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Continental treatment of customers is horrible and beyond explanation BAD!
By -

My boyfriend and I missed our flight 222 at 5:25 am 11/19/10 from New Orleans to Houston. We were supposed to make connecting flight to Las Vegas. I have flown for years, but this is the ONLY time in my life I missed a flight, and for that, Continental staff dragged us through hell! First, since I never missed a flight, I did not know protocol. I was told "stand in that line." I stood in that line, and when I got to the counter I was told, "No, stand in that line over there."

After standing in that line for a while and got to counter, I was told, "stand in that line over there" (the first line.) I replied, "I was already standing in that line, then I was told to stand in this line. Why do I have to go back to the other line?" They said that is where I should be. Staff was very snappy and acted like customers are a bother. We are the reason they have jobs. I noticed I was not the only customer they were nasty and snappy with. So I stood in the first line (again) then they issued two "standby" tickets and said we could take the next flight with open seats. That sounded fair. We went through security and waited for the next flight, 6:40 am.

After everybody boarded, they said they had seats available, so they gave it to customers who were ahead of me, which was fair. Staff member (female) told us we would have to go on next flight around 7:35 am. That did not seem bad. So we waited. The next flight came around for 7:35 departure, but customers who had a flight at 8:30 wanted to get on the 7:35 flight, so we got bumped off. The next flight for 8:30 came. Customers who were early for their flights wanted to get on 8:30 flights, so we went from being next on the list to being 3rd and 4th on the list. We waited for the next flight, and the next. We went from 3rd and 4th, to 5th and 6th on the list.

We waited for the next flight. We went from 5th and 6th in line to 7th and 8th. I told the staff that we are not making progress, but that we are being pushed later and later. She kept telling me "It doesn't matter. If a platinum customer or anyone who spent more money on their ticket arrives before their flight, if they want that seat on the earlier flight, they get it first." I asked, "It doesn't matter if we stay here all day?" She said that "They come first." For 1:30 pm flight, a young man ran up, missed his flight, and the staff girl put him on next flight and bumped us again! We waited over 11 hours stressed exhausted and hungry. I was ready to burst into tears.

When I asked the other lady who came up to work "Why was that guy let on on the very next flight that he missed when we've been here all day?" She looked at me and snapped "I did not clear anybody for standby!" I said, "But the other girl did, and I don't understand why one person can get on next flight, and we have to be here all day." I finally begged "Is there any way we can get a flight another day and not be put through this?" I had to beg to get someone to issue me a flight for another day. I never want to deal with Continental again.

"Carry On" Traveler Beware
By -

Last month (May 2010) I was scheduled (had purchased a ticket and checked in online a day prior) to fly from Buffalo to Denver via Newark. This was a return flight and, while not happy with the Newark connection, I booked that flight because of cost and scheduling factors. I arrived at the airport over an hour before departure, noted that the flight was on time (monitor in the ticketing area) and, since I was carrying on and had checked in online, went directly to the gate. I chose a seat near the desk and noted that the gate signage indicated the flight was still "on time"; I noted the time as being @ 1 hour before departure.

Approximately a half hour before the original departure, an agent announced that the flight was delayed due to weather into Newark but that he'd "checked all connections" and we (scheduled passengers) would be fine. I had about 2 hours in Newark so wasn't concerned - at this point. 20 minutes or so later I overheard a passenger talking to the gate agent (I was sitting close enough to hear the conversation) regarding her concerns about making her connection and thought I'd better check - just to be safe.

Imagine my surprise when I approached the gate agent, handed over my boarding pass and was informed that they had "put" me on a US Air flight - that had left 20 minutes before - without notifying me. When I asked why they hadn't (notified me), the gate agent told me (repeatedly) that it was because I hadn't checked in at the airport or the desk.

(While I was waiting to be rebooked, I heard several passengers being paged for the flight I no longer had a seat on - they'd given it away when they "adjusted" my itinerary - and witnessed them hold the plane for a passenger they had paged repeatedly, who was sitting 50 feet away but had earphones on and took his time gathering his carry on items...but they couldn't page me when they changed my flight?!?!?) I was eventually (the next day) booked on a Delta flight that, due to weather and plane safety issues, went from Buffalo to Detroit to Charlotte to Atlanta to Denver. My "next" day of travel started at 8:30 am EDT and ended the next day at 1:15 am MDT.

I eventually spoke with a Continental representative (I tried using their website but was - conveniently? - foiled by a faulty link that wouldn't let me verify my email address and so couldn't be assigned a case number; called and talked to someone who advised me to send a fax; sent a fax; emailed and got a "canned" response; finally got a case number; got a voice mail from someone whom I played phone tag with for a couple of weeks....) and, after explaining what happened, was told that Continental wasn't "responsible" because I didn't notify them (at the airport) that I was there.

It didn't matter that I had checked in and had a boarding pass because "a lot of people make reservations and don't show up" and Continental apparently won't page anyone that hasn't made their presence known. According to the representative I spoke with it specifically states in Continental's Contract of Carriage that passengers have to notify the airline that they are in the airport - or all bets - and reservations - are off!

Note: the Contract of Carriage DOES NOT say that; it states that the passenger must have checked in AND have a boarding pass AND be present at the gate (15 minutes before departure). Moral of the story: it may not be "required" but you'd better make an airline representative aware of your presence - or really enjoy sleeping in an airport!

Ever try to change a reservation with Continental?
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HOUSTON TX 77253-3046, TEXAS -- On May 9th I went online to to make a reservation for a round trip from Tampa to Austin. I mistakenly made the reservation for first class and promptly went to Continental's refund page to find out what to expect. The following was copied verbatim from the link: "Effective Aug. 24, 2008, all customers booking travel at or Continental Reservations will be required to purchase tickets at the time they make their reservations. Customers will have the flexibility to make changes to reservations within 24 hours without incurring change fees. This includes cancelling your reservation and requesting a refund to the original form of payment."

I then called the reservation 800 231 0856 and spoke with **, a very nice lady who was working from home. I know this because I could hear her cat meow in the background. She changed my reservation to coach and that the difference would be refunded to the credit card within 48 hours. This was a big deal since the difference was over $600! I got off the phone only after looking up the reservation number and confirming: a) the seating change from first class to coach, b) the corresponding price drop. Everything looked correct, so I got off the phone.

Fast forward to the end of the credit card billing cycle. Bad News, Continental was still charging for the first class ticket. Well there must be some mistake that would be easily handled by Continental's exemplary customer service, and promptly. I called the reservation line and confirmed that the ticket was for coach class. When I asked why the charge was for first class, I was advised that the refund could take up to two billing cycles to appear, and that I would have to contact the Refund Department for more information.

Round One: I then called the refunds department and spoke with ** first. It really seemed like she did not want to help customers or even be polite. After putting me on "hold", which was actually mute for over 5 minutes without asking, I hung up and called back.

Round Two: I called back and spoke with **, who was very polite and was the only employee who actually seemed to care. She informed me that the refund had "already been processed". When I asked her why it had not shown up yet, she told me that it could take up to two billing cycles for the refund to process. She also stated that I should have never been charged for the first class ticket "per Continental's policy" since I called literally minutes after mistakenly booking the first reservation. Unsatisfied with this response, I asked to speak to a manager.

Round Three: After about five minutes of hold time, I was put on the phone with **. She did not announce her name at the beginning of the call as phone professionals everywhere do. I only found out here name after saying:
"I'm sorry, I didn't get your name." To which she replied: "That's because I didn't say it." At that point I knew I was speaking with a real piece of work. I advised her politely that I had gone through one rude representative already, and that given the circumstances would appreciate patience or at the very least some empathy for the situation, neither of which I received from ** the "refund manager".

She curtly asked If I was the cardholder. When I replied that I was not, she said that she could not discuss the reservation with me. I asked her why the two previous reps could, and why I could even make the reservation in the first place since I was not the cardholder. The very weak answer she gave was: "I can't help it if other reps don't follow the rules, but the cardholder would have to call the credit card company." "Fine, have it your way." I thought. I called the cardholder, a 65-year old retired widow without any immediate family around her.

I conferenced the two together and was absolutely appalled at how rude and condescending "** the Refund Manager" was. She told the cardholder that she should call "the little 800 number on the back of your credit card"
to resolve the issue, after interrupting her numerous times. I really could not believe how incompetent and lacking the customer "service" was. I would not fly free on Continental.

DFW International Clerk
By -

On April 15, 2010, my wife and children were returning from a visit with family and friends in the USA. We were born and lived in the USA until moving to Honduras four years ago to run an orphanage. Our funding is an equal mix of donations and earnings from my computer programming services. I had traded four weeks of work for airline tickets purchased by a client's credit card reward miles. As it turned out, the miles could only be used to purchase first class tickets. It was the first and probably only time my family will ever fly first class; at least on Continental Airlines. Although the trip to the USA went smoothly, the return trip was traumatic.

At the check-in counter of Continental Airlines in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, my wife and children were greeted by a hostile woman of color. The woman accused my wife of kidnapping because she was taking the children out of the country without a note from the father. She then told my wife the passports were not valid because they were not signed. Next came the luggage. With first class travel your luggage is normally included. Not so on that day. First of all the same woman/clerk told my wife that there was an embargo and they could not bring the luggage. My wife challenged the clerk on that because she had not heard about an embargo.

The clerk looked it up and recanted. The clerk then told my wife that she needed to pay for the luggage and of course it was $25/bag. Since we thought luggage was included with first class travel, my wife was returning with medicines, school supplies and books for the children at the orphanage. Most of the items are not available in Honduras and the things that are available are very expensive imports. For that reason, they were bringing back the maximum amount of luggage (8 suitcases). So the total bill was $200 for the luggage that should have been free.

Finally there was a carry-on suitcase. We'd used the suitcase for seven prior round trips and never had a problem putting it in an overhead bin. On this day the clerk would not allow it. She told my wife that it was too big to carry on and would need to check it. Of course since it exceeded the maximum of eight bags for four passengers, it would cost $100. By this time our three children were in tears and the youngest was asking their mother why the woman was so mean. They saw that other people were carrying on larger bags than the one we were forced to check in.

They knew that $300 was enough to feed the children for several weeks. They knew that I had worked four weeks to pay for the supposedly first class tickets. My wife knew that at 4:30 AM and without a phone, there was no way to leave the luggage behind because she could not call anyone to pick up the suitcases without missing their flight. So pay we did.

We asked Continental for a refund but again, it appears their website includes misinformation (lies) about luggage and first class travel. In fact, the clerk asked my wife where she got the information about luggage inclusion with first class. My wife told her that she clicked on the link that she received with her ticket via email. The clerk told her that the link was invalid because they were no longer Continental Airlines. They had changed to "Star Alliance". So both their website and emails contain misleading information (lies). It's best to steer clear of Continental Airlines.

At the very least beware of the Continental Clerk at DFW Airport. The same woman has harassed other friends of ours in the past. Our friends were also travelling with children. She also harassed an African American Woman while my wife was leaving. Seemed to be trying to force her to buy a ticket for her 16-month old son. She seems to have an affinity for Arab Men. They were allowed to carry on luggage that far exceeded the one we were forced to check in at $100.

Treated Poorly with a Broken Wrist
By -

I was treated poorly with a newly broken wrist. Flight # co59 March 27th 9:05 A.M. Three days before my flight home I slipped and broke my wrist. My husband ** tried to move us to first class for the trip home - there was no seats available, so we asked to be seated in the front row. We were told you had to request those at the desk before we board. I get to the boarding desk and request the front row seats - they tell me they were already assigned and that the flight was full. I said "how could they already be assigned when you have to request them here?" I was told "They were probably given to someone who Really needed them."

I said "Excuse me". He then said "Well to passengers in wheelchairs or travelling with a baby." He then actually looked and said there was one seat available in the front row. I said that would not work, I was travelling with my son and I needed his assistance for my seat belt, opening packages, etc. I was then told "Well that was all they had." I then asked if I could at least have extra pillows to help support my wrist which is in a cast and still swollen. I was then told I would have to stand there and wait so that I could ask a certain cabin member, so I stood there and waited. I was told they would give me an extra pillow.

As we boarded the plane the flight attendant who ended up being the one who served our drinks said "Oh you're the one with the broken arm. I heard about you." We took our seats and shortly after a woman that works for Continental came on and asked the woman with the baby to move to the back section of the plane. She did this so that a family of four could sit together on the front row all adults in fine physical condition.

I stopped her and said I have a problem with this. She said "What? You have an aisle seat what more do you want?" I said the seats in the front row are supposed to be for passengers who need the extra room (like for my son fastening and unfastening my seat belt). She said "they are for passengers." I then stopped another flight attendant - the one we first spoke to when we checked our bags and told her what had just happened - how they moved the woman with a baby to give the seats I had requested to a family who needed no assistance. She said "I will have to see what is going on" and never came back.

When we got in the air ** made an announcement and said if you have any problems or concerns to contact him so I did. The guy that came when I pushed the button I told him I had requested extra pillows for my arm (yes after they made me stand there and wait to ask they did not give me one extra pillow) and I needed to talk to **. He brought me back a used wrinkled pillow. He told me it was ground crew who made the decision to move people and now that we were in the air they could not move people (I did not put quotations because I can not remember exactly how he said it.)

I told him I asked his flight attendants while we were on the ground and that I was going to be making a complaint about this. I also told ** about that I did not appreciate the used pillow the other attendant had brought me and he did bring me a new pillow. They also did not bring the drink cart all the way down so that they were not bumping my arm. The flight attendant that was serving our drinks was rude at first but we were not rude back and her attitude changed and she was pleasant the rest of the flight. I appreciate the little things but the seat situation and how it was handled was inexcusable.

For future training with a broken wrist you can not grasp things with your fingers, you can only use one hand. I would love it if all the attendants on the flight had one hand immobilized had to fasten their seat belt, open the packages such as pillow, headset & food or how about a simple trip to the restroom. They need to think about that before they treat another passenger the way I was treated. In comparison my short flight to El Paso the flight was late and it had been a very long day of travelling BUT the flight attendant made my day when she offered to fasten my seat belt for me.

My husband is a Silver Elite member and our flight was on his account and disappeared after this flight, but we had copied our itinerary the night before the flight so I have proof of this. The family they moved people to sit were adults. I took pictures because of the way I was being treated so I also have proof of this.

Didn't even fly yet and already a terrible experience
By -

Didn't even fly yet and I already getting shafted by Continental. Truly amazing. OK so here goes. This review is in regards to not only customer service, but point onepass mileage discrepancies and just plain information discrepancy over all. On 10/11/09 I called up Continental international customer service number for cities in other international locations at the number of 800.231.0856. I had actually called this number a total of 4 different times and each time I received basically completely different information trying to use onepass miles for international flight. The information discrepancy is as follows.

I would be flying from Los Angeles to Saigon Vietnam. The first call that I made was with a gentleman that after a looooooong time stated that there was a flight available at the price of 110,000 points. I thanked him very much and hung up. Called back again less than a minute latter and spoke to a gentleman named **. He found in a short time that there was nothing available at all. After sounding depressed thinking maybe the seat sold out already or whatever, he then ended up finding a seat after all.

It would normally cost 70,000 miles round trip in coach however there was only a coach seat there, and a business class seat available on the way back. This would make the total mileage 95,000 round trip. Called back again less than a minute later and spoke to a woman named **. Right off the bat she stated that there looked to be nothing available for the dates mentioned and none that she could foresee in the immediate future. She was VERY disinterested and short in her words as far as wanting to help me.

I had mentioned that I had just spoken to someone and her exact words were "Well let me tell you something. They are looking at the EXACT same thing that I am looking at OK? We have the same exact system and computer set up so I guarantee you what I'm telling you is what is available trust me". I never even heard any computer keys being pushed like I had on all the other operators. On my last call again less than a minute later I got a girl named **. She was very nice. She stated that there was availability and that the round trip was 70,000 miles as well as coach also being available round trip no problem.

Discrepancies every single call. Wow what the hell is going on here? I flew with China airlines before and everything was a complete breeze. It's a shame we get shown up on so many things in life by other countries including in this case flying. P.S. If you book less than 21 days in advance be prepared to pay $75.00. Good Luck playing roulette everyone! I'm flying China airlines again. It was beautiful. My ** don't trust discrepancies for the haul of over 30+ house round trip and changing planes etc. No way. What a crap company - really surprised.

Totally Disappointed - Pathetic Customer Service
By -

IAH to EWR - Flight 62 2:25 pm Oct 9, 2009 (original flight), Flight 50 (actual flight) - EWR to BOM - Flight 48 8:20 pm Oct 9, 2009 - Onepass No: **. Due to bad weather in Houston, all the flights were delayed by at least 2-3 hours. With that in mind, I changed my flight from 2:20 pm to 1:25 pm so I have enough room for transfer even if the flight is delayed.

After several gate changes and several boarding passes later, I finally landed at gate C14 with a confirmed reservation to EWR. But since that flight was delayed, I was told by one of the reps at the gate that I was protected - which in layman language means I had a hotel reservation for the night since I was going to miss my flight to India. SO assuming that I was going to stay in the hotel at Newark, I was preparing myself to stay there and then try to see if I find any other flight to get to Bombay ASAP.

Now, the lady at the gate C14 told me that I can talk to a Red Coat professional or go to Customer service once I am in EWR and they can help me go further from there. So, when I landed, I saw a Red Coat professional and she suggested that I go to the Customer service for hotel reservations as well. So, I did. Here too, after waiting in line at different Customer service lines, I landed at the one near gate C133 which, we were told, would be open until midnight. So, I, along with other people from my flight who needed help with connections etc, waited in line until my no. came up.

Now, while waiting in the line, I realized to my horror that the boarding pass I had (from IAH to EWR) was actually on some other person's name who unfortunately shared the same last name as me - **. When I was up next, I was told that my reservation had been cancelled. Why? Because I TOOK THE WRONG BOARDING PASS, not because I WAS GIVEN A WRONG BOARDING PASS. Oh and it just gets better now. Besides having a wrong boarding, I was told by the representative (some Ms. **) at 11:30 in the night at C 133 that there is NO RECORD of ANY HOTEL BOOKING ON MY RESERVATION.

I WAS NOT PROTECTED. And, they do not do any Hotel reservations ANYMORE. They do it only for First Class and Elite members. They do not do it for someone who has been stranded on the airport and missed an international flight for no particular fault of her own. The flight's technical fault is also her personal problem. Finally, after spending about 12 hours on the airports, they say they can not help me. All they could do was tell me that I can book a hotel when I go downstairs and contact Ground Transportation. Oh that is so very helpful. I could not have proceeded with any help from you.

I am a ONEPASS member with Continental for at least 4 yrs now and I have already used one reward reservation flight before and now I took the International flight to Bombay thinking that they were good. Don't think I would like to say that anymore. I have already contacted the customer service by phone and she has documented every detail that I could recollect. But I still thought I should leave an online feedback for some other souls who blindly believe that Continental is still the best to fly with.

After I come back from Bombay in 3 weeks, I am going to redeem all my miles from Continental and make sure that I do not fly with "Continental" anymore. AND I AM GOING TO POST THIS ON AS MANY FEEDBACK WEBSITES AS I KNOW AND OF COURSE WARN ALL LIVING SOULS I KNOW.

Rude, offensive flight attendants
By -

On Friday, July 31, 2009, I was a passenger aboard Flight 48- ATL to EWR in seat 20-D on the aisle. I was appalled by the rude treatment I received from the two male flight attendants, one was very tall, and one was short, in comparison. At 10:39 I boarded the flight scheduled to leave at 11:14.

The coach cabin was quite hot, and after finding my seat, (I had no carry on except my small handbag) I inquired of the steward (the shorter of the two), whether or not he believed we would indeed be able to take off as scheduled, whereupon he informed me in a very unpleasant tone that he had no idea, and that we sure couldn'™t take off until I took my seat, implying that my questioning him would cause a delay in the plane's leaving. I took my seat. The flight was not terribly late leaving and the cabin cooled down quickly, so I was pleased and relieved.

As the attendants served drinks I asked the shorter one for a can of tomato juice; when he poured a glass for me, I asked again for the whole can. Rather than saying "Sure, here you go", or "œNo problem" he merely turned and glared at me and without a word set the can down on my tray table. Later, he came down the aisle shouting "œturkey or ham, turkey or ham, turkey or ham" like a vendor at a baseball game. I had no idea that Continental was still serving food and was surprised when another passenger told me they were handing out sandwiches.

I was amazed at this man's utter lack of civility; he appeared to have resented having to serve the passengers anything and the whole cabin was like the proverbial "œcattle car". After the 13-year old girl in the middle seat and I had assisted the approximately six year old Asian girl in the window seat who spoke NO English with her snack and drink, we gathered up the refuse and consolidated it all on my tray for ease of collection. When the very tall steward came down the aisle to collect, it was all ready for him. Up to this time I had absolutely no interaction this man. He said something to me that I did not understand and when I said "what?" he shouted "hand it to me."

I was amazed as it has always been my experience that attendants prefer to pick things up themselves in order to sort them. Incredulous, I shouted back, "œYou want me to hand it to you?" He replied in a most unpleasant manner, "œYes, you have to hand it to me." Whereupon, I picked up as much of it as I could at once, and placed it firmly on top of the cart. He then said to me, "That'™s assault; you have assaulted me." I could not believe my ears and informed him at once that I most certainly had not assaulted him. He said it again, in a threatening manner. The man obviously does not understand the meaning of the word œ"assault".

Indeed, it would have been impossible for me to have assaulted him as I, a 65-year old woman, strapped in my seat and blocked in the seat by the service cart, had no ability to do anything but sit and be threatened by a huge (I would estimate 6'3") and very intimidating man towering over me. The exchange ended with his threatening me that I would be "œdealt with" when we landed. I was terribly frightened that he might indeed have the power to have an Air Marshall detain me.

But I am not one to be intimidated for long, and as I passed him while deplaning, I informed him that I would be waiting for him at the gate and that we would get the matter settled to which he replied, "Yes, we will; see the man in the red coat." I stayed in the gate area for at least five minutes, but could find no such man at the gate so I went to the adjacent help station and spoke with ** explaining what had happened. ** went over to the gate and was gone for some time. Worried, and concerned about my husband who was waiting for me, I followed him back to the gate, where he was talking to the man in the red coat who had now appeared.

They asked me the names of the flight attendants. I did not know them as they wore no name tags I could see, but I felt they would be coming off the plane soon and we could settle the matter easily as there were only two male attendants on the flight and one was short and one was very tall. That is when ** and the man in the red coat informed me that the flight crew had already exited the plane and left the premises. So it seems that the steward really was not worried about having been assaulted by me, but merely wanted to intimidate me and make certain that my flight was as miserable as possible. He succeeded.

Flying is difficult enough these days; it would seem to me that the very least a passenger can expect is simple courtesy. A response would be appreciated. I got a response; a customer service person said "I am sorry for the unprofessional behavior of the flight attendants."

Worse Experience I Ever Had
By -

I have never had a experience of bad customer service until I came across Continental airlines. I have flown on different carriers - Delta, United Airlines, Us Airways and so on and never had a problem with their customer service. I booked a flight on Continental earlier this month (May of 2009) for my fiance, who was flying in to Virginia from Texas to bring my newborn baby girl home. The flight was schedule for her to leave on the 20th of March. Confirmation of the flight was sent to her email address because she's the one who purchase the ticket - I just bought it.

The email stated the flight she will be on is not yet confirmed but you will receive confirmation later on which was fine but she wasn't able to view her flight confirmation after purchasing that ticket because The computer she was using at the time of the purchase was a local friend's that wasn't available at the time that the final confirmation was sent. So she was going to expect a phone call which is what most carriers do - call you if any updates occur. The 20th of March comes around - my fiance is at the front desk of Continental at 2 in the afternoon checking in, when the customer service representative tells her that she is not in the system.

She then calls me, lets me know what is going on and ask to use my credit card number to pull up her flight info. The representative tells her that her flight was schedule to leave yesterday, may 19th at 4 and arrive in VA at 11:30 at night which was ironic because the same flight leaving on the 20th was supposed to leave and arrive at the exact same times. We then go back and forth back and forth about the flight schedule that we did not create but was pretty much was told that there's no proof so in order for her to fly she has to pay a penalty of 150 dollars for missing the flight that she never created plus the flight cost which went from 256.00 to 783.00.

I was outraged that she was sitting here on the phone calling me and my fiance a liar and was giving me an attitude when I told her we had it set for the 20th. At this time I looked up my fiance's information off her email and it showed 2 different emails sent by Continental. One saying that her flight will leave on the 19th which was sent on the 14th of May and the other one stating that she will be leaving on the 20th of May which was received on the 19th of May which by the way both had the same confirmation numbers. I call Continental telling them this information and still get the same response "you schedule your flight on the 19th."

So this by far has been the worst experience and I want everybody to know that this airline is not interested in a safe fun relaxing and enjoyable flight but more about getting all the money they can out of you. I will get this resolved tomorrow 21st of may because they made a mistake and can not understand the fact that they made the mistake and fix it. Instead call the customer a liar and will most certainly lose business with any of my friends and family and the cooperation I work for whom are all frequent fliers. I hate to talk bad about a company cause it's not something that I do but I was really treated like dirt by this airline and I want the nation to know about it.

Lost Luggage - lack of accurate information or help
By -

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- On April 30, 2007 after returning from our honeymoon from Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic to Pittsburgh, PA, we discovered after waiting at the baggage claim area that our luggage was missing. When we went to the Continental Desk the lady said that it never left Newark and that we will get it the next day, Tuesday. I called Tuesday at around 10:30 a.m. The person I talked to said they just got my bag at 10:00 and they will be delivering it within 5-6 hours. 4:00 p.m. - 6 hours later, it still never came, so I called again. The person I talked to said that the delivery service is behind but we will be getting it soon.

8:30 p.m. - 4 and a 1/2 hours later, still no bag, so we called again. We were told that we will be getting the bag that night. 10:30 p.m.,still no bag, so we called again, this time to our dismay the lady, **, said that our bag isn't in Pittsburgh. It's in Newark, that someone in Pittsburgh closed our file by mistake. Wednesday. I called around 9:00 a.m. Now I was told that the bag is still not yet in Pittsburgh and to call back later in the day since there are flights still coming in. 3:00 p.m. I called back, still no sign of my bag.

Thursday. I called around 10:30 a.m. Now I am told that the bag may have never left Puerta Plata and to call back in the afternoon. I called back around 3:30 p.m. I was told that they have no idea where my bag is. That it might be to another unknown destination. Friday. I called around 10:30 a.m. Now I am told that our file number that the counter gave us as a receipt for the luggage is not in the system. The lady I talked to, however was very nice and cooperative, and I actually believe she was trying to help. She couldn't trace my bag, so now I have to wait till Monday to see if they have it at their warehouse where the unclaimed luggage goes.

On a further note, some agent from Continental has called the few days to ask if we got the luggage. When they were told that "no, we didn't" they proceeded to say that they are actively looking for the luggage. Now why would they call and ask if we got it and then tell us they are looking for it? This just goes to say that they have no idea what is going on. How hard is it to move luggage from A to B, especially since we had over a 3-hour layover. The last call I made was today, at 8:55 a.m. I spoke with an agent, **, I asked her if I could speak to a supervisor. She said I am not allowed to speak to a supervisor.

She said that even if I call and ask to speak to one I wouldn't be able to speak one. That she would put my file on their desk and they will call me if they can. This is just ridiculous. I faxed my claim to them 2 days ago and it still isn't in their system and has not been assigned to anyone to find my luggage. She said they will get to it when they can.

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