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What A Scam
By -

If you had purchased Colonex700 using the "Free Trial Offer" you are going to have major issues just like I did.

It all sounds great...FREE 15 day supply of Colonex700 to cleanse your colon and lose weight. However, this is a scam. You are getting a 15 day supply of pills but the Free Trial offer is 14 days. On the 15th Day, unless you cancel membership, you are charged $34.99 per 2 bottles plus $8.99 shipping each month.

The problem is that you CAN'T cancel because no one responds to your email when you send a letter to: or if you call their toll free number at 1-866-440-7533.

I sent numerous emails and was on hold for over an hour and can't seem to ever get a live voice. I'm scoured the internet for other reviews of this company and have received the same information that they can't cancel their membership.

So, I had to cancel the account on my credit cards by claiming the card was lost of stolen and then having a new card issued to me. Thus, this company can no longer make charges on my card now that the account has been deactivated.

Their policy says: You are not obligated to purchase after you receive your free free trial bottle of the colon700 and you can cancel anytime within the 15 day cancellation period. Even if you decide to cancel, please keep the FREE bottle as our gift to you. To avoid being charged you must cancel before your 15th day trial period is over. There are NO refunds for the colon700 Autoship Program monthly orders that have already been shipped. You may cancel your Value Autoship Program by calling 1(866) 440-7533 Monday through Friday 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time or emailing our support department at . In case of an exchange we do charge a $7 restocking fee for each bottle and do not refund shipping and handling. The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies only to the trial shipment. Shipping of $7.99 will be refunded once the bottle has been shipped back to us. No refunds or guarantees are available for the monthly shipment once it has been shipped.

It's a great return policy and cancellation policy but doesn't do any good if you can't reach a person on the other end.

So, please AVOID using this site as it is a total scam.

I'll be working with the Better Business Bureau or my media contacts to spread the word for people to not use this company.

By -

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- This company makes its money by deceiving the public. You order a 14 day trial and in the small print somewhere they have you set up for auto ship. The next thing is that you are charged $78.98 for a order that is yet to be received. I feel like so many others that I have been had by this company. Apparently this is the only way for them to make money because apparently they can't be a legitimate business. These people are very hard to contact and I plan to never do business with them or anybody else on line. This has left a very bad taste in my mouth because they are not willing to refund your money if you don't want the product. It just isn't right for companies to be able to do this time and time again and to get away with it. Companies like this one needs to be stopped.

Let me also say that they deceive by calling themselves Colonex and Colonix, what a play. They know exactly what they are doing. You people should be ashamed of yourselves because you know exactly what you are doing. But can tell you this you will eventually have to answer to a higher source, your day will come.

By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Yes, I ordered the FREE trial of Colonex 700 and paid $6.99 plus $1.00 for mailing. I don't remember seeing any agreement on membership and automatic deduction from your account for continuous service.

I tried the product and didn't see any difference. Then one day I saw where $78 was deducted from my bank account. Couldn't find phone # for Colonex so I emailed them and told them I did not order any more of their product and they said I signed for membership and had to cancel within 14 days. I know I never saw that !!! I am a single mom and I would not sign up for Colonex to be taken out of my checking account monthly. I just wanted to try the FREE TRIAL that they offered!!! SO they refused me. I then sent two more emails and they finally said they would reimburse me for 1 bottle only and cancel my membership. So I did receive $34 for refund but I am still UPSET because I did not sign up for membership and I want a full refund.

Yes we need to all submit a letter to BBB immediately.

Can't Cancel
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I didn't sign any agreement. There is no way to cancel. You call them and they put you on hold till you have to hang up. The web sight they tell you to go to , isn't there. I called my credit card company and told them I wasn't paying.

14 day Trial
By -

Auto ships and Free trials BUYER BEWARE. When agreeing to a free trial then an auto ship to follow. be sure and find out if the free trial starts when they ship it or when you receive it.
Also be sure that if for some reason you decide to cancel and you don't except the product when shipped to you. You will get your money back. When they receive the product back.

Walgreen, GNC and all other companies will refund your money even if half of the product is gone.

I tried Colonex 700 and during the 14 day trial which actually turned out to be seven days from the day I received it.

Their product caused me abdominal cramps I was charged $78.98 on my credit card. I called and told them please do not send me the product. I was told I had to e-mail support. Support told me that they do not do refunds or returns even if the product is un-opened.

I am very upset and I feel as though I have been ripped off.

Rip Off Scam
By -

CALIFORNIA -- This company charges you without you ordering, has no contact information when you complain, refuses refunds, won't accept returned products. Total SCAM! They DO have an address: 3600 Ocean View Blvd. Suite 2, Glendale, CA 91208.

Better Business Bureau has an F rating and shows they have 30 complaints and 2 out of 30 actually received a response to their complaints.


How I Got My Money Returned
By -

I was also ripped off with the support@Colon700 but I am getting my money back. All I can tell you is to keep the packaging that the pills were mailed go to the post office and send the pills registered mail where someone has to sign for them. Also another way is to go to your bank and report the company. They will put your money back into your account until they investigate for themselves.

If they find out you did not cancel with support Colon 700 the bank will take back the money, so I know there are other people out there who were ripped off.

The Product Does Not Work
By -

This product was garbage from the start they sent me a 15 day supply and I was to start feeling a big difference within 7 days and I continued to take it for the full 15 days. The product does not work. Then this same company just charged my credit card for a 2 months supply and sent it to me without my consent I don't know what you call that but I call it fraud. Somebody needs to put a stop to these fraud based companies pay heavy fines or jail time. It's just wrong people money is to hard to come buy.

I Got Ripped Too
By -

Hi Everyone,

I tried the trial of Colonex, too. I am having the same problems with cancelling the auto-ship and getting my money back as you guys are. I say we contact the Better Business Bureau and complain like hell. I'm on a roll because I just got one of my doctors in trouble.

Colts #1

Colonex 700 Colon Cleansing? Take Your Money And Run!
By -

Like the rest of you, I, too have been scammed by these people. They charged my card $88.97 before I even got the sample!!!! Never got anything else, nor do I want it.

I have had my card number changed and am having them get my money back.

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