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Correctional Billing/Embarq payphone service
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Whoever owns Correctional Billing Service should be thrown in jail right alongside our loved ones who have committed crimes! They are criminals. I have dealt twice with these people, ALL of whom cannot speak English very well and you have to strain to understand. My husband is incarcerated. Yes, he did wrong and is now paying for it. I am not upset so much for me as for my mother-in-law.

First, for myself, like I said I have dealt twice with them. First about a month ago. My husband could not get through to me, but could call his mother. His calls to me were blocked. I called my phone company - Verizon who said they did not put a block on my husband's calls to me. I then called CBS/Embarq who said that they were having a system error and it would be resolved within 24 hours and was. My mother-in-law then had a block put on by CBS, saying her phone company won't be handling CBS billing anymore and she HAD to pay with a prepaid account - after 5 months of the bill going through her phone company.

Her, being older and not well, cannot go down to the prison very often as she has health problems. She did prepay with a credit card as she was ordered (and not nicely) by CBS and the block was lifted. She then found out that CBS charged her credit card for phone calls and submitted the same phone calls to her phone company - Verizon also! Double billing I am sure is illegal in all 50 states! She contacted her credit card and the credit card fraud department is now involved.

As for me, I have just been informed by CBS that a block has once again been put on my calls from my husband, because they said charges incurred on April 17th and 18th were rejected from my phone company and sent back to CBS so I MUST open a prepaid account - all because of $3.05! I called my phone company and they said they NEVER sent back ANY charges, they haven't gotten CBS's billing yet, so how would CBS know that Verizon rejected those charges anyway - this being only the 22nd of April? Also, my phone bill is current and they absolutely did NOT send back the charges.

I have been told from my phone co. that CBS has been doing this a lot so they can get you to set up a prepaid account and collect their $6.95 charges every time you put money into your account. I have been paying their bill through my phone company for 5 months now and am always current. I have talked to 5 separate people within a 24 hour period over at CBS as to why a block was put on and everyone gives me a different answer. Someone told me just like my mother-in-law that Verizon isn't handling the billing for CBS anymore (Verizon vehemently denied this).

One guy told me I had already opened a prepaid account, which I didn't. He couldn't tell me who authorized it. Another said I opened it and then closed it out on the same day???? Weird! This one takes the cake - the COMPUTER opened up a prepaid account for me automatically on APRIL 3RD because of charges returned from my phone company for APRIL 17TH & APRIL 18TH!!!! HUH????? I didn't know the 17th & 18th came before the 3rd!! The problem is they have a MONOPOLY and think they can do whatever they wish.

And why is it that they charge larger sums a minute for a phone call in some states than others? Here in Michigan, we pay $1.80 for 15 minutes or 12 cents a minute. I have heard of $1.00 a minute in other states. I absolutely refused to pay the $3.05 until I see my phone bill and make sure they are not going to "double-dip" on me like they did on my mother-in-law. I am being blackmailed because they refuse to take the block off until I pay.

Well, they can keep the block on and until it's taken off I will do things the old fashioned way and write letters. And I will also call The Michigan Public Service Commission, The Federal Communications Commission and the Michigan Department of Corrections - just to let them know that this great system they employ to allow prisoners to call out is a scam. I do believe some sort of class action suit may be the only way to break up their monopoly.

And to all of you SINLESS people who boo-hoo those of us who have loved ones in prison - it is nothing to you now. But when you suddenly have someone you love do something wrong that YOU have NO control over, and all you want is just to hear their voice for a few minutes a week. To let your children hear their daddy's voice - it's not their fault. Then it will become a big deal. These men and women of ours are paying for their crime and so are we, in more ways than one. We don't need your insults on top of our suffering. Jesus forgives!

Phone Service
By -

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I am so angry because I am experiencing the very same thing as all of you and I cannot believe that it can be so trying just to speak to your family member who is imprisoned. It is not like this comes free to us, as a matter of a fact my last calls are in the neighborhood of $25.00 for a brief 15 minutes that includes two interruptions by the phone company saying 1 minute left and then 30 seconds left.

I can also see that the jails or board of corrections must be getting a huge kickback, as well as probably other elected officials and lobbyist. There is just too much chatter on the internet in regard to this horrendous crime against law abiding people who are caught up in a horrific situation not of their own making.

Let one of them get in our place and see how quickly they start trying to correct this major/global phone ripoff. I am so angry, right now. I have been on hold for 32 minutes with Global Tel and just got off with the Correctional Billing answering service that ask you to press every number on the phone and you still never talk to a human. If they have such an abundance of calling why in God's name do they not hire other people, or fire some that they have? They are making enough money off each call to at least be available to their customers. There must be an answer to this.

My son has been moved from a county jail to a prison in MS. For better than 2 years we dealt with Correctional Billing, which was not easy, but we did purchase an extra cell phone on our plan and had it on a local number inside the county of the jail. When he dialed that number it was forwarded to our home cell number. This allowed us to be able to talk to him 4 times for what we were paying previously for 15 minutes.

After he was sentenced and sent to the prison, that came to a quick end. It is inside a different calling area and company and we have not been able to get a call in to Global in order to set up an account or even find out where our money on the other account went to. (Going on 3 weeks now) I wish that every family of an inmate could just refuse calls and not put money on an account and see how long it would take before they started calling us.

I know that would be most impossible but as I see it this is the only way to ever get their attention. I am open for any advise or I will be involved in any type of campaign or petition to whomever to get some results. There is far too many of us for them to ignore for very long if we band together.

Remember without our money they are nothing. Have you ever paid so much money to be treated so poorly? Me neither. I am sick and tired of it. It has only been 3 years and I have many more to go so I am not going away. God Bless each of you, I know your pain.

What & Where About This Company
By -

Go here and check this 1st:

This Company will claim to have its office in Mechanicsburg, Pa and only give you a P.O. Box #.
Now they may have a call center there but here is where their Corporate Office is (They are incorporated out of Delaware so they must opperate under Delaware law)and these are the powers to be.
(The whole kitnkoboodle is here:$/SEC/

Chairman and CEO: Richard (Dick) Falcone
CFO: Keith S. Kelson
VP, Services and Operations: Robert (Bob) Rae

Address: 8201 Tristar Dr.
Irving, TX 75063
Phone: 972-988-3737
Fax: 972-988-3774

To view their articles of incorporation, stock info, etc etc.
(there is a lot of info so tke you time)

There are as many branches of this company then a spruce tree!

"Richard Falcone" has been a Signatory for/with the following 18 Registrants:

* Assured Pharmacy/Inc [ formerly Erxsys Inc ]
* Corridor Communications Corp [ formerly Amnis Systems Inc ]
* Evercom Holdings/Inc
* Evercom Inc [ formerly Talton Holdings Inc ]
* Evercom Systems/Inc
* EverConnect/Inc
* Helios & Matheson North America Inc [ formerly A Consulting Team Inc ]
* Modeling Solutions LLC
* Modeling Solutions/LLC
* Securus Technologies/Inc
* SpeakEZ/Inc
* Syscon Justice Systems Canada Ltd
* Syscon Justice Systems/Inc
* T Netix Inc [ formerly Tele Matic Corp ]
* T-Netix Monitoring CORP
* T-NETIX Telecommunications Services/Inc
* Tasker Products Corp [ formerly Tasker Capital Corp ]
* Telequip Labs/Inc

Here is Good ol Dicks Resume:
# 1. Securus Technologies :: - [Cached]

Published on: 12/11/2007 Last Visited: 12/11/2007
Dick Falcone Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Falcone, Chief Executive Officer of Evercom, a subsidiary of SECURUS, since October of 2000. Mr. Falcone brings with him more than 35 years experience in the telecommunications industry with expertise in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Management, Information Technologies, Operations and Finance. Among other leadership roles, Mr. Falcone had responsibility for a $3 billion P&L for the small telecom business market, and managed a 14,000 person service organization responsible for all business accounts in the United States. Prior to joining SECURUS, Mr. Falcone most recently served as Vice President and General Manager for e-Enabling AT&T Business Markets Organization.

Throughout his career Mr. Falcone has received numerous awards and honors in the telecommunications area and community based organizations. He is a supporting founder of the National Black Business Council; was appointed Senior Executive Corporate Advisory Board of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; and is the only corporate individual to hold a seat on the Board of the National Foundation of Women Business Owners.
# 2. Securus Technologies :: - [Cached]

Published on: 12/11/2007 Last Visited: 12/11/2007
Dick Falcone Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Falcone, Chief Executive Officer of Evercom, a subsidiary of SECURUS, since October of 2000. Mr. Falcone brings with him more than 35 years experience in the telecommunications industry with expertise in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Product Management, Information Technologies, Operations and Finance. Among other leadership roles, Mr. Falcone had responsibility for a $3 billion P&L for the small telecom business market, and managed a 14,000 person service organization responsible for all business accounts in the United States. Prior to joining SECURUS, Mr. Falcone most recently served as Vice President and General Manager for e-Enabling AT&T Business Markets Organization.

Throughout his career Mr. Falcone has received numerous awards and honors in the telecommunications area and community based organizations. He is a supporting founder of the National Black Business Council; was appointed Senior Executive Corporate Advisory Board of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; and is the only corporate individual to hold a seat on the Board of the National Foundation of Women Business Owners.
# 3. Securus Technologies :: - [Cached]

Published on: 2/21/2007 Last Visited: 2/21/2007
Dick Falcone Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Richard Falcone serves as our President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Falcone served as Chief Executive Officer of Evercom from October 2000 to the consummation of the Transactions. Prior to joining Evercom, Mr. Falcone was a Senior Vice President for AT&T serving in a variety of capacities, including leading AT&T's Small Business Markets servicing organization of several thousand employees and establishing AT&T's national e-Servicing strategy. Mr. Falcone received a B.S.E.E. from Northeastern University and has had Executive Level education at MIT Sloan, Stanford University, Brookings Institute in Tokyo and the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland. Mr. Falcone has served on the Board of the National Foundation of Women Business Owners and is a founding father of the National Black Business Council.
# 4. Center for Women’s Business Research: Publication Details
www.centerforwomensbusinessres - [Cached]

Published on: 12/1/1996 Last Visited: 12/7/2007
"This study re-affirms that women business owners, like their male counterparts, realize that the Internet can help them open up new business opportunities and gain quick access to valuable information," said Richard Falcone, Vice President, Commercial Markets, AT&T.
# 5. - [Cached]

Published on: 5/17/1994 Last Visited: 8/10/2007
"As a company that continues to develop leading edge programs that enhance the worklife of our employees, we're very encouraged by the findings of this NFWBO study," says Dick Falcone, Vice President, Sales, Commercial Accounts, AT&T.

Other resources:

Hope this helps someone to shut them down.

Who is allowing this company do business?
By -

I opened an account with this company about 6 months ago and had nothing but problems with this company. There were problems with the online services, the phone system, the chat option, and I couldn't even use my credit card to make a payment. I had to speak with a supervisor who didn't even resolve my issue. I was told to call BillMatrix. As a customer why should I have to call your company's processing provider? But I did because as you know if we want to talk to our loved ones we don't have a choice but to use this company, and it is very apparent that that is why there is no help or support for the customers.

The processing company said they didn't refuse my payment, "call CBS back". So I call back. They say call them or my financial institution. I do both nothing is resolved. No one can figure out the problem nor did they try. I closed my account a few months ago because of how frustrated I was with this company. Now I re-opened my account and it;s even worse. I still cannot use my credit card, make a payment online, get through to a human being through your "customer service" number.

This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. There is no empathy or service for that matter from anyone at this company. I would hope they care about their company and customers, even though we have to use their service every business person knows you don't have a service without customers. I have been hung up on when I was supposed to be transferred. On the chat option they gave me the wrong phone number and then disconnected me. UNBELIEVABLE.

This is the only company I can used to talk to my fiance and I haven't talked to him in 5 months because of this company. Worst service ever. I don't understand how this is even legal. Send all your complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

Waited 2 Months For Papers
By -

P.O.BOX 650757 -- I was last on here. Talking to you about drop calls and when they drop, you still are paying for them. You will see them on your bill but will not see the drop or disconnect error on your bill. I'm just now getting a paper from Correctional Billing Service, to let them know when the phone calls where drop, but the key is this. Talk to your love one and max how many call he can do, if the drop call never hit you, you've been lucky, but if they have, please take the time out and call, talk to Mr. ** or Ms. **, supervisor and manager. I had to call several times so when and if I continue them to court, on small claim, it will be in the books or records.

Now to say all this make a list of times of drop calls, time and date. When you call and report it ask for ID # and name, time you talk to them (US military time), they go by that real good and then write the 800 or 877 #. You call to and from home or cell. For example I allowed my husband to call home 7 time in a month, that's twice a week or however he uses it. It's to be 7 times at 6.49 for 15 minutes plus a 1$ some odd change more for taxes. Huh????

Yes, it is, here the kicker. You get your bill and see all these phone call accepted, but you don't see the drop calls. False! You do see the drop call, only you are being charged for them, so if they have to send you a paper as they did me to get my permission to listen to our conversations?????? Just to get accurate, I find that a problem they are not accurate on our bills, you never can get past Mr. ** or Ms. ** but I found a way. Call BBB and you will get the CEO of this. I have information, I will blog it next time sorry it not with me, remember you are still being charged even if the phone is hung up from a drop call. Time is still ticking.

Extortion, Monopoly, and unfair rules to make more money
By -

I am writing this review to see if there has been anyone to actually DO something about CBS taking advantage of families already in despair. I'd love to know if anyone has been successful in getting something done about this company.

Since this IS a review board, I'll go ahead with a short review. I have a long list of complaints, but I'll just give the most recent. I have VOIP phone service (OOMA), and I am able to purchase a local number through OOMA to where my sister is incarcerated. This worked fine for quite some time, as it is $3 each time she calls. This is still expensive two-three times each week, but it is bearable.

I'm not sure how my account looks different on their end, but they somehow knew I used OOMA. They said your phone company uses "call forwarding", so I can't use it. They suggested I get a new phone company or one of their new cell phones.

I will say that the customer service reps have been much more polite over the last 6 months, so I gather there have been some changes there. However polite, they were not very helpful in this case. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He told me how my phone company offers a "security risk", because they can't tell who the call is coming from. I told them that my name appears on the caller ID, and that my address is on the account like any phone. The only difference is that it is local, and I live an hour away.

He THEN told me that they don't make enough money doing it that way, and that that my phone number would be permanently blocked. He said I'll have to get a new number, but that would probably be blocked too. He said I'll have to switch phone companies or use their new cellular service.

When you play by their CRAZY rules and hoops for years, and it comes down to them just wanting more money, I believe this is sickening! I HATE when people are bullied, especially people who are already down and taking a major hit. I could go on with other instances, but I'll spare you for now. If anyone has useful information about what rights we have an what we can do about these unfair practices, please let me know.

Something Needs to Be Done!!!
By -

I paid for collect calls. During many phone calls I had dropped call after dropped call. I had to call in and ask for credit for everyone of them. They would only give me credit if the phone call was immediately returned. On 3-30-08 at 8:04 pm (duration of phone call 11 mins) and on 3-30-2008 at 1:47 pm (duration of phone call 15 mins) there was repeated distortion on the line. I could not carry on a conversation due to this distortion. I stayed on the line hoping it would stop. When I called the company regarding this issue, they said "yes we are experiencing problems right now". When I asked for a credit they told me to fax in a dispute. It took me five times to finally get the fax to work.

I gave them one week and called back then they told me they didn't receive my fax. They agreed to email their main office for me in regards to this. They told me it would take two weeks. On April 29th I had to call back in for other dropped calls and I asked about the calls from 3-30-2008. She said the investigation was complete and I would be receiving a full credit for both phone calls but to allow 24 hours for them to post.

On April 30th I called back when that had not posted. I was told they were busy dealing with other technical issues that day and to call tomorrow. When I called on May 1st they informed me that now their investigation showed that there was no issues with the calls and since I stayed on the line hoping it would stop I was responsible for the calls and that no credit would be issued. I explained that I didn't receive the services for which I paid and they said there was nothing they could do.

We Must Start To Organize!!!
By -

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA -- It really doesn't matter what they did to me it's the same thing they do to all of us. Rip us off and make mistakes that cause us not only anger and frustration but some of us deep depression and anxiety day to day. Why are they doing this? Cause they can simple as that. And if we don't try to stop this practice it will go on and on. More abuse and discrimination for future people that haven't got a clue what's in store for them when they try to connect with another human being that needs to hear a friendly voice.

Just because we want to talk to someone in jail does not mean we have to receive such poor expensive service and when we complain there is no one even accountable and they don't give a diddly anyway. They allow the reps to talk in a disrespectable, condescending, morally abusive way. This poor type of employee has to be because they pay poor wages and don't have any quality assurance practices in place cause guess what... they have a monopoly. You have no choice and they know it and it means more money in the pocket of the owners to hire ignorant low wage workers.

Now those of you who work for CBS will be all up in arms and try to blame us the customers and that just confirms that you don't really hear what is in this website. The mistakes you have made that causes us great pain and even defeat and that you allowed to continue to do this. If you're reading this you've come to this site to report outrageous mistakes and you believe someone cares. This company doesn't care but all of us care and we must do something. The problem is we are not united. I read over and over about joining a class action suit but no one takes the ball.

We need to start a website that we can talk to each other and unite and form a plan. There are a lot of things we can do if we unite. You know in your being this bloated corrupt practice has to stop. I admit I am computer skills lacking and I don't know how to start a website. This site is not very helpful cause we can't unite.

We are human beings and should expect to be treated fairly not made to feel exploited and responsible for substandard treatment because we want to talk to a human behind bars. I think if we could unite and we have some numbers we can all write, call, email different people, places to start to bring down this Goliath and expose this corruption. It's been done before.

... all the negative complaints
By -

I had never had a problem with this company. I've been using them for several years since there is no choice. My son is incarcerated, therefore, I am in the mercy of this company. But either billing through my local phone company for years, or most recently, I've set up a cell phone account, my bills and usage are always correct and accurate!

I like the latter system better. My son can now call me anytime, anywhere and cheaper by $2. It's convenient and portable. I prepay any amount I want, plus $6.95 one-time load fee. My son can call my cell phone anytime, anywhere I'm at until the amount I loaded into the account is gone. At that point, I can re-load money into the account again. To keep from paying too many load fees, start out, say, $100. The more money you load into the account, the less you have to pay the load fee since it is charged each time you load money into the account.

I've talked to their customer service a few times, everyone had been nice and helpful to me. I think people that have problems with them may not have treated them as humans. Don't forget that they are humans too and treat them with respect to get their respect. Talk to them kindly and I bet you'll get what you want.

terrible customer service skills

DALLAS, TEXAS -- My name is **, and I am writing in reference to an experience I had with one of your workers on the morning of July 15, 2003. I just want to start off by saying that I was very offended by the manner in which the representative
conducted himself. He was very rude, cocky, belligerent, and inattentive.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I was under the impression that occupations in customer service called for good listening skills. However, he seemed to be so preoccupied with hearing his own voice that he lacked to comprehend what I was requesting.

During the conversation I could hear myself begin to raise my voice in return due to frustration, however, I was able to refrain form lashing out in ignorance. I could see that we were headed nowhere and decided to end the call, but not before requesting the worker's name and a number to call for complaints. He refused to give me a number and
full name, saying "** is enough." I asked him how to spell it and he sarcastically responded, "You don't know how to spell **?" Contrary to what Mr. ** may believe, there is no one universal spelling of the name, and I questioned in order to be sure, rather than assume.

He then repeated the spelling over and over. "That's ** with a Y and one R." I took this gesture as a sign of him underestimating my intelligence, or rather overestimating his. I can honestly say that from start to finish of the conversation, the only decent thing said by Mr. ** (one R and a Y) was "May I help you with anything else Ma'am?",
and even that was said with a devilish undertone.

As you can see, I was in no way pleased with the service provided to me. Despite this fact, I still had a situation to rectify and I took a chance in speaking with another one of your representatives by the name of **. ** was actually able to bring closure to the ordeal in a matter of just a few minutes. She was kind, understanding, attentive, and
willing to provide the exceptional service that ** seemed to not even attempt.

I believe that he could definitely use a few pointers from this woman. I'm not sure how long ** has been a member of your establishment, but someone should inform him that good work performance is not judged by time served, but rather quality. And if that episode I experienced with him was a display of his usual performance, then he is striving.

In saying all of this there is one thing that I would actually like to thank ** (one R and a Y) for. I thank him for testing my faith, and forcing me to prove to myself that in being humble, I am the better person. In times like these I don't need to react in anger, but instead pray for patience and strength to hold my peace. I was taught to always treat others as I wish to be treated myself. So instead of turning my nose up over Mr. ** (one R and a Y). I am going to pray for him also. And if he doesn't do the same himself already, than maybe he should try it some time.

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