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Phone Reps
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Rating: 1/51

BURNSVILLE, MINNESOTA -- I have all the same complaints everyone else has. Hidden fees, promises you don't have to pay for things, being charged for things that you did not get or services you did not get. I have two employees on tape that said they know these things are happening. The best thing to do I think is to write to the BBB. I live in Minnesota but the BBB here said she didn't know what to do. So she gave me the address in Philadelphia Pennsylvania where Comcast is based.

So for anyone please write to BBB 1880 JFK Boulevard sweet 1330 Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103. This business has got 1 star out of 5. It's never gotten higher than a 2 star. Why hasn't this business been shut down already? It's so bad such low ratings. I've never ever seen such a low rating. The American people have got to get rid of this company. Everyone please do what you can.

Comcast needs a class-action lawsuit and the N. England phone number!
By -

SOUTERN NEW ENGLAND, MASSACHUSETTS -- Hi there, I can tell by all the negative complaints about Comcast services in general that a lot of us are suffering under what can nearly be described as a monopoly on a product which seems almost too cheap to be true; then you get it and realize that it really is too cheap! We live in Massachusetts, for any here in Southern New England. My partner and I first signed up with Comcast and got their full-digital package (cable, cable internet "service," and "digital voice").

The telephone service can only be described by negative terms; just to name a few: abominable, reprehensible, impossibly time-consuming, horrific, and exasperating. I'm sure others can think of many others. The first address, we had to have repair techs come out no less than 6 times to fix the problems that were often caused by the tech before them.

We got several menial $15-30 credits on our bill - mostly because of the lengths of time we had to use day minutes on our cell phones and because I not only have a terminal illness, but I was trying to recover from TWO (2) back to back bacterial-community acquired pneumonia and the stress was causing serious issues with my breathing when getting nowhere and trying to bang the concept into the service reps head that, hey "I NEED PHONE SERVICE; THIS IS A NECESSITY, NOT A LUXURY AS AT ANY POINT MY LUNGS COULD FILL UP AND I WOULD NEED 911 AS WELL AS ACCESS TO MY DOCTOR'S OFFICE 24/7/365. Hello, are you listening?"

I never verbally berated the reps because they didn't screw up the service, but I did threaten to go to the top of the chain of command if they didn't get it right. Just to drive my point home a bit further, I asked innocently enough, "Do you have a phone number for the S. New England Executive Office's Problem Resolution Center?" No one seemed able to get the number to me.

So I recited it to the head of the regional c. service supervisory team - it's in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and the NUMBER TO CALL IS 888-309-2583 and the person to talk to who will take action, and not just to help me but who has records of every person to whom I've talked to. Her name is ** and her extension is as follows: **. Wow, did they work hard to please me after that little tete-a-tete.

Once again for those who are scanning for the NEW ENGLAND PROBLEM RESOLUTION CENTER IN CHELMSFORD, MA is: 888-309-2583 and the extension for ** is: **. I hope that this information will help at least one other exasperated consumer/lassoed bull get back at Comcast for any shoddy service. You can use this number just to get customer service to act the way you should and to assure that when you ask for some reimbursement for your time, cell bills, frustration, stress, get something better than peanuts.

Oh, and incidentally, my next call at our new address - after 3 service calls in the first week, all of which were justified as things which should have been checked out when the service was first installed, is going to be to ** at the Southern New England Executive Offices. Sincerely, Thethorinater

Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

HORROR STORY 1: Only a week after having my service installed at my place of business, I experienced a complete service blackout. I had no phone, no fax, and no internet. My business relies on all three of these services, so no service meant losing money. I called in, and I was told someone could come take a look at what they thought was a "faulty modem" the next evening. The next evening? That would mean I would lose many valuable phone calls.

I was extremely upset, but since there was nothing that could be done, I though "at least customers can leave us a voice mail, and I will call them back on my cell". WRONG! Everyone that called, heard the same thing, "CLICK". The line hung up on all my customers!

Finally, about 6 hours later, the service returned on its own. I guess the faulty modem box was magically repaired. I called them the next day to tell them that the service came back, but that maybe it was a good idea for someone to come take a look at my lines to see what could have caused this. After all, it's not a home that was left without a phone; it was business. They said that if the service returned, someone would go out there for a fee. A fee? What? That's right! Even though it was extremely serious that I had no phone, no fax, no internet, no means of dialing 911 in case of an emergency, and not even a working voice mail, I would have to pay. Nice.

HORROR STORY 2: About 4 days after my first bad experience with Comcast, I decided to call and ask about the international calling rates. I was going to travel, and wanted to call a car rental place in Mexico. I did not receive a welcome kit with all that was included in my plan, so I decided to call. To make a very long story short, I was transferred 7 times. Yes! Seven times! I was on the phone explaining my question for about an hour. I kept getting transferred to the same number!

Finally, someone told me that I was supposed to have been taken care of at that number I had initially called, and that he was going to place me on three-way calling to hear them when they told me they couldn't help me. That way, he could tell the manager that they weren't doing their job. What the hell? How unprofessional is that? I ended up finding the rates online.

Horror story 3: I received my first bill and I am being billed for cable TV. Who the hell ordered cable TV? Nobody. I called again to have that removed and - surprise, surprise! - I was transferred a total of 5 times, and once I had to call again cause the system hung up on me as I waited. Finally, (about 40 minutes later) I was helped by a man who said, "Someone at your business must have called and added cable TV to the package". WHAT? I am the only one who makes ANY type of order. I am the owner.

I politely told him this was impossible, so he then said, "Oh! I just noticed this is a free service. I added the charges on internet, and the charges on phone, and they equal the amount you're being billed, so then it's free." What a sarcastic moron! I tried telling him that I received a bundle discount that was being cancelled out by the addition of the cable TV, and he said, "Where is this on your bill?" Since I didn't have my bill in front of me, he said "Being the nice guy that I am, I will wait so you find your bill". I told him I had it in my office at work, but that I appreciated his help, and he said "Okay", and hung up!! I HATE THIS COMPANY! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE THEY EMPLOY?

Comcast Is a Fest of CRAP
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Rating: 1/51

CARNEGIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- OK, so let me tell what a horrible experience I've had with these idiots. First of all, two months ago I mailed in a check of $85 and it got "lost" for about a month. While this was going on, Comcast blamed me for their mistake, their customer service was argumentative and just flat out rude. Comcast then added late fees and threatened to shut off my service. I told them I'm not paying the bill twice so they could shut it off if they wanted. FINALLY the idiots found the check and it all got taken care of. But what really irritated me is Comcast didn't apologize for the mix up, didn't remove the late fees -NOTHING.

Next issue, I called Comcast about a week and a half ago to add phone service to my package and of course they tried to hit me with all the fees and crap to have someone come out to hook it up for me. I said, "No thanks I can plug things into my wall by myself." So I asked them to just mail the equipment out to me. The representative told me it would be at my house in about three days, so I canceled my cell phone service that weekend thinking I would have a house phone in a few days. Little did I know Comcast would screw up something as simple as mailing me the equipment.

So for a week now I haven't had a phone. I have used friends' and family members' phones to call and complain to Comcast about the issue, and every time they have a different excuse of why I still don't have a phone. Everyday I've been told by Comcast, "Oh it will be at your house tomorrow". It is now Thursday and there is no sign of it.

I think I'm just going to turn my cell back on and say 'F these losers'. I tried to switch to Verizon, but they don't offer cable TV in my area. Comcast has my area of living on lock, so if people want TV they are forced to deal with Comcast... It's honestly sad, my neighbors and friends complain all the time about how horrible Comcast is. WE WANT VERIZON!!!

Why I LOATHE Comcast
By -

About a year and a half ago I had a question about my Comcast cable service - not my telephone service, which was fine. I still have no idea why this happened but the employee I had spoken to, after dealing with my cable issue, took it upon herself to open a work order to change my phone number, which I had had for 17 or 18 years. By the time I caught the mistake Comcast was in the process of reassigning me a new number, but after much wrangling, I was able to get the original number back.

I have bundle service, phone, internet and cable, and things were fine until about a month ago, when I decided $176.00 a month was an unreasonably high cost in such a competitive market. I called to see if I could reach an agreement on a lower price, which I did, but once again, Comcast cut my phone service and proceeded to make my number available to the open market. Luckily, I caught it in time and once again got my number back before it had been assigned to someone else. I let them know I was highly displeased about this happening a second time.

Then, just five days ago, I began hearing from friends and business associates, wondering why I didn't have my phone anymore. Once again, Comcast had cut my service and could not explain why. Comcast's only explanation was that it was a "technical" mistake and therefore not their fault. By this time I was beyond irate, although I kept telling each representative that I realized it was not their personal fault, but they did need to know the level of my frustration.

I sit now waiting for a call, not knowing if I will get my number back because Comcast is now blaming it on AT&T. They said once my service was cut, the number was released to AT&T and that they have to wait for permission from AT&T to give the number back.

Please bear in mind my account is and always has been in good standing - paid in full every month. Comcast has absolutely no excuse for this repetitive termination of phone service and all I'm getting is the runaround. Comcast doesn't give a damn about its customers or providing quality customer service. I would love to rant extensively about how much I loathe them but since they're a corporate giant with a stranglehold on the market, venting will probably do no good.

I just wanted to warn other consumers that they're taking an enormous chance if they choose Comcast as their phone, internet and cable provider. I'm now looking for qualified legal representation and I hope the next time you hear from me, it will be to report Comcast's bungling has been exposed on a much larger scale and at long last they are being held accountable.

Facts About Comcast Service (employee)
By -

I hate Comcast service as much as the customers do. I dread coming into work everyday to hear screaming customers. Usually it's the same problems everyday; no dial tone, cannot access voice mail, cannot receive calls, techs not showing up etc. I truly I have empathy for all Comcast customers out there. It's not that we don't care as customer service reps, it's that we really can't do anything and I feel helpless. There are some reps that really want to help and some that don't care but, that's any company. The following are some facts to know about Comcast:

Customer service: A lot of the employees are outsource (national call center) and aren't able to connect you to extensions. The training sucks. We're thrown out to take calls not knowing much, except to sound like we know what we're talking about. We have agents telling customers things that aren't true because we don't know and don't have realiable resources to give the correct answers. Honestly we only receive irate customer calls and a few simple good calls. I wish Comcast will get their ** together.

Comcast doesn't seem to tell new customers that there is an additional charge to connect jacks to our service. We're only required to connect one phone directly to EMTA. They are really slick. Wait before you sign up for the bundle package because it's a contract and you have to pay to terminate service when in the bundle. If you are considering Comcast because that's the only company in your area, make sure you write all your questions down to ask. Believe me they won't just give you information. Ask how many jacks they will activate and if there is an additional charge, etc.

Requesting supervisors: When customers request supervisors, just to let you know, we have regular agents that are assigned to take supervisor calls and do not have any more authority than the reps. Majority of the supervisors aren't even trained on the service, only thing they do is audit the calls, make sure their employees are meeting their handle time, attendance etc.

Service calls: We aren't responsible for scheduling. The customer service reps can only give you what's available. We aren't able take out another customers appointment in the place of yours. We can contact some of the dispatchers based on your location to force in a sooner appointment.

Dispatch/technicians: Comcast hires contractors that don't know what they're doing and don't care. I believe they are paid commission by how many jobs they complete. When you have an appointment scheduled and they call your contact number, if you don't answer they will not get out the truck and knock on your door. The tech cancels your appointment and moves on to the next house. Isn't that wrong? Well the customer service reps cannot do anything except schedule another appointment and hope it doesn't happen again. We do consider no dial tone as an emergency but we get some many calls in regards to this that dispatch is usually booked.

Tickets: To help the rep out and yourself, always ask for a ticket number and keep it for your records (starts with cr1******). Each rep is SUPPOSE to create a ticket for any problem you have that needs to be repaired. These tickets are forwarded to another department depending on the issue to be investigated. Unfortnately some problems cannot be repaired right away, it takes a few days, which I understand why you all get upset.

I've seen tickets kept open for months and have never been touched. The only thing we can do is call that department and guess what they tell us? They tell us that they will escalate the ticket, AGAIN. Then we're forced to tell you that it has been escalated and you should hear from someone within 24 hours. Outages: We don't have any info on what caused outages or know if tech are really working on the problem or not.

There are some customers that call that say they never have a problem with the service. It really depends on where you live. To me it's just like cell phone service and not dependable. If live near a lot of trees I wouldn't suggest this service. Most of our problem calls are from Atlanta, MA, NJ, CT and PA. I totally understand how you all feel. Sorry for all the typos. I just typed this up really quick. If you have any questions, post a response and I will try to follow up with you.

Phone Service - No Options For Human Interaction - Return Of Equipment Comcast Keeps Money
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Rating: 1/51

BOULDER, COLORADO -- I returned equipment over 4 months ago. I have not received check for $106 I was supposed to get. I tried to call Comcast and spent 45 minutes on the phone and only 1 human spoke to me - promised that she would transfer me to another human - no such luck. I went to chat - the chat person could not help me. OH BY THE WAY (!!!!) it took me 12 phone calls to Comcast to actually RETURN THE EQUIPMENT because there was no office opened on the weekend when I moved out of the condo.

This process has cost me hours of my time - HOURS AND HOURS - and is worth far more than $106. COMCAST customer service is a morass and I feel like taking an ad in the New York Times and telling everyone how much it SUCKS AND SUCKS AND SUCKS.

Worse Company Ever, Very Poor Customer Service, Appointments Never Kept
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Rating: 1/51

PEARLAND, TEXAS -- For the past 2 weeks, we've signed up with Comcast from AT&T. Our landline is out, they delivered incomplete equipment and has failed to show up to complete the job. Several appointments not kept and no communication whatsoever. The security system has been out from the get-go. Their customer service department not helping matters and will keep you on hold for ever, until you either hang up or call again for the same treatment. They make promises and never deliver. Appointments so spaced out . No concern for customer satisfaction. Will not recommend this company to my worst enemy. Full of liars.

Terrible - 1 Hour to Get Phone Service Back
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Poor service, increasing charges, and longer and longer waits for service!! After continued increases in charges (over $50 in 3 months), we decided to cancel our service. We've been with Comcast for 20 years, but they couldn't seem to keep our payment or service consistent. We continually had problems with our internet and cable cutting in and out and now with the increase in the bill... it was finally enough!

They disconnected our phone 5 days before it should have been disconnected and it took 5 calls, 7 agents, and over an hour on my cell phone minutes to get it turned back on! They are so out of touch with their customers!! We didn't want to go through the hassle of changing services, but it was worth the hassle of staying with them!

Sending Past Due Notices Through WiFi and SmartPhones
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Rating: 1/51

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- I wanted everyone to know that Comcast will/is sending past due notices through your WiFi and that anyone with access to your WiFi will get the same notices. I was playing Angry Birds on my iPhone when saw a Past Due Notice from Comast where normally would be advertisements for Angry Birds add-ons. I took a screen shot picture of the notice. Comcast doesn't have my iPhone number nor did the message come in email or text form.

When I asked how they accessed Angry Birds and my iPhone and how they delivered this message to me, they said that it must be sent out through the WiFi. Then my next question was how do they know that I'm the only one receiving this notice or that someone else didn't receive that message since they have no idea who has access to my WiFi? They could not answer. This really sounds like a Class Action Law Suit to me as they are sending out personal info and they have no idea who is receiving it. Comcast really sucks!!!

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