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Bait and Switch
Posted by Savvycustomer on 06/22/2009
I've had Comcast providing my HDTV, high speed internet as well as phone service for 2 years now. The service has been satisfactory, but Comcast is famous for luring in new customers with great deals and quick customer service at first (if you're lucky) and then soon treating said customers like chopped liver after they're no longer "new."

After years of being a loyal customer, the monthly service fee, much like an adjustable mortgage rate, will skyrocket with no notice. Meanwhile, you see a Comcast commercial for this wonderful price that you, a loyal long standing customer, are not eligible for. Upon calling Comcast to try and re-negotiate the bill, you get an "I couldn't care less about you" attitude from every customer service person (I spoke w/ 4 different individuals, one extremely rude).

Comcast is practically driving away their long standing customers with unreasonable rates. We must play the game of changing service providers every couple of years to get the "new customer deal" with each company.

I can see that this plan must work for Comcast's CEO, who is lounging on his yacht while all his minimum wage minions do nothing to retain business with loyal customers.

A total disappointment.

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-06-22:
Valid complaint. But no bait & switch. Companies seem to go to great lengths to get a new customer but will do absolutely nothing to retain one. Strange.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-23:
The secret to getting a better deal is to threaten to cancel. Then you will be transferred to 'retentions'. Those people have the power to grant offers not available to first tier CSRs. I used that routine successfully when I had Comcast and it works quite well with Verizon. Yesterday I renegotiated my Verizon triple-play to get more TV channels and higher internet speeds for only $2 more a month locked in for 2 years.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-06-23:
Please learn what Bait and Switch actually is. So many people throw it around, it has become totally meaningless. There is no Bait & Switch here
Posted by savvycustomer on 2009-06-23:
I took the bait (the introductory offer), then the rate was switched to much higher than I was told it would (not to exceed 150 per mo which it had been for a few months). I was told this over the phone, got nothing in writing. That's what I call bait and switch. I think I can do better than 200 a month for TV, internet and phone. If I'm wrong, please inform me.
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Comcast Has the Worst Customer Service EVER!!!!
Posted by Rasmussenj7474 on 01/24/2013
VIRGINIA -- I was thinking about becoming a new Comcast customer and made a call to XFINITY. I was routed to the Richmond Virginia office and reached a lady that had no business working anywhere let alone in a customer service call center. I have rocks in my garden that have more signs of intelligence than this person. Not only was she rude, laughing and couldn't answer ANY questions, but she flat out lied. Disgusted with this person I called XFINITY again to reach someone else and asked for a supervisor "crystal" who flat out lied and was just as ghetto spoken as the first individual.

I was looking at a triple play package and was curious about two things. My first question to her was in this package it states (A Digital Voice modem is necessary to bring XFINITY Voice from Comcast into your home. (Add $7.00 per month) I asked if this was included in the $199.99 or would this be in addition to my bill. She said it is included in the $199.99 which is a lie it isn't. Second question was in the check out it says that the package prices do not include applicable taxes and fees. So I asked her if I could get an apx. price of what these taxes and fees might be monthly. After her telling me no 20 times she finally goes hold on and 1 minute later gave me a figure of $18.28 and said we looked it up.

Why wouldn't you do your job as a supervisor in the first place and look it up. So instead of just the 2 questions I decided to ask her a final question and said to avoid the $7.00 monthly rental (the one she said was included) can I just purchase a voice modem and use it? Her answer was no you can't purchase a voice modem and use it (another lie). I called back in hopes of getting someone with some kind of brain and got lucky. I was routed to a person in Washington state and she was able to really answer my questions in 30 seconds.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-01-24:
Any time a contract states, 'Add $7.00 per month'...it is not included and is added as an extra charge. They should have known that and they should have told you that when you asked.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-01-25:
Welcome to Comcast Hell. I put up with their inferior tech support, horrible customer service and overall incompetence because they were the only game in town. When I moved I got FIOS and I'm loving it. Yes you will read complaints but in three years I have had zero problems. Blazing fast internet, reliable phone service and true fiber optic High Def TV. The picture quality is stunning on my 55 inch Samsung 3D TV. Almost every channel I watch is High Def. Comcast doesn't even come close to this. Don't believe the hype, FIOS smokes Comcast.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-01-25:
My experience is the opposite. I moved from Comcast to FIOS to save money. As soon as my two years are up, I'll be back on Comcast in a flash. The Comcast customer service was light years better than FIOS.

Example: recently my telephone went out on a Thursday. I spent an hour and 15 minutes on hold before I got beyond the muzak. They sent out a tech on Friday. When I got home from work on Friday, the phone was dead, so it was either never fixed, or not fixed correctly. So back on the cell for 90 minutes more of muzak, only to be told that it was too late in the day to send someone out, and (this is unbelievable) they don't work on weekends, so I would be without a telephone until at least Monday.

Ironically, I am now paying them as much as I paid Comcast, so I don't even have that for consolation anymore.

Verizon has made it public tht they are no longer committed to FIOS, and will not be laying any more fiber for it. They decided they would rather back the cellular business. I suspect that FIOS is on the auction block, and they don't much care if anyone likes them or not.

I think it's great that someone likes FIOS, but it sure aint me. I'm counting the days...
Posted by NJlady on 2013-02-15:
I wish I had been that lucky. everytime you get on the phone, you can't get a hold of anyone intelligent and prepare for feeling like having a shouting match possibly if you go up to corporate. woman I talked to called me a child when I complained and I wasn't even being profane/insulting her. I don't remember what I said anymore but I barely got much of it out. I always think it's funny when jerks call me a child/immature. why is that a bad thing? I'd much rather be that than a cold bitch like you. I get that they are a business but what kind of business treats their customers like they're a piece of trash esp when they say repeatedly they care about us. BS! I also get that mom didn't pay our bill but they said they could wait until a certain date before they cut it off so you're right they lie. they did this twice too in the middle of the night when I was busy doing things for money. you know what the craziest part is the first time before they cut it off, they OFFERED to let us wait as in they brought it up. I HATE when people lie, that is one of my pet peeves. if you were going to cut it off say so. I think they got their brains half off at Goodwill, there's just too many stupid things they do/say.
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Comcast Promo Pricing
Posted by 4shonks on 05/14/2009
BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA -- During these hard economic times shouldn't we be able to trust our service companies we have had for years? I have been a Comcast Cable customer for years. Comcast had this new deal called the Triple Play that was going to save me lots of money. I signed up for it and had explicitly asked for how much each service was going to charge. I wanted the cheapest charges for every service, cable, internet, and phone. I was given cable service at 49.99, phone service at 19.99 and internet service at 24.95. This is going to be my prices? Yes, I was told. My bill would be around $115 a month. Great sign me up. When the installer came out to hook up my phone and internet services I specifially asked him to go over my pricing again. He called his manager and we all went back and forth until I was promised the same prices as on the phone. OK install it then. My first bill I received was $240. This is for prorated month charges. Fine. I paid that bill. Two more bills came for the promised $115 a month. Everything was fine and I was now a happy customer. Bill number 4 was for $137. Why so much higher than my promised rates? I called and was explained that I had all promotional pricing. My phone service had just reset to 39.99 and my cable was going to be setting in two more months to 74.99. The customer service agent explained to me that I had a great deal because I have unlimited long distance calling. I do? I was never told of this and I had never used the unlimited long distance in the three months I had service. Now I am very upset because I no longer trust Comcast as a company. They can not tell you of their special "promo" pricing when you set up your plan and let you be surprised every time you get a bill. I email "Rick" the CEO or whatever of the company. I received a call today from Comcast telling me they will put me in a new promo pricing for 6 months. What happens when that pricing is up? Oh you just call and get new promo pricing. So every 3-6 months, depending on how long your pricing is good for, you get to call the customer service line and beg for new pricing. Why should we, as "valued" Comcast customers have to do this? Just give me one price. Just say this is what it is going to be. I don't hae time to call every few months and wait on hold forever to try and get new pricing. My timie is valueable. I'm calling Dish Network and AT&T back!
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Posted by jiva34 on 2009-05-29:
You might want to rethink AT&T. If you think Comcast is a pain in the butt, AT&T is a human hamburger maker. It's a rock and hard place right now with these behemoths. If I have to pick my poison I'll stay with Comcast. I tried switching to AT&T and the money thing is just about the same (outrageous!!!) but the internet service is no where comparable. AT&T sent me a big box of contraptions to be plugged in here and there and disks for programming my computers. No thanks. I just took a look at the 25 pages of instructions and warnings all in very small print and just sent it all back. They still charged me for phone service I never even turned on or used. And when I tried to dispute the charges it was like talking to the wall....
I had almost forgotten what it was like with AT&T and but I remembered real quick!!!!
So Comcast leaves a lot to be desired in their customer relations, but the end product is far superior to AT&T. the customrr service reps at Comcast seem a little better lately over the last few months. Maybe they are training them to be professionals now....
Our local electrical company is in the process of developing cable service. I wish they would hurry up. After all they are a local company and actually part of the cimmunity here. So I would think they would try a little harder to be user friendly.....
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-29:
promo pricing is just that, promotional. did you think they would give you special pricing for ever?
Posted by ok4now on 2009-06-02:
I am a Comcast Triple Play customer. Took the bait for a one year promotion. Digital HD T.V. Internet and Phone. The T.V. package included HBO, Showtime and Starz. I was quoted a price of $130.00. The first bill arrives in the amount of $167.00. Called them for an explaination. They were charging me an additional $25.00 for two High Def boxes plus taxes, fees, regulatory expenses, modem rental and 911 fees. They don't tell you about all of these additional charges when they give you a price quote. Deceptive advertising. They get away with this because they can. Like big government they use their muscle to get what they want and screw the little guy. Be very careful before you obligate yourself with these people.
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Liars and Rip Offs
Posted by Penwright1029 on 10/30/2011
Around the first of October, I had made arrangements with Leonard, a Comcast supervisor, to a payment agreement of $75 a week until we get our bill caught up. We made those payments without fail. Throughout this whole time, we kept getting calls stating we had to pay our past due amount. Each time, I would call Comcast to find out what was going on and have to explain about this agreement. Every time I was told that we were not going to have our services interrupted.

On October 24, I was awoken, by my very irate husband, with the announcement that we couldn't call out. Shortly after that, our cable TV was shut off. We still had internet so I contacted them through chat.

I was told to go to the nearest office to have a supervisor give us a written statement about our original agreement so the threatening calls would stop. Right after that, my internet was shut down. We drove to the nearest office, we were given, only to find they only take payments there. So we found the other office and waited for over an hour to talk to one of their representatives. There wasn't any supervisor there! After explaining to Candace what had transpired between Leonard and other employees, she said she would send our information to the call center and our services would be turned back on.

You guessed it. They still were not turned on when we arrived home. This is when my husband discovered we could call Comcast corporate offices directly. Since I had, previously, gotten their number, from here, I called them. The first person I contacted and explained our agreement to said there wasn't any way we could have our services turned back on until we paid the past due amount. I called a little later and talked to another representative, who was rude to me when I asked how his supervisor could call me back when we didn't have that service. He just kept saying that a supervisor would call me back. I told him he was being rude to me when I hadn't been with him. He insisted he wasn't. My husband called the third time and demanded to talk to a supervisor without going into any details. This time, I was put through immediately. (The bill is in my name. So I have to make all the arrangements, payments, etc.) That woman said she would give my information to another department and that we could look at other programs to save us money when someone called me back. Three hours later, another woman called me.

I explained everything as before. She put me on hold while she looked at our records. She couldn't find anything about our agreement with Leonard or anyone else. Even though I had dates with the other employees, she still said that, since she couldn't find any agreements, we would have to pay the past due amount to get our services restored. I then told her that the other lady told me we could get a cheaper package. She said that they could give us the basic program of 10 local channels, the lowest speed internet and local phone service with paid long distance. But, get this, it would cost us more than the promotion we have now. Needless to say, I stayed with our original package, which, by the way, we have never paid that amount either. It's always been higher. She told me that no Comcast employees should ever make payment arrangements, that this is against their policy. I know better. I've been with them for years and have made payment arrangements on many occasions.

I told her our circumstances, that we didn't have the amount they wanted that day.

Then I asked her, "If I agree to pay the past due amount on Wednesday, October 26, will you turn my services back on?"

I pleaded with her, saying please numerous times stating we need our phone and internet since we are looking for employment, selling items to get money to pay Comcast and other bills and have a son, who has mental problems and would freak if he can't get a hold of us. Finally she agreed. Within minutes, we had our services turned back on. I was very thankful to her for this.

But, and this is a big but, I will never trust Comcast again. They ruined my belief they were a good company who cares about their customers. All they did was to lie to me from the beginning when they told me I wouldn't be charged any extra for an upgrade in our services or that they would be interrupted. Something I want to explain is, I didn't call that Sunday because they, normally, don't work on the weekends or late evenings as they once did.

I was led to believe, many times, our payment arrangement was going to be honored. Comcast doesn't have any honor-not anymore. They used to be a great company. Now they deceive people, who think they are getting a good deal, only to be ripped off.

One last note, I looked at our statement, and, according to them, with all the payments we've made and their credits, we are, supposedly, not only in the clear, but actually have overpaid them. Yet, at the end of our conversation, the last supervisor told me we still owe another past due amount of $189. How? We are supposed to have overpaid, but we still owe another past due amount? Also, how in the world could we owe them $546 when we only upgraded to cable TV in August for the promotion of $119 a month? Something smells in Comcast city, and it ain't pretty.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-30:
"I know better. I've been with them for years and have made payment arrangements on many occasions." With all respect, it sounds like you're better off to forgo a lot of these extra "necessities" whereas you can't afford them.

Ironic that you're using a service that you're currently unable to pay for, keying in a complaint about Comcast.

Hopefully you will get regular work and be able to afford the extras, but for now, it may be time to cut back.
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Lack of Customer Service
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 03/27/2011
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I signed up for the Comcast Triple Play Package in July of 2010. When I signed up, I inquired about their Sports Package and HBO and what kind of promotions they were running. I was informed that if I signed up for Comcast for a year, then I could get the Sports Package and HBO for a year for free. This was excellent news and I signed up to use Comcast.

I am signed up for automatic pay, which I do for convenience expecting Comcast to bill me correctly. Today I was looking at my latest invoice and noticed that I am being charged for the Sports Package and HBO. I noticed that I have been charged for the Sports Package since December, and HBO since March. I decided to call them and ask them to reverse the charges and to be billed correctly going forward.

When I spoke to their customer service representative, they said that they never offered the Sports Package for free to anyone ever. I instructed them to look at any of my invoices prior to December and they will see a $0.00 charge for the Sports Package. They took a look and were surprised but didn't have an explanation for why I wasn't charged. I told them about what I was told when I signed up. They had no notes on that conversation. They then said that I was being charged for HBO because they don't offer it for free. Again, I referenced past history and what was communicated to me when I signed up.

They said that there was nothing that they could do and said that their screen was the only thing they could look at and had provided me with all of the information that they could. I asked if I could speak to a supervisor to see if they could help me. They put me on hold for a few minutes before picking back up (it was the same person). They said that they explained to me what their screen says and could not comment on what I was told before. I explained why I was frustrated as a customer and understood that this service customer agent was explaining only what they could see on the account and why I was frustrated with the miscommunication to the customer when signing up.

I asked if I could speak to a supervisor since the customer service agent did not have the authority to reverse charges. I was told that I could not get one. I explained that I was frustrated that there was no way to get the issue resolved on this phone call and explained that I am moving in a few months and would like to retain Comcast, but with the current billing issues and being unable to get a hold of a supervisor, I may be interested in switching to Verizon. I was told that I can't speak to a supervisor and that they could upgrade my package so that I do receive the Sports Package and HBO free, but my Comcast bill would increase.

I did keep a calm voice throughout the conversation and the customer service agent did listen to my concerns, but I felt as if the customer service agent is just there to listen to the concerns and not really address the issues. I've had something similar happen a few months ago where I no longer had access to the Sports Package or HBO. When I called customer service, I was able to speak to a Supervisor and get the issue resolved. They were able to restore both items and did acknowledge that I was suppose to have them for a year for free.

Having the issue once happens, but happening again and not getting resolution may be the last straw. Once I do have a choice, Verizon may be my new provider. I hope Comcast is able to do something to redeem themselves.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-27:
Like a dog with a bone, don't let go of the issue Steve. Keep gnawing on it.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-03-28:
Update: I called Comcast again today. They did identify that I was not being charged for HBO and the Sports Package because I was under a promotion, but they said the promotion ended. I expressed my frustration with being told it's a 1 year promotion when I signed up, then it changes during the year to where now I have to pay for the different items.

They said that I could cancel HBO and the Sports Package if I wanted. I told them that I was very happy when I signed up as a customer because of the promotions they gave me as I really wanted HBO and the Sports Package and that if I had to pay for them, I would. I just didn't want to pay for them when I should be getting them for free. They said they understood, but couldn't do anything for me.

I then told them that I am moving in about a month and want Comcast to do something to try to keep me as a customer, saying that if they are unable to rectify the situation, it is very likely that I will no longer be a Comcast customer when I move. They said that they understand, but there was nothing that could be done.

Eventually they said they would check to see if they could do anything as I was put on hold. Shortly after they came back and said nothing could be done. I told them about my prior phone call and not being able to speak to a supervisor. She then said she would get me over to a supervisor.

A minute later the same person came back on the phone and said they could issue me a credit for 1 month of the items, but would not credit me for the past months for those packages and that they would continue to bill me. I took it, but expressed my displeasure with their inability to provide me with the promise they made to me when I signed up for Comcast.

Verizon Fios, only a month until you will be my provider!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-28:
Sincerely hope you have a better experience as a customer with Verizon Fios.
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Comcast doesn't honor the service prices
Posted by Roi on 01/21/2011
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Potential Comcast user, please be aware that this company doesn’t honor the contract agreed prices, I contracted triple play bundle at 99 dollars but couple months later they came back with the story that additional TV’s outlet (Bundle comes with only one) and telephone converter box rental prices were increased and start charging new prices. Don’t be surprised, what they want is signing in you and then start breaking itemized prices that end up making your payment more than what was agreed initially. The initial bill was 121 and now it changed to 130 dollars.
I am posting this complain beacuse I think this is not a fair business practice.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-21:
I'm not under any type of contract with Comcast, but I do have them for my cable.

In my recent bill, they included all new price increases for EVERYTHING.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-01-21:
Golly, I thought I was the only one. I agreeded to the triple play, if you will, and everything rocked along fine for a month or so. The only thing I had added was my home telephone service since I already had internet and TV with them. And, YES the price was $99.00 plus tax for a year for all three services.

I called when I received an inflated price and no one seemed to know what I was talking about as far as the $99.00. I was dismayed as well. Some supervisor couldn't find any record but decided to put my monthly charge back to the original quoted price for a period of 6 months. Strange, really strange. I'll deal with it with the so called 6 months are up.
Posted by NickL11354 on 2011-01-21:
Its like this for all cable & cell phone services. When you ask what they TOTAL bill will be each month they somehow 'Don't Know'. And of course they will 'never know' what the price will be the 2nd year even though you have to agree to a 24 month term.

Yes, there is an additional charge for HD (which only includes about 30 HD Channels or less for that price), additional charge for any additional outlets and for phone.

However, Comcast is better than Verizon FIOS. A supposed $109 triple play was never less than $170 a month. Many times additional charges & services were sneaked onto the bill without my approval
Posted by NickL11354 on 2011-01-21:
{{{I called when I received an inflated price and no one seemed to know what I was talking about as far as the $99.00. I was dismayed as well. Some supervisor couldn't find any record but decided to put my monthly charge back to the original quoted price for a period of 6 months. }}}

Wow, this promo is only advertised on the radio several times an hour (at least in the Boston area). Stores & services like this are trained to NEVER KNOW (selective amnesia) about these promos. They assume all customers buy on impulse and are too busy to care about their bill (or they just put it onto a credit card)
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
These companies will always find a way to add fees. When they offer you that triple play, of course its all for basic service, not including taxes or fees. I switched from Time Warner to DirecTV, and am absolutely satisfied. My bill went from 120 dollars a month to 56 dollars.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-01-21:
I really don't like Comcast in general. I've had my fair share of run ins with them, even though I just became a customer in July of 2010. The pricing was never really fully explained to me. They said it would be something like $109 a month for the HD Triple Play Package. Next thing I know, my bill adds another charge. When I call them about it, they say that it is for the Comcast Internet Box and Comcast Cable Box. To me that should be included, unless of course I can run the Triple Play package without those two, but I don't think I can have internet, cable, and phone without the Comcast Boxes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
I dont know what everyones deal is with DirecTV. I went over everything with a fine tooth comb, I added everything I wanted, read the terms....and before signing up, they showed me what my bill would be for the first year.....and I was able to come up with a total of what my bill will be the second year...which is still cheaper than what I way paying for Time Warner.....our tech was awsome, and our service has been spot-on, with no billing issues.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-21:
I had an extremely heated discussion recently over my $119.00/month bill somehow ballooning into $140.00! I sat with my itemized bill, side by side with the advertised flyer. There only explanation was that the $119.00 was for the "service" and not the equipment such as the modem. Those incurred separate monthly charges. I implored to them that the "service" was unaccessible without the modem, therefore was basically useless to me. They MUST be a total package together. By the end of my conversation, I had a free modem charge for 1-yr:) You just can't stand by idly and let them take advantage of you. Stand up to them!
Posted by TFRANKLIN on 2011-03-13:
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Company does not care about its customers
Posted by Aend5943 on 01/16/2011
When I tried to get Comcast service (June 2008), I was told that I could not because I apparently had service in three different homes and businesses. I knew that I did not, so I thought someone stole my identity and got cable. This went on for over a month until a lady by the name of Karen called me to tell me that it was a mistake. She apologized and told me if I still wanted service that they would work something out. Then I spoke to Gina who promised me a few months free of service (6 months) and a year free of HBO and Showtime. Well, I should have looked at that as a sign, because that was a start to my problems.

My problems are:
Cable is not working properly. Receiving constant error messages.

Phone and internet works intermittent.

August 2008 - Feb. 2009 I have met all of the techs at Comcast who could not fix the problem. I was given an additional 6 months of free service for the inconvenience and also to assist with finding out the problems.

March 2009 - April 2009
The same problems along with new problems with the Comcast service and no one can tell me if the problem can be fixed.

June 2009 - January 2011
I am having problems and the person that I am working with in the Comcast corporate office does not seem to care of the problems that I am experiencing.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-16:
Call the 800 number for Comcast. Select the tech suppor option. When they answer, ask them to please connect you with their loyalty department. Yes they have a loyalty department. We had some issues with Comcast and could not get them resolved, and were told by a tech to ask for the loyalty department. Our issues were taken care of immediately, and finally resolved.
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Comcast Triple Play phone order
Posted by Comcast nightmare on 01/15/2011
I spent 2 hours on phone ordering Comcast triple play service
via toll free number on Comcast website.
I was scammed... almost.
Bridgevine company answer phone on behalf of Comcast.
I told him I was looking at online promotions, he said because I was a current longtime cable customer he would give me triple play for 12 months, no contract @ 39.99 a month. I closed the deal with him, set up installation with the next department he forwarded me to.
I woke up this morning, called Comcast to confirm order. Bridgevine company, in behalf of Comcast had ordered me no cable TV, Internet@ 44.99 for 6 months and telephone for 29.99.
I had received no documentation from anyone via email so I suspected the nightmare was in progress.
While talking to Comcast to review order, I asked them to cancel entire order... what would they do if they were me? I was told to call their subcontractor and complain...
What else can I do to make Comcast's life a little easier?

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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-16:
Hopefully Comcast will take the hint and talk to their contractor about customer service.
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Over charge
Posted by Edwinjrodrgiuez on 10/04/2010
Not too long ago, I use to just pay my Comcast bill, with out even looking at it, and pay it on time, I trusted there billing department, what a big mistake that was, but I recently became a penny pincher, i started examining my last bill, and it just didn't make sense, i had transfer my service from my old place to my new apartment, and just before leaving a had pay any balance due, pay on the last of August, a basically prepaid the month of September, i talk to them on the phone, told them I need it my service transfer, they just ask me where I was moving to and how many televisions a had, I told them 2,she said in that case will give you and additional cable box, cause I only had one, i said no I didn't want any extra charges, she said, she would waive the fee, she never said anything about transfer fees or installations fee, we just agree on transfer dates,(and my dumb ass never ask about fees)one the day of the move a got a new billed, a was a little surprise, when I move they change my (billing cycle)is very important to know your billing cycle, my old billing cycle ended on the 16th of the month my new one was the 8th I thou, cause that was the date I moved and I got my first billed, wrong they change that on my second bill to the 1th, all this changes with out telling me, so on the 16th of August a got bill for my bundle (Triple play) ,on September 8th a got billed again for another triple play bundle, and on the 1st of October a got billed aging for another bundle, in a period of 1 and half month I got billed for 3 months, and thats not all, on the September 8th bill, the charge my for unreturned equipment one cable box and a phone modem, $160 for the box $80 for the modem, a wasted 4 phone calls to them, the cable guy had taken the modem and the other cable box I still had and I was using, the told me to just ignore the charges and that the would go away when the modem show up, and to give them a week to find the modem in there warehouse, which after 3 weeks show up on the system, but my extra bill dint go away, I had my wife call them to find out why the charges still there, they told her it was for installation, I said what $240 for installation?i call them aging and they admitted to double charging me installation, i ask them how much installation was, the told me $60,i ask them how come it I was getting billed $240 he told me that that included first month, but I told him I had pay full a full month already on the 16th of August, he said he could credit me for a partial month $40 credit and eliminated the double charge for the installation, i told him that was better, but the still overcharging me $80 by switching my billing cycles every three weeks, the bills haven't been fixed and I still received bills for the same amount, i going to call one more time for the 5th time, and then I am canceling, my next step is to take them to what ever the name of that agency is to complaint about a corporation. i feel like a need to be reimburse for my time and frustration, since is there mistake. its sad, cause the have a monopoly, there is only two choice for Internet, and one choice for cable in my area, I which the where more choices or better company's.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-10-04:
I think it's very important to check over any bill you receive, instead of just paying and hoping in good faith it's correct. I always check my bills, and had my own issue with Comcast, charging me for a tech call, that I never should have been billed for. I immediately contacted them, and they removed the charge that was in error, right then and there.
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July's Nightmare
Posted by Tlg72 on 08/02/2010
Let me start off by saying that I have been a Comcast customer for over 15 years. I have always received outstanding service!! That was until July 2010. My problems started on July 4 with my cable service, the remote did not work. Since it was a holiday I waited until July 5 to call customer service. I spent about an hour on the phone and they reset my cable box and everything worked. Great I thought!!! Until a couple of days later my internet went out. I called CSR and spent over an hour unplugging and resetting everything before the issue was resolved. Wonderful!! A few day later I started having problems with my cable again. Once again I called CSR and spent over an hour on the phone with them. During this conversation I mentioned that I have been a long standing customer and that this was my third call for problems with my services within this month and that I felt I had a problem with the signal coming into my home. Once again we reset and unplugged everything. I had services for few days then my internet went out. You got it same drill. Then cable a couple of days later. Finally toward the end of the month my internet went out and I called late in the evening and after speaking to the CSR I requested a tech come to my home. The tech came he was on time and nice, however he tried to blame all of my problems on the cooper wire that sticks out of the cable wire. He said it was too long. I informed him that my cable has worked fine like that since it was installed over two years ago in this home. He then changed my modem and remote. He also stated to me that nothing is new at Comcast everything is old and just updated. (should you really say this to a customer?) He also claimed that my router was the problem. He even had problems getting my new modem to initialize. He left and my service worked for about three days. When I called CSR they said that they were going to escalate my issue to supervisor of the service tech and that I should be hearing from them the following morning. Needless to say, I did not. So I called that afternoon. While speaking with the CSR I requested that I get a supervisor to call me back. Guess what she told me there was not a supervisor that I could speak with. Well I lost it. I advised her that a company as large as Comcast had to have leads, supervisors, managers, coo, cfo, president, or someone who could help a customer with a complaint. Guess what, she then put her supervisor on the phone who advised me that Comcast could not help me with my issue and that my problem did not call for it to be escalated to a supervisor. (does that make any sense after a month of problems with my service and a tech coming to my home??) the next day another service tech and we went over everything. He said he had spoken with the tech that had come before and agreed that my router was causing the problem. He also stated that the csr's are reading scripts and do not know anything about the products. (should you say this to a disgruntled customer??) He changed out my cable box and said everything was fine. He told me I should call Comcast and have my bill adjusted. So within 30 minutes of him leaving I tried to call Comcast. Guess what, now my phone service was out. I called them from my cell phone and got a CSR that I had spoken to before who told me I was rude!! Now I was really angry!! My problem was forwarded to a lead tech who did come out later that day. This tech was really nice and could not believe what I had gone through for the past month. He started checking my services and lines and found that the cable coming into my home was bad. He changed that cable and now my services are working. So to make a long story short if Comcast had listened to the customer and sent someone to check the line coming into my home they would not have had this problem. Needless to say, I had request a district or regional manager call me and I never received that call. I have also tried to email the company. I will see if they contact me back. Even though my service is working now I am checking out services and considering switching to another company after all of these years.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-02:
It really does seem you've had a well documented problem during this last month. To me, the solution should be rather simple, credit you for all services for the month of July.
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