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DIRECTV Satellite TV

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Don't settle for cable! You should have a TV experience that you can trust. Enjoy every game with Sunday Ticket, watch hit movies and shows anywhere, and change the way you watch TV. DirecTV provides the greatest digital television experience for over 37 million customers daily. Our goal is to provide the most reliable, trusted customer service for your digital television service needs. We are rated #1 for a reason. Call today to ask about the packages we have to offer!
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I Want to Share My Final Letter to DirecTV to Warn Others.
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Rating: 1/51

BLAINE, MINNESOTA -- My final words TO DTV: TO me and many customers, DTV is a fraudulent company and I will most assuredly actively turn thousands of customers away from you by telling the world what you did to me. It is my fault for not checking with BBB or Consumer Affairs about the warnings they are posting that completely to a T describe your deceptive scammer policies. (See BBB) Besides that your technology is years behind Netflix. Your user ability sucks. The glitches alone are not worth the headaches. The corruptness away from Christian values will send a multitude to HELL as you will be held responsible.

Let me explain. Your default settings show PORN channels and pornography stations where even the names and pictures could tempt and cause kids to adults to end up in Hell with you for causing these little ones to stumble. Your family packages are laced with vile programming and commercials that are anything but family. Then you leave out of family packages cheap rerun stations which are the only stations that have awesome shows like Touched by an angel!! And you want an extra 30 some dollars to get one channel..

No matter how hard me or your tech worked nobody could keep from showing non-package shows as part of my plan shows so over half of my set to record shows were non viewable when we finally sat down to watch with error messages that took months to get a clear answer on from your phone people. Also the fact that my bill was triple what promised and I still did not get the few cheap channels I needed. The fact that we have to also watch commercials galore after already paying a small fortune for your sloppy service is theft.

Commercials should be paying you enough for the service to more than pay you... I mean tons of commercials (20 to 45%)... So your salesman's promised me a trial period. From the first month you would not send me your return boxes. You convinced me you would waive my fees if I gave your technicians a chance to fix my service extending the nightmare for months which you later charged me for.

Your technicians finally came and called it an unfixable glitch. (Said he had the same problem at his home.) Then 3 months after I thought my life was free from you. You suddenly stole 570 dollars from my account because I was stupid enough to give you guys my charge card numbers before installation. (Why didn't I check the BBB?)

Nobody once ever called me back after spending 30 hours on the phone with you guys and never getting anywhere but a bad ride of lies. In the end you never called me back. But kept hanging up on me while waiting for managers. Forced to go through the chain of managers all over again several times. A lesser manager finally warned me that in 10 years of working there nobody had ever been released of the unauthorized debit like the 571 dollars that was taken from account without permission. (Against policy to reverse pending charges on my card.) So next I promised in a few weeks they will call me LOL and my bank says it will take up 90 days to dispute the theft.

So now my daughters Birthday party was ruined on top of it by the unauthorized 571 dollars they stole from us. All together they are trying to get like over a thousand dollars from us for a few months of HELL. They claim they have no record of the promise that if I let a technician come out that they would waive my contract fees.. But months later yesterday they said I would have had to give their technician 5 tries to have gotten the set up fees forgiven.. (After the fact) So you see the long web of lies they use to keep you racking up months of charges?

Thankfully I got out after a few months of HELL. Unfortunately I will be forced to pay for years of service anyway without any TV by DTV scum of the earth. Hopefully I can afford a lawyer. I sued them for the Hell they put me through and I am 55 and have never sued anybody before in my life... I give up on you guys. DONE DONE DONE. You are running out of time to call me and do the right thing. You have proven yourself.

DirecTV - an evil company - Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA -- I asked them repeatedly to tell me exactly what I would be paying per month INCLUDING everything and excluding NOTHING. They told me in writing and verbally the figure was going to be $63.63/mo for two years. First bill came in $70.92/mo. I cancelled service immediately and now they are billing me over $400 for cancellation fees. They are liars and they are evil...period. Our government is the same; allowing them to exist at all.

Evaluate Service
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Rating: 1/51

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Our television payment has been delayed to my husband's illness of ulcerative colitis. He has been hospitalized twice for this, and had only recently begun to recover. In April, approximately, the second week of April, we received notification that our service was going to be terminated if our payment was not sent in. We had to wait for my husband's retirement check which was due in a few weeks. On April 20, 2016 we sent in our payment for $281.66 to DIRECTV assuming that the problem was now solved.

We received a call from DIRECTV that the payment had not arrived. Dismayed, we called again and asked them did they receive the check. They replied, (someone named Jenny in the Philippines). "No it had not arrived" they said. This happened on April 29, 2016.

On April 29, 2016, my husband and I went to our Credit Union, and spent $32.00 to stop payment on the check that we were told had not arrived. We did this at 4:40 P.M. just before the bank closed. Then on April 29, we received a call from DIRECTV that our service was now on! We notified them that we stopped payment on the check, and would agree to send them a check by phone for $271.66. We did this, and the man I was talking with told me our service was now resumed, and all was well.

On May 6, at 9:30 AM we received a call from DIRECTV telling us our service was going to be terminated, disconnected due to lack of payment, our check had not arrived. Shocked, greatly disturbed we tried to tell Jenny, the speaker's given name, that we made our payment by phone to them and it could not have been lost. The speaker refused to accept this information and argued with us in a monotone that our service was going to be disconnected. We were frustrated, disgusted and horrified.

#1 For Misleading Customers Should Be Their Motto
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Rating: 1/51

This company is AWFUL!! Please research and get all the facts before even considering signing up with them. People are trying to spare you the hell that they have gone through with this company for a reason. These are not made up accusations from pissed off customers, these are facts and you should heed them for your own sake. My experience with this company has been a nightmare that I am beginning to think I will never wake up from. Once you have the nerve or have just reached your limit with this company's overbilling practices, rotten customer service and faulty and "as is" equipment, to terminate your contract with them, the nightmare begins!

I won't go in to a lot of detail here about everything they have put me through but I want to WARN everyone who decides to choose to do business with this company to please not fall for their ploy to get you set up on automatic bill pay!!! Don't do it. MAKE THEM PAPER BILL YOU IN THE MAIL. Once you give them access to your account, bank or credit card, they will have you by the balls. And believe me when I say that. They will charge you for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that they can... From supposed lost equipment, to supposed pay-per-view movies you NEVER even ordered, to late charges and whatever else bogus charges they can come up with.

If you dare to "DISPUTE" these charges, you will lose. They have everything covered. Or you will play hell with them. That's when the lies start rolling off their tongues. You will hear how they will correct the issue, but they don't and you will play hell ever getting them to admit they were wrong and that they owe you anything. Then they start to threaten you with collection agencies and it goes on and on and on.

They just won't leave you alone until they have bled every last dime they can get out of you. I spent weeks, and weeks, dealing with this company just trying to end my contract with them... It was like they were pissed at me for having the nerve to do that, and now I was going to pay!!! I would run from this company but if you decide to take a chance on them, at least be smart enough not to auto-pay your account. Just a warning from someone who knows just how unethical this company is!!

Cable TV - Satellite
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Rating: 1/51

PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA -- I just called to get some information and they really seem to have crappy customer service. The representative was abrupt and rude when I tried to get some specific information. Is there a specific time to evaluation the product without a financial commitment? The best I can tell is NO. You are responsible for 20.00 per month for each month of the unfulfilled contract or $480.00 plus Tax. Keep in mind that your commitment period is 24 months but the special is for 12 months. The "XTRA 220+ ch $34.99/mo" then the next 12 months is Reg. Price $81.99/mo. That is kind of steep. $47.00 more per month plus taxes or $564.00 per year plus taxes ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

They don't have any internet. You have to package with some other provider in your area at an additional cost. DirecTV Boost 99.99 percent up time. That has nothing to do with individual problems you may have in your area. They won't give that information. I have a few customers that are happy and a few that are absolutely miserable with the service. Either way if you value your time this may be a reason. I don't want to spend time on the phone.

I spent the better part of an hour on the phone trying to get this information. I found DirecTV overall to be rude and not forthcoming with any real help. I had to ask the question to get to the bottom of what my actual cost would be. When I asked if there was a free look they were argumentative with me. This is before I signed up. Imagine what the service will be like when they can screw with my credit if I cancel and break my contract. Based on my first hour with them I will never sign up with them - Ever.

The Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced!
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Rating: 1/51

DirecTV's customer service is the lamest around! I live in North Dakota and I got their service in January. With the winters being the way they are up here, the technician initially couldn't cement the pole that the dish is connected to into the ground due to the ground being too hard during that time of the year. Instead, he had to placed the dish onto this temporary platform. I had no problem with that at all. I totally understood all that. The problem came when it got warmer a few months later.

After it got warmer, I called DirecTV customer service to have them set up an appointment to have a technician come out to finally get the pole that the dish is connected to cemented into the ground. Come the day the technician was supposed to come out, I get a direct call from the technician telling me that he didn't have the necessary tools/equipment to get the job done that day. WTF!? What an incompetent **! If he knew that he was to do that type of job for a customer that day, shouldn't he have bothered to have put the tools/equipment into his service vehicle beforehand!?

Well, I swallowed my gut and rescheduled the appointment for next week. He was to come out the following Sunday between noon and 4PM. Well, I waited during that time frame and the technician didn't come out. I called customer service and the customer service representative contacted him and had him call me up directly. For almost 4 hours after 4PM, he kept giving me the runaround, telling me that he was about to finish the job he was currently doing and was about to head on over to my house. At a little after 8PM, he called me and told me that his supervisor told him that he couldn't work any later.

So, I was basically stood up a second time due to the incompetent ** halfwit technicians that DirecTV has. I rescheduled reluctantly for the following Friday in the morning. They damn well better actually come on this 3rd appointment and get the job done or else I am gonna take their ** equipment and toss it out into the front yard.

At this point, I don't give a ** at all if I have a contract with them or not. I have never had such unprofessional & incompetent customer service in my life! You can bet that I will never recommend DirecTV to another person ever again!!!

DirecTv Is a Ripoff
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- I have been a DirecTV customer since 2011 and an AT&T user for much longer. Over the years I have had issues with DirecTV but overall was happy with them and have stuck with them. When they combined with AT&T I was even more excited to be a customer and looked forward to what they could do together. Unfortunately I had to terminate my contract with DirecTV today. As you can see from the other complaints, DirecTV is very deceptive and will suck you dry with hidden fees and trap you with unexpected charges. I spent almost 3 hours today just trying to get it shut off and am so frustrated I would not want anyone to have to go through what I have.

Last year I called them about getting the Pac 12 Network. They told me they were working on it but did not yet have. They gave me the NFL Network for free and knocked $25 off my bill per month. Then they charged me for the NFL Network this year without telling me and I did not even want it and they also added the $25 fee back. One of the 3 persons I spoke with today told me they would reimburse me the $200 for the Network so I did not leave so unhappy. Then she left me on hold for 15 minutes and came back to berate me and tell me I should have known. When I asked to speak with a Manager she put me on hold for another 20 minutes.

When the Manager came on finally she berated me as well and I had to almost beg to shut down my service. Then tonight another supposed Manager called me and said he was trying to fix the issues. He also offered to pay me back 2 different ways and offered many other things. When I said I appreciated it but did not trust the company and still wanted to cancel, he withDrew any offers and would do nothing for me.

If you want to get a service for television, sports, movies or whatever... do not choose DirecTV. They are a ripoff and will find ways to take your money without warning. My brother is very happy with Comcast and my brother-in-law loves Dish. I will be checking out them both.

StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- 1 review. 1.0 star rating 9/25/2016. My name is Rolando, I live in Miami and use DirecTV for a year when I was living in Doral. I always knew DirecTV services was subpar, but the only reason I sign with them was a new development area and Comcast wasn't available. When I get the service I explain I will be there for about a Year, then move to a place with all services included. They told me they were human and explain to customer service. Now a year later I had to Paid $240 for early termination. They LIE. Every time a plane fly close, the service is interrupted. Every time that rain, service get interrupted. Every time is cloudy service is interrupted.

Never deal with them again. I will gladly paid my fines and talk freely about the bad experience free to everyone. This company made customer sign contracts because they know customers will switch to a better provider, don't get caught in the advertised, they really sucks. I'm giving them one star because zero is not an option. Customer service is Hell - one hour and 20 minutes, the worst. They must be paying big monies to lobbyist to rip off the customer like this.

Lack of Customer Service and Lack of Care to Fulfill Their Contract
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I stupidly signed up with DirecTV in Feb 2016. The signal was terrible and customer service even worse. In May they stopped broadcasting one of the local channels that I had signed up for. They still want the full amount to cancel the contract even though they failed to live up to their part and provide the channels I signed up for. The local station they dropped say that DirecTV dropped the station over the price of 1 regular priced (not some fancy priced cup mind you) cup of coffee per month. I have since subscribed to Dish and couldn't be happier.

Big Mistake
StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 2/51

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I switched to DirecTV about four years ago after being dissatisfied with Comcast because of service issues. DirecTV has been a nightmare!!! Not only does the stupid thing break down all the time and even though I pay for the in-house service, getting someone here is more than difficult, it's often impossible. I pay more than $180 per month for this.

Tonight for example, I spent 2 hours trying to reconnect to the Internet. Nothing I did fixed it and the directions on YouTube did not work either. I called DirecTV and spent more than an hour with two people who knew nothing and only told me to do exactly what I had done numerous times to no avail. The last person I spoke with said I needed a service call. I told her I was having major spine surgery on Tuesday and I needed them to come tomorrow. Of course they were booked. She told me to call when I got home (which could be weeks) and make an appointment for service.

Bottom line... I will not be able to do much of anything for 6 months to a year after surgery. And although I have learned how to fix the lost connection problems which occur nearly every week I will be unable to run up and down stairs to push one button or another paying while paying through the nose to have good service. This time, after threatening numerous times to fire DirecTV I am going to switch back to Comcast. This is a disaster and I advise people not to switch carriers until you research this carefully. I think I should start charging them for doing their jobs for them.

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