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Rating: 1/51

ORTONVILLE, MICHIGAN -- I have had Consumers appliance coverage for 16 years because I am single. Now they are not covering anything. My refrigerator quit 2 years ago and I was told it was not repairable so I had to buy another one... it was old so I went out and bought another one. My washer broke and it is only 2 years old. Consumers said they changed my coverage and that I would have to pay $298.77 for a part for the washer. I found the part online for $179 and change.

I drove to a place and bought the part for $241.53 so they were marking this up double or substantially anyway. I was hung up on and just simply abused... BEWARE MICHIGAN RESIDENTS THIS PROGRAM IS A RIPOFF. I am switching to a home warranty through my insurance agent or going to DTE.

Great service, fixed problem in resonable time
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Rating: 5/51

REESE, MICHIGAN -- Have had the appliance plan from consumers now for just over 2 years and has paid for itself. I have used it twice now. First time was the oven on my stove. They were out same day and put part in, and had it fixed in less than 30 minutes.

Next time, my furnace went out (1-10-2015) and in the worst possible weather conditions. They had someone out in 24 hours, replaced a part on the furnace and was back up and running and had heat. (Yeay!!!) For the naysayers, be polite, be patient, and you'll get it fixed. Be snotty and rude, you'll get the same in return. I have no complaints.

Appliance Repair Protection Plan
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Rating: 3/51

TROY, MICHIGAN -- First off, my wife's dishwasher has been in steady decline. Though it is a Kitchen Aid, the blister button control panel has steadily lost function until it only has one cycle left. I suggested that since she has been paying for the Con-Sumers Energy Appliance Protection Plan for 5 years, that she should give Con-Sumers Energy a try. A tech came out and assessed the unit, then said that he would order the part. He called the wife back to confirm that he had ordered the part, but that it was only available in black, and that if she was displeased with the black part going into a white machine, that they would "work something out".

She opted to "work something out" and the tech returned to collect and return the part. We have never heard from them again. Just yesterday (1/22/15) the hot water heater started acting up so I suggest she call Con-Sumers Energy again. A tech from a contract company shows up, looks at the heater, makes his assumption and hands over a bill for me to sign for $955.

I read the number, reflecting that I must be in the wrong business if taking that kind of money from housewives is that easy, and ask "so... how does this Con-Sumers insurance work anyway?" The tech says... "it pays nothing because this cannot be repaired and you do not have the gold plan which is $60 dollars a month." I say... "we'll get back to you" and send him on his way. We then buy a water heater for $450 and I will install it on Saturday. It sure is starting to smell like the Con-Sumers Energy Appliance Protection Plan is nothing more than a con.

When the wife called to get an explanation, she was told by a rude little imp that she needed to regard the service plan in the same light as health insurance. I believe her retort was "unfortunately, that is worthless too." I am encouraging her to cancel the con and I urge everyone else to as well. Hire your neighborhood handyman and give the money to someone who deserves it... Con-Sumers takes enough out of us with their over inflated energy prices that they change at will to suit their needs. Apparently, that monthly charge only buys you the convenience of calling someone that will completely over charge you for a service.

Lack of Repsonse and Service
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Rating: 1/51

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- I have a refrigerator in a rental home that failed in the night. My tenants are required to have the plan as part of their rental, to ensure service for appliances and the furnace, without any delays from me in contacting contractors for repair. My renter was told a refrigerator could not be serviced for one week, and was told to call back in for reassignment. That is extremely poor. I had to credit my renter for the lost food, order a new refrigerator, and Consumers does nothing to even try to repair the appliance. What a joke! I generate revenue for Consumers, and they cost my renters' money, and my money, while doing nothing.

Unable to Cancel ASP Care Because of Claim???
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Rating: 1/51

MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN -- Because I made a claim to fix furnace, I was told I was not allowed to cancel my policy for 1 year FOLLOWING CLAIM. At my monthly charge it would have made up most of the claim I made!!! I've had the insurance for years with no claim!!!! ABSOLUTE THEFT BY CONSUMERS ENERGY.

No Electricity!
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SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- As of July 1st, at approximately 11:30 a.m., our electricity was turned off. We had lived in a house where the electricity resided in my name. We moved to a town house May 24th. I called Consumers and had services transferred to our new residence staying under my name. The next day, our landlord had sent our lease into Consumers. Our lease has my boyfriend's name on it; take note, we have a 13 month little one in amongst this story. Consumers then proceeds to place my boyfriend's name on our Consumers bill.

Consumers had sent us a letter in the mail stating that they had placed the Consumers Energy bill in his name, which means it's out of my (**) name now. My boyfriend (**) then called the company requesting that they place the bill back in my name. I was then to call the company to inform them that this bill was to go back in my name, however, representatives could not do so being they would not take **'s name off the bill. So back and forth ** and myself had called Consumers to have this bill placed back in my name.

When ** would call, they would say that there was nothing they could do because it was in my name, when I would call for verification, they would claim that there was nothing they could do because it was in **'s name, so you may by now sense my frustration. So then by July 1st, Consumers had shut off our electricity at a bad time, my infant was sick w/ congestion, stuffy nose, and a near beginning of another case of bronchial bronchitis w/ a small fever here and there. I had called Consumers to find out what the problem was and if we were to have our power turned back on soon. They couldn't give me an answer and sometimes directed me to dead lines.

I would call the company several times to the point of exhausting my situation over and over to several of Consumers' representatives. Representatives couldn't really help us w/ our situation not even enough to give us an answer to why we were not to receive energy. I would then call back and ask to speak to somebody other than another representative, preferably a supervisor. Finally after at least 10-15 different conversations w/ Consumers representatives, we are given a direct contact number to a supervisor and a representative in the credit department lease was faxed to Consumers 3 times and was lost each time.

The fourth time our landlord had faxed our lease to Consumers, we were to contact one of the supervisors or the credit department representatives. Getting through to these associates was very difficult. I have left a few messages with them. I have called and have spoken w/ more representatives that can't help me and their responses have been that their departments would need to review our lease which was said to be under investigation. No one would call us back. Take note this is also the holiday weekend, so my stakes of having electricity were very slim to none to my understanding.

As I write this review, I still have no electricity, I'm heading back home from a nice vacation to a home w/ no electricity still. I feel that me and my family were of no urgency to this company to receive any service of energy connection. As a paying customer to this company, I and my family feel at the low end of priority, still waiting.

Consumers Energy Gas User BEWARE!
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Notice to all Consumers Energy Gas users, please be advised that since January of 2009 I began receiving bills from Consumers Energy Gas showing excessive usage, resulting in billing of approx $3400.00. At first I believed that perhaps it was due to several estimated billing. Being a busy business owner, I had neglected to go back and check out previous billings. The following month I did not receive a bill. I tried to go online to view my account, it instructed me to contact customer service.

When I did, I was told that my account was under investigation. I wasn't overly concerned, I thought they realized that my usage went up to an abnormal high & they were making corrections. I waited for a revised bill. February came and went, when the end of March arrived and I still had not received bill & was going into the hospital, not wanting to worry about the bill. I again called Consumers Energy, explained I had not received a bill for nearly 2 months, was being hospitalized the first week of April and wanted to know where my bill was, also explaining that I had an extremely high bill in January.

I was told that I would be receiving a bill in the near future & that I did not have to be concerned about my gas being shut off. Needless to say, I expected my bill to come shortly and was sure I would have a credit on my bill. A week after my hospital stay, I still hadn't received my bill. So again I called Consumers Energy. They assured me that the bill was in the mail. I did ask what the amount of the bill was, they responded that they did not have the information on hand, again assuring me I should receive it in a day or so. The following day I received the bill.

I was totally overwhelmed and shocked to learn the new bill was not in fact the credit I expected, but rather another bill that was in the amount of $4600.00. My experience with Consumers and the same type of billing has been ongoing even today (July 2009). I contacted the MPSC to file a complaint in May. Consumers came and changed my meter out. I requested to be there when the meter was read, not only to the person that set up the meter to be changed but also to the person that changed it. Some 7 weeks later they notified that the meter test 100% okay & they stated that my current usage was in line with previous years.

To make this short, that is not the case. I reviewed previous bills and the reality is, my current usage is running 350% to 450% over last years. I have had repeated shut off notices as well as had collection agencies contact me on behalf of Consumers. To date, I have elected to hire an attorney. After 7 months my stress level has reached its max, it's costing to have employees on staff so that I could deal with situation. I see no end in sight and Consumers Energy staff changes their statement to me every time I talk to them. Many other people in my community are go through similar situations.

Please check your bills & report it to the MPSC if Consumers Energy does not address your issues to your satisfaction. So you know, from what I understand to date is they have a new computer system that has created incorrect billings. Beware of your usage & compare to last year.

Starting Account
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Rating: 1/51

MT. PLEASANT, MICHIGAN -- Paid for new apartment for college. Needed the account number from Consumers Energy to move into the apartment. Called 2 weeks ahead of move in date. Upon giving them my social security number they said that they were not sure that I was who I said I was. They went through a week long process and called back saying that it has been approved. So I asked for an account number and they said that it could take 3-5 business days for them to call back and give me the account number.

5 days later I called back and said I still have not received it and they told me that I needed to fax them a copy of my driver's license and social security card. I told them that I just waited 5 days to be approved and that I already went through this and they could have told me a week ago that I needed to do this. They insisted that they told me this (of course they did NOT) so it took another day to get it authorized and faxed. Then I was told it was going to take another 5 days to get that approved. Five days later I called in and they said that they received the information and they will call me in 3-5 days with account number.

Later that night I got a call and they gave me the account number and said that they had it all day and that the person I spoke with before had it and didn't give it to me. So finally after 3 and a half weeks I got my power turned on. This was not easy and every time I called (approx 6-8 times) I waited on the phone for a minimum 30 minutes. It should never be this hard to start an account. I talked to multiple people on the same day that both told me completely different information. They must be very unorganized. I am fed up with them and recommend finding another service.

Appliance Service Plan
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MOUNT MORRIS, MICHIGAN -- I've had an appliance service plan with Consumers Energy for 6 years now and last night my furnace stopped working. It was about 11:00 at night and about 15 degrees outside. I called Consumers because they advertise 24/7 service and priority service for no heat situations, well it is now almost 10:00 am the next morning and after a 2nd call, I was told they cannot tell me when a tech might show up to look at my furnace. It got down to about 5 degrees last night and I have a 6 month old in the house. If this is their idea of priority service, then I'm glad they don't run the fire department. Last call I was told a tech should be out some time today, but they could not tell me when.

After this issue is resolved, I will cancel my contract with them and would advise anyone considering this service to think twice. The money I spent with them over the last 6 years could have paid for a new furnace. Next time I will just call a local heating company and get it fixed much quicker.

Dealing with incompetents and crooks
By -

ROYAL OAK, MI 48073-1642, MICHIGAN -- Consumers Energy, I called to connect the service a house I bought. Instead of notifying me to meet them at the property as agreed on, they left a note “MISSED YOU“. After a new arraignment, a person with no plumbing experience, called me from the location, saying there's nobody home. I arrived within ten minutes, and was told that the threads on the pipe going out of the house is stripped. As I came closer, I see the Consumers Energy person trying to connect to the pipe by turning it counterclockwise. I told her to try turning clockwise and a miracle happened.

The meter was installed on an angle, and after several attempts, Consumers Energy truck park in front of the house for at least 30 minutes and drove away. The second, looked at the meter and promised to be on the next day with the proper tools. It was mid June 2009, and after too much frustration with Consumers Energy, I decided to forget it for the time being.

March 2010, I received a heating credit check from Michigan Treasury with instruction that it could deposited “only” with the heating company. I took it to Consumers Energy's office to verify how would I get my the balance after paying what is due. I was told that within one week, I'll be receiving a check. When I didn't receive two weeks later, I contacted consumer energy and on the third call (after being disconnected or put on hold forever), I was transferred to the department in charge of passing my concern to the department in charge to send refunds. I was told within five days, I'll be getting a check.

Again two weeks later, I phoned Consumers Energy and after several transfer and dial again, I was informed that a request was made and that the company will either accept or reject my demand to be refunded with the sum that Consumers Energy owes me. The Michigan Public Commission refuse to be involved and the Michigan Treasury, who at fault (for allowing such corruption or misleading conduct), claimed it's out of hands and to take it with the company because I can only complain to them.

When you are late 2-3 days with your payment of a small amount, Consumers Energy rush to steal a few dollars from you, but when they owe you several hundreds, they hold it as long as possible to collect interest. If they hold refunds due to only one million customers multiply by $500, it's $500,000000 held by Consumers Energy. Find out how much interest for $500 million and you'll know how much Consumers Energy are gaining every year from this undeclared profit.

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