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Cox Cable Discriminates
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I worked for Cox Cable in New Orleans for 12 years. The first 10 years were good. Cox wanted to do well in the cable business. The last two years I was there were hell. Many individuals were fired and replaced with younger people for less money. We lost many good people because of age discrimination. Also Cox management was discriminating by race. I endured two years of terrible discrimination because of my race. Cox turned out to be an unfair, and unsafe company to work for. The general manager for Cox went on to be mayor of New Orleans. He proved to be the racist I accused him of being and was a disgrace and laughingstock of New Orleans. He gained a nationwide reputation for being a racist and a big joke.
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User Replies:
Kewgah on 09/12/2012:
I'm assuming that you're white, when you say discrimination. Cox Hampton Roads is 85% black
Old Goat on 09/19/2013:
It would be informative to name the general manager/mayor in question so that researchers do not have to guess who he is. Inaccuracies can arise due to mistaken identity.
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Not my "friend in the digital age."
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- If I could give this horrible company negative stars I would. All the reps are nice and pleasant when there's an opportunity to sell you something but if there's not, they are extremely rude and talk over you. When I signed up for Cox TV I chatted with a lady ( well, she had a female name) and I asked if I would be charged a fee if I moved to an area Cox does not service. She said I would not be charged a fee for early termination. I called in November to cancel my service and the representative says I will be charged a fee and no matter what the circumstances are, there will be the ETF. I asked to speak with a supervisor and I was trying to look for the conversation I had with the lying representative on my computer because I thought I saved it. It was taking too long so I asked the supervisor if he could call me back the following day. He said he had meetings that day but could call me at 2:30 P.M. I gave him my phone number, which is the same on my account, and never got a call from him. Today I called to get this finalized with this horrible company, since I actually had time to wait the 30 plus minutes to speak with someone, only to find out the supervisor who was supposed to call me put in the notes on my account that he called me, nobody answered, and there was not a Voicemail. This is the year 2011, who doesn't have Voicemail??? He is a LIAR as well and now I don't mind paying the ETF to get out of a contract with this company who hires nothing but a bunch of liars! I asked for a credit from November to December and the rep, Lisa, spoke with her supervisor, David, who denied my request because I still have the equipment and because I did not call back to disconnect. Their representative was to call me back but did not! The representative I spoke with today barely told me what to do with the equipment so of course I still have it! Cox is definitely not "my friend in the digital age" because I do not associate myself with liars, thieves, or crooks!
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Alain on 12/28/2011:
You may want to take a look at your states attorney generals consumer protection website,
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COX TV– terrible service, user-unfriendly interface
Posted by on
We switched to COX recently, but given an opportunity, we would switch in a heartbeat to any other cable company. Unfortunately COX is a monopoly in our area, and they couldn't care less about customer service and general usability of their product.

First, service is very unreliable; in any given time many channels are off air and can’t be accessed. Only free air channels work consistently, so if you like to watch HBO or MSNBC, you may be out of luck. However, they bill for the channels that are not available half the time. In all fairness they should issue refunds to the customers who they shortchange on a regular basis.

Second, the programming guide (the grid) is unusable. You can’t make favorites list for the grid, so even if you have your favorites on TV remote, you will have to scroll through all channels on the programming guide. There is about a thousand channels there that we do not subscribe to, including those off air, but they’re still are in the guide lineup.

There is no other way to find out what’s on. It may not sound as a big deal, but it is extremely frustrating, because you simply can’t find what’s on right now, flipping through hundreds and hundreds of cannels you do not want.

This mess makes it impossible to find out what will be on next – you have to flip through all the cannels. COX does not have picture in picture, so if you switch to guide, you can’t continue watching what you’re watching.

Third, COX constantly rearranges its lineup. However, abandoned channels stay on and there is no way to skip them! So if you flip with your remote, sometimes dozen of empty channels show up with horrible screeching noise before you actually get to watch something. There is no way to get rid of them; they stay in the lineup, sometimes for months which is very aggravating. And when COX migrates their channels, all the numbering changes, without warning, but all these empty channels will show up in your favorites and there’s no way to get rid of them.

COX cable is probably the worst product in the world, but they have very aggressive marketing and they are a monopoly. If you have nay other choice, stay away. The only result of our switching to COX cable is that we are watching considerably less TV, because it is simply impossible to watch!
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/03/2011:
Tell Cox about this via
and also report the problems via
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Installation Debacle- Wife Lied To, Cox Did Not Care
Posted by on
My wife, two month old baby, and I moved into our new home this weekend. We called Cox to arrange for the installation of our cable service, and were given an installation window of 3-5PM. 5 PM arrived, and nobody had shown up. My wife called, and was told by the representative that the technician was on his way to our house, and should be there in a few minutes. He even went so far as to say that he was "tracking" him and assured her that he was driving to our house. So we said okay and waited a bit more, since it was only a few minutes past the estimate. Only we waited, and waited, and waited. Fast forward and it's now about 7:30 PM. We blew past the baby's bath time. We didn't go out to pick up dinner. We didn't run to the stores and do the errands we needed to with the move. I called the customer service number and got a voice mail greeting saying Cox's offices were now closed, and to call tomorrow, so we decided to finally go out. We took the baby to my mother's, so that she could get to bed and we could finally run the errands we put off for the last 4.5 hours. When leaving, we saw a van pulling to our house. It was almost comedic. We made a U-turn and went back to the house, just happy for the eventual installation. Here's where I get angry. The technician, while installing the cable, told us that the representative at Cox LIED to my wife. There was no tracking, the representative had never spoken with the tech, and the tech didn't tell him he was on his way to our house. In fact, he didn't call dispatch until after 6PM, well after my wife's call. I was incredibly disappointed to hear that we were lied to, and wasted all of our evening based on such disrespect and disregard. So the weekend passed and I called today, to alert customer service of the fact that representatives are making things up and completely lying to- not misleading, but telling blatant untruths- customers. Perhaps to no surprise, the "supervisor" who spoke to me was completely apathetic to the story. He treated me as if I was asking for a handout (which I was not... at no point did I ask for anything other than respect and an apology), and then with the most ridiculously condescending tone explained how "if you divide your bill by 30 you get like $4 a day and the $20 credit we're offering you is much more". I'm an MBA- I can divide. I also spent about six years in undergraduate and graduate business schools learning that it's sometimes good practice for an organization to not treat its customers like pieces of crap to be taken advantage of and wholly disregarded. It's maddening how he didn't get it, and fought to convince me I was being irrational because I was complaining about having my moving day destroyed like this and my wife being lied to. Oh, and the proverbial cherry on top: the installation was messed up, and our upstairs cable didn't work. Had to have it fixed the next day.

If you can, just get FIOS. I don't even trust Cox to disconnect my service without hosing it up or being dishonest with the transaction.

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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 04/27/2010:
Sounds like a bad deal but I would still have given my baby a bath. Instead of going out to pick up dinner, I would have made something at home or ordered something for delivery.
idontthinkso on 04/27/2010:
Uh.. Weedwacked.. Did you MISS the part where he said it was a NEW HOUSE??
Weedwhacked on 04/27/2010:
What does that have to do with giving a baby a bath, or cooking something at home?
idontthinkso on 04/27/2010:
I've moved into a new home before. I had time to go shopping the next MONTH. And anyone who's waited for the %#$#ing cable guy, knows you don't go in the back of the house while waiting.
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Overcharging me for 26 months by a "digital converter" fee
Posted by on
2312 NORTHWEST 10TH STREET, OKLAHOMA -- (Oklahoma City, OK) I have maintained service with Cox since 2001. Due to the always increasing fees, I decided to get a Netflix account, and terminate my services with Cox. When I called Cox on the afternoon of 12/18/2009 to terminate my service, the customer service representative (who was very pleasant), indicated to me that I needed to bring my cable box and remote into the drop-off location. I told him that I have not had a cable box in over 2 years. He said that the bill indicated that I DID have the equipment, and that I was being charged the monthly equipment fee under the "digital converter" fee heading. He was willing to investigate the bill and I told him I would go locate my receipt and other records and that I would call back later in the day. I went home, located the day I downgraded my service (October 26, 2007) and the receipt for turning in the equipment (a few days later) and returned a call to Cox. The next customer service technician started off nice, but didn't remain that way. He stated that the bill did indeed indicate that the equipment had been turned in, and that I HAD been overcharged approximately 11.00 a month for about 2 years. He put me on hold to talk to his manager about getting me a credit. The manager was only willing to credit 6 months of overages. He said that it was my fault for not reading my bill. I tried to explain to him that "digital converter" does not indicate to me that I was paying an extra fee for equipment. I have digital cable, so I just assumed that was a fee (in addition to their other numerous misc fees) that pertained to the digital cable, not for a piece of equipment. They are only willing to refund about $60 of the $290 that they owe me.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
Two years? Yes it is your fault for not reading your statements.
PepperElf on 12/18/2009:
and not noticing the bill was higher than expected...
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
So Cox overcharges a customer for two years and then upon discovering and admitting to the mistake only offers a partial refund and it's the customer's fault? Are you kidding me?
PepperElf on 12/18/2009:
I'm just surprised it took them that long to notice it

as for getting a refund... that might be pretty hard

I think that would depend .. not on personal opinion on what should happen
but what the law states about situations like that
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
First of all in Oklahoma the statute of limitations on this one would be five years but honestly why should that matter. Cox made an error. Cox admitted to the error. Why in the world wouldn't Cox just issue a full refund because it's the right and just thing to do.
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
too bad you didn't live in Orange County..I hear there is a Cox office that works miracles
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
April Beltz, You might have some luck submitting this one to KFOR's Scott Hines 'In your Corner'. You can call it in at 405-478-6363 or email your complaint to

I'm pretty sure one phone call from Scott Hines would result in a pretty quick resolution. Good luck!
Nohandle on 12/18/2009:
Nicely written explanation of what happened and how it happened April. I tend most times to look at the business side of a situation first. It's apparent the business side was wrong here. Had you not been able to locate your paperwork from two years ago would you have been required to pay them for the equipment as well? I expect the answer would be "yes" and there you'd be.

It really is difficult sometimes to decipher a bill from some companies..telephone and cable come first to mind, at least in this area. With the added fees, franchise taxes, state taxes, federal taxes and everything under the sun I can see how someone might not realize he was being charged for some service he wasn't receiving.

Cox was in the wrong here. Once proof of the return had been provided by the customer, credit in full should have been issued. This was an error by Cox not the customer.
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
Billing errors happen from time to time so it is the consumers responsibility to pay attention to their monthly statements.
If something looks incorrect then call a CSR and get some clarity.
C'mon Oklahoma, be a little more proactive and stop assuming that these companies are going to audit your monthly statements! TWO YEARS?!
Good luck.
goduke on 12/18/2009:
I believe the Cox T&C's say that if you have to catch a billing error within 90 days or you can't dispute it. That's probably what they are relying upon. The fact that the OP is dumping them completely is probably why they don't feel a particular need to do anything else.
JR in Orlando on 12/18/2009:
This situation should be distinguished from one where the customer is provided services which they did not want or know they were receiving, but should have noticed they were receiving when they read their monthly statement. In that case a six month refund for services provided, but not used is reasonable. One cannot sit idly by receiving services and turn a blind eye to its receipt.

Here, however, the op did not receive the services but was billed for it anyway. In this case, whether the op read the bill is irrelevant because she received no service. The op should write a demand letter to Cox, certified return receipt giving them a time period (30 days) to pay the entire amount, and then sue them in small claims if they do not.

Paul on 05/29/2011:
According to Cox I got my internet service in 2001. I asked for medium speed later when problems accured I asked for service which I got. But here is the trouble I was paying for the medium speed not the slowest so when I went from dial up on a 56k modem and then went to 3500KBPS I thought I was given what I was paying for. Right before my problem began I saw a ad saying 3 different speeds which according to the ad I was at the lowest grade paying 20 bucks for what I thought was my medium speed so 10 years amounted to 2400.00 over charges and they wanted to give me 6 months free service which amounts to 480.00 but they said I should have asked for what speed I was geting and I told the above store rep that I asked for an was paying for the better service so why should I ask what speed I should have when I was told at the relization I wasn't getting what I was paying for was told this is the way it was and I should be happy with the 6 months free.. I was also told that what I was getting was on the bill and I should have read it there but no such thing about speeds was on the bill so now what?
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Your Friend In The Digital Age -- What A Joke!
Posted by on

For the past seven weeks my cable internet, television and telephone services have been intermittently been failing; sometimes several times per day. As the failures became more frequent, I called the technical support staff on March 11th and explained the issue to them. After a horrible round of circular logic and suggestions for resetting the router, even disconnecting the router from the modem and connecting the computer directly to the telephony modem; the on-call technician finally suggested that I should purchase a cable splitter, extra coaxial cable and a new cable modem to separate internet service from my phone service. Very dissatisfied with the inept suggestions; especially with the "final" solution that involved me having to purchase additional equipment to correct the problems possibly stemming from the Arris model: TM502G telephony modem installed by a Cox technician or the connections in the MDU box, I ended the phone call.

Four days and a total of three calls later the on duty manager from Cox Technical Support called me at home around 20:15 to inform me that a technician had finally been sent out to one of the relays where he found a bad amplifier unit that could not maintain the power level needed to provide consistent service. He believed that service should have returned to normal and at that time we cancelled the on-site call that was scheduled for the following morning. Service seemed to improve briefly, but after having my internet, telephone and cable service interrupted five times within a 40 minute period, I called technical services yet again to schedule an appointment. The following day a technician came to my apartment to test the services and attempt to diagnose the problem. While he was here, Thomas was able to monitor the signal from the living room and change out one of connections in the green cylinder outside, though we both noticed how horribly loose the foundation was for the unit. However, when he attempted to open the MDU box, he discovered a major problem with the lock and had to begin drilling it out. After several attempts, he was still unable to open the MDU box and test the connections that enter the apartment. At that time, he called the supervisor on duty and assured me that they would be coming back with more equipment and would call me later in the day.
That was over a week and a half ago and I have not heard from the tech or his supervisor again. This afternoon I went outside to see if they had come back and completed the work on the MDU box and just failed to contact me, however as I had already suspected they had not. With the lock still partially drilled out, the box was still impossible to open and has probably been this way since the last technician replaced a bad splitter in the MDU box two years ago.

Two days after the technician came out a young woman from the sales department called to "thank" me for being a "valued" customer and offered to upgrade my internet service to the next tier for only five dollars per month. When I informed her of the problems with services dropping, she changed the offer to telephone service and then television. My question to her was simple, Why would I want to spend additional money with a company that cannot even provide an adequate level of service for me now? She still failed to understand my point and continued talking as I told her to have a nice day and terminated the phone call.

Perhaps Cox Communications should funnel some of the funds currently spent on advertising into upgrading and maintaining the failing infrastructure that is currently in place. Instead of just telling people again and again that you are "their friend", you should be showing them with improved service. Below you will find a list of recent dates and times when I have watched my services fail:

Date Time
April 1, 2009 00:30
April 2, 2009 01:25
April 3, 2009 00:06
April 3, 2009 00:30
April 6, 2009 01:00
April 6, 2009 15:58
April 6, 2009 22:17
April 6, 2009 22:26
April 7, 2009 00:42
April 7, 2009 02:20
April 7, 2009 02:26
April 7, 2009 02:30
April 7, 2009 03:05
April 8, 2009 22:00
April 8, 2009 22:42
April 9, 2009 00:06
April 10, 2009 02:00
April 10, 2009 02:40

I have attempted to submit this letter via email using the Cox Communications website. However, the server was down according to the incredibly unhelpful online chat technician and they would be back online in an hour... that was over 24 hours ago. The chat technician refused to offer any additional email addresses for a technical supervisor that could respond to this issue. As it stands now, I feel that no one in Customer Support or Technical Support cares about the individual customer and that is truly sad.

This letter has been sent to:

Video Services: Manager of Public Relations

Wireless and Wireline Phone Services: Manager of Public Relations

Internet Services: Manager of Public Relations

I am also sending a copy of this letter to the local Cox Communications store.

Several phone calls have been met with ineptitude and inaction from this subpar company. Not one time have I been offered a refund for the $165 a month I have been paying for failing services or an actual apology. I am so tired of hearing false apologies from call center representatives that do nothing to actually help the situation.
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User Replies:
TDB on 04/16/2009:
Where are you located. I am in Henderson, NV and have had the same problem since November 2008. After the same run around, first over the phone being told it must be your router, need a new modem (didn't help, wasn't a problem with my old one either) and resetting these boxes over and over and over again. Cox has been here 5 times. today, I don't have cable or internet (I am spunging off a neighbors shared router). The cable guy cut my lines and then couldn't repair them as he cut them to short into the wall. three or four visits ago, another tech had already done this and I told him. If it didn't help after he did it, why are you... Why don't you just check the street? The truth to that is that the problem is there and it will cost a lot to repair. So, ultimately, he left with wires cut. I was so damn pissed already when he got here, when he cut my lines beyond repair, I was ready to burst so I just told him he needed to go. Not sure I am going to get this resolved, but it worked the first time. In November, they kept putting me through the unplug, plug in ringer, blaming every problem on my equipment, etc. After 4 days of this, one tech realized they forgot to flip the switch turning on my internet service. AHHHHHH So, after internet was on, after a few days I realized my line kept dropping so I had to call them back. They started putting me through the same damn ringer... unplug, plug back in... you must have an old computer...a virus, to many cookies, etc. I have a 7 month old duo processor which is clean as a whistle. I was pitched so much caca that I went to the secretary of state site, found out who the managing CO partners were and guessed every possible e-mail address for that person and called to find out his secretaries name so I could include her on the e-mails. Just like your lengthy complaint in here, I detailed my problems with their Customer Support and Repair service. They sent a tech out who corrected my problem. It lasted for a couple months and then the Cable started dropping sections of channels. The next tech blamed it on my TV... saying it was spitting electricity back out the cable lines. BULL... I am not falling for another you need new equipment. This is not the problem when it gets the channels sometimes and other times it says no signal. When two TVs have the same problem and the internet keeps dropping to 34 kbps upload and 678 kbps downloads.... It is Cox Cable's problem not my TV... So, after five repairmen out here and this last one cutting the lines to my house beyond repair, I wrote another long descriptive letter to the CEO Leo dot Brennan at cox dot com and linda dot tabor-nichols at cox dot com.

What really stinks is that Cox and Embarq are all we have here unless we can afford to buy a overpriced 500 to 700 dollar satellite system which may very well have terrible service after the money is spent on the system, I would feel stuck. With Embarq, they require me to purchase a phone plan before I can purchase an internet connection. I don't need a landline. I have enough phones why do I want to give them an additional $25.00 a month for something I don't need.

If anyone has any other suggestions for internet service, please let me know. Can't go to Starbucks every day and I certainly don't want to bother the neighbor's system forever.

I requested of Mr. Brennan, if he can't get this corrected, I want a refund of my paid bill as it has been failing and I wasn't getting what I was stuck paying for. I forgot to add, the coercion causing me to purchase one of their modems when I really didn't need one... mine was find. Without the service, I don't need this modem! If you are interested whether I get a satisfactory response, let me know and I'll write back. Maybe everyone should start writing directly to him. Not his secretary, but one of his other staff members told me... COX outsources technicians and some of the repair people. COX knows it isn't working to well, but I don't believe they know how bad it is for their customers... Maybe getting tons of these e-mails will let them know how bad they really are failing us.

COX owns the business, but when they bill us and don't provide the service, it has become a problem, then a crime when they let it continue and continue to bill you. Before you can do anything about it... you have to go to the top. If they don't have satisfactory resolution, you then have a claim.
TDB on 04/16/2009:
Your contact person is going to be different than this Brennan, Nevada's CEO. Go to your Secretary of State website, look up COX Communications and find who the CEO and other officers are. It appears their e-mail addresses are first name dot last name at Make the calls too. Find out who the secretaries are. Many times business professionals don't look at their own e-mail, their secretaries do it for them.
tander on 04/16/2009:
I have a friend who lives in Henderson, NV.
TDB on 04/16/2009:
LOL. I have a lot of friends here too :)
jej15 on 04/19/2009:
I'm in Fayetteville, AR. So far the letters have only provoked them into calling me and promising to "dig into" the situation and get it taken care of. Five days later, I haven't seen a technician or heard from a Cox representative again. The only e-mail response I received was a notification that my statement was ready... they still want me to keep paying for a service that doesn't even work properly.
TDB on 05/26/2009:
Who did you write to? Sorry took so long to get back to you, I forgot where I posted this. Has it been fixed yet? If not, go over customer service, find out who runs the show through AR's secretary of State Site... Wait, I'll check for you. The heads are: JAMES O. ROBBINS, President
PRESTON B. BARNETT, Vice-President. Use the email format, firstname.lastname and put them all up there in the To: line. Make sure you tell them how long you have been dealing with the problems, what they have and have not done and request a sum you feel would be fair credited back to your account. Good luck. Come back and share how you did.
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Customer Service So Bad - Makes You Want to Go Elsewhere
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I had to call almost every three months for discrepancies in my bill. I was constantly being charged for MORE than what I was initially offered without any prior notifications. Their response was always that "the promotion that was being offered has expired." The customer service representatives are the most RUDE employees in the entire company - never giving polite responses that even 4 year olds are taught, such as "yes/no sir/ma'am." The customer service representatives also make every simple question seem like the most inconvenient requests.

I would never recommend cox service to anyone simply because speaking with their personnel is not worth it.
Company Response 06/25/2013:
Hi Littlesixgio,

Your monthly rate for standard services should not change every month! We do offer promotional rates and specials for different services, usually provided for a limited time frame like 3, 6, or 12 months. Rate increases typically only happen once a year, and are announced in the "News from Cox" section of your bill.

Other than the expiration of a promotional rate, the only variations in your monthly statement will be due to applicable long distance telephone calls and any On Demand/PPV orders.

I apologize that we were unable to provide a detailed explanation of what caused the rate fluctuations, and especially for the way you were treated when you called! That's definitely not the experience I want for any of our customers. If you have further questions, or if I can assist you in any way, please don't hesitate to email my team at

Becky K.
Cox Social Media Support Specialist
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 05/28/2013:
Take your complaint farther up the ladder to a manager in the billing dept. Lucky me, in 25 years with Cox I have never had to put up with any of this type of behavior.
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Cox Communications please get your act together!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ENFIELD, CONNECTICUT -- Instead of simplifying the process, Cox Communications makes it impossible to figure out: 1/ what services they actually provide, 2/ who to contact, 3/ where to go to pick up a cable box, 4/ how to install the equipment, 5/ how to figure out what channels you are actually able to receive in the channel guide. There is more, but hopefully this gives any Cox customers or would-be Cox customers the idea. I don't blame the Cox employees, they are nice enough, some very competent, others not so competent. Who I actually blame is the management of the company, and therefore, the CEO [snip] I am sure Cox Communications is a successful, profitable company. But their customer service is terrible. The website lists certain hours an office is open, those hours of a local office are all wrong. One employees tried to sell me a 6 ft. HDMI cable for $63.74, when there was another one that is 12 ft., same quality and compatibility for $19.99. An online chat with technical support hooked me up with a woman who cannot understand basic English. I cannot count how many times I have tried to log in to my account when the website says "server error." Cox Communications is not focused on their customer, but is all about making money-this is fine, but don't the customers deserve better? Maybe it's because in most areas there is a "monopoly" on cable in that town? I have no choice in my town, and the apartment complex where I live doesn't allow satellite dishes, so I am stuck. The quality of the actual connection, whether it's HD or otherwise is excellent-but, the customer service is awful. So, when you deal with Cox Communications, make sure you have a bottle of aspirin or Advil available.
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User Replies:
CoxTech1 on 04/02/2012:
I'd be more than happy to assist with any questions or concerns you have with your Cox services. Please email any questions you have to and I'll do my best to answer them for you.

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Awful Customer Service
Posted by on
We had cable TV from Cox at 3 locations with 7 to 10 paying customers at each site. We then learned that we qualified for a commercial viewing account with DirectTV, Dish, etc. We asked Cox about and they said no, so we moved. After we shut down the accounts, their customer service team messed up on one of our accounts and didn't close it. For 6 months we have been calling and emailing them. In October a supposed supervisor reviewed our account and said she would call back as they owed us money on one account and we owed on another. we kept calling every month, only once did someone bother to return our call. We have stacks of emails we have sent them with no response for months. Long story short we just received last week a check for the credit on the one account, and now they turned us into a collection agency for the other account that they messed up turning off (which they have verified that they messed up).

AVOID THIS COMPANY. They have no customer service.
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Cox Gainesville, FL Clear QAM Channels
Posted by on
GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA -- Cox publicizes on their web site and in the "Gainesville Channel Lineup & Price List" brochure (102736-G-5/10), that "TV sets with a built-in (clear QAM) digital tuner will receive local broadcast channels without equipment rental." The challenge is finding out what these station channels are. My experience with Cox was, after repeatedly calling and e-mailing customer service, they would or could not provide them. For all of those of you out there with a digital TV that want to watch HD broadcasts without a box, here are the channels I have found:
101.5 WESH2DT-NBC Local Weather (480i)
107.102 WUFTDT-PBS (1080i)
107.103 WOGXDT-Fox (720p)
108.1 WGFLDT-CBS (1080i)
108.2 WCJBDT-ABC (720p)
110.1 WNBWDT-NBC (1080i)
114.10 CREATE (480i)
114.11 PBS (480i)
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