Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.

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Sham Promotion Excludes All Products; Sells Used Products As New
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Rating: 2/51
SANFORD, FLORIDA -- On March 2, 2014 I was searching different websites for shoes I liked and found one on the DicksSportingGoods.com website. Toward the bottom of the page I saw a box that stated that I could sign up for their email list and receive 10% off my purchase. I received a confirmation email to click a link to follow so that the discount would be applied automatically. Below it was a small notation "exclusions apply" but no further details. When I proceeded to the checkout no discount was applied to my order.

When I called Dick's customer service I was told that the reason the 10% was not applied was because my product was an exclusion. The representative told me to go to the bottom left and click the "Promo Exclusions" link. This is the link:

On this page, it lists practically EVERY SINGLE BRAND OR PRODUCT TYPE that the company sells as an exclusion! Essentially this make their promotional discount offers false advertisements and works of fiction.

As Dick's still had the lowest price on the item I wanted, I went ahead and placed the order. It shipped via UPS Ground and I received it on March 4th. When I opened the box I was absolutely flabbergasted as to what I received, a heavily ravaged, stained and smelly pair of shoes with the pads severely worn down! It was obvious that these were someone else's used pair of shoes.

I called Dick's customer service and they arranged a return label and shipping of a replacement set of shoes. They assured me the new pair would be checked out and the condition would be verified before it shipped out. The new pair arrived on March 6th. These shoes, while obviously in better condition than the first one, still had obvious signs of use, scuff marks, grass stains, flex marks, and no paper packaging. These were obviously not new.

I called Dick's customer service again and they issued another replacement order. On March 8th I received an email stating "At this time we are unable to accommodate a reshipment because this item is out of stock in an appropriate condition" and that once they have received the item back that a refund would be issued back to my credit card. Despite this, Dick's website has continuously indicated every day that it was available in my size in-stock for sale. The email also noted that I would be given a 25% discount off of my next order for the inconvenience.

Through the UPS prepaid return labels, Dick's Sporting Goods received the first bad pair on March 11 and the second one on March 14. After not receiving any confirmation from Dick's regarding the refund to be issued I called Dick's on March 18th and was told that refunds are issued fourteen business days after a return is received and processed, something not stated in the March 8th email. He told me he would escalate the refund request to the credit department but the process takes 1-5 business days and it may not be approved. However fortunately I finally received the refund back to my credit card on March 23.

The customer service representatives were very friendly and helpful to the best of their ability, however I am very disappointed not just because of the blatantly dishonest marketing practices that Dick's employs, but also that they are also are allowing used products to be shipped as substitution for new products, and are continuing to offer said products for sale despite knowing and acknowledging that they are not available in an appropriate condition for sale. This left me without both my money or product for 20 days. Also when I decided to try buying something else, my promised 25% discount was nullified by their infinite exclusion list. I will definitely avoid shopping at Dick's in the future.
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No Sweat Protection Plan - A Complete Scam
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Rating: 1/51
CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a Camelbak, which I could not be happier with, & in my travels, the mouthpiece fell off & was nowhere to be found. I called Sweat Protection that, at the time, I felt grateful I had purchased and had been sold to me (I mean, really, really, sugar on top, sold to me) by the Dick's check out staff member. He told me that, while he loves his Camelbak, their bladders can often break from a lot of use & to replace them is quite an expense (compared to the original purchase) and, therefore, I should buy the ~$8 protection plan, which will cover anything needed for the bladder. So, getting back to the lost mouthpiece…I call Sweat Protection regarding my lost mouthpiece & am told that, nope, it doesn't cover lost or stolen parts so, sorry, I am out of luck. Then, a few months later, the bladder breaks (I use it a lot - this is NOT a complaint about Camelbak). I call back again & am told by a Sweat Protection rep, that LO AND BEHOLD, Camelbak itself, has a LIFETIME warranty (which was NEVER mentioned to me by Sweat Protection in my first call), so until their warranty is over (lifetime warranty, mind you), their warranty would not be in effect. Are you kidding me???

Now, I am not one to write a review but this is deception at its worst. Granted, $8 deception, but still, someone is making money off of hardworking people that are trying to quench their thirst. I mean, seriously, why in the world would I buy a protection plan for a product that has a lifetime guarantee?? Oh, maybe because the sales man at Dick's completely mislead me. Anyway, I filed a claim with Camelbak & it couldn't have been a more simple & easy process online. I also call Dick's Sweat Protection & tell them this story &, while the representative "really understands my frustration", they can only refund me back a pro-rated amount upon receiving a written & mailed LETTER along with my original receipt FROM MONTHS ago, which I clearly do not still have. I can go through the process of getting another receipt but, seriously, it was less than $10 (and after being pro-rated, is what? $4?) so I'm certainly not going to jump through these ridiculous hoops for such a minimal amount of money.

So, in the end, I am enormously happy with Camelbak, but will never shop at Dick's again because I think they now lack all credibility and clearly couldn't care less about their customers & care more about $8 than being honest with their patrons.
No Sweat Protection Plan is a SCAM
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NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- The No Sweat Protection Plan is a money making scam!!!
The salesman convinced me to buy my son $99 sneakers by telling me that "for an extra $11.99" I can get a protection plan that "will cover even normal wear and tear with no hassles." He explained that I'd be able to get another pair of sneakers within a year and therefore I'd get 2 sneakers for the price of 1!!
I NEVER buy warranties ~ ever! But this guy was so convincing, I actually believed him.
Well ~ six months later I attempted to put in a claim. The online claim shows you a drop down menu where you can choose what is wrong with your product. Well, apparently the description I chose was not a valid reason for replacement. So, I tried again, and the 2nd time it rejected me because I had "already submitted a claim within 30 days! " It gave me a phone number to call. So I called. The young lady on the phone was extremely business like and cold. I explained the situation and she said "replacement is only covered for manufacturer defects." I said, "I paid an extra $11.99 for you to tell me that...." I asked her "Wouldn't manufacturer defects be covered anyway?!" She said no. I said, "So, if I didn't pay the $11.99, manufacturer defects are not covered?!!" Then I explained to her what I was told in the store. She told me I should call the store and let the manager. I was getting absolutely no where. I told her my friends would be so happy to hear about my experience... and she said, "that's great... have a nice night!"

I happen to know that they discontinued this "coverage" at Dick's Sporting Goods in Natick, MA. Gee I wonder why!!!
Bad P. R. ?
Bad Service ?
Lying Salesmen?
Thanks for nothing Dick's. Hope you enjoy my $11.99.
I won't be suckered again. I knew it was "too good to be true."
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Lifetime Warranty on Walter Hagen Golf Shoes Is a Scam
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Rating: 1/51
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- Dick's ran a "Lifetime Dry Feet Warranty" on Walter Hagen golf shoes. Since I generally play golf in the morning this sounded very intriguing to me, so I went down to the store. I first spoke to the salesman - he verified the story. So I asked what I had to do to get replacement shoes when they leaked. He said "...just bring the receipt and the shoes in and get new ones....for your lifetime....no paperwork". I said, this is too good to believe, can we get the manager to verify that position. He said sure. The manager came over and verified the position. I said sold, I don't care how much they are with that warranty and Dick's and Walter Hagen standing behind it. In the sell mode I believed them.

Needless to say they leaked...I took them back...they gave me new shoes. Then these leaked ... I took them back. Dick's refused to give me replacements. They gave me an address to write to corporate. Corporate verified the position and a cold woman followed up with a phone call.

They then claimed that the warranty was only on the lifetime of the first shoes.

In small claims court Dick's produced a warranty that said the lifetime was for the life of the shoes. But they did not say that warranty was in the store, available to me and in effect when I purchased the shoes. But the ruling went for them.

I found out that Dick's purchased Walter Hagen between the first and the second time that I went for replacement shoes. Surprise ...surprise.

Do we need to get together on a class action suit??
Merchandise Credit vs Gift Card
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My son and daughter in law bought my birthday gift from Dick's on May 21, 2009. Unfortunately the gift did not fit and when I went to exchange the gift, with my gift receipt from Dick's seven days later, they did not have my size. The cashier said I could either have the cash or get a gift card. I took the gift card option. I wrapped the receipt around the card and did not try to use it until yesterday when I got an e-mail from Dick's and noted that there was a one day on-line sale. I found something that I wanted to purchase and took out my "card". When I went to put in the info, I was asked for a pin number. Since there was not a pin number on the card, I called the customer service number. That was when I found out that I was given a merchandise credit (MC) instead of a gift card and that the MC could only be used in the store since the on-line site is run by a different company. The customer service people I spoke with from the web site were very nice but I was told there was nothing they could do and to call the store and they also gave me the corporate customer service number and suggested that I call them. I called the store was told that I would have to go to the store. Today I did follow up and call Dick's corporate customer service. The person with whom I spoke, Mary Jo, was rude, argumentative, talking over me while I was talking, would not let me speak with a supervisor when I asked to repeatedly, and ultimately hung up on me. When I called back, spoke with Michele, who when she found out that I just spoke with Mary Jo, behaved in the same fashion. In the current economical crisis that we are in, I cannot imagine any company going so far as to alienate a customer then Dick's did.

Not only will I not shop at Dick's, I requested that I be taken off their e-mail list, but I have requested that my family not buy anything for from Dick's again. Dick's has lost me as a customer and although I am but one person, if this is how Dick's treats their customers, in time it will have a ripple effect and they will lose others.
Terrible Customer Service
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WESTBURY, NEW YORK -- I have spent a decent amount of money at Dicks over the last few years, but I shall never shop there again. In the past, I have purchased camping equipment and sporting goods for my two sons. In this last instance, I was attempting to buy a shotgun. Dicks had sent fliers out advertising a sale on firearms and fishing gear. I walked up to the counter and had to wait patiently while two salesman ignored me and had a personal conversation regarding something funny on their cell phones. I would have left then but I wanted the item (a Mossberg 500 shotgun). They talked and laughed and looked up at me and then continued to talk. Finally one of them rudely asked me what I wanted. I told him and he went over to the shotguns. He never made eye contact during this entire exchange. He allowed me to look at the weapon and ignored me while texting on his phone. I asked him a question regarding a difference between two models and he said, "what happened?". I put the gun down and told him I would be back when he actually had the time to help me. For some reason this got his attention and he protested that he was ready to help me now. I walked away and tried to complain to a manager. That turned into a ten minute wait only to have another sales associate come over and say, "Can I tell the manager what this in regard to?" I said no thank you and left. Never to return again. It just isn't worth the aggravation. I have had negative sales experiences in that store before but gave them the benefit of the doubt. In the future, I will spend my money in a small local shop. It will be more expensive but the service will be appropriate and satisfying.
Dick's No Sweat warranty = No sweat because they won't fix your equipment!
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COLUMBIA, MARYLAND -- The electronics on my $1149 elliptical stopped working after I had it for a little over three years. I remembered purchasing a warranty but it had been so long that I did not remember the details of it so I called Dick's No Sweat Warranty and asked if the warranty was still active. They looked up the model of the elliptical and informed that it was no longer active, that it had expired last winter. Now for the math... I purchased the elliptical in November of 2005 with a 3 year extended warranty. The model had a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. The Dick's No Sweat warranty representative said that her computer showed that the manufacturer's warranty was only 30 days. She also stated that the extended warranty that I purchased started when the manufacturer's warranty expired. Therefore my extended warranty expired in December of 2008. So I pointed out to her that the manufacturer's warranty was actually a 1 year warranty. She said that she would need to verify this with the manufacturer. So I actually held on the line while she did in fact verify this, it was amazing! There was a problem but they fixed it so quickly, I was overjoyed! Then she said that she couldn't put in a ticket for the repair until it was changed in the system, which would take 3-5 days. I thought that was fair so I waited... and I called after 8 days. No dice, the computer wasn't updated, another ticket was put in, I waited 3-5 days. I called again, still not updated, another ticket was put in, another 3-5 days was waited. I called again... same thing! Finally I called today (after waiting 3-5 days since the last phone call of course) and was told that everyone I spoke to before was wrong, the extended warranty started the day I bought the elliptical... who would buy that! I argued... I pointed out that everyone I spoke to before said the exact opposite... I asked for a copy of the policy and was denied... I wasted a month waiting and being lied to. The representatives at Dick's No Sweat Warranty are incompetent and they'll say anything to get you off the phone as long as they don't have to deal with you. Save your money, go somewhere where they honor their warranty!
Don't Waste Your Time Shopping Here
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CUMMING, GEORGIA -- I decided to purchase a shotgun at Dicks. I filled out the paper work for a background check. I shouldn't have had to do that to start with because I have a carry permit but the salesman said it was store policy. He came back and said the computer system was down and that it would take a couple days and he or someone from the store would call me when the background check was approved. I waited Two weeks then gave up. during this time I purchased another gun at a local gun store in my town. ( it took 5 minutes and no background check, since I have a carry permit).

I waited another week and went to Dicks today. I asked the clerk to check on the status of my paper work. He said he couldn't find it and that it probably had been shredded. This Kid was the worse sales clerk I had seen in a long time, terrible attitude and acted like he would rather be somewhere riding a skate board than working a real job. (very immature and unprofessional) I thanked him for keeping me informed on the status of the background check. And informed him that they just lost a customer.

I purchase a gun last year at Walmart, before I had my carry permit. it took a total of about 15 minutes for my background check and purchase all total.

Apparently Dicks doesn't care about selling guns at all. If they did, they would not require the background check for people who have already been through one. Not too mention the fact that they couldn't pick up a phone and keep me informed about the progress of the background check. Dicks could have made an easy sale, even after waiting a week I was still will to make the purchase. but after three weeks and no phone call plus missing paper work, and the attitude of the clerk, I'm finished with Dicks. I have friends who have had similar experiences at this same store In Cumming Ga.

Glad I'm not an investor in this company!
Thoughts On Dick's In Particular, Retail In General
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PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a former employee of Dick's. I have several thoughts about Dick's in particular that apply to other retailers in general. These are not meant to be excuses for poor service or inventory problems, just parts of the bigger picture.

1) It's a business. They're in business to make money. Seems that would be obvious, but some people don't seem to realize that.

2) Dick's employees are instructed to provide customer assistance and service above anything else. A majority of employees, including myself, realize this. They can't answer every single thing about every single item in the store, but the better ones will try to find answers.

3) Dick's occasionally hires people who turn out to be "bad eggs". Happens everywhere, people ... eventually they'll be weeded out.

4) Employees are rewarded for meeting various metrics: store credit cards, rewards cards, warranties, etc. Management is rewarded (handsomely) also.

5) Most customers come in to the store with realistic expectations about what they're looking for, and most appreciate the help that store associates are supposed to be providing.

Now for just some of the problem areas:

1) Some people come into the store with unrealistic expectations.

Example: The prices marked (or supposed to be marked) on the item are not negotiable. If you don't like the price, shop somewhere else. If you want to haggle over price, go to a flea market.

Example: Eventually, things break. Some broken items should never be brought back to the store for replacement, like wooden baseball bats. Pros break them all the time. It doesn't mean they're defective. Chances are, the item was not used as per manufacturer's directions.

2) When an item is marked: "Do not return to store", DON'T RETURN IT TO THE STORE! Contact the manufacturer!

3) Part of the reason that prices are so high is because of the liberal return policy that some management or stores have.

Example: If an item is sold "as-is", it means just that. If you buy something "as-is" and it breaks, guess whose problem that is? Not the store's! But the management take is to throw the customer a bone in the hope they won't lose business.

Example (not from sporting goods): A customer returns an printer ink cartridge 4 months after purchase, claiming it's defective. The store policy is clearly marked that the return period has passed, but the employee is disciplined by management for NOT exchanging the cartridges. Did I mention that the cartridges were EMPTY? Hello, people, they were USED!!!

4) Management metrics (and bonuses) depend on how much business they can draw in, and how low they keep their payroll. In the process of keeping their payroll low, however, they sacrifice customer service and possibly store inventory. When one employee is covering three departments, then gets pulled away by management to do a fourth thing, it leads to poor customer service and theft. Regardless, management still gets the big checks.

5) Dick's has a website. There are many items that are not available in the store. I've told people that the web is infinite, store space isn't. The store and the website have nothing to do with each other, so they each set their own prices. If it's available on the web and it's cheaper, order it there. Don't complain to the store employees "why isn't this in the store?". You're teaching a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

I can cite plenty of other things from my personal experience and from others. Again, it's not just one store, or one retailer ... it's applicable to retail in general.
Warranty On An Airmattress
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Rating: 5/51
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I purchased an air mattress from Dicks with a warranty plan. As most of you know an air mattress camping with small children doesn't hold up for long. It got a hole and wouldn't hold air. I didn't have my receipts or anything but I called up the Dicks warranty protection and they were able to find my information through my Dicks score card. They were very very helpful to me. Long story short I was sent a gift card and now can go purchase a new air mattress. Thank you Dicks no sweat protection plan for being so helpful and awesome =)
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