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Efficiency At Its Best - My Coke Rewards Program
Posted on
I have been participating in Coke's "My Coke Rewards" program for more than a year now. Basically, all I do is enter codes from Coke products at their Web site. You earn points for each code. When you have enough points, you can redeem them for various products -- everything from Coke products to Gift Cards to magazine subscriptions to a wide range of miscellaneous stuff.

Since I already drink Coke, I already have the codes, and it just takes a minute or two once or twice a week to enter them. Coke asks nothing else of me.

Every now and then, in addition to accumulating points, you can randomly Win prizes, like Coke products, extra points, and even cash. For doing nothing but entering codes, one night I won two $50 certificates I could use at a wide variety of stores, from Meijers to Kmart to Walmart to Barnes & Noble. (I used them at two stores, without a hitch.)

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I decided to redeem some of my points for a cool little item. This was the first time I redeemed any points. All I did was click on the item I wanted, and that was it. (The Web site already had my name and address from when I registered.)

They sent me an email showing what I had ordered and when it should arrive. They kept the shipment's status current on the Web site. Then one day, there it was -- my prize for participating in the program. I was especially pleased, and even a little surprised, that it arrived in time for Christmas.

Since then, I have ordered two more items on two separate occasions. When I have the points, I click on what I want, then *poof* it arrives.

What intrigues me the most is how efficient they are. There's no tricky Web sites to maneuver where they try to get me to buy other stuff or sign up for questionable deals. I just click on something and it is sent straight to me.

I think it's nice to see something work exactly as you wish it would work. Bravo to Coke -- the Greatest Soft Drink of All Time!
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My Oh My All That Money and a Loyal Customer Is Told NO!
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Rating: 1/51
INDIANA -- OK, to start... This is about Coke. May I mention my husband LOVES Coke zero and was once addicted to Coke (regular). When this was occurring he had gotten a "bad batch" of Coke and it contained no sugars or any flavor whatsoever... This can eat away your esophagus- if you think I am lying GOOGLE it! They were ready to send him to the hospital over this. Thank god it worked out in his favor and was not harmed. With that said, he has since changed to Coke zero. Nothing to do with the incident of course.

So I decide that I wanted to write them and tell them how loyal he is to their product and ask for coupons. Not that they needed to be for free, for us, but even offered to request them for the displays at the local grocery chain since I have never seen them there EVER! When I did this they replied NO. To look in my local paper for coupons. I get that lots of people look for a hand out, but in this case selfishness was not a factor. How can such a huge company reject to offer to give even a grocery chain coupons? This is brand loyalty here. I am talking us alone, a case, not a 20 pack, a case a week for one person. This isn't including the water, the beverages and other things purchased from Coke. WHAT a SHAME! I am not purchasing Coke because of this.

A great example of great customer service does not come from being greedy, it comes from a simple thank you for being loyal. Here is a $ .50 coupon from us. We are far from greedy, we are not takers, and we don't even send our food back at a restaurant because things happen. To be told look in your paper to me is like being told to join Facebook so you can look at a particular website! No thanks. A customer lost Coke. Many to follow with customer service like that!!!
Coke - Mycokerewards Unfair, Account Locked
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Coke has unfairly locked my mycokerewards account on 6/28/07 and has insisted I violated the terms & conditions by opening more than one account. They also stated that referral accounts had used promotional codes and they awarded my account points for the referral and this too is a violation. I contacted Coke and stated I did none of the violating issues. Coke replied they would investigate and they replied the account would remain locked. After several attempts to get the account unlocked I filed complaints with the BBB - Atlanta, the attorney generals office and the federal trade commission. Coke replied after the BBB deadline expired with a repeat of the reply I received stating; I had violated the terms & conditions. Coke has opened other accounts locked with similar issues as found in several forums. Coke has a double standard going since there was a system glitch that allowed others to break the terms & conditions by entering more than 10 codes per day. The glitch allowed unlimited code entries for a few hours one day in late July. A concerned participant called and asked if Coke was going to lock accounts that had exploited this system glitch and Coke replied they would not lock those accounts. This is a direct violation of the terms & conditions and a double standard. Coke in my opinion is a very horrible company when it comes to the customers who buy there products. They have punished me and others by locking accounts that had many points from continuing in the program. I had 3987 points in my account when they locked it others had 6000 plus points. Coke started this rewards program as a loyalty program encouraging the purchase of there product with prizes for those that did so. I bought many, many dollars worth of there product, took a year to enter the codes, save the caps per the rules and then when I get close to a larger prize they lock the account and take the points away. This is a very unfair practice that should not be supported. I strongly urge Coke customers to put themselves in my shoes and evaluate if they too want to support a company with these unfair practices. I have stopped purchasing ALL Coke products and have avoided businesses that have Coke as a main product. I voice my story and dislike for cokes actions at every chance possible and have asked others to help stop these practices by banning Coke and stop buying ALL Coke products.

This is a small problem that does not affect anyone else. When it come to any single person trying to change the practices of a company as large as Coke it take others to come help. Please help call Coke and share you voice to help,write a letter or stop buying Coke products. All of these will help. If you have had your rewards account locked please file with the agencies as I have. It takes numbers before Coke will take us seriously.

Best Regards,

update 8/10/07
Coke is losing customers. I have been speaking out about Coke being unfair with regard to the account locking and have found many others with the same situation. Many people I speak with are outraged and have agreed to stop buying Coke products and are very supportive, willing to pass my story onto others. I had a reply from Coke stating the same reply that has come with every reply (it is a generic reply) and the BBB waiting for a second reply to my "NO acceptance" to the first response from Coke. I will update when I have more from either complaint or Coke.

I invite a Coke Executive to reply here or to contact me since I did contact the corporate office asking them to reply yet I got a generic email from a program support associate, not what I expected from a contact us form at the corporate level. I expected a supervisor or higher to reply or call. Total XCokeCustomers to date = 47 and rising (hopefully a few Coke contract renewal cancelations).

Best Regards,

update 8/13/07
I just received the final reply from the BBB and it listed the complaint as administrativly closed and has the following statement: "BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied."

Coke was late on the deadline response date and did not offer and resolution how can they say they tried to address the complaint?

If anyone does get wind of a lawsuit count me in...

I am having a great time speaking out about this rewards program and have many that have switch products already. It's funny when at a fountain machine one couple that filled up with Cke even dumped it out and opted to refill with Pepsi. I thanked them and hope others do the same. Good buy Coke!

Best of Luck,

Updated 8/23/07
Coke has still insisted I violated the rules and others have been found in violation yet Coke unlocked their accounts. I guess Coke really does not have an ethical bone in the company since they have themselves violated the terms and conditionsa along with a pick and choose attitude about whose accounts will remain locked and who's will get unlocked. I even see that there are uncirculated Coke caps listed on eBay for sale. This fits with one of the replies below that state Coke employees are selling codes on eBay. Now that's company ethics in the highest sense. COKE I WANT A Wii SYSTEM and will continue to nix Coke product sales until I either receive a Wii or the account is unlocked and compensating points awarded. From what I read others have stopped buying Coke products since Coke has locked their accounts too. I saw a Coke truck at a local school so I guess I will have to go convince the school board that soda is bad for the kids and as a tax payer in the public school district see if I can get Coke out of the school. Seems fair to me, locked account = locked out of a public school soft drink contract, hey Coke what are your thoughts?

Best Wishes,

Updated 9/4/07
Well I have to tell everyone that Coke is absolutely the worst company on earth to deal with. After they locked my account and many, many attempts to contact and resolve the issue Coke is still insisting I violated the rules. I have been getting emails from Coke stating my points are about to expire and to loggin and enter codes to keep this from happening. This is pure agony Coke keeps me from logging in yet sends harassing reminders that they not only took the points but don't let them expire. Coke must have a hard time sleeping at night, screwing innocent people as they have with the mycokerewards loyalty program. Well Coke wins... That is they will never have to deal with me, my family, my relatives and everyone else I can convince not to purchase their products. I urge everyone to stop buying from a company that will not work with any consumer that has an issue only the company can resolve. In my case my identity was used to open a duplicate account. My account was used to refer three legit accounts who usedpromo codes which Coke states is against the rules. I have all along denied this and Coke insists I did this. I would not have continued to contact Coke, file complaints and place so much time into the issue if I had truly done what Coke says I did. Coke is an awful company in which I in my own opinion hopes will fall on hard times begging the customers to come back and buy their products. I assure you I will be first in line to buy the competitions product in hopes Coke will fall off the list of soft drink giants. Good luck Coca-cola I bid you all the best in your endevours to remain a giant. In time a grassroots effort will sly the giant, good luck Coke.

Best wishes to anyone still stuck in Coke HELL. I am in Pepsi heaven.
Non Responsive
Posted on
I have enjoyed Coke's My Coke Rewards program for some time now.

Three months ago, I attempted to redeem 400 points for a customized deck of cards. The My Coke Rewards site took my 400 points and gave me a code to use at a third-party site to get the cards.

I followed the links from Coke's email that would first give my 400 points to the third-party site, then send me into the site to create and claim the cards.

But there was a snag somewhere along the way: My points were taken, but the site did not allow me further into it to create the cards. After figuring out how to get further into the site, I discovered it was still waiting for me to enter the Coke code.

So I got the code again and pasted it into the third-party site. I was then told the code was invalid because it had already been used.

Okay, so I contacted the third-party site, and they explained I needed to contact Coke. So I contacted Coke through the My Coke Rewards site, and received a canned response that said they were updating their systems and would respond to my issue within 7-10 days.

Fine. I waited two weeks, and since I had no response, I contacted them again, this time pasting my original request and their original response. Again I received the canned message: "We'll respond within 7-10 days."

Fine. I waited two more weeks, and the same thing happened -- and still no response.

I have tried contacting Coke through other channels outside of the My Coke Rewards site, but to date, have received no response.

This is quite sad. It takes a long time to get 400 points through the My Coke Rewards program (that's more than 130 single bottles of Coke), but for a company as stellar as Coke is, to be blown off like this is just bad form.

My lesson learned? I don't know, maybe register on any third-party sites before going through the My Coke Rewards site, but who knew that is what was going to happen? I didn't know I was going to be redirected to the other site until it was happening.

I can't think of a lesson learned, other than sometimes even the best of the companies screw up. It's just a crying shame when they won't even RESPOND.

This is the first time I ever attempted to contact Coke about anything -- perhaps they are just another great big company who doesn't care about its customers. They sure act this way.

And before anyone tells me that it is a free program and I get free stuff, so I have no legitimate complaint -- rubbish! I purchase Coke specifically for the points. The program is doing what it is designed to do -- get me to buy more Cokes. It's just that in this case, they are not honoring their end of the deal.

Give me a Pepsi.
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Making people ill
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OHIO -- I have been drinking Diet Coke for years with no problem. Then a couple years ago I started getting nausiated during the day. I have been to the doctor and had some expensive tests run and nothing was wrong thank goodness. A sorority sister told me that her husband was getting sick from Diet Coke and switched to Diet Pepsi and hasn't been sick. I have tried it for just thess days and the last two days haven't gotten sick. Was an ingredient changed or what happened to the Diet Coke. I have hears others are getting sick. My daughter in FL says she cannot drink it anymore.
New 2 Liter And 20 Ounce Bottles
Posted by on
I love my Coke and I drink it everyday. But, I have now found reason to make an official complaint about my favorite pop (POP! Not soda...just pop...P-O-P...POP).

They've come out with a new design for their 2 liter bottles. It's more of the shape of the old glass Coke bottles(according to my Much Older Brother's memory), which would be just fine...BUT, not they are a bit taller and I had to adjust the shelf in my refrigerator just to be able to set it upright. OK, no big deal you say, but now that makes my other shelf space much smaller and I have to lay my Miracle Whip jar down and put my pickle jars on the door shelf and re-arrange my entire fridge! Not only are the bottles taller, but the plastic they are made of seems much thinner. If you try to grasp it to pour the pop, the bottle collapse right in your hand and if the bottle is full, your grasp will force a waterfall to spurt out all over!

Now...for the 20 ounce sized bottles. They have changed the screw on lids. Now, they are smaller so you can't get much of a grip on it, they are smoother so, again, you can't get much of a grip on it to turn...on top of that, you have to play around with the lid to get it to screw back on straight because it won't happen the first one, two or three times without it going on crooked.

The only complaint I had with the old 2 liter bottles was that the bottom of them were not flat I had to place it just right on the fridge racks so they would balance.

No, I'm not going to 'boycott' the company and I'm not going to turn to Poopsi either...I want my Coke, I'm just not happy with the bottles.

The Basher has spoken.
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Difficulty in Ordering My Magazine From My Coke Rewards
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
It was difficult for me to order my magazine from the Coke rewards program. It sent me to another website to enter my code. When I went to the website, there was nowhere to enter a digital code, instead there were only things to read about their site, no entry.
Flat Soda
Posted by on
GREENWOOD, INDIANA -- To whom it may concern. I recently bought a six pack of diet Coke in the glass bottles. upon opening one I took a drink and it was flat. This really disapointed me for I love these glass bottles and can only find the diet ones at one store in my area which is about 20 miles away from where I live. I just wanted to let you know.

Thank you for your time.

Kathy Cook
Machinery screw found in 24 pack of Coca-Cola
Posted by on
This evening with I was reaching into a 24 pack for a can of Coke, I was surprised to head a ting, not the sound of 2 cans hitting each other, but the sound of a solid metal clanging against the can. I pulled out a 1 1/2 inch self tapping screw, Possibly from some type of packaging machine. I am not looking for compensation as I really don't find this to be a huge issue, just a little concerned. I am looking for an e-mail address for Coke, but I am only finding the mailing address. Can anyone help?
Can't get the cap off
Posted by on
I am a 72 year old woman and have trouble getting the cap off of the new small bottles of Coke. They are the right size and I can cap them when I don't drink the whole bottle, but recently even with a pair of pliers I couldn't get the cap off.
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