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terrible customer service skills

DALLAS, TEXAS -- My name is **, and I am writing in reference to an experience I had with one of your workers on the morning of July 15, 2003. I just want to start off by saying that I was very offended by the manner in which the representative
conducted himself. He was very rude, cocky, belligerent, and inattentive.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I was under the impression that occupations in customer service called for good listening skills. However, he seemed to be so preoccupied with hearing his own voice that he lacked to comprehend what I was requesting.

During the conversation I could hear myself begin to raise my voice in return due to frustration, however, I was able to refrain form lashing out in ignorance. I could see that we were headed nowhere and decided to end the call, but not before requesting the worker's name and a number to call for complaints. He refused to give me a number and
full name, saying "** is enough." I asked him how to spell it and he sarcastically responded, "You don't know how to spell **?" Contrary to what Mr. ** may believe, there is no one universal spelling of the name, and I questioned in order to be sure, rather than assume.

He then repeated the spelling over and over. "That's ** with a Y and one R." I took this gesture as a sign of him underestimating my intelligence, or rather overestimating his. I can honestly say that from start to finish of the conversation, the only decent thing said by Mr. ** (one R and a Y) was "May I help you with anything else Ma'am?",
and even that was said with a devilish undertone.

As you can see, I was in no way pleased with the service provided to me. Despite this fact, I still had a situation to rectify and I took a chance in speaking with another one of your representatives by the name of **. ** was actually able to bring closure to the ordeal in a matter of just a few minutes. She was kind, understanding, attentive, and
willing to provide the exceptional service that ** seemed to not even attempt.

I believe that he could definitely use a few pointers from this woman. I'm not sure how long ** has been a member of your establishment, but someone should inform him that good work performance is not judged by time served, but rather quality. And if that episode I experienced with him was a display of his usual performance, then he is striving.

In saying all of this there is one thing that I would actually like to thank ** (one R and a Y) for. I thank him for testing my faith, and forcing me to prove to myself that in being humble, I am the better person. In times like these I don't need to react in anger, but instead pray for patience and strength to hold my peace. I was taught to always treat others as I wish to be treated myself. So instead of turning my nose up over Mr. ** (one R and a Y). I am going to pray for him also. And if he doesn't do the same himself already, than maybe he should try it some time.

Correctional Billing Services Phone Scam! ( Big Rip Off )
By -

INDIANA -- I have been with Correctional Billing Services for a little over a year. And I feel as though this company is a BIG RIPOFF! I have had SOOOO many dropped calls to where it has stolen my joy of talking with my son through this company! I have called and even begged these people to give me my calls back or at least my money back. But I was told to dispute the calls and I will get my money back. Well I have did all of what I was told to do and I still NEVER got a dime or my calls back! I have even contacted the Better Business service on them.

But I don't know how to go about handling this situation with the BBS. I even told the BBS how Correctional Billing Services tell you if your call is dropped after 1 minute and 36 seconds. They say that it was a 2 minute call. And anything over a 2 minute call you can't get that call back unless you fax in a dispute form.

But once you go through all of that faxing and disputing Correctional Billing Services STILL does not grant you back your money or your call. I am so fed up with this company, and I wish that it was another reliable company that I could go through to talk to my son. So if there is ANYONE OUT THERE who can help me out with the BBS, and find a new correctional phone company that I can use? Please feel free to contact me so that I can handle this matter!!!!

Call goes "blank" when I try to accept call. PLEASE HELP!
By -

Hi... I am having a problem. When my brother calls me collect, it always shows up as the same number. Well it cut us off on a phone call the other day (it didn't give a message, the call just went blank). After that, he has called but it is showing up as all kinds of different numbers/area codes.

Also, the biggest problem, when he calls me, it will go almost all the way through the recording and once it gets to the point to say "to accept this call, press" IT QUITS. It never lets me press anything. It doesn't hang us up, it's like the line goes blank. He called me through someone else and said that on his end it is saying "your call was answered but positive acceptance wasn't received." How do I fix this??? Has this happened to anyone else before?

Rip off
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- When any one of you are ready to file a class action suit against them please email me. They are always making it where your calls are dropped anything time they want and its money lost. Talking about no third party, we know that we will lose our money if there is someone else on the line we are not trying to lose our money to them. And than they charge you $6.95 cent to add the money on and you have to put at at least $ 25.00 on there. When we have dropped call that are over a minute we have to give them permission to listen to our calls. NOT RIGHT. They never want to return you your money. I pray they go out of business.

Insufficient Customer Information and Unfair Refund Policy
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- This is the 3rd time this has happened to me. I set up an account with my number and some other numbers for friends and family to receive calls from my son. Another inmate made calls to a number on my account and funds were deducted from my account to pay for those calls (over $15.00). I called and wrote and emailed and was told that since the phone number accepted the call I was responsible. I was told I would have to "block" that facility. I did.

When my son was moved again, I then blocked the facility he was moved from, but AGAIN calls were made by another inmate and AGAIN I was charged ($27.00) and was told that now I had to block the prison from EACH on the numbers on my account, not just my account. I have been using Correctional Billing Services for several years and NEVER was any information given to me regarding safeguarding my account. When I specifically did what they told me to in blocking facilities... then when another incident happens, the rules change.

It is particularly disappointing as I asked each time if my account was protected and was told absolutely; which was not the truth at all and has cost me money I cannot afford and deprives my son from talking with his family and friends. Something needs to be done as the billing service REFUSES to make any adjustment AND the representative wouldn't let me speak to her supervisor at first, then kept me waiting over 30 minutes to talk to the supervisor who said there wasn't anyone above her who could help me and wouldn't give me a name of anyone else to talk to about the problem.

Does anyone out there know how to start a class action suit against CBS
By -

I just had a phone conversation with Correctional Billing Services for an elderly lady I know. She faithfully pays her 2 to 3 hundred dollar CBS charges to Verizon to keep in touch with her family member. CBS says that she has reached her credit limit, however, there is no contract, no account number and no verification anywhere as far as the representative is concerned as to what was paid, when it was paid, and who paid. Oh and according to the representative that wrote the article CBS is only paid one a month in one lump sum. If that is the case then how do they know who deserves what credit limits?

According to the representative CBS owns 85 to 90% of the prison systems phones and/or lines. What representative did not research is What Does Monopoly Mean? A situation in which a single company or group owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service. By definition, monopoly is characterized by an absence of competition, which often results in high prices and inferior products.

With that said if there are any lawyers out there that feel like taking on a career making challenge JUST LET THE PEOPLE KNOW. This is a business issue people and since the press seems to want to tidy up corporate America maybe we the people can give him a helping hand.

By the representative's own admission this company knows they have the ability to make people do what they want because they have control. The system really needs to allow citizens of loved ones who have made bad decisions options. Instead of offering just CBS maybe offer three separate providers. It was done to Ma Bell so why not CBS?

Can you say monopoly?
By -

This company has a strangle hold on anyone who has a loved one in jail or prison. They have what seems to be an exclusive government contract and use that to shamelessly extort vast amounts of money from people who are already suffering financial troubles. When 1/2 of the monthly income for a household is gone you can't afford 50 or 75 cents a minute to talk to your husband. Slow response times from the "customer service" in India is another drain at least emotionally. I have yet to speak to a person at this company that could be understood. How can they get away with this?

Correctional Billing Services is a joke.
By -

I just found out my son, who's in Kinross Corr, is unable to call me due to a block put on by CBS. It's not that there's a balance each month because there isn't. CBS has decided that $55 for 90 days is my limit. They can't tell me how they come up with that amount even though I state that I pay the collect call fee and the phone company fee every month without their help.

Forget that they move him further and further away from his family. Now he can't call when he wants to. HOWEVER if I prepay x amount of dollars he can call whenever. This is nothing more than a racket. I will petition and contact whomever to rectify this illegal practice. A lot of inmates have friends and family that care about them even though it seems like the system doesn't.

I have had no problems with them
By -

I don't understand why others are having problems with Correctional Billing Services. I set up account to receive calls from my son. First you have to find out what billing service to use from the jail to set up a phone account with so you know you are going through the right company, and you may or may not get your money back depending on what company you use. You must read their terms and conditions. When my son left Harris County, I had $97.00 left on the account so I called to get a refund from Correctional Billing Services and I received my refund check within 6 weeks. No problem! Harris County did not offer electronic mail to inmates so no problem. I sent him letters.

If you have problems with a phone representative, ask for another or hang up and call again later to get someone else. Some of those foreign people don't know what they are doing. Some companies don't take time to train well so the employees learn as they go, and sometimes you just can't understand with their accent what they are saying.

Be patient and believe things will work out for you. :) There is power in positive thinking. My son is in Montgomery County now so I had to change phone service company to Global Tel Link for that jail, and I don't think they issue refunds so I put the least amount on there. All is cool! :) When he goes to TDC, I will have to find what phone service they use. It's a chore, but I do it for the love of my son.

Why Not Report This Company To The BBB
By -

I have had trouble with this company as well. Thank God that I did not set up an account with this company and did research on them first. I researched the "Rip Off Report" website first, however when I called my son's prison and asked them about the emailing of letters to them they told me that they did have that service and gave me a 1-800 number to call, and lo and behold it was Correctional Billing Services.

The non-American speaking person said he checked and that they did not service that facility. I know for a fact that I used to write email letters to my son's prison through something called secure mail or something to that effect but I have a new computer now and cannot find it.

Anyway why hasn't anyone reported this company to the BBB? If they are being deceitful than they should be punished. No one should have to go through what all of you are going through, you have suffered enough. I am praying for you.

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