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Days Inn Sucks! Worst Hotel Chain Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

EAST STROUDSBURG, PA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went to East Stroudsburg, PA for my uncle's memorial service. Was very unsure about the area so thought I would go with a Days Inn, for lodging, since it seemed like a reputable name. Couldn't have been more wrong. Upon check-in there were people asleep in the lobby and when we were directed to our room we had to step over individuals who were drinking and sitting in front our door. Not to mention the cat calls we got while walking to our room from the parking lot.

Would have been able to stomach the bad decor and cheap furnishing if it weren't for the terrible smell. Like hundreds of cigarettes were recently smoked in this non-smoking room, as well as a dorm like smell of stale beer and vomit. We immediately checked out and rerouted to a much nicer hotel just down the street, the Staybridge Suites. We immediately took a shower, changed our clothes and returned to the Days Inn to give back the keys and explain that we weren't staying the evening.

Once we returned home I called the Days Inn to complain and get some kind of retribution. Received nothing but sarcasm and a level of unprofessionalism I didn't think would or could exist in a company such as Days Inn. Truly the worst hotel chain ever, and would not recommend it to anyone!

The Worst Hotel Manager I Have Ever Seen
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- It must be important for you to know that, I have recently had my worst experience in my life during my two nights staying at the Days Inn Hotel, I-10 West Fiesta Park / Medical Center, 11790 IH-10 W, San Antonio, TX 78230. I am writing this complaint to inform you of the poor customer service and the terrible behavior of the Manager of this Hotel.

The Room has no Towel. The room service person said that "OK our laundry machine is slow, I will bring them to you later on.”

There was no internet Wi-Fi access. I said to the front desk that "there is something wrong with your internet system because I tried to connect to it with the password you just gave me but I couldn't succeed neither with my laptop nor with our Apple and BlackBerry Cell Phones. It seems that you must re-set your Modem." The front desk person in charge said, "I don't have any knowledge about Computer and there is no other person here. So, please follow up this case tomorrow morning." So, I missed the internet while I paid for a room with Wi-Fi service.

Monday morning, 8/6/12 at 8:00 AM, I went to the front desk and told the new shift in charge about my problem with Wi-Fi. She said: "I can't do anything. The modem is in my Manager's room and she has not come yet, so you have to wait.”

We went to have breakfast at 8:30 AM on Monday 8/6/12 but the breakfast was finished while the serving time of breakfast was 6:00 till 9:00. There were nothing remain on the breakfast desk. I told to the front desk person that I want to talk to your Manager. She said: "She has not come yet. You can talk to her later and when she arrive."

I came back around 14:00 PM and said to her that "I want to talk to your Manager now." She called to her and said that "one of our customers wants to talk to you." What do you think about the Manager's reply to the front desk person? The Manager said: "What does he want? If he can't tell it to you, he can write it in a letter. I am busy and have no time to talk with him."

Can you imagine? This is the first time in my life that a Manager of a small Hotel whose Room was next to the place that I was, even didn't open the door to see what is going on at the front desk with this customer!!! I didn't say anything and came out of the building but I will never forget that disrespect and insolence which the Manager expressed to me as a customer who wants to talk to her about the problems at this hotel.

Just before I came to San Antonio, I was at another Days Inn hotel at Houston and it was acceptable and I was satisfied with their services. Just for that reason, I decided to stay at another Days Inn hotel at San Antonio. But after this poor customer service and very bad memories that I have had at this hotel at San Antonio, I will definitely give up and will never stay at a Days Inn hotel. I do believe that the Manager of this hotel is the best person to disparage the Days Inn Brand Name. I really wasted my money at that Hotel.

Although I have to stay at a hotel in San Antonio till 8/16/12, but I decided to find another hotel in which, the Manager believes on the importance of customer satisfaction and has enough work conscientiously and commitment in their customers' affairs.

Unwanted Bed "Partners", Black Mold, Poor Maintenance...
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, MICHIGAN -- Our family group of 8-9 families began arriving at the Days Inn - 290/610, 11002 Northwest Fwy, Houston, Texas for anticipation of a great Wedding celebration. I/We first noticed upon entering the room, that the top of closet laminated door veneer had separated about 4-6 inches, we were too tired to complain. The next night, after doing some shopping during the day, my wife lost her balance while trying to smash a "bug" she thought was a roach.

The second day/night, I was lying on the bed with my eyes closed, trying to sleep, when I felt "something" crawling on my arm. I moved my arm quickly downward away from my body… jumping up from the bed in the same motion to discover a real roach lying on it's back on the carpet, upon closer inspection. At about the same time I pulled back the covers and saw even more bugs. I move the clock and even more roaches. I move the telephone base and even more roaches. Then I decided to catch some for "evidence"...

Next I went to Check-In desk, and asked for the Manager. Three times I was told the manager was not available. I insisted for about 9-10 more minutes of waiting. A third person presented himself as the manager. I insisted upon a Business card to verify the identity of the General as **. Mr. ** would not produce any recent health inspection reports. I informed Mr. ** that the circumstances were NOT acceptable. Mr. **, suggests alternate rooms, to review to my liking.

I viewed 5-7 rooms with ** from the desk check-in area. All the rooms (between 260 -248) were proved to ** as unacceptable my virtue of being unclean, maintenance issues, bad odors smelling and/or "black mold" at the bath tub areas. **, I assume was relaying this information back to Mr. ** (the name given on the business card, as General Manager) via cellphone (foreign language???).

Now, I have determined that there are major issues, not only in the original room #260, but at least a half dozen more, due to this inspection with **, at about 11:00 PM. Finally, ** and I entered the last available room, it was not without problems, but It did not have at first glance, roaches, maintenance problems and/or black mold issues. After further heated conversations with Mr. ** about reasonable compensation to accommodate for our inconvenience, I reluctantly accepted the later room.

The next day, upon Check-out, my brother-in-law had problems getting a receipt from the day shift desk check-out person, written and/or computer generated, because the computers were down. Because my brother-in-law could not wait… I created a receipt, to which he authorized myself to receive his receipt. Upon, check-out of myself, I had to again ask for Mr. **, General Manager to attempt to resolve my unpleasant stay, due to roaches, black mold, bed bugs bites, uncleanliness and a very rude unprofessional attitude/disposition.

I have since filed complaints with the Houston, Texas Health Department and Days Inn/Wyndham Rewards®/Wyndham Hotel Group brands. Note: Do your own inspections, first, before accepting your rooms. I have stayed at Days Inns for years, without any problems, like these. Friday, April 26, 2013.

The Sleaze and Dirty Motel
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Rating: 1/51

ALBION, MICHIGAN -- Dec 26, on my way home to Oregon, WI from Toronto Canada. It's a blinding snow storm outside and I have driven 300 mi. Many people are in ditches now and things are getting pretty bad so I get off and check the GPS for a motel. There is a Days Inn right there so I checked in. I go to the car and load myself down with things I need and go to the room. I can see already that I have made a bad choice in motels. I proceed but I can't get into my room. I trudge to the office with all my things because in this hotel you would not leave anything unattended.

The desk clerk comes and flings herself against the door and opens it. I leave the room and do the same thing when I return and it works, but the next time I leave, I can't get in. While on my trips to get things from my car I meet some of the residents of the motel. Strange people who live at this motel and want to help me take my things in and tell me why they are living here.

I go to the desk and explain that I can no longer get into my (very nasty) room and they give me another (nastier) room. This room has two chairs, the other none, that are so dirty and spotted that no decent person would ever sit in them. There is no shampoo, half of the towels needed (manager brings me one) and a coffeemaker but no coffee, which I get at the desk later. The carpet is so dirty that when I took off my shoes my white socks became very dirty. My bedroom slippers are in my car so each time I get off the bed I have to slip my feet into my tennis shoes.

When I checked in, I forgot to ask for my senior discount so I asked on the way to get some food and the manager said no because I was charged $60.00 and the rack rate is $70.00, even though the clerk said the savings would be $5.00 if approved. After seeing the first room, I checked to see if any other hotels were in the area but there were none for a number of miles and I-94 was so bad I had to get off. There were many people in the ditches and I could not drive any further.

I am 71 and really a world traveler, from South America to Alaska and yearly trips to Europe and the UK. I have friends and family in many places and have stayed in many hotels. This hotel is the second worse I have ever stayed in. The first was a hotel in Quito, Peru, a jungle city but it cost only $12. My friends and family usually stay at Marriott hotels and you cannot go wrong there. I will never stay at a Days Inn again. There may be good ones but this experience will always keep me away from Days Inn.

They Take Things Upon Themselves and Cause Havoc in the Process
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Rating: 2/51

My husband booked 2 nights for my son using his credit card, which means the room was under my husband's name. I booked 2 nights after the first 2 nights under my son's credit card. I then called the motel and spoke with the clerk who made sure my son would continue to stay in the same room. She informed me they had the new credit card number. At some point, the manager canceled the booking I made under my son's name and then charged the next 2 nights under my husband's credit card which put in an over limit stage.

I called Days Inn at their 800 number and spoke with 3 different people. The first one I couldn't understand a word she said. I asked to speak to someone who speaks English clearly. She told me I'd have to call back to get a real English speaker. When I called back, "amazingly" the person who answered the phone spoke English quite well and could understand me as well. She decided she couldn't help me and put me in contact with Customer Care. Of course, I was on hold forever before another woman responded and could actually speak and understand English.

When I completed that call, I called the hotel and asked to speak with the first woman I spoke to. Of course, she wasn't available. The woman who informed me also could not speak English well. Plus all she wanted to do was talk and not listen to a word I was saying. I'm almost of the opinion that people who don't understand English or speak it well, talk to avoid resolving the issue.

I asked to speak to the manager after I had explained the situation several times. She then added insult to injury by informing me she is the manager. I again explained the situation to her, and she goes into another diatribe. By this time I am more than frustrated because all I wanted was to have my husband's credit card credited for the 22 & 23 and my son's credit card debited for those days.

At this point I told her that she wasn't doing a very good job of either talking and she certainly wasn't listening to what I was saying. She asked me to hold. She didn't put me on hold. Only she didn't. She walked away from the phone and spoke to someone. While I couldn't hear what was being said, I could voices talking. Soon a man came on the line.

Initially I thought I was going to have the similar problems because he wanted my husband's credit card information. I don't have that information. My husband doesn't have a cellphone. We had a big hullabaloo because he naturally wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up but I couldn't help him. I finally told the man all I wanted done was to have the charges for the 22 and 23 on my husband's credit card reversed and my son's credit card charged for the 22 and 23. He said that was good and took the necessary information.

This situation should never have happened if the female manager had left things as they were rather than deciding for herself there was a problem. Plus she needs to keep her mouth shut until she can do a good job of speaking English.

Bed Bugs and Roaches! Stay Away!
By -

ASHLAND, VIRGINIA -- Checked in at around 11 pm after driving over 2 hours for our Anniversary-- weekend at Kings Dominion! Well... not so much. We were in our car driving back home within two hours of check in. First- Ghetto. I'm not from the nicest part of town myself, but pulling in the parking lot made me a little nervous. It was very dark, people loitering/staring you down as you pass by them, etc. Again, I've been to the ghetto many times, but this was uncomfortable!

Second - The SMELL! Yes, it was a smoking room, but NEVER have I been so overwhelmed with the smell of ashtray! Even the CLUB never smelled so bad! When I booked the room off of Priceline I requested smoking, not realizing I was pregnant at the time-- by the time the date came around to stay, I had just found out and already was having "smell issues," so this took me over the top. I agreed with my husband it was late and we'd be leaving in a few hours for K. D. so we would switch rooms in the morning.

15 minutes later, my husband came out of the bathroom and said "lets go... just saw a roach in the bathroom." So he grabbed the bags and noticed another dead roach at his feet. So, we drove 2+ hours home at 1:30 am, exhausted and irritated. So irritated we didn't even stop at the office to check out or complain. Got home and called the next morning to complain.

Two weeks later-- WE HAVE BED BUGS! 4 Terminix treatments later, 6 months later, and over THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS on new beds/treatments/etc, living in our living room (two adults, 1 child) - WE STILL HAVE BED BUGS!!! I have now been sleeping on the couch, 8 months pregnant, HIGH RISK pregnancy, delivering a premie here soon… sleeping on a couch. Nice! I JUST moved our new beds in 2 nights ago, and again saw a bed bug crawl past my face this morning. WTF???

Called the office to complain AGAIN this morning and although the lady is very nice and seemed to care - she never once DENIED they had a bed bug issue, in fact she CONFIRMED that she remembers my complaint and does know of one complaint of bed bugs in a room, "but the issue has been resolved." She tells me her big boss will call me back.

30 minutes later, SHE calls me back and says she spoke with her big boss and he had no suggestions b/c their exterminators deal with it, not him. Umm... Okay? I don't want suggestions, I want reimbursement! And she says to me-- she has no record of me complaining about bed bugs, just roaches. DUH! I didn't know about bed bugs until they started biting me two weeks later.... Thanks though! All in all, DO NOT STAY HERE! It will ruin your life. I am SO psychologically damaged and in extreme debt due to 2 hours at a filthy hotel. I don't know how these people sleep at night knowing they are infesting others-- its inhumane!

Beware of Their Accounting Practices!
By -

We spent one night at the Days Inn in Glen Burnie MD and even though we booked over the phone and was quoted one price, upon checkout there was a slight difference and the price was higher. I mentioned this to the desk clerk and asked why (well, of course, it is hard to explain when they appear to not understand fully what you are trying to say IN ENGLISH). Nonetheless, she agreed to charge us the lesser amount and made a correction to our account.

However, upon arriving home, I noticed on my bank account (online) that both amounts were debited to our account (which is not acceptable since we use our checking account for paying bills only and do not carry large amounts of excess funds in the account and a "double charge" would cause a deficiency to our account. I called the Days Inn directly and told them about the situation and that my bank (TD) said that all they needed was a fax from the hotel stating that it was okay to release the funds (for the second charge to the account) and that would clear up any deficiencies to our account.

I called the Days Inn directly and spoke to Mr. ** (a very, very common name [I found] in the hotel/motel industry - must be a very large family), and he said he would fax a statement to my bank immediately saying it was okay to release the funds. He did that and my bank confirmed receipt of the fax. Well, guess what? Later on the same day, someone else at the Days Inn in Glen Burnie MD re-charged my card for the same amount that was supposed to be credited and released. I called the Days Inn back the next morning only to be laughed at by another non-English speaking desk clerk who kept repeating that she didn't do it, it was the night shift person.

So, fed up, I called the corporate customer care number who took down all of my information and assigned a "case number" and said they would have a supervisor call me back. Guess what? They referred me right back to the Glen Burnie general manager (last name **) who said "So sorry we don't want to keep your money but we have to go through our financial process and we could not release funds so we have to credit your account again - it will be okay in a few days."

In the meantime my account is overdrawn and my bank is trying to work with me to clear this up. I called again to the corporate customer care office and insisted on getting a "higher up" person/number to talk to and was finally able to ascertain that there is CEO/President and I was also able to ascertain that the Days Inn along with several other chains are all under the "Wyndham Group" and all the motels/hotels are franchises.

Well, I intend to contact the CEO/President and let him/her know what kind of people they are issuing franchises to - (maybe they have money but that does not mean they are projecting a very nice image for the corporation). I wasn't even offered a free fork, knife, spoon, napkin or cup of coffee for all the aggravation I went through with this franchise owner in Glen Burnie MD. I was already warned by my daughter and several other friends/family to beware of any Wyndham owned hotels/motels especially if you call and they answer with a non-English accent! Well, now I know what they were all talking about.

On top of all this, the room we stayed in was dirty, we didn't even have plastic cups for water (had to call room service) and then they screw up my bank account too! STAY AWAY FROM DAYS INN AND ANY OTHER HOTEL/MOTEL UNDER THE WYNDHAM GROUP ESPECIALLY IF THEY DON'T SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH.

Don't stay at Days Inn Airway Heights
By -

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, WA -- I checked into Days Inn in Airway Heights on Thursday, the 12th, after making reservations weeks in advance. The front desk and service staff was polite and friendly. Since I had a lot of things I had to do, I just pretty much put my suitcase in the room and got dressed for the event I was attending. I got back, went to bed, and the next day had a hurried shower, made coffee, went to breakfast (which was okay) and left by 8 am. I came back that evening around 9 pm and noticed that my bed was the same, the ashtray was dirty and the floor had not been vacuumed. I figured that since I was a stay-over, it would be done the next day.

In the morning, I noticed that the coffee maker had not been cleaned and there was no coffee or cups and no new water cups, (both of which I had used). I went and asked for coffee and cups and the front desk clerk pointed across the lobby to the coffee maker and said, "cups are over there" and gave a couple of coffee packets. The next morning, I left early again in the same manner. I came back in the afternoon and noticed the ashtray and coffee maker had still not been cleaned and the carpet still had little bits on it, so I called down to the desk and asked what the policy was. They don't vacuum your room if you are staying over.

The next am, I had more time and got in the shower and noticed that they had not cleaned the tub since day one of my stay. I then looked around and noticed that the bathroom walls looked as if they had been urinated on, there were nasty little brown dirty thingys on the walls above the tub. I reached for a towel and there were blackish spots all over it. I called corporate and while on hold, noticed there were coffee splashes on the walls by the phone. Corporate said I would be contacted in 3 days.

Today is day 3, and no contact yet. The water pressure is next to nil (I have very long hair and I had to rinse shampoo out under the faucet). There was only one chair, a straight backed chair, the numbers on the phone stuck, so I had to pry up the zero so it would ring to the front desk. The bathroom light switch was next to the room door, roughly 6 feet from the bathroom. There was not a light you could turn on/off while in the bed. While Days Inn claims to provide clean, functional rooms, they do not do so at that location.

I will say this, they took $20 off my bill, which, in my opinion, having worked front desk for Travelodge, was not nearly enough to compensate for dirty carpet and towels. I also would like to say that I have stayed at other Days Inn locations (OK city) and it was worth every penny. Airway Heights, WA, however, is not.

Scam!! Beware
By -

KITTERY, MAINE -- We travel a lot and never have a problem with any hotels we stayed before until now… We make the reservation online to stay at Days Inn, Kittery Maine and after we read the reviews, we decided to cancel the reservation. Shouldn't be complicated, right? WE call the night before the reservation date and told them that we would like to cancel the reservation and they told us they can't cancel our reservation since they don't have our information… then told us to call the customer service number to cancel it (The policy stated that if we want to cancel we must do so by 4 pm the day of the reservation).

We called and be able to cancel the reservation (the operator gave us the cancellation number and told us we are all set). 2 days later, We check our credit card statement and found out that we got charged by Days Inn Kittery, so we called the hotel to ask what's the deal… Here's what we have so far: The first time we call, the staff woman told us they don't have our information, don't have our credit card number (yeah, right!) and when we asked to speak to the manager, the woman told us that SHE's not in and told us that she will call back. (They never called back once).

The next day, we called the hotel again. The different woman this time… We told her our problem and she did look into the hotel computer and find our reservation and cancellation are all legit (so, why the first woman we spoke to tell us that she doesn't have our info!!??) Anyway, she still insist that she can't refund our credit card but she will speak to the hotel manager and tell him (again… we still not be able to get a hold with their manager).

We wait 1 day and called them again to hear the progress. This time, the Indian woman pick up… She told us that she couldn't find our information!!!??? So we told her that the last time we called, one of the staff can be able to pull out our info include our credit card… After talking in circle for while, she then told us that she found our reservation but it was on the different date and policy. We told her that we have all the reservation and cancellation info printed in our hand and asked her if she want us to faxed her that.

Anyway, after catching her lies after lies, we asked to speak to the non-exist manager again. First, she told us the manager was not in here today (again), then 5 minutes later she told us that the manager was in India and there was no way to contact him (what if the hotel burn down… What are they going to do??!!). We are so fed up with their lies so we told her that we will get our money back one way or another. She hung up!!?? Anyone have any suggestion? What should we do next?

By -

ATLANTA,, GEORGIA -- My grandson and I stayed two nights at the Hotel Days Inn in northwest Atlanta located at 1701 Northside Drive this week. There are no sufficient words to state how appalled I was at several facets of the motel, service, employees, etc. The attendant at the front desk acted as though we were truly doing him a favor by being there. There were no smiles, no gestures of hospitality, no friendliness.

The motel was evidently an older structure, which is o.k., but even the older ones can be cleaned and updated to an extent. The room had a horrendous odor. There was chair-molding on some walls. It had not been dusted in some time. The bathroom floor had not been mopped. There were no plastic liners in the wastebaskets. I chased and kills four insects, one of which was up on the vanity where we placed our ice bucket and brushed our teeth.

The first morning we arose, I discovered that the cold water did not work at all. I ran some hot water into the tub and waited for it to cool. The maintenance man was the only "pleasant experience" we had while we were there. He expediently came to our room when we phoned the front desk and offered to make the appropriate repair while we were out, which he did. He came the next morning and inquired as to whether the repair had pleased me. He also gave us much needed directions @ town. KUDOS to him. He was a bright light in an otherwise dismal stay!!!

Let me begin please @ the adjoining Waffle House. It, also, was not clean. My grandson asked where there health department grade sheet was!!! We sat in a booth. There was some sort of long pink thread or string on the seat behind him. No one had noticed or removed it. A loud, boisterous group of young people arrived (customers), composed of a man and four or five women. The women would come and go. They yelled at each other and did all the "jiving" singing type of music that so many people can do these days. The noise and commotion went unnoticed by the WH employees.

It did not stop until two "adult, older male customers" walked in. That seemed to squelch the noise. The silverware was laid down for us. A spoon had dried food on it and I mentioned it. I DID receive another spoon, but was told by the waitress that the steam machine just makes them look like that. It was not dirty. The waitress stood over us, asking, "Are you ready to order?" She did not leave until we had placed our order.

There were at least two flies gliding and fluttering around inside the restaurant. No one made an attempt to grab a fly swatter or put forth any effort to kill them. The tea was "brown sugar water." I have never tasted a beverage so sweet. There were no offers to refill our glasses. I would not attempt to rate this entire business with the exception of the maintenance man. It would rate below a "1." He would receive a top rating. Whoever he is, Days Inn should give him a raise and request that he "run the place."

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