to be able to maintain 3-5 bars on the signal indicators, but now I'm lucky if I can keep it at 2 bars. I submitted a trouble ticket and received an e-mail to call their Tech Support. I did this and explained my problem and that I tried various things like re-locating the modem, plugging and unplugging the modem and I even tried reinstalling my network card drivers, just in case. Nothing seemed to work. Anyway, they said they would escalate my case and have a local representative come out and troubleshoot it within 48 hours. Well, that's been a week and nobody has shown up to look at it, or even called me to see if it's working or not. And what's worse, I got an e-mail today saying the case was closed. What gives? How can they close a case when they never even made the effort to make it right? Since I've had the service for almost a year, I would probably have to pay the cancellation fee, plus in my area, there are no other alternaives. So, I guess I'm stuck with them until my contract is up. By the way, I only live less than 2 miles from the signal tower! Even with a few trees and buildings in the way I should be able to maintain at least 3 bars. At the moment I am getting 2 bars after I moved the modem over about 4 feet and up about a foot. If I put it back in its original tech-installed location, it completely disconnects. Since this has happened, I would not recommend this service due to poor customer service. It seems like as long as they get their monthly fee, it doesn't matter if you are happy or not.
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Service great, Honesty sucks
Posted by Fairfield on 09/21/2006
BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON -- Last May I started a consulting position in Bellingham, WA. I would be on this project for several months living in my RV. I needed Internet access and thought I found the perfect method. A company called Clearwire offered wireless Internet at a reasonable price. I signed up at a kiosk in Bellis Fair mall and took the modem home. I set it up, plugged it in, and connected to the laptop and was on the Internet in seconds. Never a hassle or problem all summer. I became very enthused about the service and told many others about it.

One of the neat features described by the salesman was that if I moved to an area where Clearwire was not available I could simply turn in the modem and have no more obligations.

At the end of August my job was finished and I turned in the modem to the southern Bellingham office. They accepted the modem graciously and said that I would be contacted by a rep by phone. I was but he had a very different Story. I owned Clearwire $180 for leaving early. He was very firm and insistent. He cared nothing about my promises at sign-up time. He said I could transfer the remaining contract to a new person and clear my obligations. I did find someone to take over but when they went in to sign up they were told that they would have to sign a new 2 year agreement and that 4 months would be deducted. This scared the potential customer and they backed out so now I'm left with paying the rest of the monthly fees or the cancellation fee.

So far no I have had no other resolution.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-09-21:
My guess is they hid this minor detail in the contract in the small print. I've never heard of an ISP contract that was set for X months. Usually you see that with cellphone contracts. It is unfortunate their are sales folks out there who will do/say anything to close a deal. There are probably more than we think, which is why we must always read the small print. If you know someone else in the area, perhaps they can take over your contract for you?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-21:
DITTO to Sparticus comment and I would add sales people are by job description, cold and caulis to the needs of whom ever they are trying to sell to.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-09-21:
Sparticus usually with DSL you have a contract (where I have lived). I know with mine (Verizon) I had to sign for one year and the early termination fee was $79.00. Same thing with SBC (AT&T) dsl. Of course you can elect to have no contract but that just about doubles the price per month. I've had cable internet and that had no contract. I wonder why cable providers aren't jumping on the contract bandwagon.
Posted by Fairfield on 2008-01-07:
This is the person that started the thread and there was resolution. My wife got on the phone and started up the ladder. They eventually waved the termination fee so I would recommend them again.

Incidentally, Clearwire, is a wireless service that gets you an on line connection. We have tried others like AT&T but this is better.
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Clear, it kinda works
Posted by Pistol Pete on 04/07/2010
In January 2010 I got a postcard offering home and mobile wimax from Clear for $50.00 for life. Ok good. They advertise super fast internet anywhere in their coverage area. I am in the Chicago market. Well the day I got the modems I was so excited. They claim speeds up to 10 meg. They guarantee speeds of 3meg. Well I got. 27 meg on the first day. WOW!!! I called and they said that they will create a service ticket. They will extend my 7 day trial period and I should call back in a week. I found antennasearch and looked up the antennas in my area. I am triangulated between 3 Clearwire antennas. One is about 200 yards across the street from me. I had tech support on the phone and was driving from tower to tower checking speeds and they ranged from. 12 to 2.7 meg. the 2.7 meg was about 4 miles from my home and was in the Clear store parking lot.

Well anyway after 2 months of calling in every week they finally sent a service tech out, we sat outside and he tried a speed test. He said hey this really is bad. I said I know. He said he would open a service ticket for engineering. I had tried to cancel in Feb and they talked me out of it by extending the trial period and crediting my Clearwire account for Feb. (I still paid the original 60.98 when I signed up). I went into a Clear store down the road from me. They have a tower in their parking lot and only get like 2.5 meg. super fast? NOPE. 20 mile from my home I did find a spot where I did get an 8.5, but this was at the junction of three major expressways and there really is no one there using up bandwidth.

I get all the lights on my modems at my home but the speeds are almost non existent. I called in yesterday again acting like I want to keep the service and they did not care and even wanted me to cancel because they would charge me for a service that does not work. I went through 2 hrs and 5 different people until I finally got credit for next month hoping that it may come online. I am not on the fringe of the coverage area, in fact yesterday was the first time in 3 months I got somewhat of an answer as to what is going on. One tech actually did some investigating and found that while my ticket says nothing, there are about 80 or so issues that relate to the towers by me. Specifically the one across the street. He said it may be until September until it works. I asked him why would they sell something that does not work? and expect to get paid for it? Fraud is what comes to mind. they tried to get me to agree to a lower fee until it works. I said no way. why would I pay for something that does not work and why would I commit? they were trying to get me to agree to a 2 year commitment that has been on hold until the service works. In other words they were trying to be slick and get me out of the agreement they made with me not to commit to service until it works.

Why would anyone commit to something that does not work. Some of the people at clear on the phone are nice and have sense, but most of them are just warm bodies that have no clue. I asked for a number to corporate as you cannot find one online, and the one girl Rene was her name said "That will never happen" I asked about crediting me for the time until the service works, she said "that will not happen we already credited you for 2 months" I said yeah but you sold me an empty box. she was sooo rude. I asked for my money back and she said we already credited you clear account for 2 months. And I replied, you credited me so I would not be charged for an empty box, you still have my $60.98 from when I signed up, and she replied that they credited my account with clear, I said yes but I still have an empty box, so I am out $60.98 for an empty box. She still did not understand and hung up on me.

The service will be nice if they ever get it to work. I think as a customer I have been very patient, and even helpful, but the misrepresentation of speeds and service coverage, along with the general disrespect from customer service is unacceptable.

Would I recommend Clear at this point? No way. Will I stick it out until it works? If they keep crediting me I will wait and see, if they try to get me to commit to something that does not work, and try to charge me for something that is anything but useful? No way. they are sending return labels for the modems and I have 10 days to use them. Even though they credited me for next month already I think I will just send the garbage back and get my $60.98 back and say goodbye to this company. I do not see them lasting very long here in Chicago with this garbage.

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Open Fraud Confirmed
Posted by Qofthes on 09/23/2010
Troubles with Clear.com
Troubles with Clear.com
KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- The 4G WiMAX plan sells a service of up to <6 Mb/s download speeds. I am at the 11th month. I am adjustable and easy to satisfy, and have adapted to their service, which is maybe 1.2 Mb/s download speed max, ever.

Since 2 weeks ago, between 11 AM and Midnight, or even later, with the same functionality and equipment, the download speed is 25 kb/s, or 0.42 % of 6 MB. I am paying $45; this "speed" would cost $0.19. The frustrating NONO is that I have never even once received a response to my tickets, their chat room is always busy, thus support inaccessible, and when I finally reached tech support on the phone, they made me jump through bogus hoops (have been on the Internet since 1994).

The 25 kb/s situation is not changing. I can hardly use my browser. Have filed a complaint with the WA BBB, and will contact their Attorney General, too.

Just want every one to know, before paying for their falsely promised "service", what to expect.

According to what I have seen, this is OPEN FRAUD.
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Posted by johnusca on 2011-07-15:
I am so sorry to hear the complaints about ClearWire. But its system is dirt cheap. The new 4G don't really achieve on its speed and range very well because its new modems. Therefore, its switches and Microwaves are so slow to carry the bandwidth because they are still on the equipment of 3G.
Don't even think to use the Clearwire service. The system is so cheap and not very reliable.
Why do you have to pay 45 bucks for a speed as not as fast than a 2mbps.
Posted by Bob on 2013-06-07:
I liked Clearwire at first, it was big improvement over my DSL. But now, I normally get only 1 light on my modem, Clear's webpage says I should get at least 2 lights (out of 5, signal strength) Speed tests prove I get less that 1mb, often 1/4 of 1MB. Incredibly slow with constant disconnects. I guess I'll go back to DSL, at least it was reliable albeit slower.
Posted by Darsie on 2013-09-04:
Fraud alert. Key logger...
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Customer Service is friendly
Posted by X2r3x on 03/21/2010
I signed up for the service in January 2010 because I saw a postcard come in the mail offering a free $50 Amex gift card. To start, I have yet to receive this but then again I'm sure I didn't read something in the fine print that probably says I need to be a customer for 2 years before the release the incentive. But anyways now to the service. While it is really cool to have blazing fast speeds anywhere you want in the city. I have had the device fail to get a signal in the most critical times of need.

1. All of their ads on billboards represent a laptop in a car streaming some online content. Well on multiple occasions I have tried using my laptop while someone else is driving and the device will fail to keep a signal for more than about 2 minutes. So if you are doing a gotomeeting, you'll find yourself constantly being kicked out of meetings due to a lost connection

2. The home modem blows beyond belief. I called about this but they want you to spend hours on the phone will someone reading instructions off the screen when we all know what the end result is. I already know this thing. Since I'm renting the modem I have just placed it on the back porch of my house and ran wires back inside. If the modem gets weathered, clear will either have to keep replacing it or let me out of my contract.

3. The techs are friendly but calling them tech's are an overstatement.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-21:
"Customer Service is friendly, but retarded", that wasn't very nice to people with disablilites. NH
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-21:
You're right Super. Extremely poor choice of words! I lost interest in reading the post after I got through the title.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-03-21:
I will not read this review until it is redone, removing that terrible word. What comes next, you use the N word? You need to learn some manners.
Posted by dan gordon on 2010-03-21:
I actually have to agree with the poster. I'm going into my 2nd yr and some techs are helpful but you get no result. They have no ability to adjust your bill. The actually do have certain specialists for phone and modem issues but the first person you talk to tries to do it all. I like their service but it is frustrating to deal with them at times. I don't find the retarded nearly as offensive as the reviews that start out talking about the 'foreigners' and I'm a good christian.........
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-21:
Maybe not Dan, but the terms of service clearly state that posters should be 'respectful'. I don't think I would want that word used as an adjective on me, and it is not respectful to anyone!

Starlord, agreed!
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CLEARly a Bad Experience, Stay Away from CLEARWIRE
Posted by Butterfly8 on 10/15/2010

I was shopping for broadband service, visited several locations, spoke with different companies, and after careful consideration and internet research decided to go with Clear.

10/08/2010: After a second visit, kiosk location, I made a purchase of a broadband device Clear 4G Mobile USB order #3010063 based on rep's recommendation as a result of search based on my home address as well as an explanation of my needs for on the go access. I went home and had no access at all, no connection was found from any part of the house, my parking lot or even my development. As the chat with a Clear Rep. confirms, there is no service in my area.

Here, based on his recommendation, an express warranty was created, as a purchaser, I do have a direct action against the seller. The warranty was breached, the product is not as represented. Therefore, I will be filing a suit on the theory of breach of implied.
10/09/2010: at approximately 11:15 AM I returned to the location of purchase, to return the device and get my money back. I was told that I could return within 14 days, here, it was less than 24 hours later. I need the access for Tuesday, for class, so by returning it promptly, I would have a chance to make a purchase with another company, however, I do need those funds back to make yet another purchase. There was someone else at the location; and after I explained to him that I could not get a connection with the device that I was sold, he quickly responded that I had the wrong device, that I needed something different; he said that he could not help me, give me my money back.

I said that my purchase was made based on recommendation. He was angry. He said I was being mean because he is Black, not true. He said he was going to call security, there were cameras everywhere and that everyone knows him because he is a nice guy; irrelevant. He was angry. I was mistreated. He told me to leave the kiosk because I was making a scene. I was afraid he was going to hit me, he was angry, his eye contact intense and speaking/ yelling at me. He caused me apprehension. Here, all the facts lead me to the intentional tort of assault, I am able to establish the prima facie case successfully, therefore, I will be filling a claim for assault.

In addition, I was an invitee at the location, someone at the location for the purposes of a business transaction; and there is a duty owned to me for a safe environment where a reasonable person would expect to come in and be treated with decency. Therefore, I will be filling a suit on the grounds of negligence.

After chatting at the company website, I was also told that I was sold the wrong device, I was told that she could not do anything for me.

I am out of the money, I have no service, since I am out of the money, I am unable to shop elsewhere until I have the money back.

The cost of the device is the equivalent of roughly 5.5 hrs of retail work before taxes.

10/11 Called the company again, and after a very frustrating conversation, I was told that she was going to send me an UPS return label, she could not return my money, I explained my urgency, the fact that I got screwed, I would expect them to handle it properly, and return my money, so I could go elsewhere... no that didn't happen. I was told it would be an overnight return label, and that a return would take about 3 -
5 business days... it was a ground UPS return label... today is 10/15... no money.



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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-15:
I hear you, my needs weren't met either.
Posted by rasman2010 on 2011-04-14:
File with BBB, sue them, they had it coming. There are thousands like you who see how CW cheats.
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Public Service Notice: Beware Of Clear.com!
Posted by Dallas Texas on 08/29/2010
KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- This summer, I took over a Clearwire contract from another unhappy customer (my old roommate). At the start, I was quoted a price of $40.00 a month (without a pre-scheduled increase) for 4G Wireless Internet Service by Clear.com.

The original Clearwire equipment that I purchased didn't work properly, so Clear sent to me several different versions of the equipment - but none worked. Their 4G equipment could not get and hold a signal - continuous disconnects. I worked with Techs for hours. So after many calls, they finally sent me a (much slower) 3G/4G piece of equipment - And, I was told that my monthly service charge would go down to $25.00 per month since the 3G service would be much slower (and for all the trouble that I'd been through).

A few days later, I find that my monthly service charge had been more than doubled to $55.00 per month. So I called CS and complained - and Clear.com (specifically a helpless supervisor named Sharon) begrudgingly lowered it to $40.00 temporarily, but said that it would rise again to $55.00 monthly in six months. And, if I didn't like it, too bad. I was welcome to take my business elsewhere. (!)

I am still in shock. I did NOT agree to this contract! Clear.com did not provide the 4G Service OR the Price that they promised. ALL LIES! Before switching to Clear.com, I was paying much less per month with TimeWarner, and now I regret that I ever left. The deal I had with TimeWarner is no longer available.

I feel that I have personally been victimized by a Bait-and-Switch SCAM by Clear.com. I also firmly believe that Clearwire has violated my rights as a consumer with Deceptive Trade Practices. And obviously, I am not alone in my complaints.

PLEASE SEE: http://www.tzlegal.com/news-cases/clearwire/

DID YOU KNOW... About the national CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT that was filed against Clearwire? I didn’t.
I guess I found out the hard way.

If you are considering Clear.com / Clearwire… DON'T!

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Posted by Alain on 2010-08-30:
I'm assuming you took Clearwire's offer to take your business elsewhere.
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Clear is getting foggier and foggier...
Posted by Nojoy on 04/26/2010
Unlike some that I have read, I was able to wrangle a six month contract from their services representative (at least that's what we agreed to having). I've now had the service for 3 months and each week I'm more and more dissatisfied with the speeds. I do a lot of late night online gaming, downloading and watching shows and talking via IM's to friends. The service started out fine, but month by month the signal speed seems to be dropping. the onscreen bars show full, but no internet signal is actually found and of this date rest assured that my signal cuts out or is dropped on average 10 times the first hour so that I now have to 'warm-up' the signal before I actually do anything to avoid the risk of being dropped during a crucial part of a game. Many non-gamers out there could easily deride my issues with need for a fast signal, but when the items you are 'playing' with have taken you weeks to months to attain and are destroyed or dropped during a few seconds of signal loss yet, well to say it nicely - I'm livid and feeling more than a bit angry that this service has lied about it's actual abilities. I bought this service mainly for the sheer intent of gaming, but it's far too unreliable. My roommate also considered purchasing it as well, but now he's not touching it and going with another provider.

I'm writing this now seething as my latest game effort was for the 4th time ruined by a disconnect from CLEAR. I lost a lot of gear and it will take me weeks to restore what was lost as the computer image locked then registered a login screen with a subwindow telling me - 'connection unplugged' yet again. My signal worsens now linearly and I thought it was just me looking at an errant pattern, but I've read of many other cases having the same experience -what gives??!!
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-04-26:
Satellite internet providers enforce what they call "Fair Access Policy" which limits the amount of bandwidth you can download each day sincce it is on a shared connection. I'm not sure but maybe Clear has some type of policy like the satellite providers. You should ask them.
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Don't Get Clearwire! Its a Lie!
Posted by Wowplayer on 09/24/2009
I saw the commercial many times saying 'fast High Speed internet" and I thought to check them out and go to the mall where the have a little stand and inquire about It. From how the lady described It It was as tho This was the #1 Internet In the world So I signed up. As soon as I got home I plugged It In and I had the Crappiest connection possible I had 5,276 lat ms and I had five bars. Called up the Hotline and Its as tho they know nothing all they say Is " move the modem" and that doesn't do anything. There online support Is just as bad If not worse. So far I've had Clearwire For almost 6 months and Its the biggest Lie in the World. I play a Online Role Playing Game and Half the time I can't logg on. I get Disconnected Or My connection is so badly it takes Twice the time for me to cast a spell or do a certain ability. And With It being a Online game Its not fun getting killed because your connection is so bad you can't do anything back. With regular Surfing of the web Its the same to watch a 20second vid on youtube It needs to buffer a ton of times and it takes more than a minute Just to watch a short thing like that. Clearwire says that they never have "down" times and thats all I get. Most of the time its off-line for 2-3 hours at a time. And the connection speed is always changing, even If you have the modem in the same area It will change from good to bad. And Talk on the phone with there support Is #1 I need to wait for ever, and #2 when I finally get a hold of someone they give me a attitude like its not working because of me and I did something to it. They will say in a sarcastic tone "oh well did you touch it to make it that way?" or "Don't raise your voice, while talking to me sir" when I'm talking normally. Plus they have hung up on my numerous times for no reason. They'll say "well sir thats your problem you did something to it and we can't help you" and they'll hang up. Overall Do not get this service I don't want anyone to go through what this service puts me and many other people to. What I say is were paying for it it should be a good connection all the time not only when the modem or what ever feels like it. were paying for the internet to be up only 5% of the time and all the rest is a crappy connection. So please don't get this service they are a lie. And they should be sued for ripping of everyone what there false statements on There "fast and Reliable" internet. -nathan
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-24:
Is it cable, ISDN, DSL, what?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-09-24:
LadyScot - it's "wi-max", the newest version of wi-fi with a range of miles instead of feet. They are new in my town and are advertising 6MB speeds at home and mobile for $55/mo.

It sounds good, but I have seen many reports like this one that the actual service falls short and they absolutely will not let you out of their contract.

They have been blanketing me with junk mail for months now to get me to switch. I called and asked if they would offer a no-obligation trial to see if it worked in my part of town - they declined. So I will stick with DSL for now.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-24:
Clearwire uses a newer technology called WiMAX. It has a wireless range of about 35 miles. I know of it because I'm almost done with a master's in networks and communications management (concentration on wireless technologies). This is just too new a technology for me to consider subscribing to it.
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