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Cox Communications Inc
1400 Lake Hearn Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30319
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The Thief and Terrorist of the Common Person
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- This is only my point of view of this major communications conglomerate, but with that being said, I believe they should be brought up on charges. If you take anything from this tale, it should be “DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AUTOPAY WITH COX!”

My story starts in a rather benign way with purchasing COX Communications to supply my TV and internet access to my household. I have had them for years since they were my only choice. (Can we say monopoly?) Only recently my husband and I reviewed our bill to find that we were paying a lot more and getting way less compared to various new satellite communication companies.

We thought what could be better than getting more and paying less in this newly monetarily restrictive climate. Making the decision to change from COX to Satellite TV we made the calls and settled on a new provider. All that was left was to call COX and cancel. Sounds simple enough, right?

Here is where COX's dark noxious cloud settled over our household. On a Saturday afternoon, after 5 PM, I called COX to cancel my account. They tried to argue that I never called in to complain about the service so why should they need to cancel my service. Working in a service industry, this was absurd to me! Why would I need to justify my dislike of a product to get it canceled? I don't want it any more… I have moved on… this is a break up and no we can not be friends… this it is in my right to cancel?

After the COX representative forced me to come up with some bogus answer involving conspiracy theories, aliens and the need to wear tinfoil hats, she finally let me cancel the service. [This reason for canceling was for my amusement only; we all know aliens come through the toaster. ;)] I had five days to return their battered cable boxes and I would even be getting a refund of $75 for part of the month.

Monday morning, I got up and doing my usual Monday routine I grabbed coffee and got on line to read the news and check my bank account. The need for coffee became no longer needed when I found that COX had gone into my checking and withdrew over $600 for no viable reason. After getting the household off to summer camp and work I got on the phone with COX to ask them the ever elusive question of “what the hell!”

After speaking with a high number of doltish moronic representatives I was finally transferred to the credit department. The credit departments response boils down to “Oops, so sorry, this debit is our fault, but we will refund your money in 5 to 7 days.” It has always amazed me how they can withdraw funds overnight but it takes an act of congress to put the stolen money back.

It is now Wednesday and still the account sits empty of the $600+ so I being proactive decide to call them and check on the progress. The all new doltish representative tells me they are waiting on the collection of the cable boxes to even process the “Oops, so sorry, this debit is our fault, but we will refund your money in 5 to 7 days” deposit.

When I exclaim, in a slightly panicked and pissed off state, you have your stupid boxes and remotes I am once again placed on hold. After what felt like 10 minutes, she came back with the comment of “Oh, here they are. We can process your refund now.” It is everything I can do to maintain my composure and not release a tirade of expletives and adjectives that would probably just make her ears bleed.

Now, maybe to you $600+ is not that much money but to our household it was to cover groceries, gasoline and the power bill for the house let alone a little bit a cushion till payday. Now I find myself pawing through the pantry looking for anything I can put together and call dinner (in the loosest sense of the word) and coasting the best I can if I have to drive anywhere to save every drop of gas I can till either COX replaces the money they stole or payday, which ever comes first. Thank you for reading my rant and I hope at the very least you do not sign up for autopay with COX. (Or cancel before it's too late).

Pompousness Provided at Its Best
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- This company is overall HORRIBLE! I recommend never starting service with them, because if you have to leave the area you're serviced by Cox, they WILL put you in COLLECTIONS!!! At least, that is what happened to me. I had to move in a hurry and didn't have time to drop off my internet box to a Cox location in Florida.

I moved to a state where there is THANKFULLY no Cox. They had to mail me a prepaid shipping label. In the process of sending my shipping label, they closed my account and sent it to a third party collector!! I returned the equipment, which they have since received and show as the case. These cooks OWE ME MONEY, and they have sent me to collections! What a joke. S.T.E.E.R. C.L.E.A.R.

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA -- On Feb. 20, 2015 I phoned Cox Communications to make arrangements to have our cable vision and internet service terminated. I spoke with Cox representatives in customer service, billing and tech support and each representative from the respective department confirmed that our account was paid up until March 9 of this year, so I requested that our service be stopped on March 8 as I did not want an outstanding balance due to the fact that my wife has cancer and medical bills are continually increasing.

On March 12, we received a bill in the mail from Cox saying we owed a balance of $86.57. I phoned Cox billing and explained that we had made arrangements to have our service cancelled a day before the date we had been told we were paid up to. The person I was speaking to (**) continually interrupted me when I was trying to explain what we had been told and when I asked if I could speak with a supervisor I was told I could not as none were available. So, I asked if a supervisor could call me back when one was available. I was then told that supervisors do not call customers.

We have been Cox customers for many years but when our services decreased and our charges increased, Cox Communications simply priced themselves out of our house. I have read and heard from numerous sources that in 10 years time, cable TV will be a thing of the past but with the kind of customer service displayed by Cox Communications I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen even sooner.

Lying and Price Increase
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Rating: 1/51

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- I signed up for Cox Contour in Jan. 2014 at a local Cox store. The customer representative quoted me a price of 142.00 locked in for two years. I get my new bill and find out my price will go up to 225.96 because there were some promotional rates included in my price that I was not told about. If I had been told what my price would increase to, I would not have signed up.

Talking to any Cox representative is like talking to the wall. It seems that they have this complaint so often that they read their response to you from a script. I know because I talked to 3 customer reps and they all repeated the same phrase word for word. What a joke of a company. Go with Dish, Direct TV or any company that is honest. I hate a being lied to.

Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Seen
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Rating: 1/51

WICHITA, KANSAS -- Called over 20 times try to reach a person. CSR answers phone and transfers me to tech support. Then hang up on me. This happened 7 times in a row. Even after got through to a manager I waited 40 mins. Then hang up on me. Still no tech to install device. Was supposed to be here yesterday to reconnect to the pole. Which was disconnected because my bill was late (I was out of town) and I paid reconnect fee and tech could not even connect computers to the internet. Some friend in digital age. More like take money and give nothing!

First Day of Service
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JUNCTION CITY, KANSAS -- I just received Cox Cable today and I am already unsatisfied with my services. My channels in my bedroom (HD and Standard) do not work. I called customer service and I was on hold for a good 20 minutes before I was connected to a representative. I'm used to customer service having such long wait times, so I didn't pay it much mind.

When I was connected to a representative he reset my cable box and told us to call back in an hour if it wasn't working. We waited an hour and our services were still out. We called again, waiting another 20 minutes, and we were connected with the same rep, who seemed like he was unsure of what he was doing. He put me on hold while he tried to "fix our problem but the call dropped." I didn't receive a call back. So I called back a third time and was connected with the same gentlemen. He said the call was disconnected and tried to reset my box AGAIN... still nothing.

I asked him if he could please call me back if the call was disconnected again and he assured me he would. The call was DISCONNECTED AGAIN... AND THERE WAS NO CALL BACK. This all happened the day on my first day of service with COX. This was very discouraging. I now have no service and will have to wait until tomorrow to speak with someone. The 24/7 tech support seems to be closed. GO FIGURE. Thank you Cox.

False Advertising and BAIT and SWITCH
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Rating: 2/51

PARMA, OHIO -- I have had Cox cable over a year now. I started out with only cable with one box. I thought I could get a better deal so I contacted other providers for quotes. Not long after I got off the phone with Direct TV did COX contact me and tell me "as a preferred customer we have a special deal for you" - they quoted me at $89.99 price lock guarantee for 24 months if I bundled internet, cable and phone. Well I received my first bill since the change and come to find out I did not get the deal I was promised.. Instead they are charging me $142.47 before taxes!! I think this is wrong and I am Very Upset.

Very Poor Service Along With False Advertisement
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Rating: 1/51

WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND -- I have been a Cox customer since 2009. I have never been late on a payment and I always pay the full amount. I noticed the past year of 2013 they been adding on things that they should not have, such as 411 calls that I never made, mind you I am alone. They also say they will credit your account and never do! When you call them to ask questions they are extremely rude and do not correct the problem. The beginning of this year I was told that I was locked in at 120.00 monthly! NOT! They started charging me more and more!

So one day before my bill was even due I was shut off (their fault). The woman from tech support apologized and then turned my service back on saying "I would not be charged for the shut off." Well I was... I want everyone to know how much they have scammed me and warn others not to go with them!

I Learned Not to Trust Anything They Told Me!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO -- Two or three times in past years, we received ads from Cox Communications about changing our phone service. Each time, I wrote down all their information their phone reps gave, and each time I called back, their answers changed, so I just wasted my time.

Well this time, they had some package deal with phone service, updated cable TV, and internet service, and this time, the stories did not change, so we agreed to switch. No one showed up for our appointment! No one called to explain! When we left a message for the person who took our order, she didn't call back. A couple of days later, we called for a manager and were told that they had canceled our order! No explanation but to say that they had called us a few days earlier and left a message on our machine saying that we were required to also have our long distance service with them.

First, this was a lie - they left no such message! Second, the phone reps had never told us that we were required to have our long distance service with Cox in order to get the package. Third, there was no justification for standing us up and not calling us back.

You cannot trust what Cox tells you. In fact, when we placed the order, because of past bad experiences, I asked the representative to email to me the details we had discussed. She promised to do so but never did! I imagine that's because with Cox changing their story constantly, she didn't want our understanding to be on record!

Run Around and High Prices
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Rating: 1/51

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- We have Cox for cable and internet. It started with high prices, but after a short time the 'special' offer disappears and the price goes up even more. I tried calling to see if there was something they can do to bring down prices. First I'm put on hold for a long time and then I speak to someone who tells me I could get lower prices if I bundled and added a phone. Well, I don't own a landline phone. She told me there was nothing she could do unless I bought a phone and then suddenly I'm talking to someone new who is asking me the same questions again. No warning or reason for the transfer. This lady has no idea why I was transferred.

Next I get someone coming to my door saying he is a Cox Representative and can lower my price. Again it's by bundling but now I don't need to have a phone, just pretend I have one. I set up an appointment with him so my husband and I can discuss this. He shows up 45 minutes late without a phone call saying he'd be late. By that time my husband had to leave. Luckily we'll be moving in a year and can get away from Cox. What a pain trying to work with these people. Extremely high prices for limited service. No professionalism at all.

Company Response 06/11/2013:

Hi There,

I think I'd be just as upset if in your shoes, and I apologize that your experience with us has not met the high standards I wish for all of our customers. Being "cold" transferred is especially frustrating!

If you'd like, I can take a look at what campaigns you may be able to take advantage of and reach out to you to discuss your options. Feel free to email me at! I'll do everything I can to help.

Becky K.
Cox Social Media Support Specialist

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