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Clearwire - Watch Out!
Posted by Javiersoler on 09/20/2012
Sent the wrong modem after I asked several times for the correct one. They sent a return label for the original modem and shipped a second one. Charged S&H for BOTH modems and would not honor a sale on the internet. Bottom line, I had to spend over three hours on the phone with these people and could not get them to understand, or ackowledge, their mistake. After frustrating hours on the phone, I simply cancelled all service requests and returned their equipment.

I am now disputing their S&H charges with my credit card company. I have no idea if their service is any good, but judging by their customer service, I don't want to risk finding out.

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Clear works well with some drawbacks
Posted by Andy D on 03/02/2010
Clear is new 4G wireless internet service. It provides internet service similar to cellular broadband cards (although MUCH MUCH faster) and also provides a home modem for home use in addition to their own VOIP service (similar to Vonage)

Unlike cable or DSL internet service they are a radio based service there are no wires into your home you receive your internet service through the air. They are in service in 27 major cities and growing.

Here's my experience. Their price is phenomenal I get a mobile card VOIP and my home internet for what I paid the phone company for DSL and a home phone and Clear comes with free long distance. In addition they offer some of the best international rates I have seen (international is not included in the free long distance plan) but we make calls to Germany and their international rate is 2 cents per minute. I can get that international rate through calling card services but they all add a $5 or so monthly fee on Clear I just pay for the international minutes added to my monthly fee. Clear also offers call forwarding services with a few more options than the phone company but you have to activate it and deactivate it on their website. A nice feature is voicemail by email if you get a message they can email a wave file to you you can play on your computer. This is included in the VOIP service.

Since they are a radio service it's like TV with the old rabbit ears. It may work where you are and it may not. You may have to move the modem around. I put my home modem in on the window sill and it works fine. The mobile modem doesn't work in my house. I did buy a 15 foot USB extension cable and put the modem by a window and then it worked. I tried in a hotel in San Antonio and the same problem no signal in the room but moving the modem to a window with the extension cable and it was fine. At a location in Chicago I had an excellent signal everywhere in the building.

Service is very fast. It is noticeably faster than my DSL service. But unlike cellular broadband cards clear will ONLY work with clear. The cellular cards will work in 3G coverage areas and default back to regular cell towers if 3G is not available. Now service is painfully slow on a cellular card if 3G isn't available but you will have service. In weak areas the cellular service will drop to slow service if 3G service is spotty, so usually you can keep working just slowly. This doesn't happen with Clear. If Clear can't get a signal (or loses it) it can't default to another available (albeit slower) service. I tried this driving out of the San Antonio airport. Clear had a signal when I got on the hotel van and lost it when we drove under a terminal then gained it again between terminals. However, Clear's price is much less. I had a cellular broadband card and it cost $60/month. The Cellular broadband card also dropped A LOT. Clear gives me 2 modems my voice and free long distance for $70. (before tax prices)

Much of the frustration here seems to be connected with Clear contracts. You can avoid all that hassle by buying the modems. All of my equipment home modem, mobile modem and VOIP adapter cost about $150. That alternative is leasing the equipment for $12/month. Basically in just over a year you pay for the equipment. With leasing though you are tied into a 2 year contract. My advice, buy from a place that takes things back and try it if it doesn't work at your location take it back.

Clear offers a mobile hot spot device (I don't have this---yet) for $140 and I am thinking about that then you could put you mobile modem and hotcpot device in a window and use your computer near it avoiding my cable connection option. At home I connected the home modem into my router and I use my home wireless network and that works fantastic. I have the modem where it gets a good signal and use the wireless router signel for computers throughout the house.

Overall, Clear provides me for $70/month what I was paying almost $120 a month for. It has its drawbacks of "no signal no service" and doesn't have the coverage that the cellular providers have. However, for occasional mobile use if you are willing use a cable to locate the mobile modem where it gets a good signal it is more than adequate.

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Posted by AndyAusTx on 2010-05-17:
OK I have had clear fr 4 months now. I would rate the home service an A-. Not as good as the phone company but acceptable. We've had 4 outages up to an hour. I would rate the mobile service as a D. It works sometimes. Mobile use in a vehicle is terrible. Clear seems to take 5-10 seconds to change towers and in a car at 60 MPH this means you are down about 25% of the time. Again though I would say the price is their selling point much much less, but you get what you pay for not nearly as reliable as the phone company mobile offerings.
Posted by Andy D on 2010-07-18:
More followup after 6 months. In month 5 something happened with their network service was slow and VOIP phone was so awful nearly half the time it didn't work. Then a month later everything started working again. Perhaps when I called and said "if this doesn't work I am going back to ATT" helped as 2 weeks later no problems. As for speed and reliability usually the internet works but speeds vary greatly, and pingtest.net usually rates the connection as a D. (on A-F scale) in contract DSL usually gets a B. Multiple runs of speedtest.net will sometimes get as much a 7mbps and as low as .8 my guess is an average of 1.5 mbps. Although I am not a power user so speed isn't an issue for me.

The mobile card was also frustrating sometimes it would works sometimes it wouldn't. It is (in my opinion) USELESS in a moving vehicle why they even advertise that amazes me. If you go with mobile go for the 3g/4g it's only $15 more per month, the 4g only is OK if you aren't moving and in a good signal area but terrible if you are moving. I have even had trouble at Chicago Midway airport seems to work in some gates and not in others.

I like the Clear price it's like $50 less than what I had been paying but it is VERY substandard to DSL and the phone company mobile internet services. I know they are new and think they are still stabilizing their service
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Clearwire. . .clearly not worth the trouble
Posted by Chef J on 01/27/2010
January 27, 2010

In the mere week or more I have been a clear customer, I have had nothing but problems. First, I was told that I was right in the middle of the network and using the USB mobile modem would be no problem. The rep, Kip, even told me he was able to download a high definition movie, using the USB, in six minutes. I found this hard to believe, but continued anyway.
After I became a customer, I got home and found that I could not get online with the USB modem. When I called for assistance, all the customer service representative could recommend was that I move my desk and such to the window. Rather than address the problem? I was able to talk to someone else who decided to send me the home modem. I was willing to have a look at this, however, it was not what I signed up for and defeated the purpose of getting mobile internet service. I decided to try it anyway.
After waiting for the home modem, it finally arrived and guess what? No service again. I called for technical support and they suggested I move the modem around to different spots to get a signal. I did so and got a minimal signal. Needless to say that at this point I am becoming irritated and ill impressed. I decided to try it.
Next I found either the discrepancy on my account or it was something else. I can hardly remember exactly as I have been on the phone with Clear nearly everyday since I have been a customer. At any rate, I expressed my concern about the charge, the representative I remember as Katherine, was helpful as I also expressed my hesitation at even continuing my service with Clear. She suggested a wireless router to boost my signal and provide me wireless internet at least in my home. Even though this wasn't the point of becoming a customer, I decided to give that a try. She said she would “over-night” this router to me. It didn't arrive for several days.
When the router came, I was excited though I had to drive across town in heavy traffic to pick it up. This took about an hour. Once I got it home, I commenced to set up my new router and hoped my problems would be over. Instead, a new set of problems emerged. The software did not work with my brand new laptop, there was $30.40 of funds still on hold on my bank account from Clear, and I was still not able to get online with the signal as promised by the Clear representative As of this moment, in fact, the funds are still on hold.
I have, by the way, also spoken with account services twice in regards to this. Once, I was even on a conference call with my bank and the Clear account representative The bank gave explicit instructions as to what the Clear representative needed to do to release these funds. Within a day or so I got an email from the bank saying that the Clear representative had not executed the instructions properly. I called and spent another 45 minutes on the phone with Clear. Incidentally, each time I have had to call Clear, I have spent at least 45 minutes to well over an hour on the phone each time. I don't even talk to anyone in my family that long.
Since then, I have been on the phone for an hour twice with technical support for the router. The first time was to get the router set up using online software, the second to voice the problem that whenever I restart my computer, I also have to reboot the router.
I am not encouraged by Clear's inept ability to solve problems. The continual apologies by each representative I speak to, have now become annoying and seem insincere. The funds are still on hold. I have spent hours on the phone with either account services or technical support. The service has not worked as promised and I now attempt to use a version of the service that I wasn't even in the market for.
In short, I am not impressed. I am currently looking to return to cable internet and use a wireless service through my cell phone service. I am curious as to how Clear thinks they will meet the needs of a growing customer base with this kind of service. I saw a Clear representative selling service at my college. I suggested that no one should sign up and shared a brief synopsis of my experience. I have also relayed part of this nightmare with the local Best Buy where I signed up with Clear when I bought my laptop. I will be happy to inform the corporate offices as well. As for now, I am simply tired of being on the phone.
To Clear I would suggest the following: Fix the problems, better train your support staff, take better care of your customers, financially compensate for the endless inconvenience. There is no chance that I would recommend this service to anyone. It has been the worst experience I have ever had with any kind of service.

Chef J.

P.S. It's funny. When I tried to email this to Clear, there isn't even an email address on their “Contact Us” page. Can't say I'm surprised. I would expect their In-box would be filled with letters like this one.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-27:
I wouldn't trust this relatively new (WiMAX) technology yet.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-27:
my boyfriend's parents tried clearwater

they canceled in about a week when they saw they could only pull a fraction of the advertised bandwidth
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Don't Sign Up with Clearwire Internet Service - It's Highway Robbery
Posted by Consumer for Justice on 10/15/2009
My daughter was in college at the University of Hawaii and in February, 2009 she needed internet service. She called Clearwire over the phone and asked me to call them also to check it out. (I live in Oklahoma) I did call and I talked to them about their service, etc. At that time, they needed my credit card number to start the service. I agreed for them to charge my credit card monthly for this service for my daughter while she finished the semester.

Once my daughter had the service for about three months she got a new roommate that had service with another carrier and she did not need Clearwire anymore. She called Clearwire to inform them she needed to cancel. At that time, they told her it would be a fee of $250 to stop the service because she had a TWO YEAR CONTRACT! That was the first time we had ever heard such a thing from them and WE BOTH TALKED to Clearwire customer service before signing up with them. NEVER did they say anything about a contract and I have NEVER heard of an internet service having contracts, let alone not telling you about it!

Even after she returned the modem and moved back to Oklahoma (Clearwire is not in Okla) they kept billing my credit card. I was paying for service we did not even have and it was a nightmare because you are at their mercy once they get your credit card number! I talked to customer service time and time again and they finally said they would not charge my credit card anymore. Then I got my last bill last week and they had charged my account with a $185 cancellation fee even though they said they did not charge anything more! So it cost me $488.45 for three months of internet service for my daughter. This company takes advantage of young college students and parents by not revealing all of their policies at the time you sign up. They are crooks and their name should be called "HIGHWAY ROBBERY CLEARWIRE INTERNET SERVICE". Consumers please beware of this internet provider and I would never sign up with them........I am just praying that next month they won't have more charges on my account. I have also contacted the Better Business Bureau and have a complaint filed with them on this scam-er business.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
Why go through all the hassle of messing with Clearwater? Why not just contact your card service and dispute the charge?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
You never heard of any internet service having a contract? You're in the dark buddy. Once they have you they don't want to let go. All internet services have contracts just like cell phone contracts. You just need to pay more attention when you start any kind of service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
Just, I have had Charter internet, not contract. I currently have DSL, no contract....
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
DSL with no contract? From who? I really hope Clearwire isn't that bad, I just applied for a job with them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
I use At&T (Bellsouth) for my DSL. No contract. Just month to month. When I had cable internet with Charter, I also had no contract. Just month to month.
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Posted by Yankeedjw on 07/25/2012
SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Clearwire is is awful in every regard. I'm currently on the phone with them trying to cancel and they won't let me because everything "looks good on their end." That's nice except it has "worked" inconsistently on my end for the past 18 months. Most of the time it doesn't work at all. The only reason I haven't called sooner is because of what is happening now: I've been on the phone for almost 2 hours and three different departments and am not close to a resolution. What a waste of time and money. Stay away!
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Posted by michael on 2013-01-16:
been THEARE done that and let them keep the tee shirt CLEAR
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Internet Speed, Tower Congestion and Customer Service
Posted by Tropicalsafari918 on 05/30/2012
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Clearwire must be the WORST internet provider I have ever used! I spent $100's to get a better internet speed, but NOPE - they decide to oversell their services to the their towers! BUILD MORE TOWERS IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! And for your customer service....train your supervisors better as they have no clue how to deal with customers! I even had a comment from another internet supplier NOT to use Clearwire if you want to watch movies without interruption! And people READ the small print...they are out to catch you! Worst company I have dealt with EVER!!! STAY AWAY FROM CLEAR! THERE IS NOTHING CLEAR ABOUT THEM!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-01:
Your complaint is similar to others both here and on other sites about Clearwire's equipment problems. You can file an official complaint at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml and http://www.fcc.gov/complaints Thanks for your review warning other consumers about this problem!
Posted by PS JOHNSON on 2013-07-23:
I've had problems with my service because I used a debit card, which I asked not be used ongoing
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Stop Calling Me
Posted by Ccole on 09/03/2011
I received a new phone number in January of this year. Clearwire has called me anywhere from 10-15 times a day since I got this number. The problem is.. I am not the person they are trying to reach, I do not now nor have I ever had an account with them. If I "ignore" the call they will call me right back. I have explained to them numerous times that I am not who they are trying to reach, but the calls continue. Now I am reduced to getting another number. Frankly, Clearwire should not do business in any community.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-09-03:
Can you block the number they are calling from? That's what I do when I get unwanted calls. I add them to my block list, and they are not allowed to get through to me.
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Stay Away From Clearwire
Posted by Rasman2010 on 04/14/2011
I had Clearwire internet for 2, 5 years. Ever since we moved to another location our modem was showing 4 (out of 5) bars but internet speed was not faster than dial-up. My 2 yr contract expired and I was on month-to-month basis. One month ago (March) my credit card expired and I activated new one. On that exact day they stopped my service even though there was no balance due. Internet never worked ever since. One month later they call me and say that I owe them for that month and they deny any service interruptions that month.

(exact same day, what a coincidence) Now someone calls me 5 times a day and leaves blank message and when I finally talked to them representative and then supervisor agreed to contact me via mail only but still calling 5 times a day. They failed to provide promised high speed internet, they failed their terms and conditions by interrupting my service while it was paid, they demand payment for service that the have not provided.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-04-16:
You could argue with them about paying or you can pay them and dump them for another provider. Your review and others like it will keep me from considering Clearwire for myself. Thank you for the warning.
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Misleading Promotion
Posted by Extremely aggravated on 02/11/2011
I placed an order for new internet service via chat yesterday. At the time, the website indicated that if I were to purchase service within the next hour, I will receive service in 24 hours. It was also confirmed by the representative on chat that I will receive the equipment today via FedEx overnight. Upon receiving the FedEx tracking number and checking the status of the shipment, I just realized I will not be receiving the equipment until Monday the 14th.

This is my first experience with CLEAR and much to my disappointment, CLEAR has fallen short in the following ways: 1) Its website was misleading with its countdown clock...indicating that if I sign up for service within the next hour, I would be up and running in 24 hours. FALSE - especially when I will not be receiving the equipment until Monday (4 days after activation of my service)
2) Upon confirming my order, the representative on chat confirmed the same time line that I will be receiving my equipment today, Feb 11. In reality, he reaffirmed a claim that CLEAR could not deliver on and more importantly, misrepresented its offering online and via its representative.
3) When I called customer service today to voice my complaint and dissatisfaction, I was told that unfortunately the order was not processed until 10pm last evening and that CLEAR has no control over FedEx's processing of its shipment. The message to me was "now that I'm a customer, customer service will not be able to assist me with my concerns and I have no grounds for complaint until I physically receive the equipment, at that point, I will have to call account services for assistance." Very disappointing that CLEAR's customer service motto is to make its customers jump through hoops with its complaints, even in light of its own misleading promotions.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-02-11:
What time did you place your order? That makes all the difference. They should not have told you, you would receive it today, unless they were absolutely positive. They should also have a cut off time. They allow people to think they will be up and running in 24 hours, only if their order is processed within the time frame needed. Yes, they promised you something, they are not delivering on.

Since it's shipping today, hopefully overnight, you should receive it Monday, which is the next business day, unless it is shipping for Saturday delivery, which it does not sound like it is.
Posted by dan gordon on 2011-02-11:
I've had clear for a few yrs and enjoy it. Obviously you have to receive the modem before you can get going.
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Posted by RB2011 on 02/09/2011
I started clear service but decided to go with a different internet provider. I called to cancel my service on 1-24-11 & was told that even though I paid in cash, it would be refunded to the credit card on my account. She said that I would get a the money for the fees back within 48 hours and once the modem was received & processed I would be refunded for that as well. 3 weeks later, & after talking to customer service about 10 different times, I still have not received a check or a credit to my card. The last person I talked to was a manager who told me that because I paid in cash a check has been issued. His name was mark and he said it was issued on 2-4-11. I still have not received it. I don't understand why I was lied to so many times (and may still be being lied to because I haven't my money back). Also why something that took the store associate 5 minutes to give me the equipment and take my cash, is causing such a headache and more than 3 weeks to be refunded!!! I did EVERYTHING correct on my part. I called within just a few days of getting the service to cancel it, I sent back the modem the VERY NEXT DAY, I've called numerous times to check on the status & I have STILL failed to be refunded. This has been the absolute WORST & most ridiculous experience I have EVER had with a internet provider & I will NEVER consider clear again or recommend them to anybody.
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