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Water Damage
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HILLSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- My husband and I purchased our first camper, a 2006 Coachmen, which we loved. 2 months after our warranty expired, we discovered soft spots in the flooring. As it turns out, water had leaked in through the door jamb and siding and rotted the floor. There was never any indication of leakage inside of the unit. Coachmen would not back their camper. They wanted us to pay for the repairs even though the leaking occurred while under warranty. The whole experience was so frustrating. We may never purchase another coachmen. Their website says that they have a special technique to minimize potential for water leaks. Yeah, right!!


MIDDLEBURY, INDIANA -- I bought a 32 foot Coachman Royal Deluxe fifth wheel from a dealer out of town last year. I am astounded at the level of the material quality this company puts into their trailers. I am also astounded at the obvious lack of engineering standard verification, if they used standards, which could not have been completed on most of these materials. If these people have a QS 9000 certification, it needs to be revoked because procedures to verify their product are part of QS 9000 certification.

In one year: I have had electrical outlets, pop out of walls, and two entire panels pull away from their frames due to the inferior thickness of the substrate and lack of necessary spacers to hold them together in the range of humidity that any trailer experiences. I still have panels bowed out due to, again the substrate quality, and the fact that they didn't glue spacers between them to keep the panels straight.

Their slide outs have pulled the paneling away from the face wall when the slide out is pulled in, because ragged sheet metal edges of the slide out have dug into the panel due to mismatched metal surfaces. I had to have the easy chair replaced because the upholstery separated from the frame and allowed the padding to slip down. This is a recreational vehicle.

The center slider section of the screen door will not stay in, due to poor quality control of the space in the center of the door. The water pump which comes standard on this 32 foot trailer puts out 20 lbs of pressure which isn't enough to get water out of a POOR faucet filter less than 20 feet away.

We have had to supplement the heat in the upper bedroom with a space heater because the blower and duct work is inadequate to get enough heat to the room. Shower surround leak because they chopped off the ends on wall bottom pieces to fit them in the space provided, which the walls drained into. Of course the water ran out the open ends.

Factory applied clamps at the water pump all leaked which means they have no torque or quality control. I currently have a warranty issue pending because the frame in the sofa bed collapsed to one side of the couch, which an 84-year-old lady sleeps on.

Another thing about the Coachman RV Company; This past year I have made two attempts to get warranty issues addressed at an authorized dealer which is less than a mile from the location I store my trailer. Both times the local dealer has either refused to do the repair properly or refused to do the work at all. Instead, I am forced to take my trailer 140 miles to the dealer - I purchased the trailer from to get warranty work done. Coachman has backed the local dealer in their assertion, yet they list the dealer as "an authorized dealer".

I have filed two complaints with the Better Business Bureau so far, for their refusal to make this local dealer fulfill their responsibilities to their Coachman customers. A Coachman representative, admitted while questioning me, regarding the BBB complaints, that their authorized dealers, are indeed supposed to manage the repairs of all of their Coachman customer’s warranty issues. Yet, he said he understands why a dealer might feel they shouldn'’t have to do warranty repairs on the vehicles, which were not purchased from them.

Could be that Coachman’'s own representatives do not understand the concept of customer satisfaction. I don't think I would ever buy another Coachman product again as long as I live. Nor will ever buy a product from Kline's Auto World Inc. in Warren, Michigan. You know, my favorite local Coachman dealer.

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