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Don't Waste Your Time Shopping Here
Posted by on
CUMMING, GEORGIA -- I decided to purchase a shotgun at Dicks. I filled out the paper work for a background check. I shouldn't have had to do that to start with because I have a carry permit but the salesman said it was store policy. He came back and said the computer system was down and that it would take a couple days and he or someone from the store would call me when the background check was approved. I waited Two weeks then gave up. during this time I purchased another gun at a local gun store in my town. ( it took 5 minutes and no background check, since I have a carry permit).

I waited another week and went to Dicks today. I asked the clerk to check on the status of my paper work. He said he couldn't find it and that it probably had been shredded. This Kid was the worse sales clerk I had seen in a long time, terrible attitude and acted like he would rather be somewhere riding a skate board than working a real job. (very immature and unprofessional) I thanked him for keeping me informed on the status of the background check. And informed him that they just lost a customer.

I purchase a gun last year at Walmart, before I had my carry permit. it took a total of about 15 minutes for my background check and purchase all total.

Apparently Dicks doesn't care about selling guns at all. If they did, they would not require the background check for people who have already been through one. Not too mention the fact that they couldn't pick up a phone and keep me informed about the progress of the background check. Dicks could have made an easy sale, even after waiting a week I was still will to make the purchase. but after three weeks and no phone call plus missing paper work, and the attitude of the clerk, I'm finished with Dicks. I have friends who have had similar experiences at this same store In Cumming Ga.

Glad I'm not an investor in this company!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 04/04/2009:
"Apparently Dicks doesn't care about selling guns at all."

aparently, they follow state laws. why such a hurry to buy a shot gun?
jktshff1 on 04/04/2009:
Gun purchasing is like a hardware store. It's always better to use a "local" dealer. Little more money, maybe, but better service.
Nope mad, not state laws Georgia has only 2 laws (and those have to do with "straw" purchasing and furnishing a handgun to a minor) that regulate the purchasing of firearms. All other purchasing laws come from Federal law.
blaze2200 on 04/04/2009:
reply to madconsumer
I'm not in a hurry to buy a shotgun. If you read my post it said I was willing to wait, And Its not a state law!
Know your facts before you post.
Anonymous on 04/04/2009:
Blaze, don't take it personally. Some people on this site have a holyer (sp) than thou attitude. I do not know the in's and out's of buying a gun (because I do not have the need for one) but the customer service you received wasn't what it should have been. Did you contact the management at the store or their corporate office? I am curious to know what the explanation was or if they even had one.
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
I can understand your frustration...however, anything could happen with a person between the time they get a permit and the time they buy a gun. Though you have nothing to hide, it's best for them to be safe than sorry. I don't know how long a permit is good for, if it expires or if it's a one time thing...but I can't see where a background check would be of any harm...maybe a bit inconvenience, but I can understand the need for them.

As for the clerk, yes, he should have been more professional.
Anonymous on 04/04/2009:
blaze, it does sound like a case of people not caring too much about their job, or even the ability to do their job. I would definitely pursue an answer, like John suggested. Good luck.
BokiBean on 04/04/2009:
Dick's just dropped the ball. How hard would it be to plug in background checks and get back to the customer after the computer came up?
Anonymous on 04/04/2009:
Many yrs ago I knew this guy who came home in the middle of the afternoon to find his wife entertaining a male friend. They didn't hear him come in. He left, drove down to the hardware store and bought a gun, then went home and broke up the party.
I can understand the need for a waiting period.
Anonymous on 04/04/2009:
Believe me, I understand the need for a waiting period. I'm a little confused though. (what else is new?) If a person already has a permit for a gun then they still have to go through the waiting period?
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
Why not John, they could have committed a crime that would prevent them from buying a gun after they got the permit. That's why I asked if a permit expires or if one permit allows a person to purchase a gun forever.
Anonymous on 04/04/2009:
DB, permits of any type generally do have an experation date and are valid until that date or revoked. That's why I asked. Pulling permit information in a computer and validating it should not take a long time.
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
Thanks for answering John..but what if someone gets a permit 3 months ago, then committed a crime two months ago. That would show up on a background check which wouldn't have on the first one that got them to permit.
Anonymous on 04/04/2009:
See up there at the top of the review where 'Dicks' is highlighted in blue?
I'm scared to click on it...
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
Ahhhhh ... gosh... darn! It only "brought up" other reviews on the store.
Anonymous on 04/04/2009:
Whew! I wasn't sure what would pop up.
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
Now you owe me one!
Anonymous on 04/04/2009:
DB, the permit would then be revoked. When a person has "entered into the justic system" because of a crime, it s reported to all agencies. I have a hard time believing that a permit would not be revoked and be left in good standing. Pull up the permit (make sure it is still valid)and then provide the customer with the desired product. There are a lot of "what ifs" in this post. What if Dicks did the right thing and provided good customer service which is what this review is supposed to be about.
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
OK Gotcha John! Thanks!
blaze2200 on 04/04/2009:
This post wasn't supposed to be a debate about gun rights.
It was to inform the public that Dicks dropped the ball five times.
1st with their store policy
2nd They never called as they said they would
3rd apparently they never did the background check
4th The attitude of the clerk I talked with on my second visit
5th is shredding the paper work.
This store is in the state of Georgia,So there is no waiting period, which makes that debate irrelevant.
I knew I could go anywhere else and buy a gun that day, but it was a good price. so I went along with their background check and waited.
I just believe they are hurting themselves, with this store police of doing a background check on people that already have been through one. People don't like to wait if they don't have to.
And also they really need some better motivated people with better attitudes, who can follow through and get the job done .
RestaurantGuy on 04/04/2009:
My question is why waste your time going back to Dick's in the first place if you had already bought your shotgun somewhere else. I wouldn't waste my time driving back to the store to ask them about the status of a background check when it didn't matter to me as I had already bought the gun. But then again I would NEVER buy a shotgun. I am a 9MM guy myself. More accurate than a spread shot and I wouldn't buy it at a national sporting goods store just for the reason you posted.. bad service. Give me the local guy anyday
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
I would never buy a shotgun either...I've got my Evil Eye and it never misses it's target! LOL!
RestaurantGuy on 04/04/2009:
DB I will put my 9mm against your Evil Eye... I think I have about a 20% chance of winning that one.. OK maybe a 10% chance but tonight I'm feeling lucky! LOL
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
LOL! 10% huh? I like a man with confidence!!!
RestaurantGuy on 04/04/2009:
It's the Crown Royal talking.... as I said you feel lucky tonight... well do ya... cuz I am now 12% sure LOL
DebtorBasher on 04/04/2009:
You said YOU felt lucky tonight.
jktshff1 on 04/05/2009:
Blaze, yours is a valid complaint. I have a couple of dealers I work with locally. I have never even looked at the guns at any of the large retailers.
As for the laws, guys, most states have their own sets of laws
here is a link: http://www.nraila.org/GunLaws/#?st=TN
I would strongly suggest that you check out where your state stands.
DebtorBasher on 04/05/2009:
Your Fourth Star is just around the corner, JKT!
Anonymous on 04/05/2009:
Rumor in the forums is that stars are meaningless DB.
DebtorBasher on 04/05/2009:
To those who got theirs by cheating, yes they are meaningless....for those of US who got them honestly, they do mean something. We know who they are.
Anonymous on 04/05/2009:
Who is 'we'? Who is 'they'? Who the heck am I?
blaze2200 on 04/05/2009:
response to RestaurantGuy
My post doesn't say I have already bought a shotgun.
A few of you should really learn to read and understand what you are reading,before you start jumping to conclusions and responding to a post
jktshff1 on 04/05/2009:
response to blaze, by reading your post, the average person would reasonably guess that you had purchased a shotgun at a different location.
You need to learn to post a clear and concise statement before you go ranting about what people need to learn and understand. Maybe if you had been clearer in the post, the misunderstanding wouldn't have taken place.

Anonymous on 04/05/2009:
I thought the post WAS clear and concise. He said he went to another store and bought a gun--not a shotgun. Why do people always try to cut down the OP's? I don't get it. Assumptions seem to be the name of the game as I see it.
jktshff1 on 04/06/2009:
kia you notice I did compliment the op in a previous reply, but the comment, "A few of you should really learn to read and understand what you are reading,before you start jumping to conclusions and responding to a post" by the op was not necessary.
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
jkt, I notice that many of the "regulars" on this site make statements that are not necessary. You certainly cannot deny that. If someone posts a complaint and someone reads something into it, then I "guess" that's the reader's fault, not the poster's. I thik the op made a valid point in his statement. I know mine won't be the popular answer, but, hey, I am just being honest.
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
KIA is right. The topic went off course onto speculation about permits, gun laws, etc. I'm guilty of having done that as well, but this one went way off course. The topic was to have been about bad customer service from Dicks. I think the OP has a valid complaint.
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
This was a very helpful review. The OP should contact the retailer's corporate office to determine if the delay was due to staff incompetence, equipment failure, or some other factor. Dick's is 100% free to implement whatever policy they like on selling guns, ball bats, or snorkels. Consumers are equally free to shop elsewhere if they disagree with those policies. (VH)
jktshff1 on 04/06/2009:
Wait guys, I AGREED that the post was a good post "Blaze, yours is a valid complaint" and still do. The permit & gun laws were brought up because of the questions regarding the waiting period, and were valid questions from someone who doesn't know the laws regarding gun sales.
The link I gave provided those people an opportunity to educate themselves about their particular state laws, which is relevant to the post.
This site is partially about educating people and answering questions about various issues that come up.
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
Well said, jkt. It was a 'teaching moment' and your response was appropriate. There is also a wealth of general firearms law, CCW, purchase laws, etc. info at concealedcarry.org They also have a lot of good links for training, etc.
Anonymous on 04/06/2009:
jkt, I was not questioning any helpful info you gave out. That was never brought into question.
jktshff1 on 04/06/2009:
no problem
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Thoughts On Dick's In Particular, Retail In General
Posted by on
PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a former employee of Dick's. I have several thoughts about Dick's in particular that apply to other retailers in general. These are not meant to be excuses for poor service or inventory problems, just parts of the bigger picture.

1) It's a business. They're in business to make money. Seems that would be obvious, but some people don't seem to realize that.

2) Dick's employees are instructed to provide customer assistance and service above anything else. A majority of employees, including myself, realize this. They can't answer every single thing about every single item in the store, but the better ones will try to find answers.

3) Dick's occasionally hires people who turn out to be "bad eggs". Happens everywhere, people ... eventually they'll be weeded out.

4) Employees are rewarded for meeting various metrics: store credit cards, rewards cards, warranties, etc. Management is rewarded (handsomely) also.

5) Most customers come in to the store with realistic expectations about what they're looking for, and most appreciate the help that store associates are supposed to be providing.

Now for just some of the problem areas:

1) Some people come into the store with unrealistic expectations.

Example: The prices marked (or supposed to be marked) on the item are not negotiable. If you don't like the price, shop somewhere else. If you want to haggle over price, go to a flea market.

Example: Eventually, things break. Some broken items should never be brought back to the store for replacement, like wooden baseball bats. Pros break them all the time. It doesn't mean they're defective. Chances are, the item was not used as per manufacturer's directions.

2) When an item is marked: "Do not return to store", DON'T RETURN IT TO THE STORE! Contact the manufacturer!

3) Part of the reason that prices are so high is because of the liberal return policy that some management or stores have.

Example: If an item is sold "as-is", it means just that. If you buy something "as-is" and it breaks, guess whose problem that is? Not the store's! But the management take is to throw the customer a bone in the hope they won't lose business.

Example (not from sporting goods): A customer returns an printer ink cartridge 4 months after purchase, claiming it's defective. The store policy is clearly marked that the return period has passed, but the employee is disciplined by management for NOT exchanging the cartridges. Did I mention that the cartridges were EMPTY? Hello, people, they were USED!!!

4) Management metrics (and bonuses) depend on how much business they can draw in, and how low they keep their payroll. In the process of keeping their payroll low, however, they sacrifice customer service and possibly store inventory. When one employee is covering three departments, then gets pulled away by management to do a fourth thing, it leads to poor customer service and theft. Regardless, management still gets the big checks.

5) Dick's has a website. There are many items that are not available in the store. I've told people that the web is infinite, store space isn't. The store and the website have nothing to do with each other, so they each set their own prices. If it's available on the web and it's cheaper, order it there. Don't complain to the store employees "why isn't this in the store?". You're teaching a pig to sing: it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

I can cite plenty of other things from my personal experience and from others. Again, it's not just one store, or one retailer ... it's applicable to retail in general.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 01/01/2009:
great review, well said!

very helpful.
Ytropious on 01/07/2009:
I back you pimp, where I used to work the website and brick and mortar store were run by 2 separate entities. We got the same yackity yack about prices not being the same too. Sorry, you have to pay shipping from online, and then it ends up not being so cheap anymore.
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Warranty On An Airmattress
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I purchased an air mattress from Dicks with a warranty plan. As most of you know an air mattress camping with small children doesn't hold up for long. It got a hole and wouldn't hold air. I didn't have my receipts or anything but I called up the Dicks warranty protection and they were able to find my information through my Dicks score card. They were very very helpful to me. Long story short I was sent a gift card and now can go purchase a new air mattress. Thank you Dicks no sweat protection plan for being so helpful and awesome =)
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No Sweat Protection Coverage is a Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WOODBURY, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a Clam Bigfoot XL6 portable Ice Shelter from Dicks in January. After the clerk explained the "No Sweat" protection plan, I figured it was a good idea to have something like on a piece of equipment that would be used in cold conditions. When I asked what the manufacturer warranty was they explained that it covered manufacturer defects only. I figured why let there be any gray area on getting a replacement if it breaks when I'm using it in the 1st year. So I bought the 1 year coverage for $59.99 (it cost $399.99). After only 3 uses, two of the pockets that the frame poles are braced in tore through the fabric. This happened on an ice fishing trip to LOTW where we needed this shelter...and we couldn't use it. So when I got back home, I called the "No Sweat Protection" number. The representative on the phone was like talking to a robot. He informed me I needed to call Clam direct and they were responsible for the claim. Here's the kicker, he told me that they'd deal with the problem after the 1 year manufacturer warranty had expired. This would've been the same day the "No Sweat Protection" ran out. So basically Dick's sold an extended warranty they knew would never have a claim against it. Now I'm leaving messages for Clam to figure out how I need to handle the claim. This is ANYTHING BUT "NO SWEAT". At this point, I can't see myself giving Dick's Sporting Goods any of my business and I hope this post saves some people from getting scammed by the extended coverage. DON'T BUY IT.
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User Replies:
nikalseyn on 12/20/2013:
First of all, these "extended warranties" or "protection plans" are never worth it and only serve to enhance the bottom line of the guy's selling them, in this case mainly Dick's(appropriate name).

But, now you have figured out the scam. Pretty neat, isn't it? Pass the word around about Dick's. By the way, most of us sportsmen no longer shop at Dick's after what they did to those who ordered AR15s from them only to have Dick's arbitrarily cancel the orders after the Sandy Hook shooting---in an apparent attempt to gain favor with the anti-gun crowd. Best not to shop there.
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No Customer Service, Rude Salesmen
Posted by on
OCALA, FLORIDA -- On 11 Nov 11, I was at the Dick's store in Ocala Fl. I was looking at the R 11 driver. There was no one in the golf dept. There was a demo club there and I began to hit it in the golf net. A man, dressed in shorts, gruff looking, beard asked it he could help me in a stern voice. I told him no that I was just looking. He again said " can I help you" I again told him no thinking maybe he is just hard of hearing. I did ask a question about the club and he had no real answer, he again asked if he could help me. I asked him what part of no not at this time does he not understand. He said I was in a restricted area and had to be supervised while there. ( who and what was he ) I was becoming very irritated and said that he should become more polite and get some customer service. I told him that Golf Smith does not act or say the things he did to me and maybe that is why they sell more clubs. He said I should then go there. With all the people looking for work, you should be able to to better that this person. and yes I did go to Golf Smith later in the day and I did buy an R11 Driver from them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/12/2011:
Granted, the employee may have been a little "rough" around the edges, but he was probably just doing his job. You were swinging a golf club with a projectile (golf ball) INSIDE a store. Those are restricted areas and do require supervision for safety concerns.
clutzycook on 11/12/2011:
Was there a sign posted that mentioned that it was a restricted area. Dicks was probably setting themselves up for trouble by leaving an area like that unstaffed with the club within reach.
jktshff1 on 11/12/2011:
This is another example of an employee just "doing their job" by the book, rather than in a competent and helpful way.
Anonymous on 11/12/2011:
Yeah, you leave a club out for people to swing with, then complain that I swang, well, you lose. Despire the fact that so many people on this site say you are wrong, you are right huntclub. Bad form for Dick's, and, being a golfer myself, I will join you in forgeting them. Too many others out there!
Old Timer on 11/12/2011:
Dick's took over our local big box sporting goods store some time back. I have gone in once since the switch. Now there is no help on the floor, the help that you can find is over worked and hate even being there. I found a small golf shop only a mile away that has better prices and knows me by name when I go in now. Pro V's are $10 a box less than Dick's. Yep, they got my business.
Anonymous on 11/12/2011:
We only have Big-5 and Golf USA to choose from locally.
onlooker on 11/13/2011:
Were you to have hit anyone : a child - quietly standing beside a parent, running amok as parents tested out the snowshoes - so we have 'lost a potential genius', or a man who claims the head injury and resulting fall in to an endcap has caused him to lose his memory and therefor he can not work...or what ever: after 3 years of legal wrangling and possibly 1-3M in expenses, plus a big insurance pay out.....you and your friends do not spend enough in Dick's to worry about the loss of your business.
BUT that does not excuse or accept the behavior, tone of voice and your, sounds pretty correct, perception that you weren't getting the service a consumer should be getting from any retail outlet. There should have been better ways to handle the situation.
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Manager doesn't have a handle and poor service
Posted by on
WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went to purchase a Stoeger Condor shotgun from Dick's Sporting Goods located in West Springfield MA. waited 15 minutes for a sale assistant to offer assistance and I was the only customer. I actually had to go to the front of the store to request that someone help me. The individual that helped me could not offer and advice and knew nothing on the item. I wanted to purchase it and was informed their fire arms approval system was down. I came back a week later and also had to wait about 15 minutes for someone so that I could tell them I wanted to purchase this shotgun. Again I was informed their approval system was down. I returned the next day and had to wait again for help even though I was the only customer in the hunting lodge. Told the representative I wanted to buy the shotgun and he stated there was nobody working that had the proper training approval to sell me the shotgun even though there were three employees working in that department at that time. During the time this was happening I had tried to call the store three separate times before driving there to confirm if their approval systems was functional, but every time the call was transferred to the hunting lodge I was left on hold for 15- 30 minutes and eventually hung up. The manager stated if the systems are down then they are down for everybody in the state. I informed him I had called a different Dick's store about 20 miles away and they stated their systems were functional, but that they did not have the shotgun in stock. This is very bad management of a store and poor way to deal with the people who have been returning customers over the years. In addition there wasn't one person working there in any of the times we inquired who knew anything about the product. How can you sell any firearms when none of your staff is approved to sell them? POOR!
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Not Good!
Posted by on
I visited the Dick’s Sporting Goods store located in Hoover (Birmingham), Alabama. My purpose was to purchase a full set of relaxed cloths to attend a local minor league baseball game. I was attending a military function in the town and had failed to bring civilian clothes. I verified with every sales associate I spoke with that I wanted to change at the store, pay for my goods and leave going straight to the game. Keep in mind I am in full military uniform. Everyone said it was fine, no problem, etc, etc. Till I asked for the security tags to be removed from the clothes. This seemed to be a problem even though the Dick’s sales associate volunteered to walk me, their clothes and my money to the front to make sure it was paid for completely.

I explained my dissatisfaction to the front manager on my way out of the store. Then over to Academy where it seemed no problem at all and I saved $4.95 on the same shirt.

All that was just the tip of the iceberg. I received an email from Customer Service that ‘my expectations’ were not to be met.

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User Replies:
saj80 on 06/03/2009:
Why not just pay and then go change; it doesn't seem as big a deal as you are making it. Perhaps the employees thought this was the process you would take.
BokiBean on 06/03/2009:
This should have been no problem at all for Dick's to accommodate. What rubbish.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 06/03/2009:
Dick's should have accommodated the customer especially since they indicated it would not be a problem.
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Worst Shopping Experience
Posted by on
After the first order was canceled by Dick's, I called their customer service. Usually when I order an item the site will let me know immediately if the item is out of stock or on back order. They don't do that. I also didn't have the option of being notified once the machine should be available. The rep asked me if I wanted to order another machine but I didn't since this was the one that I had tried out at the store. I told her I would go back to the store. Due to the price we decided to buy the similar E900. Since it wasn't too heavy we would pay for the machine and come back the next day to pick it up. No, per store policy we could not pay but they would hold a machine and we could pay for it the next day.

Since we already had a bad experience ordering from your website we declined that transaction since its a 45 minute drive. We had no intention of driving back the next day with the possibility of being told "we're sold out". Store clerks repeatedly pointed out that they have no connection to the website. I wonder why. I called the website rep and tried one more time to order the machine since it was advertised for sale on the site. The rep ordered the item again but agreed it didn't mean I would actually get the item. He gave me a 10% discount but I still didn't expect to get the order filled. Got the usual "ordering being processed" email. I received another email stating they had billed and shipped the warranty.

The next day I received an email letting me know they again canceled the order for the elliptical since they didn't have one in stock. How on earth can you sell me a warranty for an item you won't sell me? I have never encountered such a situation. I am disgusted with the way this company works. My experience with the store's staff was negative and the phone rep was no better with his answers. I don't expect to see a charge on my account for a useless warranty.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/08/2008:
Come on Chris, say it...........
monlap on 07/09/2008:
Just received another email stating they would immediately credit the bill for the warranty. Per the email this item has now been removed from their website. I haven't even bothered to check if it's still there. I know I'll never buy from Dick's again.
Anonymous on 07/09/2008:
Dicks sucks
chris513 on 07/12/2008:
I can't stand dicks, I hate them and I will be staying away from them....there, lunaan, I said it:)
old fart on 07/12/2008:
Pushing the envelope a bit eh? LOL
DebtorBasher on 07/12/2008:
Good Review, I've heard Dicks will stick it to you every chance they can...I've never experienced Dicks...but I'm looking forward to it someday...then I'll do a review as to whether I will stay with them or find something a bit different.
chris513 on 07/12/2008:
oh boy...
monlap on 07/16/2008:
FYI- the $159.99 for the warranty is back on my creditcard. I have ordered the machine directly from the manufacturer, Horizon. Had a call today letting me know it will be delivered this Friday between 11 and 1. It cost just as much as if I had ordered from Dick's since they also ship free of charge. Lesson learned; as I said, I'll never deal with Dick's again.
angelface82288 on 09/24/2008:
Well just to let you all know Dicks Sporting Goods inc, is not connected to the website just like A LOT of other companies. As for the Hold policy that is that specific stores policy. All other stores will allow you to buy the equipment and keep it in the store for up to 7 days, and if you have a problem with that ask to speak to a MANAGER!!!! 95% of the time they will bend the rules for the customer. I don't understand why people don't understand the policies of companies and don't ask to speak to a higher qualified person such as a manager and not the associate that is making 8.50 an hour that doesn't know all th policies. and for the people who haven't dealt with Dicks and are posing a negative thought why not give them a chance. All companies are different and deserve a chance and all stores within the company react different from each situation!!!
lakeontario on 10/12/2008:
I tried to return a defective flashlight and left my receipt home, but I was already at the mall, had the original bag, etc. they wouldn't let me exhange it without me handing over my driver's license to a clerk. Why should I share personal information over a $30 flashlight with a stranger? I asked to speak to the store manager since all I wanted to do is exchange it for a working flashlight. He told me, "give us your driver's license or no return," then turned his back to me. Dick's treats the customer with suspicion, like every customer is a potential shoplifting risk. It comes from the top. That's the behaivor store associates are trained to exhibit. People, Dick's does not respect its customers.
Anonymous on 10/12/2008:
How long would a store stay in business if they accepted any return, for any reason, without a receipt? Unfortunately, many people use receiptless exchanges as a way to turn a 90day warranty into a lifetime warranty.
Pam on 07/11/2011:
I had a HORRIBLE experience at Dick's as well! After being pushed between various customer service reps, and being told "sorry, I don't know...I don't work in that dept.", my husband and I finally admitted defeat (after having chosen our items...2 bicycles and waiting in line for at least an hour) and decided we would never set foot in a Dick's again. Terrible experience!!
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No help in handling of BPA Water Bottles purchased there - Manassas, VA
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MANASSAS, VIRGINIA -- For Easter I purchased five brightly colored Nalgene water bottles for everyone in my family, we play a lot of sports, from Dicks. Only to find out a month later the dangers of BPA water bottles. These were the exact type of water bottles that I had purchased. I also had previously purchased three 'Life is Good' water bottles from the same store, also BPA water bottles, that we used often over the past years. In reading the health impacts, I personally have experienced these. I contacted Nalgene and they said I had to return the water bottles to the store.

I tried to return them to the store in Manassas, VA where I purchased them and they told me to call customer service - 1-800-690-7655 and they would instruct me as to where to return them. I called the number and the supervisor that answered informed me that they would not take the water bottles back and she had no further help to provide me on the topic. She didn't even suggest other alternatives that I could pursue, she was absolutely no help at all. I then discussed with her a second issue that I had come across in searching the Dick recalls and that is three lazy loungers that I purchased at the store and had followed the instructions for (calling 1-866-500-4982 several times, no one ever answered and e-mailing DicksLazyLounger@rankam.com and no one ever responded).

Again, the supervisor was absolutely no help. She gave me the number to call that I had already called many times. I asked her if she was actually going to do something about any of this being that she was customer service and she said no. I said that I wanted to escalate and talk to her supervisor, and she said she was the supervisor and I could not escalate the matter. I asked her for her name, that I won't repeat here due to the Terms, and she would only give me her first name. I would like some action taken.

I want all seven of the water BPA water bottles I have (one was lost by one of the kids) to be accepted by Dicks and given store credit, these water bottles are very expensive. And I want the appropriate safety kits sent to me for my three lazy loungers that have been recalled by the store.
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Principissa on 07/07/2008:
The manager should have been able to help you. I see no reason why she couldn't give you the appropriate information on getting the safety kits for those chairs. Have you tried calling a different store to see if they could be of more assistance to you? And as far as the water bottle your kids lost, I don't believe you should be compensated for it. It's not in your possession anymore since your child lost it.

On a side note, I really don't see what the big deal is with this BPA stuff. I have two kids, both bottle fed, from bottles with BPA and both are happy healthy kids. I grew up drinking out of stuff with BPA and I'm going on 30. Eventually this country is going to get to the point where each and every one of us will have our own plastic bubbles connected to portable IV's because science is going to show that everything we eat, drink, and breathe is going to make us sick.
madconsumer on 07/07/2008:
sorry, you should have returned them as soon as you found out about this so called pba whine.

if you read the reports thuroughly, the isues arrise when HOT water is placed int he containers.
chris513 on 07/07/2008:
I will continue to avoid dicks.
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Order Was Processed Then Cancelled Without Notifying Me.
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MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA -- I placed an order online and received confirmation that my order was placed and processed. I called 15 days later when my package never arrived. They said it was cancelled because they no longer had it in stock. I was never called or emailed. The customer service representative was rude and simply said what do you want me to do about it. I wanted my nephew to get a Christmas present..... I will never shop online or in a Dicks Sporting Goods store again. Rotten Service.
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nikalseyn on 12/18/2013:
Dick's has a nasty habit of cancelling orders as it wishes. They did this a few months ago in the wake of a school shooting when they arbitrarily cancelled customers orders for rifles. They do not deserve anyone's business. Try Gander Mountain or Cabella's or even Dunham's. Much better experience.
Cwazychicken on 12/18/2013:
Online websites, especially during the holidays, are a risk to shop at. A lot of orders go through but in the end, only the first people who ordered them get their order shipped. The rest either cancelled or backordered.
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