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It's a SCAM!!!!! And the won't is on their side!
Posted by on
WICHITA, KANSAS, KANSAS -- I was dupped into their High pressure sales meeting and found out they are just a big joke. They only offer 10% guarantee and so to compensate for the Ridiculous membership fee of 3500.00 you have to buy 35,000.00 to break even. They are a very secret company and I know why now. They don't want the truth to be known. I tried to use the BBB to get my contract dropped and they sided with the company. I think they are getting paid off. If I could afford a lawyer I would sue, but like most people trying to save a buck, I now have less no thanks to Direct Buy. Save yourself and don't even go to the presentation!!
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trmn8r on 05/14/2011:
In what way specifically do you feel you were "dupped" or the program was falsely advertised?

DirectBuy has been thoroughly reviewed on the internet. Did you research it before subjecting yourself to the sales pitch?

The BBB can't help you if they haven't failed to meet their part of the contract.
azRider on 05/15/2011:
did you read the contract before you signed it? did you ask yourself, if I spend $3,500 will I really use or need this service? Most states don't allow contracts that can't be cancelled. are you trying to cancel your contract with them? or are you trying to get your full money back? you may not be able to get it back. at least not all of it. if you can find a reason to point out how they 'cheated' you then you can always go to small claims. most small claims limits are under $5000 dollars and you can do it your self. but make sure you have a logical and sound legal reason, else you its just a waste of time. not reading the contract is not a defense in court.
PepperElf on 05/15/2011:
hell I stopped trusting in the BBB when they started giving fake companies A+ ratings... all because the fake companies paid them.
madconsumer on 05/15/2011:
great review.

anyone can purchase ratings with the bbb, therefore who ever pays gets positive words from them.

very helpful.
ChuhBaca on 05/15/2011:
I've seen their commercials before. I had an immediate distrust for them. I find that a smart shopper can usually get equivalent discounts or better.
Anonymous on 05/15/2011:
I agree with mad. Thanks for warning people away from this company.
trmn8r on 05/15/2011:
Ah, the BBB bashers are out in full force.

But the issue here has nothing to do with the BBB. The BBB isn't in the business of voiding contracts between companies and customers.
Anonymous on 05/15/2011:
I got a nasty letter from the owner of Direct Buy years ago when I cancelled my membership and put a stop payment on my check within the 3 day contractual grace period of my state. Research any legal options you may have, you never know, you might get lucky and find a loophole.
trmn8r on 05/15/2011:
ript - I did that with a landlord. I was coming to my last month of rent, found out the landlord had kept another tenant's deposit for "cleaning costs", even though I watched them clean the baseboards on hands and knees before they left.

I found in the lease the deposit could be used to pay the rent. So, I left the apartment clean and took pictures. Guy took me to court, but didn't even show. Great advice.
PepperElf on 05/15/2011:
trm8 - hey we weren't the ones who forced the BBB to give an A+ rating to a fake company named Hamas.
trmn8r on 05/15/2011:
Hey, the BBB has nothing to do with this complaint.
PepperElf on 05/15/2011:
They were mentioned in the title.
rudybjr on 05/16/2011:
The BBB sided with them because they probably saw a copy of the contract you agreed to. They are nothing but a ripoff like timeshares are. Unfortunately, people cave in to high pressure sale's pitches and they keep saying, "cha-ching!"
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Rip off
Posted by on
ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Don't be fooled by how much money you could save if you get it through DirectBuy. Their membership fee costs way more than you could save. And the prices they claim its cheaper than retail market, its all false information. Its all B. S. A wash machine at any retail store if you shop around it doesn't cost more than $900.00 They show in their video that Retail stores sells wash machine for $1600.00 but if you get it from "US" we give it to you for $900.00. So you think about it. Would you save any money? And on top of that you have to pay thousands for their member ship fee. And another thing nobody remodels their house every freakin year, or buy furniture. Its one time buy for about 10 to 15 year of use. Unless you are billionare. If you have brain you would understand and not join this stupid company. And another thing they say its very Hilarious, They want to make sure the husbands are coming with their wife's. If the wife goes alone to see their associate, they don't like that. Which I found very odd. So does that mean is it easier to sell membership on men than women??
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dan gordon on 09/26/2010:
I've been in wholesale for many yrs. Direct Buy adds an 8% fee to everything which is about the same markup as some wharehouse clubs. Buying one item is seldom if ever a cost savings. Buying a truckload would be. People unfortuantely are pretty naive and the ads look like everything has a 500% mark up. With the internet the margins just aren't there.
CaptainSpaulding on 09/26/2010:
Great point, Helpful!

If a company is grossly overcharging it's customers, it's not the company that's stupid, it's the customer!
Ytropious on 09/26/2010:
I've heard nothing but negative things about direct buy. It ranges from complaints like yours saying they are really over priced, and others about how the sales staff are rude, pushy, and sometimes unhelpful. I have a home I'm remodeling and I never even considered direct buy due to all the complaints so I rate helpful.
okcray on 05/01/2013:
What blows my mind even more is how even supposedly "cautious" people get swayed by the "if you say no, you're banned from joining for seven years" line. I mean really, do you think seven years from now I'm going to change my mind and NOT think you're ripping me off???!!!???!!!
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Direct Buy is a waste of money
Posted by on
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I have been looking to save some money while building a home and thought that Direct Buy would be great to do so. After there aggressive and high pressure pitch I decided that with all there promises I could not go wrong. That is where I made my mistake. There "savings" were more like empty promises. Just by shopping around, mostly through the Internet, I was able to find everything they were offering for about the same price and in some cases LOWER then the top secret Direct Buy price. When this was brought to the companies attention they tried to get those with better prices in trouble (they used some of the same local vendors). Anytime you have to make a decision right then or asked to leave and never return it should send up a big red flag. The membership cost with the 1k instant rebate was just under 6k...ouch!
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Alain on 02/05/2010:
Guess this falls under the category of, "If it's too good to be true, be very suspicious of it". Particularly given some of the other reviews on Direct Buy.
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Direct Buy... 3 Years Of Thousands $$$$$$ Down The Drain!!!
Posted by on
Call it greed. We, are guilty, I am first to admit it. And, I've learned.

Its hideous!! For the 'buying of consumer products', first of all, we pay for the cost of "being a member"... Then, pay for the E.O.M......(End of market) products!!!

That's correct. Direct buy is selling end of market products, at a jacked up price, with a sweetened up, nice looking price tag.

So far, in the first 5 months of being "hoggs' at the 'trough', my wife and I have wasted good $$$$ on 2 things;

1.) An "Ashley" recliner, of which, 5 months ago, Direct Buy had it listed as "Ashley millennium collection", I looked it up online at Ashley's web site.......It was listed as such at that time.

But no longer. The collection no longer exists, but, Direct Buy still has sofas and love seats, recliners in the same collection....They bought them up by the truck loads, just as any second rate furniture store would do. Got it??

2.) 3 Weeks ago, we bought a Frigidaire dishwasher from Direct Buy to replace the 12 yr/old Maytag that recently quit us.

The installer began to run the machine through a complete cycle, then 2 hours after the installer left, there appeared a puddle of water in the middle of the dining room floor, some 12 feet away from the kitchen far from the dish washer. Just today, and 3 trips later of plumber, and 2 trips of the service/warranty tech. To install a new door latch, the entire machine has to be replaced because its defective due to an internal leak that has now ruined 1/4 of our hardwood floor in the dining room and the sub-bases in some cabinets. Fridgidaire's liability dept. Is all over it, but will be 3 weeks before the floor and the new machine is replaced.

So, that's only 2 purchases and we've paid $350.00 Just to be "members" and another $371.00 For the p. O. S machine. Then, after three years, 'if' you have been 'good members in good status' by paying your payments on time, you may extend another year for another $250.00!! That's insane!!!!!! Read the contract!! I didn't!!! And I admit it!

That's what greed will buy us!!!!! Welcome home America!!!!
Like I said at the beginning, iam the first to admit I am guilty, but, this kind of greedy, money grabbin' back stabbin' of these prifit-tiers must cease!! It will only stop when people learn "nothing aint cheap and free!"

Stay away from Direct Buy!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
The point is good though......the OP admitted some fault but gave details of the crap he's going through. Hope it works out for him that all damage is repaired and gets back what he's out for money.
PepperElf on 01/19/2010:
good point or not
no one really likes reading all-cap letters

I'll read it when it's been changed
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
I don't really like a lot of things but I roll with them. If you can't be bothered to read a review and give it merit because it's in caps, I just have to shake my head. (shaking head now)
PepperElf on 01/19/2010:
it's part of getting people to understand that, even with a valid point, making it readable will mean they have a better response.

doing all caps is a bit like shooting your foot off.
momsey on 01/20/2010: I reading a different review than the others are? I don't see "all caps" anywhere. Did the OP change it?

Anyway, this is a good review. I always see the Direct Buy commercials and wonder what kind of deal it is. Thanks to reviews on this site, like this review, I know to just stay far, far away and do business the old fashioned way!
Anonymous on 01/20/2010:
Direct Buy always sounded like a scam to me. Even their commercials are ridiculous. Good luck with your situation.
Slimjim on 01/20/2010:
While I've never been sure of the value of a buying group for consumers, I honestly do not come away with a lot of info from this rant. OK, so there are some discontinued products still in their warehouse. So don't buy that line then. The dishwasher was defective. How is that Direct Buys issue? It was a Frigidaire(nuff said) the poster chose. Direct Buy sells good brands too, don't they? Is $250 insane for a year membership? I don't know. I guess if you don't buy anything to offset it, but then, if you are not making heavy purchases continually, why would anyone belong to a buying group at that point at all then?
Ponie on 01/20/2010:
I really don't get the point of this complaint. Funny (strange, not ha-ha) a Direct Buy commercial just aired on the TV I have on in the den. No doubt this 'group' is not for me. I just don't make that many high priced purchases to justify the membership fee.
At times I've been skeptical of a commercial or mail offer but decided to take a chance on it anyway. Sometimes it turns out to be just what the poster found. But I don't write a complaint about it. I knew what I was getting into at the very start so I consider it a lesson learned. I'm even gullible enough to play the slots at a casino.
Anonymous on 01/20/2010:
Other than the suspect testimonials posted by Direct Buy I have yet to see anyone rave about this company. Direct Buy has nothing going for it that I would ever be interested in.
Jennie5092 on 09/09/2010:
I am, unfortunately, a Direct Buy member. My membership is with the Direct Buy in Springfiled, MO and my contact person there is Brent Fesperman. FYI: Missouri has a 3-day cooling off period, meaning that you can cancel your membership in the first three days. Contrary to what I was told, I did not receive my log-in information to the super, top secret, members only Direct Buy site until the three days had passed. The day I received it I contacted Brent Fesperman to tell him that I did not want this membership because it was not what he had represented it to be. He would not cancel the contract and basically politely told me that he was going to stick it to me. I ordered kitchen appliances, 3 items, through Direct Buy. After waiting weeks, which I expected, I received a shipping date. This date was changed four times. Two of these changes were made the day before the order was scheduled to ship. So I sat in my re-model project with literally no kitchen for weeks. (With 3 kids... fun) Finally, I was able to cancel the order and receive a refund for the money I had paid. But the point, from a legal view, is that the order, made in good faith by the consumer, was not delivered and that there is significant evidence that Direct Buy is not acting in good faith. I am now looking for anyone who is interested in joining me in legal action to remedy the situation with Direct Buy. I would have been happy to just cancel my membership and forget the whole thing but as this has not been an option, it appears that legal action is the only alternative. I have been told that it would be helpful to begin gathering information and contacts. I expect that this will take approximately two to three months. By that time there should be ample information gathered with which to proceed through an attorney. Today I will be researching the complaint process through the Better Business Bureau as well as the Attorney General. I would be happy to share this information with anyone who may need it as I've been informed it could be useful to me later. I am now posting my contact information and encourage you to contact me through whatever means you are comfortable. Yes, I have posted my telephone number on the internet. Whatever it takes to remedy this, I intend to see it through. It's the principle of the matter. It is not right and I don't intend to be ripped off and take it lying down. So, please feel free to contact me:

Jennifer Waschenbecker
114 North Street
Houston, MO 65483
Ponie on 09/10/2010:
Jennie, I agree Direct Buy has given you terrible 'service.' I wonder about your statement regarding the '3-day cooling off period.' It may vary state to state, but I was always under the impression this held true only for door-to-door sales or something similar. In this case, you approached them about membership and this may not apply for you. However--lots of luck!
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Broke even with this last purchase
Posted by on
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- We joined Direct Buy after a salesperson had convinced us we would save so much money. For our $4000 membership fee it took us 3 years to finally come out even. We did purchase dining room furniture but had to pay delivery and for set up. We did purchase breakfast set and never did get the correct size screws to put it together and after complaining, they took 3 months to send the screws so we finally went out and purchased them and they wouldn't reimburse us that money. They are supposed to inspect the products before you pick them up. We also bought light fixtures and they didn't tell us the globes were included and it didn't state that so we ended up with 8 globes instead of 4 and they wouldn't take them back. Shouldn't the salesperson have known that. We did purchase backsplash at a bargain rate but the installer wanted 3 times the price of the installer we found on our own. So finally we bought a big TV and our total savings on all these purchases finally made up for the $4000 membership fee so we broke even and would not recommend this to anyone.
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Don't let this be you
Posted by on
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Please whatever you don't get roped into this store.....
The savings they claim do not work out from all the shipping and freight charges, just go to your local store. Which is what we wound-up doing most of the years we were members. The current complaint I have, cause there are many, is we bought our very high end expensive fridge(almost $3,000)here and when it stopped working in under a year the company, Samsung does not consider Direct Buy a store. IN turn this ment we could not exchange out the item and had to wait months for a refund check. Over and over I heard from Samsung that if we just went to a local retailer, we would not have this issue. I went in person back to Direct Buy to see if I could get any help with all the money I was losing, on the freight and shipping and tax.....Direct Buy stated they could not help at all but order a new fridge with all those charges again.
There is so much more about this company as well but just wanted to get this little bit out there.
Please just don't be another victim.....
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Sad you had a bad experience
Posted by on
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- It's a shame that you had such a bad experience and am sorry for you that you consultant had such poor manners. Upon our appointment visit our tour was great and we were able to look at the savings we would get, I did have a particular item I needed to check on and the savings was half of the price to buy on the outside. My boyfriend and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences dealing with this company. I will state that when it comes to buying plumbing fixtures there is no one to help you but with a little research you should have no problem. All of the products we have ordered came in when if not sooner than the estimated. The items arrived in good condition.

They were extremely friendly and helpful with the order processing and finding the catalog you needed. I can't say enough about the company and that may be, if you have the need for large items you should give the company a try again.
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User Replies:
Inat on 03/18/2010:
when I went to direct buy tour, I couldn't figure out how I would save money. I didn't buy enough volume to break even after the membership fee.
MDSasquatch on 03/18/2010:
Is this a corporate SHILL?
Inat on 03/18/2010:
learose, how many items do you buy at direct buy? you post makes it sound as if it is just a few items here and there... if that is the case, how do you save money?
tnchuck100 on 03/18/2010:
"It's a shame that you had such a bad experience ..."

Exactly who is the "YOU" you are referring to? This sounds like it should be a response on an existing review. Otherwise it smells like damage control. Or a shill.
PepperElf on 03/18/2010:
mds and tnc - I think you may be on to something there.
Learose on 03/20/2010:
Inat, tnchuck100, PepperElf, The you I was referring to was jjudith dated 12-09. No I am not a shill for the company just a satisfied customer. I do agree that the membership is high but if you have a need for large items or are remodeling as I have been doing you will not recoup your pay out. If you have the need then it is worth it. I have bought 3 rooms of furniture: bedroom, living room, dining room, over head light fixtures for dining room, master bedroom and master bath, plumbing fixtures for master bath, exercise equipment. I have saved my membership fee and then some. No direct buy is not for everyone.
PepperElf on 03/21/2010:
why not just reply to the original post?
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What a Scam
Posted by on
PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- My Wife got sucked in to accepting an offer for a "Free' 30 day membership and that started a continuous barrage of High Pressure phone calls that are still going on. I told her it was a scam but who listens to a Husband when the wife is determined to refurnish the house for almost nothing. I am 78 and retired from a lifetime of Executive sales and marketing positions for two of the largest Automobile Manufacturers so I know about " Scams". Any way as many people report they Insisted that we both had to come into the store for the " Open House" She told them that I am 80 yrs old and somewhat senile and she had the income and made all the buying decisions. They were totally inflexible and asked if she had a Power of Attorney, that's the only way she could come without me.

Then she got mad at me for never wanting to do any thing with her etc. I then went to the Internet and showed her the complaints and that ended it! She is currently telling our Neighbor all about the Scam and how she should have listened to me. Caveat Emptor!!
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YunkaG on 01/10/2010:
Just look at the Internet opinions about Direct Buy. They are no deal and you have to pay to join. Check under
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Buyer beware!
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- The commercial says how much you will save. Well guess what a few of the clubs in Michigan do? They use a "local/Michigan cabinet dealer" to sell the same national brands that ALL the Direct Buys in the country sell. They do this because if a product is sold through DB but comes from a local vendor then DB can charge whatever they want for delivery. Customers are charged a large upcharge for delivery (a 20% markup) and roll it into your final price but keep the cabinet prices a notch below what a retail establishment sells them for. So you are getting a great bargain. Ha ha the cabinet dealer and club owner are making a profit from this delivery process & have for years. It does not go against the rules of DB because of the clause of being able to use a local dealer for some items. The truth? You are getting ripped off & I guarantee your same kitchen priced at an out of state club would be cheaper.
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User Replies:
Trying to be helpful on 12/01/2009:
Thanks for the tip!
MRM on 12/01/2009:
Weird, you have just help yourself out!
Anonymous on 12/01/2009:
madconsumer on 12/01/2009:
I never liked club buying.

very helpful.
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False Claims & High Pressure Tactics to Sell Membership
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Direct Buy invites you to view their showroom, but
you cannot review their prices first. In their
infomercial within the store you are told that if
you don't join and pay the $5000-6000 three year
membership TODAY, you are not able to come back. Huge pressure tactic.
In the one catalog I was allowed to view, it listed a TV that Direct Buy's "COST" WAS $50.00 MORE than the same TV I saw ( and bought) at Costco the week before. In my opinion they are not honest, and they pressure you
to make your decision now or you cannot come back.

I believe you can shop around and do as well or better yourself and save the $6000 membership.

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User Replies:
Slimjim on 11/13/2009:
Yeah, I get real turned off by that now or never nonsense. Usually I'll say something like- whatever, if I come back tomorrow or so, that's my price too or never.
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