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Rip Off Takes Your Money And Leaves You Cold
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LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK -- They took our money every month on a budget plan. And then did not deliver oil we had over $1300 in our account and we come home and had no heat we call four times and no one called us back. Our house was 50 degrees they were all nice and toasty and we froze. They did not even call to apology. Instead they refused to give us back our money. We hope everyone reads this an is aware of there practices. They also charge $3.89 Per gallon when everyone else is charging $2.29 Per gallon.

They are supposed to be a group to help the consumer not be overcharged and we think they are are the worst one long island. All we can say is beware!!!!!
Budget plan and atrocious customer service
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MIDLAND, MICHIGAN -- I recently got into my own fight with CE and it has not yet been resolved...

Just this last Thursday (2/14/2008) I received by combined gas and electric bill totaling approximately $284.00 which is more than I can pay at once. To make matters worse CE took me off the budget plan, on which I was paying $100/month on the combined bill. CE claims I am past due on $76.00, the reason I was removed from the budget plan. I both emailed and called CE's customer service and I was told I missed two payments, however I have both copies of the bills and all canceled checks that prove I paid my bills on time every month for at least the amount charged.

I think the trouble began last fall when they combined my two bills into one. When I received two bills, they had calculated my budget plan amount to be $50.00 each for gas and electricity. When they combined my bill into one, they were charging me only $50.00 for both. It was obvious to me that was not enough so I was sending in $100.00 as I had been doing before.

Last year I had been on the budget plan and as a result built up such a large credit balance with them, that I requested to go off the plan in August until the credit was used up. CE agreed and returned me to the plan about two months later with a new budget amount - $50.00 for gas and $50.00 for electricity, and had been on this new plan until they just removed me from it, claiming past due amount. It seems to me if there is any past due amount, it is due to CE lousing up its budget plan calculation and NOT due to any error on my part. Now they are punishing me for their error, especially since they are threatening credit action.

When I called and emailed this weekend I told them I cannot afford the approximately $284.00 right off the bat and will send in instead $150 which is more than enough to cover whatever past due amount they are claiming as well as what would have been the budget plan amount. However, all this will do is cause the remaining $134 to be past due and I still won't be placed back on the budget plan and next month another bill that I won't be able to pay all at once, all because of their accounting error. Since my energy expenditures in the summer are very small, my summer credit for next summer will have been more than enough to pay for this winter.

So much for CE's customer no-service.

This fight has only just begun and they haven't yet threatened to shut off my energy, so I don't think I need a lawyer, yet. Any advice on dealing with these people without coming off like a raving lunatic???

Service of oil equipment - no heating
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HICKSVILLE, NEW YORK -- I called up the oil company about the equipment not functioning properly because heating wasn’t working properly. The dispatcher said they are only addressing problems of ‘no heating’ and somebody would be there on Saturday. I had called on Tuesday. After checking the heating and realizing that the heating actually is not working on the first floor, we called the services again in 15 minutes. I was told that somebody will be thereby afternoon. Nobody showed up till Wednesday when I called up again on Thursday and I was told that there is no record of my calling to the service department. I said to send somebody on Saturday morning because we will not be around on Friday as at least 2nd floor heating was working. On Saturday nobody showed until late morning. I called the service department again and they said they will send somebody. Somebody did appear in the afternoon. Gentleman commented that there are issues with the equipment and there are leaks in the pipe and something else not working and can only be corrected on Monday. He said he is shutting something off but heating will work for 2-3 days. After he was gone in about 3-4 hours the heating completely stopped, this time even the 2nd floor was not working. So, we called the service department yet again on Saturday night and talked to a gentleman John. He said you need plumbing work and we can't make any such decision to provide urgent service of that nature until Monday. I said our heating is not working. I left a voice mail for the manager – Dave Wagner, who apparently checks his voice mail occasionally and calls back. I left message around 12:00AM. Nobody called till 2:00AM when I called again and left a message at the emergency service voice mail. Nobody contacted me till 6:30 when I called again and left message. It is 7:22AM Sunday morning, we still haven't heard from anybody yet. We have been living without heat in this cold weather for so many days in the first floor and now, the whole house since Saturday (10th Feb evening).
Service related
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They are nasty in service. Had them back in 1990.
Put a red flame in my boiler never worked right.
they alsso call to bother you after you quit them.
No heat this winter
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ROCHESTER HILLS, MICHIGAN -- I am deeply disturbed by consumer energy's thought process. They want $530.00 to be able to hook up heat in my home this winter, with an unpaid balance of $200.00, which I know to pay off. But almost $600.00? Not everyone has a credit card, and even my roommate cannot put CE in his name, with no prior balance, until they receive this amount. Why should he suffer on my $200.00 back pay? It makes me sick and if they really needed to borrow the extra $400.00, why don't they just ask politely for it?

Forget that, so we used space heaters. Cheers to you DTE for receiving $1000.00 from us this winter!
Bills and Meter Readings
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48867, MICHIGAN -- Consumers Energy decides to estimate meters whenever they don't feel like coming out to your house and giving you an actual reading. My bill went from $81.67 to $274.00 because they estimated instead of doing an actual reading. Not to mention their customer service is really of poor quality when they hang up on you.
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