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Awful Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS -- I want to start off by I always buy Coach - in store or online and while I noticed minor things here or there, the Customer Service has just dissipated over the last year. I purchased an order online before Christmas this year with guaranteed delivery prior to Christmas. I'd understand if it was the day before and because UPS had several excuses for not delivering mail I wouldn't get the package, however that was not the case at all.

So setting UPS aside because someone will surely say this is a Coach review and not UPS - although a Coach representative stated they knew UPS packages were not going to be delivered on time even though they still offered such a service - I'll just address the Customer Service issue. I contact Coach letting them know my package isn't going to arrive, which by the way they keep the tracking numbers and could have easily contacted me to be proactive, and I'd like to cancel my order that would not arrive as guaranteed.

First I was given the standard script of their return policy - keeping in mind I haven't received a package, being proactive to not receive the package, and oh not costing me all the return fees for their error in not following through with a guarantee. I respond back to the email that I understand it's scripted however they didn't offer any alternative such as UPS will gladly return a package to the sender if the sender requests. WOW I mention that and all of the sudden my package that I'm not going to get any time soon is being sent back to Coach. However I have to wait for a refund of products that would never grace my doorstep.

Coach can't explain that other than they have to scan the bar code in order to issue a refund BUT I never received the product and they are the ones who know I was never going to receive the product. Then they graciously inform me that the entire process could take two weeks. So for an entire month my card was charged for a product I never received, wasn't going to receive and wouldn't be refunded until shipping was received and processed. For some silly reason my credit card company doesn't understand that and I've been charged interest for a purchase I have never seen.

Just FYI it took 14 days for UPS to not send me a package with next day delivery and to return it back to Coach, Inc with 3 day delivery. So it took an extra 10 days to return a package with a 4 day delivery time, but I'm not speaking about UPS since this is a Coach review. I also haven't received my refund from Coach - guessing it was 14 days AFTER the package was received back at their facility because you know it takes time to scan products a customer never received to return their funds! So hopefully by six weeks out, I'll have a refund for products I never received.

In store hasn't been much better just to shop. I have only returned one bag in the past and had one sent for repairs - actually they just replaced it because the whole PVC piping thing was a bad idea - and I'm thankful I never experienced this before. It's been a total nightmare and thankful that other companies who's products didn't make it to my house on time have been so much easier to work with and were proactive! Thank goodness there are thousands of handbag designers and we aren't all left with this one as our only choice. Look on eBay for my old/new handbags. I have a lot!

Absolutely Horrible Customer Service and Policy Knowledge
By -

CABAZON, CALIFORNIA -- I have a complaint that I want to bring to your attention. It concerns the staff attitude/knowledge at the Coach Factory Store, and I hope someone can resolve this. The particular store I'm writing about is located at 48400 Seminole Drive Cabazon, CA 92230-2125.

Here's the problem: On April 25, 2010 at approximately 3:30 pm my husband and I stopped in to the Coach Factory store; where I proceeded to browse for various Mother's Day gifts for myself, friends, and family. I had in my possession a 25% coupon/apology letter from your organization for being unable to repair a handbag I had previously sent in for repair. Knowing that I would be near the factory, I saved my coupon/letter for just this occasion. After spending an HOUR in line it was my turn to be rang up, I happily and excitedly approached the counter with over $1500 worth of Coach goodies for myself, my friends, and my family.

The young lady rang my transaction up and I handed her the coupon/letter. To my surprise after reading it, she immediately asked. “Are you serious? Do you really expect to save an additional $375 or so on already reduced merchandise?” I tried to explain the circumstances surrounding receiving the coupon/letter and the letter states that it can be redeemed online, at a retail store, or at a Coach Factory Store. The letter DID NOT state that it could not be used on clearance or sale merchandise! I asked her politely to please proceed with my transaction.

She informed me to wait one minute, she went to the back, returned about 7-10 minutes later, and told me a manager would have to approve the use of my coupon/letter and I would have to wait until the next day because the manager had left for the day and was couldn't be reached by phone. I tried vehemently to explain to her that I do not live in the area and was on my way from Los Angeles back to Arizona and could she possibly call customer service to verify the validity of the letter?

She refused and stated that she would also have to keep my letter as well in case it was fraudulent and COACH reserved the right to refuse service and they were reserving that right with my transaction. At that point, my husband asked, “Can we just complete the transaction without the letter?” The associate loudly said. “NO!” I was shocked, humiliated, enraged, and embarrasssed to say the least. At my husband's urging we quietly left the store.

I completely understand the need for policies and procedures but this was just completely out of line! I called in about this on the 26th of April and spoke to a customer service representative at 1-800-444-3611, the number listed on After being placed on hold for well over 15 minutes while the representative tried to locate the appropriate department to take this call I hung up in disgust. This is the second attempt to resolve this matter amicably. I must say I am disgusted at the level of customer service your organization displays. Your workers are rude, unknowledgeable, and lazy, and this angers me since I love the quality of your brand.

I am a frequent patron at your Scottsdale, Biltmore, and Chandler Mall locations. I spend at least $2000 a year in your stores, and although I do believe that some of your handbags are overpriced, I have continued to be a patron since I was 16 years old and I am now 31! I have been shopping at your stores for the last 15 years of my life. However, at this point I think I am going to have to say goodbye to COACH. I feel that I am getting the runaround and as a big company, profits mean more than satisfied customers who spend their last in your store.

Lack of concern or acknowledgement can potentially cost you a customer who spends over lots of money every year on your brand as well as likes to receive your brand exclusively as gifts for birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. In the future, if I do not get an acknowledgement, I will not do business with your company. Also, I definitely won't recommend your company to others.

Here's how you can help me: Hire staff that is willing to communicate with your customers in an efficient yet patient manner. Re-train your staff on policies, procedures, coupons, and customer service. Ensure that customers are treated with respect and educate your staff in the customer service department so that when customers complain on your store employees, they at least feel like their feelings and issues are taken seriously. Thanks for listening to my complaint. I hope it is addressed.

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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I purchased signature Coach ballet flats from the website (not the outlet). I unfortunately held on to them for an extended period of time (2 years). I found the receipt and tried to return the shoes because they were so uncomfortable. I am a avid Coach shopper, not anymore. They would not return unworn shoes with a receipt because they were 60 days old. I will not be purchasing COACH any longer. So disappointed. Macy's/ Kohl's would have returned this product no problem. Rather shop the cheaper department stores.

Coach's Bad Customer Service and Return Policy
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Rating: 1/51

NORTHBEND, WASHINGTON -- Coach apparently trains their customer service and associates to blame everything on customers and not take any responsibilities. I bought 6 coach bags at Coach's Northbend WA outlet for the first time in June 2012. I was buying them for gifts. It turned out that I had one left over and decided to return it. Because I was 200% assured by the sales associate (**) that these bags are returnable with a receipt. I didn't think much of it and just took and paid for all 6. Little do I know that I should have looked very carefully at the bags.

When I returned from my travel in Sept to return the one bag that was not used (I didn't even take it outside the bedroom since I decided right after buying them that I bought one extra), I was shocked that the outlet manager pointed to a marking on the bag (which I noticed for the first time) and said the bag was used and they would not have let that bag out of the store in the first place. And because of that, it's not returnable.

First of all, when I was sold the bag, no one told me to look carefully before I accept it. Secondly, it was obvious to me that the shop manager and associates were trained to have the scripted line that "oh we inspect every bag when they get go out the store and would not have sold it if there is any flaw." I think that's a great policy, but how does anyone know that there is no clerical error or an associate either mistakenly marked "as-if" product as good, or they didn't accidentally mark / damage it?

In denying that they could do anything wrong, they were accusing me of lying, which I did not. The interesting thing is that I have just as much reason to accuse the associate of mishandling and negligent as they have to accuse me of lying. I have never been this humiliated. I would like to warn everyone who buys from a coach store (especially an outlet) to inspect your merchandise carefully before walking out of the store.

The Customer Service has not changed- AT IT"S WORST
By -

FLORIDA -- I shop with Coach and awful lot. Over the past several years I received great customer service until recently. Now I just ordered a handbag, paid for 1 pm overnight delivery $30.00 and when I called the 888-262-6224, they tell me that I will not get this the next day. I ask why, they said because your order was not placed here at 1 pm. I told her yes, I did. I even called the store to confirm.

I asked to speak to a supervisor/manager and I get **, who tells me that I am unable to get my order that was placed 12 pm on Thursday, Friday. I told her I confirmed with the store and they did the 1 pm overnight. She said well we are not able to do anything, we did not receive it on time here and it's ready to be shipped and it's on the truck. Although she cannot give me a tracking number.

I told her I spoke to the manager at the store and he explained I could ask for Saturday delivery and she said that because of issues in the past that they have corrected, I would be unable to get this done. Okay so because of issues they corrected because they mixed up in the past, they are unable to fix this issue?? How does this make sense. They made another mistake and I have to pay for their mistake??? I am very confused. Is this how you treat someone that just spent $415.80 in purchases?

I told her I know one of the ladies I spoke to said she would refund me the $30.00 charged for the overnight delivery and she stated well it is overnighted. You will get it Monday! Okay I ordered this on Thursday 12 pm and if I am correct delivery by 1 pm overnight would be Friday not Monday. So now tell me what I am missing here??? I could careless what has happened in the past in which you corrected because you did something, if you want people to come back you treat them with respect and you fix what you messed up. Do not blame me for what you did. AWFUL customer service - Shop at the stores, not at the 800 number, they are the worst! Or DO NOT SHOP here at all!

Stand by your brand
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I received a gift, ship to me directly from Coach damaged. I called Customer Service and was told; since it was a gift, simply take it to the nearest Coach store and exchange it. Once I arrived to the Coach store (which the nearest store was a two hour drive ONE WAY) I was told by the store associate that they no longer had the handbag. I returned home and called customer service again and was advised they don't have the bag in brown any longer but I could exchange it for black. I returned to the store again (2 hr drive ONE WAY) to be told by the associate they can not exchange my bag because it was damaged!

Needless to say I was at my boiling point. After explaining the whole situation to the store associate and then again to the store manager, I was told they could not assist me with the exchange. So, again I return home and call customer service (mind you the store and customer service do not work on the same set of rules). I was then told to mail in the bag but first contact the person who made the original order for an order number. I got the order number and returned the bag to Coach via UPS insured. About 2 weeks go buy and I do not hear from Coach, but I have confirmation that they have received the bag.

So I call them and I am told that the bag is damaged/worn/use and they are unable to exchange it. I couldn't believe it. I had been back and forth for about 6 weeks with them about the bag. It appears that the first couple of conversations were not recorded or the customer service representative didn't make notes. They had the nerve to ask me for all the phone numbers I could have called from, times and dates that I called so they could search their phone records to validate my calls... WHAT NERVE!!!

The bag purchase price is 598.00. I could see if I was asking for a refund! All I requested is that this high-end manufacturer/retailer stand by its product and if they didn't feel that an exchange was in order... repair the damage. This is not the way to keep valued customers and I have been carrying Coach bags since the very early 1990's. There are too many other handbags to choose from to be treated this way, especially for the price.

Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

TORONTO -- I am writing this to call attention upon the unprofessional service I received. I am very disappointed in Coach at the moment. My complaint regards the 131 Bloor Street West store. I was in that Coach store and found a shoe that I liked. While I was trying it on a sales came up to me and asked me to take off the shoe. It had not occurred to me why because I was still trying on the shoes, but to be polite I gave it to her, expecting it back.

Turns out, she gave it to another customer RIGHT AWAY. Not only did I not get it back, it was also the last pair of those shoes. I found that out AFTER the other customer bought them. And fyi, the customer bought them a MINUTE after the associate took the shoe off my foot. What a coincidence, eh?

I was in the process of trying those shoes on when the sales associate had taken them away from me - without asking me whether I wanted them. That is not the right way to handle your customers and it was also very unfair. Though another coach store did have them, I had to waste my time and gas money to get to those pair of shoes. I only did this because I am a loyal Coach customer. However, acts like these make it hard for me as a customer to continue being loyal.

Customers come first should always be the case and this certainly was not. Even the male associate in charge at the time seemed oblivious to the fact that this is the incorrect way to do things. He made it seem as though it was a minor mistake and that I could just waste my time driving across to the other side of the city to get those shoes. None of the associates even said a word of sorry.

They were very impolite, inconsiderate and I will never even consider going to that store again. Service like that should not exist in a brand like Coach and I certainly did not deserve to be treated this way. This had to be the worst service I have ever received in my life. Even McDonalds would not treat their customer's like that; it's like taking someone's fries to give to another customer. Whatever Coach's mission statement is, I sure hope it's not what I saw today. A sorry would have sufficed at the time, but now I am extremely dissatisfied and disappointed.

Coach Bag With Horrible Odor
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Rating: 1/51

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- As a long time Coach customer, I purchased 3 bags at the Coach outlet in Myrtle Beach, SC on 6/13. Had no reason to not use my new blue bag... all other Coach purses I have purchased just smelled like good leather. I kept smelling something awful and realized it was this Coach bag. I tried to return it but because I used it, Coach outlet where I purchased it would not even exchange it for a new bag. I called customer service 2 times.. each time they said they are sending me a prepaid return label from ups to return this bag. So far, no email has been received.

I will never buy another Coach product again. Their loss as I purchase many bags several times a year for myself, daughter, daughter-in-law. The Coach guarantee is meaningless. They do not stand by their products. I urge consumers to never buy Coach.

Will Not Stand Behind Product
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Rating: 1/51

NATIONWIDE, GEORGIA -- Coach to supposedly being a high end handbag has poor customers service and will not stand behind their product. I purchased a Coach leather handbag for my wife. Less than a one into owning this purse the zipper started to come tear out. Carried it to a store and was charged $20 to ship it off to be fixed or replaced. Received a card from Coach with less than one-half what was paid for the bag. DO NOT BUY COACH. Go to a designer that will stand behind their product. Coach is not worth the money.

In addition, terrible customer service. My wife called about the money and was told nothing could be done. There is something that can be done. Never purchase another Coach bag. There are too many other designers out there to have to put up with their poor product.

Coach Doesn't Stand Behind Their Products
By -

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- The seam ripped on my coach purse, I called them and they suggested that I send in the purse to them. I mailed the purse to the address given (cost $20.00 to mail the 1 item) only to have it returned a couple of weeks later with a letter stating they could not repair the item and I could have 40% off my next purchase. I was very disappointed to say the least. Here I have a $400.00 purse that I can no longer use. I did call customer service to complain and they gave me the $20.00 that I had to pay for the time to be mailed to them.

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