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Obnoxious Door-to-Door Sales Despite "No Solicitors"
By -

This afternoon, I had an encounter with one of Cox's support contractors who paid an unsolicited visit to my Home that turned unpleasant as it progressed. Mr. ** is a ** male likely in his late twenties with dark hair, medium build approximately 145–155 lbs. and about 5'08” tall. He was wearing business casual clothing, light tan slacks and a light gray polo-style shirt at the time of the visit. Taking times directly from video security recordings, he arrived at 4:53 PM and rang the doorbell – that would be the one 4 inches below the prominent sign that reads: “No Soliciting.”

Mr. ** did not identify himself by name, but was wearing a Cox contractor's badge on his belt that displayed his name and that name was later verified by the officer that responded to my contact. He briefly began the conversation by inquiring about the reception quality and our level of satisfaction with Cox's service. I confirmed there were no difficulties and we were satisfied with the arrangement and had recently had a representative install tuner cards in a new TiVo and checked levels and settings on the entire system.

For the next six minutes I finally had to close the door on him to get him to leave (shown at 4:59:40 PM on the recording), he attempted to promote Internet service, phone service, the Cox-type TIVO and so forth. I repeatedly declined specifically stating that I already had five Tivos, we were satisfied with our I.P. provider, we had the on-demand service that met our requirements and I specifically did not want Cox phone service.

I finally told Mr. **, firmly, "NO", and that I had specifically notified Cox we did not want any solicitation by phone or otherwise and that he was in violation of Irvine civil code that forbids solicitation from anyone without an appointment when “No Soliciting” signs (we have TWO clearly visible) are posted. He insisted that since we were a Cox customer, that didn't apply. The local ordinance most certainly DOES apply — even more so than us notifying Cox that we do not want solicitations, which we have done.

Not only does Cox not honor our request, but their contractor is going to stand there on my doorstep and ARGUE with me that he has every right to intentionally bother us after I have FOUR TIMES IN A ROW told him I was NOT INTERESTED and did NOT want to make any changes!

After I closed the door I contacted the police. Aside from being annoying and persistent this representative is in clear violation of Irvine Municipal code 2-10-903 which reads: "No person shall, without prior appointment, solicit, canvass or peddle upon premises which are posted with a sign or signs stating in substance that solicitors, canvassers or peddlers are not permitted. Ord. No. 49, § 2, 10-10-72; Code 1976, § II. M-1803". The police inquired if I knew which direction the man was going (door-to-door) when he left and I said I didn't notice but I'd check. When I located him he noticed me and gave me an odd, questioning look.

I answered the unspoken inquiry by telling him that I was very displeased with his persistence and I had called the police so that they could explain the ordinance to him for clarification. He responded by taking out his cell phone and telling me “don't bother” – that HE was going to call the police to tell them he had, quote: “some kind of pedophile following him”. Those are his exact words.

So not only is this representative obnoxiously persist and disregards our privacy, the local ordinances regarding his visit, my subsequent repeated request to be left alone, but he is insulting and defamatory. Customers should not have to put up with this kind of thing.

Customer Service

Last week, we turned on the TV and noticed there was no sound. The picture was there but the sound wasn't. We turned to a few other channels. A few had sound, a few didn't. So I called Cox and they said they had just done an upgrade and walked me through fixing the settings on the TV so that all channels had sound.

On Monday, my brother turned on the TV and discovered that some of the channels weren't showing a picture. I called Cox again and they said it was our signal and they said they needed to send a tech out. Their tech came to the house the next day, but the problem had fixed itself. All he did was turn the TV on and all the channels were fine. He said there was no charge and left. Last night, I logged into their website to pay the bill and saw a $49.95 charge for sending the tech out. The guy didn't fix anything! So I called Cox and the CSR said they always charge a fee to send someone out. She wouldn't waive the fee. I asked to speak to a manager.

The manager came on and I explained that the tech didn't do anything so why should we have to pay? She said she'd waive the fee if we bought insurance for $5 a month. I put my sister in law on the phone and she explained all the problems we had been having since their upgrade. The manager still refused to waive the fee unless we bought insurance. My sis in law said to cancel our service. The manager put her on hold.

After 20 minutes of waiting, my sis in law handed the phone to me in frustration. After another 5 minutes, someone came back on the line. It wasn't the manager it was a CSR! The manager had put me back to customer service. I explained my situation to the representative and asked to speak to a manager. The representative was very nice and put me through to a wonderful woman in their Retention Department. I explained for the fourth time what had happened.

The woman was very apologetic for everything that had happened. She said the tech didn't write any notes when he came to the house so she was taking my word that he didn't do anything and she waived the $50 fee. I thanked her and told her not to cancel the service. An hour later, the picture went out on all channels. I called Cox AGAIN and spoke to someone in technical support. The representative reset the system from his computer and all the channels started working. Now why didn't they just do that the first time I called on Monday?

Overall I am happy that I got the fee waived and the channels fixed. I just hate getting the runaround. I am glad Cox did the right thing in the end and they have kept me as a customer.

Stole My Credit Card Information
By -

From the get I should have known this company was a crock of you know what. Not only does every website that offers reviews have horrible horrible things to say about it, but I've even encountered some of their own employees who dislike their job. Unfortunately for us and where we live there are no other cable companies in the area YET. So we have no choice but to stick with these scumbags or not watch TV, and have Internet.

When we first called, I spoke to a man who sounded like he knew his stuff. We told them of offers other companies were trying to sell (not telling them we have no choice but to go with them), and this man offered us a deal. A "bundle" if you will. So for the "fastest Internet, DVR boxes, movie channels, and more" our deal was 89.00. No contract. SO we said SOLD. He then transfers me to someone in a different STATE... who clearly stated he could not help me (NOW remember this last bit of info because this transfer to another state will play a crucial part into my fiasco with these people)...

The man then transferred me back to a Cox representative in my area... NOT the same man as the first time naturally. So this employee then tells me the "DEAL" we offered doesn't exists. AT ALL. So we said, "OK well what can you do." He offered us the basic package I assume. Internet, and cable. ALL movie channels for the first 3 months, and then after only HBO for 100.00 a month. We said fine. Now it's time to get our stuff, meaning cable box, remote, all that jazz.

We go to a Cox building, get our stuff, set everything up, and something's not right. The picture wasn't coming in correctly. So we called. They sent someone out who told us they gave us FAULTY WIRES. Lovely. He fixed it and went on his way. Time to sit, relax and watch TV with my family. NOT... think again.

We turn on the TV and we have channels 10 through maybe 36... without ones in between. I call. They say this was a misunderstanding, and they would reset our box. Which they did. Turn on the TV... NO MOVIE CHANNELS. So I call AGAIN. They tell me there was something wrong with the reception and I will have the movie channels shortly. SHORTLY meaning in about a week because that's how long it took.

Turn on the TV rather anxious to watch my movie channels. And all we have is HBO. (I am NOT kidding you people.) I call. AGAIN. They explain to me how sorry they are and they will fix the problem. Within 24 hrs I had my movie channels, and was a happy camper.

Now it's time for our first bill... 176.00!!! I call. At this point these people should know me on a first name basis. They say I am being charged for having the guy come out to fix our wires!!! And also THE MOVIE CHANNELS. Now... we hadn't even had COX for more than 48 hrs when this "guy" came out... so with that being said they credited our account. As well as the movie channel mishap. First bill is now 98.00. Thank you. For the following 3 months bill is about anywhere between 98- 105. Perfect.

Here we are now... July 2010. I am starting to notice some weird activity on my personal bank account. 10 dollars here, 5 dollars here, 20 dollars here. So I call my bank and they say all they see is it's a Tech Support company who works with Cox out of Florida. I am from New England... not even close to Florida. So I call up the lovely, most welcoming, understanding people at Cox. HA. They inform me that they do not HAVE A TECH SUPPORT TEAM, and they do not know how this could have happened. And when I say this is all they said to me... THAT IS ALL THEY SAID TO ME! That's it.

I called my bank who informed me there had indeed been fraud on my account. These people in Florida had mine and my husband's personal information including SSN. Thankfully, my bank went quickly into action and credited my account all money due back to me. Totaling in at over 100.00.

I call Cox back and get pretty nasty with them cause now... after everything else that I had kind of gotten over you people steal my personal information! I had to get a whole new bank account. And you know how that goes. Everything came out of that account. So I had to call my mortgage company, my credit cards, EVERYONE to stop payments. The women whom I spoke to informed me this would be looked into and how sorry they are.

Here we are... August 16, 2010. Have not heard a THING back from COX. Not even a call as to how things are. But my bank has made about 7 to me. Get my bill for this month it's 140.00. Call up for when I tell you the millionth time - I kid you not. They inform me that it went up because the "PACKAGE" we were offered expired. We were never offered a package. We were told 100.00 a month no contract for a year.

It's been about 5 months, although it feels like an eternity. So here I am thinking that after the stress, the BS, and what not they would offer me maybe something. At this point I would take a coupon to Dunkin Donuts. ANYTHING. They had nothing. Nothing to say. Nothing to offer. Nothing to comment on. NOTHING. NOT A THING!

I am disgusted with this company, and it's lucky for them my husband and family enjoy their TV time and we cannot leave because FiOS isn't in our area, but when that day comes we will be sure to say ADIOS to this waste of a company. Please people BEWARE of this company. Beware of who you talk to. And keep an eye on all accounts.

I was told this was an inside job from my bank. They told me an investigation is underway on their end with several employees from Cox, and that Cox has not cooperated with them in any way. SO please. Times are tough. And the world is a rude rude place. Read reviews before you purchase anything cause I would hate to see this happen to anyone else. Thanks for your time and I hope my experience helps others when deciding in a cable company.

Cox Communications Deceptive Practices
By -

P.O. BOX 9001087, KENTUCKY -- On January 30, 2007, my husband, an active duty military member, and I, went to Cox office at Williamsburg and filled up papers to get phone, cable and Internet services to be installed in a house we rent that month, because my husband identity was stolen. We were following the advise of JAG, not using our social security numbers on applications for utilities, specially, when still in doubt how this companies used customers' personal information.

In order to obtained the services we had to deposit $250.90, supposed to be used as follow: $150.00 security deposit, $39.99 to buy a Modem, and $60.65 for advance payment on February's bill, before services were connected. Cox supposed to come to my house to installed the services on the morning of February 2, 2007, but didn't came, so the same day I went to the Williamsburg Cox office at 4:30 p.m. Anyway they didn't came until February 6 at 2:55 P.M.

Still the cable only worked on the master bedroom, not in the living room were we usually watch TV. Cox was unable to connect my telephone, they came 3 times, but said were unable to connected. I kept calling until March 1, 2007, they found out that my phone line was not working! As March 19,2007 we were without phone service, but charged for. Every time I called I was told that our account was not active on Cox system, but the $250.87 was cashed already. Finally on March 20 my phone service was installed, I was told that Cox would credit my account for the amount of $25,84, but I never saw the refund.

I never been satisfied with Cox services, but because they are in totally control of the communications in this zone, they think they can do as they please. I been calling Cox many times because they overcharged me for the same mediocre services and always been unable to explained the reason. I don't blame the employees, they follow orders. I been too overcharged that my bill in June 2007 came for the amount of $554.87 on my statement for Cox digital telephone service said "Your current IntraLata carrier, including Internationals calls is Cox."

I requested previously a plan for my international calls, I the only international calls I made is to my elderly, handicapped mother in Colombia. The Cox employee told me that my plan was 29 cents a minute, but when the $554.87 came I was told that I had changed the plan, which is not accurate because I keep a detailed record of every single call, including date, time and the name of the service representative. 13 of this calls was 1 to 2 minutes calls that not went through.

Cox representative explained to me that all 1 to 2 or 3 minutes was charged the minimal which is 3 minutes, not matter if was a second, and also I was not aware that each time a number is dialed a minimal is charged (3 minute). It's why I was charged 13 calls to Colombia (there was not communication, but charged anyway). I felt so frustrated with Cox that I requested the limited basic, the cost $13.65 (from September 2008) but I been charged also $32.35 which I don't know what is. So anyway I been charge for the limited basic cable and taxes a total of $46.72, but I only have the limited service!

By the way when I requested the limited cable, Cox sent a man to put a trap to block the signal from the roof antenna, which Cox charged me $40, it's not funny? (Every house on this little subdivision has the same roof antenna), then my 36" TV stop working. I called Cox, they sent a guy and I was charged for the house call service, but my TV is broken.

The Cox employee don't understand - neither found the cause of the damaged to my TV. Even they do the damaged. I disconnected the cable and I am disconnecting the internet and the phone because I don't want to deal with Cox anymore! I will be using my cell phone and go to the public library to use the Internet, a great service FREE.

To end this letter, I want to add, that I called Cox to found out that my security deposit is gone! Cox employee thought my English was not proficient (maybe true). He offered me to put a Spanish speaker on line for me. I spoke with the Spanish guy, I asked for my security deposit, he told me that Cox used that money for my June 2008 bill!!!

When I told him to go to the June 2008 records, he was unable to said nothing else. Because I was charged $554.87 amount - I paid in full, to avoid been harassed by Cox. The taxes for this bill was $71.88, check this surcharges 0.07, $2.30, 0.83, 0.75. Something called my attention is this: Federal Universal service Fund $45.20, Communications sales tax $22.73. I don't have a minimal idea what I been paying for. My security deposit is gone, not word from Cox.

I am getting ready all my documentation from 2007 to 2009 and I will send it to BBB, the Federal Trade Commission, my Congressman and to a Senator in Washington, and to the news papers. We can't let Cox go away with all they are taking from us!

How Do You Spell "Nightmare?" Cox
By -

NEWPORT, MICHIGAN -- When I decided to move my business from one location to another in Newport, I investigated both Verizon and Cox to see who had the best rate for my needs: telephone, television, internet. At my prior location, I had a Verizon Centrex system and Cox cable services. Cox convinced me they could save me money, so I gave them the go-ahead. And then the nightmare began.

Based on their promise that their technicians would complete their work between 1 P.M. and 3 P.M. on a Tuesday in February, I scheduled my IT company to move the computer network into the new space at 3 P.M. The first team, evidently, thought this was a residential transfer (!) and decided they were not equipped to do the work. My IT technician showed up as scheduled and did what little he could at that point, as he had no lines to work with.

The next morning another team showed up, stood around with their hands in their pockets and said they would be back after a third team finished running the necessary cable. They disappeared and nobody came back that day, except my IT technician, who happened to be working in a nearby town and decided to stop by to complete the job for me. Right.

All this time I am without telephones, without access to my customers, without access to my website (e-commerce), and I'm spending time outdoors in the freezing cold making all these calls to Cox on my cell phone. When on Friday of the week I decided I had had enough and was virtually spitting blood into the telephone, a dispatcher took the situation seriously and decided she COULD get a team back to my store before Monday. I was staring at a retail weekend unable to service customers -- not a good thing in this economy, and a layer of stress I definitely did not need.

Verizon had in the meantime installed my “four” lines and left the premises the day before. Later on the same day we discovered Verizon had left us with only two of the four lines functioning. To their credit, Verizon sent a technician right away to correct the situation.

Fast forward to the next Friday. Cox had shown up during the week in order to port the Centrex system over to their digital bundle I had purchased. They did that and left for the day. Then I discovered my merchant terminal would no longer work. So I couldn't scan credit cards and the morning sales (when we were still with Verizon) would not be able to autobatch at 11 P.M. that evening. Once again I called dispatch, who said a technician would meet me the next morning (Saturday) at 10 A.M. I showed up at 9:15 A.M. and hung around waiting. The technician never showed up, nor did I receive a call from anyone.

At noon, with families visiting our marketplace for the festival we host each year, I finally called dispatch to see where the technician was. The dispatcher was as upset as I over the whole mess that had begun a week earlier, and told me the technician was still on his 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. call and she'd call me right back. I guess my crystal ball was down for the day, otherwise I guess I would have known that, right? She added to my misery by telling me when she called back that the on-call technician wasn't answering the page.

Long story short, someone finally showed up in the middle of the afternoon and had no idea what to do. He did, however, have the sense to call someone who understood merchant terminals and guessed our problem was the “9” required to access an outside line with Centrex was never removed from the merchant terminal. After calling my merchant service provider's tech support, we got the problem straightened out and my merchant terminal now works.

As of today, two weeks after the first phase of the nightmare, I still cannot set up my voice mail as I had it before, with separate boxes for store hours, private messages, etc., etc. Although I've called telephone support in the commercial division three separate times, I'm left to decay on the telephone while they put me on hold in order to learn on the job. The final insult today was I was told I needed to speak to someone in sales and they would connect me. They actually disconnected me while I waited.

So another weekend is upon us, with another business limping along compliments of Cox, our friend in the digital age. My advice to anyone considering Cox? Run, don't walk, in the opposite direction. The incompetence throughout that organization is astounding. Nor did I receive a phone call or letter of apology for the loss of sales or the additional stress caused by their mindless work.

One thing all dispatchers and I agree on: Cox has definite problems in levels of expertise among their road crew. Maybe instead of holding customers hostage by stuffing all those cute little commercials with robots down our throats, Cox should consider investing money in training everyone from the CSRs and support staff (who keep us holding far too long on business phones) to the road crews. The one thing that is definitely missing is a simple concept called "courtesy". Should a business customer have to call 25 times during the course of two weeks? Then there is the email server that goes down how many times a year? But that's story for another day.

Poor Customer Service
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- On Friday, March 14, 2008 at approximately 6 pm I called your tech support department in an attempt to resolve an internet issue. I explained to your rep that because of ongoing construction issue that I had physically moved my internet cable from one location to another. The gentleman tried to convince me that I did not have a problem and that everything was OK. That was a little annoying in that I have 20 years electronic experience but I was calm and told him I had a splitter issue and that it had a 7 db loss and that I needed an amplifier to push the signal past the splitter.

He told me that everything was fine. So I told him thank you and that I would call back when the problem re-occurred. I waited 15 minutes and called another tech. This time after explaining the gentleman told me "You only get one internet connection," and that I needed to put the modem back where it originally was. Again, calmly, I explained that I have a 3500 square foot home and running a cable down a hallway did not make sense to me. I suggested that an amplifier would resolve this issue and to my surprise he said, "Sir I understand now what you're saying and I agree with you. The amplifier will resolve this issue."

At that time he made an appointment and explained to me that there will be a charge and that the technician will not collect any money on-site, that the amount due would show up on my next billing and that he would call 15 minutes prior to arriving. That he would be there between 10:00 am and 11:00 am this Saturday, March 15th, 2008. Now that was service!

Right up to the point he was stopped by his supervisor that told him that this was a video issue and that I would have to call sales on Monday from 8 am to 5 pm. I admit I was frustrated and asked to speak to his supervisor. After 10 minutes ** came on the line. Now to be clear, ** was at all times professional, but he would not be moved. I attempted to explain to him that a few years ago this issue came up, the tech came to my home, installed the amplifier and cable and all this was accomplished on a Saturday. I told ** I strongly disagreed with his position and was there anything he could do to help and again he would not be moved.

I have been a Cox customer for many many years and every time I called your company they did everything possible to resolve my issues until I spoke with **. I so do not understand why a technician could not have come to my home as scheduled this Saturday, do you? I hope I have not been disrespectful toward anyone in your firm as that is not my intention. I use ALL the Cox services, from your phone to the internet and up to now have been very satisfied. Thank you for your patience and time.

Rude and Dishonest
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Cox Communications, Phoenix AZ. I have been through a three month customer service nightmare! August 2006, added high speed internet to my existing service of phone and digital cable. Purchased modem from Cox. Went home and tried to install the product only to find that the original install done by Cox three years ago was done incorrectly. Instead of putting an outlet in each room as requested, they put a splitter with co-axe and pulled it into two rooms. When I tried to connect the high speed internet, there was not enough signal to run both the tv and internet. I called to set up a service call for an single outlet in each room.

Two week later a "genius" technician showed up and said "It's a splitter problem, I can't fix this" and left! I called back and rescheduled another appointment with Cox for a outlet installation. The earliest appointment was three week later. In the meantime, I got my monthly bill which included a charge for a service call for $45.00! I called back. I was told "We can't take the charge off until the work is rescheduled and completed." I waited for the next technician to show up (more time off work).

This time the technician started running co-axe all over the outside of my house, only to get half way around and state. "This bush is too big, and it has thorns. You must remove it before I can complete the work." Fine, I called back and said "I have no internet service, I should not be charged and as soon as I can get someone to trim the hedge I will call to reschedule for the third time a service appointment." Two weeks later a technician was rescheduled for Sunday "between 1:00 and 3:00".

Additionally I was now having issues with my digital tv service, so I called again and asked if they could send someone at the same time as the outlet installer already planned. The answer was "No, it has to be someone else." So that Sunday, I waited for the outlet installer to show up "between 1:00 and 3:00" and the tv person to show up "between 3:00 and 6:00". At 3:00 pm no one had shown up, so I called again. I was told "He was there and no one was home, he tagged the door and called to leave a message." I was home and the phone on the entire day. I told them to check the phone records... no one called.

I was also informed that because this guy didn't show up they cancelled the tv call! This makes day three wasted with no service. After I calmed down I called back to speak to a manager and was told someone would call me back. No one did. Then I come home from work a couple of days later. My service had been turned off! I called again, I was told I was $152.00 past due and service would remain off until I paid (for service I was not getting).

I called back the next day and asked to speak to a manager. I was connected to the incredibly rude Marisa. I was told there never was a service call set up for the prior Sunday. "We never set up calls for Sunday", and because I "took so long to reschedule the service call after the "bush too big" guy, they were not going to discount my bill So now I'm being told I am a liar and need to pay for service not received! I cancelled all service with Cox communications and will go to the ends of the earth to make sure everyone knows what kind of criminals they are.

Pay for Self Install
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Rating: 3/51

SUN CITY, MINNESOTA -- Went to Cox store and picked up equipment for TV cable and internet for self-install. Just to hook up again to last years connections as we left AZ for the summer months. Why do I get charged $60.00 to hook up myself? I was never informed at the store for this and if I was I would have never installed myself. They should not charge me when I do the work.

Rebate SCAM
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- We contacted Cox Communications to sign up as new customers in the hope of saving money on our internet, TV and phone services. Not only were the bills overcharging us every month, but the rebate promised to us never arrived. We called to correct the billing, and would request information on our rebate. Each time, we were told it was being processed, until we received a postcard saying we did not qualify.

We again called Cox and were told that an error had been made, and that they would "send an email" to correct the situation. SIX months later, we were told that we did qualify, and that they would again send an email. I suggested, that they keep the rebate, and just credit our account the $200 that they owed us. I was informed by the Manager, that they couldn't do that. I asked what they would be willing to do to satisfy a very upset customer. The Manager stated, that they had no customer promotions to offer us. I then told them that they would lose a good customer, his reply was that we had that option.

I signed up for service with another company (the one I had been with for eight years prior) and had all services switched over the next week. We are saving about $50.00 each month, but the best part is that we now do not have to worry about the continued billing errors, rude customer service, and to be honest... the lies.

It has now been seven months, still no rebate, but no headaches as well. I would not, nor will I ever recommend this company to anyone. If you want a good company, switch to DirecTV... email me and I will give you my account number, and we both could save $10.00 per month on our bill, and they really will honor that promotion. Good luck.

Cox Customer Service: How To Lose Customers
By -

September 24, 2010 - Service request submitted for relocation of service, sales representative was helpful and courteous. The transfer of service was set for 10/1/10, and to be a "self install." Friday October 1, 2010 - 10:00 AM Phone services were disconnected at the originating address. 2:00 PM Service was not connected at the destination address. A call was placed to Cox customer service. Cox customer service stated that "self installs" are done no later than 7:00 PM.

8:15 PM Service was still not connected. Another call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** indicated that the technician was on-site, but could not find the drop - where the connection arrives to the house - and documented that a "professional installation" would be required. The technician neglected to leave a door tag. Upon looking in the back yard, it was located within 20 seconds - literally, 20 SECONDS! Supervisor ** offered assurances that someone would call the next day (Saturday) to offer further information on the soonest that a technician would be able to come out. At the time Supervisor ** said it would be 4 days out (Tuesday).

Saturday October 2, 2010 5:00 PM By the end of the day Cox had not called. A call was placed to Cox customer service. A woman representative, utterly unmoved and unapologetic by the poor service experience, caused greater frustration which resulted in a request for the account to be cancelled. 6:45 PM A second call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** was updated on the events that preceded the call, and the status of the installation and the failure on Cox's part to follow up. ** was most apologetic and understanding (kudos) and promised that he would email the sales department and would see that someone calls the next day (Sunday).

Sunday October 3, 2010 (Still no phone service.) 3:15 PM The day almost over, a call was placed to Cox customer service. Supervisor ** clarified that the notes had been made on the account and that someone from the sales department was going to call on Monday. When asked why Supervisor ** would promise that someone would call on Sunday when the sales department is closed, Supervisor ** said that, "he must have made a mistake." Supervisor ** was unapologetic and failed to acknowledge a problem. A request was made to receive a call from the Supervisor's supervisor.

Cox has failed to deliver as promised and has mismanaged expectations to astonishing levels in relation to this installation at every point. This is the first of MANY posts/blogs on this issue. Considering it costs 4 to 7 times more to acquire new customers as it does to keep a customer, it is surprising that such poor service exists. I strongly suggest everyone seeking new service choose another provider. Cox is the worst.

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