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Unsafe Hotel and Unresponsive Staff
Posted by Bshelley on 06/08/2006
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I traveled to Knoxville for an extremely important business presentation. I arrived Thursday night and stayed at the Days Inn near the Knoxville Airport. The room was acceptable.

At 2AM, I was awoken by a group of thuggishly-dressed adult males (8-10) running from car to car in the Hotel Parking Lot trying to break in. I called the office and insisted that management call the police. Nothing happened. I called again after 30 minutes. Again, nothing happened. I ended up not sleeping for the rest of the night in fear that they would break into my car and/or the room. (I am an Army veteran - still there was no way I was going to go out there) At checkout, management pretended that nothing happened.

It turns out that this Hotel shares the parking lot with one of those druggy hotels where everything goes and they choose to ignore disturbances. I lost a potential life-changing software contract the next day in some part due to a look of exhaustion.

Days Inn had a good ring in my mind prior to this stay. Now, I will never stay in a Days Inn again. I recommend that you avoid this Hotel at all costs - stay at the Airport Hilton for $50 more - it is worth it.

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-08:
Why not call the police yourself?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-06-08:
Thats what I was thinking.
Posted by Timboss on 2006-06-08:
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-08:
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-08:
But, a Marine would have gone out there and kicked some rear. Oooooraaahh.
Posted by batzion7 on 2006-06-08:
Days Inn falls into a catagory of low class motels that I would stay away from if at all possible. I was a motel manager at one time and I saw, first hand, what goes on. Resort areas are the worst. As a manager my hands were tied....all the owner wanted was the bottom line $$$$$. I had to quit the one (Days Inn)because they wanted desk clerks to "play rates." That means....sell the room at the highest rate possible. It goes like this.....when a clerk sees an older person walk in they should know that a senior citizen discount has arrived...sooo a $74.00 room will be qouted at $84.00 to that customer. They then pay full price and do not know it. On week-ends clerks are to call the other motels in town...if they are all full or only have one or two rooms let the $74.00 room now goes up as much as double.
To report this to corporate is a joke..they know and they do no care.
That is just one example...there are many things that if the public knew they would do what I did...I bought a motor home!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-08:
Disturbing..... very bad
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-06-08:
I agree too with Hugh, if I saw them trying to break into cars, I would have call the police myself stat. Especially with my own car in the lot.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-06-09:
I would think if you were intelligent enough to come up with life changing software you would be smart enough to call 911 all by yourself. Why wait for the manager to call?
Posted by miketech on 2006-06-09:
I live in Knoxville. What Days Inn was it out of curiosity?
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racial discrimination
Posted by Myadvo on 02/04/2006
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I made a reservation to a Days Inn in San Francisco. While discussing the rates with the front desk clerk, the supervising front desk clerk interrupted the conversation and rediculed me to "go back to China" because he knows better than I. Ensuing he was holding a phone waving at my face as if wanting to strike me. Then he ordered me to leave his hotel or else he would call the police. My wife and I left the hotel that late afternoon without a hotel room.
I wrote a complaint letter to the hotel management. He replied, instead, denying he had said any racial slur, mentioned nothing about his bad behavior and not honoring our reservation. He kept saying we needed to follow their hotel reservation polcy.
We felt we were insulted of our race, mistreated and verbally abused by him. The management did not offer an apology to the racial slur he or his staff had made. Any contact with this hotel can incur a very horrible experience!
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Posted by tander on 2006-02-04:
As a American I will apologize for their bad behavior it shouldn't of happened.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-04:
Wait a minute...you were talking with one person and another interrupted and told you to "Go back to China"...There's a HUGH chunk of this story that seems to have been left out. People need to get over all that they claim is racial...I'm Irish/Italian,born in the USA...now, if someone told me "go back to Ireland or Italy where you came from"...I fail to see the insult there...If you're proud of your ethnic backgroung, then why cry and whine if someone (someone who doesn't even know you) tells you to go back to your homeland. People need to take a look around them and see what is really going on, what really matters.GET OVER IT! And Tander, there is no reason to give an apology as "An American" when you weren't even involved in the situation. What really irritates me is when people apologizes for other people. An American or anyone else doesn't owe an apology based on a half told, one sided story as this one.
Posted by shayen on 2006-02-04:
I don't think there is anything missing from this story. The letter writer was talking to the front desk clerk and the supervisor butted in and commented that he should go back to China. THAT IS OFFENSIVE! Its crude, crass and uncalled for. My fiance is chinese. We have dealt with racism before and its not pleasant. I am white and I never witnessed such racism before in my life until I started dating a chinese man. Anyay, I think it was nice of the first poster to extend an apology even though he has nothing to personally apologize for.

To the letter writer: I would write a letter and send directly to the Corporate office. If you do not receive satisfaction, I'd get the word out to the chinese community in your area.

And as a WHITE AMERICAN, I too would like to apologize for the insensitive comment that was made to you. Its not acceptable and at the very least, its unprofessional and unethical.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-04:
A person doesn't just blurt out...go back to China...there had to have been some kind of disageement or arguement going on between the poster and the person at the front desk. If the poster was just trying to check in or make a reservation, I very highly doubt that the supervisor is going to turn around and say that..come on...it's a hotel, they deal with tourist and foreigners everyday that's where hotels make their money. I'm telling you, there is alot of this story left out.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-04:
And if you take the advice of Shayen and write that letter...be sure you tell them the WHOLE story...
Posted by shayen on 2006-02-04:
DB, my guess would be the front desk clerk and the letter writer were arguing or having a disgreement. But that does not excuse the alleged comment (I'll say alleged since I was not there) "go back to china". Imagine if a desk clerk told a black customers to "go back to africa". People would find that racist and disgusting. The fact this person is chinese doesn't lessen the offense, in my opinion.
Posted by RVRBOATKNG on 2006-02-04:
I agree there must be a large part of the story missing here. San Fransisco has a large Oriental population so I find it a little difficult to believe they would say something. I have to wonder what race the management was and that possibly something was said to them first. Not that two rights make a wrong either.
Posted by shayen on 2006-02-04:
RUGS are Oriental. The people you are referring to are ASIANS. Thank you.
Posted by Ms.Consumer on 2006-02-05:
How often does an Irish/Italian person here "go back to Ireland/Italy? Never! I hate it when white folks use anologies like that, that never occur. Don't assume you know how you would feel in a situation that YOU NEVER EXPERIENCE! sheesh
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-05:
Actually, I have been told that, and I know of others who have been told that very same thing...why don't you ever hear about it? Because we are above it and we don't go crying to anyone who will listen...that's why? I've also had racial remarks thrown at me and I'm of the white race...but,again, I'm above the people who make those remarks and comments...between them and myself, I'm the bigger person. I'm not going to cry around and send letters, oh poor me...get over it and move on...Now, if someone was physcially harmed because of their race or ethnic background, that is a completely different story, unless they caused it themself. The Irish are always having comments thrown at them about being alcoholics and being drunk...being that I don't drink, does that mean I can go crying and sueing every single time someone on TV refers to the Irish and drinking? Should I file a lawsuit against the "Fighting Irish" ballteam because of their mascot? Gee, Imagine that...I'd be richer than a Leprechaun finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...oh, I'm sorry for stereotyping the Irish, please don't sue me!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-05:
As for the Italians...I don't belong to the "MOB" but people always makes remarks about that, when I tell them I'm Itailian...I don't blow up cars, I'm not in the business of making cement shoes, I don't have a bunch of cheese hanging from the ceiling in my basement and I don't have a wine cellar either...I don't even have a "Godfather"...does that mean, I can go and sue every TV show and Movie made that shows Italians all belong to the Mafia....????????
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-05:
My point is...no matter what race you are, no matter what background you're from, EVERYONE at SOMETIME or another in their life has been a victim of racial remarks...some make a big deal of it, while others bring themselves above it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-05:
Sweep out the coils.
Posted by shayen on 2006-02-05:
DB, if that your motto, i.e. if someone makes racial remarks to you that you grin and bear it and get on with your life, great. Congratulations! But keep in mind that others may choose to complain (and that is their right!). An example: I don't believe in abortion. But I fully understand that others may have a different point of view and choose to follow a different path and make their own decisions. I have to respect that. I have no right to tell others what to do or how to feel. The point I'm trying to make is that just because YOU don't approve of this person writing a letter of complaint regarding the racial slur that was hurled their way doesn't mean they are wrong.

RE: Should you sue because a tv program depicts Italians as mobsters? Well, some lawyers did try. Thats your decision. No one can answer that but you.

If you are at a place of business and someone makes a blatant racist remark, should you complain? Well again, thats up to. Its a personal decision and no one can answer that for you. If you are comfortable with walking away, hey great. But its also your right to say, "you know, I'm not gonna let this one just slide by. Something needs to be done".

Some people choose to "take it" and others choose to "fight back".

I'm white and I have had some black people make racial slurs to my face. Each time, I did what felt right, whether it was laughing in their faces and informing them of their ignorance, walking away, or going through the necessary channels to ensure this person was dealt with in a proper manner and would think twice before exhibiting racial hatred toward someone else again. I was the one who had the racial slurs made against me, so it was I that made the decision on how I wanted to proceed, if I wanted to proceed at all. The personal motto, philosophy or creed of some outsider or stranger did not factor at all (and rightfully so) in my decision making.

Anyway, this is my last post on this letter as I do wish to repeat the same things over and over again.
Posted by anti-idiot on 2006-02-05:
No one here should appologize on behalf of this incident. Firstly, because you weren't there. And Secondly, when you appologize on behalf of "You're people," the Americans, you are essentially catergorizing yourself as one race, and Asians as another. That's just as bad as negative racism.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-05:
As previously stated...if the poster is going to write a letter to complain...just give the full story...not just one side.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-06:
DB, I'd like to hear the rest of that story, too.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-06:
Basher - people say you're in the MOB because you work for NCO.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-02-06:
I hear stories from people who feel slighted by whomever ALL day...I know when there's info missing. There is a big chunk of it missing here. Still...using any sort of racial reference in any derogatory manner is low class. If anyone disagrees with me, they can go back to Ireland!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-06:
To be honest with you Maddy (as I always am), I have been told that! And by the NCO collectors, themselves...lol
Posted by RVRBOATKNG on 2006-02-07:
I don't think I've ever heard my in-laws refer to their family as RUGS. So much for the ever changing PC terms.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-07:
Orientals are people...and to refer to them as rugs is just as racial as anything.
Posted by keyjockey on 2006-02-22:
This incident seems to stem from a dispute about the rate and what you were willing to pay. Could it be that what was said was the old phrase "what's that got to do with the price of rice in China?". I wasn't there so that's only my perception and we all know perception is the mother of deception.
Posted by DemandRespect on 2012-07-14:
For DebtorBasher to argue this case so vehemently, I would guess that he/she is either the desk clerk or the supervisor being complained about. As a customer, WE HAVE THE RIGHT to review a bill and discuss what is being paid for. And as customers, WE DESERVE RESPECT. Afterall, it's OUR money your trying to get your hands on. Desk clerks and supervisors should be trained that customer care is #1. And any rude employee that worked for me would be fired ON THE SPOT. Face it, Day's Inn is not the decent chain it once was. I'll never stay at a Day's Inn again. And from now on I'm taking a black light with me to check the cleanliness of any motel room I stay in. I advise everyone to arm themselves with one. All the lazy housekeepers, rude desk clerks, poor managers, and unconcerned owners can thank Gordon Ramsey and his new show "Hotel Hell" for that. BEWARE!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-07-14:
Demand, I realize this is an old review, but you have mistaken my discussion for an argument...there's a big difference there.
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Unhappy with our stay at Days Inn in Jonesboro, GA.
Posted by on 12/09/2001
JONRSBORO, GEORGIA -- On November 30, 2001 we checked in to the Jonesboro, GA Days Inn located on Old Dixie Hwy. Upon checking in we were sent to one room where the heating and air conditioner did not work. We returned to the office only to be sent to 7 other rooms, some missing linens, pillows and light bulbs, others where the air conditioner and heating unit were also broken. Finally the last unit we looked at was okay, but the remote was missing so we had to go to another unit and get a remote. We checked into this hotel originally at 9:30 p.m., we were not able to get settled into a room until aproximately 10:45 p.m.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I would either like my money back or since we travel quite a bit we would be willing to stay at another Days Inn for no charge.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Excellent Overnight stay.Polite, Friendly Staff, Clean Rooms and a Good Breakfast at a Fair Rate.
Posted by Longgeo on 03/27/2014
An excellent place to stay, older but well-kept.
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We Had to Keep Switching Rooms
Posted by Llagrebien on 03/07/2014
LEBANON, TENNESSEE -- We went to room108 and the bed was not made, no linens to make the bed.We were switched to room 110.WE moved the suitcases in and went to eat.The TV did not work and some of stations cannot be found, We watching a basketball game it was so blurry you could not see the ball in air.I complained and room 228 on the other side of building.I went [there] to see if the T-v worked and we packed up all suitcases and moved.The the storm came in.This was all unsettling.It was under Mary Neibergall by Discover 2-20-14.MY account[snip] thanks Mary Neibergall
1009 Miss Belle, Excelsior Springs Mo 64024
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-03-07:
Couldn't they have sent someone to simply make the bed in the first room or was that not an option?
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New Policy of Living Less Than 100 Miles
Posted by Kjugar92 on 01/13/2014
ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We live in the mountains. My husband had a early morning appointment at the VA hospital. Instead of traveling dangerous curvy roads in the AM morning hours in the darkness, we decided to leave the day before and stay at Days Inn which we have done in the past. They are only 5 minutes away from the VA. They would not give us a room because we live within 100 miles. There loss and Days Inn no matter where is now off our list. We stayed at a Holiday Inn and staff was great.
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Nasty, Unclean, Lack Of Pride For There Own Place
Posted by Maevail12 on 12/03/2013
MAPLEWOOD, MINNESOTA -- We paid for a room and when first opened door to room I sat on I think it was a chair waiting for my husband to park the car, up in the corner of room was a HUGE cob web (really!!! No way this could have been missed ) the carpet was stained and black, sticky. I could not set my bags down for fear what I might find in them when I left, I never made it to look at the beds how ever I knew I would not be sleeping in them . and the picture on the wall had no glass in it . .it had been busted out and put back on the wall! When my husband came in we went to front desk let them know how very NASTY and uncaring their place had become since it was sold to them . I was a housekeeper at that very place and I can't understand what in the world how the Days Inn even allows these places to represent them ! That was a 5 star hotel we cared how people thought and felt . What are they paying their housekeepers and staff because it is not worth min wage . And the one thing good we left with. .. .. . OUR MONEY!
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Very Rude
Posted by Bshpjy on 11/27/2013
NEWBERRY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I asked for a wake up call at 6:30 am. I happened to wake up on my on before then. I left the room at 7:05 am and had never got a wake up call. Later that night when I got back in, I got online and was watching a movie on Netflix. When the internet suddenly went out I called to ask them to reboot. The thing was I had no dial tone on my room phone. I checked the plugs on both ends and that didn't help. I found a phone book and called the lobby with my cellphone. I asked the lady at the desk to reboot the internet and oh, by the way, I see why I didn't get my wakeup call because my phone don't work. She started out saying I was talking to her so it did work but I was on my cellphone. She kept telling me about the printout she had that said I did get the wake up call. I wasn't really worried about a wakeup call at that point, I just wanted my wifi back on. Any way, she kept telling me I was wrong, which is in effect, telling me I was lying about the wakeup call, and at some point I let slip a cuss word. I don't like being called a liar. After that I asked to speak to the manager and she had no interest in anything I had to say. She gave me a Jesus speech. I wasn't upset about the missed wakeup call until that lady insisted I was lying.
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Left Out in the Rain - Literally!
Posted by Serendipity315 on 10/21/2013
GLENDIVE, MONTANTA -- I booked a two night stay at Days Inn in Glendive, MT a week in advance. When I called, a man named Anthony took the reservation. It sounded very loud in the background during the phone call. He asked if I had stayed there before, I said, “Yes.” I have stayed many times during the last seven years. He found me in the computer, quickly made my reservation and hung up the call. Upon hanging up I had a passing thought that I should call back and confirm. But I’ve never had an issue before, and half expected a confirmation letter (but I had the confirmation number) so I dismissed the thought. I too, have worked in reservations and front desk and understand how busy it can be.

The morning of the 16, I started my 15 hour day at 5 am. I checked my bank account and discovered that I had already been charged for two nights at the Days Inn. Finding it strange that my card was pre-charged I called the 800 number; after speaking to their reservations I was told that my charge was a no show and to call your hotel. So, I called at 7:45 am, no answer, and again at 8:50.

Anthony answered the phone. I explained my situation and stated that I was “coming in tonight.”
“You already no-showed,” Anthony stated, “There is nothing I can do about the charge.”
“Clearly there was a miscommunication and it was typed in wrong. I am coming in tonight. ”
“I always read back my dates. So there is nothing I can do.” He stated confidently.
“Then let me speak to your manager.” I stated, clearly upset.
“I AM the manager.”
“Then what can you do for me? Why did I not receive a confirmation letter?”
“We do not have your email address.”
“Really? Because I have been going there for seven years! You pulled up my history to make my reservation. It’s not like I’m just driving through. I stay there when I’m on that side of the state for work.”
“Let me take your number and I’ll see what I can do.”

At 9:21, he left a message. “ Hi this is Anthony at the Day’s Inn. Just giving you a call back. We don’t have your email address and can’t refund your no show charge for last night. Just give me a call back if you are going to be needing it for the rest of the stay starting tonight. Bye bye.”

I was scheduled for two nights and told him previously that I was “coming in tonight”. After my meeting I called the establishment twice at 11:35. I allowed it to ring many times, without an answer. I called two more times at 12:52 and 12:57, without an answer. I called again at 1:27 and let it ring for five minutes and 37 seconds, without an answer! I was out of cell service for the large portion of my day.

At 8:15 pm, I finally made it to Glendive. I had been traveling for 15 hours! I had battled rain and sleet on the road. My back was tied in knots and I was a woman traveling alone. I looked forward to locking myself in my hotel and taking a hot shower.

Nonetheless, upon attempting to check in I was told that Anthony canceled my entire reservation! I work for Tobacco Prevention Program and was told the only room left would be a smoking room. It’s difficult enough being in a building that smells of stale, lingering smoke residue. However, I would now have to sub come to an even unhealthier environment of recent residual third hand smoke which permeates the walls, carpeting, bedding, curtains and ultimately my belongings, body, and lungs.

I WAS OUTRAGED at the kind of customer service I was given! After seven years of using the establishment I was treated so disrespectfully. I was appalled to find out that Anthony is NOT “the manager” but the assistant. From the evening desk worker, I learned that “he often doesn’t tell people that he cancelled their reservation.” And she agrees that “He needs to tell them that.” I am displeased that anyone would treat a returning client the way I was treated. It certainly wasn’t small town hospitality that I have known of in the past. I cannot believe that no one answers the phones in the middle of the day! Even when it rings for FIVE minutes!!

I was left out in the rain to find another suitable lodging. Which proved to be quite difficult. This area has been over run by oil field workers and it made me uncomfortable and a little scared not having a place to stay.
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Posted by azRider on 2013-10-22:
Make sure you leave a comment on places like tripadviser as well. I would also contact the main office on this.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-10-23:
Dispute the credit card charge as a fraudulent billing.
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Will Not Return, That's for Sure
Posted by Gwell411 on 08/14/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Warning to others who are thinking of choosing Days Inn in Phoenix on 2420 Thomas Rd.

First, the free breakfast is not free to all, only daily guests not weekly guests. Second, watch out for Chelsea from the front desk. Very rude and unprofessional. However, Chelsea plays the good employee when management is around. Third, I'm aware it's under new management which explains a lot.

The women manager is horrible to deal with so be careful. Fourth, the maintenance men watches your every move, not helpful and quick to squeal. However, the cleaning staff are wonderful. Never had a problem with them. That's a plus. Overall not a good stay. So my advice to all is go across the street to La Quinta they know how to treat their guests. Free breakfast to all, amazing staff, and maintenance there are so helpful.
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Posted by JoeKay on 2013-08-14:
Wow, sounds like a nice clean place to stay! I'll keep that in mind next time I travel through that area. It was interesting (but not very useful) to hear about your personal issues. My advice to you: cut down on the hot peppery things in your diet and use less abrasive toilet paper.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-14:
It is odd that the breakfast is only for daily guests. I don't see there being an issue with the maintence people keeping an eye on things, no need to worry about them "squealing" if you're not doing anything that would warrant any repercussions, correct.
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