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Warning On Date of 08/31/10 Place: Company falsely advertised product, and sent me a product that was not on their web site. And to this date is falsely advertised (they do not have the product shown.) Company failed to make adjustment with refund. Company Responded by banning my telephone contact by (locking my phone number out of their network) so I could no longer contact them by phone. Company failed to return any of my email request over a period of approximately 3 months. Company refused to negotiate a compromise.

Better Business Report online Cotton Wood Futons:

Hidden Charges & Poor Customer Service
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- Ordered a futon mattress online on a Saturday. Monday tried to cancel order but already shipped. Refused order and was charged over $65 which included shipping and a 20% restocking fee... Easy money. Nowhere on their website did I find the return policy.

Fraudulent service
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We ordered and paid for their top of the line item -- a stickley model futon. Because it was a custom item, we were told that it would take about a month for delivery. After about 6 weeks I checked, and was told it would be sent the following week. This little routine continued for 4 more weeks --with a simple e-mail from me and an oddly rude but reassuring message from Cottonwood that shipment was imminent. By the time 10 weeks rolled around, I called and asked if the item was really coming; if not, then I requested my money back. They reassured me that the item was coming -- it was right on the shop floor and looked great. So I said great, just keep me apprised.

About 4 hours later I received a call asking if I still wanted the item since they had another buyer. I said yes, I still wanted the item. Then the following morning I received an e-mail notifying me that my order had been cancelled and my Visa would show the credit in a day or so. I found this stunning. The company held my money for 10 weeks, then up and cancelled my order without my permission. I complained to the BBB, but that got me nowhere. So here I am now. I warn anyone against dealing with this company.

Do Not But From Cottonwood Futons

They shipped me a futon cover that was different color than what was displayed on the website and then would NOT send me return shipping label and also tried to make me pay a 20% restock fee AND pay for their shipping to me of the original! Follow the other reviews out there and NEVER do business with COTTONWOOD.

Cottonwood rip off
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Cottonwood sold a "machine washable" futon cover to me, but on the package it said "Dry clean only". I called them and they RUDELY insisted that it was washable. So I called the manufacturer and they said it was dry clean only as stated on the package and the inner tag. It cost me almost $27.00 to send it back I had to pay a 20% restocking fee! I should have had to pay nothing as is customary with reputable companies who do not misrepresent their products.

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Cottonwood Futons Rating:
15 reviews & complaints.
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Cottonwood Futons
2109 Zeier Rd
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608-241-7507 (ph)
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