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Why employees hate Cracker Barrel
Posted by Hatemyjob on 01/29/2010
So I'm an employee of Cracker Barrel and I just wanted to share some information to all of the patrons of this restaurant. I work as a cashier by the way. Every month, we have a "target" item. Its usually some candy or mints that we have right next to the register that we ask you to buy. Well let me tell you a little about these items. We are REQUIRED to sell a certain amount every day. Lets say 3 an hour for a 6 hour shift. Well that makes 18 a day. If you don't sell 18 that day you have to make up for it the next day. And if you don't make up your numbers by the end of the week, your next weeks hours get cut. So one week I can sell 100, but if I didn't meet my projected goals, my hours get cut.
Now onto the fun facts. THE EMPLOYEES DO NOT GET ANYTHING FOR THIS. The only thing that the managers tell us we get is hours. Well we get hours to sell more stuff for them hoping that we can meet our goals. What do the managers get? Well let me inform you.... They get small bonuses, like 100 dollars or if you place in the top 3 in your region, they get trips to Disney or a weekend at the beach or stuff like that. These are real incentives for the managers. Well the employees get nothing for doing this. I brought this fact up in a meeting where my regional manager attended. She came because she lives so close to our store. They started the meeting by saying that we need to sell our "target" items. We really need to push them. Then, my regional manager said that we placed number 2 in our region for a previous target item. So being the smart mouth outspoken person I am, I politely asked what do we get for this? She said you get to keep your job.
I have been conversing with a lot of my co-workers about this and no one is happy. We all hate it. Its high pressure and a lot of the guests complain about it.

here is another fun fact.... Cracker barrel stopped this "target" item campaign for one year and lost 10 million dollars. So to gain that 10 million back they are screwing their employees. We are training 6 new cashiers because its that high of a turnover. 20 new servers and 3 new retail personnel. We just hired 4 cashiers and 10 servers. That's 30 new servers and and 10 cashiers. That's the turnover rate at Cracker Barrel. Might be a good place for paying customers but for the employees, this place sucks!!!!!!!!

One more thing for all you people reading this. Apparently, someone in the chain said that no stores should have a 0 dollar hour. Meaning that something should be sold at all times during the day. Well we open at 6 am EVERY day. No one wants to buy chocolate or candy at 6 am. I know I wouldn't. So I got two 0 dollar hours in a row the other day. This was from 6am-7am and 7am-8am. My manager came up to me and asked why I didn't have anything sold. I told her that there was no one in the restaurant OR in the store to sell to. Her reply to me...THATS NO EXCUSE. I then told her that I do not make enough money to subsidize the company because they don't want a 0 dollar hour. I refuse to buy something so the company can profit!!!!
btw... if you have an extra dollar, PLEASE buy the target item. It keeps us in a job and able to pay our bills.
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Posted by momsey on 2010-01-29:
Sounds like a crappy place to work. Why do you stay there?
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-29:
I think I've only been to Cracker Barrel once in my entire life. It sounds like a terrible place to work, but that's how retail is. It's not any better at most places. Management is always pushing something on you to sell like warranties or batteries or whatever it may be. Yes, it's our job to do it too. While I don't think we should be blamed for things out of our control (no customers to sell to), selling is part of our job description. Where I work it used to be very hard core about selling warranties. Management changed and now it's not as big of a deal, but corporate still demands it. I'm a good seller, but I too get nothing for it. There's really no incentive except that I'm friends with my managers and I like to do well for them. That means when jobs are on the chopping block, I'll likely keep mine. Just keep that in mind.
Posted by goduke on 2010-01-29:
It's part of your job. You don't always get something extra for doing your job.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2010-01-29:
Don't ever get a "real" sales job. Simply asking someone if they want to purchase a pack of gum/mints etc after they have just eaten a meal is hardly high pressure. Personally, I'm always hunting for some gum or a mint after a meal-so I'd be your best customer. And yes, even after I eat breakfast @ 6-7am-who wants "coffee breath"?
I understand they are pressuring you to sell this item, and you need your hours....but it seems from the outside a pretty easy sale. Try selling extended warranties that cost just as much as the product the customer is buying-now that's fun. And I did not get anything "extra" at that job for selling stuff either.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-29:
"So being the smart mouth outspoken person I am, I politly asked what do we get for this? She said you get to keep your job."

What more needs to be said?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-29:
"You get to keep your job." Yes. Nothing more needs to be said.

And stop griping about how your boss is compensated. If you want to be compensated like him, get a job like his. Management is held to different standards than floor workers, so they are compensated differently.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-01-29:
What value is this to consumers? As said, it's part of your job description. Why should we care you can't deal with it? Quit and let someone else who needs to make a living take a crack at it then.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-29:
I'm sorry, but I'm not going to buy something I don't need. It's just like going to the bank or any other place where people try to get start up something. I know the workers there are doing their job, they have a quota, but I'm not going to get something I don't need nor want.

It's one of those aspects of the job you have to do. If it causes so much stress, start looking for another job while working there.

You might not get paid or anything extra for pushing those "target" items; but I guarantee you, your managers have to put up with different or more crap than you do, hence why they're compensated differently.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2010-01-29:
I have to agree with everyone else here. It sounds like part of your job description is to sell these items. All they want you to do is what you said you would when they hired you. If you don't like it find somewhere else to work that you do not have to sell anything.
Posted by Skye on 2010-01-29:
I think the OP needs to find another cashier job, where she won't have to try and sell something.

Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-29:
While I agree it is part of the job, penalizing the employee for being unable to push a particular item sounds wrong. They are not commissioned employees. A reward system for making a $$ goal would seem more fair. I would be willing to bet that (if the figures are correct) a portion say 2% of the $10 mil went to the "line employee" the profits would be much greater. The OP made good points that at 6 am in the morning certain items are not going to sell. You gotta admit that csr's and waiters aren't salespeople.
VH, thanks for the review and information.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-29:
This kinda reminds me of when I worked at Mervyns. Your raise depended on how many accounts you opened per quarter. Well the Mervyns I worked at was in a spanish speaking area. I speak some spanish, but not enough to carry on a whole conversation with someone to open an account. So the Spanish speaking employees would get all the accounts. They even had a few employees walk around the store asking customers to open accounts. I always thought it was pretty unfair, but I dealt with it. I was good at everything else I did.
Posted by Cashier@106 on 2010-05-18:
I have worked other jobs, but working at Cracker barrel has been the worst experience. I worked at another retail store once and i KNOW the difference between trying to solicitate for credit card applications and trying to sell candies. Comparison between the two jobs is that the pay rate was same if not 10 cents more or less and both required to solicitate, which is why i got hired at Cracke Barrel in the first place. At least for credit card applications i got a little incentive myself which promoted me to ask more. Not only did we recieve 2 dollars for every credit card app we got (approved or not) we also had legit competitions where the highest won gift cards and so on. The person is perfectly right and adding to that is cracker barrel is a horrible place to work at.
Posted by silv3rfox on 2011-03-30:
I don't like how cracker barrel has been doing on their decisions on how to make sales here in the past couple of years, but i'm glad i even have a job there. i've been there for 8 years...going on 9, and my home store (which i will keep anonymous) has had better service now then when i first started due to this "target item" program as well as the "seat to eat" program.

this is for future posts on this topic for future employees who are reading this, if you don't like how stuff is ran, take time from your day and find another place to go to work. don't spent it griping and being childish on the internet.

in fact just talking about how you hate cracker barrel on a public online site is against their policy if you are caught.
Posted by anothercashier on 2011-08-08:
I work there as well, Im a cashier as well, I make it fun, I sell a lot, I never push, I only make it fun for me and the guest, if they say no, thats ok as well...been there a long time, its a good place to work, they are very good to me, Im thankful I have the job!
Posted by PAR 4 on 2011-11-10:
Iv'e worked for Cracker barrel a long time now and Iv'e crossed trained as a cashier, server, cook, and retail. Not once have I seen or heard of something like this happening. First I do want to say I'm sorry, second I think it might be your store like at ours the cashiers have stuff by the cash registers to sell but we do not get our hours cut if we don't sell a lot of them. Also our managers and District manager are very down to earth about a lot of things. Our managers anything they gain at work they put back into work the tips they get from to go orders or stuff the store/restraint wins for being number 1 or 2 in the dis. they put all of it towards the store or employees.
Posted by notaslave on 2012-03-22:
I'm an employee at cracker barrel and notices that all the new host are skinny girls all under the age of 21 and they are now getting most of the hours.
Posted by notaslave on 2012-03-22:
I wish finding a job was that simple , but it not. If you have little experience and don't have degree yet your choices are slim.
Posted by disabled from occupation on 2012-04-18:
I worked for this crappy company. The management is very unprofessional in my book. I have been in this industry for a great many years, working for some high-profile establishments. I was told by the Cracker Barrel management that I was not liked. I responded by telling them that this was a first. However, I was not in this for popularity. On my last day, I was aked why I did not broadcast my disability upon the front of my application. Personally, I have never seen a 'spot' for that on any application. A manager that viewed this as being 'wrong' was terminated and ultimately lost his family due to the management of Cracker Barrel. I have recently graduated with my Associates degree in Restaurant Management, and I am now working on my Bachelors degree. My focus is to never run my business, or treat my employees like Cracker Barrel does. Unlike Cracker Barrel, I will be certain to adhere by the laws.
Posted by shay 69 on 2012-04-28:
they do this now, cracker barrel was a great comp. to work for a few years ago until the economy crashed now the moral is very low, long term employees feel they r trying to push us away so they dont have to pay benefits to us. I understand the need to keep up sales especially in this economy but the way employees are treated and threatened to loose hours is very stressful. take me a server who suffers from multiple anxiety disorders and I have a cognitive memory problem due to a disability. I do great most of the time and able to perform my job as well as most long term employees if not better, I do not use my disability to my advantage I try to overcome it, but if I make a simple mistake Im threatened to loose hours, in fact 4 times in the last month as well as with alot of other employees at the store all because its going into slow season and they have double the help they need for slow season, there is a sign posted on office about it. So what happens when you take someone with an anxiety disorder a almost give them a panic attack, they mess up even more due to the anxiety. Its such a shame that we cant be treated like human beings, we get yelled at for getting a drink asked where were going if we need to use the bathroom, we have no breaks as servers but we aren't even allowed in break room for a snack or drink without being yelled at, there has been so many occasions where iv worked 8 hours and couldn't use bathroom...
Posted by Mad on 2012-06-04:
I worked as a server at Cracker Barrel for 3 weeks, that was enough for me!! First of all during my training I constantley saw several female servers crying, should have been my first clue....When you interview for this job it will sound like the BEST job EVER!! Do not be fooled! My trainer was very nice to me..but after 12 hours of training I was thrown to the wolves and out on my own. You are expected in the 15 minutes before your floor shift starts to unwrap 100 napkins and roll 100 silverwares!! (150 on the weekends!) Sorry but not gonna happen!! So you get a table, within one minute of them sitting down you go out, greet your table, get their drink order AND pressure them to know their food order right away..yep..why need a menu??? You should know what you want before you walk in the door!! So then you put the order in and get their drinks. In the mean time you are being SCREAMED at to run food...you have to help run everyone elses food...so while they r being lazy in the break room you are running their food. Okay your table just got their food ... yay...you BETTER be back at that table within ONE yes ONE minute to drop off their check and say it is for their "convenience"!!!! Like youre saying "get the **** out" !! And guests look at you just like that. That is why you will not make good tips!!!!! Ok, so now you are cut from the floor, you have side-work to do... no big deal! I understand you need to do this at any restaurant!! Well i got done with my shift at 8:15 pm, had my sidework done and everything. The server responsible for checking my side-work "didnt have time" for me for 45 minutes to check my work....SO meanwhile I am getting yelled at to run food and help other servers when I am only being paid $2.13 an hour for this! One day I was stuck 2 and a half hours past my cut time helping others for $2 an hour..so unethical... so at the end of the day you have to have 4 more signatures ..manager, silverware, sidework, and tables. Just like being babysat!!! Trust me I don't mind doing work!! I have been a server for years, and have always loved it, worked with nice people, had nice customers. Not at this job...give yourself more value than to work at this establishment!!!
Posted by sweetiepie on 2012-06-04:
CB treats there staff badly. My manager is the meanest person I have ever worked for. All the wait staff I work with work a different job and are looking to leave CB as soon as they can. If you have extremely low self esteem and like to work for no money, this is the perfect job for you. If you like yourself even a little-- do not even work here or eat here either.
Posted by moonpie on 2012-07-06:
here's my 3 cents... When a cashier's drawer is more than $4.99 short at the end of their shift, that amount is deducted from their paycheck. O.K...I understand that. BUT, if the cash drawer is OVER, that is alright and just goes into the company's bank account. Go figure.
Posted by ex-cracker barrel employe on 2012-08-20:
I worked there for 7 years. in several different stores. They are all ran the same way and for the most part the managers treat you the same..LIKE SH##.. There were a few that treated you like a human. Now what about when managers do wrong???? Like sleeping with there employee's???
Posted by loving cb on 2012-11-01:
I have worked as a server/host at CB for 5 years.I love my job! The very worst part is the way people tip!! Rolling silverware, doing sidework and running food is all part of the job which comes down to one thing which is TEAM WORK. For those that think that's hard work I would hate to see what your homes look like!
Posted by seriously on 2012-11-04:
I work at CB as a retail manager, we don't do target items anymore. that's for one, as far as being a cashier goes, the expecatation is to be interactive with the guest, its what we do. Many cashiers like the one that left this comment is the type that stand up front and lean and act like you asking them to do thier job is a hassle. I love working at this company and ALL companys anywhere you go have bad managers, I've met hundreds in my nearly 20 years in the industry, for everyone one that is not nice there is 10 others that are great. When you take a job, read the fine print in the description of what you are going to be doing every day and you'll never be dissatified with it. Oh by the way we do not get free trips to disney, and weekends in honolulu, simply not true. the only way you can get incentives like that is to win total company contests and I got news, it takes alot of teamwork, not cracking a whip at your staff. Also to note, many contests the company does run involve each staff member from retail and cash recieving a prize as well. Again all aout teamwork, same thing goes for being a server, and rolling silverware is part of how you are earning money, who else is going to do it for you, its for your guest you are serving and looking for a tip from, should the manager roll it for you? your not going to share the tip you recieve are you, ask yourself that before you start to complain. TEAM WORK!!
Posted by brae hurst on 2012-11-05:
they are a group of nazis you can't eat a piece of bread without getting yell at it sucks at cracker barrel they don't care about you a woman lost her kid and they fired her
Posted by serverpar4 on 2013-01-24:
I have worked at Cracker Barrel for 3 years. I am a closer there 5 nights a week. I hate my job. I love the people I work with, and some of the management team very much. But, the rest really do treat you like crap. I've worked at 2 locations and I am currently back at my home store because the second location was so horrible. They tell you when you get hired on that they work around your schedule. so you tell them when you can and can not work. Easy enough right? Wrong. They constantly mess up my schedule and tell me that I need to figure it out. When I can't find someone to pick up my shifts that they schedule me for knowing I can not be there because we only have one car in our household that we share. They yell at me and treat me like a child, write me up for missing my shift and cut my hours the next week. When I say something to the GM about it, she says I need to talk to the scheduling manager, when I say something to him about it he says talk to the gm. its a never ending battle. I bust my ass there every single night I work. I know it is a high stress job sometimes but there is absolutely no reason for the managers to speak to their employees the way that they do. They demand respect from us yet they refuse to show us any whatsoever. The management make it a stressful environment Not the amount of work, or even the disgruntled customers. But when we have to get yelled at by our customers because the grill cooks mess up an order (Or sometimes a server will ring it in wrong) and then come back to the server aisle and get screamed at by a manager to the point we are in tears, it's disgusting. The cooks, hosts, dishwashers all get a "Great Job" from the management at the end of a busy hour even if it was a disaster, but the servers get, "you guys had so many mess ups it wasn't even funny, you didn't turn your tables over fast enough so we didn't make goal hours you should be ashamed of yourselves!" when we are the ones having to make the guests happy. I had a lady yell at me once because I forgot honey mustard. I was the only sever on the floor and I had 10 tables go down within 7-8 minutes. she not only yelled at me but yelled at the manager for not having enough people working. I in turned got screamed at for making the guests unhappy and "causing a scene". I burnt my hand with extremely hot tea grounds once because someone ran into me while I was trying to throw them away, the entire back of my right hand was covered with second degree burns. it took me 20 minutes to get the manager into the office to file an accident report and then the whole time we were in there he was texting his girlfriend and ignoring me. an hour later I finally get to the ER. 2 days later when I'm back at work with my hand wrapped. He looks at it and says I thought you were just over acting and being too extreme by crying like that the other day. I unwrapped my hand and showed him the blisters and blackened skin and said " does this look like I over acted?" and walked away. CB has no regard for it's employees whatsoever. The only reason I stay there is because it's a job and I have a family to take care of and until I finish School, CB it is.
Posted by C.Ranft on 2013-03-11:
Thanks for all of the comments. I have been a customer for the length of time CB has been in my area, as well as the times we travel across country. I have seen negative changes in the stores, much to my dismay. Now that I realize some of the changes are personnel demanded, we will no longer frequent CB stores. Competitors will gain our business.
Posted by slave to cb on 2013-04-23:
open 364 days a year...no raise unless you par test...0 over time...and when you do get a raise your hours get cut..in that position....when back of the house meets a goal HR...we get free Soda....Management gets a bonus...i guess thats what you get when the company is on the NYSE
Posted by crazymama on 2013-06-08:
Sever and everything else I can do for CB. I understand and feel everyone's pain. Yes., there are still goal hours to be met. For food sales and retail. Any one that says different better go back to school. All businesses have goals to meet or beat. That is the way it works to be profitable.
Yes., I do agree that management is crappy at best. They do nothing to help support the service staff at all. The ones that run like crazy and help out the 4stars as they sit around and do "back" work in order to get out on time should be promoted and the 4stars should be DEMOTED. Just saying. I personally have been yelled at from managers because I'm over on my allowed time after I have been cut. Why? I'm running food so it gets to the guests aka customers hot and not congealed/cold. Helping take orders and prepping trays as others don't care about customer service. Sorry, I was not raised that way. I put my guests needs before mine. CB has a lot to learn about hospitality. We are so focused on pleasing people, but we do not please our internal guests as we do our external guests. I have been reprimanded over this and am ready to go to home office and speak my mind about it. The ones that work the hardest are punished by having hours taken away. It is true, no joke, no lie. I am looking to better myself, going back to school and leaving CB behind. Good luck and GodBless
Posted by restrauntmngrwife on 2013-06-17:
My husband was a manager for cracker barrel for almost 2 years. It was by far the worst management position he has had in the past 8 years. If his GM wasn't yelling about something the regional and district managers were. The hours were so not worth the pay. He may have made $9 an hour when you actually figure the hours he worked, there were never any bonuses since he worked in very small town low population and older building so the "bonus" money alvays went to repairs. He would close and get home at 1-3 am and open the next day being at work at the latest 6am. His slowest week was 72 hours.
We've talked to many of the managers he met in training and it is no better at their locations.
Posted by Rowdy on 2013-07-05:
As a customer, I HATE it when they ask me if I want candy after I JUST ATE!! When I found out that they are forced to push candy on people, it really pissed me off. To punish employees because people who JUST ATE don't want any candy is BS!!
Posted by sleeper47 on 2013-07-18:
I have been working at c.b. for two years now.I love the managers who help out. of course they have their favorite people too.and that is the problem. I wish I could be them.(the favorites) I still am number one in sales for 12 weeks and I will continue tobe this way.I enjoy my guests.they always come back and ask for me.which I appreciate. I make enough for my family.even though the hours are long.Ido it because it makes me happy.and will continue as long as the hours are there.I don't like the favorite people. only wish it was me.!!!!.I average about 600 a week. enough for my family. thank you.for having a place for Mr to vent. Reeses.47
Posted by Shelby on 2013-07-23:
I worked in the dishroom at my store for almost ten months. I literally only missed one day in that time disreguarding the day I got fired. I told all managers including the GM and the district manager that if I'm scheduled to close one night and be back the next morning I would be very unproductive because of mu severe insomnia. This past weekend on saturday night we broke records as far as business and sales so naturally I got out late from the dishroom. When I set foot at home I had to be back there in 8 hours. It sounds nice but I layed in bed every bit of that wide awake. That morning as I was getting ready to go into work and I decided to just see if I was able to nap at all (considering I had already been up 24 hours) and with three sepearate alarms set I actually fell asleep and slept through them and all the way through the 9 hour shift at work. I called and one of the regular managers understood and said we could talk in the morning about it. When I got there my gm asked to talk to me and basically said it was "irrisponsible" to do what I did. There was no prior warning no second chance or anything. I was fired before I could do anything. The bad part about it is that several other employees never showed several weekends in a row and they still had a job. Completely unfair.
Posted by Panda360 on 2013-08-05:
Well, I am a cashier at Cracker Barrel as well and yes we have target items to try to sell, doesn't everyone??? Retail sales are totally separate from Restaurant sales and we do suggestive selling. But if you handle it right most of the guests don't mind. Does it get annoying sometimes, sure but doesn't everything? Personally I think Cracker Barrel is a GREAT place to work. I've been there 1 1/2 years so far and everyone from District Management to Store Management to fellow employees has been nothing but nice to me. It's a fun place to work. Granted it is not my full time job, but it's a place I can go and talk to the guests and fellow employees and provide a smile and a good experience and in return leave feeling like I've gained as much as I've given. Personally I like Cracker Barrel and am proud to be part of my team at store 415 in Shelbyville, KY
Posted by Panda360 on 2013-08-05:
oh, and by the way.... yes we constantly hear we need to sell and keep our sales up, we have hourly goals and individual goals, but if you do the best you can that's all anyone can expect. Again, they are in business to make money and keep our guests happy.
Posted by Jen on 2013-09-02:
I could not believe my eyes! I live out of town and we stopped in at Cracker Barrel in Frankfort, KY to eat and when we entered the building this little lady yelled out behind one of the displays "Welcome to Cracker Barrel, don't forget to visit our Retail after you eat". My husband and I both made a comment of how loud she was and not so professional. We we got through eating we experenced someone we never thought of, there was a lady in high, high heal shoes claiming up on the display cabinet next to the window stocking, she was dressed in tight clothing and we made a comment she could fail and one of the store people, said "O" that the Retail Manger. We could not believe she would be dressed so unappropriate and climbing like that. What happen to Cracker Barrel "Dress Code" for Managers and Employees?
Posted by Yume on 2013-09-11:
I have worked at a cracker barrel for about a year, and I can say the sugary sweetness left with my old retail manager. Since her leaving, we have lost over fifteen cashier and retail, and that is not even combined. The managers get to eat whenever they deem it and will do so together. A cashier whether it be three or just one cannot take the fifteen minute break requirement because it will not do for the managers. Ask if you can go to a funeral or a person in your family's surgery and you just find out, you're out of luck and they will give you attitude. As for togo in the place I work, restaurant doesn't do it, it's the cashier's who have to go and get the food. We have to apologize for everything so the guest will be happy. Only when they want to start to point fingers do they start yelling at us. They don't get on restaurant, it's us. I do it so guest won't have to wait there forever for cold food. The managers won't come out and say sorry, they will only hide in the back eating, and then take it out on us once they have us in the back. Cursing at us too if they really feel steamed up. I hate that place with a passion. Glad I'm gone.
Posted by Storm93 on 2013-09-20:
I've been a server at Cracker Barrel for 3 years.. I started on my 18th bday. Im going to school now and cant believe that I stayed with the company for that long. I know what you mean about the candies. Every time I would get my tips I felt bad for the cashiers and I would try and help them out. I'm not sure how retail works because it really is a different part of the store. I thought about leaving the company then I heard how much the GM's make. Now I wanna climb the ladder and take his job. It's just business I guess. They too have families to feed. If my job was to make sure we sold something every hour by golly we are going to sell something. It's just not meant for some people. If I become manager come to my store we will be #1 and Ill split my bonus with the employees.
Posted by Xxx on 2013-10-04:
Believe me the hours are small and the money even smaller
Posted by sean on 2013-10-17:
Never really thought the food was that great. Interactions with management always rubbed me the wrong way. Definitely won't be going back again after reading some of these comments from the employees.
Posted by JAR on 2013-10-17:
I have worked with CB 2 years.. and today I am totally beyond frustrated.. no schedule at all.. and there reasoning is oh must be an oversight on our part will look into it, and also says if we have any hours for you will give them to you.. this is after them cutting my hours to 5 hours a week, I filed partial unemployment and then they gave me more hours about 22 to 25 a week then. As well as them giving no breaks no lunches after I have worked 12 to 14 hours a day at times, several times my shift was to end at 11, I didn't get out to 3 or 4 am.. again no break no lunch, manager stated I didn't ask for one!!! I have asked to take my tests needs for my raise, was told well have to get with this person, etc.. and it never happens. So last week my shift was to end at 2:30 on Tuesday.. they didn't have next guy scheduled to come in till 5:00 I go to leave and manager wants everything in dish room caught up.. and asked me if it was I told him no.. and I left work at 2:45.. suppose that is now why I have no schedule, but I am not fired.. Cracker Barrel does not like me and wants rid of me, says my work ethic.. and uniform.. uniform is washed every time and clean.. but guess they want a new outfit for every shift.. BULL Crap Cracker Barrel you suck!!
Posted by yournamehere on 2013-11-18:
ive only been working for cracker barrel for 3 months and i hate it! they push there employees arounf and bully them. they always have an attitude about everything. for an example we ran out of tartar sauce on a friday night and i started to make more. The manager walks by and immediately starts off with "is that your side work or did we run out?" that wasnt bad but its the way she asked me. attitude right off the bat. also i was working and started my monthly. without knowing. i went to takw a "guest" order and a person told me i had blood on my pants. instaed of immediately sending me home. they tell me to cover it up with my apron. I HAVE BLOOD ON MY PANTS! i hate working for them!
Posted by carmen on 2013-11-19:
Last year when I was unemployed from my regular position as a nanny, I worked at a Cracker barrel. I have worked in the past as a server, and have lots of experience . I have never experienced anything like working at a Cracker Barrel. they make it sound really good and pleasant, but the training is extensive, on a computer as well as meetings, By the way, the training pays more than the job itself. They don't have a bar, so the tips never really accumulate to much, especially since most guests are traveling and you will never see them again. They tell you that every table be waited on within two minutes of them sitting down, and to really be speedy and leave the check right when the order is put in, so that you can get them out of there in 20 minutes! That's a reasonable amount of time to go to a restaurant to enjoy a meal and just eat and get out as soon as possible! They have a really complex computer system which takes forever to fully comprehend. At the end of the night you need to clean up stations and have some kitchen duties, which is not all that uncommon, but they have three people check your work, and have to sign a paper. I was there very night for over an hour. performing these chores and searching for these managers to check and sign the sheet. I felt like a piece of crap. you can eat there for half price an d the area where you eat is just a storage room with boxes and dollys fm the trucks cramped all over and there are no tables, just a counter built against the wall with some folding chairs, the bathroom and lockers are two feet away. Its depressing and sad that people have to work under these conditions. Found a nanny position within 6 weeks and got out of there fast. They are not very nice .
Posted by Miranda on 2013-12-16:
I have worked for Cracker Barrel since 2001, and I love it. It is my part-time job now, and I am a teacher, so I work on holidays, Saturdays, and during the summer. I have worked at 4 different stores since 2001, and I have enjoyed all of them. It is a restaurant, and there are moments where things aren't perfect, but my managers have my back, and I love the company. If an employee has an issue with how a store is being ran, such as retail manager cutting hours if a cashier didn't sell enough target items, then all they have to do is call home office. Home office will have your back 100% if your store isn't falling policy. But if you are unhappy, just leave the company and let someone who believes in it work there and get the hours. Cracker Barrel has always worked around my schedule, but I am not a lazy employee, I actually work and work hard, so I love it.
Posted by fharringtkn on 2013-12-29:
I have worked at cb for almost 8 years and I make great money, you make your money from your guests so you can make as much as you want. And I work Monday through Friday 7-2' perfect schedule
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Cashier at 106
Posted by Cashier on 05/18/2010
I started working at Cracker Barrel around August of last year (now I am a par II) at which point I did not know about the companys' turnover rates or anything else for that matter about the good-ol'-country-store. When I first started training, it was all about "pleasing people" but when I got to the usual work day experience, it all came down to the dollar and how much you could generate for the company. As a restaurant, I shouldn't have been surprised for my displeasure but I regret ever getting the interview call from my manager. Cracker Barrel is a really horrible place to work at. Employees get no incentive and not to mention no appreciation either. I had had a few problems with an MIT (manager in training) who later became an associate manager. He was a very disrespectful man but ofcourse, not every Cracker Barrel has the same issues. After a few months of looking at how desparate I was with the whole job market I chose to keep the job and just hang in there but things got from worse to really messed up when as a joke he said to me that he should fire me for not doing as he says (which btw, was to have my cash drawer bills facing in one direction), and that was two hours after I was suppose to go home. I later, I admit I shouldn't have, called him a jerk for which I got written up for.

Cracker Barrel company policies enable the managers to treat their employees like slaves or worse. Previously when I had asked if I could go home at the time I was scheduled to go home I received a lecture at how that was only a "suggested" time and how the manager could keep me for as long as he/she wanted and that even after an 8 hour shift, but wait! they didn't want you to go over your 40 hours either. I knew no other manager would agree or even listen to me on how the associate manager was treating me (and a bunch others) so I got a suggestion from another co-worker to call their "home office." again I metion, that would not have worked because the managers don't get these policies out of the blue but from true corporate laws. I have finally now decided on giving my two weeks notice and quite with dignity and mail the associate manager an appology card saying "im sorry I called you a jerk. You're not a jerk, you're an a $$ hole." yes, I know those of you thinking of how immature that is but I've had many jobs, and this truly diserves a five star rating for the worst job ever.

My goal is to let every new hire know of what their getting into with their target item sales and high hour goals. other reviewers have done a great job describing how sick the ideas really are of us having to sell 40 chewing gums (or whatever the current target item of choice) and pushing pushing pushing when the managers get obese on free meals and fat bonuses.
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Posted by goduke on 2010-05-18:
Sounds like that wasn't the job for you. Glad you were able to make the decision to move to the next phase in your journey.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-05-18:
Well written, Good Luck
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-05-18:
I don't believe in burning bridges, but in your case I'd load that bridge with TNT and light a match! Best of luck to you.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-05-18:
I don't know anything about CBs, they don't have them around here. But I do know that it is standard everywhere to 'face' bills in a cash drawer. This prevents the mixing of bills, i.e. getting a twenty mixed in with the tens. When corrected by an AM for not doing this, the OP called him a jerk. It seems that CB may not be 100% at fault for a poor working relationship.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-18:
This is a tough one. On one hand, I've dealt with managers that were jerks. But on the other hand, from the brief description the OP gave, I don't see a whole lot where the manager was being rude. I, too, had my first job as a cashier, and we were also asked to "face" our bills. Nothing out of the ordinary there. And as far as being asked to "push" a product...what's wrong with that? Every employee that works for a company is a direct representative of that company. There is nothing wrong with taking a little pride in your work and trying to push some of the merchandise. I don't want to come across as judgemental, but too often in today's society, employees have adapted an attitude that "if it doesn't benefit me, why should I do it". The ol' "what's in it for me" mentality. I've found that taking pride in your company and giving your best, whether in your best interest or not, will actually take you a lot farther than you think in life. You get out of it exactly what you put into it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-18:
Cashier@106, One should always do what is in ones own best interest. Sounds like dumping CB is in your best interest. Good job!


LOL, I just love your apology card idea.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-18:
The only example you give in your entire review is being lectured about facing the bills in the same direction...and your response was to call your manager a jerk for the "lecture" you were given.

It sounds to me like you don't have a lot of work experience, but I can assure you, that you will be "lectured" by superiors for many things that you may find trivial, no matter what job you have.

It probably is a good idea that you're leaving, but I would reconsider the apology note that you have planned...that could come back to bite you in the a$$ when you're applying for future jobs.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-05-18:
By your own admission you have had many jobs. Of what duration have the past lasted? I gather you have been at CB for nearly a year. That's a year of your life you will have to account for on a resume. You might want to have the last word but I personally suggest you think twice before sending a note to anyone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-18:
Yes, I agree with JC sending the note is probably not a good idea because there's no benefit to be had by doing so but thinking about sending it on the other hand doesn't do anybody any harm. And it made me laugh which is a positive thing.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-05-18:
The OP clearly stated he/she had finally decided to give a two week's notice and mail a card to the AM. That's when I suggested he think twice before doing so. It WILL come back to bite you in the backside.
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-05-18:
In this economy, accounting for a year's gap between jobs isn't that hard to explain. If you lasted in your previous jobs for a long time (over a year) and left on good terms, I wouldn't think it would hurt you TOO much.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-05-18:
Please forgive my ignorance, but what is a par II? We were cautioned in report writing class in the police academy never to use jargon in a report. While other officers might understand what you mean instantly, your reports will be read by lawyers, judges, juries, and others. par II may be used commonly at CB, but most of us have never worked at CB and are sitting here, as I am, scratching our heads. Good luck on finding another job, from my son's experiences with a really bad company as far as employee relations go, I understand.
Posted by Cashier@106 on 2010-05-19:
Thanks for all the comments and real good insights. i'll dump the idea of the note card (although it's funny for some) because it truely might come later to bight me when i wish to use them as a reference. PAR means personal achievement responsibility. they are a series of 4 tests, ranging PAR I to be one month, par II to be three months, par III to be six months, and par IIII to be a year. The company conducts these tests to keep the employees updated on product knowledge, sale techniques and so on. My evaluation for six months was past and i was ready to take my par III test, i just never did. Also, for employees who have been there from more than 2 years, and some have even been there from 16 years, dont get anything above par IIII (that includes never getting a raise).
Posted by hagfan on 2011-12-22:
worst job I ever had in my life nough said
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-22:
I wonder if this statement from me today jeopardizes Doc Brown's theory on the time continuum?
Posted by Bachus58 on 2012-01-23:
I am a current manager for CB and find it hilarious that a cashier would have such an emotional response to facing bills and selling target items. You came to the Barrel looking for work. Do what you get paid to do. I cant pay you 50% of your pay when you choose to do 50% of your job.
On the other hand management having MIT's in a store that cant get their cashiers out in time is an issue. They are training managers that will go to other stores to not give a damn (yes, that's not country fresh, but I don't care) about the schedule and respecting peoples lives outside of work. That IS an issue...employee relations...I don't think so, but the GM should do something about that.
In regards to calling Corp...you ma'am are the reason all good managers quit CB. If you have an issue go to the GM. Nothing is worse than the phone call from corp about some employee that had an issue and called corp instead of coming to the GM. For example, an employee called because they got cut to early...IT WAS A SNOW DAY AND WE WERE SLOW! I have worked at a couple different concepts and the only people that are going to tolerate "shotgun management" are the idiots that can't get jobs elsewhere. Shotgun management by the way is the impression that you have a gun to the back of your head and are just waiting for someone to pull the trigger...ie...corp to fire you for some asinine reason. So please, irritate the management and then complain when you get idiots that can't run a store. And for all you guests out there that are wondering why your fave CB is going to the crapper...see poster above, multiply by 50 and you'll know why decent managers never stick around cracker barrel.
I am in no way defending CB, on the contrary I put in my 2 weeks notice as well. I'm going to go work for a company that believes its managers over people like this poster.
Posted by onegirl on 2013-03-26:
I am an employee at cracker barrel and I hate it too. I regret to say that I am a hostess and I hate going in to wrok. Not only do I take verbal abuse from cooks, red aprons, waitresses, and managers, but they couldn't get it together to get my first par done in the right time frame. It took 2 and a half months for them to give me my first par and I thought that was ridiculous. I am constantly running around, not only doin my job, but doing the job of others. My side work is terrible because I close most of the time and I there is so much to do plus do my job at the same time. I hate, I hate being there and I wish I could quit. But in the economy I'm not garunteed anything and there is a possibility that I could find another job quickly. So, I'm haning on, for now.
Posted by Lisa V on 2013-07-15:
I just was hired to work at Cracker Barrel as a cashier. I have never worked as a cashier before, and the training is very important to me. I start my orientation tomorrow. I am looking forward to this new challenge. In the past I have worked for lawyers, CPAs, and in Home health care. I am a bit concerned about being a cashier because it is all new to me. I believe, in most jobs you have to be very patient and understanding. Managers are under a lot of stress and pressure, and some people do not handle stress very well. Try working with a lawyer, or a very sick patient that is just miserable. I have always been the type of person who goes over and beyond my job description, and that has been rewarding to me. I understand there are some people that are very difficult to work with, but over all, most of them are just trying to make a living in the only way they know how. To be a manager, takes a lot of training and courage. I wouldn't want to be a manager in these times.
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Eat at your own risk-Cracker Barrel in Florida City
Posted by Evaluater on 09/25/2009
FLORIDA CITY, FLORIDA -- In 17 years of working in hospitality/restaurant industries, I have never experienced such filth and lack of sanitary protocol as I do at the Cracker Barrel in Florida City. As an employee, I cannot drink from their cups without lining it with a plastic baggy. All of the staffers implemented this practice once they witnessed myself doing this. The cups sit in racks slightly above the tile floors that are constantly wet with spillage. All the spillage from the floors are then splashed back onto the cups whenever anyone passes by. There is also something wrong with their dish washing apparatus. Four out of five dishes/cups are covered in dried eggs and gravy because the apparatus isn't being maintained and can't clean properly. Some servers don't have time and have to use the dirty dishes, others just don't care that the dishes are dirty and use them anyway. Also, I have witnessed the Florida City Cracker Barrel keep up to 20 full trash cans inside the building next to the dry storage area and break room where the employees eat their meals. Only when there is enough time and too many full trash cans will the cooks take the garbage that's fermenting from inside the building to the dumpsters outside.
Eat at own risk!
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-25:
Have you contacted your local health department? If not you should do so at once. Since you witnessed the unsanitary conditions and lack of proper cleaning of the dishes, it's your responsibility to bring it to the health depts attention.
Posted by Frenchie on 2009-09-25:
Once again I do not believe this poster. If it was valid all he/she had to do was call the health inspectors or an anonymous call or note to corporate. The poster has an agenda.
For me I like Cracker Barrell and have eaten in them several times, always clean, good food, fair price and excellent help!
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-25:
My son works at a Cracker Barrel in NC. It's always clean and the food is excellent. My point is if this is a true complaint the OP has an obligation to report these violations or he/she is just as guilty as the location.
Posted by Skye on 2009-09-25:
I've never been to a Cracker Barrel. I don't even think we have any here, in the wild west.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-25:
3 words. Disgruntled Former Employee
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
I *love* The Cracker Barrel! Anytime I want some good home cooked food, and I don't want to have to cook, I just go there. It's sooooooooo delish. And their little gift store... they have candy there you can only find there. I like to sit outside on their rocking chairs and play huge checkers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
take the initiative and clean those cups before serving to customers....it's not that hard to do
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
As everybody knows I don't see color. I've always assumed I'm white because I always get such excellent service at the Cracker Barrel.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
The name cracker barrel says it all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
Skye, there's actually 4 of them in Colorado.
Colorado Springs, Loveland, Northglenn, and Pueblo.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
I find it appalling that you personally experienced these conditions and just watched them go on. It's one thing to work for a place where you are ignorant of such matters, it's another to work there and watch this happen, all the while making your own workarounds. You are just as liable as the manager/owners.
Posted by furnman on 2009-09-25:
My wife and I travel for work and are gone for long periods of time. We find Cracker Barrel offers the comfort foods that we miss from home. We have eaten at Cracker Barrel for years and in many different states. We find the quality and service very consistant. The 1 bad experience we had was in York Pa. It appeared our server was very new and was a bit over whelmed with the Sunday eveing rush. We spoke with the manager when paying and he comped us 1 of the meals. We felt we were treated fairly.

This does sound like a disgruntled "fired" ex-employee.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-09-25:
I tried CB in a couple of places, but never liked it.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-09-25:
How long have you worked at this particular Cracker Barrel evaluater? The reason I ask is with 17 years of experience I would think you could obtain a job at any restaurant. I've only been in Cracker Barrel a time or two and that was at breakfast. The food was good enough but the wait was a bit long. I never observed any unsanitary conditions but I didn't go to the kitchen to have a look.
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
The Cracker Barrel has a private company inspect them. They were there my first week and were sited on many many things.
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
I'm not an EX employee. I'm getting the word out and letting the public know. I've made several complaints to corporate, the unit itself, and many other places. I'm not the only employee who complains. Lots do including management. New managers last at most 6 weeks before they've had it.
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
Staffers do not have time to clean the cups nor do they care. Ask for a to-go cup instead.
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
Next time you eat at Cracker Barrel, walk up to the computer behind the waitress and "accidentally" poke your head into the open door. You will see spillage all over the floors. Peek in a little more, you will see where the cups are.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
Evaluater... why do you assume because one CB is like that, all of them are?
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
Because this particular one is only 2 years old.
Posted by Skye on 2009-09-25:
Why thank you bkk. We'll have to check them out. I think my husband has enjoyed a meal at them before. I'll have to ask him.

Posted by Skye on 2009-09-25:
I deserve a meal out. I have 4, yes 4 beautiful babies under the age of 3 today.

I wanted a drink later, until I posted that photo of that woman who had been drinking too much for to long!
Posted by Skye on 2009-09-25:
And they are finally napping..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
That's your reasoning? Because that particular one is only 2 years old? Whatever credibility you just had went right out the window.
Well, evaluater, the ones I've been to have been around for longer. Just because one is bad doesn't make them all bad.
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
nohandle, I just started there. You're right, I can get a job at any restaurant. I just happened to land this one. I'm trying to get pics with my iPhone of the filth but if you get caught playing with your phone they send you home. It's a very strange job, not one I'm used to. I'm going to stay for now, complain my butt off about the sanitary conditions, and let the public know how bad this unit is. maybe something will be done about it. I think I'm doing the right thing. I'm not a disgruntled employee by any stretch. I don't need to work actually. :)
Posted by Skye on 2009-09-25:
Evaluater, then why not just quit if you don't need to work? Or are you working undercover for the health department?
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
Then you need to look in the BOH bearakitten because until you've seen it... What you think of my credibility might be your health at risk. All CB's follow the same guidelines and protocols. They are ALL the same. All CB's are consistent.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-09-25:
I am with Skye, while appreciating the information, why don't you quit?
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
LOL, I'm not under cover Skye. I happen to enjoy working. It's very different compared to places I've worked. I've never worked with a staff of 150 and they are amusing characters. One's that last more than a week that is. It's fun, it just dirty. Very dirty. That's all. :)
Posted by Skye on 2009-09-25:
Evaluater, I just looked up their menu. Their low carb choices sound delicious.

Posted by Nohandle on 2009-09-25:
Evaluater, I have an employee who in her prior job ate out frequently with those in her department. Their favorite just happened to be a Chinese Restaurant. Her husband worked for a freight company and he did was was called "city deliveries" an expression I had never heard before. He made a delivery one day at the back door, looked around at the kitchen and told his wife she better not ever eat there again when he observed the filth.

Find employment elsewhere and contact the health department if it's that nasty.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
But, to say they're ALL like that...
I worked for Jo Ann Fabrics for 3 years. The store was always organized (or at least as much a retail store could be), clean, everyone helpful. But, going to the one downtown... stuff was always in disarray, the staff was rude. So, I can say, for a fact, that not all stores are the same. With that in mind, not all CB's are the same. Just because the one you work at is filthy, doesn't mean all the other ones are too.
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
BTW, the only thing that's "Home" cooked at Cracker Barrel are eggs, pancakes, and breakfast meats. Hate to break it to you but the hash brown casserole comes in a box. The box of dehydrated potatoes, onion, and an orange colored spice packet is dumped into a hotel pan, re-hydrated with water, and put in a warmer for 45 minutes. The gravy, the soups, the dumplings, everything comes from a bag or can directly from the CB factory.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
Yes, evaluator, I was just using "home cooked" as an example of how I think it tastes.
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
Look in BOH next time is all I'm saying. Maybe your units are cleanER. Doubtful though. They all implement the same guidelines.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
Or I just won't look in the BOH... I want to continue to live in the delusion that TEXAS CB's are great.
And all I'm saying is have an open mind about other CB's. Just because it's like that in Florida, doesn't mean it's like that in other states.
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
Delusion is right!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-09-25:
And I don't believe all Florida ones are like that either. It sounds like a management issue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
Don't waste your breath (or typing fingers) trp... evaluater believes just because the CB, that's been open for 2 years, is dirty dirty... that means all of them are like that, all over the U.S.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-09-25:
bearkat, well I guess I'll join you in your delusions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
Sheesh, evaluater, if you want to work at CB, why are you trying to put them out of business? First you complain about the filth. Then you say they are ALL that filthy. Then you say CB knows about the filth because you've reported it, yet they do nothing about it. Then you diss the food. I find you even more appalling now than before.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-25:
Are the delusions located in a lovely tropical island? If so I'm so in!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
And we're waited on hand and foot, Eloise.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-09-25:
And there's plenty of booze! But don't worry... we won't end up looking like Skye's warning poster.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-25:
BKK, Massages??
Posted by BUCOOK on 2009-09-25:
I've worked at Cracker Barrel, as a Back Up Cook, Grill, Dish, and I can tell you pretty much anything you want to know, good and bad, about the one I've worked at. Evauluator, you're lying, about the food coming from, "the factory" guy! True, there are a lot of canned goods, and the food is pretty much "put together" and really not all that good, fresh, I at least defend the place, as far as needing to set this straight that the Hashbrown Caserole DOES NOT come out of a BOX. I made that crap every shift, so please spare me/us you'r lie.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-25:
Guys, maybe I'm just speed reading but I can't find where the OP said all CBs are like this, just the one they work at. It sounds like a valid complaint/suggestion. If you're ever in Florida just don't eat at that location, lol
Posted by BUCOOK on 2009-09-25:
I've worked at Cracker Barrel, as a Back Up Cook, Grill, Dish, and I can tell you pretty much anything you want to know, good and bad, about the one I've worked at. Evauluator, you're lying, about the food coming from, "the factory" guy! True, there are a lot of canned goods, and the food is pretty much "put together" and really not all that good, fresh, I at least defend the place, as far as needing to set this straight that the Hashbrown Caserole DOES NOT come out of a BOX. I made that crap every shift, so please spare me/us you'r lie.
Posted by BUCOOK on 2009-09-25:
IT IS true about the trash cans piling up near the back door, and close to the break room area. It's never been a problem, but it's kinda gross. In the interest of time, they don't do "Trash Runs" every 5 Mins, so GET OVER IT! As far as the drinking glasses/mugs/cups, being "to close" to the floor, and being vunerable to "Splashing" from dirty water?!?! Dude, I've worked in Dish a number of times as well, and I've NEVER seen a problem with this. That is a WEAK CLAIM my friend. Listen, I'm NOT A BIG FAN of the Cracker Barrel, and this is mostly due to working there, and seeing how the managers run this romperoom. They EMPLOYEE very SUB PAR managers. THEY SUCK, pretty much. The company policy's are stupid as well. The "PAR" system, and different job codes and pay rates, are just another way to keep us from growing and being able to make the money we DESERVE to be making. Meanwhile, the managers are walking around acting like the jerkoffs they usually are known for, and worried about "food cost" and the "goal hour" PAY US WHAT WE ARE WORTH!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
Ytr.... the OP says this... "Next time you eat at Cracker Barrel, walk up to the computer behind the waitress and "accidentally" poke your head into the open door. You will see spillage all over the floors. Peek in a little more, you will see where the cups are."

And then I asked why the OP thinks all CB's are like that just based off of working at one. And the OP kept wanting me to check the BOH (whatever the f that is). And then said, "They are ALL the same. All CB's are consistent"

Meaning, the OP thinks because the one he/she works at is dirty dirty, all of them are.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
And yes, Eloise... in the island of delusion-world... there ARE massages.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-25:
This place sounds pretty gross to me. I have had only one experience with DB. We were on a cross-country trip a couple of years ago and stopped at a CB because we were starving. The food was so unlike anything I'd ever eaten--lots of fat involved--I would not intentionally go to another one.

Without looking it up, I have to guess this place originated in the mid-west. We laughed when the vegetable sides included "macaroni and cheese". I have to say, though, in all fairness, that the place was packed with locals--large extended families included. It must be a regional thing.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-09-25:
KIA, I'm sorry that I don't remember that one experience we had ... *Snickering*
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-25:
Ok bkk that clears it up, thanks. Not just restaurant wise but anywhere, just because the service is bad at one location doesn't mean it's a universal problem. BOH means back of house...ie the kitchen.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-25:
KIA, this is a southern style restaurant which I believe is headquartered out of Lebanon TN. The specialize in southern cooking which includes mac and cheese as a side dish...also fried okra, hashbrown casserole just to name a few...it's not for folks who enjoy healthy eating nor someone who needs to stay away from fat and carbs. It's a comfort food restaurant.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-09-26:
BUCOOK, thanks for chiming in an clearing some of that up.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-09-26:
While I have never worked for CB (or eaten there) I can comment a little about how a restaurant is run. Trash runs are not only done once or twice a night due to time it is also in the interest of security. To run the trash you have to open the back door which means you open your employees up to risk of theft
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-09-26:
Also the company you refer to as doing an independant inspection is called eco-sure. They are a sub company of ecolab. They are designed to be 100 times stricter in there inspections than your local health department. The reson for this is if you can pass there inspection you will pass the health inspection
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-09-26:
As for the cups being low to the ground. Federal health codes state that they must be 6 inches off the ground. That is why you see them on the rolling dollies. So before you trash a company please get your facts straight. Now the rest about the food I will defer to BUCOOK as I do not know anything about there food. And yes every restaurant is worried about food cost and labor cost. They are two of the biggest money items you can control as a owner/manager
Posted by Starlord on 2009-09-26:
I am not buying the 'private inspection' company. We used to eat at the CB in Casa Grande, AZ before we moved and were always impressed with the whole operation. I hate to break it to you, but ion Pinmal County,AZ, the County Health Department is the ONLY agency authorized to inspect restaurants. If they wish to waste money hiring someone else, it is still the Health Dept that inspects, cites (proper spelling) and posts the restaurants rating. Channel 5, KPHO, in Phoenix goes out with the Health Dept in Maricopa County and on Thursday nights has their Dirty Dining report, where they show what places were cited for. The also have their Dean's List, of stores with perfect scores. If you are so concerned about the conditions call teh Health Department anonymously and report them. If you do not, you are part of the problem, not the soultion. By the way, I worked in food service many times in Indiana, New Mexico,and Arizona. My wife and I had a hot dog stand in Pinal county and were featured one day on Good Morning, Arizona on channel 3, KTVK. I know how health inspectors work.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-09-26:
Starlord. The 'Private inspection' company is actually real. They are designed to help you pass your health inspection. You pay them money and they will do an inspection of your restaurant. It is not the same as a real inspection by the health department. It is designed to show you what you have to fix to pass the real one
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-26:
ms, I realize that it is a southern style comfort food place. Definitely not my cup of tea, but it was packed, with a waiting line out the door. I wasn't questioning the mac and cheese (a great comfort food), just that it was listed as a "vegetable" side. You just have to see the irony in that!
Posted by BUCOOK on 2009-09-26:
Ok, I practially lived in a Cracker Barrel, It's easy to see some of the BS that people write about it. And, it's just as easy to see the TRUTH is some of the things that people write about it. As far as the food? Cracker Barrel HAS a good product, for the most part. I'm not "Crazy" about (yes, a TON OF FAT CALORIES) Margerine used to excess, in many of the recipes. Examples, Cornbread. Hashbrown Casserole, (btw, NOT from a box, or dehydrated potatoes! Trust me, I made the stuff from scratch every night, and many many pans of it, so don't belive those who say the food comes from "a Factory" since nothing could be further from the truth. Now, IT IS true, that many items come "ready to make" from someplace. Like the Cola Cola Cake. From what I've seen, it comes in a bag, and it's pretty cut and dry. But SO WHAT!?! It's still baked right then and there. The frosting comes in a bag as well. And both taste incredible. Cracker Barrel is "what it is" and people know that. How hard it is to screw up an egg? How hard is it to screw up a piece of Bacon? (and CB's bacon is the best on the market!) Yeah, some things really kinda suck. But not because they are a bad product! I don't think ANYTHING they put out on the floor is nasty or bad, or I would'nt have worked there! Point is, maybe chicken and dumplins is not for everyone. But to say that it's gross, or even, bad for you, is merely subjective, and just a matter of opionion. I don't eat to much of the food because there are a lot of FAT calories. But to say that many NEVER like to eat things like this would be foolish. Just not, all the time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-27:
bucook, my opinion is that it's gross and I rarely, if ever, indulge in these foods. But, apparently, not everyone agrees and that's okay with me. I agree with you--everything in moderation. If more people actually followed this rule, we wouldn't have the obesity problem we have in the US. It's a sad fact. I do wonder about the calorie counts of the CB food. I'll have to look that one up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-27:
I guess I just dont understand why, if employees see this sort of thing, they dont just file a complaint with the board of health then look for another job.
Posted by aparentofanemployee on 2012-05-10:
The serving trays watresses use are so boiling hot, it makes blisters on the hands. Waitresses at a Cracker Barrel in Texas told my daughter, our hands just go numb. Employees are not allowed to use a napkin, glove or other protective gear while carrying the food on the tray. Blisters? Come on!
Posted by JB on 2012-07-11:
To whoever wrote that all Cracker Barrels are the same: Yes, we are one company with one set of standards and policies, etc. That doesnt mean every manager/employee in every store is going to work up to that standard. I worked for Cracker Barrel at store level in every position for almost 20 years. The dumplins, biscuits cornbread, hashbrown casserole, all that is made from scratch. I made it daily, I know. Cracker Barrels are normally very high volume restaurants and trash runs are done as time permits. Ive done as many as 6 to 7 trash runs a day. Of course this depends on many factors. I never saw any bugs of any kind. Is is challenging to keep a busy restaurant spotless all day, yes it is. But the stores I worked at, everyone was either cooking or cleaning constantly.
Posted by server on 2012-07-19:
I have worked for cracker barrel for 8 years. The glasses are dirty, the managers are ******, most of the guest know how to work the system to get free food. I have to check my sliverware before I roll it because the dishroom don't care. The glasses always feel gritty because they don't change the water in the washer like they are suppose to. The glasses are near the floor, so the person who wrote this isn't lying. I always rinse my glass before I give it to a guest. Managers, I just try to stay away from them. People who work the system, complain about the food instead of your server unless your server was just aweful. Why get someone into to get your food for free?
Posted by server on 2012-07-19:
and the person that said the trays are hot and will cause blisters isn't lying either. We are not allowed to where any protecting from this due to the fact that it isn't part of our uniform code.
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Cracker Barrel- The WalMart of the Food Service Industry!
Posted by Aspirins on 08/15/2009
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I have been a long-time customer of Cracker Barrel, & had the idea that they were a good, home-sweet-home restaurant. Well it hit me like a ton of bricks when I heard what some of my friends who are current employees had to say about the esablishment.

The managers constantly screw up schedule requests- one girl told them early on that she had to pick up her child at a certain time, so she had to be off by then. They agreed to this. When her shift came around, they held her longer than they agreed to. She satyed as long as she could, but finally had to clock out and leave (of course). She was terminated immediately.
A cashier was robbed by a scamming customer that played a word game with the cashier, and walked away with $50! The problem- they took that money right out of the cashier's paycheck, and told him they wouldn't go after the criminal because it would cost $65.

These employees dedicated hundreds of hours to the company, but they just go and treat him like money bags to pull from.

Even The Golden Corral treats its employees better than Cracker Barrel! This place is HELL to work at- just ask an employee. PLEASE don't patornize this sell-out, money-hungry, corrupted HELL HOLE!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-15:
But the food is good?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-15:
You want people to quit patronizing an eatery because some of your freinds told you some stories about working there?

Come on...
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-15:
how did the customer trick the worker out of money
and why do you think the worker shouldn't pay for losing the money?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-15:
I base a complaint I post on personal experience. Your experiences with Cracker Barrel were okay. If your friends have differing views and are treated badly they should contact their local labor board.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-15:
So this is third hand or fourth hand news?
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2009-08-16:
NH! Getting the complaint "2nd Hand" is not helpful to me.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-08-16:
I tried CB a couple of times, both were different locations. Both times were bad. The second time the mgr gave me a coupon for a meal there. I gave it to someone else. Won't go back.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-16:
Sorry, but this is all hearsay to me. I have to take it with a grain of salt.
Posted by Joyce crowton on 2013-07-29:
Dont work at cracker barrel I spent 2 wks working there. Lastnite being my last. Its HELL kitchen Managers are terrible. Its the WORST restaurant I have ever worked for. Good~bye
Posted by CB employee on 2013-08-08:
I am a server at CB I have been there for almost 2 yrs. The only reason I am still employed there is because the people I work with are some of the greatest people I know and my managers are awesome. The thing with the hours is like most days I work from 5-8 at night schedule time, being that I have been there almost 2 yrs I know never to make any plans because even though my time scheduled out is 8 I have never left before 9 at night. Some nights I'm there until after close because they didn't schedule enough people or whatever. It really sucks to never be able to make plans when I work because I never know when I'll be off. I have thought about calling home office many times but honestly what good would it do me? They will just replace me with someone that doesn't care to do it. I hear that they have one of the highest turnover rates and it probably is because of unfair practices, but if you don't like it find another job where you will be happy I know people say its a lot easier to serve at places other than cb idk because this is my first serving job, but just last week I applied at applebees as a server because I asked my manager if I could switch to day shift so I could study at night for school and he told me " there is no way in hell you are getting off night shift we have too many people on day shift" I am almost positive they can't tell you know when you are requesting to change your availability for school. Either way I am looking for other employment because I have finally reached the end of my rope.
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Sneaky Switch From "Pure Maple Syrup" To "Pure Natural Syrup"
Posted by Bubbs on 11/06/2008
Sneaky! Suddenly, Cracker Barrel substituted "100% Pure Natural Syrup" for their "100% Pure Maple Syrup"

I understand costs, value, etc., but to sneak it in like that, and even make a deliberate attempt to deceive (the label is designed to appear the same and trick the reader into thinking it's 100% maple) means I will NOT be patronizing Cracker Barrel.

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-11-06:
Don't be too hard on Cracker Barrel. Every corporation out there is in a never ending crusade to give you as little product and charge you as much money as they can possibly get away with. The most common ploy is to change the package shape so you don't notice you are paying the same price for less product. It's corporate greed. This how their CEO's get these HUGE salaries and Golden Parachute "your fired" packages.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-11-06:
...I like those dividend checks...
Posted by OldManDan on 2008-11-06:
The question is are they saying it is maple syrup? If not, I think it's a pretty lame reason to quit eating there.
Posted by Advocate1 on 2008-11-13:
100% Pure Maple Syrup has been a hallmark of Cracker Barrel ever since I can remember frequenting the restaurant. I wrote to Cracker Barrel recently about adulterating the 100 % maple syrup with 45% cane sugar syrup. It certainly was done inconspicuously and with the intent not to be straight forward with its patrons. I wrote to Cracker Barrel and am awaiting their explanation. I gave them the suggestion to offer less pure maple syrup per bottle and only give one bottle per serving. I also suggested that additional bottles of pure maple syrup may be purchased for a nominal fee. We will see if Cracker Barrel corporate responds. In the meantime, I informed them that I would be bringing my own maple syrup. Cracker Barrel certainly has the right to manage their restaurants any way they desire. We have seen what happens to American businesses where the corporate bean counters are put in charge of quality assurance. Consumers of course, have the right to vote with their feet and not eat there.
Posted by Advocate1 on 2008-11-13:
Here is the official response from Cracker Barrel Guest Relations:

Thank you so much for contacting us. We are always glad to hear from our guests. I apologize for your disappointment with our switching to a maple syrup blend from our 100% maple syrup. We have always prided ourselves on serving the best quality syrup we could find and still do however due to circumstances out of our control, we can not serve the 100% maple syrup at this time.

We do hope this elimination is temporary. With recent weather changes and drier climates, there is a nationwide shortage in the production of maple syrup. There just isn't enough being harvested to meet the demand required to serve 100% syrup. Some grocery chains are still able to sell 100% maple syrup however the price has increased substantially.

At Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, we decided instead of raising our prices and still having the potential to run out, we began searching for an alternative. After several focus group surveys, our guests picked the blend they thought most like our 100% syrup.

Again, we are certainly hopeful for better harvests next season so that we can once again serve you the 100% maple syrup everyone likes so much. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you again soon.

Posted by Advocate1 on 2008-11-13:
Funny but according to the USDA's report of June 12, 2008 maple syrup yields are 30% greater in 2008 than they were 2007. Could this be the beginning of Cracker Barrel's "syrup-gate"?
Posted by Advocate1 on 2008-11-13:
Take a close look a Cracker Barrel stock performance since March of 2007. Those dividend checks are getting smaller and smaller.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-08:
Advocate1, thank you for your posts - it sure sounds like either CB is spinning excuses about why they're no longer serving "the good stuff" or perhaps they are simply relying on the wrong suppliers! Interesting.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-08:
Some people need a hobby.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-08:
Its maple syrup who cares, bring your own next time
Posted by Advocate1 on 2009-03-06:
Those with a sense of business integrity realize that this really has little to do with maple syrup but has everything to do with business ethics, commitment to quality and respect for the customer. When any company attempts to manipulate the truth to maximize damage control they need to be called to the carpet. It does not matter if the business in question is Cracker Barrel or General Motors. As a further development to this story, I have experienced Cracker Barrel serving sugar free version of their maple syrup. It is artificially flavored and still nothing like the real thing. I agree that one should bring their own syrup and I do but keep bringing the matter to Cracker Barrels attention as well.
Posted by Advocate1 on 2009-03-10:
On a recent visit to cracker Barrel I noticed the menu touts the quality of "100% Natural Syrup". A clever marketing ruse. I asked the server if there was any of the good ol' 100% maple syrup in the kitchen. She had the audacity to say that the reason why Cracker Barrel has changed to a 55/45 adulterated product is because the company is aware of environmental concerns associated with the production of maple syrup and wants to do their part to be environmentally correct. It is getting deep at the Barrel and it isn't maple syrup the patrons are stepping in.
Posted by dallie523 on 2009-06-22:
yet people eat fast food fries containing what lol. Realy it is a small thing to split hairs over I do think they do try to not make a big deal out of the switch for that I am sorry. I work there and did not find out until after it was said and done..oh and sounds to me like you just got one server who was just making things up..lol she is a funny girl. I can only image the line of picketer at the barrel protesting had anyone told you they were thinking of changing the maple.Anyway here is my post from the last maple over deal. I do work in a Cracker Barrel first of let me say I am very sorry if anyone feels cheated by the switch. I am not sure of all the details but this is what was told to me as to why this has happened, I am keeping in mind that you may not even care why. So I heard something about farming crops being affected this year by what I do not know, I was told because of this we had to switch to the blend or run out of maple provided by the supplier. I am sure some of you are saying who cares get a new source but you see how you feel about the blend what if the source was changed after all this years who know how the maple may be than. I trust cracker barrel knows what they are doing. And if you LOVED the maple before why would you now want to punish the poor maple farmers who made it for you after all these years. Maybe I am wrong... just sounds abit cold to turn your backs on a old friend just because of a new shirt!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-06-22:
i guess the people who feel cheated can always bring their own in
Posted by nate3 on 2009-06-28:
Cracker Barrel theme is a old fashioned wholesome country restaurant. They have touted their 100% pure maple syrup for years. To change the blend and make it appear that they are providing pure maple syrup when they no longer do so, is deceitful and dangerous to their "country" image. I think it was a corporate mistake...but time will tell...and yes I can bring my own syrup...but why not simply go elsewhere?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-28:
If people are leaving because of the syrup..that doesn't say much about the food.

Posted by Advocate1 on 2009-10-20:
In response to dallie523, I do not understand what french fries or the oil they are cooked in, has to do with Cracker Barrel's promise to serve 100% pure maple syrup. Cracker Barrel's corporate decision to switch to an adulterated version of pancake syrup by dubious and deceptive means should tell patrons everything they need to know about Cracker Barrel's ethics or lack thereof. I would not expect an employee of Cracker Barrel to be objective about this or any other policy regarding the restaurant chain's menu items or ingredients. The other difficulty I have with Cracker Barrel is the intelligence insulting form letter I was sent by Cracker Barrel's Guest Relations department. The syrup-gate issue aside, I do not believe that Cracker Barrel's overall food quality is as good as it was a decade ago.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-20:
One of the regulations with maple syrup... you can't have the word "Maple" anywhere on the label - unless it's 100% maple syrup.

So... unless this "dark label" says "maple" somewhere on it, technically no one can be fooled by it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-21:
Pumpkins are higher this year than normal because of shrinking crops.

A few months ago it was hard to find gun amo because quantities were limited.

Last year with all the tornadoes and severe thunderstorms across the country roofing shingles were in short supply.

The simple fact is that sometimes circumstances beyond our control cause us to not be able to get what we want when we want it at the price we want to pay.
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Major Crack in the Barrel/ Someone call the UNION
Posted by Crack in the Barrel on 10/11/2010
I have worked at CB for over a year. I find all the prior complaints that I have read on this site to be accurate of what I have found working at CB. I feel they promote employees to scrutinize other employees. (The only thing that comes to mind is the saying "Divide and conquear") I find these kind of people are promoted at Cracker Barrel. Managers are very rude with employees to the point of I can't tell you how many waitresses I have found crying in the breakroom. I feel that CB is a class action law suit waiting to happen. . I SAY UNIONIZE
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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-12:
Check with your states employment commission or labor department to see what their definitions of employee abuse are and report the abuse if your employer is in violation of the laws or guidelines.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-12:
Does CB have an HR department that you can request to meet with? Do they have employee handbooks that cover items like breaks? The best thing you can do is document everything, including what steps you have taken to address the issues. Good luck and follow Alain's advice.
Posted by boycottingCB on 2011-06-10:
It won't do any good to complain to corporate...they treat everyone like crap and they just don't care. I think this company should be very ashamed, especially because they try to portray themselves as a down-home, wholesome company.....yeah right!! Then treat people better and recognize when you have good employees willing to work. I only went there for the employees not the food!
Posted by hagfan on 2011-12-22:
worst company I ever worked for nough said
Posted by Bowman #568 on 2011-12-25:
I work at store 568 in Waynesboro, Virginia. I have worked for the Barrel for over 3 years. I get 2 weeks paid vacation, I have 401 k, I have insurance which it may not be the best, but it is insurance. The insurance is a little pricy for Par 1 thru Par 3 but drops a lot when you make par 4. You get 20% off food and retail and 35 % when you make par 4. Make real good money and have a great management team, some of the best managers I have ever worked for. Chris, John, Tom, Walter, and Melissa you guys are awesome.
Posted by anon 195 on 2013-03-09:
I have worked for tbis company for 10 years and have found the divide and conquer techinque to be unbenifitting to the teamwork philosophy. And furthermore, when you complain to corporate it is recorded and management hear who says what and will discipline with either days cut or poor sections. I am in a no win situation, I love having a job, great coworkers, insIurance and 401 K. , I am treated like a government mule and fully expect the shooting when they are done with me. Which will be soon as I cannot no longer work the 7.45 hr shift with no breaks whatsoever.
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Sweat shop in disguise
Posted by Rowehun on 07/16/2010
I am basically a new employee (server) at Cracker Barrel in North Carolina. When I first hired in the trainer was very helpful and nice making it a good transition coming out of early retirement. I do need to work as I was recently divorced and had to surrender half of my pension. Back to the subject, the managers make it so nice for you when you first get on the floor, but after you are on board for a month, the real Cracker Barrel comes out of the walls. Besides me working my area of 4 tables and when its busy thats walking, refills, serving, busing tables, making your silverware quota and running food out to other tables. One extremely busy day, I got a drink of water and I heard my name being screamed out to me about running food out to tables. They do not talk to you they holler at you like you are some kind of lowlife lethario. I do not think or even recall when I was allowed to drink or eat a little break. I thought it was the law when you work over a certain period of time that you are allowed breaks. Well, not at this Cracker Barrel you do, and if you do your job is at stake. I actually am a nervous mess when I work as I feel that I am doing something wrong all the time day in and day out. Managers never praise you for a good job, they always look for fault and will be glad to notify you of it, believe me. I really need the job, but its a shame that business with food service is like Walmart in all means.
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Posted by FlShopper on 2010-07-16:
This sounds like a lousy working environment. Start looking for something else asap.
Posted by rowehun on 2010-07-16:
this country is not going forward in treating workers fairly, they are going back and way back at that, its a shame,, greed and big money at the workers expense..
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
What were you expecting a country club atmosphere?
Surely you have dined at these types of places and witnessed how hectic it can be for a server, waitress or whatever.
That is the nature of the beast and you are just not cut out for that type of work.

Good luck with your new life and employment.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-07-16:
+10 lakisha
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
I disagree and would say -10 Lakisha. I don't think the OP was expecting a country club atmosphere at all. It is the law that ALL hourly employees are given breaks at certain intervals. Sure, working in a restaurant can be hectic and one might not always get their break at the exact time they are supposed to, but it is up to management to understand and staff accordingly for how business trends in their location to avoid scenarios like the above as much as possible.

To the OP, if it were me, I'd have a sit down with the manager of the place and calmly explain what is going on. Labor laws are quite clear, and it doesn't sound like this CB is taking them very seriously.
Posted by biomajor on 2010-07-16:
My daughter is a server at Steak and Shake and she gets a 10 minute break after 4 hours. It's not the law, it's a gift from her employer. Breaks are not mandated by the federal laws, and all State laws differ, but here in TN, they don't have to give breaks to adults.

I looked up North Carolina, and there is no mandatory break time, no matter how long you work. www.nclabor.com
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
There are times that you may have to work through your break. I know I have numerous times. If the OP isn't getting the proper amount of break time they should request it to the manager although I would think that there are down times when they do take one.
I think we all know our rights regarding the labor laws and a little hard work never hurt anyone. Sweatshop my eye.

Thank you BIO it is the same deal if you work in a perishable goods type of job.
No wonder all the factories are gone.
Posted by biomajor on 2010-07-16:
I work in a school. I work from 7:30 (my first bus comes) to 4:00 (last bus leaves) and I don't get any breaks at all. I eat my lunch with my students. I cut up their food, wipe their faces, and noses, and occasionally clean up vomit (reflux and gerd are some of my kids' favorite medical issues) during lunch.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
I stand corrected, biomajor..thanks for looking that up. If I were the OP I'd be looking for a new employer that cares enough for its employees to give them the "gift" of a break.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Bio you have it much tougher than anyone here.
Posted by biomajor on 2010-07-16:
I love my job (No, really, I do LOL) I love my students!! Their smiles warm my heart. I hate summer break, but luckily I've run into a couple of them out and about. My kids are fabulous!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
I would never allow any employer to yell at me or treat me with disrespect. It's not something I would do. Back in college when I delivered pizza's I had a manager yell at me. I quit right then and there during a heavy rush. He was all like hey man don't quit I'm sorry and I said screw you. I bumped into the guy a few months later at a party. I made it so uncomfortable for him that he left. What a wuss.

My point is don't take crap from anybody. If an employer doesn't treat you right then quit right then and there. Heck, you were looking for a job when you found that one.

Good review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Sometimes it's called having THICK SKIN. No one likes getting yelled but it happens.
I had a boss yell at me and I promptly told him to not ever yell at me again. He didn't fire me. See my point?
Posted by bargod on 2010-07-16:
At no time is it acceptable for an employer to yell at an employee, nuff said.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
No one said that it is acceptable. If it does happen you address it at that time correct?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
That's the problem Kisha. Most people just accept it same as they do poor customer service, $39 OD fees and bad sex.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Question: Would you consider it rude if the server brought you the check when you still have 4 of 5 slices of pizza left and a drink?
Posted by bargod on 2010-07-16:
Absolutly that would be rude.
Posted by let me see? on 2010-07-16:
Again I repeat the there NO FEDERAL laws regarding lunch or breaks. Each state has there own law. NC has no law, If they want you to work 12 hours with no break they can. I can't tell you the times I have heard "its the law I have a break", don't take my word, look it up on line.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Bargod: I thought so too. That friggin jerk
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
I wouldn't be offended if they brought my check with 4-5 slices left. Heck, I wouldn't even be offended if they gave it to me when they brought the food out the first time. Why should I? They're simply billing me for the goods I received. Now, if they ask me to leave before I'm ready, then that's a different story.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Kisha, was the pizza worth the trouble?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
I took it as a hint to hurry up. The place was getting busy and we had a nice corner booth.
Places that give you the ticket right away are classless or get walked out on frequently.
I am used to asking for my check or being asked. If want to pay right away I could have gone to some dump like Little Ceasars pizza.

Dryad it was awful. I may do a rant on it here when time allows.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Was the Pizza good at least?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Kisha, that's how I would take it, too.
Posted by biomajor on 2010-07-16:
Kisha, that's how I'd take it too. I'd also not go back! Although, you can't pay me to go to Little Caesar's LOL They were giving pizzas away here not long ago for their anniversary and my children, who eat anything wouldn't even go for free.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Smart kids!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Kisha> I too have had a boss yell at me before. I politely told him that I will bust my ass for him 100% each and every day. No questions asked. But I REFUSE to be yelled at. Just ask me nicely to do it, and I'll do it. I told him I will give him the same respect in return. SEVERAL years later, and it's never happened again. Ever. Sorry Stew, very, very, very poor advice. Never quit a situation. Take control of the problem and correct it. Running away from your problems doesn't solve anything.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Amen Justice.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-16:
That's funny Stew, you say "My point is don't take crap from anybody.", but you frequently side with customers whenever a cashier or server or whoever gets an attitude with someone. I'm a cashier and I follow your advice, I don't take crap from anyone, including my customers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
It is a two way street huh?
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-16:
Basically, apparently it's ok to take crap as a cashier, but not as a customer? Everyone needs to treat everyone with respect and get over themselves.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Ytrop, I side with the customer because the customer is always right ERGO in those cases I'm advising the CUSTOMER not to take the EMPLOYEE'S crap.

If nothing else I am very consistent in my views.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
You are consistent although your views are flawed.

The customer is right as long as they are profitable. Those that make scenes and hold up the line are not profitable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Kisha, The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
They get taken to jail, get their food spat on and are escorted out of the place too.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-07-16:
I had one boss years ago that I respected enough to take a cussin from him.
When he retired and his assistant took over, he tried the same thing. I explained only 3 people could talk to me like that, my mom, dad and his former boss. We got along quite well after that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
I was trained at a young age at my very first job (Taco Bell) that the customer is "ALWAYS" right. Even if they're wrong, you let them think they're right. At all costs.

Well, as life goes on and I've experienced the world a little for myself, I've changed my opinion slightly. I worked as a service tech for many years. I was a front line service tech, in that I interacted directly with the customer. However, there were some very unruly customer/clients from time to time. I always bit my tongue the best I could. (Don't forget J4A...make them think they're right) Well, one particular gentleman went out of his way to personally berate my company and me. Calling us every name in the book. I politely picked up my tools and equipment, and said, "Goodbye". The owner of my company (multi-million dollar company) called and said while they appreciated his business over the years, they weren't going to stand by and allow someone to berate an employee of theirs in that matter. Especially one that was Employee of The Year the previous year. He went on to say that while he valued the money the customer spent with us over the years, they didn't want it anymore. I was allowed to listen via speaker phone. Them having my back was the greatest feeling in the world. Long story short...THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
J4A, Sam Walton said the Customer Is Always Right. No offense but I giving Sam the nod on this one. The man seemed to know what he was talking about.
Posted by biomajor on 2010-07-16:
Stew, the slogan pre-dates Walmart's empire :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Bio, True and I didn't say Sam came up with expression he merely believed it and acted accordingly. It's a good saying that's stood the test of time.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-07-16:
The customer is always right. Except when he's wrong.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-07-16:
NOrth Carolina law does not require a break for an adult:

"A rest break (generally 10 or 15 minutes) and a meal break (usually 30 minutes or more) are not required by law for anyone who is 16 years of age or older. A 30 minute break after 5 hours is required for youths who are 14 or 15 years of age."

Posted by bargod on 2010-07-16:
Sam Walton also said "if we don't take care of the customer, someone else will'
A very good motto in my books.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Him taking care of the customers meant using leverage against vendors towards his competitors, purchasing in bulk so to undercut the mom and pop businesses thus putting them out of business and taking advantage of NAFTA as others did as well.
Posted by bargod on 2010-07-16:
It sure worked though,lol.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Sure did.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-16:
"The squeaky wheel gets the grease." The squeaky wheel can only squeak so long before it gets replaced.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-16:
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-16:
well i'm going to give you the same advice i just gave someone else, though in your case, since you're coming out of early retirement it may actually work better for you, since you very likely have an established resume or previous work history.

Keep the job for now, because even a crappy job is still a paycheck. But start job hunting asap.

You may even want to consider a temp agency - as I personally found out, some of them do job placement for full time jobs. And if you have a good resume built up, you may get lucky.

Especially since you probably have good experience. There's no reason why you should have to run around in an entry-level job if you have qualifications that can be used elsewhere.

Good luck.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-07-16:
I always tell my customers what I can do, not what I can't. It's worked for 40 yrs.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-07-17:
Welcome to the wonderful world of food service. Waht you ahve is bad management. I have eaten in Cracker Barrels across the US, and I have never observed this type of management. Don't try to tar the whole chain with the brush of one store. It sounds to me as if you are not suited to food service. As far as breaks, Arizona requires a half-hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks per eight hour shift. When I worked in a county jail, the closest I got to that was eating a bologna snadwich with one hand while prionting an inmate or arrestee with the other. I knew that when I went into the detention division and accepted it as part of the job.
Posted by let me see? on 2010-07-20:
Starlord, Arizona has no break/lunch law. They can make you work as long as they want. 12 hours no break or lunch. Check the Internet. Some companies allow breaks etc but are not REQUIRED by law.
Posted by Ann on 2011-06-28:
Your experience really helped me. I so had the same situation. The first 30 days was supportive. Then, boom, the atmosphere completely changed. I did great with 4 tables, even during the rush. My tips always were above 20%. But, I did make a mistake that upset the customers. It happens. Next thing I know, I'm given 7 tables during rush. No way could I handle it. And then, my hours were cut to practically a notice that says: Go away. So much for the nice words about how I'm bound to make mistakes, don't get upset, it happens!

What was really odd? Nobody in management had the courage to just discuss it with me.

I got online, read from others, and felt a lot better. This isn't the type of place I think would be best for me, anyway. I read too many suggestons from others that their system is a large part of the problem for servers, and I can do as well or better in a less frenzied restaurant. I believe it. My service declined when I had to run food for others and couldn't tend to my own section. It just doesn't work.

I really appreciated hearing how the tone changed after 30 days. I was shocked, personally. I've never been talked to in that way in my life, and I've been through a divorce with a mad ex-husband! lol

Life is way, way too short for their blame game stuff.
Posted by hagfan on 2011-12-22:
I know what you mean I was there about a year,I sat down to eat a hamburger 3 min.& 2 bite's I was told to go back to work but our friends from south of the border ;legal or NOT ; can take all the breaks they want at the gastonia n c store
Posted by notafan on 2012-04-19:
I work at one in Oklahoma. They operate the same way. However they do succeed in hiding their behaviors in front of the customers. Most of the time. I have witnessed an employee being stopped at the front of the store on a Sunday around 1, people coming in and out of the door while two managers confronted the poor girl and spoke very loudly and harshly to her until she was in tears. That's just one example, too. I have many.

I don't allow anyone to treat me that way and I won't treat anyone else that way. People who say it's part of the job are part of the problem because they are either the perp or the brainwashed victim....Any company with half a brain should treat their employees with respect instead of creating a master/slave environment. People do still respond to being respected, therefore they will be very loyal and give their best in return. I don't live in a dream world. I do realize some people will take advantage but those are the ones that should get the boot... and that's my 3 pennies.
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Lack of respect for employees
Posted by Concerned employee at 188 on 03/24/2010
JOPLIN, MISSOURI -- Not only are all of those things true but their respect for their employes is nonexistent. About a year ago someone had the wise idea of giving the managers a bonus for making "goal hours" meaning that if they make so much in sales for an hour they get a bigger bonus. Sounds innocent enough, right? But the manager at the store in Joplin, MO, the general manager has taken this to an extreme. He now gives servers, who make $3.73 an hour two table sections on the weekends, when we should be making our money for the week. Keep in mind some of these people have worked there for over ten years and can handle more, and did before the goal hour bonus took effect. Now we are not making enough money to pay our bills or even fill up our gas tanks on a weekend night, while his check is growing, and CB managers would certainly make enough to pay the bills witout the bonus at all. I encourage all who, even if you like Cracker Barrel, to skip the one in Joplin, MO. THere is one in Springfiled, MO, just 60 miles away, or one in Tulsa, just 100 miles. Some regard has to be shown to these people as the manager has said that it's an employers market and he can do what he wants. I just think everyone should know how this company treats people.

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Posted by ejack053824 on 2010-03-24:
Very interesting. I will make note of this.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-24:
Sounds like you're in a tough spot - time to start looking for something else, apparently these guys are only out for themselves.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-03-25:
If you ask me, insentivising the managers is a stupid idea, you should be insentivising the people who are demanded to do the work and earn the money for the company, the employees!
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2010-03-25:
While I believe you need to take care of your employees you also need to take care of your guests. Most restaurants (exept maybe ihop or dennys) give the servers 2-3 table sections. The reason for this is so they can take care of the guest. If you have 6 tables you cannot give the guest good service. I give my servers 3 tables only at a time. Take care of your guests and they will return and your servers will make even more money. Give the guest bad service and they will not return
Posted by mdcook on 2010-03-25:
My first reaction to your complaint would be this...why in the world would you tell people to not come there to eat if you are complaining that you are not making money. My second reaction, as a ten year employee of this company, (server five years, cook five years) would be this...you do understand that managers have a job to do and have people who hold them accountable, correct? Then maybe you can understand that managers earning bonuses for various reasons is part of the result of their people managing skills, which is what they are hired for. It is a different job with different expectations. Get over it. And by the way, earning bonuses for goal hours is nothing new. This is not to say that there aren't bad apples out there. I've seen my share of slimy managers over the years and eventually they get the boot.

Servers getting two tables sucks when there is no business, and good managers should recognize this and cut the floor, but when it is busy, a two table section taken care of by an attentive, friendly and helpful individual can earn money. I know because Ive done it. My guess is that your bad attitude is getting in the way of your ability to earn money. Sorry, but people pick up on that sort of thing.
Posted by jane doe on 2011-07-23:
my husband works for cracker barrel and he comes home 3 sheets to something
Posted by LuigiMan on 2011-10-04:
This is for the initial post. The manager at your crackerbarrel is not he one who is making those changes with the section/tables. It is corporate and for the last few years customers have complained that they do not receive enough attention and to help this situation corporate has instituted that every server, regardless of how good they are, will have two to three table sections on weekends/busy shifts. I have worked at Cracker barrel for five years now. Started in the dishroom and moved up to host, grill cook, backup cook, and prep cook, server, and now shift leader. On a Friday night when its the busiest I get two to three tables regardless of the fact that I have the highest volume of sales and productivity. I take this opppurtunity to give these few tables incredible service. I make an average of 25 to 30 an hour.... so if you are complaining that you dont have enough tables then perfect what you have.
Posted by marvin on 2013-03-22:
i have been a server for many years and with CB for eight years. three tables on the weekend are fine. I can work them and make money. sometimes you can make money with two tables but good luck to you when one of your two tables sits there for two hours or gets pushed together with another servers for only a party of five. it is very frustrating.
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Maple Syrup Cover-up
Posted by Febebird on 01/04/2009
BARBOURSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA -- Why did cracker barrel stop using pure maple syrup? I have always enjoyed dining at cracker barrel whether at home or on vacation. One of the reasons we have sought out this restaurant is because of superior quality food and excellent service. I was extremely disappointed to discover on our last visit that they have changed their "pure maple syrup" to "pure natural syrup" (55% maple and 45% cane). I feel this is a marketing mistake and it will not go unnoticed.

Interestingly when we questioned the waitress and cashier they were not aware of any changes to the syrup or bottle. I don't know if they were playing dumb or if the corporation has not informed it's workers of the change.
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Posted by Ben There on 2009-01-04:
The price of maple syrup has gone up a lot in the past year. I guess they thought people would rather have a blend of syrups than pay more for pancakes.
Posted by lnewport on 2009-01-04:
I agree, maple syrup has become pretty pricey! Changing to a blend is just another way to save money. I guess Cracker Barrel didn't feel customers would want to pay the extra money to cover the rising cost.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-01-04:
The waitress and cashier might very well have not been aware there had been a change with the syrup. Unless someone has had pure maple syrup, he might not notice the difference either. If you are displeased, write the corporate office. I don't think your local folks were playing dumb.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-01-04:
One thing is certain in life and that is change. With the price of all goods going through the roof (abywhere from 6% to upwards of 45% on some food items) they need to cut costs where they can. As others have said here most people will not notice or ready for this...... not care. The only other thing they could have done is raise the cost they charge for the food which something tells me you would be complaining about that if they did raise the cost. Contacting corporate will get you no where as for every one person who complains there are 100 who do not notice or care. I would recommend that if you do not like the product they serve eat somewhere else. But that's just me
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-04:
Seriously, how would a waitress or cashier know what's in the syrup? Were you there to eat or carrying on a science project?
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-01-04:
RG, it's happened to all of us. Hit that button, nothing..hit it again..nothing..try it the third time and BINGO. Addy will remove two of your postings. As far as contacting Corporate, at least they will be aware some customers know the difference and when there's a price increase they most often will be the first to complain about the price increase. No way am I suggesting the OP would do this. Past experience tells me many others will.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-01-04:
They could change their formula to 10% maple and 90% cane and it wouldn't bother me a bit. Don't like the stuff. Tastes like thickened vanilla to me...but I've never tasted thickened vanilla so I'm just guessing. My MIL used to be a maple syrup afficienado(SP?) so each time she visited, I had to go empty my bank account to get her a small jug of the stuff. Those little jugs were 'cute,' but I didn't care for the contents. There was a previous posting on M3C questioning this same thing. The response someone received from corporate was that it had something to do with the past year's weather. I dunno...
Posted by Advocate1 on 2009-01-06:
I am copying this information from my previous post:

100% Pure Maple Syrup has been a hallmark of Cracker Barrel ever since I can remember frequenting the restaurant. I wrote to Cracker Barrel recently about adulterating the 100 % maple syrup with 45% cane sugar syrup. It certainly was done inconspicuously and with the intent not to be straight forward with its patrons. I wrote to Cracker Barrel and am awaiting their explanation. I gave them the suggestion to offer less pure maple syrup per bottle and only give one bottle per serving. I also suggested that additional bottles of pure maple syrup may be purchased for a nominal fee. We will see if Cracker Barrel corporate responds. In the meantime, I informed them that I would be bringing my own maple syrup. Cracker Barrel certainly has the right to manage their restaurants any way they desire. We have seen what happens to American businesses where the corporate bean counters are put in charge of quality assurance. Consumers of course, have the right to vote with their money and their feet and not eat there.

Here is the official response from Cracker Barrel Guest Relations:

“Thank you so much for contacting us. We are always glad to hear from our guests. I apologize for your disappointment with our switching to a maple syrup blend from our 100% maple syrup. We have always prided ourselves on serving the best quality syrup we could find and still do however due to circumstances out of our control, we can not serve the 100% maple syrup at this time.

We do hope this elimination is temporary. With recent weather changes and drier climates, there is a nationwide shortage in the production of maple syrup. There just isn't enough being harvested to meet the demand required to serve 100% syrup. Some grocery chains are still able to sell 100% maple syrup however the price has increased substantially.

At Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, we decided instead of raising our prices and still having the potential to run out, we began searching for an alternative. After several focus group surveys, our guests picked the blend they thought most like our 100% syrup.

Again, we are certainly hopeful for better harvests next season so that we can once again serve you the 100% maple syrup everyone likes so much. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you again soon.”

Funny but according to the USDA's report of June 12, 2008 maple syrup yields are 30% greater in 2008 than they were 2007. Could this be the beginning of Cracker Barrel's "syrup-gate"? I sent this information to Cracker Barrel and Maple Grove Farms of Vermont seeking a reply. This was back in mid-November. I have yet to receive a response.

Posted by dallie523 on 2009-06-22:
I do work in a Cracker Barrel first of let me say I am very sorry if anyone feels cheated by the switch. I am not sure of all the details but this is what was told to me as to why this has happened, I am keeping in mind that you may not even care why. So I heard something about farming crops being affected this year by what I do not know, I was told because of this we had to switch to the blend or run out of maple provided by the supplier. I am sure some of you are saying who cares get a new source but you see how you feel about the blend what if the source was changed after all this years who know how the maple may be than. I trust cracker barrel knows what they are doing. And if you LOVED the maple before why would you now want to punish the poor maple farmers who made it for you after all these years. Maybe I am wrong... just sounds abit cold to turn your backs on a old friend just because of a new shirt!
Posted by evaluater on 2009-09-25:
Do yourself a favor and don't eat there anymore!
Posted by worker529 on 2013-08-09:
Oh no maple syrup changed now cb sucks bc the maple syrup is the main part of ever meal and chages the flavor of my steak boo :(
Posted by dauber on 2013-10-10:
My wife and I have made CB a regular stop for many years due to its quality food. We had breakfast there yesterday and the biscuits had changed (for the worse) and the 100% Maple syrup was now 55% pure (I wonder). Prices had not dropped. Lost 2 customers here who have been faithful for many years. It does make a difference and I will vote with my feet, as recommended. It was quality, not price, that drew us to CB.
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The server walk
Posted by Doglady57 on 03/03/2011
JOPLIN -- I have worked for Cracker Barrel for 15 yrs and I used to like to work there. then some idiot came up with this seat to eat. Now we have no time to do anything besides do the mile long server walk. This means we have to go from the server isle to the front of the restaurant each and every time we leave the server isle. We are supposd to be able to spend more time with our guests but you can't because you have to take care of everyone elses tables before you go back. Then when you get into the back you have to run food whether it is yours or not and if you are getting drinks you have drop them and run food so now your guests will get their food before you get them their drinks. and you are constantly getting yelled at by managers. now if your guests ask for a salad you have to wait for a grill cook to decide if they have time to make it.
Now let's talk managers they donot care about employees any more it's all about their bonuses which can be up to $10,000 for a general manager. Making food costs and payroll is all they care about anymore. they make us short handed just to lower labor and then the rest of us don't even have time to get a drink and all they say is handle it or we will get somebody who will. we have lost a lot of good employees since this seat to eat started and we are also losing guests. Some of these people have been coming since this store opened 17 yrs ago they do not like these changes.
the worst part is the managers attitudes especially our GM who think he is god and even if you are sick he expects you to be on the job and gets really nasty about it. Always threatening you with your job if you call off for any reason. I am searching for a job which I really do not want to do but because of our managers bad attitudes we are losing guests and therefore money in our pockets. I can't afford to work their any more
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Posted by leet60 on 2011-03-03:
"... Making food costs and payroll is all they care about anymore..."

I have to point out, that this is one of the basic business tenets that make a restaurant successful.

The "server walk" does sound ridiculous, but it seems the real issue is that some servers may not be taking care of their customers and the OP has to pick up the slack.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-03:
I don't have the time or energy to figure out exactly what your job now entails, but I can describe the frustration I experienced as a customer before I gave up on C-Barrel.

I was a regular at three different locations, and had this problem at all. Often, it seems I arrived (maybe 8-8:30pm?) when my server was doing side work in the kitchen or a server switchover occurred. I would be seated in an at least half empty restaurant, and no server. Other servers whisked by, either not looking at me or blankly meeting my eyes, and then walking by. Another problem was my server disappearing during the meal, again, to do side work.

In my opinion, they needed some kind of system to at least address the customer who has not yet been seen by a server. How hard is it for a server in an adjacent section to yell out "Yo, customer seated at table 47 - no server!"?

I thought the system sucked, because the problem was constant. Not the servers' fault (evidently), but quite rude.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-03:
I have no problem with managers making employees work at work.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-04:
The conditions you describe sound unpleasant. If the customers are also unhappy and business declines, you might find yourself with a new GM. In the meantime, with 15 years experience, I'm sure you won't have trouble finding another job. I would at least start looking.

Good luck!
Posted by Skye on 2011-03-04:
Sometimes change is a good thing. Sometimes it is not. This sounds like change you definately do not like.

Who's the idiot, who came up with the seat to eat?
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-04:
This is a complicated complaint. Maybe others who have been in the business understand it, but frankly I don't. From my reading, the restaurant would come to a grinding halt. I'd like to reading a training handout on exactly what seat to eat entails for servers.
Posted by momsey on 2011-03-04:
What is seat to eat and how does it differ from how things were done before?
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-04:
I don't understand it either, but the OP sounds like she knows what she's talking about and has enough experience at CB to support her opinion.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-04:
Good question momsey. As I wrote above, I found the service procedures/management to be quite lacking at CB. All I can think is that a change may have been made to improve the experience for customers. But it is difficult, in this space, to fully describe the then and now.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-04:
Some of the customers don't like it either and aren't returning.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-04:
Venice -> I agree, and I didn't mean to diminish the OP's complaint. I view it pretty much as an employee/employer issue, but it involves customers as well.

I would reiterate that the main reason I stopped going to CB 4 years ago is that I felt the way servers were managed left me sitting without a server for lengthly periods on a significant percentage of visits (maybe 3 of 10). People left because of the old model, also. Sounds like they need more tweaking.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-04:
Trmn, I was only at a CB restaurant once, years ago, somewhere in the South, and I really don't remember much about it. But I wonder what's different about CB. Do other restaurants have this problem?
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-04:
Venice - I frequented them for about 4 years. As you know, I have frequented several other chains as well. All I can tell you is that CB IS different, or they were.

I had several experiences where nobody seemed to know whose section I was in, my server was doing some kitchen cleanup, instead of coming to greet me and ask about a beverage, seated with a poorly prepared sandwich and waiting for the server so it could be remade, etc etc. It was horrendous. And that business where I sat waiting to be greeted for 15 minutes, while other servers walked right past looking at me, THAT really ground my engines. And that happened several times as well, at different locations.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-04:
I frequented locations in MD, PA and NJ. MD is considered the South, ya know (-: I only ate a few items off the menu - the grilled chiken sandwich was my favorite, with honey mustard dressing, pickels and mayo. A bit of sweet and sour. No grits or hashbrowns for me.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-03-04:
Trmn, it sounds like they're in dire need of an efficiency expert or some kind of coordinator because nothing seems to be working. This is interesting. I never realized CB was different from any other restaurant.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-04:
The bizarre thing is that they are so popular. I tried not to go when the place was mobbed - you would guess that you wouldn't be sitting there without a server at prime time, but it comes with other equally annoying issues.

However, if the restaurant closed at 10pm, and I come in to dine at 8pm or 8:30, I don't expect there to be a problem getting some face time. I readily admit that my complaint would not apply to rush hour.
Posted by SUNNY MOON on 2011-06-02:
Posted by SERVER on 2011-06-15:
with this seat to eat you spend more time running others food, not only that getting the guest everything that table needs, when returning to my tables only to find they had their food and were ready to leave without see me there server,,, i also had guest ask who do i tip you cause you have brought the food refills etc. or the servers i first gave my order to... and yes the managers are yelling most of the time, if a new manager is nice they do not last long, the employees who do stay for a while only start to act like the managers, "run this food now" YES i see why they are always hiring,,, what i don't understand if it really does cost around 1000 to train why would CB want such a turn over, and yes you do have to suck up to the management to get any hours
Posted by server on 2011-12-17:
i have to agree with most comments here, i have worked in food service for 20 years and have never been screamed at and made to feel as if your nothing, the GM watches the employees to find something they did wrong, then they have a ECT that is a joke, maybe they should see if she can even do the job they are training new employees to do,,, i know from my time at my store our ECT has done nothing but try to turn employees against one and another, the worst is when i was asked by her do i know where to get pot or pills or i had any, and this is professional,, i only stay at this point cause the job markets sucks, and CB is hiring every week,,,now we know why.
Posted by hagfan on 2011-12-22:
lot's of favortisim if your in your in if your not you never will be.....worst job I ever had.
Posted by Amy on 2012-05-23:
I have worked at cb for 5 yrs. seat to eat in my store keeps guest from waiting for ever to get their food. Also we are taught that all tables belong to all employees so the host and servers are responsible for making sure you don't sit forever waiting for service. The servers don't have to walk around to all the tables. They are just told that when a guest ask for something you get it even if they are not in your section. How would you feel if you were told by a server I won't get you what you want because you are not my table. Also my management including the gm and district manager are amazing. I may have heard my gm yell once. He does get a bonus for hitting goal hours. But my management is very encouraging and soft hearted people.
Posted by phillytz on 2012-08-21:
Cracker Barrel is like most corporate chains, which have presidents/ ceo's and the like, creating this illusion of shared prosperity for the staff and cb guests. I live in San Antonio, and right next to cb is Jims restaurant, very similar menu and clientele. I feel much more of an "old time" or "old time country" atmosphere at Jims rather than Cb. I mean look at all that crap they have for sale as you walk in, granted some of it is sort of neat n nostalgic, but its mostly junk that you can find at wal Mart. Not to mention the product loss prevention nightmare it might be to maintain and track. Whats "old time country" about a host that wears a headset in a shop that sells New release dvd's?
Posted by local gal on 2013-02-10:
I worked there for 15 months as host, it has its good and bad like any job. I will say this, if you do everything that is expected of you, you never finish and you never stop. The GM was strict but fair, Everyone was overworked. The Host job was ran by bullies. I quit after countless conflict with a socipath. Best thing abot the job was hands down, the customers. This was not the worst job I have ever had but it was one of the hardest.
Posted by crazymama on 2013-06-08:
Yep sounds about right! Crazy policies from people who do not work the real world...I would love to see our GM or DM serve for a week! That'll teach'em!
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