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Days Inn Miami International - Watch Your Credit Card
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Had a confirmed reservation guaranteed with credit card for Days Inn Miami International Airport for November 13-November 18, 2011. Confirmed rate was $85.46 for first night. Due to International air delays, arrived at 2AM next day. Front desk attendant said I had no reservation but they had already charged me first night for no-show. Then I showed her a screen capture of my confirmed reservation email. Then she said motel was full but she could let me have a noshow's room for $159.95 plus taxes. I accepted (me and my wife are seniors and it was late)

When I arrived home noticed in my bank statement they also charged me $93.46 from my reservation's credit card for the same night they charged $159.95 + taxes. I tried to contact Customer Service Wyndham/ Days Inn but they filter feedback from outside the US. Asked to complete an online survey about my stay I reported my claim. The next day I received from a no-reply email saying the $93.63 didn't appear on his computer. I then tried to contact the Wyndham people (owners & managers) through their contact web page but it couldn't go through UNTIL I CHANGED TO A US ADDRESS.

So not only I was charged $253.58 for a written confirmed rate of $85, PLUS Wyndham or Days Inn will not accept any type of feedback online from outside the US.
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unhappy999 on 11/30/2011:
Dispute the double charge with your credit card company and explain what you have done to try to contact Days Inn and that you got nowhere. You usually have to notify the credit card company by letter. You can call them and they will explain the procedure to you.
At Your Service on 11/30/2011:
I agree complete with unhappy999. Get the dispute filed ASAP.
trmn8r on 11/30/2011:
And when you did get through by putting in a US address, what happened? Did you get in touch with someone?

What a horrible experience. Charging you for a "no-show" when you pay almost twice as much because they didn't hold your room? Crooks!
onlooker on 11/30/2011:
thank you for sharing this message - I am going to Miami for 2 weeks in Jan - and have removed my reservation from this hotel. The convenience of its location does not make up for the trouble that they put up when there is a problem.
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The worst Hotel Manager I have ever seen
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- It must be important for you to know that, I have recently had my worst experience in my life during my two nights staying at the Days Inn Hotel, I-10 West Fiesta Park / Medical Center, 11790 IH-10 W, San Antonio, TX 78230.
I am writing this complaint to inform you of the poor customer service and the terrible behavior of the Manager of this Hotel
- 1: The Room has no Towel. The room service person said that "OK our laundry machine is slow, I will bring them to you later on'.
- 2: There was no internet Wi-Fi access. I said to the front desk that there is something wrong with your internet system because I tried to connect to it with the password you just gave me but I couldn't succeed neither with my laptop nor with our Apple and BlackBerry Cell Phones. It seems that you must re-set your Modem. The front desk person in charge said, "I don't have any knowledge about Computer and there is no other person here. So, please follow this case tomorrow morning". So, I missed the internet while I paid for a room with Wi-Fi service.
Monday morning, 8/6/12 at 8:00 AM, I went to the front desk and told the new shift in charge about my problem with Wi-Fi. She said: "I can't do anything. The modem is in my Manager's room and she has not come yet, so you have to wait".
- 3: We went to have breakfast at 8:30 AM on Monday 8/6/12 but the breakfast was finished while the serving time of breakfast was 6:00 till 9:00. There were nothing remain on the breakfast desk. I told to the front desk person that I want to talk to your Manager. She said: " She has not come yet. You can talk to her later and when she arrive".
I came back around 14:00 PM and said to her that I want to talk to your Manager now. She called to her and said that on of our customers wants to talk to you. What do you think about the Manager's reply to the front desk person? The Manager said: "What does he want? if he can't tell it to you, he can write it in a letter. I am busy and have no time to talk with him".
Can you imagine? This is the first time in my life that a Manager of a small Hotel whose Room was next to the place that I was, even didn't open the door to see what is going on at the front desk with this customer!!!!
I didn't say anything and came out of the building but I will never forget that disrespect and insolence which the Manager expressed to me as a customer who wants to talk to her about the problems at this hotel.

Just before I came to San Antonio, I was at another Days Inn hotel at Houston and it was acceptable and I was satisfied with their services. Just for that reason, I decided to stay at another Days Inn hotel at San Antonio. But after this poor customer service and very bad memories that I have had at this hotel at San Antonio, I will definitely give up and will never stay at a Days Inn hotel. I do believe that the Manager of this hotel is the best person to disparage the Days Inn Brand Name. I really wasted my money at that Hotel.
Although I have to stay at a hotel in San Antonio till 8/16/12, but I decided to find another hotel in which, the Manager believes on the importance of customer satisfaction and has enough work conscientiously and commitment in their customers' affairs.
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BED BUGS !!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by on
NEW MARKET, VIRGINIA -- It is now 7 days later and I am still in total discomfort and awaiting a call from the ever absent manager of the Battlefield Days Inn in New Market, Virginia. My body is still covered in very large red bites from what I can only assume to be BED BUGS!!!!!!! I cannot believe that an establishment like this is allowed to operate without recourse. It would not be so bad, but we had just travelled from Charleston where we paid more than 50% less for a room which was fine for what it cost. For this price I was expecting clean - but instead got apart from the BED BUGS - (1)dirty carpets (not very visible since the lights do not work too well either), there was (2)bath tissue in the toilet, (most probably the previous occupant) (3)used cotton-wool by the side of the bed and (4) the bath has a very large chip in it, the taps in both bath and basin are encrusted with either dirt or are peeling, could not see, light too bad (5)bedside light had no switch just a hole and appears to be a safety hazard. The breakfast consisted of sugary buns and cakes, with no choice for diabetics other than weak coffee. We left in disgust with a promise of a phone call from the Manager - still waiting - 7 days later...... and instead headed for the nearest Pharmacy to get some ointment to try to alleviate the discomfort from the bites covering my entire body. I STILL have very large red bites all over my body - no relief and I am very angry.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 12/05/2010:
Bedbugs have nothing to do with cleanliness, although your room does sound like it was far from clean. This really is an epidemic, and people must check the room thoroughly. Here's some excellent information from M3C member, Skye:
Sparticus on 12/05/2010:
I don't want to stay at any hotels anymore!
Venice09 on 12/05/2010:
I never liked staying in hotels, even the better ones. It would have to be a dire emergency for me to stay in one now.
karleebarlee on 12/06/2010:
the only problem is that you said "My body is still covered in very large red bites from what I can only assume to be BED BUGS!!!!!!!" unfortunately, that does insinuate that you are not 100% sure if there were bed bugs or not.
that aside, I would call the hotel every single day if I were you while the manager is on. don't give until they speak with you.
momsey on 12/06/2010:
Have you seen a doctor? He or she might possibly be able to ascertain what kind of bites or what kind of rash this is.
Venice09 on 12/06/2010:
I'm not an expert, but I think those look more like hives than bites. I've never seen bedbug bites, so I'm not really sure what they look like.
antashworth on 12/08/2010:
Thanks all for comments. I have looked at pictures on the Internet - they are bed bug bites also confirmed by an expert. The level of itch indicates 6 legged creatures. Yes, I know cleanliness has nothing to do with bed bugs - that was in addition to the bugs. It is also difficult to check a room when you pay for it before you see it, and it is normally so dark in these rooms that one would need night vision to see anything. I have consoled myself that it IS an epidemic.
antashworth on 12/08/2010:
On further investigation - I am purchasing a strong torch and some bed-bug spray. These will replace some other, previously considered essentials, as my constant travel companions. I will never go to sleep without a thorough room check.
Obsfucation on 12/08/2010:
The high end hotels are struggling with this problem in the same way the low end places like Days Inn are. You could be the squeakiest clean person in the world, but if your luggage sits on the plane next to a bag that was just in this Days Inn (or any other infected location) you could unknowingly bring them into your own home.

It's epidemic right now, and we're all probably going to encounter them sooner or later,
Anonymous on 12/08/2010:
Blow-drying the bed also helps. Everyone usually travels with one anyway.
Venice09 on 12/08/2010:
Lee, does the heat kill the bugs or does the air blow them off the bed? I've never heard of doing that before.
Anonymous on 12/08/2010:
The heat supposedly kills them. I have a HOT HOT HOT blow dryer (makes your hair smoke). I can definitely see it working.
Venice09 on 12/08/2010:
Hopefully I'll never have to find out, but I'll definitely keep it in mind. I just threw away my dryer because it was overheating. Now I'm sorry I didn't keep it.
antashworth on 12/09/2010:
I never travel with a blow dryer anymore - since most hotels have one. Maybe I should rethink my actions for the future.... along with my strong torch and spray.
trmn8r on 12/09/2010:
Venice - some people travel without ever eating out, from what I am told. Maybe there is a way to travel without staying in hotels (:
Venice09 on 12/09/2010:
I guess they stay in their car, trmn. You know, the one that was bought used and paid for in cash. ;)

Are you left-handed?
antashworth on 12/10/2010:
from what I have since discovered, the little creatures can get from luggage on a plane into your luggage and then infest your home!!! Definitely buying the spray - too old to sleep in cars.....
Skye on 12/10/2010:
It's really horrible isn't it, antashworth. There is an epidemic explosion of bed bugs everywhere. I never thought about them getting into my luggage, while on the plane from other luggage.

One more thing, did you know, you can also end up taking home bed bugs from the MOVIE THEATRE! We are going to have to seal ourselves in plastic wrap, along with everything we own, to avoid bringing these nasty, disgusting vile creatures home with us!
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Never Again
Posted by on
EVANSDALE, IOWA -- My husband and I stayed at the Days Inn in Evansdale Iowa for a special Valentines weekend. My wife is a huge New Orleans fan and there is a New Orleans themed restaurant and lounge in Waterloo Iowa so we booked a hot tub suite at the Days Inn. Upon arriving we were told we were in a smoking room when we requested a non-smoking room. They refused to change our room or give us any discount, they did however offer to downgrade our room to a non hot tub suite at the same rate we were paying. We said no so they over saturated the room with air freshener which only made it worse. We went to dinner and upon returning to the hotel started filling the hot tub. The water was brown and had stuff floating in it. We contacted the front desk and the clerk advised us she was told by management not to give us any refunds, change our room or accommodate us in any way. They told us to drain and fill the tub several times and it would clear up. We did that and the water was still brown. We then found old food in the sleeper sofa and some kind of bug eating it. There was mold all around the hot tub. We decided to leave the hotel and not stay the night. If the tub was that gross and the room was that dirty there was no way we were sleeping in that bed. The room was a dive, the staff was rude beyond explanation and the General Manager was a total jerk. We paid $129 for a room we never used. Never again will we stay at any Days Inn hotel.
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Left Out in the Rain - Literally!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GLENDIVE, MONTANTA -- I booked a two night stay at Days Inn in Glendive, MT a week in advance. When I called, a man named Anthony took the reservation. It sounded very loud in the background during the phone call. He asked if I had stayed there before, I said, “Yes.” I have stayed many times during the last seven years. He found me in the computer, quickly made my reservation and hung up the call. Upon hanging up I had a passing thought that I should call back and confirm. But I’ve never had an issue before, and half expected a confirmation letter (but I had the confirmation number) so I dismissed the thought. I too, have worked in reservations and front desk and understand how busy it can be.

The morning of the 16, I started my 15 hour day at 5 am. I checked my bank account and discovered that I had already been charged for two nights at the Days Inn. Finding it strange that my card was pre-charged I called the 800 number; after speaking to their reservations I was told that my charge was a no show and to call your hotel. So, I called at 7:45 am, no answer, and again at 8:50.

Anthony answered the phone. I explained my situation and stated that I was “coming in tonight.”
“You already no-showed,” Anthony stated, “There is nothing I can do about the charge.”
“Clearly there was a miscommunication and it was typed in wrong. I am coming in tonight. ”
“I always read back my dates. So there is nothing I can do.” He stated confidently.
“Then let me speak to your manager.” I stated, clearly upset.
“I AM the manager.”
“Then what can you do for me? Why did I not receive a confirmation letter?”
“We do not have your email address.”
“Really? Because I have been going there for seven years! You pulled up my history to make my reservation. It’s not like I’m just driving through. I stay there when I’m on that side of the state for work.”
“Let me take your number and I’ll see what I can do.”

At 9:21, he left a message. “ Hi this is Anthony at the Day’s Inn. Just giving you a call back. We don’t have your email address and can’t refund your no show charge for last night. Just give me a call back if you are going to be needing it for the rest of the stay starting tonight. Bye bye.”

I was scheduled for two nights and told him previously that I was “coming in tonight”. After my meeting I called the establishment twice at 11:35. I allowed it to ring many times, without an answer. I called two more times at 12:52 and 12:57, without an answer. I called again at 1:27 and let it ring for five minutes and 37 seconds, without an answer! I was out of cell service for the large portion of my day.

At 8:15 pm, I finally made it to Glendive. I had been traveling for 15 hours! I had battled rain and sleet on the road. My back was tied in knots and I was a woman traveling alone. I looked forward to locking myself in my hotel and taking a hot shower.

Nonetheless, upon attempting to check in I was told that Anthony canceled my entire reservation! I work for Tobacco Prevention Program and was told the only room left would be a smoking room. It’s difficult enough being in a building that smells of stale, lingering smoke residue. However, I would now have to sub come to an even unhealthier environment of recent residual third hand smoke which permeates the walls, carpeting, bedding, curtains and ultimately my belongings, body, and lungs.

I WAS OUTRAGED at the kind of customer service I was given! After seven years of using the establishment I was treated so disrespectfully. I was appalled to find out that Anthony is NOT “the manager” but the assistant. From the evening desk worker, I learned that “he often doesn’t tell people that he cancelled their reservation.” And she agrees that “He needs to tell them that.” I am displeased that anyone would treat a returning client the way I was treated. It certainly wasn’t small town hospitality that I have known of in the past. I cannot believe that no one answers the phones in the middle of the day! Even when it rings for FIVE minutes!!

I was left out in the rain to find another suitable lodging. Which proved to be quite difficult. This area has been over run by oil field workers and it made me uncomfortable and a little scared not having a place to stay.
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User Replies:
azRider on 10/22/2013:
Make sure you leave a comment on places like tripadviser as well. I would also contact the main office on this.
Soaring Consumer on 10/23/2013:
Dispute the credit card charge as a fraudulent billing.
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Unwanted bed "Partners", Black Mold, Poor Maintenance...
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, MICHIGAN -- Our family group of 8-9 families began arriving at the Days Inn - 290/610, 11002 Northwest Frwy, Houston, Texas for anticipation of a great Wedding celebration.

I/We first noticed upon entering the room, that the top of closet laminated door veneer had separated about 4-6 inches, we were to tired to complain.

The next night, after doing some shopping during the day, my wife lost her balance while trying to smash a "bug" she thought was a roach.

The second day/night I was lying on the bed with my eyes closed, trying to sleep, when I felt "something" crawling
on my arm.

I moved my arm quickly downward away from my body...jumping up from the bed in the same motion to discover a real roach lying on it's back on the carpet, upon closer inspection.

At about the same time I pulled back the covers and saw even more bugs...

I move the clock and even more roaches...

I move the telephone base and even more roaches...

Then I decided to catch some for "evidence"...

Next I went to Check-In desk, and asked for the Manager.

Three times I was told the manager was not available.

I insisted for about 9-10 more minutes of waiting.

A third person presented himself as the manager.

I insisted upon a Business card to verify the identity of the General as Charlie [snip].

Mr. [snip] would not produce any recent health inspection reports.

I informed Mr. [snip] that the circumstances were NOT acceptable.

Mr. [snip], suggests alternate rooms, to review to my liking.

I viewed 5-7 rooms with "Mike" from the desk check-in area.

All the rooms(between 260 -248) were proved to "Mike" as unacceptable my virtue of being unclean, maintenance issues, bad odors smelling and/or "black mold' at the bath tub areas.

"Mike", I assume was relaying this information back to Mr. Charlie [snip](the name given on the business card, as General Manager)via cellphone (foreign language???)???

Now, I have determined that there are major issues, not only in the original room #260, but at least a half dozen more, due to this inspection with "Mike", at about 11:00 PM.

Finally, "Mike" and I entered the last available room, it was not without problems, but It did not have at first glance, roaches, maintenance problems and/or black mold issues.

After further heated conversations with Mr. [snip] about reasonable compensation to accommodate for our inconvenience, I reluctantly accepted the later room.

The next day, upon Check-0ut my brother-in law- had problems getting a receipt from the day shift desk check-out person..., written and/or computer generated, ...because the computers were down.

Because my brother-in-law could not wait...I created a receipt, to which he authorized myself to receive his receipt.

Upon, check-out of myself, I had to again ask for Mr. Charlie [snip], General Manager to attempt to resolve my unpleasant stay, due to roaches, black mold, bed bugs bites, uncleanliness and a very rude unprofessional attitude/disposition.

I have seen filed complaints with the Houston, Texas Health Department and Days Inn/Wyndham Rewards®/ Wyndham Hotel Group brands.

Note: Do your own inspections, first, before accepting your rooms.

I have stayed at Days Inns for years, without any problems, like these.

Friday, April 26, 2013
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User Replies:
Kay on 06/01/2013:
I never experienced such a filthy hotel room as Days Inn.My husband booked a suite for our 1 year wedding anniversary at the Days Inn near Galveston Tx. I have always considered Days Inn a good hotel until our most recent stay memorial weekend. Our room had roaches,
musty smell ,stained carpets,water damage and mold in bath room and carpet. My husband and I had to wear flip flops to avoid our feet from touching the dirty floor. I will never book a reservation nor will I ever recommend Days Inn to anyone.
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The Sleaze and Dirty Motel
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ALBION, MICHIGAN -- Dec 26, on my way home to Oregon, WI from Toronto Canada. It's a blinding snow storm outside and I have driven 300 mi. Many people are in ditches now and things are getting pretty bad so I get off and check the GPS for a motel.

There is a Days Inn right there so I checked in. I go to the car and load myself down with things I need and go to the room. I can see already that I have made a bad choice in motels. I proceed but I can't get into my room. I trudge to the office with all my things because in this hotel you would not leave any thing unattended.

The desk clerk comes and flings herself against the door and opens it. I leave the room and do the same thing when I return and it works, but the next time I leave I can't get in. While on my trips to get things from my car I meet some of the residents of the motel. Strange people who live at this motel and want to help me take my things in and tell me why they are living here. I go to the desk and explain that I can no longer get into my(very nasty) room and they give me another(nastier) room. This room has two chairs, the other none, that are so dirty and spotted that no decent person would ever sit in them. There is no shampoo, half of the towels needed(manager brings me one) and a coffee maker but no coffee, which I get at the desk later. The carpet is so dirty that when I took off my shoes my white socks became very dirty. My bedroom slippers are in my car so each time I get off the bed I have to slip my feet into my tennis shoes.

When I checked in I forgot to ask for my senior discount so I asked on the way to get some food and the manager said no because I was charged $60.00 and the rack rate is $70.00, even though the clerk said the savings would be $5.00 if approved.

After seeing the first room I checked to see if any other hotels were in the area but there were none for a number of miles and I94 was so bad I had to get off. There were many people in the ditches and I could not drive any further.

I am 71 and really a world traveler, from South America to Alaska and yearly trips to Europe and the UK. I have friends and family in many places and have stayed in many hotels. This hotel is the second worse I have ever stayed in. The first was a hotel in Quito, Peru, a jungle city but it cost only $12. My friends and family usually stay at Marriott hotels and you cannot go wrong there. I will never stay at a Days Inn again. There may be good ones but this experience will always keep me away from Days Inn.
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User Replies:
wjk898 on 12/30/2012:
You oughta see what passes as a "Days Inn" in Rawlins Wyoming. A smelly dry rotted "cardboard box" with creeps loitering everywhere. Days Inn has dropped well below the old YMCAs in terms of accommodations. At least the "Y" had cleanly mopped asphalt floors and clean towels.

Oh well. You didn't have much of a choice. BTW, has Toronto become the pit full of bums I've heard it has? Used to be a great city - but you know Canadians and their strange appetite for diversity.
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Bed Bugs And Roaches! Stay Away!
Posted by on
ASHLAND, VIRGINIA -- Checked in at around 11pm after driving over 2 hours for our Anniversary-- weekend at Kings Dominion! Well... not so much. We were in our car driving back home within two hours of check in.

First- Ghetto. I'm not from the nicest part of town myself, but pulling in the parking lot made me a little nervous. It was very dark, people loitering/staring you down as you pass by them, etc. Again, I've been to the ghetto many times, but this was uncomfortable!

Second- The SMELL! Yes, it was a smoking room, but NEVER have I been so overwhelmed with the smell of ash tray! Even the CLUB never smelled so bad! When I booked the room off of Priceline I requested smoking, not realizing I was pregnant at the time-- by the time the date came around to stay, I had just found out and already was having "smell issues", so this took me over the top. I agreed with my husband it was late and we'd be leaving in a few hours for K. D. so we would switch rooms in the morning. 15 minutes later, my husband came out of the bathroom and said "lets go.. just saw a roach in the bathroom" So he grabbed the bags and noticed another dead roach at his feet. So, we drove 2+hours home at 1:30am, exhausted and irritated. So irritated we didn't even stop at the office to check out or complain. Got home and called the next morning to complain.

Two weeks later-- WE HAVE BED BUGS!
4 Terminex treatments later, 6 months later, and over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS on new beds/treatments/etc, living in our living room (two adults, 1 child) -- WE STILL HAVE BED BUGS! !!! I have now been sleeping on the couch, 8 months pregnant, HIGH RISK pregnancy, delivering a premie here soon.. sleeping on a couch. Nice! I JUST moved our new beds in 2 nights ago, and again saw a bed bug crawl past my face this morning.. WTF??????

Called the office to complain AGAIN this morning and although the lady is very nice and seemed to care-- she never once DENIED they had a bed bug issue, in fact she CONFIRMED that she remembers my complaint and does know of one complaint of bed bugs in a room, "but the issue has been resolved" She tells me her big boss will call me back. 30 minutes later, SHE calls me back and says she spoke with her big boss and he had no suggestions b/c their exterminators deal with it, not him. Umm... Okay? I don't want suggestions, I want reimbursement! And she says to me-- she has no record of me complaining about bed bugs, just roaches. DUH! I didn't know about bed bugs until they started biting me two weeks later.... Thanks though! All in all, DO NOT STAY HERE! It will ruin your life. I am SO psychologically damaged and in extreme debt due to 2 hours at a filthy hotel. I don't know how these people sleep at night knowing they are infesting others-- its inhumane!

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
What a nightmare. I feel bad you have to go through all this, especially being pregnant. Are you hoping that the company will cover all your expenses?
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
What a nightmare!!
They are everywhere and no matter how vigilant your are in doing background checks on where you will be staying you are never safe!!

Ten worst cities:

Stay out of Ohio at all costs!! Three cities in the top ten?
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
How awful.
I've actually stayed at this hotel (yes, for King's Dominion). Fortunately, it was quite awhile ago, pre-bedbug. I remember it being chintzy. It was a place to throw your hat, that's about it.
leet60 on 03/23/2011:
I wish you good luck with your eradication. These pests are extremely difficult to exterminate since DDT became illegal. They are resistant to most pesticides, female bedbugs lay up to 12 eggs a day over their lifetime. They can go into a semi-hibernation mode and survive almost a year without feeding. Check your luggage, they favor the crevices in luggage and if you haven't' replaced the luggage you should do so. It only takes a few to wreak havoc.
trmn8r on 03/23/2011:
Good luck, but I don't think Days Inn will accept any responsibility for the cost of bed bug eradication at your house. You didn't observe any while you were there.
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
Truth of the matter is, you can pick up bedbugs anywhere (they're becoming pretty prevalent) so it is difficult to pin it down to where you came in contact with them. I don't anticipate them being very helpful with this :(
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
The biggest mistake that will be held against you when trying to recoup losses, is that you and your husband just up and left that night without notifying anyone or checking out. They could've reimbursed you then and there. But you didn't give them that chance. It's going to be tough proving anything after the fact.
Venice09 on 03/24/2011:
Regardless of where the bedbugs came from, this is a terrible situation, and I truly feel sorry for you. Other than staying somewhere else, possibly with family or friends, I don't know what else you can do until you are finally rid of the bugs.

I wouldn't count on the hotel reimbursing you anything at this point, and you really should concentrate more on your health and well-being. If it makes you feel any better, the bites are harmless. They can make you very uncomfortable though, which is the last thing a pregnant woman needs.
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Worst Experience/Horrible Staff/Bad Corporate Customer Service
Posted by on
ATLANTIC CITY - BOARDWALK, NEW JERSEY -- For $225/night, we expected a decent experience. I know that the hotels in A.C. are all pricey... so we felt safe and comfortable with the Days Inn. The room wasn't great (it was mismatched and cheap looking), but it was clean.
We had a great night in Atlantic City. We returned later on and went to sleep. In the very early hours of the morning, we received a sexually obscene and threatening phone call, which sounded like it was coming from another room in the hotel. I hung up on the caller and was so shaken I couldn't sleep. I kept the light on the rest of the night.
We immediately called the front desk, who said that they had no way of knowing who called and couldn't help us. Needless to say, they were completely unapologetic.
Upon check out, I told the front desk staff and BOTH of the managers. Who, were also completely apologetic and did not offer anything to make us feel better.
I explained that for $225/night, I expected to actually be able to sleep and feel safe and comfortable. They didn't care. The manager also noted that he "had no idea who it could be" but five minutes later said "I have a feeling I know who it is, but I can't say for sure." He also mentioned that this had happened to other guests, but they didn't have any records or call logs. I find that hard to believe.
I was so upset that I called the Days Inn corporate office. They took down all of my contact information - THEN turned around and gave it to the exact same manager I spoke to the day before. He called me and was so rude and angry with my fiance' and myself.
I called BACK to corporate and told them that this was ridiculous. They said they couldn't do anything until 7 days went by, then they would review my case.
My fiance' called back again (the same day) and told them that this was unacceptable. They promised to have a supervisor call us back within 24 hours. They never did.
About 4 days later, we received a passively aggressive and RUDE email from the AC hotel staff AND a letter from corporate. That was it.
I work in an industry and a position where you ALWAYS keep your clients and customers happy, especially if something horrible happens.
Apparently, Days Inn has a completely different motto.

After this experience, I will NEVER stay at Days Inn again, in Atlantic City or ANY city!
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Anonymous on 06/28/2006:
I am curious...what would have made you "feel better?" As far as I know the motel/hotel only logs outgoing calls and would have no control over who calls in to your room. Obscene telephone calls are disturbing and rude to be sure but to blame them on the establishment you are staying is reaching pretty far.
Doc J on 06/28/2006:
Random, crank calls are normal occurrences in even the finest hotels. You mention the price/night. It would appear you're using the incident to position yourself for a bargain rate. Interestingly, some people would be equally "offended" on the grounds of 'privacy' if Days Inn kept a log of all room-to-room calls. The post strikes me as an all out assault on Mt. Molehill.
miketech on 06/28/2006:
Sounds more like a job for the police than hotel staff.
Anonymous on 06/28/2006:
Also, keeping the light on the rest of the night isn't going to do you any good. My husband and I were interrupted at a decent hotel by someone pulling the fire alarm. I went back to sleep as soon as we found out it was kids pulling a prank. Best to be armed when you are in unfamiliar territory. We always are!
Anonymous on 06/28/2006:
Keep the phone off the hook?
Anonymous on 06/28/2006:
Mrs. M. quite good advice, considering most of us have mobile phones. Spending the evening with your honey? You really don't need to be disturbed...LOL
DORCAS on 06/28/2006:
My mortgage is $900.00 a month and I've gotten this type of phone call more than once before. I haven't though
of having the bank make ammends for this. Hmmm. Is this your first prank call? Hopefully your future husband will learn to make to feel safe so you can sleep at night.
Anonymous on 06/29/2006:
Hey Dorcas, what are you wearing right now?
DORCAS on 06/29/2006:
sheriff:AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm calling my bank right now. (OH, a tank top and jammie bottoms )
Sarah Dubin on 11/01/2008:
I agree that the guest services are awful... as we had a horrible experience and are so outraged...I resent being treated poorly by the Days Inn, but ofcourse they are over reaching themselves... if you have Facebook, join the group: boycott the Days Inn. I want everyone to know how horrible they really are!!!
LORI on 05/22/2011:
Randy on 06/20/2011:
I had a wedding to attend in St. Charles MO. and the Days Inn that I stayed in was nasty and disgusting. I wish you had a way to post pictures on your web site because I have some of my own that I would like to add.

In our room. the toilet was backed up and nasty.. the shower curtain had mold growing on the lower 12". In the room.. burned out light bulbs. What looked like baby food slung on the walls.. holes in the sheets.. water soaked carpeting that I found after I put on my dress socks for the wedding. Carpets were severely stained. Food on the floor between the night stand and the bed.. I was afraid to touch anything and after looking on line and seeing that hundreds of people have tried complaining to the Corp Office with no call back and any justification.. I figured I would just be wasting my time. Anyone who gets any type of discount after complaining should feel lucky Most that I have seen searching on line got nothing and were pretty much told you are S.O.L. I will NEVER, EVER stay at a Days Inn again. From what I've seen Nation Wide I'm surprised that they are sill in business. Management and owners obviously have no morals and values. STAY AWAY FROM DAY"S INN
J. D. Byrd on 07/06/2011:
I just spent a night on a bed that must have had a mattress filled with golf balls. The shower was dirty, the door had a draft (in TX that means hot air) there was evidence the place had not been cleaned properly in months. Only thing working properly was the AC and again in TX that was a good thing. I will not stay at a Days Inn again.
Cindy on 07/31/2011:
We had a terrible experience ourselves at a Days Inn over the weekend. Can you give me the corporate office email and phone number? I have been looking and can't find it. Thank you and sorry for your horrible stay.
wow on 01/21/2012:
Days Inns take a lot of wear and tear. The rates at most are very affordable. Carpets should be done once a year, bed sheets shouldn't be dirty. customer service should be friendly. But no motel runs back ground checks on their guests before they can check in and everyone bad doesn't have a certain look. Employees cannot stand by your door while you sleep. They can guarantee the door locks.bad peolpe come from all walks of life now days. You shouldn't even have felt affended front desk couldn't do anything. All I have to say is all motels there are good and bad but all aren't the same. In this past ecconomy its a wander that any Motel can even afford staff to work the desk and clean the rooms. Bottom line is you cannot judge all motels the same.
not a rap fan on 02/23/2012:
There was a time when Days Inn motels were owned and run by people who were American. Now it seems they are under the management of people whose first home is outside the U.S. It has been my observation that these people frequently are more concerned about making money than providing decent, clean, safe, and economical operations. They simply don't have American values of cleanliness, proper upkeep of what's visible, and truly assisting guests.
Peggy S. on 04/28/2012:
Was refused a room due to my assist dog complete w/documents. I don't know who owns this franchise, but here in AMERICA an assist animal is even allowed to board an airplane right along with suicide bombers. This is against the law in the USA, someone NEEDS to address this!!!!!
ruby on 06/14/2012:
I always felt as if Days Inn was a good place to say until yeserday... My husband and I stayed atone in Covington,ky... the floor was so stained I was would not take my shoes off until I went to bed... the curtains were pinned together because the pull cord was broken, the sink taps were corroded,the tissue box was rusted, the chairs were filthy and worn out..and there were more many more things wrong...
No I did not complain to management as there was only one young girl working so what could she have done..... but believe it or not.. the bed was clean and comfortable...
but I will not stay at a Days Inn again...
Anna on 06/30/2012:
I had a similar experience at a Days in in Colorado springs on south circle. We literally found cat poop on the floor that had been there for several days. The front desk staff didn't care. I asked for a refund or at least a discount on my rate of 100$ a night. They refused because their manager was "out of town". The towels had hairs on them so we were afraid to use those, every room looked like it had either had a huge fight in it or been raided by police. The chain on the door was broken. We had to get 2 rooms because we were evacuees from a wildfire in our area. In the second room (the one with the several days old cat poop) the toilet didn't work. In the second room first it was so filthy I asked them for a new room, in the second room it was cleaner but we found a cigarrette butt under the bed, the beds both sunk in the middle and were very uncomfortable. I have called and reported this to their corporate office and am waiting to find out what happens. I am also having my bank dispute the charges. I wouldn't put someone I hated in this hotel. Staying there was a nightmare.
Debbie on 07/14/2012:
First of all you people who are criticizing the customer for complaining are full of crap! You must be the staff she complained to. At the very least, as a CUSTOMER she should have been treated with respect by EVERY STAFF PERSON SHE SPOKE TOO. Paying $225. a night for a room at any motel/hotel, anywhere, DEMANDS respect! If you worked for me you would have been fired immediately for being disrespectful. And I agree with her that I too will never stay at another Day's Inn ever again. I recently stayed at Day's Inn, North Ft. Jackson, in Blythewood, SC. There were no clean towels in the room and a dirty one hanging on the back of the bathroom door. My first thought was "I wonder if the tub was even cleaned." I doubt it, though I have no way of knowing for sure. The coffe pot had not been cleaned, the floors were stained, the walls were stained. I wonder how often the bedspreads get changed and washed. The sheets were never changed during our stay. I know because I always mark them with a small dot when we arrive. Another thing I always do is pull the sheets back and look for bedbugs. Luckily I've not come across any yet. When we went to the desk to tell them we had no clean towels and a dirty one had been left, we were simply handed towels across the counter. No one even offered to remove the dirty one. The TV reception was fuzzy, and 1 day after coming back from our days activity I found cleaning supplies left in the room. We were in the area for my son's graduation from bootcamp. Granted we didn't pay near what the other lady paid, but I'm saddened that this is how families of the men and women who are going off to serve our country are treated. And from what I'm reading this is standard service across the nation. Day's Inn used be a respectable chain. No more. Get the buck, that's all Day's Inn seems to care about. Thanks to Gordon Ramsey's new show "Hotel Hell", from now on, I'm taking a black light with me to every hotel I stay in. If it's as dirty as I feel that Day's Inn was, I'm demanding a refund on the spot!
Betty on 07/19/2012:
I would like to say staying at a Days Inn was the worst hotel I ever been in. This Days Inn was in Huber Heights Dayton, OH. The pics that they advertise on their website are false. They show a pic of their pool with a Jacuzzi which they do not have, because it has been filled in with concrete, rooms with Jacuzzi they do not have they have. they have handicap showers with hand made wooden benches,dirty carpets,holes in their bed sheets,stained pillows and cases,stained chairs,k-9 units circling their parking lot, also hookers and johns in the parking lot. So my advice to anyone wanted to stay at a Days Inn don't stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DK on 07/24/2012:
We stayed at a Days Inn in Colorado Springs on S Circle Drive, of the 5 rooms booked 3 had issues
On2beheard on 01/26/2013:
Spokane Days Inn had to be the dirtiest! I understand that the rates are reasonable, but there should be NO REASON for dirty. I had man "stuff" on the floor by the door and a wad of toilet paper stuck to the ceiling above the bed. Nothing says YUCK better than that! I have asked for a 1 night refund (I had driven 7 hours to get into a town that was having a huge concert and no rooms anywhere were available). They did change my room after I went to the counter and complained (they also rented my room to another I had a midnight visitor and slammed him in the face with the door...then the front desk called my room to see who was in there!) UGH!
takeittochurch on 02/21/2013:
I work at the Days Inn.... You should be more worried about the mold in the walls and carpet. Last month an elderly woman staying at a Days Inn in Maplewood was rushed to the hospital for breathing problems.....
Lisa on 07/04/2013:
I just stayed at Days Inn in Hollywood. Plenty to complain about but biggest thing was no hot water!! Traveled 5 hours and then went to Universal in 105 degree heat. Came back to room with kids to shower and go get food but NO HOT WATER! Their solution was a $20 discount on a $200 room. Will never stay at this chain again!!
angelann on 08/12/2013:
I was traveling with my grandchildren coming back from visiting in Georgia. I was exhausted and we saw that there was a Days Inn right outside of Richmond. I had stayed in many Days Inns years ago and I guess I expected them to be the same. The hallway reaked of smoke (I asked for non-smoking). The room looked clean but it was far from it. It had no phone to contact the front desk, a filthy tub, no trash can, no tissues, not enough towels and not even a working ice machine . There were three other buildings apparently under renovations and a pool that was being renovated. When you are traveling with two children and lug everything up to the second floor and then find you have no phone to call the front desk you just put up with it. I have an older cell phone so I could not find a number to call them. The girl at check out just said that that was the way things were. If there was not a clean white mat in the tub we would have not been able to shower, the tub was black all around the mat and the spigot could not have been cleaned in a long time. I have contacted Days Inn but have had no response from them. I will never stay in a Days Inn again and before I pay for a room again I will ask to see it. I feel spending the extra money to stay at a Comfort Inn (like we did prior to that) or a hotel would have been worth it, for peace of mind as well as cleanliness.
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Worst Place Ever - Disgusting
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BAR HARBOR, PENNSYLVANIA -- Stayed here in July 2013 - room had musty odor, but got in late so just went to bed. tub drain was a bit slow in am but was in a hurry and the rest was working so we headed out. Upon return there was stuff floating in the toilet, but again in a hurry to get showers and change to meet friends for dinner. Flushed toilet and it overflowed over my daughter's shoes, the floor and into the carpet. She had to hold the valve and stand in the tub while we found help to stop the water running. It would not plunge and they had to turn the water off and go find an auger. we were unable to shower and had to be let into an empty room to even change for dinner because they were still trying to fix it after 30 minutes. Upon our return the floor was still wet and the carpet was soaked. Dehumidifier was off and overflowed when tried to empty it. Complained to desk clerk at time of incident and after and was told "Oh, OK" The manager was not available and no effort was made to resolve our complaints. The next morning I demanded to speak to the manager who had to be called at home. Never did talk to her and the offer was to take 5% off the bill. Meanwhile, another patron was in the office asking for a plunger - again! Days Inn Guarantee posted on the wall is that EVERYTHING WORKS!! LIES!!!! Called corporate and was PROMISED manager would call but since it is independently owned they could not help me. Never did hear from manager and will NEVER stay in a Days Inn again!
Room in general was old with cracking paint, old fixtures, musty and smelly, furniture was peeling in both the room we were given and the room we were allowed to change in. Staff was foreign students with little or no training that were completely clueless. What kind of desk clerk when you complain just goes "oh, OK." and does NOTHING and offers NOTHING. Expresses NO concern at all?
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trmn8r on 08/07/2013:
I agree this sounds horrible and 5% off isn't enough, but where was it? AFAIK, there is no Bar Harbor in PA.
Sheryl on 09/24/2014:
I had booked a room on line through on the 12th of September for a days inn in Bainbridge Georgia. For September 20 a one night stay. It was very difficult at finding a room due to a football game most hotels was already booked. WhenI ccame across days inn having 5 rooms still available at different prices, I jumped on it and got the cheapest room that was available at this time. I too was also in town for the football game. It took me 4 hours of drive time to arrive in Bainbridge, and check in time was at 3pm so I arrived at that time, also had got confirmation through a email my room was reserved. As I got ready for check in, told who I was, I got told my card had been declined, and therefore my reservation for my room had been cancelled.I was in disbelief because I knew the funds was available if this was the case, so I asked if there were another room available and was told no. I drove additional 2 more hours looking for another room with no luck. So I called and they searched my reservation and stated it was still showing active. My number was taking and was told they would call me back and they did maybe 30 minutes later. Booking told me it wasn't a fact that my card was declined, the hotel had over booked rooms. Bookings were able to find me another room at another hotel with a higher rate. This was bad business, and I recommend not to ever book a room at days inn at 1407 Tallahassee highway Bainbridge Georgia.
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