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34 reviews & complaints.
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Very Unhappy With Service
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Rating: 2/51

CRAWFORDSVILLE, INDIANA -- #1 We have never once received a bill from DirecTV. They took it upon themselves to withdraw the bill money out of our account at our bank. Which is empty until payday. We live check to check so we are on a fixed budget.. Anyway. They took the payment out which is 40.00$ Well. Them putting our account in the negatives we then owe the bank 100.00$ Overdraft fee. So since we have been using DirecTV we have been paying 140.00$ a month for their service. That is killing us. By the time we pay that and other bills we are left with absolutely nothing to live on. Which is BS. We should be able to receive a bill and pay ourselves.

#2 NFL Sunday ticket. When I set up service I made it perfectly clear I want all sports channels and NFL Sunday ticket.. We had it for one weekend and nothing after. I contacted customer service and they claimed I never ordered it but I can add it for six payments of thirty dollars. We shouldn't have to do that, it was supposed to be free when you go with DirecTV instead of others. So we feel we are getting completely ripped off.

On top of that we upgrade to get on demand. Well we tried to watch it and realized it didn't work. So I called them again. They said "oh ma'am, you have to get our internet for it to work." They doped us. Their service is awful.

Do not get DirecTV
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Rating: 1/51

I had Xfinity cable for years but finally decided to make the switch to DirecTV when I saw their continuous ads for the NFL Sunday Ticket. We signed up in June and were promised the NFL Sunday Ticket with our service and again were reassured by our installation representative that we had the channels.

Then on football Sunday I was all excited to try out my new service that I have heard so much about and none of the channels work. Called their customer service line, which was the most infuriating experience of my life. I was transferred to a total of 11 representatives and the call ended with myself in tears. No one could help me, the first 8 people had no idea why I didn't have the NFL Sunday ticket and then the last 2 explained how it was all my fault that I had signed up for the wrong package.

When I explained to them that I told the representative from their company that I wanted the NFL ticket they did not care nor did they listen. I was told the only options would be to cancel my service and pay $400 or pay for $200+ for the NFL service that I was promised in the first place. Was planning on referring my friends to get the referral promotion but would never ever want anyone to go through this awful experience.

NFL Renewal Scam
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Rating: 1/51

MACON, GEORGIA -- I just received my bill and never really looked at all the charges until today. I noticed I was getting charged for NFL package that I did not request. I had this problem last year and thought I had this solved. Little did I know, it was happening again and they assured me next year this will not happen again. LOL, my contract is up soon so I will be switching to Dish. Thanks for all you do DirecTV!

This company has no clue what customer service and relationships are...
By -

My wife ordered Direct TV with the NFL Sunday Package and 2 Year contract for my birthday. She set an install date and even noted on the notes that we already had a 4LNB dish on the house. The install day comes and no one shows up in a 4 hour window so I call them. I get a person on the phone and it takes them several minutes to discover what is going on. They then tell me that there is a past due amount from 5 years previous. I tell them that is impossible as all bills were paid and the contract had been honored. She proceeds to tell me that the outstanding balance is $357. What? I asked if I was on candid camera...

I then ask for an itemized statement of the charges and she tells me that I was sent a new DVR and I owed over $150 in service charges. I then tell her that we never received the DVR because we were offered a great deal with another company and they were not being competitive at the time for current customers (only new). I tell her there must be some kind of mistake and that since we did not receive any new equipment that I would pay the difference of equipment charge and service charge. She says that this is not possible. I get a supervisor on the phone (supposed).

I run through the above and also mention that we cancelled or previous service with Dish and that we are having a get together for the first weekend of football and I have no TV. This lady sounded like she couldn't care less and said that I would have to pay the entire $357 to get their service. I then tell her that she is crazy to dispute a 5 year old bill with me because I am willing to nearly split the difference and sign a two year contract with them to give them more monthly revenue at at least $80 plus dollars a month and we already had a dish on the roof.

She says that is the best they can do. I tell them that it is definitely their loss and they will not ever be getting my business or anyone I can reach. What kind of company is unwilling to take a persons money after they have already completed on record a full contract of service and at the same time lie about sending equipment and that service charges were not paid when you are even willing to meet them half way to save a relationship.

This kind of customer service will be the demise of them as more people discover their unethical ways. Word of advise... Get Dish Network this fall when the new 922 slingshot DVR is released. Dish has always had the best equipment and now the offer Red Zone for 5.99 per month with a $70 plan. Hope this helps someone out there. Thanks, ** OK USA Go Sooners!

Opt-out ripoff
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

EUGENE, OREGON -- I received my bundled CenturyLink bill that included the DIRECTV billing and just happened to really look at it. It seems that DIRECTV decided that I needed NFL Sunday Ticket for some reason. I immediately called DIRECTV and was told that it was too late to cancel and they could not refund the monthly charges either. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold, no one ever answered and I hung up after a half hour.

2010 NFL Sunday Ticket $299.94 for ?
By -

Can anyone please tell me what has happened to the 2010 NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV? I have been purchasing the NFL Sunday Ticket for several years now and have maybe had one or two games blacked out over the years, but this year (2010), I have actually had to resort to cable to watch the games I want to see, and it doesn't seem to matter where these games are being played. I live in Michigan, so I can understand a blackout on a game from my state, but I'm getting blackouts on games that are playing from other states and it doesn't matter if it's 1:00 or 4:00 games. Whatever happened to "Watch any game from anywhere"?

I pay $49.99 a month for 6 months to watch the game I want and have yet to see one game I wanted this season on DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket. Where I live, my neighbors and I can't believe we've had to resort to cable to see games that we are paying a large amount of money to watch through the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket and are not able to watch the games due to all these blackouts that aren't making any sense, again, I live in Michigan, why am I not able to watch games that are being played in Chicago, IL, Greenbay, WI, Minnesota, etc? I even though well, maybe its because my home state's team is playing in one of these games, guess what, NOT.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am tired of hearing "Blackout restrictions apply" and why now does that statement seem to apply to games that are being played outside of one's local area? I think its time that DirecTV goes to the negotiating table with the NFL and work out a better deal with this blackout issue.

I also think that if enough DirecTV subscribers refused to purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket because of all the "blackouts" DirecTV would be forced to face this issue and do something about it, unless the monies lost because that the Sunday Ticket isn't such a hot item anymore just doesn't seem to matter to DirecTV and one would think that the NFL itself would want to improve this problem if for no other reason than the monies they would loose through their advertising on the Sunday Ticket games if less and less customers were purchasing the NFL Sunday Ticket.

What's your thought? Are you tired of paying $299.94 a season for games you may not be able to watch and probably are not being able to watch? Let's do something about this! Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! **.

NFL channel blackout of Saints game on DirecTV
By -

I have DirecTV HD, and I also was blacked out, I called DirecTV and asked why I lost reception of the game, but I already knew the answer, it's because of COX Cable, and some kind of rights infringement. Cox cable for the last few years have been airing the Saints preseason games on COX Sports, being that we have DirecTV, we cannot view the game. Now that being said, the NFL channel is a DirecTV channel, at one time could only be viewed on DirecTV. When the NFL channel started airing the NFL during regular season, COX subscribers could not view the game, and the ratings was low for the NFL broadcast.

Therefore there was an outcry by COX customers and the NFL to where DirecTV allowed COX to broadcast the NFL channel so that now COX customers can view all the preseason, and the regular season, and I really & truly feel this was the right thing for DirecTV to do, because no one should be deprived of any NFL game. Now, because I have DirecTV, I was blacked out because COX has the rights for preseason football, but Cox cable subscribers were able to view the game on COX sports, and the NFL channel, and DirecTV customers was not able to view a channel, that we pay for with our service, that was our channel to begin with. What is wrong here?

Now you know what the DirecTV's answer was last night when I called to complain, and I didn't give them any slack, I demanded something free for them punishing me, after being on the phone for at least 45 minutes, while this person I was speaking to kept putting me on hold and coming back, they offered me $5.00 off my bill for 6 months.

What is wrong with these people? As much as I pay per month for this service, all they can do is deduct $5.00 dollars a month! I told the person I wanted 4 free movies for the pain and suffering they imposed on us. That made me so mad I told them to keep the $5.00, and I was getting COX on Monday. Then I hung up.

DirecTV went NFL too far!!!
By -

MONAHANS, TEXAS -- In September of this year, my husband called in to DirecTV to ask about receiving the football channels on HD. He was tired of watching the football games on regular cable channels. The games were not as clear as the ones as the HD channels. One month later, we get our bill with a $300.00 charge for the NFL package.

My husband never requested the NFL package. My husband then calls DirecTV to complain and they tell him it CANNOT be changed once the season has begun. He steadily argues with the representative for 20 minutes. The representative continues to tell him that they know that DirecTV made a mistake but that there was nothing they could do until after the season was over. They then offer my husband some kind of SUPER FAN package (a discounted NFL package) to somehow make things better, NOT giving him any other choice.

A few days later, I call DirecTV. I tell the representative what happens, she then sends me to her supervisor. I speak with him for a good while and then he sends me to his supervisor. He gets on the phone and we do visit for quite a long time. His final decision was that since my husband had agreed to the SUPER FAN the second time he called that it basically sealed the deal and therefore there was nothing we could do but just to pay for the NFL Package of $300. WE DID NOT ASK FOR THE NFL PACKAGE!!!

It was not our fault that their representatives are not being trained well. That they are just charging people for things that are not being ordered. Is this how DirecTV is doing business now? Are they charging people for packages, when they just have questions about the programs? Is this the new way of doing business in America now? Taking people for all that they are worth. Upset customer!!!

Great for NFL fans - Crappy customer service
By -

92115, CALIFORNIA -- I had Direct TV and loved every minute of it; why wouldn't I; I'm a football fan... Anyway, I relocated and had to set up a new Dish. So I use Direct TV's relocation service and setup a time and date. The tech shows up... oh wait, I have another story to tell first... So at my first place, Direct TV was already setup - so all I need was a cable box. It took their tech 2x before they ever showed up. Then about 6 months later I decided to upgrade to the HD DVR (spent $300). The 1st time the tech brought the wrong equipment, the 2nd time the tech never showed up, 3rd time the tech call to reschedule; and finally they showed up w/ the correct equipment and took care of me.

Now, back to my relocation story; I moved from one part of town to another part of town (San Diego). Anyway, the tech guys calls about 20min before the end of the 2 hour time period they give themselves to show up to ask if we can reschedule. I said no... So I had to be a ** and tell them I'm not going to put up w/ this crap again and the manager said he would see what he could do...

Well, for the first time he said he has a tech that can show up after 5pm - I said, cool. The tech shows up and right off the bat says we cannot install the dish here because the tree out back is in the way (I moved into a condo)... I said, **. So I lived w/ it and got cable. Well, since I just upgraded about 2 months to the HD DVR ($300) I wanted to see if they would give me a refund? I called, I wrote and I **... Nothing they would do for me, they kept sending me from person to person, from manager to manager and finally told me to write to some schmuck in Colorado... I did...

All I got was a sorry... I guess they don't want to keep potentially reoccurring clients that are willing to put up w/ their crappy customer service? Oh, but the greats part of all, is that since they couldn't setup the dish I called to cancel my service and they charged me a $250+ for early cancellation. Now how does that work? I want to keep the service, but they cannot provide me with their services anymore and I get penalized for it? Screw Direct TV - NEVER AGAIN! Not only, did I have these problems, but my brother had problems with the tech crew as well - he never did get Direct TV.

Unresponsive customer service
By -

Unable to access NFL Sunday ticket games on 7 Oct and 21 Oct, I tried to get DirecTV's customer service to provide the service for which I had paid. The first time, I was denied access to the Saints game even though I live about 1,000 miles from there and the Saints game was not televised locally. The rep told me that it was because I didn't have HD through DirecTV. Never mind that the other games were available through non-HD channels. Was like talking to a wall. I subsequently emailed the same complaint and received an unresponsive reply. I sent the complaint right back and this time the rep admitted that the game should not have been blacked out in my area - days after the game was over.

Two weeks later, two games were not available - one in Seattle and one in Philadelphia. Neither was being televised locally (the locally televised game was being shown on DirecTV and should have been blacked out). After repeatedly explaining the situation, the "service" rep said that he couldn't address the issue but would forward the issue to "programming." Hell will probably freeze over before I ever hear from programming. Subsequently tried to obtain a response by emailing DirecTV but have yet to receive an explanation.

In both instances, DirecTV did provide banalities in responding to my emails. They tell me that I have been a customer for x years (DUH - since I ordered the service and pay for it, I know how long. What's the relevance to the erroneous blackouts?). They also say the there are blackout rules (well, how did they apply to the specifics of my situation? Like asking a ref if a field goal was good and being told that the ball has to be between the uprights and over the crossbar in order for it to be good. Yes we know that, but was this particular field goal attempt good?).

A responsible company would not only respond with adequate information in a timely fashion but also post which games are being blacked out in which markets in advance so customers would know. AND provide that info to customer service reps so they could provide intelligent comments when queried. DirecTV's execs seem to be more concerned with their greed than with the customer.

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