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Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
200 Industry Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
412-809-0100 (ph)
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Warranty On An Air mattress
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Rating: 5/51

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I purchased an air mattress from Dick's with a warranty plan. As most of you know an air mattress camping with small children doesn't hold up for long. It got a hole and wouldn't hold air. I didn't have my receipts or anything but I called up the Dick's warranty protection and they were able to find my information through my Dick's score card. They were very helpful to me. Long story short I was sent a gift card and now can go purchase a new air mattress. Thank you Dick's no sweat protection plan for being so helpful and awesome. =)

No Sweat Protection Coverage is a Scam
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBURY, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a Clam Bigfoot XL6 portable Ice Shelter from Dick's in January. After the clerk explained the "No Sweat" protection plan, I figured it was a good idea to have something like on a piece of equipment that would be used in cold conditions. When I asked what the manufacturer warranty was they explained that it covered manufacturer defects only. I figured why let there be any gray area on getting a replacement if it breaks when I'm using it in the 1st year. So I bought the 1 year coverage for $59.99 (it cost $399.99).

After only 3 uses, two of the pockets that the frame poles are braced in tore through the fabric. This happened on an ice fishing trip to LOTW where we needed this shelter...and we couldn't use it. So when I got back home, I called the "No Sweat Protection" number. The representative on the phone was like talking to a robot. He informed me I needed to call Clam direct and they were responsible for the claim. Here's the kicker, he told me that they'd deal with the problem after the 1 year manufacturer warranty had expired. This would've been the same day the "No Sweat Protection" ran out.

So basically Dick's sold an extended warranty they knew would never have a claim against it. Now I'm leaving messages for Clam to figure out how I need to handle the claim. This is ANYTHING BUT "NO SWEAT". At this point, I can't see myself giving Dick's Sporting Goods any of my business and I hope this post saves some people from getting scammed by the extended coverage. DON'T BUY IT.

Fraudulent And Unethical Business Practices
By -

ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA -- I had a horrible experience at Dick's When I made my Black Friday purchase. The cashier told me I had earned a $20 gift card because I had spent $100 or more. Cool! I just had to return on 11/28 to get the gift card. She also said I could return and re-buy the purchase and apply the gift card toward it. When I returned, the manager said the cashier had given us the wrong information (she said it several times to my wife and I when we made the purchase). We had to spend $100 before tax; we spent $99.92 before tax and after coupons. I was furious and they refused to do anything about it or honor their word.

After sending out several emails because I could not get ahold of anyone at the corporation, and contacting the Better Business Bureau, the district manager for the San Diego area, ** called me. He was very apologetic for the total lack of customer service received and for the inconvenience. He offered me a $50 gift card without me asking, and asked if that would make things right. I happily accepted. He also said that someone from corporate would be contacting me who also got one of my emails, and that they may also do something to remedy the situation. His offer was totally independent of theirs.

Their "customer engagement manager" offered me $20. Well... I got the $20 one, but the $50 gift card never arrived, even though ** took down my personal information. I email him and rather than him responding, I got an email and call from the person at corporate. She basically said: ** spoke too quickly and we cannot send you the $50 gift card, your troubles are not worth that much. I argued with her but she refused to stand by the company's promise. They lied to me again, even when trying to remedy another situation that came about because of their dishonestly!

Well, I am alerting the newspaper, using social media, telling the local little league (I am on the board), and everyone I know (you know a lot of people in a city after your father is a city official for 42 years and you're born and raised there) - they will lose far more than $50. Bad business. But, you mess with the bull, you get the horns. PS - when I called ** back to discuss with him, he hung up on me... Sport Chalet here I come.

Dick's Sporting Goods replacement plan is a scam!
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BRANDON, FLORIDA -- I purchased a "no-hassle replacement plan" for my Minn Kota trolling motor earlier this year. My motor stopped working and I filed a claim with them. I have had a warranty replacement request open for months now and have yet to receive the replacement card. At first they said that the request was lost in the mail and that it would take 30 days for them to stage it as "lost" and could then issue me a replacement card. Once the 30 days passed they said they were going to send it.

I received a call a few days later stating that I had to resend them "proof of purchase" again because they had to have proof that I purchased the item (How would I purchase the warranty without purchasing the item?) I ended up sending the 2nd proof of purchase and the UPS tracking system shows it as received on September 27th, 2011.

I called today, October 18th, asking where my replacement card was and they said they never received my proof of purchase and they will have to wait the 30 days again to mark it as "lost" to issue me a card and that it would be sent out 10-15 business days after the 30 days are up, as long as I call them again on October 21st to inform them I have not received it. They told me there is no option for them to expedite the time line no matter what the issue. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. THEY HOPE YOU GIVE UP AND THEY NEVER HAVE TO SEND YOU A REPLACEMENT CARD.

Won't Replace My Shoes
By -

ALCOA, TENNESSEE -- I coach two of the local high school soccer teams and they gave me a Dick's gift card this past Christmas. I purchased a pair of Asics shoes. They have been great until the other day when I noticed the entire bottom was coming unglued from one shoe. This was 6 months after buying the shoe. They have never been run in, never been wet. They are used for total casual wearing. They look nearly brand new. I called Dick's and asked what to do, they said it was past 90 days so there was nothing they could do. I would have to send the shoes back to the manufacture. Of course that leaves me with no shoes. They said they were sorry, but that was not their problem.

I e-mailed the corporate office and got a canned response that did not even deal with my concern. My soccer players spend about $10k with Dick's each year on gear the school does not provide. Guess where I will not send them from now on? The lack of concern or caring makes this the worst customer service experience I have ever had. Don't shop at Dick's. They do not stand behind what they sell.

Manager doesn't have a handle and poor service
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WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went to purchase a Stoeger Condor shotgun from Dick's Sporting Goods located in West Springfield MA. Waited 15 minutes for a sale assistant to offer assistance and I was the only customer. I actually had to go to the front of the store to request that someone help me. The individual that helped me could not offer and advice and knew nothing on the item. I wanted to purchase it and was informed their firearms approval system was down. I came back a week later and also had to wait about 15 minutes for someone so that I could tell them I wanted to purchase this shotgun. Again I was informed their approval system was down.

I returned the next day and had to wait again for help even though I was the only customer in the hunting lodge. Told the representative I wanted to buy the shotgun and he stated there was nobody working that had the proper training approval to sell me the shotgun even though there were three employees working in that department at that time. During the time this was happening I had tried to call the store three separate times before driving there to confirm if their approval systems was functional, but every time the call was transferred to the hunting lodge I was left on hold for 15-30 minutes and eventually hung up.

The manager stated if the systems are down then they are down for everybody in the state. I informed him I had called a different Dick's store about 20 miles away and they stated their systems were functional, but that they did not have the shotgun in stock. This is very bad management of a store and poor way to deal with the people who have been returning customers over the years. In addition there wasn't one person working there in any of the times we inquired who knew anything about the product. How can you sell any firearms when none of your staff is approved to sell them? POOR!

Not Good!
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I visited the Dick's Sporting Goods store located in Hoover (Birmingham), Alabama. My purpose was to purchase a full set of relaxed cloths to attend a local minor league baseball game. I was attending a military function in the town and had failed to bring civilian clothes. I verified with every sales associate I spoke with that I wanted to change at the store, pay for my goods and leave going straight to the game. Keep in mind I am in full military uniform. Everyone said it was fine, no problem, etc, etc. Until I asked for the security tags to be removed from the clothes.

This seemed to be a problem even though the Dick's sales associate volunteered to walk me, their clothes and my money to the front to make sure it was paid for completely. I explained my dissatisfaction to the front manager on my way out of the store. Then over to Academy where it seemed no problem at all and I saved $4.95 on the same shirt. All that was just the tip of the iceberg. I received an email from Customer Service that ‘my expectations' were not to be met.

Order Was Processed Then Cancelled Without Notifying Me.
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Rating: 1/51

MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA -- I placed an order online and received confirmation that my order was placed and processed. I called 15 days later when my package never arrived. They said it was cancelled because they no longer had it in stock. I was never called or emailed. The customer service representative was rude and simply said what do you want me to do about it. I wanted my nephew to get a Christmas present... I will never shop online or in a Dick's Sporting Goods store again. Rotten Service.

No Customer Service, Rude Salesmen
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OCALA, FLORIDA -- On 11 Nov 11, I was at the Dick's store in Ocala Fl. I was looking at the R11 driver. There was no one in the golf dept. There was a demo club there and I began to hit it in the golf net. A man, dressed in shorts, gruff looking, beard asked if he could help me in a stern voice. I told him no that I was just looking. He again said "can I help you" I again told him no thinking maybe he is just hard of hearing. I did ask a question about the club and he had no real answer, he again asked if he could help me. I asked him what part of no not at this time does he not understand. He said I was in a restricted area and had to be supervised while there. (Who and what was he?)

I was becoming very irritated and said that he should become more polite and get some customer service. I told him that Golfsmith does not act or say the things he did to me and maybe that is why they sell more clubs. He said I should then go there. With all the people looking for work, you should be able to do better than this person. And yes I did go to Golfsmith later in the day and I did buy an R11 Driver from them.

Bad customer service; overcharged for items;
By -

HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS -- Bad customer service and overcharged for items. This store is badly understaffed. The clerk assisting us stopped waiting on us to take phone calls and assist people who arrived after we did. He was taking care of some paperwork and said we could continue shopping for fifteen minutes and he would be ready to check us out.

When we returned, he was nowhere to be found. I had to get someone to page him to return to the counter. He had not done the paperwork. After four hours of non-customer service, we finally were checked out. After we left the store we realized that we were overcharged $20 for one item. Also, two items had rebates but we were not told what to do to get the rebates. I would recommend you shop at another store if you don't want to waste your time.

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