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Beware Of David's Bridal!! Run Away!! Bad Customer Service!!
Posted by Puddinhead5 on 08/26/2010
FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- I am in the wedding of my husband's friend and his fiance. They are getting married in July of 2011. We went to try on dresses at the David's Bridal in Fairview Heights, IL. The service was horrible. The attendant was more focused on talking our bride into ordering "right away" than she was in getting dresses for us and the bride. She had this poor girl convinced that dresses had to be order NOW in case they didn't come in next seasons catalog. March 2010.

So I ordered my dress, paid in full! Stopped into the store in August to see if there was some problem because I never received a call to pick up. They had given my dress to the bride. I am not really friends with this girl. She has already kicked one girl out of her wedding. They have cats in their home(I am alergic to cats) and they smoke. I was upset that they had not called me when the dress came in as I had PAID for it. I am the customer!!

The David's Bridal representative, assistant manager, manager, and Robin (the person in charge of customer complaints) all kept telling me that it was their policy to give the bride anything connected to her wedding, no matter who paid. I said that my receipt was a contract between their company and myself, not some third party. After a lot of complaining, the bride has returned the dress to the store.

It stinks!! Of course, the cost of cleaning is not their responsibility!! What is their responsiblity?? Beware. I have been in 7 weddings, this is the 3rd with David's Bridal. All with major problems. This is MY first problem with them, the others were the brides' wedding gowns with alterations not done on time.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-27:
I don't envy you. This does not sound like it's going to be a fun wedding. I'm surprised they didn't call you to pick up the dress so you could try it on. They missed an opportunity to charge you for alterations. If you ordered and paid for the dress, I don't know why they would give it to the bride. What if you lived far apart and it wasn't so easy to retrieve it? Is it possible the bride insisted on taking the dress?

If the dress is clean and you're not having any allergic reaction from the cats, try hanging it outdoors on a nice day to get rid of the smell. You could also try Febreeze, but I would sorry about it staining the dress.

Good luck. I think you're going to need it.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-27:
I would think it extremely tacky to have David's Bridal contact the bride, stating that one of her bridesmaids was throwing a fit over the fact that she was given the dress. Then having her return said dress back instead of just making sure the dress was given to the bridesmaid. Hopefully the reasons of the smoking and a cat were not disclosed.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-08-27:
you know i'm wondering if the bride insisted too

better yet... are you telling me the bride had a bridesmaid pay for the dress and then kicked her out? that bride OWES the bridesmaid for the cost of the dress then.

Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-27:
I would agree Pepper, although by the way this reads, the dress was being selected after one of the bridesmaids was "kicked".
Posted by Sheriffs Uncle on 2010-08-27:
Sounds like a Jerry Springer wedding to me!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-27:
Why would a dress for a wedding in July 2011 be ready in August 2010? "My husband's friend and his fiancé?" or fiancée? Is this two guys? Is one of them wearing a dress? "I am not really friends with this girl"--So why are you in the wedding?
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-08-27:
Granted, it's been a long time since I got married, but I seem to remember that I was the contact for any issue(s) with the bridesmaid's dresses. The shop would call me whenever a dress was ready for fitting, alterations were done, etc, and I would contact the bridesmaid. It kept things simple for everyone; the shop had only one person to contact and I was kept up-to-date on what was going on with the dresses.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-27:
FlS, my daughter is in a wedding party, and I believe the bridesmaids handled their own dresses. I'll have to ask her to be sure, but I do know the dresses are from David's Bridal.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-08-27:
good luck with this wedding.

and i hope this bride doesn't turn "zilla" on you.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-28:
If you don't like this girl, WHY are you in her wedding party? Maybe she insisted on having all the dresses at her house so she has all her ducks in a row. So what if you paid, it's HER wedding, and if DB's policy is to give the bride whatever she wants, then I guess that's policy huh?
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-28:
Yt, she's most likely doing this for her husband, who is probably in the wedding party, too. It's one of the worst reasons to be in a wedding party. I think it's better to bow out gracefully then do it with a grudge, but I really think she's putting up with this for her husband's sake.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-28:
The last wedding I went to was one of my coworkers. Another coworker was invited to be in the wedding party and she flat out said no. They're really close friends, but she didn't want the hassle and costs of being a bridesmaid. Even if you're friends with someone, it doesn't hurt to say no. I'd never say yes to be in someone's wedding if I truly hated them, to heck with my hubby, lol.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-28:
I agree. I don't think there's anything wrong with saying no. Not only is it a big expense, but a person should only do it if they really want to. My daughter asked her closest friends that she's known most of her life, and who she knew could afford it. Sometimes I don't think brides realizes that it's an imposition and people don't know how to say no. The bride sees it more as a privilege.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-28:
Exactly, the whole "I chose YOU" guilt trip usually works. I'm not sure how many my coworker asked, but she only ended up with like 3. Most of the people she knows don't have the money to be dropping on a dress they aren't going to wear again.
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Posted by Qd on 08/12/2010
SIOUX CITY, IOWA -- I went with my sister and tried on 2 dresses. Neither was marked in my favorites, but that happens. I fell in love with the dress and ordered it. The lady gave me no time to think and told me "If you don't by your shoes here, the we will not be able to alter your dress and how will you know how it fits?" I'm thinking what ever, so she brings me shoes and they hurt, and I mean hurt. When I try to tell her this she explains again if we don't get them there, they can not give the lady an est. on how much to take off. At this point I just wanted my wedding over dreading the day I ever had to put them shoes on. The other sales lady said bring them back maybe we can exchange them. They both have quit by the time my alterations are due and the lady took way more than I asked off the bottom. Not to mention I am a size 18, they gave me a size 22 slip saying I could buy a new one. Not at 54 bucks. so now I have a slip that is so huge and to long(the alteration lady said its a waste to fix) my dress looks crappy.

Now for the bridesmaids. The ladies were so pushy one bridesmaid left crying because they had her in the dressing room yelling at her to buy it now our she'd ruin my day. My sister backed out with 2 flower girls on how they treated them! I have tried to say something and when in the store they raise their noses. I suggest using David's Bridal. I had been excited to get married until I walked into that store and went through that. On the website, there is no where to complain, and like I said, in the store, they refuse to give me a card or any number of someone hire up than them.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-12:
Why on earth would you buy anything from them? I wouldn't have taken the stuff for free if it meant being treated so badly. And no one could make me wear shoes that hurt! Certainly you could have found a dress somewhere else. Was David's Bridal your only option?
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-08-13:
They were blowing smoke up your bridal bouquet. I bought my dress at David's, I had it altered there, but I did not buy my shoes there ( I actually borrowed shoes from my {now ex} SIL). No one said "boo" about it.

About the service: when my sister got married (89 days after me), they treated her bridesmaids similarly to yours and my sister, being a born bridezilla, marched in there and raised Cain about it. They gave her a free dress preservation kit. Who did you speak to? If you haven't spoken to a manager, please do so. If that hasn't worked, just keep going up the chain of command. I know there's likely a district manager. Go all the way to corporate if you need to! Best of luck to you in your future marriage :).
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-13:
You are not only supposed to wear shoes on the day of the wedding. You are supposed to wear your shoes around the house for a couple of weeks before so they are properly broken in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-13:
Wearing shoes that hurt like hell for weeks? I couldnt imagine doing that. You end up being charged out the WING WANG for just abou everything for a wedding, I would expect it to at least EXCEED my expectations. Paying probably hundreds of dollars for shoes, should not have to hurt like hell when I put them on. Seems like they were just feeding off your emotions to get the extra commission on the shoes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-13:
I suspect "hurt like hell" is a hyperbole. If they were that bad, she would have asked for a larger pair. But in any event, yes, bridal consultants will usually tell their clients to wear their shoes in advance to avoid the discomfort that comes with wearing a never-worn pair of shoes for the first time on a day when one probably least wants to deal with that.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-13:
I wouldn't have bought shoes that hurt me no matter how much they harp on me. I think the only logic behind what they said is the heel height maybe? Then they know where the dress needs to sit. I wouldn't to David's anyway but you're talking to someone who got married in the sand in flip flops.

SMALL beach weddings > BIG church weddings any day.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-13:
Yt, my daughter got married in the mountains and her groom was barefoot!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-13:
At least he wasn't bigfoot. lol
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-13:
No, TA, but I think I saw Bigfoot hiding behind a tree!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-13:
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A Consumer Lesson
Posted by Thinkabout on 07/09/2010
One of the things that I find most interesting about sites like this is how quickly [and thoroughly] people complain about their services or experience without first checking to see how their attitudes affect their overall experience.

How many people act like bridezillas or are just plan rude and/or allow their people [bridesmaids, mothers, friends, whoever] to be just plain abusive to another human being just because they think being proposed to makes this special.

I too have a negative experience at David's Bridal. Mine went like this. I made an appointment for Saturday. I was told on the phone it would busy and I may have to share my consultant, but the was the only day I could get two friends in so I came.

It was no biggie to me. I completely understand that at is heart, David's Bridal is a retail store-a special retail store-but a retail store nonetheless. And just like Macy's can become crowded on a busy Saturday it made sense to me that so too could David's Bridal. And just like at a doctor office on a busy day, appointments may run long. I was okay with the idea that I may have to wait for my appointment.

I was just excited about my wedding and wanted to take in the whole experience. I got to my appointment on time, but my friends weren't there yet I asked if I could wait. They asked me to register, but since I registered online I didn't have to fill out the paperwork. I did hear a girl complaining about doing so. That should have warned me.

My friend picked up one of the dress to ask me what I thought. We were told that we could not handle the dresses because they are sold off the rack and only the consultants are allowed to handle them. I was told when I got my consultant, if I liked the dress, she could take it to the fitting room for me.

The girl who said this wasn't rude, she was just matter of fact. I got my consultant. She was friendly and upbeat. When I was told that I would have to share my consultant with another bride, I was okay with that.

However, guess who my bride was. she was the girl who was at the desk complaining about the registration process. And she was not at all pleased that she had to share me. She and her sister complained about it the whole time she tried on dress.

But that was just the beginning. She was rude and a nasty and her sister was way worst. However, the consultant I had remained pleasant despite this.

I noticed that the other bride's family, bridesmaids or whoever she was with kept bringing dresses after dresses back to the fitting room. The consultant asked them to stop, but the didn't. The sister even snapped at the consultant, yet the girl was still very pleasant, but I could see she was stressed.

I felt so bad for her. She was trying her best to juggle both of us at the same time and still remain upbeat. The other bride's sister who absolute flat out refused to go sit outside so she remained standing at the fitting room door--would contradict everything the consultant said about anything. But the consultant remained tactful.

I have to say I was impressed at her professionalism because it so couldn't have been me. I so wanted to tell that girl to shut up and let the poor girl do her job.

Then there was the fact that every time my consultant came to help me, the other bride would call to her. It was like the woman was determined not to share.

It got so bad, I decided to cut short my appointment. As I was in the fitting room getting dress to leave I could hear the bride and her sister complaining about the consultant being stupid and rude and pushy, even using profanity about the poor girl.

That angered me. I was there. I heard the consultant trying hard to please both me and the other bride. It was a shame, but I just knew when those women left they were going to complain about the girl--probably to the manager or on some site just like this. So I made a point to go to the manager and tell her what a good job the girl had done and I made a point to fill out a survey and call customer service.

It just goes to show that sometimes it's not the consultants or the people in the store, but how rude we as consumers can be because we think we are entitled to certain things and we live and breathe that customer is always right bull.

Just as a side note, I made another appointment with my consultant during the week. It was quieter [a tidbit of information I got as my consultant walked me to the door] and the bride I shared my consultant with this time was much nicer.

After things were all said an done. I wrote a nice letter about my experience praising the staff. Because one of the things that gets my goat and that I find so interesting how little people are willing to be so thorough when they receive quality service.

It's like when things go outside of how people thinks things should go, they want to tell the world, scream, rant and rave. But when things go well no one says a word. So I said I am letting everyone I know, know just how pleasant my experience was.

Moral to this story ladies...sure bad things happen and sometimes people are just plain rude. But let's check ourselves. Let's make sure we leave our bridal egos at the door and walk inside these stores wanting to be just as respectful to them as we think they should be to us.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-09:
I nominate this for Review of the Week!

I actually think this is the best review I have ever read here. Retail workers across the country are cheering. Someone actually gets it.

Thinkabout, it was incredibly thoughtful of you to write this and to let management know how pleased you were with your consultant. I hope word gets back to her.

What goes around comes around, so I know your wedding will be beautiful. Congratulations!.. and here's to a long and happy marriage!
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-07-09:
Excellent review

indeed how you treat others is a very good indication of the kind of service you will get in return. the self-fulfilling prophecy in way

and kudos for you letting the cooperation know just how wonderful you felt the consultant's service was.


Posted by goduke on 2010-07-09:
I predict, thinkabout, that you are going to have an awesome wedding, full of joy and great memories, while the other bride is only going to be stressed out about every little detail and barking at people the entire day. Congrats and best of luck!
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-07-09:
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-09:
Great review!
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-07-09:
Great review!! And as someone who works in retail and knows very well that customers are *not* always right, I applaud you for being an excellent customer. And I love that you took the time to compliment the consultant. Whenever someone compliments one of my coworkers, I always ask the customer to fill out a comment card since the employees receive recognition for excellent customer service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-09:
I hope your soon to be husband realizes how lucky he is to have someone like you. Best of luck to both of you!
Posted by momsey on 2010-07-09:
This is a good review, and the reviewer is very patient and understanding. I don't think it's fair to say that everyone who complains about David's is like the bride she had to share a consultant with, though.

I still believe you can get a beautiful gown at a local bridal shop where you will get personal attention and are allowed to look through dresses on your own for about the same price that you will get a David's dress for. I wouldn't have shared a consultant for my wedding dress, and I was not a Bridezilla.

Anyway, my point is, the reviewer is VERY understanding, but she could have had a much nicer experience at another shop. Just because she's exceedingly nice and understanding doesn't count towards a compliment for David's, in my opinion. It is a compliment to the reviewer, though!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2010-07-09:
Wonderful, wonderful review! Well done! It is always good to be polite ^_^
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-09:
What an awesome review. Kudos to you AND your consultant for not saying anything to the bridezilla. I know if I was sharing I would have said something nasty the moment she decided to play dirty. I just don't put up with wenches like that ;)

Another reason why I'm against big weddings. It turns certain folks into monsters. I could NEVER work at DB because of that, especially if the wedding party was being nasty to me and my other client, and not listening to the rules.
Posted by momsey on 2010-07-12:
I think those who turn into monsters over a wedding are monsters anyway.
Posted by megopolis on 2010-08-08:
Great review! As a retail associate, I thank you wholeheartedly for standing up for us little guys and gals. It takes a very strong person to smile through a beating like that, and if those mean customers could spend a day in the shoes of the associates, getting paid minimum wage to deal with such abuse, maybe they would learn to have some respect. Here's to you, for going out of your way when so few others make the effort!
Posted by MaxineRyder on 2010-08-19:
It's a paint o have to share a consultant, they ought definitley to hire more of them.

Still your brizezilla sounds horrendous, i would have yeled at her too.

Maxine xx
Posted by Lifemates on 2010-08-30:
Lucky husband to have such a polite wife.
Posted by CARA on 2012-02-09:
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Ashamed to be a David!
Posted by Ashamed to be a David! on 06/12/2010
I wish I could give a negative number for the review of this company. I feel sorry for the people who have to work for a company who ties the managers hand to the point I have just witnessed.
My Bride was forced into spending every penny of the amount she was supposed to get in "in store" credit. She didn't want or need anything. They wouldn't let her use the credit towards alterations that she still needed to have done and when the things she didn't even want to buy didn't total the full amount she was told she couldn't leave the store with a credit balance ($1.10) and she would have to spend over what the store already owed her to leave!
I think this policy is against the law and am looking in to it. I hate going to court but I want to make a point and do everything I can to stop this kind of blood letting that goes on at what should be a happy time in these ladies lives.
My Bride had already spent hundreds of dollars! There's no call to money grub for more. The store manager told me it was out of her hands... Corporate would have to make the call. Well, if you want to buy your wedding dress from a Corporation who doesn't care about anything but getting every last cent out of you that they can then maybe David's Bridal is the place for you to shop.
I will up date this or write a new review when I find out what the heartless Corporation has to say.
Right now I'm ashamed to be a David!
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Calls after 9pm, Selling personal info, lies to get quick sale, downright awful!!!!
Posted by Soon2bebride on 06/03/2010
CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- On Thursday May 13th I called my local David's Bridal store in Chattnooga TN on Gunbarrel rd to schedule an appointment for the following day. This was around 3pm. I was shocked to be laying in bed at 9:20 that evening to be receiving a call from them. I answered, half asleep, to hear a young lady by the name of Jessica on the other end confirming the appointment I made 6 hours prior. This was the beginning of my nightmare.
My appointment was the next day at 11am, and since several bridesmaids had planned to go with me I begrudgingly went to David's. I told the manager about my late night call to which she responded by rolling her eyes and stated she would note on my account not to call me so late. The last time I checked it was illegal to call anyone, even if you have a previous business relationship, after 9pm.
This same manager then asked me to take a seat at a desk near the front door. She then began yelling across the store at me for my personal information. I abliged her, until she loudly said,"Wow, it looks like you have been here QUITE a few times as a bride!!" to which my reply was, "Yes, thank you for pointing that out." Strike two.
I was then introduced to a young lady named Mandy who would be my "consultant". I told Mandy what I was looking for. I wanted a simple gown with minimal to no beading, no train, and ivory. There are a ton of dresses on David's website like what I was looking for, and I even showed her pictures. Mandy laughed at me and told me she couldn't really help me, they had nothing like that. Even after her behavior I let her play dress up with me for 3 or 4 dresses. I asked Mandy for a face mask as many bridal salons carry to keep the dresses clean of makeup, and she looked at me like I was crazy and said "well if it's that important not to smudge your makeup I will get you a napkin." I didn't take her up on it, as I explained it was not for my benefit, but theirs'. Mandy disapeared for quite some time until I was so disgusted I put my clothes back on.
As my friends and I were leaving I found the dress. It was very similar to what I had described. We finally located the lost consultant Mandy and she pulled the dress in my size. It was filthy with make up all over it. (remember me asking for a face cover?) It also had several pleats torn out and a rip in the back. Mandy assured me all these things would be fixed. I had already had such a bad experience at this point that I was not willing to take her word for it. I asked if I could get the promised repairs in writing as I know their policy of as is/no returns. Again Mandy mocked me saying "What do you want me to do, WRITE IT ON A PIECE OF PAPER?" Why yes I do. This is when she called a woman from alterations out to the dressing area, who pinned the dress and assured me that it would be repaired right that minute. I had two girlfriends who heard this.
I went to the front register to pay, just glad this experience was over. It was then that Mandy walked by and said their were too many other dresses back in alterations and mine would have to wait. I explained AGAIN that I was not buying a dress in that kind of shape. Mandy told me if I wasn't willing to pay for it and wait for them to repair it another day that she would put it back on the rack, and walked away.
The manager was sitting at the front desk through all of our exchange, and continued to sit there until I asked her to ring me up. I explained to her that I would put the dress in layaway to hold it, and I would be calling the following Monday to check on the promised repairs. She said that was fine and she would make sure it was taken care of.
I called midway through the next week and the dress had not been touched. Mandy began telling me on the telephone that they would not do the repairs until the dress was paid in full. But wait, she was the one who told me they would be done that night. Also the manager knew the dress was a layaway and also assured me it would me done. I was fuming. Mandy assured me that it would be done that week and to call back. I called the following Friday and spoke with an associate who stated that it wasn't done, and it was not in line to be done, and wouldn't be done until I paid in full.
In the meantime, I was getting 6+ calls a day stating I "had won an amazing honeymoon" or I "had won a dream registry" from various David's Bridal partners who had purchased the information that the manager had asked me for at the beginning of my nightmare consultation.
At this point I had enough. I went into David's on June 3rd to speak with the manager about the situation. Mandy was at the front desk ringing up an unsuspecting customer and she promtly walked away as I approached. The manager came over and I explained the situation. When she offered no apology for the deceitful practices they used to get my quick sale but then didn't follow through with their promises, I requested a refund of my deposit.
She explained that I would be forfeiting 10% of the price of the gown. I accepted it just to end this, however they are the ones that didn't honor an agreement that was made to fix the gown. I feel like I lost $40, but it was a small price to pay to be able to take my business elsewhere, where it will be appreciated and I will be treated with respect.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-06-03:
I've never been to David so I don't know how they work, but from other complaints on the site it sounds like they simply don't do anything until you commit 100% to the gown. Layaway does not mean commitment. I don't understand the conflicting info given, maybe they thought you understood that until the dress is paid for and committed on, only then do they actually make the repairs. I mean from a business standpoint why alter a dress for a customer who then chooses not to buy it? The last David complaint here was from a bride who completely changed her plans and dress. I would have to assume this happens at David a lot for their policies to be the way they are.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-06-04:
I think your mistake was begrudgingly going to David's Bridal in the first place. You were annoyed right from the beginning, and it really sounds like everything went downhill from there.
Posted by skelly39 on 2010-06-04:
Yeah, I think if the person helping me was laughing at me, mocking me, and lying to my face, I'd walk without even going to the counter. Why would you choose to put ANYTHING down on a ripped up dress sold to you by what sounds to be a very rude person?
Posted by momsey on 2010-06-04:
The more I read this, the more I couldn't believe that someone who was so poorly treated would put out money for a dirty, ripped floor sample. I actually stopped reading when I got to the part about you paying, because it just didn't make sense. I believe you did this, but I don't understand why.

When I was getting married, I walked into David's, and I didn't like the response got, so I went to my local dress shops and got much better treatment, and the prices weren't much more than David's.
Posted by soon2bebride on 2010-06-06:
Ytropious I made it very clear to all of the ladies working there that I was not paying the full amount of the gown until the repairs were made. "My Momma didn't raise no fool" and I was very aware of their "all sales are final, no exceptions" policy. I was having no alterations to the gown done by them, just the repairs that they assured me would be done then. I made the mistake of falling in love with the gown, but I later came to my senses and realized no magic gown was worth that type of treatment. I stood to spend quite a large amount of money on items from there, from attendants clothes to ceremony items. Now I will probably pay more elsewhere, but it is true, you get what you pay for.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-06-06:
to be honest i'm kinda surprised you even stayed with them after all of that.

the more i read about bridal dress issues, the more i want to say "the hell with this, i'll rent a dress"

seriously. gone are the days when you hand wedding gowns down for a daughter to wear like in the old days. so the tradition that you simply "MUST" buy a dress... I think it's just something that dress makers want to promote so that they can sell more dresses at inflated prices.

either that or i'll get a barong, one i can use for other occasions... hmm that's an idea. and i'm sure my bf wouldn't mind the idea of me having one. ;)
Posted by soon2bebride on 2010-06-07:
I actually feel the same way. I would have been able to wear the dress for other occasions, however I am definitely going even more casual now. I know it is all a racket.
Posted by Tall Shopper on 2010-10-18:
It was a shame they still made $40 off of you. It's a good thing others can read about this situation on this website. David's Bridal probably lost far more business from informed consumers than the $40. The idea of renting a wedding dress sounds like the wise choice.
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Alteration in David's Bridal = robbery
Posted by Inna on 04/27/2010
ALASKA -- People, please never do the alteration in David's Bridal! We bought the dress, in April 2010, for $550. When we were selecting the dress, the alteration was said to be $120, for any dress, no matter how complicated it is. We selected the dress and showed to the alteration worker. She said, that actually it will cost 200, because some feature. We were disappointed but agreed to go with that cost. During measurements they kept telling it is still 120, no matter what they do. In the cash register they suddenly calculated for us the alteration cost = $306! We tried to lower the cost removing some work, which we could do ourselves, but it looked when they add it, it cost, to say, 50, but when they remove it, it cost already 20. It was ridiculous rip off. We had to do it because we were exhausted in few hours process and did not want to start it all over again in another place. Please when you do alteration there, ask EVERY tiny detail, will it cost you or not, and how much. The dress was beautiful, alteration -shameful !!!
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Avoid Going Here
Posted by Lwalker1987 on 04/21/2010
My finacee bought a dress at David's Bridal 4 days after we got engaged and has regretted the decision ever since. Each dress she purchased was ordered in the wrong size. Sales women and alterations women repeatedly ordered incorrect sizes. Every incorrect order became a fight to exchange the dress for another size.

After the 4th dress was incorrectly ordered, she had enough. She bought a dress elsewhere and I promised I would return the dress to David's Bridal and get her money back for it... Little did I know, David's Bridal is some kind of scheme to suck people in and kick them while they are down(right before their weddings no less). They double their credit card signatures as mini contracts which say ALL SALES FINAL. Of course, I never would have signed that, but my fiancee and mother-in-law didn't think twice about it.

So after an exhaustive battle with many of the 200 managers that work at every David's Bridal store(none of which seems to manage much of anything), we finally received a corporate customer service number with a live person! However, they take about 48 hours to return a call, and simply regurgitate the company's ridiculous return policy. When coupled with what can be called the world's worst customer service, David's Bridal adds up to a consumer's nightmare.

DO NOT GO THERE EVER! DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING THEY GIVE YOU! You will be treated like an annoyance from the minute you walk in, to the minute you walk out with your credit card/contract to forgo all your traditional rights as a consumer in hand.

There are hundreds of dress shops that manage to order correct sizes and are not overrun by hundreds of brides looking for bargains. They will not end up as bargains in the end, I can promise you that. By the time you return your dress five times, argue with 12 managers and have your dress horrifically altered at outrageous prices you will regret choosing the David's Bridal Experience.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-21:
You have to realize WHY they have all sales final. They are an expensive dress shop. Many people buy a dress for a certain occasion and then it sits in the closet until another occasion comes up. Imagine if they could hide the tag and just return it after the event is over. It can and does happen. This is why all sales are final, it comes with the industry.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-21:
And their $99.00 dress sale is always only in sizes 14+. Say you are a sz 4. They insist that they can only do the alterations or they will not sell you the dress. You cannot take the dress with you to be altered elsewhere.
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They get You w alterations after they order too big a dress
Posted by Tanya lori on 04/11/2010
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Once I got engaged I went to Davids Bridal and although I have gotten better attention in a reg clothing store, I finally found a dress I liked although way too small in the bust, she had clipped the bust in the back with some sort of plastic clip. The length was correct. She assured me it would be fine in a larger size, the dress came in about 2 months later, way too late to reorder and of course, I had already paid for it. The dress was huge and about 9 inches too long. What happened next was unbelievable, this in Las Vegas in August, my wedding is Sep 6, it is 115 degrees outside, I had to endure, 2 3 hour alteration appointments to somehow make this dress fit, keep in mind, I'm 5 ft 4 inches 111 lbs and a size 34 c bust. Pretty average. There was no air conditioner on both apps, and you had to wear the heels standing on top of two pedestals, like box pedestals for 3 solid hours not moving with nothing to lean on and no rail to hold onto. Also I was in this small room with 3 other brides. They only had a fan. I was so hot I kept thinking I would pass out, I was so dizzy and they did not even have water when I asked for something to drink. When all was said and done and they charged me almost 600 for the alterations, the dress looked horrible, too loose in the bust and just wrong. The dress was only 500 hundred to start with. Now I had a 1,100 dress that looked awful. Truth be told, too late to get another dress, I cancelled my wedding. That is the honest to god truth. If you are on a budget, get the dress, try it on immediately and get it altered elsewhere.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-04-11:
You should have found your own seamstress to do the alterations. I had to have my wedding dress shortened and taken in and it only cost $100 and the work was outstanding! I don't know anyone who bought a wedding dress and had it fit perfect either, most of them have to be altered.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-04-11:
No offense, but you canceled the wedding because you didn't like the way the dress looked or fit? I would have gone to Kohls or Penneys and bought something off the rack before canceling. Not saying you were wrong, I just think you over reacted.

Did you ask for at least a partial refund?

Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-11:
Honey, C boobs on your frame is not average. I'm roughly proportionate to you, 5'6" and 117 and I have As. Cs on me would look ridiculous and almost fake. With that aside, a dress that is too long is a simple fix for a seamstress. I would have taken the dress and gone to a different tailor.
Posted by old fart on 2010-04-11:
Seems to me that canceling the wedding because the dress didn't "become" you is th height of egotism... I wish your husband to be a lotta luck!
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-04-11:
Amen to that Old Fart!
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-04-11:
the dress could have been altered.
Posted by Fufu487 on 2010-04-11:
its common for bridal shops to order the dress one size too big and alter down, its easier than ADDING fabric to the dress. It seems a little ridiculous to cancel your wedding over the whole thing. Also seems kind of inconsiderate to your fiance and guests to cancel over the dress. Also, re: dress being too big after being altered, alot of brides diet before their wedding, trying to look their best, understandable. Is there any chance that could have been a factor?
Posted by tanya lori on 2010-04-14:
I am the original post, I can not believe how mean people can be. The dress did not become me? Now a 1,100 dollar dress, and my wedding day? Another post saying my body is out of proportions?I was just trying to help someone not to have to go thru the same thing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-21:
You actually canceled your wedding because you didn't like the way the dress fit? The man you are marrying is suppose to be what's important. not the dress. You can get married in jeans and you will still be just as happy and legally married to man you love.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-21:
"You can get married in jeans and you will still be just as happy and legally married to man you love. "...AGREED!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-22:
My husband & I got married in front of the Justice Of The Peace because i'm not a Fairy Princess and I would rather have spent that money on traveling (which we did) they all on one wedding day. 19 yrs later and we are still happily married. I think too many brides forget that they are suppose to be marrying the love of their lives and not the dress/day.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-04-22:
I got married at Town Hall by the mayor on Halloween. I don't even remember what I wore. That was over thirty years ago.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-22:
So, what you're saying is that you didn't need a $30,000 wedding with a pretty, pretty princess dress to fell truly married? Really?
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-04-22:
A $30,000 wedding would throw me for a loop. By the time it came to say "I do", I'd be done, with everything, including interest in my groom!.. ;)

But I do understand why weddings are important to some people. My daughter has been planning her wedding for the last year, and on a strict budget because they are paying for everything themselves. But they have a lot of friends and really wanted to get everyone together for a big party. They have focused more on that than the usual wedding planning rituals.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-04-22:
I got married in the courts first and had a small beach wedding, more of a reception/party for 500 bucks total. 30,000 dollars? That money is better invested then wasted on a moment that does not matter in the least.
Posted by Principissa on 2010-04-22:
I got married by the mayor in my granparents living room 10 years ago! Nothing fancy, dress was bought at a consignment store, he wore a suit he wore to prom. Wouldn't have had it any other way.

Far as this goes, if the dress is all wrong, and you like it, find a local seamstress. I have to get almost all of my clothes tailored to fit me properly. I'm 5'0 125 pounds and have a 32DD bust.

I understand why you canceled your wedding, but I truly hope that after all is said and done you do go to a seamstress and get the dress fixed and everything goes as planned. Best of luck to you both.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-22:
Ever watch the show "Say Yes To The Dress" on TLC? I was watching once and this bride spent $20,000 just on the dress. Like I said I got married by the Judge and had a really fun catered reception with family and friends after.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-04-22:
Holy smoke Prin, are you Dolly Parton?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-23:
tanya, no you are not out of proportion at all. People come in different sizes and no one should have a problem with that.

They should have been able to alter your dress with no problem. Most bridal places are very good at that. It sounds like they had someone very inexperienced helping you; just what everyone doesn't need when they are trying to find the perfect dress for their wedding. It is an important day and it should be everything you want it to be. Thank you for your post.
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Worst service ever
Posted by Nikicat on 04/01/2010
SIOUX CITY IOWA -- This is the worst place for a bride to be to get her gown for her perfect day. The help was just awful and rude. They tell you one thing on the phone and another at the store. they kept trying to add more and more charges for stuff, like a small swatch of material to match the mens tuxes. Then they said the bridesmaids could do lay-a-way and when they got to the store they said they couldn't. Now the worst part, when my daughter went to get her dress last night it looked like a crumpled up newspaper. then it was 4 inches to long, they said they all come that length and we alter them, then it was only half sewn in spots and they had earlier given her the wrong slip. The dress also had an ink spot on it and the salesperson said oh it's just an ink spot OMG! just an ink spot. ok then they told her she could pick a dress off the rack, if she wanted a dress off the rack she would have gotten one in the first place. so now she won't be able to get it to the person that was going to add the buttons for the train tie up. So another lady came by and said did you tell her what it was going to cost to fix it. Oh hell no we are not paying for their mistakes. We have to go back tomorrow and discuss the problem. what a nightmare this has been. My daughter cried all last night, it should have been a lovely time getting her dress and taking it home, but instead she ended up sick to her stomach all night. Wow what a way to attract customers and run a business.
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Don't Rule Out David's Bridal
Posted by Venice09 on 03/15/2010
MIDDLETOWN, NEW YORK -- I visited David's Bridal with my daughter around a year ago. It was the first time either of us had ever shopped for a wedding dress, so we weren't sure what to expect. We were aware of the complaints and negative reviews, but we decided to make an appointment and see for ourselves. My daughter had no intention of buying a dress the first time out and basically just wanted to see what it was all about.

When we entered the store, we were asked to sit at the reception desk where a friendly and knowledgeable employee handed us catalogs and then proceeded to obtain the required information from my daughter to get the ball rolling. As she answered questions, I browsed through the catalogs trying to become familiar with the different styles. So far, everything was going well.

When we were finished at the reception desk, we were assigned a consultant and taken to the dressing room area. My daughter showed the consultant the dresses that she wanted to try on and made it clear that she was not going to buy a dress that day. The consultant understood and couldn't have been nicer about it. Knowing she wasn't going to make a sale did not stop her from catering to my daughter in every way possible. She was cordial, helpful, patient and professional at all times, never once making us feel like we were taking up her time.

After trying on about a dozen dresses, critiquing each one and taking pictures, we were exhausted. The consultant, on the other hand, was fresh as a daisy and still running around trying to accommodate us. Despite the consultant's enthusiasm, our heads were spinning, and we were ready to leave. When my daughter told the consultant that we had to go home and process it all, she began trying to persuade my daughter to buy a dress by offering limited time discounts and various other incentives. We only had to remind her once that we weren't ready to buy a dress, and she completely understood and immediately ended the sales pitch. She thanked us and gave us her card, making us feel a twinge of guilt for not committing to a dress. Either it was a clever exercise in reverse psychology, or the consultant truly understood that we were not going to buy a dress but never let that influence her level of customer service and professionalism in any way.

We left the store and spent the rest of the night talking about the dresses and looking at the pictures. We were completely satisfied with every aspect of our David's Bridal experience. Everyone we encountered that day was professional, helpful and friendly. The whole time I was sitting in the waiting area while my daughter was trying on the dresses, I noticed that all the consultants exhibited the same caliber of professionalism as ours, and all the brides-to-be seemed just as pleased as we were.

If you are hesitating to visit David's Bridal based on the complaints you read on the internet, I encourage you to at least give them a chance. While I cannot attest to the quality of the service provided after a purchase is made, I do know that my daughter and I were treated like royalty for the several hours we were in the store. If she had decided to buy a dress that day, I would have felt confident that she wasn't going to be disappointed in the end.

As with all chain stores, some locations are better than others, depending on the employees. Some stores may be disappointing, but if you receive the level of service and professionalism that we did, I think the chances are good that it will continue through the entire process.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-15:
Good review. I had a bad experience at David's Bridal. However, I agree that certain locations are better than others when it comes to a chain store.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-15:
Sounds like a very good salesperson and very disciplined customers. Always a recipe for success. Excellent lessons for would-be customers. Excellent review!
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-15:
Thanks. My daughter decided not to go with a traditional wedding gown since the wedding is anything but traditional, and she went with something else not from David's Bridal. I wrote this because I know that more people are inclined to complain than compliment a business, and I just wanted everyone to know that David's is not always how the complaints describe it. I almost wish she had bought a dress there so we could have had a start to finish experience.

Yaya, my daughter is having an outdoor wedding with a BBQ at a bed and breakfast type resort in the mountains. There's a bonfire the night before and then ends with a party in the barn. Sounds like something you might like!
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-03-15:
oh yeah come to think of it when i needed a bridesmaid dress (3 of us actually needed them) ... we didn't go to one of those over priced stores to get fluffy horrible things. ended up going to a nice dress store and picked up something nice that we could re-use. ended up lasting me a few years actually.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-15:
Pepper, I think more woman are doing that now. But some gals just really want a traditional wedding, which includes the overpriced fluffy dresses, and the bridesmaids sometimes don't have a choice if the bride is calling the shots. My daughter asked her bridesmaid NOT to wear a bridesmaid gown, and her two male attendants (males of honor?) are wearing casual suits, I think. I was never into weddings and didn't have one myself, so I 'm so happy she's going this route.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-03-15:
i know.
i think it's partly to blame on the market. they want women to think the only way to have a proper wedding is to buy the dress & sink a ton of money into it, whether or not they can afford to.

cos if women stop buying wedding gowns those stores lose business. so perpetuating the myth that it's not a good wedding unless you buy the gown is in their best interest
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-15:
I agree. In fact, as I was watching my daughter and all the other woman trying on dresses that day, that's exactly what I was thinking. I think she just wanted to know what it felt like to try on wedding gowns. But once she got it out of her system, reality set in.

We had a great time together at David's, and it's something I'll always remember, but I was so relieved to find out she wasn't sucked in by the hype. And that I don't have to wear a dress!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-15:
That does sound like my kind of wedding. I just cringe at the idea of spending all day in a huge dress that I will never wear again eating fancy shmancy food. That's not me. I just want a big party and good bbq and beer. But, I have bad luck with relationships so I may bot even have to worry about a wedding someday
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-15:
Never say never, yaya. My daughter's luck hadn't been so good either, and I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever see this day. I think sometimes you have to keep getting it wrong in order to get it right. The more you get it wrong, the more you learn. And that's good.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-15:
That is true. Could you please explain that to my mother so she will stop pressuring me? My brother is getting married next weeknd and I am now the ony unmarried one out of 8 kids
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-15:
Look at it this way. When it finally happens to you, it will be the event of the century. Everyone will be so happy for you.

I wouldn't pressure my daughter into getting married. I just wanted to see her happy and somewhat settled. Well, that, and I want some grandchildren. I think she's finally thinking along those lines now. I know how your mom feels though. It's good to know your kids are settled.
Posted by tanya lori on 2010-04-11:
I think you have a lot of nerve giving them a good review, had you spent all your money there, only to have your wedding day ruined, you would be singing a differanr tune
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-04-11:
Tanya, what do you mean "a lot of nerve"---that phrase is not usually used to comment on someone compliments....I am confused.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-04-11:
and tanya's reply makes no sense.
with ANY company if you got a bad deal you'd be unhappy

but that does NOT prevent someone from being happy for getting what they wanted.

Posted by Venice09 on 2010-04-11:
Tanya, I'm sorry if David's Bridal ruined your wedding, and you're right in saying that I'd be singing a different tune if that happened to my daughter. But that's not what happened. And I'm not saying for certain that it wouldn't have happened if she bought her dress there.

The point of my review was that people shouldn't judge all stores in a chain by one location. The employees can make or break an individual store depending on their attitude and level of customer service. I know it seems like there are nothing but complaints about David's Bridal, but I have heard of good experiences too. The problem is that people are quicker to complain than to acknowledge anything good.

I think when brides-to-be go into David's Bridal, they are excited and enthusiastic and might tend to ignore or overlook the warning signs that the experience might not meet their expectations. But as the mom, I was looking very closely at everything and everyone and walked away with a good feeling. I know that's no guarantee, but if my daughter had decided to buy a dress, I would have trusted my instincts. And at this location, my instincts told me to give them a chance. Still no guarantee, but nothing in life is a sure thing.
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