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How Do You Spell "Nightmare?" Cox
By -

NEWPORT, MICHIGAN -- When I decided to move my business from one location to another in Newport, I investigated both Verizon and Cox to see who had the best rate for my needs: telephone, television, internet. At my prior location, I had a Verizon Centrex system and Cox cable services. Cox convinced me they could save me money, so I gave them the go-ahead. And then the nightmare began.

Based on their promise that their technicians would complete their work between 1 P.M. and 3 P.M. on a Tuesday in February, I scheduled my IT company to move the computer network into the new space at 3 P.M. The first team, evidently, thought this was a residential transfer (!) and decided they were not equipped to do the work. My IT technician showed up as scheduled and did what little he could at that point, as he had no lines to work with.

The next morning another team showed up, stood around with their hands in their pockets and said they would be back after a third team finished running the necessary cable. They disappeared and nobody came back that day, except my IT technician, who happened to be working in a nearby town and decided to stop by to complete the job for me. Right.

All this time I am without telephones, without access to my customers, without access to my website (e-commerce), and I'm spending time outdoors in the freezing cold making all these calls to Cox on my cell phone. When on Friday of the week I decided I had had enough and was virtually spitting blood into the telephone, a dispatcher took the situation seriously and decided she COULD get a team back to my store before Monday. I was staring at a retail weekend unable to service customers -- not a good thing in this economy, and a layer of stress I definitely did not need.

Verizon had in the meantime installed my “four” lines and left the premises the day before. Later on the same day we discovered Verizon had left us with only two of the four lines functioning. To their credit, Verizon sent a technician right away to correct the situation.

Fast forward to the next Friday. Cox had shown up during the week in order to port the Centrex system over to their digital bundle I had purchased. They did that and left for the day. Then I discovered my merchant terminal would no longer work. So I couldn't scan credit cards and the morning sales (when we were still with Verizon) would not be able to autobatch at 11 P.M. that evening. Once again I called dispatch, who said a technician would meet me the next morning (Saturday) at 10 A.M. I showed up at 9:15 A.M. and hung around waiting. The technician never showed up, nor did I receive a call from anyone.

At noon, with families visiting our marketplace for the festival we host each year, I finally called dispatch to see where the technician was. The dispatcher was as upset as I over the whole mess that had begun a week earlier, and told me the technician was still on his 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. call and she'd call me right back. I guess my crystal ball was down for the day, otherwise I guess I would have known that, right? She added to my misery by telling me when she called back that the on-call technician wasn't answering the page.

Long story short, someone finally showed up in the middle of the afternoon and had no idea what to do. He did, however, have the sense to call someone who understood merchant terminals and guessed our problem was the “9” required to access an outside line with Centrex was never removed from the merchant terminal. After calling my merchant service provider's tech support, we got the problem straightened out and my merchant terminal now works.

As of today, two weeks after the first phase of the nightmare, I still cannot set up my voice mail as I had it before, with separate boxes for store hours, private messages, etc., etc. Although I've called telephone support in the commercial division three separate times, I'm left to decay on the telephone while they put me on hold in order to learn on the job. The final insult today was I was told I needed to speak to someone in sales and they would connect me. They actually disconnected me while I waited.

So another weekend is upon us, with another business limping along compliments of Cox, our friend in the digital age. My advice to anyone considering Cox? Run, don't walk, in the opposite direction. The incompetence throughout that organization is astounding. Nor did I receive a phone call or letter of apology for the loss of sales or the additional stress caused by their mindless work.

One thing all dispatchers and I agree on: Cox has definite problems in levels of expertise among their road crew. Maybe instead of holding customers hostage by stuffing all those cute little commercials with robots down our throats, Cox should consider investing money in training everyone from the CSRs and support staff (who keep us holding far too long on business phones) to the road crews. The one thing that is definitely missing is a simple concept called "courtesy". Should a business customer have to call 25 times during the course of two weeks? Then there is the email server that goes down how many times a year? But that's story for another day.

Poor Customer Service
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- On Friday, March 14, 2008 at approximately 6 pm I called your tech support department in an attempt to resolve an internet issue. I explained to your rep that because of ongoing construction issue that I had physically moved my internet cable from one location to another. The gentleman tried to convince me that I did not have a problem and that everything was OK. That was a little annoying in that I have 20 years electronic experience but I was calm and told him I had a splitter issue and that it had a 7 db loss and that I needed an amplifier to push the signal past the splitter.

He told me that everything was fine. So I told him thank you and that I would call back when the problem re-occurred. I waited 15 minutes and called another tech. This time after explaining the gentleman told me "You only get one internet connection," and that I needed to put the modem back where it originally was. Again, calmly, I explained that I have a 3500 square foot home and running a cable down a hallway did not make sense to me. I suggested that an amplifier would resolve this issue and to my surprise he said, "Sir I understand now what you're saying and I agree with you. The amplifier will resolve this issue."

At that time he made an appointment and explained to me that there will be a charge and that the technician will not collect any money on-site, that the amount due would show up on my next billing and that he would call 15 minutes prior to arriving. That he would be there between 10:00 am and 11:00 am this Saturday, March 15th, 2008. Now that was service!

Right up to the point he was stopped by his supervisor that told him that this was a video issue and that I would have to call sales on Monday from 8 am to 5 pm. I admit I was frustrated and asked to speak to his supervisor. After 10 minutes ** came on the line. Now to be clear, ** was at all times professional, but he would not be moved. I attempted to explain to him that a few years ago this issue came up, the tech came to my home, installed the amplifier and cable and all this was accomplished on a Saturday. I told ** I strongly disagreed with his position and was there anything he could do to help and again he would not be moved.

I have been a Cox customer for many many years and every time I called your company they did everything possible to resolve my issues until I spoke with **. I so do not understand why a technician could not have come to my home as scheduled this Saturday, do you? I hope I have not been disrespectful toward anyone in your firm as that is not my intention. I use ALL the Cox services, from your phone to the internet and up to now have been very satisfied. Thank you for your patience and time.

CEO and VP's
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX AND ATLANTA, ARIZONA -- Well it began on Friday night when my mom decided to purchase internet service. We called the sales department and placed an order and paid the 30 dollar install fee. We were then told that we would have service the next day, Saturday. I call on Saturday to make sure that the service is hooked up. "No you are scheduled for Sunday," I was told. No we were told it would be today, so the representative says "I will send form to get it escalated."

I then asked to speak to a supervisor. That's when the fun begins. ** a sales "supervisor" then informs me because of my previous bill, which I admit I did not pay, my mom could not get her service until I paid it or has to prove I do not live at her residence. Now when does my SSN and debt under that SSN belong to my mom. NEVER that's when.

So needless to say after finally losing it on ** and several other sales "supervisors." My mom was forced to pay my bill. I was then promised by another "supervisor " ** that my mom's service would not be connected as promised Saturday but Sunday and if I didn't like he would cancel my mom's work order and would make sure that she would not get her refund until 6 to 8 weeks. So come Sunday and about 100 calls later the tech finally shows up at 7 pm which is messed up, but I guess since my mom wasn't paying the 60 bucks for an in home install she gets shafted.

Every "manager"/"supervisor" stated that it was very simple to hook up outside the home and that's why it was taking so long. Really? If it is that simple would that be first? Needless to say after a couple of calls to COX Headquarters, I get a very nice call from the CEO's flunkies telling me that I interfering with business and that if I keep harassing them that I will be sent to corporate security and banned for life.

Now I guess I am supposed to be scared but all this does strengthen my resolve to make life as unpleasant for this pissant and I will - I promise you. I now realize why we could not get any assistant from these people because it starts at the top with the CEO and rolls down hill to the underpaid representative - BAN ME FOR LIFE!!! I WILL NOT STOP!!!

Cox Thieves and Scammers
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Rating: 1/51

MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA -- These Cox thieves and scammers came to my home to fix a cable - did not wear the appropriate shoe covers, spread dog poop all over my carpet because they did not wear covers, then not only did not want to pay for it but first harassed me and then they terminated my service when I complained. I called the corporate offices in San Diego and Atlanta and this is a private company owned by filthy rich scammers who made their money stealing from the American people and probably bribing local, state and federal politicians through lobbying.

In fact American small businesses and consumers are hurt by cable companies daily as they have a monopoly on high speed internet and entertainment and work in collusion with phone companies and satellite companies. I have seen DirecTV market their services in the same place with cable companies and Verizon that is supposed to be a phone company offers Cox communications to its customers in South Orange County.

By the way their billing practices are scammers' practices too; they bill and charge in advance and they always try and put fake charges on the bill and then you have to spend hours to fix it. I have been paying regularly my cable service for years. Recently I had downgraded my service to internet only with a promotional rate and since I was no longer a profitable customer for them these scammers terminated my service.

I even wrote the CEO of the company in Atlanta and he appears to be a scammer too like the local general manager who heads their Southern California operations in San Diego. They are a private company and not accountable to the public. Cox employees should be ashamed to work for such a scamming organization. Also, beware of fake reviews that say that Cox is great; companies pay other companies to write them great reviews on the web.

Cox and the cable companies are masters are bribing politicians both locally, statewide and nationally that is why there is no competition and cable companies are working together with satellite companies and phone companies to keep prices artificially high. For example in Mission Viejo California, FiOS is not available and Verizon sells Cox!! AT&T has limits on bandwidth and horrible customer service.

Rebate SCAM
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- We contacted Cox Communications to sign up as new customers in the hope of saving money on our internet, TV and phone services. Not only were the bills overcharging us every month, but the rebate promised to us never arrived. We called to correct the billing, and would request information on our rebate. Each time, we were told it was being processed, until we received a postcard saying we did not qualify.

We again called Cox and were told that an error had been made, and that they would "send an email" to correct the situation. SIX months later, we were told that we did qualify, and that they would again send an email. I suggested, that they keep the rebate, and just credit our account the $200 that they owed us. I was informed by the Manager, that they couldn't do that. I asked what they would be willing to do to satisfy a very upset customer. The Manager stated, that they had no customer promotions to offer us. I then told them that they would lose a good customer, his reply was that we had that option.

I signed up for service with another company (the one I had been with for eight years prior) and had all services switched over the next week. We are saving about $50.00 each month, but the best part is that we now do not have to worry about the continued billing errors, rude customer service, and to be honest... the lies.

It has now been seven months, still no rebate, but no headaches as well. I would not, nor will I ever recommend this company to anyone. If you want a good company, switch to DirecTV... email me and I will give you my account number, and we both could save $10.00 per month on our bill, and they really will honor that promotion. Good luck.

Cox Customer Service: How To Lose Customers
By -

September 24, 2010 - Service request submitted for relocation of service, sales representative was helpful and courteous. The transfer of service was set for 10/1/10, and to be a "self install." Friday October 1, 2010 - 10:00 AM Phone services were disconnected at the originating address. 2:00 PM Service was not connected at the destination address. A call was placed to Cox customer service. Cox customer service stated that "self installs" are done no later than 7:00 PM.

8:15 PM Service was still not connected. Another call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** indicated that the technician was on-site, but could not find the drop - where the connection arrives to the house - and documented that a "professional installation" would be required. The technician neglected to leave a door tag. Upon looking in the back yard, it was located within 20 seconds - literally, 20 SECONDS! Supervisor ** offered assurances that someone would call the next day (Saturday) to offer further information on the soonest that a technician would be able to come out. At the time Supervisor ** said it would be 4 days out (Tuesday).

Saturday October 2, 2010 5:00 PM By the end of the day Cox had not called. A call was placed to Cox customer service. A woman representative, utterly unmoved and unapologetic by the poor service experience, caused greater frustration which resulted in a request for the account to be cancelled. 6:45 PM A second call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** was updated on the events that preceded the call, and the status of the installation and the failure on Cox's part to follow up. ** was most apologetic and understanding (kudos) and promised that he would email the sales department and would see that someone calls the next day (Sunday).

Sunday October 3, 2010 (Still no phone service.) 3:15 PM The day almost over, a call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** clarified that the notes had been made on the account and that someone from the sales department was going to call on Monday. When asked why Supervisor ** would promise that someone would call on Sunday when the sales department is closed, Supervisor ** said that, "he must have made a mistake." Supervisor ** was unapologetic and failed to acknowledge a problem. A request was made to receive a call from the Supervisor's supervisor.

Cox has failed to deliver as promised and has mismanaged expectations to astonishing levels in relation to this installation at every point. This is the first of MANY posts/blogs on this issue. Considering it costs 4 to 7 times more to acquire new customers as it does to keep a customer, it is surprising that such poor service exists. I strongly suggest everyone seeking new service choose another provider. Cox is the worst.

Cox Has Horrible Customer Service!!
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I had basic cable through Cox and an e-mail address, not the internet, just e-mail. I had the e-mail for over three years. I was late on my payment, but made a payment at a Farm Fresh on March 24th. Two days later my cable and e-mail were cut off by a technician that came the house. I even called the technician and he told me that all had to do was make a payment of $65.00. I called back and he never called back. Then I called again and he stated it was out of his hands.

I made numerous calls to Cox and got the run around and was passed from person to person. I was supposed to be called back within 24-48 hours. No one ever called back. I sent an e-mail and was never contacted. On their web site it says you will be contacted within 24-48 hours. All I want is access to my e-mail account just long enough to get all of my information off of it. Cox will not allow that unless I pay $80.00 to reconnect.

My complaint is that I made a payment and two days later my service was shut off. Granted, I did make a payment at a Farm Fresh location, but they can certainly see that I made a payment. Then I got a bill stating my account was seriously delinquent. I owed $67.00. I went in to a Cox location and again was told that I had to pay $80.00.

I was also informed that I should never of had my e-mail account for 3 years, yet it was their mistake that I had it for so long (which I didn't even realize I wasn't supposed to have it). I told them that I have important tax info as well as letters from my lawyer, but they won't budge unless I pay $80.00. I will never use Cox again and not only that I will let everyone know how their customer service is.

Waste of Time and Money
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I called Cox and the salesman talked me into signing up for a bundle. He told me that there might be a $150 deposit, depending on my credit. He called later that day and said that the deposit was taken off because my credit was checked and it was good enough. I thought all was well until I received my first bill with an extra $150 tacked on (which, according to the automated system, was overdue). I called and complained and the guy on the phone said that I was supposed to show a photo ID at a Cox store and they might be able to take it off.

He said he was seeing that I talked to two different people the day I signed up and the second person saw that I would have to pay a deposit. This was news to me considering I know nobody else from Cox ever called until installation day. I don't care what kind of hoops you have to jump through to get it taken care of, when someone says you don't have to pay a deposit, they need to take it off. I don't buy it that something miraculously popped up. They're just a greedy company looking for any way to screw people out of their hard earned cash.

The installation process was a pain too. My installation was supposed to be done one morning between 10 and 12. I get a call at my old home phone number (which I told them was only a secondary number, that they need to call my cell if they actually want to get a hold of me) at 12:05 to let me know that the guys are running an hour late. When I finally talk to someone at 12:15, the lady says that I can always reschedule the installation.

I shouldn't have to work around their schedule, they should work around mine! I told her to just call me when they're on their way. They finally give me a call later in the afternoon, and it was 3:00 by the time they came out! If you tell someone you will be there between 10-12, show up at that time, not 3 hours late!

The people at Cox can't even make an effort to spell names correctly. My parents had service with them 5 years ago (only for a month because they didn't like Cox either) and the bill had their last name spelled wrong. When I got my first (and probably last) bill in the mail, they spelled my first name wrong. I know I spelled it out for the guy on the phone. I've only had service for 5 days and I have not had one good experience yet. This company is so worthless that I think it is time to move on. I would not recommend Cox to anyone. It is not worth the hassle at all.

Bill Payment Runaround
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I am getting the runaround, like you would not believe. A month ago I made an online bill payment using Bank of America Bill pay to Cox Communications Inc. During the payment, the website decided to go down and my payment went through but not before added an additional digit to my payment. The payment now is a 1000+ dollars more than what I wanted to pay. Now the game begins trying to get your money back. Called Cox and they said the bank has to sent a Letter of indemnification. Go to the bank, explain what happen and they send the letter to the Online Sales and Services Support.

Now at Cox Communications Inc. a little about their service support, when talking to a representative they do not give their full name. You do not get the same person you talk to before. They do not want to give you to their supervisors. When calling twice on the matter, you have to explain yourself all over again because the new person you are dealing with does not know anything of what was promise before. One department does not know what another department is doing.

I was told from one CSR that they did not have the means to transfer a call to another CSR. They give you all source of apologies but nothing is getting done. I was told that the payment will be sent to me in 10 business days and why it takes that long is beyond me, yet those days go by, no check is received, a new bill is sent and it is paid with the overpayment balance on my account after being told that the check will be in the mail. The level of runaround by the Cox Communications Inc is unbelievable. I mean, I am simply amazed by all the structure of their accounting service.

The letter was faxed to Buffalo (Three times now) and I get a call from the Phoenix office and they do not know anything about the situation. To this day I have still have not received a check for the overpayment. I am getting to the point of just dumping the service and maybe then they will send me a check for my overpayment. So anybody out there who has gone through the same thing and has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the opportunity to express myself.

Tired of COX Ripping Me Off
By -

I am in the military and live in base housing. I have had internet service with Cox for a while now and have been happy with their service until recently. In November 2010 my bill was $19.99 per month. By June 2011 they raised my rate to $21.99 per month. I called to find out what was going on. I was told that the $19.99 service was not available and the new rate was $21.99. The next month my rate was raised again to $24.99. No explanation or anything.

I looked on their website and the $24.99 in the 3 month introductory fee and it will go to $34.99. This is outrageous. I am sick and tired of COX getting rich off of their monopoly and charging more money for the same crappy service. The internet service was 3 mbps when I paid $19.99 and it is still 3 mbps at $34.99. What gives? I hope COX goes out of business and all of the owners go bankrupt and lose everything they have. Maybe then they will remember the little man trying to make an HONEST living!!! CROOKS!!!

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