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DirecTV, No Playlist, No DVR, No Fix!!!
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- It all started in August! Hubby LOVES football, we were tired of crappy Verizon, so we made the leap and signed up with DirecTV! Installed without programming the remotes but that's OK. Day 2 of having service… no playlist on other TV's??? We have 4 kids and like to record their shows for "TV time". I call about the DVR... no fix. Now, we see that the playlist will disappear all together, or if it is there, it will be from last week (shows we've already deleted will show up and new shows from that day are MIA?) I have reset the box, had DirecTV to my house MANY times and even had a case manager (had a code 47 and 48… had these codes this morning!) STILL NO FIX.

November, when DirecTV is tired of us calling, assign us a case manager, who should not work in customer service… ever, told me "In 3 weeks OR SO, our new SOFTWARE will fix ALL your problems. No, you cannot get out of your contract unless you pay $450." So, now it's January. :) December 4th, my TV showed new software BUT I found out this morning that wasn't "THE" software, so my problems are still ongoing!

So, NOW, January 8th, I still have DirecTV and it still doesn't work BUT I'M STILL PAYING BECAUSE IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT, IT'S THE SOFTWARE!!! Isn't that your fault? I feel like I should get an hourly pay because I'm always resetting, unhooking or speaking to DIRECTV. TV is such a small thing in life and shouldn't be this difficult. I pay you for a service, you provide me that service… right? Not at DirecTV. You pay them and you kind of get service BUT they are working on it. So as a paying customer, I WAIT, wait until the engineers release "THE" software. Well, I've been patient since AUGUST and I'VE HAD IT.

The manager this morning tried to comfort me in telling me "This is an ongoing problem, you are not 1st person I've talked to today who has the same issue.” That's sad! It sure didn't make me feel better, it made me come online and WARN others. If you want to pay for a service and not receive it, pick DirecTV. If you want a constant headache and always be "on hold", pick DirecTV. If you don't want your kids watching that much TV, pick DirecTV. If you like a big blue box informing you "your playlist is disconnected" every 2 minutes, pick DirecTV. If you want to be in the boat of people with the "same" problem for 6 months with no fix in sight, pick DirecTV.

The promise on their website is a script, not a "promise". If that were true, I would be out the contract, like requested, without paying you $450 or any dvr related fees! I feel DirecTV breached the contract and have not fulfilled your end… not even close. But, the little people pay and the suits win! I cannot believe a "new" customer has had such a horrible experience with your company AND is still on the hook for the cancellation fee.

DirecTV should pay me the fee and do me a favor for once! I thought it was cheaper to keep an "old" customer than to advertise for a "new" customer??? I hope, if you have a similar problem, you TELL THE WORLD. Warn people not to get involved until this magic software is released! Good luck to all who are new in my shoes, and to those who are "old" customer who cannot get out without paying the cancellation fee.

DirecTV Customer Service Are Arrogant Jerks
By -

I had DirecTV for almost 8 years and I was very happy with their service and it was a good alternative to Comcast with a full digital lineup for several years. My issues started when they decided not to partner with TV anymore and push their piece of junk DVR on everyone. I got their first generation non-HD DVR, and soon after, started getting skips, having to reset it constantly, etc. Had it swapped out a couple of times. Now this one won't rewind live TV unless I completely low level format it for 3 hours and then it will work again for about three days. Their HD DVR was a little better, but sure enough, after less than a year, similar issues and this one had to be replaced too.

When it got replaced the last time, they took away the ability so I could get off-the-air HD from my local stations unless I bought this new box from them that costed another hundred bucks, and they wouldn't give me the old model as a replacement. I finally completed my contract and scheduled to have it removed on Feb. 11th. They screwed up and disconnected me a month early.

Then, when I called them to restore my service for the last month I planned on using them, they treated me like crap, never apologized for their error disconnecting me a month early, and had the nerve to tell me how their crappy DVR is better than TiVo, and they couldn't give me my old service plan back. I was persistent, and after getting hung up two times by their supervisors, they finally gave in and restored all of my programming which the first two said was impossible.

Before this experience, I would have considered them in the future.Now, I will never do business with them again. So long jerks at DirecTV, you really need to learn something about customer service and trying to make things right. BTW DirecTV, I have a first generation TV that is now over ten years old and it has never skipped a beat (lifetime subscription baby) and yours is not better!

Can Not Understand How Recording Playlists Was Erased When It Wasn't Full
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Rating: 2/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Last Tuesday, we had a bad snow storm. I lost signal for a few hours. It all came back but my playlist. I did not have full either. And there is no way I can recover the playlist. It is upsetting. I had some movies I won't be able to ever record again. They should have a backup for your playlist to go in case this happens. I think, when it went out the system, couldn't recover my playlist. So it was just deleted like it never was there. This is horrible system. They need to have a better back up system for playlist. If they do, that wasn't even working because that comes up with no deleted files.

Beware of DirecTV Whole Home DVR Package
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Rating: 1/51

I have been a DirecTV customer for over 20 years. Always had good things to say about their service and recommend them to numerous friends. That all came to an end due to being scammed about the Whole Home DVR package. Do not think you are getting Whole Home DVR because you aren't. You will get two receivers, one main and one secondary, that's it. I have five receivers. So in order to have WH, you need HD receivers for every room.

This is where I really get angry. Got my bill first bill today and was shocked at all the charges. I was charged $10.00 for the DVR and $8.00 for HD per month. Not only that, am now being charged $6.00 a month for every receiver plus $3.00 a month for DVR use. (Oh I left out the part where I already paid $149.00 for installation.) I called customer service about why no DVR in every room like it states and was told I have to have HD receivers in every room. Oh, and by the way, that will cost you $99.00 per receiver. So Beware of anything DirecTV tries to sell you because they are not forthcoming on their so called deals.

Rude CSRs, Poor DVR Service Inflexible Long Contract
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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I have been a DirecTV subscriber since June of 2012. I have had problems with service from both the satellite and their employees from the beginning. Shortly after I signed on with them, I found that I needed additional equipment for another TV in my house. I received an additional box after a week, which I self installed only to find that it was defective and I had to order another one for 200.00 out of pocket.

I found that I was unable to watch DVR'd programs on any of my other TV's if someone in the house was already watching a DRV'd program. In order to do this, I would need an additional DVR and I would have to sign a new 2 year contract. I decided to leave it as it was. It still bugs me but, whatever. A few months ago, we lost service to the DVR and it had to be reset, losing all recording including some family appearances. Sad to see those go but hard drives do that sometimes.

I called customer service and they offered no recompense, not even a credit for the outage. Customer service was continually rude, and at times, I felt that they egged me on and were trying to make me more angry so they could have an excuse to hang up on me. I decided I needed to reduce my bill because the service isn't worth $100+ especially if it doesn't work as I expected. After several hours of rude customer service and hard sell, I was finally able to get my bill down to about $80.

The final straw came last week when I decided to drop down to bare minimum because I don't want to pay them a penny more than I have to. After canceling my last 2 premium channels, I found that my previously DVR'd programs were all erased again even though when I cancelled my other premium channels, those programs had remained on the DVR.

After speaking to 3 different CSR's, the message was essentially "too bad, so sad" and I asked to have a supervisor contact me and was told I would be contacted within 72 hours. Still nothing from these deadbeats. I still have 16 months on my contract, but as soon as my taxes come in, I will be happy to buy out my contract and I will never do business with these creeps again. DO NOT USE DIRECTV!

Don't Expect Service After Installation!
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Rating: 1/51

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- You can expect to speak to the nicest friendliest people on earth when you call to start service. Be prepared because you will never speak to anyone like that again at DirecTV. I called because one of our 3 boxes was not working. This very rude sarcastic customer service person asked about the problem and what we have done to correct it ourselves. Then, she decides I need Tech Support, so I start from the beginning again with name, what's wrong, what I've done to correct it, etc. Then, she requests I go to all 3 TVs and pull them all out to tell her about what is hooked to what and what colors were there and the card numbers on each.

After 45 minutes, I tell her, “OK. When I called, one was not working and now, I have Two that are not working. So, this is not working for me!” She finally said, “Fine, I will set up a service call but I have to know what color is hooked to this one receiver!” I said, “Whatever it should be, that's what we have! Your guys hooked it up for us!” She says, “Ma'am, I need your cooperation or I can't help!” Well, they came out, does it work, no. I'm wishing I hadn't gotten into that 2 year contract with them. I don't appreciate being treated like crap by a company that I Pay every month. Don't do it… 2 years is a long time when dealing with a Company that doesn't care about their customers!

Overcharges, broken equipment
By -

I do NOT recommend DirecTV. If I had it to do over again, I would not sign a contract with these people. List of problems:

  1. Overcharges -- double charges for Showtime & HBO when I hadn't signed up for either services. They were only going to remove charges for the last 60 days because it was my responsibility to check monthly and make sure they were charging the agreed to amount.

  2. 2 broken receivers, which means no cable. Here's the kicker - if though it is their product that breaks down, no fault of you, customer pays shipping. First time I paid for service for the days I didn't have cable, this time I got them to credit my account for lost time. The first time it broke, they assumed it was the remote. So first, they tried replacing the remote… about a month into service, I finally got cable.

  3. Watcha the promises they make when trying to get you to sign a contract. They will say whatever it takes and then not follow through. I told them no HBO or Showtime and I did not want to have to call & cancel after three months, I was told no problem, only to find out they added it and started charging my account.

  4. Not if you Google DirecTV, call the number so sign up, it might be a 3rd party. So DirecTV will take no responsibility for the false promises.

  5. The dish does not work during big snowstorms & blizzards. So those days you get off work because of a blizzard, your cable won't work. Nobody tells you this.

Note: By many people I've been told I have infinite patience, but really DirecTV has worn my last nerve. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THEIR SERVICES!

DirecTV DVR Issues and Poor Customer Service.
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

PLANT CITY, FLORIDA -- DirecTV upgraded my service since I was not under contract to a HD DVD and a HD receiver from a SD DVD and SD receiver. I was told I would get free equipment, new HD dish, wireless home cinema connection kit, multi-room DVR service and free installation. The first problem in this process was when the tech that came out said the home cinema connection kit was not on the order and I would have to call back in for that. So I did, and I was pretty much told I was lying and that it was not on the order so I would have to pay $25 for it plus $6.99 for S/H plus $40 for installation.

I then of course asked to speak with retention which was the department that had told me that and finally got them to give it to me if I paid the S/H of $6.99. So I am still waiting for that to arrive. Issue number 2, I called the tech that installed my service to discuss some issues I am having with my "New DVR", which is model HR21-700, which is their old box with known issues. I tell him the problems I am experiencing and we went through a few troubleshooting steps which did not fix the problem, and then, he tells me that I have a bad DVD and that I need to call in to have them mail me a new one.

Replaced DVR. Now, Cannot Cancel Service.
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- I will let everyone I know hear the issue I had with DirecTV. I had to replace a DVR that froze up on me. Then 10 months later, I wanted to go with a TV & Internet service with someone else and DirecTV stated I had agreed to a 24 month contract when I replaced my broken equipment. I did not agree to any of this, it never came up when I purchased the new DVR from them. If I had known, I would not have done it. I had another receiver in the house that was not being used and I could have refreshed the access card on it. They are now charging $295 to cancel an account that has been active and in good standing for over 12 years. Terrible company.

Customer No-Service
By -

On 1 July, I scheduled an installation appointment for a DVR upgrade for 4-8 pm on 20 July. When no one had called by 7:30 pm today (20 July), I called the DirecTV number I had been given (888-355-7530) and talked to an agent. She reported the installer had tried to call around 1 pm because he couldn't find the house and no one had answered.

I had specifically noted that the home phone number is a DSL line which isn't monitored and provided an alternate cell number. I had received no call. The agent said the installer would call us within 20 minutes. He did and said his work order only stated "pm," that he'd never seen a 4-8 pm schedule and had only been given the home phone number. He was 2 hours away and had already turned the work order in, so it would have to be rescheduled.

I called the DirecTV again and an agent and a supervisor said sorry, but… earliest installation available was 6 Aug. I indicated that we would terminate our service if the installation wasn't completed tomorrow. "The system" couldn't accomplish that. At 8:18 pm, a phone message was left on my cell phone by a woman who identified herself as ** from?? Mastech?? -- she was hard to understand -- who said she was with the DirecTV contract installer and would I please call back as soon as possible to 800-531-5000… which is the DirecTV number. I called and the agent with whom I spoke knew nothing about why she called.

So, we're canceling our service tomorrow, 21 July. Ironically, we received a THANKS card today from Eileen Hanson, VP of Customer Communications, for 5 years of customer loyalty, giving us 3 months of free GSN Game Lounge access. Too bad, DirecTV wasn't as loyal in meeting its service commitment.

As a college professor with 200 students/semester and a consultant who wrote the book on Value-Based Marketing for Bottom Line Success (Amazon), DirecTV has provided a perfect anecdote of a company on which customers CAN'T rely to meet needs effectively or professionally. Dish has been pursuing us for 5 years. DirecTV has earned Dish a new account.

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