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If You Want a Good Service Go to AT&T, Sprint Anything Besides Clearwire
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Keep your receipts if your using Clearwire - since when do you pay contract fees when you don't sign a contract? This company states that you are not under a contract but charge you contract fees, say if you lose your device or your device was stolen. The company is not worth the money, there is no uniform pricing available they (the stores and the customer service department) charge what they want to and then don't keep a record of it but it comes out of your charge account and you have a record of the charges but the company can't explain why you were charged. On their receipts there is no cancellation policy nor refund policy.

Don't Use Clearwire
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Rating: 2/51

I was a Clearwire customer for about a year. We had their 4g internet service and home telephone service. When it worked it was OK but many times the service was down. When I contacted Clear they always said the same thing - adjust your modem, turn your modem a little, find a different spot for your modem. I think the truth is they turn down their transmit power or turn it off to save money. It was normally down on weekends or weekend mornings. It also slowed down if I was downloading a large file (we were to have unlimited data service).

Their technical department was useless and when I called to cancel they were rude. When I cancelled they said I should have called and when I explained that I called many times and just called last week he basically said I was lying. It took about a half hour to get him to finally cancel the service. Bottom line - use someone else.

CLEARWIRE - CLEAR - Clearly not the Friday Night Special
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Rating: 1/51

MOSCOW, IDAHO -- We purchased Clearwire service as a backup wireless internet service and have used it for 7 years. Occasionally we have had problems with Clearwire, but for the most part - happy with it. Several months ago, our service went out. After plugging, unplugging and checking everything; Clearwire sent us a new modem. Again, on a Friday night, last Friday night to be specific... 4 lights are on the modem, but "you can't connect to the internet." After exhaustive calls to the tech center; one of them decided it was our modem again and sent us a new one. It worked.

One week later it's Friday night again and we have 5 lights on our new refurbished modem and "you can't connect to the internet." After contacting tech support via live chat - I politely and firmly disconnected. Apparently Clearwire wireless can't fix their problems and I need to find a reliable service that I can use for a backup internet service. That's my Clearwire story. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Clear 4G is awesome!
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Rating: 5/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- I love it! I seen an ad this last Saturday afternoon for 4G internet. I went online and looked at blog reviews and they were mixed. Some thought it was great others not. The main issue seemed to be reception you either get it or you don't (obvious I know). I decided that for $150.00 ($99 for unit and $49 for 1st month) it was worth a shot to see which side of this coin I landed on. I ordered it that Saturday, they shipped it that Monday and I received it Tuesday afternoon. It took me 10 minutes to set up and I was running my computer, laptop and PS3 online!

I wanted to put it to the test and try to jam it up, so I played Pandora on one, YouTube videos on the other and was online gaming with my PS3 at the same time! It didn't skip a beat and this was with only 3 out of the 5 dots of reception. No, I do not live near a tower although they are around me none are really close by.

I am thankful I landed on the happy side of the debate over Clear's internet service. I had to be cautious because I have been with Comcast over a decade and if I prematurely jump the gun and dump them I would lose any customer loyalty discount that I may have (which is almost nonexistent). I am happy to say I will be dumping Comcast and their 'go ** you' attitude towards their longtime customers. I am recommending Clear to all of my friends and family.

Stay Away from Clearwire/Clear
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KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- I would not recommend Clear (or Clearwire?) to ANYone. Terrible customer service - the employee and manager in the store when we signed up lied to our face several times about the rates and plans available. Looked up rates and plans myself IN the store as they lied to us, then they reluctantly admitted that they did have these other plans and rates available. Oh and the store manager spent most of the time we were there outside working on his vehicle! Seriously!? Bandwidth was terrible - we had to reset the modem and router just about every night.

At one point during our two months of service it randomly shut down, and it was not resolved until we called to inquire on the problem. When the internet DID work, it was not the promised high speed. We could not stream videos, which in most/all urban areas this should not be an issue. It's 2011 for crying out loud. We called in July to cancel, and moved out of state. They did not send any emails or any sort of confirmation. So guess what - we check our credit card statement at the end of November and discover that they have been charging us every month!

So we call to inquire and ask for the money refunded for the services we had not used, and after being passed around and unhelped for almost an hour, we suddenly get an email... you guessed it, a confirmation email for the next monthly charge we are about to have withdrawn from our credit card. You have to be kidding me! Not only are they refusing to refund our money, but they do not deliver on ANYthing they promised. The manager was supposed to call us within 10 minutes - took him 15 (sure, he can have some grace there, but nevertheless, a promise unmet).

Next he said he would pass on our request to Elevated Escalations and that we would receive a phone call from them WITHIN 24 hours. 24 hours came and went - oh and it has now been 15 days and they have still not called back. We called again today and they still refuse to refund our money - actually, they have very "sweetly" offered to credit us the $200+ that they have taken from us IF we open another account!! (yeah.... right.)

All that to say I have read countless other reviews from others who have had very similar experiences. This company is full of lies and deceit and undelivered promises. Tread with caution - take your business elsewhere!!!! (Word is that this company is going under anyway... I hope so.)

Steer Clear of Clearwire
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HOLY COW. Worst experience I have ever had with a company this big. My first couple months with Clear Home Internet were great. I was getting anywhere between 8 and 14 mbps down and 1 mbps up. About three weeks ago, I started getting intermittent connectivity issues --web pages would not load. They timed out and I had to refresh several times to get them to load successfully. I gave Clear the benefit of the doubt and spent 6 phone calls and over 2 hours on the phone with them. This is where the true nightmare began.

First of all, it is almost impossible to understand ANY of the customer service or account reps. It is as though they took all the customer service rejects from other companies, put them shoulder to shoulder in a room, gave them crappy microphones, fed them spoon fulls of sticky peanut butter, and forced them to interact with customers while listening to a recording of cats having sex, turn on full blast.

I was told all kinds of stories. They told me my internet connection simply needed to be reset on their end. They told me the towers in my area required repairs. They told me they dispatched a repairman. They told me the towers in my area were almost done being repaired. They told me the repairs were taking longer than normal. They told me their network was being upgraded. They told me there was too many people in my area using YouTube at the same time (no joke). It was a different story every single time I called.

When I asked one of them to credit me for the 3 weeks I was hardly able to use my Internet, he refused. That was the last straw. I called to cancel my service and was transferred to an account rep, who offered to cut my bill in half. When I declined the offer, she OUTRIGHT REFUSED TO CANCEL MY HOME INTERNET SERVICE. She gave me some BS excuse about not being able to "future-date" cancellations, which was an absolute lie. She also became snippy and rude when she realized I was not going to budge from my position.

I called back a second time and got a different representative. He gave me the same sales pitch -- offered me a 50% off discount, offered to "hibernate" my account, and offered to upgrade the speed on my account. He would not take no for an answer. He kept repeating over and over again that too many people in my neighborhood were on YouTube - as if that was enough justification for my crappy connection to keep me as a customer. After 20 minutes on the phone with him, I finally got him to cancel my service. I will NEVER, NEVER do business with Clear again. You shouldn't either. Consider yourself warned.

Stop Calling Me.
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I received a new phone number in January of this year. Clearwire has called me anywhere from 10-15 times a day since I got this number. The problem is. I am not the person they are trying to reach, I do not know nor have I ever had an account with them. If I "ignore" the call they will call me right back. I have explained to them numerous times that I am not who they are trying to reach, but the calls continue. Now I am reduced to getting another number. Frankly, Clearwire should not do business in any community.

Stay Away From Clearwire
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I had Clearwire internet for 2, 5 years. Ever since we moved to another location our modem was showing 4 (out of 5) bars but internet speed was not faster than dial-up. My 2 yr contract expired and I was on month-to-month basis. One month ago (March) my credit card expired and I activated new one. On that exact day they stopped my service even though there was no balance due. Internet never worked ever since. One month later they call me and say that I owe them for that month and they deny any service interruptions that month. (Exact same day, what a coincidence.)

Now someone calls me 5 times a day and leaves blank message and when I finally talked to their representative and then supervisor agreed to contact me via mail only but still calling 5 times a day. They failed to provide promised high speed internet, they failed their terms and conditions by interrupting my service while it was paid, they demand payment for service that that have not provided.

I Want My $ Back!
By -

I started clearwire service but decided to go with a different internet provider. I called to cancel my service on 1-24-11 & was told that even though I paid in cash, it would be refunded to the credit card on my account. She said that I would get a the money for the fees back within 48 hours and once the modem was received & processed I would be refunded for that as well. 3 weeks later & after talking to customer service about 10 different times, I still have not received a check or a credit to my card.

The last person I talked to was a manager who told me that because I paid in cash a check has been issued. His name was mark and he said it was issued on 2-4-11. I still have not received it. I don't understand why I was lied to so many times (and may still be being lied to because I haven't my money back). Also why something that took the store associate 5 minutes to give me the equipment and take my cash, is causing such a headache and more than 3 weeks to be refunded!!!

I did everything correct on my part. I called within just a few days of getting the service to cancel it, I sent back the modem the very next day, I've called numerous times to check on the status & I have STILL failed to be refunded. This has been the absolute WORST & most ridiculous experience I have ever had with a internet provider & I will NEVER consider Clearwire again or recommend them to anybody.

Clearwire (aka Clear) Poor Service & Treats Long-Time Customers Poorly
By -

I would like to add my two cents to the Clearwire discussion. We had Clearwire for three years. And although we had problems from time to time that required extensive long distance calls with technical support folks trying to resolve the issues, nothing was as bad as what started just last month. Just around the holidays, we lost our Clearwire telephone service. After two days spent on long distance working with varous levels of technicans, on the third day, a supervising engineer called me and informed me that they had made changes to their "tower" and those of us on the fringe of their service area would no longer be provided consistent service. Further, it was suggested that since we were on the finge, that we find a new Internet service provider as well. They basically refused to provide any credits for the poor service and provided no assistance in changing to another service provider. First we tried to switch over to AT&T, but after multiple attempts at "porting" our 30-year telephone number, AT&T finally gave up. Out of frustration at AT&T giving up so easily, we looked at Charter and actually found a better deal. To avoid the same problem with "porting" our number, we called Clearwire first this time, and informed them that Charter would be contacting them and we wanted to port our number to their service. There was nothing supposed to happen until Charter had successfully moved our number over, and then at that point we'd call back and cancel our Clearwire telephone service and our internet service. The number had to be active at the time it was switched to a new carrier. However, when we arrived home that day, our internet and telephone service was not working. It took hours on the phone and to move up to a level two service technician to discover that the account services person that we had spoken to earlier had changed the serial number on our modem so that it was no longer being recognized. We can only assume this was done vindictively. Everyone should stay as far away from Clearwire as they possibly can.
We have been unable to find any contact information from any management personnel with Clearwire.

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