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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARION, NORTH CAROLINA -- Two girlfriends and myself spent 4 nights at this Days Inn & I do NOT recommend it at all. The room was comfortable enough but the manager was very RUDE and Disrespectful to all 3 of us ladies. Because that we were staying multiple nights we put out the Do Not Disturb placard to let them know that they did not need to clean the room, but when we asked for clean towels after we had used them 2x each the manager was very rude & did not want to give us clean towels because we didn't let them clean the room.

We took care of our own trash but we had to provide our own trash bags (again because we didn't want the room cleaned they wouldn't give use any trash bags), we had to beg to get a couple of extra packets of coffee which he did give to us but very begrudgedly. The same went for the towels, we did get them but he had a fit that about it because we didn't want the room cleaned.

The Manager was just the most RUDE & Disrespectful person I have ever met & I will NEVER stay at any Days Inn or any of its affiliates ever again because of this one experience.
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Rude Manager Lies on You Room Smell N Bathtub Had a Hole in It
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VIRGINIA -- Went to stay in the Days Inn hotel got two rms one for three nights and the other for two nights. My grandchildren was in the second rm. They call me and said the tub had a hole inside the water was running out to the floor. I and my husband went to look the tub had an hole in it so they wind up coming inside my rm to take a bath and shower. Oh yeah the address is 6910 midlothian turnpike Richmond VA 23235.I am a church going person so the right thing to do was call the front desk. I call and told the problem so the lady at the desk said she can let us shower in another rm not can I offer you another rm. It also inconvenience us we was supposed to be at an church convention by nine. Anyway to make a long story short I ask to speak to a manager. The lady at the desk said he would be thereby nine am. The manager was not there cause we went down by nine thirty. I left my num for him to call me by cell. He never call. That evening when I came in the same gentleman was there from when we ck in. I ask for the manager again he said he was not there. I went to my rm the manager calls not friendly at all. He says his name is roger very nasty and what upset me is he lied on my granddaughter and said there was no hole in the tub I seem the hole also I seem when the man patch up the hole in the tub. I told roger which he spelled his name out to me rudely to and the night man who ck us in was lying on the couch when we came in also. I told the manager I was going to write a letter. I did call but by the time I call he call them and told them my granddaughters had the curtains out that's why water was on the floor. The rms also smells. I would not recommend anyone to stay there cause the manager there is a liar. He had to cover himself but someone need to sneak up on them at night cause the staff supposed to be behind the desk not lying down watching TV on the couch. And the manager is a liar. Oh the manager kept saying he was not giving me my money back. I did not want my money back I just wanted good customer service something he didn't have
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trmn8r on 07/31/2012:
I stayed at this motel about 4 years ago. Nothing great, nothing bad, basically what I was looking for.

I didn't have a hole in my tub, and I can't imagine what a hole would look like or how it could get there. Maybe a gun?

If I am reading this correctly, your complaint is that the management didn't seem concerned about your inconvenience, and was also rude. It sounds like the tub issue was resolved in a somewhat timely manner. Too bad the manager wasn't more friendly.
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Not bad, but a bit overpriced
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
LURAY, VIRGINIA -- I was in town for the wedding of a relative. Luray is a small town so there not a huge selection of hotel/motels to choose from. I went with Days Inn as it seemed to be one of the nicer choices available. Days Inn has been hit or miss for me in my travels, so I wasn't sure what I was going to get. Upon arriving, I noticed that the grounds were very well kept for a motel of this tier. there were literally acres of freshly mowed grass, with flower beds and nicely trimmed bushes. The view of the mountains and surrounding farmland was very scenic as well. I checked in at the front desk, the lady at the front desk was very pleasant and mentioned she would be at the wedding as well.

Upon arriving at my room, I noticed that it was quite warm, the A/C was turned off, so I turned it on and the room began to cool down. The room itself was typical for the most part. A bed, TV, table, chair, etc. It was quite clean and there there only minor signs of wear on the carpet, there was no peeling paint or stains on anything, a good sign. In the bathroom, I was pleasantly surprised by the fire hose-grade water pressure. If you ever saw the Seinfeld episode regarding black market shower heads, it was much like that. Normally in motel/hotels they have less-than-powerful low-flow shower heads. Not here, You could probably wash your car with the amount of water this thing was pumping out. I suspect that someone may have removed the water restrictor from the shower head, it that's the case then I thank you sir/'mam.

The wifi was a bit shaky. You had to log back in through a login screen every time you open new browser. I was using my phone rather than an actual computer, so that may have just been related to that. Also the remote for the TV seemed to work intermittently. The only ice machine in the motel was in the lobby, which was a minor inconvenience, and the wash cloths were quite thin, but that's par for the course with motels like these. The Continental breakfast looked typical, but I ate at a local restaurant instead.

So the place is actually pretty good as far as Days Inns go. However this place runs $97 a night including taxes, and that was a AAA rate. Without the discount it would've been closer to $110 a night, which for a Days Inn is pretty pricey IMHO. This is a $75-$85 a night motel in my estimation. But I guess they can get away with it as there isn't much competition in town, and it is tourist season in Luray.
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/05/2012:
Because Luray is small and close to both the Luray Caverns and the Shenandoah National Park they probably do charge a bit more. Thank you for the information and positive review! I hope you had a chance to stop by the Caverns while you were there. They're really beautiful!
FoDaddy19 on 06/05/2012:
I have family in Luray (grandparents,aunts,uncles,cousins), and have been there probably around 75-80 times. I've been to the Caverns on more than one occasion :)
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Customer service
Posted by on
SEATLLE, WASHINGTON -- I checked into your hotel room on sat December 31st and left January 2nd and on sat January 7th I realized that our camcorder was missing so I phoned the Days Inn and all I got was a rude employee who said to call back mon-fri b4 2pm because that's when the housekeepers will be able to check the lost and found. I asked basic questions like was anyone currently in the room now and if they could check if it was there and all the gentleman kept saying is to call back mon-fri b4 2pm then hung up. I phoned Mon morning at 6 am and it sounds as if I got the same gentleman and he said it's not here. I explained how the housekeepers woulda been the next one in the room and if they found out if the camcorder was there and how I was told to call at this time. He said housekeepers have returned things such as DVD players and labtops before but that it wasn't there. He seemed like he was rushed and didn't want to talk to me or really did look for my item. I asked if room 133 was checked under the desk as it was at the back of the desk under it in a spot that may not have been noticeable to the housekeepers. I did not appreciate his abruptness and rudeness and especially the way he not once apologized or said he'd look for it. This is not good customer service and I will not want to go back to Days Inn in the future if it's not solved. We all had a great stay but now that no one knows where our camcorder magically went off to I am not longer impressed. I need to know the whereabouts of our camcorder and would appreciate an apology and a proper look under the desk as we know this is where we accidentally left it. Thanks for your time in this matter and please respond back to me at 1-778-218-9855 or email hillfamily2006@shaw. ca This camcorder is very important as well as all the tapes in it. Thanks, The Hills
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Alain on 01/12/2012:
You can try contacting the parent corporation, Wyndham Hotels Group at (973) 753-6000 to see if they'll help. By the way, never leave your name, phone number and e-mail address on a public site. Not everyone on the Internet is here to be helpful and friendly.
JIMMY GUZMAN on 06/13/2013:
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Horrible service, rude staff, outlandish prices
Posted by on
BROOKINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- "On November 25, 2011, my family and I went to Days Inn Brookings for my son's wedding rehearsal dinner. The service and food quality was so awful and the prices were so outlandishly high that I would highly recommend that No One Use This Location (that's Days Inn Brookings) For Any Type Of Event in the future. First, the company kept changing what it was willing to offer as dinner options after the orders had been placed. Then, before the dinner, there was a question about how to include additional people, but we were never directed to anyone at Days Inn who could help us. Someone was supposed to show up prior to the dinner, but they never did. The dinner itself was a joke. The teriyaki chicken and tiny steaks were served with baked potatoes and canned beans. The salad consisted of iceberg lettuce and a few carrot shavings. For drinks, we had a choice of ice tea or milk in little plastic dixie-size cups. There was no coffee and no dessert. The room was plain with round tables - absolutely no ambiance whatsoever - and the tables were placed several feet apart so it was impossible for people sitting at different tables to intermingle. For all of this "grandeur" we paid over $18.00 per person. I realize that in a bigger city, this would be exactly what one might expect. However, this was BROOKINGS, SD! At other establishments within the area, $18.00 buys a much nicer meal. Plus, the cost of this meal was about half of the cost of the entire wedding (not including the cost for renting the hall, which was available for almost two whole days and was huge compared to the little room where the dinner was held). There was also a buffet included at the wedding that served twice as many people and included two complementary drinks (even alcoholic beverages were free). The day after the dinner, before the wedding itself, again someone from the hotel was supposed to show up to discuss the event. Again, no one did. When the bride's mother actually sought out a manager to discuss the event and get some details straightened out, she was treated very rudely. Take my advice - if you want your child's wedding to be meaningful for all the right reasons, Do Not Go To Days Inn Brookings."
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 01/06/2012:
Thanks for the heads up
Anonymous on 01/07/2012:
I certainly wouldn't leave wedding plans in the hands of a hotel chain, namely Days Inn, and expect something extraordinary.
Nohandle on 01/07/2012:
Many individuals in my area book for events to be held at a local hotel. Most are pleased with the end result. This all has to do with communication. The prices are not cheap by any manner. It appears the person you were dealing with wouldn't know how to organize a log rolling. There's not much you can do at the time if you were dissatisfied except warn others to avoid that establishment. You've done that. Thanks.
GenuineNerd on 01/07/2012:
I wonder if this is a Days Inn that started out as a Holiday Inn, a Ramada, or other higher-end hotel. Rarely would Days Inns have restaurants, Banquet rooms, or catering. I usually think of Days Inn as a cheap place to sleep, with few amenities. Most Days Inn food service is vending machines and "continental breakfasts" (typically cereal, donuts, coffee, and orange juice.)
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Posted by on
BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK -- I am a victim of a flood and forced to live at a motel long-term. I have been at the Days Inn 65 Front St., Binghamton, NY and ben there six weeks now. and I am extremely disappointed and angry at their lack of advertised services for the following:in-door heated swimming pool -- free Internet -- free phone calls -- room cleaning -- Continental breakfast. However to say that they did not deliver the promised services would be an understatement. space would not allow a full description of what's wrong with this place. The pool has been broken for a long time although they continue to advertise it as working. The Internet only works in part of the building. The telephones work only sometimes and are in very bad repair. Room cleaning is a joke, that is when they make any attempt at all at cleaning which is rare. the rooms are filthy and include bugs. The so-called Continental breakfast is also a joke because they are almost constantly out of most common items that one would expect. The coffee is often only warm or cold and it's often very stale and old. In general the entire building is in very bad repair and toilets are constantly backing up and leaking. the parking lot is more like a mine field of potholes and bumps. If you try to complain they try to turn things around and put you on the defensive as a very shallow attempt to justify themselves and their ripoff actions. At the prices they are charging this place is totally unacceptable. they require advance payment and if you try to get your money back they will not refund. they also try to rip you off with additional "finds" such as $200 if they accuse you of smoking in your room even though you did not do it and they try to get it by fraudulently charging your credit card. I have never been in a hotel/motel with so many problems apparently they must have a management problem and I am surprised that Days Inn Corporation continues to allow them a franchise it certainly reflects badly on all Days inn's. I have no intention of ever staying at one again and would have left sooner if they would refund my advance payment which they will not.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/24/2011:
How far have you paid in advance? I'd leave as soon as possible. Good luck.
olie on 12/25/2011:
Have you told your insurance company about this? Our homeowner's agent promises us that we would get accommodations comparable to our home, should we have to vacate. (This would be based on our insured value, not on a lifestyle we might *claim* to live.)

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Days Inn Super Nightmare
Posted by on
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- November 20, 2007

Days Inn Customer Care
P. O. Box 4090
Aberdeen SC 57402

To Whom It May Concern:

I wish to report an alarming incident that happened at the Days Inn Hotel Circle in Albuquerque, NM.

I checked in on November 17, 2007 at 2:14 pm and paid for one night with my VISA. The day clerk listed here was not on duty. I left to spend the day with my daughter. When I returned at about 2:00 am I decided I needed to stay another night. I went into the lobby and asked if the same room was available for another night. When I offered my credit card again, the night clerk asked if it was the same card. Since it was, he assured me he did not need to run it again. After a nap, I went about my business and returned to my room late that night. I had forgotten to have the card re-keyed, so the night clerk took care of that for me.

The next morning at 7:00 am, the day clerk phoned me. He was very irate and stated that my card had been declined and to come to the lobby immediately to take care of it. I went into the lobby and logged onto my credit union. The card showed I owed less than $250. My credit limit is $10,000. There was nothing wrong with my card.

I approached the front desk, identified myself and offered my credit card. He took it and then began yelling that he had run the card four times and it had been declined. Until this moment, he did not access to my card. It was my feeling that he had simply typed the incorrect numbers from yesterday’s transaction. He yelled that it was my responsibility to take care of the bill and that because I had not paid for the previous night I had broken the law by breaking in and he would call the police and have me arrested. I was not allowed to speak. Whenever I tried to speak, he would thrust his palm at me. He is significantly taller than me and I was taken by surprise at this attack. The day clerk repeated the threats and shook his finger at me repeatedly while yelling. I was frightened very badly. I have never had my card declined. There is nothing wrong with my card. He refused to run my card and handed it back. I was extremely frightened by his violent temper and threats. There was no reasoning with him. He said to call my credit card company. I stated that the credit union would not be open until 9:00; it was now 7:10. He yelled that I needed to take care of the bill right now. He kept yelling the threats and yelling “What is your problem?” Several times he approached me in a threatening manner and shook his finger in my face.

I was frightened very badly and only wanted to escape to a safe place. I left the lobby and tried to get back to my room, 102. The door had not closed completely, so I ran in and locked it. He banged on the door, threatening to call the police because I had broken into the room. I called my daughter. My hands were shaking so badly, I had to dial the number three times before I input the correct number.

I heard him pacing back and forth outside the room. He tore off the window screen, probably trying to get in. I heard him on the phone calling the police, still yelling at me that I was going to be arrested.

When I completed the call to my daughter, I opened the door. He grabbed all of my luggage and my purse and ran out, yelling that they were going to the dumpster. One of the maintenance people helped me gather the rest of my belongings and I went to the lobby. The day clerk kept yelling that the police were on their way and that I would be arrested for breaking into the room. It was very embarrassing to sit in the lobby in my pajamas. I had not showered because it felt the situation would be resolved immediately. The items that were not taken to the dumpster, such as yesterday’s laundry, were piled on the table. Other guests were getting their breakfast. It struck me that the maintenance man who helped was very calm and knew immediately what he needed to do. Later, when I was at my daughter’s house, we conjectured that this might not be the first time he has treated a customer like this. When I stayed in July, he was not the day clerk; I assumed there has been a change in management.

I was still shaking very badly when the two police officers arrived. The law regarding the situation was relayed to me. I told a short version of what happened. The officer explained to me that the clerk had no right to remove my belongings and said he would talk to him.

My daughter showed up a few minutes later and put the second day’s stay on her credit card. My luggage and purse were retrieved from the back room and returned to me. The police officer suggested I check to make sure the contents were intact. Since I had my wallet in my pajamas pocket, there was nothing of real value left in the purse; I checked my purse. Nothing was missing. My daughter and I left; the police officers remained in the lobby. The check out is listed as November 19, 2007 7:48 am. The police did not create an incident report.

At 9:00 am I called my credit union. They checked the hits against my card from Days Inn. The approval and charge for the first day were there. There was no hit for the second day on their system. The VISA network was checked. There were no hits for the second day. If there was a declination, it would have shown up as a request for approval and a decline. I called my credit union Wednesday morning from my home in Phoenix. There were two requests for approval and two denials. Tina at my credit union explained that the two denials were because the system was down for routine maintenance. I am attaching a statement from my credit union.

This entire incident would have been avoided if he had run my credit card Tuesday morning. I am contacting my lawyer about filing a civil suit for harassment and threatening behavior, as well as for unlawfuly confiscating my belongings.

I expect you will be conducting an internal investigation. Do not use my name as I fear retaliation. I do expect to be contacted about this incident within 7 days.

I no longer wish to be a trips rewards member if this reflects the caliber of personnel you employ. I also intend to share my experience.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 11/21/2007:
I understand your concerns, but why did you not stay with your daughter?
Anonymous on 11/21/2007:
Why didn't you call the police? If your credit card was good and you could have shown the cop your card was good then the idi^t might have been arrested.

I would call the local DA anyway and see if charges can still be pressed.
Principissa on 11/21/2007:
I would have called the cops on him way before he called them on me. Obviously this guy has some serious mental issues.
DaysInnMyAss on 11/21/2007:
My daughter smokes and I am allergic to cigarette smoke.

The cops were there before I could think. This guy was very violent and I feared for my life. I just wanted to get out of there. Don't worry - he will not get away with treating a customer like that. I'm betting that there are many lawyers are just waitintg for a case like this.
keyjockey on 11/23/2007:
Would they accept cash as payment? Maybe Days Inn is trying to change their image from "Patels" to "Sopranos". Imagine the commercials. Someone goes to pay with a credit card. The desk clerk gives a mean look and fade to black.
DaysInnMyAss on 11/24/2007:
I don't carry much cash. He wouldn't let me leave the lobby. I was lucky my room was so close to the office. If it had not been, there's no telling what might have happened to me when I panicked and ran.
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Beware of their accounting practices!
Posted by on
We spent one night at the Days Inn in Glen Burnie MD and even though we booked over the phone and was quoted one price upon check out there was a slight difference and the price was higher. I mentioned this to the desk clerk and asked why (well, of course, it is hard to explain when they appear to not understand fully what you are trying to say IN ENGLISH) nonetheless, she agreed to charge us the lesser amount and made a correction to our account. However, upon arriving home I noticed on my bank account (on-line) that both amounts were debited to our account (which is not acceptable since we use our checking account for paying bills only and do not carry large amounts of excess funds in the account and a "double charge" would cause a deficiency to our account. I called the Days Inn directly and told them about the situation and that my bank (TD) said that all they needed was a fax from the hotel stating that it was okay to release the funds (for the second charge to the account) and that would clear up any deficiencies to our account. I called the Days Inn directly and spoke to Mr. Patel (a very, very common name (I found) in the hotel/motel industry - must be a very large family) and he said he would fax a statement to my bank immediately saying it was okay to release the funds. He did that and my bank confirmed receipt of the fax. Well, guess what? Later on the same day, someone else at the Days Inn in Glen Burnie MD - re-charged my card for the same amount that was supposed to be credited and released. I called the Days Inn back the next morning only to be laughed at by another non-English speaking desk clerk who kept repeating that she didn't do it, it was the night shift person. So, fed up, I called the corporate customer care number who took down all of my information and assigned a "case number" and said they would have a supervisor call me back. Guess what? They referred me right back to the Glen Burnie general manager (last name Patel) who said "so sorry we don't want to keep your money but we have to go through our financial process and we could not release funds so we have to credit your account again - it will be okay in a few days." In the meantime my account is overdrawn and my bank is trying to work with me to clear this up. I called again to the corporate customer care office and insisted on getting a "higher up" person/number to talk to and was finally able to ascertain that there is CEO/President and I was also able to ascertain that the Days Inn along with several other chains are all under the
"Wyndham Group" and all the motels/hotels are franchises. Well, I intend to contact the CEO/President and let him/her know what kind of people they are issuing franchises to - maybe they have money but that does not mean they are projecting a very nice image for the corporation). I wasn't even offered a free fork, knife, spoon, napkin or cup of coffee for all the aggravation I went through with this franchise owner in Glen Burnie MD. I was already warned by my daughter and several other friends/family to beware of any Wyndham owned hotels/motels especially if you call and they answer with a non-English accent! Well, now I know what they were all talking about. On top of all this, the room we stayed in was dirty, we didn't even have plastic cups for water (had to call room service) and then they screw up my bank account too!

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User Replies:
momsey on 09/10/2010:
So she didn't speak English but she could tell you that she didn't do it, but it was the night shift? I don't speak Spanish, and I wouldn't be able to say all that in Spanish if you paid me.

And I should only do business with people with English accents? So you're against born and bred Americans too?

Your general complaint is valid, of course, and it sounds like a really frustrating situation. However, when you start throwing in things about people's names and English speaking ability, it takes away a bit from your complaint. Just because someone's last name is Patel or someone has an accent doesn't mean they're bad people and it doesn't mean he or she will definitely screw something up.
FlShopper on 09/10/2010:
Credits going back to a debit card account are not always instantaneous. It can take several business days, despite the fact that when you use the card the money can be debited immediately. Unfortunately for you, other debits hit your account and you wound up overdrafted because the credit hadn't posted. When paying for a hotel/motel you should use a credit card (not a debit card run as a credit card either) in case such a scenario arises.
I hope that this gets straightened out quickly.
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Don't stay at Days Inn Airway Heights
Posted by on
AIRWAY HEIGHTS, WA -- I checked into Days Inn in Airway Heights on Thursday, the 12th after making reservations weeks in advance. The front desk and service staff was polite and friendly. Since I had a lot of things I had to do, I just pretty much put my suitcase in the room and got dressed for the event I was attending. I got back, went to bed, and the next day had a hurried shower, made coffee, went to breakfast (which was okay) and left by 8 am. I came back that evening around 9 pm and noticed that my bed was the same, the ashtray was dirty and the floor had not been vacuumed. I figured that since I was a stay-over, it would be done the next day. In the morning, I noticed that the coffee maker had not been cleaned and there was no coffee or cups and no new water cups, (both of which I had used.) I went and asked for coffee and cups and the front desk clerk pointed across the lobby to the coffee maker and said, "cups are over there" and gave a couple of coffee packets. The next morning, I left early again in the same manner. I came back in the afternoon and noticed the ashtray and coffee maker had still not been cleaned and the carpet still had little bits on it, so I called down to the desk and asked what the policy was. They don't vacuum your room if you are staying over. The next am, I had more time and got in the shower and noticed that they had not cleaned the tub since day one of my stay. I then looked around and noticed that the bathroom walls looked as if they had been urinated on, there were nasty little brown dirty thingys on the walls above the tub. I reached for a towel and there were blackish spots all over it. I called corporate and while on hold, noticed there were coffee splashes on the walls by the phone. Corporate said I would be contacted in 3 days. Today is day 3, and no contact yet. The water pressure is next to nil (I have very long hair and I had to rinse shampoo out under the faucet). There was only one chair, a straight backed chair, the numbers on the phone stuck, so I had to pry up the zero so it would ring to the front desk. The bathroom light switch was next to the room door, roughly 6 feet from the bathroom. There was not a light you could turn on/off while in the bed. While Days Inn claims to provide clean, functional rooms, they do not do so at that location. I will say this, they took $20 off my bill, which, in my opinion, having worked front desk for Travelodge, was not nearly enough to compensate for dirty carpet and towels. I also would like to say that I have stayed at other Days Inn locations (OK city) and it was worth every penny. Airway Heights, WA, however, is not.
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User Replies:
ontario_girl on 08/17/2010:
Where I work, we always vacuum the floors, whether the guest is staying over or not. It's just common sense.
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Everything was ugh!!
Posted by on
ELKHART, INDIANA -- My wife contacted Days Inn Elkhart via internet on 13 Jan 09 (?) and made a reservation for 16 Oct. I phoned Elkhart Days Inn and reserved the 15th, also.
We subsequently received an email advising that due to rennovations they had to charge $80.00 in-
stead if the $49.49 quoted in January!
When my son and I arrived the evening of 15 Oct,
the clerk advised that it would be $80.00 a day. It was late, so I took the room. We opened the room door and found that the light switch did not turn on the light. We groped our way in and found a wall light that allowed us to see. The carpet was dirty with a few small discarded tags, etc., on the floor. The rug was badly stained. The room was old and clearly not "renovated". We
decided to grit our teeth and stay the night as other motels options might not be available due to the Notre Dame--USC football game in nearby South Bend. The next morning, my son--who suffers from alapecia and has no hair--said that he had found hair on his pillow!
We were bound for South Bend where we would attend the football game on the 17th of Oct. I did check in and talk to the clerk about the higher charge and the fact that we were not in the newly renovated part of the motel. I decided to not go into our complaints about the room as we were in a hurry to get to South Bend
to explore the Notre Dame campus. And, it turned into a long day of exploration, shopping, etc. We did not return until very late that evening to our motel.
We were unable to enter the room and, after two trips to the office, were able to enter the room with a new electronic key. We were shocked to see that there had been no room service. Beds re-
mained unmade, there were no clean towels, etc. And, of course, there was no more coffee for the coffee maker.
The next morning we checked out. I explained all of the above to the elderly lady at the desk. She agreed that we should only be charged $49.49 as originally quoted us. She said that our credit card accounted would be credited $68.34 as we had already been charged the $80.00+tax for two nights.
It is now 20 Oct and our Visa account has not been credited with $68.34 as she said it would.
I think I may send a copy of this letter to the Indiana Health Dept. I could not be more upset. We had a once in a lifetime experience at Notre Dame and a nighmare motel experience.
Can you please send a response.
David Leonard
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User Replies:
CSD on 10/20/2009:
I would suggest being a little more patient waiting for the credit. Once the credit goes through on their end, it can sometimes take a week before you will see it on your end.
Anonymous on 10/20/2009:
Unfortunantly, it takes longer for things to be credited back to an account or card than for them to take it out.
If it's not back by the end of the month, *then* I'd really worry.
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