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Facts about Comcast Service (employee)
Posted by Babygirl22 on 11/19/2007
I hate Comcast service as much as the customers do. I dread coming into work everyday to hear screaming customers. Usually it's the same problems everyday;No Dial tone, cannot access voicemail, cannot receive calls, techs not showing up and etc. I truley I have empathy for all Comcast customers out there. It's not that we don't care as customer service rep's, it's that we really can't do anything and I feel helpless. There are some rep's that really want to help and some that don't care but, that's any company. The following are some facts to know about Comcast:

1. Customer Service: A lot of the employees are out source (national call center) and aren't able to connect you to extensions. The training sucks. We're thrown out to take calls not knowing much, except to sound like we know what we're talking about. We have agents telling customers things that aren't true because we don't know and don't have realiable resources to give the correct answers. Honestly we only receive irate customer calls and a few simple good calls. I wish Comcast will get their sh*t together. Comcast doesn't seem to tell new customers that there is an additional charge to connect jacks to our service. We're only required to connect one phone directly to EMTA. They are really slick. Wait before you sign up for the bundle package because it's a contract and you have to pay to terminate service when in the bundle. If you are considering Comcast because that's the only company in your area make sure you write all your questions down to ask. Believe me they won't just give you information. Ask how many jacks they will activate and if there is an additional charge and etc.

2. Requesting Supervisors: When customers request supervisors just to let you know we have regular agents that are assigned to take supervisor calls and do not have any more authority than the reps. Majority of the supervisor's aren't even trained on the service, only thing they do is audit the calls, make sure their employees are meeting their handle time, attendance and etc.

3. Service Calls: We aren't responsible for scheudling. The customer service reps can only give you what's available. We aren't able take out another customers appointment in the place of yours. We can contact some of the dispatchers based off your location to force in a sooner appointment.

4. Dispatch/Technicans: Comcast hires contractors that don't know what their doing and don't care. I believe they are paid commission by how many jobs they complete.
When you have an appointment scheduled and they call your contact number if you don't answer they will not get out the truck and knock on your door. The tech cancels your appointment and moves on to the next house. Isn't that wrong? Well the customer service reps cannot do anything except schedule another appointment and hope it doesn't happen again. We do consider no dial tone as an emergency but we get some many calls in regards to this that dispatch is usually booked.

5. Tickets: To help the rep out and yourself always ask for a ticket number and keep it for your records.(starts with cr1******) Each rep is SUPPOSE to create a ticket for any problem you have that needs to be repaired. These tickets are forwarded to another department depending on the issue to be investigated. Unfortnately some problems cannot be repaired right away it takes a few days. Which I understand why you all get upset. I've seen tickets kept open for months and have never been touched. The only thing we can do is call that department and guess what they tell us? They tell us that they will escalate the ticket, AGAIN. Then we're forced to tell you that it has been escalated and you should hear from someone within 24 hours.

6. Outages: We don't have any info on what caused outages or know if tech are really working on the problem or not.

There are some customers that call that say they never have a problem with the service. It really depends on where you live. To me it's just like cell phone service and not dependable. If live near a lot of trees I wouldn't suggest this service. Most of our problem calls are from Atlanta, MA, NJ,CT and PA. I totally understand how you all feel.

Sorry for all the typos. I just typed this up really quick. If you have any questions post a response and I will try to follow up with you.

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Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-11-19:
Babygirl22...I appreciate your post and thanks for helping all of us understand what really goes on a Crumcast.
Posted by bsb7140 on 2007-11-20:
I to am a "Comcast" Employee... and I work with the Video services.

I to work for an outsourced company, and I will start off by saying that we don't receive all the same tools and resources that Comcast gives its own employees but somehow we are held to a higher standard. Comcast just plain sucks...I will agree with most of you.

As it relates to the cable services, I can tell you that On-Demand rarely ever works and sadly we cant do anything about it.

Basically the answer to all technical questions is just to reset your box and hope for the best, or send out a technician. Thats really the only two options that we do have.

We have no ability to contact field techs to see why they never showed up to your appointment... The field techs do suck. They always miss appointments and never show up, and we have to take the brunt of the upset customer, and we can't do anything but reschedule.

Comcast just plain sucks....I handle calls for New England (MA, CT, VT) and we have major problems with the tiling on the digital cable and its just a problem Comcast never can seem to fix. Yet they keep raising your rates.

As, far as contract term fees on the bundles, this only applies if you sign an agreement for the 24 month bundle. If you are in a 12 month bundle there is no contract and no agreement to sign.

I only work here until I get my BA (2 semesters left) then i'm going to get a real job.

I am home visting my parents for Thanksgiving and they have Verizon FIOS! I would recommend this to anyone, its freaking amazing! I know that FiOS is moving in to New England, and I highly suggest you dump Comcast and make the switch!
Posted by formercomcastprostitute on 2007-11-21:
I too am a former employee who couldn't hack it anymore after 14 months. Everything he said is true, unfortunately, but it has gotten much worse. The training is nonexistent, and most of the employees have an attitude. We would outright lie to customers because we didn't know the answer,and I am aware of tampering with box drivers(the thing that runs your cable tv) to justify hiring a lot of reps with nothing to do-they basically created problems to create call volume. Nothing they do surprises me anymore. The government needs to step in and break them up like they did with the phone company. Brian Roberts is building his tower of Babel in Philadelphia, and I hope it crashes down!
Posted by we all hate comcast on 2007-11-28:
Comcast is horrible service thats the main thing to say!! Thats all you have to say. I feel sorry for the customers because i know i would not be paying as much for internet service as comcast charges for the problems customers have. As for nothing ever getting done thats only the truth, i know i work for comcast its impossible to get anything done, you have to escalate problems to people that never do anything about it, techs "contractors" dont close jobs out which means it shows in our system the customers dont have services installed yet, oh lets see i can go on forever, contractors are stupid and dont know what they are doing, contractors are supposed to contact customers back and never do. We as customer service reps are basically pointless to have for the company they mise well just have a answering machine, i mean come on we have horrible systems, provisioning sytem never works which means customers accounts are wallgarden and not active so that means customers cant get online, we are not notified about anything,not trained, they give you a bunch of paper and say read this, if you have any questions ask, give you 2 weeks training which the first week is all goof off and the 2nd week they want you to take your paid time off because they fill they cant teach you anything else, funny thing is classes teaching trainers.. that just makes me laugh, outages everyday, customers are calling with problems and a tech was just there or recently, customer has to wait for an apointment, miss work, then what happens the tech doesnt show. customer calls comcast and asks why... well the contractors they call technicans here at comcast close jobs out because they say they called and no one answered, how is it that all these contactors call customers and the customers never receive the phone calls, kinda fishy if you ask me, i mean i would understand if maybe a few didnt get the call but come on EVERYONE!! so you comcast customers are just as frustrated with comcast as the workers, i hate coming to work everyday because i know i am going to get screamed at because internet is down,outages are everyday, and we have no idea when they will be back up we are just told to tell the customers technicians are workin on it. people are running businesses at home and losing money because of horrible comcast service. I mean come on what kind of service is this? i do know that they dont offer it where we live and im glad because i would not pay for that service i mean why even call it service, i would not pay for a cable modem that never works, and the technicians say oh i'll replace your modem and you'll be ok, works for a minute technician leaves, customer calls again same problem very frustrated this time and we have to hear it. Just some info, if you are running a business out of your home dont get residental service get commercial. I just think its horrible what service comcast offers, and here we are customer service reps who cant do anything and feel horrible about it, unable to close install jobs, internet dept cant not take payments, modems are always offline, the only numbers you are given is 1800comcast, how does this help customers who need to pay their bill over the phone when billing is closed?? i mean come on it doesnt help, you have to tell every customer how sorry you are and i know all it does is frustrate you even more and i totally understand that .. trust me we are very sorry all the customers have to go threw this!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-28:
Whatever you have, spend less.
-Samuel Johnson, 18th Century English Author (most quoted next to Shakespeare)
Posted by Just curious on 2013-07-25:
I have been battling with comcast for 3 weeks to get my service installed. Every time I have an appointment set for a technician to come out and install they never show and when I call about it they tell me there was never an appointment even though the automated system and 3 agents said there was a week prior. And forget the self install option because they don't mention at the time of purchase that your pole is deactivated and a technician actually has to come out and waive a magic wand to activate it... So I guess I am wondering how these appointment continue to disappear?
Posted by Andy on 2013-08-14:
All I need is for comcast to review the phone call 3 months ago where I was promised a certain price that I'm not getting. How easy is it to review phone call recordings on a customer's account?
Posted by potspots on 2013-10-10:
Well I am too a comcast employee from an outsource company and from billing dept wherein ive been receiving shouting, frustrated customers always. im tired hearing complaints about the bill.. sorry guys but we cannot do anything in regards of the bill esp payment arrangements because of the policies.. sometimes i do feel the needs of the customers the struggles but cannot do anything.. comcast really sucks! esp on the bill.. not aware with everything.. but we still need to sell their services and if we do not pitch it will affect our performance and our job too and the salary?? also sucks!!.. i feel sorry for the customers :( im just going to finish being tenured and i'll find a job which suits me more..
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Phone Service - No Options For Human Interaction - Return Of Equipment Comcast Keeps Money
Posted by Doctrumps on 11/22/2013
BOULDER, COLORADO -- I returned equipment over 4 months ago. I have not received check for $106 I was supposed to get. I tried to call Comcast and spent 45 minutes on the phone and only 1 human spoke to me - promised that she would transfer me to another human - no such luck. I went to chat - the chat person could not help me - OH BY THE WAY!!!! It took me 12 phone calls to Comcast to actually RETURN THE EQUIPMENT because there was no office opened on the weekend when I moved out of the condo - This process has cost me hours of my time - HORS AND HOURS - and is worth far more than $106.

COMCAST customer service is a morass and I feel like taking an add in the New York times and telling everyone how much it SUCKS AND SUCKS AND SUCKS.
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Worse Company Ever,very Poor Customer Service. Appointments Never Kept
Posted by Ogechianyaso on 08/31/2013
PEARLAND, TEXAS -- For the past 2 weeks, we've signed up with Comcast from AT&T. Our landline is out, they delivered incomplete equipments and has failed to show up to complete the job. Several appointments not kept and no communication whatsoever. The security system has been out from the get go. Their customer service department not helping matters and will keep you on hold for ever, until you either hang up or call again for the same treatment. They make promises and never deliver. Appointments so spaced out . No Concern for customer satisfaction.

Will not recommend this company to my worse enemy. Full of liars.
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Terrible- 1 Hour to Get Phone Service Back
Posted by Kwright2 on 07/04/2013
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Poor service, increasing charges, and longer and longer waits for service!! After continued increases in charges (over $50 in 3 months), we decided to cancel our service. We've been with Comcast for 20 years, but they couldn't seem to keep our payment or service consistent. We continually had problems with our internet and cable cutting in and out and now with the increase in the bill... it was finally enough!

They disconnected our phone 5 days before it should have been disconnected and it took 5 calls, 7 agents, and over an hour on my cell phone minutes to get it turned back on! They are so out of touch with their customers!! We didn't want to go through the hassle of changing services, but it was worth the hassle of staying with them!

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Comcast Is a Fest of CRAP
Posted by Zoobinhangler on 05/30/2013
CARNEGIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Ok, so let me tell what a horrible experience I've had with these idiots. First of all, two months ago I mailed in a check of $85 and it got "lost" for about a month. While this was going on, Comcast blamed me for their mistake, their customer service was argumentative, and just flat out rude. Comcast then added late fees and threatened to shut off my service. I told them I'm not paying the bill twice so they could shut it off if they wanted. FINALLY the idiots found the check and it all got taken care of. But what really irritated me is Comcast didn't apologize for the mix up, didn't remove the late fees-NOTHING.

Next issue, I called Comcast about a week and a half ago to add phone service to my package and of course they tried to hit me with all the fees and crap to have someone come out to hook it up for me. I said "No thanks I can plug things into my wall by myself." So I asked them to just mail the equipment out to me. The representative told me it would be at my house in about three days, so I canceled my cell phone service that weekend thinking I would have a house phone in a few days. Little did I know Comcast would screw up something as simple as mailing me the equipment. So for a week now I haven't had a phone. I have used friends and family members phones to call and complain to Comcast about the issue, and every time they have a different excuse of why I still don't have a phone. Everyday I've been told by Comcast "Oh it will be at your house tomorrow"... It is now Thursday and their is no sign of it.

I think I'm just going too turn my cell back on and say F these losers. I tried to switch to Verizon, but they don't offer cable TV in my area. Comcast has my area of living on lock, so if people want TV they are forced to deal with Comcast... Its honestly sad, my neighbors and friends complain all the time about how horrible Comcast is. WE WANT VERIZON!!!!!
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Posted by Suzy on 2013-05-30:
When dealing with companies such as Comcast and similar, it's never a good idea to cancel one service before you get the service up and running you are replacing it with, especially on their word that it's in the mail, so to speak. You can never trust that it will arrive on schedule.

As far as the lost check goes, Comcast dropped the ball there and I agree on not paying twice. But you could have just stopped payment on the check they lost and issued them a new one, taking it to them personally if possible. That would have saved you some time and maybe some of the fees and hassle rather than waiting a month for them to finally find it.
Posted by Nal on 2013-05-31:
Why should the OP have to stop payment ? A stop payment can cost $30 or more per check. Why is it that the onus is always on the customer to have to put up what seems increasingly total incompetence with a real FU attitude
Posted by ok4now on 2013-05-31:
When I lived in Philly Comcast was the only game in town. Horrible customer service, billing, tech support, frequent internet outages, the list goes on and on. I moved to the suburbs and got FIOS. OMG what a difference. Pure fiber optic for digital TV, Internet and phone service. Everything works with blazing speed and no problems. Verizon offers package deals that are very competitive with Comcast. Compare the two before you commit.
Posted by Falana on 2013-06-01:
I have had Comcast triple play for years. I have always had great customer service and the couple issues I have had have always been taken care of ASAP.
Now they are expensive for their top tier pkg. I was looking to change but I have read worse horror stories about both dish and direct. Fios uses dish so..
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Posted by Bellinir on 04/02/2012
VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- When I ordered telephone service from Comcast Cable Co I was not informed that I had to have a cable outlet at the computer site. As a result it created a hardship and a delay of service to revert to my previous system. This complete disregard for the potential customer is both apathetic and almost malicious in attitude of the power that be.. Not to mention the four hours of waiting time for the belligerent" installer" to arrive.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-04-02:
comcast telephone service is voip. i wonder if the csr thought you knew this?
Posted by traceylynn on 2012-04-02:
CDV is similar to VoIP, but differs in that it operates on a dedicated server and assigns priority to the information sent over the CDV network, and also means that the information is not transmitted over the public Internet. That being said all Comcast services come thru the coax outlet, hence 'Comcast Cable'. They can put in an outlet for you if you would like then to but it is going to cost you anywhere from 40.00 on up.
Posted by Starlord on 2012-04-03:
With Comcast, everything comes through the cable. When I first met with a representativet was made very clear to me that Comcast voice(phone) does not travel over the standard telephone lines. No one misinformed you, you assumed that Comcast shared the lines with Century Link, and you did not bother to ask and clarify that information. Sorry.
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Why I LOATHE Comcast
Posted by on 08/21/2011
About a year and a half ago I had a question about my Comcast cable service - not my telephone service, which was fine. I still have no idea why this happened but the employee I had spoken to, after dealing with my cable issue, took it upon herself to open a work order to change my phone number, which I had had for 17 or 18 years. By the time I caught the mistake Comcast was in the process of reassigning me a new number, but after much wrangling, I was able to get the original number back.

I have bundle service, phone, internet and cable, and things were fine until about a month ago, when I decided $176.00 a month was an unreasonably high cost in such a competitive market. I called to see if I could reach an agreement on a lower price, which I did, but once again, Comcast cut my phone service and proceeded to make my number available to the open market. Luckily, I caught it in time and once again got my number back before it had been assigned to someone else. I let them know I was highly displeased about this happening a second time.

Then, just five days ago, I began hearing from friends and business associates, wondering why I didn't have my phone anymore. Once again, Comcast had cut my service and could not explain why. Comcast's only explanation was that it was a "technical" mistake and therefore not their fault. By this time I was beyond irate, although I kept telling each representative that I realized it was not their personal fault, but they did need to know the level of my frustration. I sit now waiting for a call, not knowing if I will get my number back because Comcast is now blaming it on AT&T. They said once my service was cut the number was released to AT&T and that they have to wait for permission from AT&T to give the number back.

Please bear in mind my account is and always has been in good standing - paid in full every month. Comcast has absolutely no excuse for this repetitive termination of phone service and all I'm getting is the runaround. Comcast doesn't give a damn about it's customers or providing quality customer service. I would love to rant extensively about how much I loathe them but since they're a corporate giant with a stranglehold on the market, venting will likely do no good. I just wanted to warn other consumers that they're taking an enormous chance if they choose Comcast as their phone, internet and cable provider. I'm now looking for qualified legal representation and I hope the next time you hear from me it will be to report Comcast's bungling has been exposed on a much larger scale and at long last they are being held accountable.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-08-21:
I am curious as to what course of action you plan to take with legal representation.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-21:
I, too, am curious as to where you plan on taking legal representation.

I believe you have to show that they made the mistake, but you would also have to show you had some actual loss because of their mistake.

Please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-22:
It doesn't sound to me like the OP wants monetary compensation but rather to give issues such as this one more exposure.

I can understand that. How do you screw up someones phone line three times. That is beyond excessive.
Posted by jonthethird on 2011-08-25:
Check with your local cable commission (who controls the franchise.) Often, they can find out what is going on, and work to resolve issues. If you are in CA, you can complain to the PUC, who controls telephone service (not cable though)
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Comcast digital phone service
Posted by Poundstoni28 on 06/20/2011
Comcast digital phone service is the worst. If it looks cloudy the phone service is affected. Overall there service techs are confused, and seem to not know how to correct issues with Comcast digital services.

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Posted by PaulaJ on 2011-06-20:
I was just about to put in a complaint about this issue! Before I moved into my new apartment, I ordered comcast triple bundle 3 weeks ago. I ended up with their xfinity package. So far the digital tv is ok, the wireless internet I sometimes lose but am able to get back on, but the digital phone is AWFUL. I drop calls or when I'm talking to someone, my phone will go silent for 15-20 seconds, needless to say it is very irritating because mind you, this is a home phone (aka landline) NOT a cell phone and this has been happening quite frequently. Since the phone plugs into Comcasts modem, to me it just seems like I got comcast version of MagicJack. I wish I was able to get Verizon but unfortunately, verizon bundle I wanted was not available.
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Comcast doesn't sell your phone number, "it's publicly available"
Posted by Mario The Great on 07/23/2009
So, after 7 years of having Comcast, we decided to take advantage of the 2 year $119 for all 3 services promotion. Actually, it's a great promotion as I live off the internet, my family watches TV and we have a home phone for emergencies. Unfortunately, as a current customer, I was ineligible for any upgrades. So, we canceled our account and set it up in my wife's name. It took 1 week for everything to be set up and we lost our old phone number (who cares, it's an emergency number anyway). The service was installed 7-14-2009. Since then, we have had 54 (FIFTY-FOUR) SEPARATE solicitations. Let's name a few: Wall Street Journal, 24/7 security, TeleEurope, ARC, Sullivan Promotions, Viking Magazines, Homestar, Des Moines Inc, etc. I called Comcast and was very irritated that my number is unpublished and they would sell my name and phone number. After calling and talking to them, they told me that "there wasn't a code for an unpublished request" in the system and that my phone number was readily available to anyone who searched the public records. So I asked when they distribute the names and numbers. His response was at the end of every month. Then he backtracked and told me its all done electronically every day but Comcast doesn't earn a single cent off this publication. Yeah right. He told me to put my name and number on the DO NOT CALL list and if I had any further questions or should he put my name and number in the unpublished registry for a fee of $2.50 per month? Uhhhhhhh.....I hung up on him. :)
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-23:
Interesting. I have Cox for my high speed internet, but do not use them for phone service. Instead I use Vonage and MagicJack (so technically I am using them for phone service, but they don't have my numbers).

Now I'm wondering if they would do the same thing if I decided to bundle.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-23:
I recently upgraded my Comcast cable to a package that sounds just like what the OP signed up for. I'm pretty sure we were able to keep the landline number, which we had been using for Internet access. (Can't believe I ever used anything that slow, compared to what we have now through Comcast.)

Anyway, in less than 5 minutes after the Comcast guy left, I received our first telemarketer. I just went to the Internet and added that number to the Do Not Call registry. (I'm not sure if I ever added that number to the list.) Before it kicked in, we were getting bunches of calls, just like the OP. Now, however, we get maybe one or two, just enough to satisfy my need to mess with people who call me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-23:
Strange, I have had CC phone for years, and the only marketers I ever get are charities that I mistakenly donated to in the past.
Posted by Mario The Great on 2009-07-23:
I think that when you open a new phone account with Comcast, they automatically put your phone number up for sale. I can't unpublish it as it doesn't do any good. Looks like I'm stuck.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-23:
If its any consolation, my sister busted AT&T doing this same thing with her phone number..

She called them and threatened to cancel service with them and the rep took it off the "active list" with one click of a button. Another reason I can't stand AT&T. She said the calls dropped off immediately.

Thanks for the heads up about Comcast..very helpful.
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Be Specific When You Disconnect Your Phone.....
Posted by BishopLetters on 11/13/2008
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I disconnected my service with Comcast. I called the old number to make sure it was disconnected. The Comcast number referred them to my prive (non Comcast) cell phone number. I immediately called them and I was told that it would take 72 hours for them to correct the problem (NOT TRUE). I spoke to with useless "MANAGER". For the next two days, the number continued to give out my PRIVATE non Comcast cell phone number. I called again, in a matter of 30 minutes, the problem was resolved.

Comcast is a terrible company. Most of the customer service representative do not know how to help the customers. I filed a complaint with the FCC!
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