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Incompetence of Customer Service Persons and Loss of Documents
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- About 8/2013 I sent a claim form with a copy of the invoice for an Out of Network claim. I should have received about $75 reimbursement.
I got a letter saying I needed to list the date of service on the claim form. Note: it was on the Invoice but, they could not find the invoice!

I again filled out a claim form with the date of service, Xeroxed it and mailed it again. I waited and waited and did not hear back from Davis Vision.

On 2/1/2014, I called Davis Vision and asked where my claim was (second time I had sent in a claim form and the same supporting documents). This time I was told I needed to have a detailed cost breakdown, lenses, frames etc. I said
1) no one contacted me that anything was missing and that 2) the cost was not broken down for me in the invoice I had received. 3) In addition, if anything was missing it should have been listed in the first letter I got from Davis Vision.

They have no record of the documents I sent in, invoice etc. (they Obviously lost it again) The Supervisor (Escalation Team) now wants me to again send in the documents! They lose everything and then want the customer to repeatedly send in copies of the same documents. Their staff is not only inefficient, but irresponsible and they make the customer go in circles and waste more time. I will talk to my group and recommend that they drop Davis Vision. I asked the supervisor to track down the documents that I sent in and to have a manager contact me.
I recommend going with another optical insurer as Davis Vision is irresponsible and wastes the customers' time and energy. It might be that they save money by not paying claims in a timely fashion and making the customer jump hoops. They need to fire the staff that has 'lost' documents unless this is more a policy of Davis Vision rather than the inefficiency of the staff.

Incompetent Service
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Rating: 1/51

LATHAM, NEW YORK -- I have worn glasses since I was a small child (several decades), and never had problems with any prescription. My current employer uses Davis Vision as part of their insurance package. On 8/1/13 I had an eye exam but was not happy with the choice of available frames so I ordered a pair of frames elsewhere, and then returned to my optician who sent the frames to Davis. I was told they would be available in two or three weeks.

A month later I went back asking about progress. The next day, the optician called to say that Davis had mailed the glasses to the wrong address, and they could not be traced. The optician agreed to reorder the frames from where I purchased them, and Davis was to make a new pair of lenses. Three weeks went by and the optician called day before yesterday to say that the glasses had arrived, and Davis had not made the lenses correctly. I did attempt to cancel the glasses yesterday, but was told that any refund would have to come from Davis, not the optician, and that it was probably "too late" for a refund because Davis had already charged my insurance company. It is now 11/2/13, exactly three months since my exam, and I still do not have a pair of glasses. Meanwhile, I am out several hundreds of dollars for glasses that I have yet to see.

The optician told me that they prefer not to use Davis, but have no choice if Davis is specified by the insurance provider. The optician said that Davis quality is consistently poor. For example, bifocals or graduated lenses arrive with the graduation on the top of the lenses. Lenses are frequently reversed with the right eye lens having the left eye prescription, and vice versa.

I will never use Davis Vision in the future. I would prefer to pay a bit extra out of pocket to have good quality eyeglasses delivered in a reasonable amount of time. I have complained to my employer and asked them to drop Davis as part of their insurance package. Why should I pay extra for insurance coverage that is worse than no insurance at all?

Horrible Policies
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Rating: 1/51

My company is famous for changing insurance companies and two years ago we had Davis Vision. Last year, we had a different provider and this year, back to Davis. My son broke his glasses and went to get a new pair. New policy, should be no problem. Wait, Davis decides to use the 24 month benefit on the lapsed policy from two years ago.

Now, if I tried to get them to cover lens and eye exam last year, they would deny but they are allowed to go back to a lapsed policy? My companies insurance broker spoke to them and got fed a line about how there should be a benefit it is due to benefits being listed on social security numbers and not policy numbers....what?

Well needless to say, even though Davis made the statement, when trying to access the benefit for frames, it is still denied at the provider level. A month later and no resolution. Waiting to January to get a second pair and paid out of pocket for this pair. Ridiculous!

Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

LATHAM, NEW YORK -- Ordered glasses a month ago... Told it would be a 10 day wait. Optician called to tell me that they sent the wrong lenses and it would be another 10 days. Then all went silent.

Spoke to my optician this week who told me I would definitely eventually get my glasses.

Got a call back from my optician who told me Davis broke the frames and new ones would need to be sent (10+ days).

My wife called Davis and asked them to Fed Ex the lenses while the optician looked for the glasses. They agreed to reduce the cost and Fed Ex the lenses.

The lenses never showed up. When I called today they said they would make them next Tuesday. After speaking to a rep, a supervisor, and requesting a manager I was told next Tuesday would be the best they could do and they would not overnight them.

When the manager calls me back I will cancel the order and will ask my company to cut Davis as an insurance provider.

This has been a ridiculous experience!

Davis Vision - Rocky Point, NY - New Lows in Customer Service
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ROCKY POINT, NEW YORK -- Davis Vision - Rocky Point, NY

Horrible customer service -

Had 7P appt. with specific Dr. that I have used in the past - after waiting for 40 minutes - and not complaining, I was quickly taken to just any open Optometrist - no apologies - no explanation. I received a very rushed examination and was told that a tech. would help me pick out frames.

I had been there the previous evening and picked out two -after 30 minutes - and the desk clerk wrote them down. (She didn't capture those frames or put them aside - first clue to the incompetence.

After another 10 minutes "Caren" said she'd help me pick out frames - and was shocked that I already had - nice reading of my file, Caren - Perhaps some GLASSES might help?

After help her find the model # and brand - she preceded to look up and down the not so large display of men's frames - looking at EVERY brand other than what I described to her and was written down on the notes from the previous evening. After 15 minutes, I said, "I am frustrated and don't have time to continue this hunt for your inventory, I'll come back tomorrow. Please print my perspecription out and I'll return for fitting etc. tomorrow when you've hopefully located the frames I want. (My perspcription is an expensive one and I always buy multiples - my bill is always around $1,000.)

Caren continued looking at EACH and every from as if she hadn't heard my request to allow me to leave.... and when I asked her to please print out my prescription she said, "...She didn't understand how I could just "turn" on her..." WOW!

I explained my previous poor service that same evening and she replied, "..how would I know that - If you had told me I could have fixed things for you..." ahhhh yeah.. if you had a time machine, Caren dear.

I proceeded to get total NEW YORK attitude as she informed me she had worked for the best - Walmart, KMart, etc... I am not kidding! - I literally couldn't get a word in edgewise.

It took this incompetent soul 10 more minutes to look through her inferior davis glasses and peck out my information to print my perspcription -

On three occasions in the last year... my wife and daughter have experienced this caustic attitude from the Rocky Point Location - (Only the women working there - I am sad to say).

So - the moral - If your company offers Davis Vision Coverage - say NO THANK YOU. And Davis, shame on your for running such a great example of poor customer service combined with incredibly medicore product quality.

Poor Quality & A Long Time To Wait
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Sometimes you just have to voice your complaint! Two months ago I ordered glasses through my eye doctor and needed to use the Davis Vision Lab because of our insurance. Not to hit all the details but the Lab is on their third try making the glasses. They botched the lenses twice and eventually scratched the new frame. It takes three weeks to make the glasses, even though they are aware that a patient has been waiting and waiting.

I still do not have them. They'll be out of style by the time I get them. I can not believe such shoddy work leaves their lab at all.

Incompetence Reigns at Davis
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Rating: 1/51

GIBSONIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- My wife, daughter and son went for their annual eye exams at our optometrist. All three were eligible for new glass thru our vision insurance. The insurance is thru Highmark BCBS, with the vision administrated thru Davis.

My wife's glasses came back in 12 days, with little problems.

My daughters came back in 7 days. Two weeks later the lenses kept falling out. They were not cut correctly. Having to send the glasses back to Davis to have the lenses recut began my second round of phone calls. They have physically had my daughters lenses in their possession for 12 days so far and still can not tell me when I will get them back.

The first round of headaches began when they lost my sons frames. My doctor shipped them in the same box as my daughters glasses. After 15 days they finally admitted to my doctor that they lost the frames and the replacement frames were on back order. My doctor was able to receive the frames from the manufacturer in 2 days. With many phone calls BCBS reluctantly allowed my doctor to make his lenses. They turned the glasses around in a week. No problems with those.

Every time I call I get a new excuse, I have heard: It was my doctors fault for not expediting the repairs; It takes longer when you do not purchase the frames thru Davis; The previous representative I spoke with gave me the wrong information:...and so on.

Davis has a 66% FAILURE RATING this year.

The previous year was only slightly better at 33%.

My suggestion-- if you have a choice go anywhere other than Davis. Its a culture of excuses and pass the buck.

Incompetent Service for Claims
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Rating: 1/51

Filed a claim on October 16, 2014. Talked to more than a dozen people at Davis Vision (who pride themselves by saying "where all calls are PROUDLY administered in the USA) and each one promised to process the claim every time including countless supervisors. The so-called supervisors also promised to call me back to give me updates but no one ever called. Today is the 27th of December and still waiting. Please take note that the claim is only $60.00. Can't wait to move to another provider next year.

They Are All About the Sales
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Rating: 1/51

GURNEE, ILLINOIS -- Part of my "eye exam" was performed by the Sales Manager because the eye doctor's assistant was late. He skipped part of it, and I only found out because when she did finally arrive I saw her doing additional tests on a different customer....

I should have known better than to revisit, but my husband has been happy with them and I had renewed the insurance. Last year the prescription was horribly wrong and after complaining multiple times I finally tossed them in the drawer.

The doctors are OK, but this is not a place that cares about your eyes; it is run by sales people and they do not care about your eye health.

Lost Glasses
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Rating: 2/51

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- As a government employee, my choices regarding eyeglass frames are limited if I intend to use my benefits. If I want a decent frame, I usually have to purchase them on my own and get the lenses at Davis Vision where I can use my benefits. I ordered two pairs of lenses for my sons at the same time, while I purchased their Ray-ban frames elsewhere. I called Davis to see if the glasses were ready. I was told that they were. When I get there, they can only find one pair and they are unable to give me a cogent explanation as to where the other pair is. My son needs to see. If I went to Costco, I could have gotten the glasses back and it would have cheaper--WITHOUT MY BENEFITS.

Update 09/30/2014:

After expressing concern about what was now being reported as a prolonged process, and demanding the return of my money and frames, the manager offered to give my sons lenses without the bells and whistles and when the other pair of lenses arrived, they would switch them back! Not totally resolved but I'll accept it.

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