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Anonymous on 08/04/2003:
I have had several conversations with this company. I never signed anthing, never gave them the right to access my personal information (which they have) and had never heard of them until I got billed. SBC is giving them everything they need to set up the account. I have asked them several times to close the account and they tell me that if I do I will not be able to receive any collect inmate calls. My mom and my sister both get collect calls from my brother, but neither of them has correctional billing on their phone bill. I have paid my May and June phone bills and yet they don't show it. Tonight the Girl (Leanne) said well when you pay your phone bill you have to call us. Well how was I to know since I have never, in 11 months, received the first piece of mail from them? No bills,rules or anything. I have even requested copies of what they are billing me for and they promise to send them,I verify my address and yet, no bill. If they expect me to pay I expect a bill that shows what I am paying for not just a total. I also think SBC needs to hear from some of us getting treated like dirt by rude customer service. I love my brother and would do anything for him and that is the only reason I put up with it. I guess they know that when you have a loved one in prison you are emotional and stupid. Writing this doesn't change anything, but I feel better.
Anonymous on 08/25/2003:
I was told that because of the "special equipment" that was used, they needed to charge this high rate to pay for this "special equipment". So if you believe them, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. To put this simple, you and everyone else is being ripped off. Contact your State Reprehensible person.
Anonymous on 09/09/2003:
I am having the same issues with Correctinal Billing Services. I am disconnected all the time as soon as I press 3 to accept the call. It happened 3 times on September 1, 2003, just one example. I sent a fax request to have it researched on September 2nd and have not heard anything yet. I think it's a rip off what it costs to talk to our friends and family members that are inmates. The cost to talk for 15 minutes is $13.50. UNBELIEVABLE. You would think they could have a better system for that price.
Anonymous on 09/10/2003:
I added a comment yeaterday about the quality of service that I received from Correctional Billing Services. After I wrote my complaint I decided to go to the Better Business Bureaus website and see if there were any complaints filed and there are several unresolved issues/complaints. I think we should all file a complaint with the BBB. Here is their address: PO Box 55268 Birmingham, AL. 35255-5268. I'm not sure if it will help for us to file a complaint but it sure wouldn't hurt. Maybe if we all do this we might get something accomplished. Good luck.
Pritchard18 on 02/04/2004:
AGHHHHH SBC...It drives me nuts. Like some of the others on this page I have a love one in Prison. And like the others on this page I will on the phone with him for around 2 minutes and get disconnected. these calls aren't cheap! $4.75 just for 15 minutes. I called to complain about this happening to me more than once and all they could say is it must be the jails system. NO! SBC is the one charging me NOT THE JAIL!!!!!!!!!!! And then to top it off they have put a limit on my phone in which I didn't request where I can only receive so many calls a month. Don't we wish they could feel and see what its like to have someone you care about in jail and not be able to talk to them.
pekelady on 02/22/2004:
I agree with all of you. Correctional billing is so far behind the time it is pittiful. My daughter's husband is in prison and my phone bill is not to bad because I put a limit on the amount he can call. However it still doesn't seem to stop them going over my limit. These people just don't realize if our family cannot communicate with the inmates, that makes for very unhappy prisoners. We are supposed to keep in contact with them to keep their spirits up, but with the high cost of phone calls it makes it almost impossible. There are things we don't want to write due them reading all our mail, so the phone is the best thing. They are robbing us blind. If you can find out how much the prisons make on these calls you will be astonished. They get a percentage from Correctional Billing and you can bet it is making them rich in the process.
grandma98 on 03/01/2004:
I live in Columbus,Ohio...and we have the same problem here. Our calls cost 2.50 plus tax a call and we were getting disconnected on at leaste 6 calls a week. I made numerous complaints and was given a long list of excuses as to what may have caused the calls to disconnect I was even told by one customer service rep to buy a new phone. Each time I was told they would investigate and I MAY receive a credit if it was determined it was there fault in 7-10 days. I continued to call 2-3 times a week with a list of dropped calls and was finally told to write to there p.o. box, which I did. I received one credit of 30.00 and am still waiting on 2 more. I also think it is outrageous that they charge 8.00 if you pay by credit card on your prepay account.I think it is sad that a company would prey on people who have no choice but to pay them if they wish to speak to there loved ones.
michellelovesalbert on 03/24/2004:
I have paid the corretional billing company over 200.00 and I just paid them 105.00 and they are going to put anthor block on my phone those people are messed up
sarahjazzy on 03/27/2004:
Number one SBC does not charge you for these phone calls. I work for SBc in the billing department. We are a third party biller which mean each months companies send over their charges and we place them one your account. The limits come from the company. Anyone has permission ro have your company records if yourequest to do service with them. The charges that you charge are FCC mandated and also company priced. One idea if you do not want the charges on your bill is to ask for a misc charge block which means any charges tha do come over will be sent back to the company.But beaware because a lot of companies will make you a prepaid account only
BgSxy on 05/19/2004:
Hey everyone I wanted to add my 3cents/ I have a loved one in Ray county mo. and I live in Kansas city mo. , about 50 miles away and the call cost me 10.00 for a 14min call. Then they put a block on my phone and told me that I have to prepay the account before they take off the block, this is crazy. please contact me if anyone has found som help with these outrageous billing charges. THANKS
MISSMYBABYTAZ on 05/25/2004:
My husband is in a prison here in California....4 years for a clean urine test..some justice system huh?..and then to top it off CBS puts there hands in for a price....what ever happened to just plain collect calls that we used to be able to receive(still can from family--ex: teenagers with no change that call collect from a payphone whe they need a ride home, etc.)..But did all of you also know another fact about this whole billing that is costing us??...The prisons excepted CBS to control the phones like they do (BIG RIP-OFF!)and in return the prisons and county jails that use CBS to charge us (overcharge I should say) make a percentage off of every call we receive also?? ......So if us family members and friends and loved ones out here that except and pay for these calls (because we CARE!!) and the system is making a profit off of us, then why is it that inmates still get released with fines that are still owed?? You thwe would have paid them off by the time they get released right?....I know I paid $925 in 2 months to CBS (prepaid account mind you) and when I asked for a statement to prove I had used my prepaid limit I gave them, it took the company 6 months to mail me a statement showing my charges for calls, the dates, times, and my total I paid to them in advance!!...And they blame us "consumers" for their mistakes??...If they aren't trying to cover up their fraudulent business, then what would they come up with this time (I have heard every excuse in the book) for their reasons for such SLOW,UNSATISFACTORY CUSTOMER SERVICE?? I call it TRING TO COVER UP WHAT THEY KNOW THEY ARE ILLEGALLY GAINING BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT REALIZES WHAT A FRAUD THEY ARE AND TAKES IT TO COURT THEMSELVES AND MAKES THE COMPANY PAY ALL OF US CONSUMERS BACK FOR OWED FEES WHICH WERE NOT REGULATED OR LOOKED INTO BY THE REGULATORY PART OF WHATEVER SEES INTO THEIR BOOKKEEPING!!!..AND PEOPLE USED TO SAY BILL GATES WAS A FRAUD?? CBS HAS HIM TOPPE DFOR SURE!! Just let us go back to the days when the calls used to come from the jails and prisons directly to our homes and where it was just OUR business and not the worlds that we consider incarcerated individuals HUMAN BEINGS and not expect to make a buck off the ones that are paying for companies like this to remain "ALL MIGHTY"....all they care about is stealing from the hands of the ones they complain and say don't deserve phones (inmates) but deserve to be incarcerated for crimes..I think the company should be the ones incarcerated for THEIR CRIME...THEFT IS A CRIME CBS!!!..then let us control your phone calls and take from the hand that is doing his/her time to society and give you all a better picture of how you are STEALING what the families (we aren't the criminal) have left during this time in their lives and then you will also probvably blame WELFARE PROBLEMS on us that are out here (not the criminals...the victims of your crimes instead)because who wouldn't need welfare (we pay into that too as working individuals) to help afford YOUR LOUSY SERVICES.....GET OUT OF OUR STATE AND GO RIP OFF YOUR FAMILY ..WE DON'T NEED YOUR SERVICES AND WE DID FINE WITHOUT THEM UP UNITL YOU CAME ALONG....WHY FIX WHAT AIN'T BROKE?? GO TO OTHER COUNTRIES AND GIVE IT A TRY AND SEE IF THEY DON'T NOTICE.....GET OFF AMERICA'S BACK CBS!! THE WAR ISN'T HERE OR AGAINST AMERICANS TOWARD AMERICANS ....GO FIGHT YOUR FRAUD WHERE NO ONE WOULD NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE!....OH YEAH, THEY DON'T USE TELEPHONE SERVICES AS MUCH AS US AMERICANS DO NOW DO THEY??...NOT ENOUGH PROFIT THERE FOR YOUR COMPANY I SUPPOSE!!!....BUT STOP THINKING CRIMINALS AND THEIR FAMILIES ARE SO UNEDUCATED NOT TO NOTICE YOUR FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES .....BECAUSE WITH AS MUCH AS YOU DO, EVEN THE DUMBEST DOOR COULD FIGURE THIS ONE OUT!!YOUR COMPANY IS A FRAUD!!
gingerrr on 12/14/2004:
I am in Florida & have run into Correctional Billing services. The phone company I have pays them directly then bills the customer. When I first received a bill it was about 2 months after I had been receiving calls through them. The first time I had attempted to call Correctional billing I did actually reach a live human. Now this is impossible, however I have found to e-mail. When I first challenged their bill I was ignored, until I contacted the Federal utilities commission for our area. Florida has a cap on local collect calls, so they did have to credit my account, after I had paid it in full. I too get disconnected occasionall, but with the cap on local collect calls of $2.25 per call & no per minute fee it makes no difference. However at least 2 to 5 times a day I receive automated computer calls from them regarding my account. Contacting the person I listed above as I now have no other way of reaching anyone ever. After several e-mail follwed by what seemed to be smug responses, I was assured these call would stop, but they have not I have paid my bill in full, my new bill is not due yet, but still the herrassing calls continue. I plan to recontact the Federal utility commissioner and then lodge a formal complaint with Planet Feedback. They contact several companies on behalf of the consumer, as well as a lot of potential consumers & stock investers check out the site before making any moves. By the way did you know Evercom is owned by Sprint?
CJ2920 on 09/05/2006:
Your in with it. Did you repay your victims. I thought not.
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Correctional Billing/Embarq payphone service
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Whoever owns Correctional Billing Service should be thrown in jail right alongside our loved ones who have committed crimes! They are criminals. I have dealt twice with these people, ALL of whom can not speak English very well and you have to strain to understand. My husband is incarcerated. Yes, He did wrong and is now paying for it. I am not upset so much for me as for my mother-in-law. First, for myself, like I said I have dealt twice with them. First about a month ago. My husband could not get through to me, but could call his mother. His calls to me were blocked. I called my phone company-Verizon who said they did not put a block on my husband's calls to me. I then called CBS/Embarq who said that they were having a system error and it would be resolved within 24 hours and was. My mother-in-law then had a block put on by CBS, saying her phone company won't be handling CBS billing anymore and she HAD to pay with a prepaid account-after 5 months of the bill going through her phone company. Her, being older and not well, can not go down to the prison very often as she has health problems. She did prepay with a credit card as she was Ordered (and not nicely) by CBS and the block was lifted. She then found out that CBS charged her credit card for phone calls and submitted the same phone calls to her phone company-Verizon also!! Double billing I am sure is illegal in all 50 states!! She contacted her credit card and the credit card fraud department is now involved. As for me, I have just been informed by CBS that a block has once again been put on my calls from my husband, because they said charges incurred on April 17Th and 18Th were rejected from my phone company and sent back to CBS so I MUST open a prepaid account-all because of $3.05! I called my phone company and they said they NEVER sent back ANY Charges, They haven't gotten CBS's Billing yet, so how would CBS know that Verizon rejected those charges anyway-this being only the 22ND of April? Also, my phone bill is current and they Absolutely did NOT send back the charges. I have been told from my phone co. that CBS has been doing this a lot so they can get you to set up a prepaid account and collect their $6.95 charges every time you put money into your account. I have been paying their bill through my phone company for 5 months now and am always current. I have talked to 5 separate people within a 24 hour period over at CBS as to why a block was put on and everyone gives me a different answer. Someone told me just like my mother-in-law that Verizon isn't handling the billing for CBS anymore (Verizon Vehemently denied this). One guy told me I had already opened a prepaid account, which I didn't. He couldn't tell me who authorized it. Another said I opened it and then closed it out on the same day???? Weird! This one takes the cake-The COMPUTER opened up a prepaid account for me automatically on APRIL 3RD because of charges returned from my phone company for APRIL 17TH & APRIL 18TH!!!! HUH????? I didn't know the 17Th & 18Th came before the 3rd!! The problem is They have a MONOPOLY and think they can do whatever they wish. And why is it that they charge Larger sums a minute for a phone call in some states than others? Here in Michigan, we pay $1.80 for 15 minutes or 12 cents a minute. I have heard of $1.00 a minute in other states. I absolutely refused to pay the $3.05 until I see my phone bill and make sure they are not going to "double-dip" on me like they did on my mother-in-law. I am being blackmailed because they refuse to take the block off until I pay. Well, they can keep the block on and until its taken off I will do things the old fashioned way and write letters. And I will also call The Michigan Public Service Commission, The Federal Communications Commission and the Michigan Department of Corrections-just to let them know that this great system they employ to allow prisoners to call out is a scam. I do believe some sort of class action suit may be the only way to break up their Monopoly. And to all of you SINLESS people who boo-hoo those of us who have Loved ones in prison-It is nothing to you Now. But when you Suddenly have someone you love do something wrong that YOU have NO control over, and all you want is just to hear their voice for a few minutes a week. To let your children hear their daddy's voice-it's not their fault. Then it will become a big deal. These men and women of ours are paying for their crime and so are we, in more ways than one. We don't need your insults on top of our suffering. Jesus Forgives!
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Alain on 04/23/2010:
Perhaps The Texas Department of Criminal Justice can give you some helpful or 512-475-3250.
Alain on 04/24/2010:
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Who is allowing this company do business?
Posted by on
I opened an account with this company about 6 months ago and had nothing but problems with this company. There were problems with the online services, the phone system, the chat option, and I couldn't even use my credit card to make a payment. I had to speak with a supervisor who didn't even resolve my issue I was told to call bill matrix. As a customer why should I have to call your companies processing provider? but I did because as you know if we want to talk to our loved ones we don't have a choice but to use this company, and it is very apparent that that is why there is no help or support for the customers. The processing company said they didn't refuse my payment call cbs back so I call back they say call them or my financial institution I do both nothing is resolved. No one can figure out the problem nor did they try. I closed my account a few months ago because of how frustrated I was with this company. Now I re-opened my account and its even worse. I still can not use my credit card, make a payment online, get through to a human being through your "customer service" number. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. There is no empathy or service for that matter from anyone at this company. I would hope they care about their campany and customers, even though we have to use their service every business person knows you don't have a service without customers. I have been hung up on when I was supposed to be transferred. On the chat option they gave me the wrong phone number and then disconnected me. UNBELIEVABLE. This is the only company I can used to talk to my fiance and I haven't talked to him in 5 months because of this company. Worst service ever. I don't understand how this is even legal?. Send all your complaints to the better business bereau.
Courtney J: "Thank you for contacting Securus Correctional Billing Services, my name is Courtney how can I assist you?”
me: I need to make a payment and see if there are any notes on my account?
Courtney J: May I have your area code and telephone number along with your 4 digit numeric passcode please?
me: ########## ####
Courtney J: Thank you, one moment while I access your account.
Courtney J: Your account is clear to accept a payment but you will need to contact your bank as to why your payments are not going through. The attempts show declined by the bank.
Courtney J: Thank you for contacting Securus Correctional Billing Services. I hope we were able to provide you with fast and reliable service today.
Thank you for using InstantService. You may now close this window.
Your session has ended. You may now close this window. I didn't even get to respond this was after waiting 30 mins.
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Anonymous on 02/24/2011:
The BBB is not going to do anything for you. Neither will anyone in the prison system. I think most of the world really don't care how difficult it is to contact your loved one in prison. That's just the way it is. You can contact your States elected officials, but I doubt if they care either. If I say what I really want it will be deleted, so , good luck.
jktshff1 on 02/24/2011:
No offense, but the people that are in jail are "allowing this company to do business". They are the only reason it exists.
Anonymous on 02/24/2011:
This is pathetic. You are paying for a service, so they should be as responsive to your problems as any other company would be - maybe even more so since they are the only ones allowed to provide this service in your area. I'd become a pest. Who hired this company? I would call them. Is it your local County Commissioners? The State? This company is accountable to someone, so you should find out who that is and explain to them what your problems are.
momsey on 02/24/2011:
Good review. It's not right that you're forced to use this company and they can't even provide the service they are paid to provide. It doesn't matter who you're trying to call or why they are where they are.
Anonymous on 02/24/2011:
If we're going to allow phone services in the prisons then let the free market take care of it with some competition and not these political payola monopoly deals. It offends me as an American that our government is letting scumbags like Correctional Billing Services to get fat off of exclusive access to state owned and operated assets. Just ain’t right man.
jktshff1 on 02/24/2011:
While I agree it's not right the way these companies do business, if people did not use them they would go out of business.
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Being Scammed In California
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA, ALABAMA -- Recently I had charges on my regular phone bill to which I am paying. I get a bill from Global Tel Link on another portion of my phone bill. I call them and they suggest I pre-pay for the calls and put a minimum of 50.00 on my credit card. So I was given the number to Correctional Billing. After a lot of questions I agree and then when I get ready to make the transaction, they say that will be 58.00 Never once did they disclose that until the end of the call I would be paying an 8.00 service fee. I told her to make it for the 38.00 that I owed on the bill and that I would deal with my carrier and she states that I have to call back in 2 hours because she could not bring up that screen. I used my whole lunch hour doing this and said I would call after work, each time at least a 30 to 40 min wait.

I started to use the service and then got my regular bill which was crazy, during this time I had many dropped calls and the calls the shorter they are the higher the cost. So I called the phone number to Correctional Billing. I asked them to adjust all the calls that were five minuets or less, because in addition to the calls dropping to my land line , they also have a woman speaking on an automated message that interrupts every 15 min. and the message lasts for about 12 seconds. During these interruptions is where I get the dropped calls, because the phone for the inmates monitors the calls in order to prevent three way calling, which if you have call waiting or any services it will end your call forcing the inmate to call back, again another ridiculous charge.

I have had so many that I started to keep track of them at the companies suggestion. So just yesterday I get my bill and I am astonished to see that not only did they bill me through 1-12-07 through 1-31-07 but they never took the charges off. In fact they re-listed the calls and I went through each one and compared, the only calls that were equal or legitment were the first few down the row, all the rest had the same dates of the calls received, but different times, different amount of minuets and now higher charges. They did not adjust the calls but rebilled them to my regular carrier, I asked a supervisor named Rosalina and she told me that they took of the connection fee on all the dropped calls, so I asked how much that was and she told me that it was $2.45, so I took one of the calls supposed to be adjusted which was 2.75 and told her that if the calls were adjusted the connection fee that would leave a .30 balance on that call. She got quiet and transferred me to a supervisor named Cherie. I explained that I did not owe this money and that the charges were all wrong, the calls adjusted were not done so but rebilled to my carrier, I was told the calls were going to be taken off , until that day I had never heard of the connection fee and now they have a block on my phone preventing me from sending my loved one money so that he can buy minuets in there to call me without having to deal with this company. I explained that all I wanted to do was pay the 12.55 supposed balance and have the block removed. I was told all they were authorized was to take was a 58.00 payment. I responded by telling them that why in the world would I want to make a 58.00 payment when I was already getting raped. I explained that I should not have an overage because when they put the block on my phone I had 13.65 on the account, they were supposed to do a credit for calls dropped on 02-02-07 and they also showed up on my bill.

I have noticed that there are one minute calls that I am billed during hours that I am clearly at work, and am not here to accept the charges. In addition I am a universal life line user and Pursuant to Resolution T-16901, all telecommunications carriers are required to apply CPUC mandated Public Program surcharge rates (excluding (1) Universal Lifeline Telephone Service , which I can prove that I have.
I understand that the terms of payment shall be according to the rules, regulations, and laws of the State of California. This precisely why I am making my objection to billed charges and reporting them in writing to Global Tel Link within sixty (60) days after receipt of my bill.
I requested all the rules and regulations on their company sent to my address, she said it would take 7-10 business days. I asked for all charges made to my credit card , and any and all information associated with my account. I then asked for the head of the corporation so that I could file a complaint , she said it was Lou. I told here that I needed to know who would accept service on the companies behalf, that is when she gave me the fax and PO Box to the company in Alabama. I told her that I am not stupid, you cannot serve a complaint on a PO Box. She hung up on me at that point. I called back and again I got the first representative and she told me that I had to use their service, If I wanted to pay the 12.55 I could do so through money order and it would take 7-10 days to clear, but that no block would be lifted from my phone even after I paid the 12.55. She said I had no choice but to go through them because they serviced Riverside County. I told her I do not have to do anything, she said well the good luck getting calls from your loved one and again hung up on me. I checked on the address for billing disputes and the rep. Gave me the wrong address to send my dispute to, maybe in hopes of me passing the 60 day limit, she gave me P O Box 1010 Selma, PA 36702, when in all actuality it is the above referenced addresses. I am only to conclude that the representative willfully gave me a address that would lead me in the wrong direction. Since under your Rule 2.0 Number 10 it gives another address for handling disputes.

I planned to send the 12.55, and not use their service, the inconvienace of being able to take a payment for 58.00 , but not to pay off your balance was unreal, and the fact that they used the same billing dates and calls to rebill for the same dates but at higher charges and all at different times. Out of a supposed 60 calls only 32 were actually valid calls. The thing that burns me up is this company is making money off of other peoples misfortune and doing it dishonestly. I am looking to file suit against this corporation, and if my loved one dies because of his heart problem without being able to call home, the issue will change. I am sure that he will be exonerated because he did not do what he is accused of, but I will not allow this company to make money off of this mans or my misfortune. I owe for certain calls which I can verify through my phone bill. I want a response from someone in your office regarding these bogus charges, I dispute anything 10 min and under, these calls are dropped so that the person has to call back resulting in another charge. Service may be cancelled by the Customer by providing verbal or written Notice to the Company, which I elect to do now, for violations associated with the tariff’s and the violations and fraudulent use of this service. Under your Rule 2.0 Number 14, states that
Credit allowance for interruptions of service which are not due to Carrier's testing or adjusting, to the negligence of the Customer, or to the failure of channels, equipment or communications system provided by Customer, are subject to the general liability provisions set forth in Rule No. 18, herein. It shall be the obligation of the Customer to notify the Carrier of any interruptions in service. Before giving such notice, Customer shall ascertain that the trouble is not being caused by any action or omission of Customer, not within his control, or is not in wiring or equipment connected to the terminal of Carrier. I have made several calls, checked the lines, called my carrier and there is no reason for the dropped calls, the calls are to a land line , and I have made all inqiures in a timely fashion to your company advising them of the problem.

However you fail to post Rule Number 18 on your web site. I would also like clarification as to pre-paid use, there is very little associated with it on your website. Which I find disturbing, since most consumers use the pre-paid method and are not told of the connection surcharges associated with it’s use. In all actuality , the user pays 50.00 minimum fee, but other associated fees which are not disclosed to the consumer are then taken out leaving a very small balance for actual phone use. In addition the representative states that there is a minimum of 50.00 for the use of service, but according to your website the minimum payment to begin service is 25.00 this is also not disclosed to the customer. The unsuspecting consumer then thinks that this is a more cost efficient way to receive calls from their loved one’s when it really is not. I can give you an example, I had 20.00 left on my card and planned to replenish once a week, however before I could do that a block was placed on the phone. I checked my balance and I had a call from the facility, it was a dropped call so immediately after getting this call I checked my balance and the dropped call left me with a balance of 7.00 dollars , it took 13.00 off my pre-paid account which never put back. Global Tel Link is supposed to provide you with a rate of the accepted call , and your website states that most billing rates are provided during the introduction of the attempted collect call. If the rate is not offered, contact the Billing and Customer Service Department, however the consumer does not know this until after the outrageous calls come in and customer service does not provide this information voluntarily when the consumer begins using their service.
I am willing to pay the money I owe, but I want my account seriously looked into , I am sure that with all the people out there it will not be hard to file a class action lawsuit. I am very serious about this matter.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 03/05/2007:
I'm sure a class action lawsuit will make some lawyers wealthy - that's about all. Try writing more letters to your incarcerated loved's a dying artform.
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continued how Evercom/cbs works
Posted by on
ALABAMA -- To Avoid Being Disconnected To talk on the phone with someone confined in a correctional facility, you must use a touch-tone telephone.
If you do any of these things during the call, you could be disconnected, so... DON'T:
transfer the call
put the call on Hold
use or answer Call Waiting
use a cellular phone (static could cause disconnect)
use a cordless phone
press extra (additional) numbers on the touch-tone keypad
stop your conversation for any length of time (a period of silence may cause a disconnect)
try to make any kind of 3-way call
Why Are Calls Blocked? Calls made from a correctional facility are generally collect calls. You may not be able to accept collect calls for several reasons:
A collect call restriction placed by your local telephone company may prevent you from getting your calls from the correctional facility. You must call your local telephone company to have this type of restriction removed. Please note that once the restriction is removed, it may take up to 72 hours for a collect call to go through.

A new telephone number or changes made to your telephone service (such as a temporary disconnect, changes in your telephone features such as Call Waiting, area code change, etc.) could put a restriction on your line. Please allow 72 hours from the time your number was activated or the changes were made for your collect calls to begin coming through.

If you have received calls in the past from a facility handled by Correctional Billing Services but no longer can, you might have exceeded your payment verification point. Call us at 1-800-844-6591 for additional information.

If you have a new telephone number, it is possible that the previous owner of the number requested a restriction on the line. Call us with the date when you received the number from your local telephone company, and Correctional Billing Services can remove the restriction
How to Block Your Line If you would like to prevent collect calls from a correctional facility (handled by Correctional Billing Services) from reaching you, please call us at 1-800-844-6591 and a representative will work with you to place a restriction on your line.
There is no charge for a restriction. We make every effort to stop the collect calls; however, we cannot guarantee this service for correctional facilities that we do not serve. If collect calls still come into your home from a correctional facility more than 48 hours after a restriction has been placed on your line, please call us at 1-800-844-6591 or send e-mail to to see what more can be done to prevent the calls from reaching you.
About My Bill When an inmate calls your number and you answer, you should hear a brief message that identifies the call as being collect. Information about the name of the correctional facility or the name of the inmate may also be provided. You will then hear instructions to press a button on your touch–tone phone or say "yes" to accept the call. If you do not accept the call or if you just hang up, the call will not be billed to your number.
Calls will appear on your bill only if someone accepts the call. If you don't recognize the calls on your bill, please check with other members of your household or business (or anyone else who may have access to your telephone) to determine who may have accepted the call.
Rates-Due to security considerations, the corrections industry typically requires that all calls made by inmates in a correctional facility be collect calls. The intent is to ensure that all calls are positively accepted by the called party. This ensures that harassing or unwanted calls are not placed to witnesses, lawyers, judges, or others. This also allows friends and family members to manage telephone bills because they can choose to not accept calls with their associated charges. Collect calls are considered "operator-assisted calls." The cost of providing operator assisted calling is substantially higher than the cost of providing normal or long distance calls because special equipment and services are required (equipment and maintenance, billing validation, collections, customer service, etc.).
Additionally, there is a surcharge applied to this type of service which is in addition to the applicable per-minute rate of the call.
Individual calls from a correctional facility will usually have a time limit which varies depending on the facility. While another call may be made to the same number, the surcharge will apply to each call.
The contract to provide collect call phone service to a correctional facility is usually granted based on competitive bids solicited by local, state, or federal authorities. Bidders must meet strict requirements which ensure that they can provide the necessary level of security while providing competitive phone service.
Evercom's rates are competitive and comply with all applicable state and federal regulations.
To request rates use this form
Account Charges You can check your charges with Correctional Billing Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our automated service at 1-800-844-6591. If you make payment before your charges reach or exceed your payment verification point, it will prevent a restriction from being placed on your line.
If a restriction is placed on your line because you have reached or exceeded your payment verification point, you will need to pay your bill in full before we can remove the restriction.
Local Telephone Payments
If your local telephone company has blocked (restricted) your line from receiving collect calls, you must pay your local telephone bill to remove that block. You should also notify Correctional Billing Services to ensure that we do not restrict your line from receiving collect calls. To report a payment or discuss a restriction, call us at 1-800-844-6591. You can report a payment by faxing a copy of your payment receipt to us at 1-800-578-2627.
Correctional Billing Services (CBS) offers a pre-paid plan that can prevent your line from being restricted as long as there are available funds in your account. Here’s how it works. You sign up and send an initial payment of a least $50.00.
Our automated system can notify you when you need to make additional payments to prevent your line from being restricted. Payments must be a minimum of $50.00. If you choose the prepaid plan, you will not receive any further charges on your local telephone bill.
Payments on pre-paid accounts can be made through Western Union® online.
Or, you can pay in person at a Western Union Agent location near you

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dirtybekki on 10/17/2010:
I had the same problem and it ended up not being Evercom.. the calls were suddenly blocked after like a week and after an hour of back and forth crap I found out that after so many calls the system at the jail does a security check and if you have call waiting, three way and/or call forwarding on your line (WHICH EVERYONE DOES- IT JUST COMES STANDARD WITH EVERY PHONE COMPANY) it sees it as a threat and blocks the call. you HAVE to call your provider and request those features be taken off your line. THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT- TRUST ME I TRIED. and yes that means your phone will have to run old school style.. no call waiting.. if I get a call while I am on the phone (a cell with at&T) to the caller it just goes straight to voicemail.
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Phone Service
Posted by on
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I am so angry because I am expericing the very same thing as all of you and I can not believe that it can be so trying just to speak to your family member who is imprisoned. It is not like this comes free to us, as a matter of a fact my last calls are in the neighborhood of $25.00 for a brief 15 minutes that includes two interruptions by the phone company saying 1 minute left and then 30 seconds left. I can also see that the jails or board of correctins must be getting a huge kick back, as well as probably other elected officials and lobbyist. There is just too much chatter on the internet in regard to this horrendous crime against law abiding people who are caught up in a horrific situation not of their on making.

Let one of them get in our place and see how quickly they start trying to correct this major/global phone rip off. I am so angry, right now. I have been on hold for 32 minutes with Global Tel and just got off with the Correctional Billing answering service that ask you to press every number on the phone and you still never talk to a human. If they have such an abundance of calling why in God's name do they not hire other people, or fire some that they have. They are making enough money off each call to at least be available to their customers. There must be an answer to this. My son has been moved from a county jail to a prison in MS. For better than 2 years we dealt with Correctional Billing, which was not easy, but we did purchase an extra cell phone on our plan and had it on a local number inside the county of the jail. When he dialed that number it was forwarded to our home cell number. This allowed us to be able to talk to him 4 times for what we were paying previously for 15 minutes.

After he was sentenced and sent to the prison, that came to a quick end. It is inside a different calling area and company and we have not been able to get a call in to Global in order to set up an account or even find out where our money on the other account went to.(Going on 3 weeks now) I wish that every family of an inmate could just refuse calls and not put money on an account and see how long it would take before they started calling us. I know that would be most impossible but as I see it this is the only way to ever get their attention. I am open for any advise or I will be involved in any type of campaign or petition to whomever to get some results. There is far to many of us for them to ignore for very long if we ban together.

Remember without our money they are nothing. Have you ever paid so much money to be treated so poorly? Me neither. I am sick and tired of it. It has only been 3 years and I have many more to go so I am not going away. God Bless each of you, I know your pain.
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Principissa on 01/03/2008:
When my little brother was in jail, we just wrote letters. It stunk that we couldn't talk to him, but we didn't want to deal with this phone company.
jenjenn on 01/03/2008:
I had a good friend go to jail for a short time & I wrote him everyday. Who would pay that kind of money to talk? Letters are great - gives them something to look forward to.
Anonymous on 01/03/2008:
Although I agree writing letters is a cool thing and we all share in our love of words but that isn't the point. This is state sponsored exploitation for the benefit of a private company. That's just wrong.
yoke on 01/03/2008:
Nobody needs a phone to commuicate, it is a privilege, not a necessity. When hubby was in the Navy we had to write letters. Phone calls were to expensive. We didn't complain, we just accepted it.
Principissa on 01/03/2008:
Yoke we did the same thing. Half the time when he was deployed the e-mail was down so if we wanted to hear from each other we had no choice but snail mail. They had satellite phones but those were for Red Cross emergency calls. So pen and paper was the way to go. I still have all the letters he wrote to me in my memory box.
yoke on 01/03/2008:
Same here. Every once in a while I go back and read them. When dh was deployed we did not have e-mail so we had no choice but to write.
Anonymous on 01/03/2008:
Stew, I'm with you on this one.
Ponie on 01/03/2008:
'...I am expericing the very same thing as all of you...' Please don't put me in that group. Hasn't happened yet and I hope it doesn't.
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How Correctional Billing/Evercom Can Control My Home Phone!!
Posted by on
MACUNGIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Recently I have a sister who was picked up and is presently in a correctional institute. She kept trying to call me collect, and I know I have no block on my phone and was getting frustrated calling my phone company etc, trying to find out what's going on, I will accept her calls, but she couldn't get through. Finally a few weeks go by and I receive a call from a company to call them" about someone calling from a correctional institute, so when they called of course I stayed on the phone and pressed whatever key the automated service told me to, and low and behold I get a person, or I should say she portrayed herself at the time to be one, and she proceeded to tell me that I must" go through her company to receive any calls from my sister in Florida, and she told me to give her my credit card etc, and charged another fee of $8.00, I guess for her pocket, for "handling fees" then when she told me the amount it would cost per phone call, I asked why so much almost $30.00 a call, and my mother accepts a few calls from my sister at a third of the price I have to pay, she said "because your in pa!! And we don't have that contract yet!! I told her the wrong people are in jail, now after one week she had gotten deathly ill in jail,and tried to contact me yesterday, again today, and no calls will come through!!

So what did this company do, I can't even get a phone number for either, I called national information, no listing, I finally tried the internet, and I found them, but no phone number to call them, they have job offerings, and all the bull, but no number to contact them, first of all to all the so called human beings that work there, I wouldn't work for your company for any amount of money, because I have a heart!!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves for ripping family's off that are already dealing with their loved ones that are away, guilty or not, and for trying to break the families that are trying to be there for them, instead you are making it financially impossible, and if this is America, "where is our freedom to have control over our own home phone!!! You people do and are holding us all up for ransom, at your demand of payment to talk to out love ones, who are victims of the system!

What has happened to this country and people with no heart and no compassion, just the almighty dollar! You people from Correctional Billing/Evercom should be ashamed of yourselves and "remember it could happen to you and yours, what goes around comes around, and you think you have all the power, well think again!! Your a disgrace to the American public, "claiming to be provide a service!! A service to yourself that's about it!! And your getting away with it, well I won't quit till I write and call who I have to , to put a stop to you thieves! And I will find out how to get hold of you, even though you don't have a number posted!!

One pissed off customer
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/26/2006:
ow my eyes...
mrsroadhawg on 02/26/2006:
Now if typing in ALL CAPS were a crime....
UnIcOrN_LoVeR on 02/26/2006:
I just want you to know that I stopped caring after the first few sentences because of the use of all caps. Turn off your caps lock if you want to be taken seriously.
tander on 02/26/2006:
Oh here we go again, not taking someone seriously because they have caps on, I don't get it, why do you people who complain about spelling, commas and all CAPS, why is it necessary to remark and think that one's post is not as important as another just because of a spelling error or because caps are on. If you can't read what they type, then get your GLASSES ON!!
DebtorBasher on 02/26/2006:
That is a scam...I hope you didn't give your credit card info out to them...I've read about these types of scams before...they call and tell you to enter certain digits on your phone, you are opening your phone line for their long distance calls......
Anonymous on 02/27/2006:
Instead of bickering with the people on the thread how about some advice there, tanderoo? Why don't you put your "thinking cap" on? *???* Good luck to you and sis, Bs105. Never encountered that problem out here.
SilverEmania on 07/23/2006:
they can stop you from getting the call cause it's their service.. do you eat the BigMac before pay McDonalds for it? Do you go to Blockbuster and take home the movie to watch before paying for it? Stop and think about it before you get all rightious on these poor people who are just trying to provide a service. I've posted to an Evercom message before.. it's cause I've had to use their service quite a bit. None of the above is how their service operates in relation to having you pay. bs105 sounds confused and just plain angry.
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terrible customer service skills
Posted on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- To whom this may concern:

My name is Ebony Walker, and I am writing this letter in reference to an
experience I had with one of your workers on the morning of July 15, 2003. I just want
to start off by saying that I was very offended by the manner in which the representative
conducted himself. He was very rude, cocky, belligerent, and inattentive.
Im not sure if its just me, but I was under the impression that occupations in
customer service called for good listening skills. However, he seemed to be so
preoccupied with hearing his own voice that he lacked to comprehend what I was
During the conversation I could hear myself begin to raise my voice in return due
to frustration, however, I was able to refrain form lashing out in ignorance. I could see
that we were headed nowhere and decided to end the call, but not before requesting the
workers name and a number to call for complaints. He refused to give me a number and
full name, saying Randy is enough. I asked him how to spell it and he sarcastically
responded, You dont know how to spell Randy? Contrary to what Mr. Randy may
believe, there is no one universal spelling of the name, and I questioned in order to be
sure, rather than assume.
He then repeated the spelling over and over. Thats Randy with a Y and one R.
I took this gesture as a sign of him underestimating my intelligence, or rather
overestimating his.
I can honestly say that from start to finish of the conversation, the only decent
thing said by Mr. Randy (one R and a Y) was May I help you with anything else Mam?,
and even that was said with a devilish undertone.
As you can see, I was in no way pleased with the service provided to me. Despite
this fact, I still had a situation to rectify and I took a chance in speaking with another one
of your representatives by the name of Lynn. Lynn was actually able to bring closure to
the ordeal in a matter of just a few minutes. She was kind, understanding, attentive, and
willing to provide the exceptional service that Randy seemed to not even attempt.
I believe that he could definitely use a few pointers from this woman. Im not
sure how long Randy has been a member of your establishment, but someone should
inform him that good work performance is not judged by time served, but rather quality.
And if that episode I experienced with him was a display of his usual performance, than
he is striving.
In saying all of this there is one thing that I would actually like to thank Randy
(one R and a Y) for. I thank him for testing my faith, and forcing me to prove to myself
that in being humble, I am the better person. In times like these I dont need to react in
anger, but instead pray for patience and strength to hold my peace. I was taught to
always treat others as I wish to be treated myself. So instead of turning my nose up over
Mr. Randy (one R and a Y). I am going to pray for him also. And if he doesnt do the
same himself already, than maybe he should try it some time.

Thank You,

Ebony Walker

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/10/2003:
I added a comment yeaterday about my experience with Correctional Billing Services. Later that day I decided to go to the Better Business Bureaus website and see if any complaints have been filed with them. There are several unresolved issues with them so what I am asking everyone out there to do is to file a complaint with the BBB. I'm not sure if it will help but it sure won't hurt. I am also sending a letter to AT&T to let them know how bad the service is. AT&T is the provider for the Mississippi Correctional facilities. If your facility is with AT&T, or who ever, then I would suggest writing them as well. Maybe if enough people complain then something will be accomplished. Good luck!!!
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Waited 2 Months For Papers
Posted by on
P.O.BOX 650757 -- I was last on here. Talking to you about drop calls an when they drop, you still are paying for them you will wee them on your bill but will not see the drop or disconnect error on your bill, I, m just now getting a paper from correctional billing service, to let them know when the phone calls where drop, but the key is this talk to your love one an max how many call he can do, if the drop call never hit you, you, v, been luck, ie, but if the y have, please take the time out an call talk to mr encore or ms christy supervisor an manager I had to call several times so when an if I continue them to court, on small claim, it will be in the books or records. Now to say all this 1# make a list of times of drop calls, time an date.@# When you call an report it ask for id # an name time you talk to them ( us military time ), they go by that real good an the write the 800 or 877 # you you call to an from home or cell,.For example I aloud my husband to call home 7 time in a month, that, s twice a week or however he uses it, I t. S to be 7 times at 6.49 For 15 minutes plus a 1$ some odd change more for taxes, huh???? Yes, it is, here the kicker, you get your bill an see all these phone call excepted, but you don, t see the drop calls ,,false! : You do see the drop call, only you are being charged for them, so if they ave to send you a paper as they did me to get my permission to listen to our conversations??????, Just to get accurate, I find that a problem they are not accurate on our bills, you never can get past mr encore or ms christy but I found a way call BBB an you will get the CEO of this I have information, I will blog it next time sorry it not with me ,, member you are still being charged even if the phone is hung up from a drop call time is still ticking
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Anonymous on 10/28/2010:
Thank you! That's one reason I would never use that service.
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... all the negative complaints
Posted by on
I had never had a problem with this company. I've been using them for several years since there is no choice. My son is incarcerated, therefore, I am in the mercy of this company. But either billing through my local phone company for years, or most recently, I've set up a cell phone account, my bills and usage are always correct and accurate!

I like the latter system better. My son can now call me anytime, anywhere and cheaper by $2. It's convenient and portable. I prepay any amount I want, plus $6.95 one-time load fee. My son can call my cell phone anytime, anywhere I'm at until the amount I loaded into the account is gone. At that point, I can re-load money into the account again. To keep from paying too many load fees, start out, say, $100. The more money you load into the account, the less you have to pay the load fee since it is charged each time you load money into the account.

I've talked to their customer service a few times, everyone had been nice and helpful to me. I think people that have problems with them may not have treated them as humans. Don't forget that they are humans too and treat them with respect to get their respect. Talk to them kindly and I bet you'll get what you want.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 03/08/2010:
Good post, will wonders ever cease?
Anonymous on 03/08/2010:
Jkt + 10.

Skye on 03/08/2010:
One person happy?? Interesting.
PepperElf on 03/08/2010:
someone who's not blaming the company for the situation either.

++ very helpful
Anonymous on 03/08/2010:
(VH) I will continue to write letters.
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