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First Visit to Disneyland & California Adventure
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- This was the first time me and my family had visited Disneyland and California Adventure.

Our experience was horrible because we did not receive any assistance from the park workers whenever we asked questions. All the information we received that was helpful was obtained from other visitors.

I informed the person at the ticket window that it was our first visit to Disneyland and California Adventure - she gave me my tickets and told me which tickets to use for which park etc. Magic Morning came with the tickets. She told me the park was closing on that day at 7 P.M. for an EXCLUSIVE Halloween Party. She did not tell me whether we could purchase tickets for the Party. When I purchased my tickets, no one told me that I would not be able to stay until 12 A.M.

The first day we went to Disneyland, we asked the park worker that was at one of the gates where was the main entrance to the park, the young lady told us, as she through up her hands and in a condescending voice, "This is the main entrance" as if we were supposed to already know. She did not explain that individual cars could not come through that particular gate. She then directed us to an area that was under construction - the workers were actually working at the time. We asked one of the construction workers where should we go to park. He directed us to the shuttle buses, which took us back to the gate where the young lady was.

We asked another park worker about what Disneyland was about. He said, as if he was annoyed with us asking, "We're not like a 6 Flags, we don't have a lot of rides here."

We walked around and noticed that the wait time for the rides were at least 1 1/2 hours long, each. We asked about what a Fast Pass was - every time we went to a Fast Pass Machine it was not working. We were given three different descriptions as to what a Fast Pass was. We had my two year-old grandson with us and he waived at Goofy, twice - Goofy just kept walking. However, not even five minutes later, Goofy was taking pictures with five other little boys, right next to us.

We went across to California Adventure. We were not told by Disneyland Staff that we needed a hand stamp to get into California Adventure. Whenever we asked questions - we got the same treatment, condescending responses from the park workers, as we did at Disneyland.

The next day, we went back to Disneyland before 7 A.M. for Magic Morning. When we asked was the Buzz Light year ride open, the park worker said, "I can't tell you that." He did not tell us if the ride was closed, not working, etc. We came back to the Buzz Light year ride after 8 A.M. and the park worker was still standing there. About five minutes later, we saw a line full of people and people actually getting on the ride.

We went back to California Adventure to ride a specific ride. My daughter waited outside with my two year-old grandson - she asked for a stroller switch pass from a park worker so she could go on the ride directly after we got off. When she showed another park worker the pass to get on the ride, the park worker said, in a condescending manner and glaring at her as if shes did something wrong, "You are not supposed to have that pass, you are supposed to have this one" (holding up some other type of pass). My daughter said, "This is the pass I was given by your co-worker, I don't know which pass I am supposed to have." "I just know that there is a pass I can used to get directly on the ride after my family got off the ride."

The park workers are not helpful, they have no customer services skills, the wait time for the rides are too long, all the Fast Pass machines we tried to obtain Fast Passes from were not working, and all the park workers we asked to get Fast Passes from told us they did not have any more Fast Passes available - this was at 8:30 A.M.

I also found out later - after I returned Home from Disneyland, etc. that Disneyland Staff could have assigned an Ambassador to us to take us around the parks since this was our first visit and we were not familiar with the setup.

I had a 3-day hopper pass, but only went 1 1/2 days to Disneyland and California Adventure because of my horrible experience. I also had a pass to Universal Studios and Seaworld. We had a great time at both of those parks even though it was raining the whole time we were at Seaworld.
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User Replies:
CowboyFan on 10/25/2012:
That's why one should come to Walt Disney World in Orlando. It is a much better park, and us locals love the tourist--and their money.
FoDaddy19 on 10/25/2012:
Do they not have maps of the park available? Those are generally pretty easy to follow and let you know where everything is. Having worked at a theme park for a summer once, I can say, that not everyone that works there is going to know everything that's going on in the park at any given time. A the park where I worked (this is before widespread use of radios for every employee) sometimes someone would come up and ask me if "X" ride, on the other side of the par, a good mile away, was open. I had no idea, and I couldn't leave my post and hoof it a mile over there and mile back to check either. So I just told the customer that I didn't know, and had no real way of checking on it. It's possible some of the employees you encountered had the same problem.

You have to be quick about the fast passes. Since they are done by windows of time, the number of available passes is limited and they sell out quickly.

It does sound like you got some wrong/useless advice from some employees, but I also get the idea that you didn't do any research on what to expect at the park either, it sounds like you just showed up and hoped for the best. These days with parks trying to micromanage everything, and offering various services and programs (that change almost daily), you really have to do you homework before you set off to insure that everything goes as well as it can.
Angela Bradford, Author of Initial Complaint on 11/06/2012:
I complained to Disney Communications Services, they responded immediately. They sent me three 3-day Hopper Passes good for two years. Now, that's Customer Service!!

Derp on 08/23/2013:
They tell you when you're riding the tram/shuttle/monorail and it's also printed on the back of your ticket that a hand stamp and ticket are required. Imagine telling every family that's trying to rush through the gates that they need a hand stamp.
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The Crappiest Place On Earth
Posted by on
ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Recently I wanted to take my family to the happiest place on earth...but instead we spent three days at Disneyland. Don't get me wrong, I had purchased SoCal city passes and all other attractions were well worth the money (SD Zoo, Sea World, Universal Studios). Let's start with Thursday, June 19...after waiting in the 100+ degree heat to get my daughter autographs of three princesses for over an hour at the "Princess Faire", they change out characters to Minnie Mouse (who's signature she already had), Mulan (who cares) and some other forgotten Disney character (none of the family knew who this was...we thought it might have been a homeless woman they found sitting outside the park but we soon realized Disney Inc wouldn't let the President or the Pope in without charging a $100.00 admission, much less the needy). I'm a little angry, but nothing a good ride wouldn't solve. Since we were near death with the heat, the family voted to go on "SPLASH MOUNTAIN"...yeahhhhhh!!!

After sitting in line for one hour twenty minutes, we get to the front of the line and over the loud speakers we hear..."The ride is broke down for a indefinite period of time"...which means "screw you! haha" in Disney terms. Fine, the family wants to go to Tomorrow Land on the other side of the park. Why not get thereby Disney Railroad...I'll tell you why not!!! Because the railroad is broken down too.

At this stage, I am PO'd. We decide to leave the park to get dinner (by the way, the Fairfield Inn across the street is a very nice hotel and treats customers great) and return around 8:30pm since the park is open till midnight according to their website. So we cool off and return at 8:30pm to find the fireworks show is already in progress...I find this annoying since the I was told earlier that morning that I begins between 9:00-9:30pm and have now missed most of the fireworks show but I won't let this get me down. Following the show, everyone is practically thrown out of the park by the jerks who wear Disney uniforms. Getting further annoyed by this my wife asks one of the jerks what is going on..."Tonight is GRAD NIGHT", which means "Should have asked for a kiss because the just got screwed again!!! haha".

I then proceeded to Disney's City Hall were I wished to complain and thought that strangling Mickey Mouse or one of those damn little dwarves might make me feel better. After pushing my way through HUNDREDS of angry people from Germany, China and across the globe (and not able to find that mouse anywhere) I had heated words with another jerk behind the counter who actually said "We do not control the Disney website" and "That's too bad". I now know why they check bags when entering the park, to make sure you do not have any weapons to kill the employees with because you will want to...trust me. Went back the following day (Friday, June 20) only because the SoCal city pass includes three glorious days in hell. Gates open at 8:00am Disney time...which is 9:30am California time. Which put me in a better mood because my wife & I were able to complain about Disneyland with 13 other couples we ran across in the shops who we overheard talking about the typical customer service we all received from Disney Inc. (they only let you down Mainstreet USA in the morning...you know the street with all the overpriced merchandise...not actually into the park which you already paid admission for).

To make a long story short, splash mountain was broken every time we walked past it the remaining two days, the train broke down once more, we decided to ride space mountain one last time before we left the park early on the last day(blood pressure was too high to stay there any longer and my 8 yr old daughter (who loves...sorry, lovED Disney movies and stuff) chose to swim in pool at hotel rather than spend another six hours at Disneyland)and that ride broke 4 times while we waited in line, but finally rode and ran out of the park as fast as we could, might have set a land speed record. Once again, my family enjoyed every park on the SoCal city pass with one exception...Disneyland - The Crappiest Place on Earth.

Nobody at Disneyland would inform me as to how to file a complaint with Disneyland and resolve this directly, I have recently tried to log on to the Disneyland website, what a surprise it's not working right now. It is sad that this may be the only way to file a complaint since nobody at Disney seems to care about your experience once you purchase your tickets.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
The web page is working just fine. Go to http://disneyland.disney.go.com/ then at the bottom of the page click on CONTACT US. I've used this before, although it was for the Florida park, and got a response from an executive with her phone number. I was sent a nice letter of apology plus new tickets.
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/26/2008:
So you went in the summertime, while the kids were all out of school and not only was it crowded, but it was hot? Boy, I would have never seen that coming.

As PassingBy suggested, contact Disney and let them know of your experience. Most of my Disney experience has been with Florida, but they take guest satisfaction very seriously. If you let them know about your disappointment with the early closing and the large number of broken rides during your visit I am pretty sure they will try to make it up to you.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
BTW when they have early closings there are clearly posted signs at the park entrance to let 'guests' know about it. I'd like to hear if the OP has similar complaints about long lines and the heat at the other parks.
Slimjim on 06/26/2008:
Broken rides fall under the stuff happens rule. They didn't bust it on purpose to "screw you". I can see how the instances listed can be aomewhat frustrating, but with a place the size of Disneyland, I can't see how they were not offset by some positive experiences. The heat is all about the time of year you chose to visit.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
Say what you will about the validity of this complaint but you got to give it up to that great opening line ---

"Recently I wanted to take my family to the happiest place on earth...but instead we spent three days at Disneyland"

That alone was worth the price of admission to this review.
TGT101 on 06/26/2008:
You should have gone on the rides anyway and when they crashed you could have complained about that too. Rides break.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
Anyone who wants to throttle Mickey AND a dwarf is A-OK in my book!
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
Disneyland is hot and crowded in the Summer. Rides brake and have to be repaired. Disneyland is sitting in the middle of what used to be California desert scrub land. Summer temp's can reach over 100' on some days. The bulk of Disneyland's visitors show up once school is out so the place get's crowded. The rides at Disneyland and Disneyworld are mechanical in nature so yes mechanical things break from time to time.

"Although the faltered economy has slowed the influx of visitors to both Anaheim and Orlando in recent years, Mickey Mouse still attracts sizable crowds. About 37.6 million visitors pumped $4.5 billion into Anaheim's economy, according to the Anaheim Visitor and Convention Bureau. 13.1 million flood Orlando".

I would have to say a few upset families out of 34 million are not bad odd's. Think I'll keep buying my season pass and avoid the crowds when possible.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
another happy tourist..blahhhhh!!

DebtorBasher on 06/26/2008:
LOL Steve.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
Steve, think we got over 100 million tourists last year. A few less won't break the bank. Next time the guy should take the family to Houston Texas during the Summer. Anaheim will look like heaven.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
I hate when tourists complain,especially when I'm have a good time.

Gee I wonder why your daughter didn't want to go back? Whine Much?
DebtorBasher on 06/26/2008:
Or they can go to Saginaw...have the ride of their life as they drive through dodging bullets and not have to worry about crowds. What more of a thrill is there?
DebtorBasher on 06/26/2008:
Yeah..that 100+ degree weather in CALIFORNIA IN JUNE was unexpected, I'm sure.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
My daughter is stoked about the new Toy Story ride.They are going to re-do California Adventure,their going to make a "cars" themed world.

We usually go in Sept.Less tourists complaining about the lovely So Cal weather.The lines are shorter as well.

Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
We finally just got our June Gloom now that it's almost July (watch The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes video), DB you would love today, the heat has left for now:

High: 72°
Low: 57°
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
the Op must be from Ohio.LOL

DebtorBasher on 06/26/2008:
DebtorBasher on 06/26/2008:
It's 78 here right now...we had rain lastnight...expecting rain this evening...not bad.

DebtorBasher on 06/26/2008:
Oh...and what's with this ad on the side for the "Magic Bullet" weight loss...that woman having those body spasms is freaking me out...The "Magic Bullet" that I know of that causes spasms, has nothing to do with weight loss!
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
we could use some rain to help fight the 800,000 fires that are surrounding us
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
Probably wears Bermuda shorts with black socks and black leather shoes with a polyester stripped shirt. That is the uniform of choice for most Ohio tourists here in Summer.
DebtorBasher on 06/26/2008:
They're just trying to blend in.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
No, the locals wear baggy swim trunks, flip flops and a Jack's Surf Shop T-Shirt.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
that's what I'm wearing now!! except I have a "Hurley" shirt on.
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
On a serious note,sorry you didn't have a great experience at the "happiest place on earth",was it your first time?I guess being a local,and going to Disneyland for 30 + years I know what to expect.I don't mind waiting in lines(good place to scam on chicks),and I don't mind the heat.My daughter has a great time,and that's what its all about,am I right?
DebtorBasher on 06/26/2008:
30+ years? Wow! You ARE older than me!
Anonymous on 06/26/2008:
I'll be 37 next month,but mentally I'll be 17
Cindyf on 07/20/2008:
Reasons we don't use our Walt Disney World Florida Resident Annual Passes between May and September:
1) Crowds of rude tourists
2) Crowds of whiny tourists
3) Crowds of pushy tourists
4) Crowds of tourists complaining about the heat
5) Crowds of tourists complaining about the heat
6) Crowds of tourists complaining about the heat
7) The heat

Here are a few tips for those of you visiting Disneyland or Disney World:
1) News flash: Orlando and Anaheim is hot in the summer.
2) News flash: Disneyland and Disney World are crowded in the summer.
3) Mechanical things break and/or have to be serviced.
4) You don't have to push and run to every ride, they're not going to pack them up and put them away.
5) When someone has staked out their parade spot and has been sitting there for over an hour on their blanket, don't come up 5 minutes before the parade and step all over them pushing to try to get a better viewing spot-it's rude and it just adds to the growing list of "Rude Things That Tourists Do".
6) Yes, we ALL know Disney is expensive so there's no need for you to keep yammering on about it. Next time stay home and take your kids to Chuck E Cheese instead.
7) It's Disney, not a magic wand that can make your life perfect for 5-6 days.
8) Happiness is a choice, choose it or stay home.
Jaybee68 on 09/12/2008:
First, I love you cindyf. Be my bff?

Second, ditto all.

Third, look: if you can only visit Disneyland in the summer, then it is what it is. If I can only go to Colorado in January, I'm not going to complain about how cold and snowy it is and the fact that every car in front of me has a ski rack on it. Knowing the score is your OWN responsibility. Furthermore, park hours are always CLEARLY posted at all entrances.

You sound bitter because you made several tactical errors and had some bad luck. I would suggest that next time you visit, you educate yourself, but it's clear that won't happen since you've obviously even embittered your child against Disney. Good on ya - it just makes me space as an annual passholder a little wider.
GiveMeABreak on 07/27/2009:
These posts are hilarious! I worked at Disneyland (Anaheim) for five years while I was in college. All I have to say is...ALL of you should get a job in customer service or tourism just once in your life and you would find out how ridiculous the everyday guest can be. Me and my friends can sit around for hours and tell you stories that would change your mind about who is in the right and who is in the wrong in most of these posts. Do some homework before you take a trip somewhere or at least act like you have some common sense. Disney doesn't control the weather (come on a cooler day). Disney doesn't control how many people decide to come to the park each day (come during off-peak or use the fast-pass system). Disney DOES allow you to bring outside food and water into the park as long as you follow the rules (so why are you whining about the price of water & churros?). Bring a Arrowhead bottle of water from the grocery store and a big bag of Lay's potato chips!! So stop complaining about the temperature, attendance and optional food prices!! Trust me, if you treat any employees from any company rudely then you are not going to get the best results.
falconizer on 11/06/2009:
the OP should consider giving Disneyland one more chance and go to Hong Kong Disneyland next summer! Went there this summer, had a wonderful time there--friendly staffs, very lively characters (Alice, Pooh, Quasimodo, Cruella de Ville, Cinderella, Aurora, Aladdin and Jasmine... should I even continue?), great weather... and a lot cheaper too. Only took less than 6 minutes wait for Space Mountain--rode it three times. Great weather, great firework show (we know Chinese do fireworks best!) and best live shows! Their Lion King live show took 30 mins, with stunning performance... oh, and they have free water, too. Just bring your bottle and the staffs will refill them in no time.
OV1 on 06/27/2010:
Heck, if you think the temperature is bad at Disneyland in the summer, go to Legoland and die of the heat. Summer is the worst time to visit Disneyland unless you know to go early, leave during the heat of the day and come back at about 6:00 and stay until midnight.
Anonymous on 06/27/2010:
Winter break is a good time to go to disneyland. No long lines, it's cooler, less crowded, and you can actually get through both parks in the same day. Better package deals in the winter too. Too bad you grew up and lost all the wonder and enchantment of your youth.
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To All Disney Chase Visa Card holders...
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ANAHIEM, ARIZONA -- We had purchased the Disney Chase card from our bank solely due to the information we were given; stating that we were to be guaranteed a 5x7 photograph with Mickey Mouse. I, myself had been to all disneyland/world parks numerous times, however this was my fiance's 1st visit ever, as well as my first visit alone.(without family)

Now until this point I have never experienced a bad incident with Disney. to my understanding the employees are supposed to go above & beyond to make your trip a "magical" one; with that being said I understand fully that certain things are just out of peoples hands however this incident could be handled simply I thought or at least with more courtesy.

When my fiance had purchased our 1 day tickets(without the hopper) we asked the woman in the booth where we were to go to receive our photo. She told us that she wasn't sure and when she looked it up we were told it was only in California adventures.(no mention of its time.)so we asked about what we were to do since we had only received Disneyland tickets. she told us to visit city hall and discuss it with them. So we then went to the chase booth in the downtown disney district to talk to them and they told us to yet again discuss it with city hall officials, with no mention regarding time limits.

The following day we entered the park late so we hadn't made it to city hall until the afternoon. We waited in the line to be told that we had missed our time for the photo and there was nothing they could do about it, so rather than waste what was left of our $92/day ticket racing around arguing and trying to fix a mistake due to lack of proper information we decided to finish our day at the park and discuss it the following day with whomever.

So yet another day later we went to the downtown Disney district to ask one of the store employees who to talk to about our complaint over the guaranteed photograph. She was very kind, sympathetic, and mildly angry over the lack of information and dismissive attitude toward us. she did what she could and directed us to the customer service booth right outside Disneyland.(by the lost and found) once we got there and told our story another cast member told us yet again that it wasn't something their department handled and sent us to customer relations by the California adventures lockers.

Once we got there we were met by a snarly girl in her early to mid twenties who spoke to us as if we were just looking for a free day in the park. when we asked for just an escort to get our picture and then we would leave we were told that "they don't do that"& "maybe on your next visit". we tried to explain to her that we had driven all the way from phoenix and this picture was our only reason for buying the card and coming in the first place she replied with "well when you get home you can cancel the card free of charge" this obviously upset and angered my fiance so he told her that he would be telling chase that she told him to cancel the card and she told him that she "was prepared for the repercussions"

I can't help but feel as tho had we been a middle age couple or a family (¬ two people in our 20s) we wouldn't have been talked to in the same manner or treated as tho our needs weren't as important when my fiance spent quite a good bit of money to get into, eat at, stay at, get souvenirs, just like everybody else did.
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Too Crowded for Girl Scouts & Memorial Day Weekend Combo AND Everyone Cuts in Line!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Disneyland should have the Girl Scout 2012 Bridging Ceremony and the Memorial Day Celebration Weekend separate. There were way too many people both Disneyland and California Adventure. Disneyland should have picked one weekday like a Wednesday for the Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony and closed the park for just the girls and their families. The parks just needs to close the park for National Organizations like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc and everyone will conform to the Event Day.

The lines were way, way, way too long. The time estimated to wait for the ride was a joke too...30 minutes was actually 2 hours. I felt really sorry for the handicap since a lot of areas in the park was totally unaccessible to the wheelchairs or EVS or blocked off by millions of strollers. I felt like cattle trying to get through the Star Wars contraption and after tripping over like 10 strollers in the place, I grabbed my daughter and got out. Same place I had visited when I was younger but way too crowded now.

So we ended up doing only these rides once!: Haunted Mansion (1 hour wait time), Train Ride around the park (actually twice), Rush'in River, California Scream, Ariel under the Sea, Ferris Wheel, Hollywood Tower of Terror (this was a 4 hour wait time), and Pirates of the Caribbean (during the fireworks show so we waited just the 10 minutes or so). Thunder Mountain temporarily closed as we were trying to get to it and we were given no estimated time to return. "Just keeping check'in to see if it is open" we were told. As we are waiting in line, other people thought of nothing of cutting into lines without the FastPass. Then when my daughter had her friends finally meet up with us again, a couple behind us screeched to High Heaven above that the girls were cutting in line when the girls were just reuniting. The other girls parents were six people behind us. We let the screetchers pass us as they were very ugly people that obviously needed to get on the ride. We did not want to be on the raft with the screetchers.

The Park Hopper tickets should be called the Park Long Walker Tickets because you walk forever from Disneyland to CA Adventure for miles and then to get to the rides is even more walking further then wait in lines with no benches, no water fountains, etc. Mad T Party was actually great! We got cool Lemonades with color changing ice cubes. Cool! But we had more fun at the Hotel we stayed at with the comfortable beds and going to the Supermarket than at the Disneyland Chaosville. Disney really need to limit how many people get into the park. Food was okay for the price if you only buy the kid's meals. To get the full Disneyland Effect, do what my co-worker does and go every year and do your one day only one section at a time (3 day pass=3 sections of the park). Also, at the end of the day find a place to sit and wait for the shuttle for another hour or two, yes in line or call for a taxi. Be prepared for this and Be aware and Be fun (ie: take your "Vitamins")!
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User Replies:
Yoke on 05/28/2012:
Why did the girl scouts pick Memorial Day Weekend for their bridging?
onlooker on 05/28/2012:
were the children having a problem with the long waits? You reunited with others...perhaps your wait times are affected by others doing that?
But when Girl Scouts picks a major holiday weekend for an event - while the date possibly allows parents family friends to attend, it mixes the scouts with everyone else trying to enjoy the holiday.
I am sure the whole event soured you on the holiday, but did the girls have fun?
Justice74 on 05/29/2012:
When I took my kids to California, they seemed to enjoy the beach and ocean more than Universal Studios and Sea World. While the rides themselves were fun, the 2-hour wait in lines was an absolute joke. As previously mentioned, I would've definitely picked another weekend to attend, or even a few days during the regular week. But going on a major holiday? No thanks...
SteveWiginowski on 05/29/2012:
When I lived in LA, I went to Disneyland a few times a year. Some of the wait times that you mentioned are on par with a normal busy day. The Haunted Mansion, when busy, is often between 45 min to 90 minutes. Tower of Terror is one of the more popular attractions, so I'm not too surprised it was 4 hours. How long was the wait for California Screamin'? I've often noticed that was over an hour, at least, of a wait.

I remember one time I went there (on the last non-blackout day for my annual pass before the summer) and it took me 45 minutes to get from the start of the exit to the end of the exit (driving, about .25 miles). There was no more parking available on site, so we went and found different parking, watched the fireworks from a parking lot, and left. Sometimes it just gets really busy. It depends on the day and time.

One of the better (weekend) days to go is on Super Bowl Sunday.
MRM on 05/29/2012:
Steve, how is living in LA like? Id rather ask this question to a person that I'm familiar with.
SteveWiginowski on 05/29/2012:
It was certainly interesting, many positives. I did like that it was warm for most of the year. The apartment I lived in didn't have any heat, which wasn't a problem. Whenever it did get cold, I could use a blanket.

I was able to play baseball pretty much year round, so I loved that. The problem was that almost every field was close to an hour drive (as with most things out there). That's just how it is though.

I had two jobs out there. The first one was a couple of miles from my apartment, so it was only a few minute commute. My second job was 10 miles away, so on a weekend (if I had to go in), it would take 15 minutes. During the week, it was at least an hour drive. If it was raining or really bad traffic, around 2 hours.

Traffic is pretty bad, and rush hour goes from about 7-10 in the morning and then from 4-9 at night. Often at my second job I would get in around 8 in the morning and leave around 8, but it would still take an hour to get home. It was quite frustrating.

There are a lot of nicer cars out there than with other parts of the country, since image is a big part for many people out in LA. It's fun to see lots of filming going on all around the area, and there's a much larger chance of seeing a celebrity than in other parts of the country.

Overall, I'd say it was worth living for a few years, but I wouldn't want to stay out there (especially since my family and my wife's family is back on the East Coast).
MRM on 05/29/2012:
Your experience, living in LA, is contrast to my experience living in VA. I've got to visit LA when I get a chance to experience the LA lifstyle! Thanks for sharing your experience!
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Overcrowded, overpriced, rude staff, and dangerous for handicapped people
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ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- My family is not wealthy by any means, but we wanted to take my kids to Disneyland. We finally arranged a trip to California and Disney was the main goal. We got there at opening time and there is way too much gimmicky overpriced stores to have to walk through to get to the rides. Then when it comes time to wait in line for a ride, prepare for a standing wait of up to an hour or more. My son is severely handicapped. By noon the park was so crowded, he was gettng jostled, pushed, shoved. We finally found where to get a large stroller but with the crowds it was next to impossible to push the stroller through. The lowlite of the day was when we went on the Haunted Mansion ride. There were so many people crowded into the ride that I couldn't see or hear what was going on. At one point, people are told to hop onto some moving cars to continue on to the end of the ride. There were 4 of us in the group. My mother and other son managed to get on a car. My son and I were being left behind and it was EXTREMELY hazardous for my son with a paralyzed leg to "hop" onto a moving car that is in water. As I saw my mother and other child disappearing, I THREW my handicapped child into an already occupied car and jumped into it AS IT MOVED. Then I angrily told the female attendant "THIS BOY IS DISABLED". at which time she shrugged and said "WELL, YOU DIDN'T TELL ME". There is no way I could have told her anything because of the crowd and noise level in the room. I sat there through the rest of the ride and cried, my arms shaking. Totally ruined my trip to be mistreated and have my son at risk. Many rides at Disneyland are old and outdated, with tinny music and dirty cars. The crowd level is dangerous and ridiculous. The prices are way too high. But mostly, I give this park a THUMBS DOWN for special needs people.
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BEJ on 03/22/2011:
I am sorry you had a bad time but I also feel that you could have done some things to make your visit go more smoothly.

Did you go on a weekend or during the week? There is always going to be more crowds during the weekend.

Did you stop at Customer/Guest Relations at the beginning of your visit to make inquiries as to rides that would best suit your handicapped child? What I have seen at Disneyland regarding rides is that there are handicapped entrances so that lines can be bypassed but the person must be able to transfer. While it is a loud place--I have had no problem asking the ride associate questions or just chatting with them.
azRider on 03/22/2011:
its California. there are 100 people per 100 sqft out there. you have to wait in lines for everything in California, eating, banks, shopping, gas, restroom. why would it be any different at Disneyland which is the biggest tourist site in California. last I heard they have 16 million visitors a year, or about 43,000 people every day. its only 85 acres so that is 500 people per acre. its going to be crowded. now that being said, I have never seen a better place that works with handicap people. when you enter the park and go to the welcome center they have a map for rides that have handicap access. then each of those rides has a special line that by-passes the normal line and places you on the ride in-front of everyone else. each ride I've seen there its clearly marked for handicap. it sounds to me like you did more yelling and less communicating. maybe you need to ask more questions and ask for clear instructions before you go to a park like that. you made it worse on yourself by the lack of communication.

lastly, when did they add water to the haunted mansion? I know pirates has a boat, but not the ghost tour. I have actually seem them stop the moving sidewalk in the house to help a wheelchair person on to the ride. so they can do a lot if you tell someone.
clutzycook on 03/22/2011:
I'm wondering when you went. The time of year that you go also makes a difference. If you went during the week at a low point in the tourist season (not exactly sure when that would be) then it wouldn't have been as crowded.

I'm just wondering why you didn't have a wheelchair or stroller for your son BEFORE you got into the park. I'm sure you knew that this was a big place and he might not be able to walk the whole way with a paralyzed leg.

My final question: Did you report ANY of this to customer relations? That whole getting on a ride when the ride is moving is a safety issue even if you have two good legs.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
I think the OP was ill-prepared. Ask more questions and let them know ahead of time about your child's needs. My nephew is confined to a wheelchair, and has been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld. They have NEVER had a problem and are happy to return each year. You just have to plan accordingly. Hope you have a better time next go round!
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Well really, what did this OP expect? Its disneyland. Of course its going to be crowded. Of course its overpriced. This is something mostly everyone expects when they plan ongoing to these types of places. Intead of getting yourself worked up over every bad thing that happened, think about the good things. There HAD to have been some good things you experienced there, too unless you have some sort of emotional disorder.
jktshff1 on 03/22/2011:
taping fingers to prevent typing
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Proper planning goes a long way towards a good experience. But now you know, and if you ever go there again you will be better prepared.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Still trying to master that technique O' wise sage.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Who, you? :)
MacOSXpert on 03/22/2011:
I am a Californian and a Frequenter at Disneyland.

I can definitely say that DLR does it's best to assist people with special needs, as other people have pointed out, you should have gone to City Hall and inquired about your child's special needs.

I can concur though, that the employees are very rude, and I even racist at times.

The merchandise is marked up by a large amount as well, and DLR is terrible with crowd control.

For the first few months of World of Color, when it was time to make your way to your 'color section', they'd crowd everyone up like cattle..which caused a lot of conflict amongst people in the crowd.

Horrible..Horrible. But what do you expect from a company that made Hannah Montana and The Jonas Bros. ?
Venice09 on 03/22/2011:
My first impression of Disney World was that most of the rides were not suited for physically challenged or disabled people. I'm not sure what kind of accommodations there are if you let them know ahead of time, but I do think it is something you should have found out ahead of time. If you ever go back, make sure it's during a time when the park is less crowded. And get information from customer relations on the best way for your child to enjoy the rides and attractions. I hope you get to do it again someday and that you have a better experience.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
We're talking about Disney land. The place where every child in this country wants to go. Millions of people visit these attractions a year. It would be nice if disney had a daily cap of how many people could enter, but you would have a lot of very upset children and parents who can't get in, and I'm sure there would be far more complaints about that, especially after people spent a lot of money on tickets they can't use. Its a loss-lose situation.
Anonymous on 03/22/2011:
Am I the only one who has a great time when I go to Disneyland? I went once with an elderly disabled woman who used a walker. She never complained or let her smile slip the whole 12 hours we were there.
Venice09 on 03/22/2011:
You were inspired by your companion, ript!
spiderman2 on 03/22/2011:
I know someone who has a disabled child and they have a great time at Disney. Disney is more than accommodating if you let them know ahead of time about the special needs.
Ytropious on 03/22/2011:
As everyone has stated, Disney is always more than accommodating to handicap park patrons, but it's 100% your responsibility to notify them of your needs beforehand. Plan out your vacation next time so that you don't go on a busy day/month. I mean, I feel bad for people who buy into the TV commercial lies. Cruise commercials always show a person in the pool all by themselves and amusement parks where the mascots are walking around and not swamped by a mass of people LOL.
Starlord on 03/23/2011:
I must agree with the OP. I don't understand about the Haunted Mansion and water, but the ride 'operator' was trying to put me in the front of a moving car. I am night-blind, and the lighting was very poor, plus I have a prosthetic knee joint, which affects my mobiity. As a result, I nearly got run over by the car, even though my wife had told the jerk I needed assistance and why. About half of the programs, such as the moon landing, were out of order. We had rented a wheelchair for me, a when we went to leave, the shuttle to the parking lot was about 100 yards from the ate, and I wa infrmed Icould not take the wheelchair out to the shuttle. We tried to explain my problem walkng, but the young man was totally disinterested. Itod I'm, the ark has my wife's Driverl's License until the chair is returned and the shuttle is in full view of you. His attitude semed to say, "Helen Hunt takes care of that stuff, so go to Helen Hunt for it.' At one point he cocked his fist and I told him he was about to make the worst mistake of his young life. I ended up having to go the 100 yards over mid-sized gravel to get to the shuttle, and rolled my ankle. I wrote Disneyland and told them of my terrible experience, and just as Gallgher said about telling a restaurant food is unacceptable. so they give you more of what you didn't like to begin with, Disneyland, in their generosity, sent me two half-price coupons for my next visit. I thoroughly shredded them and sent them back with a suggestion of what they could do with them.
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
Disney is one place where they go out of the way to acomidate those with handicaps. I've seen whole family groups board in special lines with limited waiting. If Disney started limited visitors there would be people complaining they were denied entrance. Just because you don't get your way doesn't make they employees rude.
MRM on 03/23/2011:
Expect more crowds when Spring Break arrives.
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
I grew up going to Disneyland and I can tell you that they ALWAYS stop the ride for handicapped people,as well as letting them and their family cut the line....
Starlord on 03/23/2011:
Oh I was allowed to cut the line, no arguing that point, but I was still put in the position of being herded to the frot of a MOVING car. It was most definitely not stopped. If that comment about not getting my way was aimed at me, I would suggest you go to Disneyland and rent a wheelchair. If it wasn't, I apologize. I can only relate what happened to me.
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
I have never been to Disneyland I was neglected as a child. But guess I didn't miss much.
MRM on 03/23/2011:
Wally, when I win the $304,000,000 jackpot on Friday night, your wish shall come true!
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
Thanks MRM, your the man.
MRM on 03/23/2011:
You can bring your pal, Little Little, or you can upgrade your girl.
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
lol messed.
momsey on 03/23/2011:
Wally, my hubby's never been to Disney World. But once our kids are old enough to appreciate and remember it, he will be going!
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
lol man I would always bug my mom to go to Disneyland. She was like only kids with rich parents go instead I would get a happy meal from McDonald's to cheer me up. I was like its not the same dammit.
Anonymous on 03/23/2011:
We used to go every year when I was a kid. Wally, it's not the same when you go as an adult
momsey on 03/23/2011:
LOL, poor Wally. We did not have rich parents. The only reason we went was because my grandfather lived in Florida in the winters and one year he got sick and stayed down there for the summer and we went down to see him and went to Disney a day or two. If it wasn't for that, I probably would have never gone!

It's not exactly the same when you go as an adult, but I went about 5 years ago with my brother and his family and it was really magical, to sound completely cheesy! I swear they pump something into the air there to make people want to go back and spend a fortune.
greenie68 on 01/08/2012:
Oh, I actually have a few things to add to this "Disney Disaster": we were just there in Dec/Jan 2012:
I too am Handicapped & we rented a scooter for me ahead of time (outside the park was WAY cheaper) & we HAD the Handicap access map to rides. It does NOT include ALL rides & even the Handicap line was lengthy. It was disturbing to see 1 person in a wheelchair & 14+ family members also in the Handicapped line WITH THEM. REALLY ? Some people in line had a 'pass' that said that they were Handicapped (no photo or explanation on it) & we had a group of 4 teenagers behind us going on Space Mountain that used a 'pass' and everyone of them required any assistance or help. In fact, they "skipped" up the ramp on the way off the ride. Hmmmmmm.
Everything IS overpriced at ALL of the "Abusement" Parks. I was in many of them 15 years ago & did not see the MASSIVE groups in line as there are now. Some people (including us) are not wealthy & this was a complete 'money pit', but since it was our only vacation in more than 7 years, we decided to 'treat ourselves' and go. I was MORTIFIED to see the large number of people with Strollers that were also in the Handicap lines. WTH ? I completely understand if they had been physically challenged, but the 3 kids we were in line with were LITERALLY climbing on everything (rails, walls, etc...) waiting in line w/o a 'pass', just a stroller.Hmmmmm?
The amount of people that are "Yearly Pass Holders" & LIVE in S. California should really be limited on the amount of time (or at least the dates) they can come to the parks. Since we spent a FORTUNE to go there, I do NOT feel it is fair to have AT LEAST A FEW THOUSAND or more people that can go WHENEVER they want to be there. People who need to visit during the time that CAN get off work are not able to visit a dozen times a year. I would guess that the one day we visited Disneyland, we rode on 5-6 rides the ENTIRE DAY (divide the price of the Day Pass & When we figured-out how much that was PER RIDE it was STUPID !
Somehow I hope Walt Disney is rolling in his grave (or sliding around the place his Head is Frozen ??) I don't know if his dream was to have a great place for families to go & have fun together or to build a place that would one day become a financial burden on families to visit, overcharge at every chance possible & in the end leave a bitter enough taste in your mouth to write this post.
Laura on 01/06/2014:
We just got back from visiting relatives in CA over the Holidays. We live in NJ. The one thing that I wanted to do while on our Vaca to CA was go to Disneyland. I have a 13 year old son who has some special needs issues and I thought it was best to get a Doctors note to see if we could avoid wait times in line which would make for a more pleasant day for him. Now, my son is very sensitive to the term Special Needs and very much aware of how he is perceived. His special needs have mostly to do with learning disabilities, sensory issues and adhd. He is not handicapped.
When he heard that we had to wait on a "handicapped line" to get a pass to avoid lines, he freaked out. He almost started crying and wanted to leave the park. He had to have his picture taken, like a mug shot and every time we went on a ride, the employee that we handed the pass to would look at it and ask for the person whose name was on the pass, which was my son. There was absolutely no discretion which made him very self consciencous.
Disneyland should be the ultimate place to forget that you have a disability. I know the park is trying to accommodate everyone and some procedures are necessary since many people take advantage of a special situation for their own benefit. My recommendation is to limit the amount of people that enter the park, and treat people with special needs specially. Call it "Our Special Guests" and get rid of the word "handicapped" and do what ever you can not to make people with disabilities feel singled out. They with this everyday of their lives. I love Disneyland and have been going since I was a kid. I don't know if I will ever get my son to go back. But it be nice to know if he did, it would be a more positive and enjoyable experience.
I hope someone with authority to change things at Disneyland reads this and gets back to me.
liquidkitty on 01/07/2014:
I had a similar experience to that noted above. I would NEVER visit this park again. Dangerously overcrowded, absolutely, hence resulting in safety issues and 2 hour waits for rides.
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Our 2010 Disneyland Experience~ NOT the happiest place on earth!
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ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Our 2010 Disneyland Experience!
These are comments concerning our recent visit to Disneyland, CA in December, 2010.
1. We paid for a World of Color Dinner at Ariels's Grotto and had a reservation time which would allow us ample time to enjoy our meal and attend the show. But, when we arrived we were asked to wait over 1/2 hour to be seated, even though we had arrived prior to our reserved time. Note: there were several other parties waiting, too. Drinks and appetizers were prompt, but dinner lagged seriously and dessert, too! Because of the delay in seating us and serving our main course, we could not have an enjoyable dining experience and could not finish our dessert. We had to rush out to see the show and could not obtain comfortable viewing, even though that was our intent when making our reservations. The host/hostesses were very unconcerned about our wait time and acted like we were being unreasonable. Note: our waiter was very understanding and tried to help...I don't think it was his fault that dinner/dessert was untimely. The show was fabulous, but not as enjoyable as it could have been.
2. During parades, firework shows, and preparation for Fantasmic we experienced very unpleasant and disturbing Disney employees...basically they acted like they were herding cattle/sheep and would not even make eye contact or say please when approaching YOUR GUESTS...they acted like the guests were an annoyance and seemed very unconcerned at the impact they were making on the guests. This was the first time out of approx. 6 visits to Disney properties that we were treated this way!
3. On our last day, Christmas Day, (the trip was our Christmas present to our teenagers), rain caused the Fantasmic show to be canceled after waiting in the rain for over 90 minutes. We then tried to ride a few nearby attractions, but were told of an electrical problem and the rides were closed...the attendants, of course, exhibited absolutely NO concern and once again acted like we were unreasonable when we tried to find out if the they would reopen that evening. Afterward, wet and tired from being repeatedly rejected and herded like cattle, we went to Tomorrowland. There we tried to use our Fastpass for the Space Mountain ride, (which we had obtained sometime around 4 PM or so and had not been able to ride during our 3 day visit because of excessive wait-times), but could not. We were told to wait until our designated time (around 10:30 PM). We tried to explain to the attendant that we were refused access to other attractions because they were unexpectedly closed and should be given consideration to board the ride somewhat early because of that. Once again, we experienced NO concern for our issue and a very uncaring attitude. How is it that a company thinks it is acceptable to close rides and not offer some compensation or at least attempt a compromise? How can you think that is it acceptable to allow so many visitors into the park that wait times exceed an hour for any ride? AND the Fastpasses are for 4 to 5 hours after getting the pass How is that fast, would you go to McDonald’s and like to be told to come back in 3 hours for your burger or need to wait 2 hours if you didn’t have a fast pass?
4. Another issue is that here seems to be no storm drainage throughout the park. We were ankle deep in water trying to exit the park on Christmas Day, feeling dejected after being treated rudely and not riding any attraction for over 4 hours. That is our last impression of leaving Disneyland…the place where dreams come true and magic happens! By the way, our last vacation was a visit to Disney World and a Disney cruise, but we will think seriously before we book another Disney destination and will be letting others know of our experience! It wasn’t just one issue, but a pervasive attitude throughout the entire resort. It’s all about the money! We even had to wait extraordinarily long to make purchases at the stores!
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Kurizumaru on 01/27/2011:
First) How long before your reservation did you arrive?

Second) Not everybody can have a front row seat. Sorry.

Third) Being 'herded' is for your safety and the safety of the performers. Yes, they could have been nicer, but you can also be more understanding.

Fourth) Most amusement parks close things in the rain. It's for your safety and the safety of the equipment.

Fifth) If you have an appointed time, then that's your time to ride. Sorry other things were closed down, but how would you feel if you had a ride time of 5:30 for example and someone who had a ride time for 6:00 wanted on before you because they couldn't ride other rides? You'd be outraged.

The drainage thing might have been an issue.

Disney is all about the money. This is not news. It's a business and that's what they're around for; making money.
Anonymous on 01/27/2011:
It is well known or can be found with a little research that Christmas time is the worst time to go to Disney. Everyone is off so everyone goes to Disney. It seems this year was extremely bad. They even stopped admitting people at times because of the crowds. A good rule of thumb is if all the kids are on school vacation, it's not a good time to go.
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Visit to Disneyland
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Rating: 3/51
ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA -- We just got back from visiting relatives in CA over the Holidays. We live in NJ. The one thing that I wanted to do while on our [vacation] to CA was go to Disneyland. I have a 13 year old son who has some special needs issues and I thought it was best to get a Doctor’s note to see if we could avoid wait times in line which would make for a more pleasant day for him. Now, my son is very sensitive to the term Special Needs and very much aware of how he is perceived. His special needs have mostly to do with learning disabilities, sensory issues and ADHD. He is not handicapped.

When he heard that we had to wait on a "handicapped line" to get a pass to avoid lines, he freaked out. He almost started crying and wanted to leave the park. He had to have his picture taken, like a mug shot and every time we went on a ride, the employee that we handed the pass to would look at it and ask for the person whose name was on the pass, which was my son. There was absolutely no discretion which made him very self-consciences.

Disneyland should be the ultimate place to forget that you have a disability. I know the park is trying to accommodate everyone and some procedures are necessary since many people take advantage of a special situation for their own benefit. My recommendation is to limit the amount of people that enter the park, and treat people with special needs specially. Call it "Our Special Guests" and get rid of the word "handicapped" and do whatever you can not to make people with disabilities feel singled out. They have to live with this everyday of their lives. I love Disneyland and have been going since I was a kid. I don't know if I will ever get my son to go back. But it be nice to know if he did, it would be a more positive and enjoyable experience.

I hope someone with authority to change things at Disneyland reads this and gets back to me.
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azRider on 01/07/2014:
You can think people who misused the handicap lines at Disney and Disneyworld for this. because of them Disney had to create a more complex less friendly way to combat the misuse of it. allowing less people in the park is not going to happen. who would you decide to leave out? can you image the uproar of limiting some person of color or religion not allowed in because the limit is reached. that is not going to happen. besides the loss of income its just not workable in a place like Disney very well.
Cwazychicken on 01/07/2014:
I have a son with autism so I understand exactly how it is when you are in public and people treat them differently. He though, does not realize that people treat him differently. I have had kids go up to my son and their parents say "don't get too close to him, he may get angry with you", like he was a monster. SO I understand completely how it is to be embarrassed in public by other peoples wordings of how your son is. I do agree people need to just treat them like any other people and not embarrass them. I also have adhd, and I'm sure my son does too along with his autism, he is quite a hyper kid. But very happy! Shame society needs to feel the need to make parents feel uncomfortable.
Victor on 01/08/2014:
Excellent suggestion! Hopefully some adjustments can be made. I couldn't wait on those lines and neither should anyone else.
andbran on 01/08/2014:
why not email them or contact them? I seriously doubt they read complaint sites
FoDaddy19 on 01/08/2014:
The thing is that no matter what terminology they use, there's going to to be someone, somewhere that's going to do be offended by it. To that end, Disney probably would do best just to stick with typical terminology.

Personally, if I were a disabled person that needed to use the handicap line, I'd feel that renaming the hadicap line the "Our Special Guests line" would very patronizing.

I'll also mention that I have ADD, dyslexia, and Ankylosing spondylitis, and I had an IEP in school. So I do get where you're coming from.
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NOT the happiest place on earth...overall BAD experience
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Rating: 1/51
CALIFORNIA -- Arrived at Disneyland October 24, 2012 with friend to celebrate our birthdays, parked the car and headed for the buses when it all started going down hill. The parking attendants asked if we would like to purchase our tickets at their kiosk in the parking lot but had to use a credit card. I agreed and purchased to one day passes for $87/ea. when my card was charged the attendant says oops I charged you for a 2 day pass for a total of $362.00 and there's nothing I can do to change it here you'll have to go ticket booth inside the park. At that point no one at the friendly kiosk booth no longer wanted to make eye contact or talk to us...just wanted us to go away. Next we find the ticket booth explain what happened and the attendant says "Ohhh, well okay, ya I'll credit your card." I asked if it would credit immediately and she responded, "Yes, of course." Well two days later and I've still been charged $362.00, no credit. When I called Disneyland and finally reached a live person after 10 phone calls, they informed me I would have to take it up with my credit card company...they actually said it was my problem now. THEY WERE ONE'S WHO MADE THE MISTAKE AND NOW IT'S MY PROBLEM. Also, when we arrived we intended to stay late to see the lights of Disneyland and they informed us the park was closing at 6:00 P.M. for a party but we would still be charged full rate and sorry. We had called and checked online prior to heading there and everything said it was open 9 to 10 p. m., when we told them, they said "Sorry, we're closing at 6:00". It's been awhile since I've been there, the staff all appear tired and bored with their experience and I'm out $362.00 for a mistake on THEIR PART THAT THAT WANT NO PART OF CORRECTING. FURIOUS TO SAY THE LEAST!
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trmn8r on 10/26/2012:
They could have been more diplomatic and informative about informing you that a credit to a credit card can take several business days. Personally, I would wait 5-10 days total from the charge date to go through the pain of dealing with this over the phone. I once had an $1800 credit issued by a company, and I think it took 7 business days.

The way I read the complaint, you should be "out" $181 or so. But the beauty of a credit card is that you aren't "out" that money. Worst case (assuming you aren't near your limit)you file a dispute. My guess is within a few days you will see the credit pop up. I assume you kept the receipts they gave you, which will come in handy if it does not. Good luck.
melissa253 on 10/26/2012:
Why would adults go to DL to celebrate anything?
I love my son on 10/26/2012:
It sucks that they made a mistake but it was just an honest mistake..And when you asked them if it would credit the card right away they prolly thought you were talking about them submitting the credit on their end, which they prolly did,its the credit cards and banks on debit cards that hold your money for so long..They all take it right away but as far as you receiving credit back they have a full month in most cases..
Anonymous on 10/26/2012:
If it's a credit card, doesn't it take up to 2 billing cycles for the credit to appear?
As far as the park hours, the park closes between 6pm-8pm on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday in October, per the calendar (http://disneyland.disney.go.com/calendar/) perhaps you read it wrong?
SteveWiginowski on 10/26/2012:
As trmn8r said, while the transaction takes place immediately, they don't always show up on the card that quickly. There have been times when I have made a purchase, but it won't show up on my credit card statement for a few days. It works the same way with credits.
SteveWiginowski on 10/26/2012:
Melissa, my wife and I celebrated out 1 year anniversary at Disney World and it was great. We used to go to Disneyland quite a few times a year when we lived in LA, so we really enjoyed ourselves in Disney World.
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Stolen property
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To whom it may concern, upon check in on August 14th, 2011, we had breakfast reservations at 1900 Park Fare. Port Orleans Riverside, said they would hold my luggage until we were finished in the parks. We had come from another hotel, not an airline. I distinctly remember everything I packed. When we returned to our room, our luggage was brought to us by the bell hop, from the bell hop storage. There were 3 2 liter bags of soda, 2 boxes of juices, multiple snacks initially noted missing. I started to unpack, and much to my surprise, was every single piece of jewelry that I brought down missing. The jewelry was at the very least worth $1800. I called the next morning, and they said they would check into it. Received a call that night, that they did not find it. Wednesday, spoke to Alicia, manager of bell hop services, who stated she would look into it. Thursday the 18th Security was sent to my room. I filed a report. When I returned home I filed a report with the Orange county police. I was told to also file a claim to Walt Disney World. I did. I faxed over the complaint 3 times, with the walt disney report number, and the orange county police report number. I emailed walt disney and they said they would pass the information along. Now home almost a month, and I haven't heard one word from walt disney regarding this matter. This trip took us a long time to save up for, and it was for 10 days, and after day one, the rest of the 9 days were wrecked from this incident. I thought Disney was supposed to be a trusted place, however, I see that it is not. I requested that they review tapes in the bell hop room where luggage is stored, I was told they do not have them, are you kidding me, our personal belongings are there, and they are not being watched. It saddens me, that what my family looked forward to for two years was wrecked by someone actually opening up my luggage, rummaging through it, and taking what was not theirs. And NO action was taken by walt disney. Nothing was done by Walt Disney World to even soften the blow of this. We were totally disregarded. I feel horrible for my children that what they looked forward to thinking this was the happiest place on earth, and now went back and told all their friends how my jewelry and other items were stolen from us. And as I told their parents, I don't know if I would recommend going, Walt Disney World disappointed us.

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Skye on 09/09/2011:
That's terrible.
spiderman2 on 09/09/2011:
That is awful. I don't take any of my good jewelry with me when I travel. Most of the time I leave my wedding set at home too. I don't want to take my rings off (like I do at home) and accidentally leave them sitting on the dresser!
Nohandle on 09/09/2011:
I'm not attempting to be humorous but since all my jewelry was stolen in a home burglary I don't have to worry about taking any on vacation. Unfortunately it's your word against the hotel as to whether you had jewelry stolen or not. Of course it spoiled your vacation. You felt you had been assaulted as dramatic as that might sound. I think it's the thought of someone going through your personal belongings.

Do check with your homeowner's insurance policy. Many will cover stolen items no matter where the loss occurred.
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Extremely Rude Customer Service
Posted by on
I purchased the tickets for military family discounts. Unfortunately,
my brother can not go with us because he's not allowed leave on the weekend we plan to go. We planned to go to Disneyland because we have a wedding to attend and decided to let the kids have fun at Disneyland. Anyway, called customer service ticketing and told them the situation about my brother and his roommate being unable to go with us. I just wanted them to refund the tickets. Said it's not their business since I purchased the tickets through a military station. I said all military discounts are final and can not be returned. Rep was rude and told me the discounts are created for military personnel to spend time with family. No kidding, but unfortunately, my brother can not go. So I asked them to either let me email his id or fax the information over to them. She said she can't do anything about it. And there might be a possibility that I can't get the amount refunded. But if it does, it'll take 8 - 10 weeks. What? Anyway, I just want my money refunded. I am no longer excited about Disneyland. Should have never trusted those darn commercials about this place being a happy place.
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User Replies:
yoke on 05/04/2011:
Did you purchase the tickets on base? If so check with MWR to get a refund.
Anonymous on 05/04/2011:
If the tickets are not refundable, I really don't know what anyone could do for you, except maybe they can reissue them so your brother and his friend can go another time? It really doesn't sound like Disneyland did anything wrong in this case. I hope you go with your kids anyway and have a good time :)
Anonymous on 05/04/2011:
If you are unable to obtain a refund, is there a possibility that you can invite friends or other family members to go so the tickets don't go unused? If finances aren't an issue, you could consider donating the tickets.
olie on 05/04/2011:
You purchased non-refundable tickets. Disneyland didn't do anything wrong.

Would it be nice if they'd refund you anyway? Yes, but they were nice enough to offer a discount in the first place.

I like the idea of inviting someone else to use the tickets. (That would include their paying you back for the cost of their tickets.)
Ytropious on 05/04/2011:
If you were aware these military discount tickets were non refundable then I don't see what Disney is doing wrong. I also don't see where informing you of this is considered rude. They're only doing their job.
Anonymous on 05/05/2011:
All comments above mine are spot-on!
yoke on 05/05/2011:
I looked up online about the military discount I think the OP is talking about. It is clear in the last sentence they are non refundable

Disney Military Salute

3-Day Park Hopper* $97.25 valid any 3 Days through October 1, 2011. This offer is open to Active Duty, Retired, National Guard & Reservists. Blockout dates: December 24, 2010-January 1, 2011, February 18-21, April 17-23 and July 1-4, 2011.
VALID FOR UNITED STATES ACTIVE DUTY, RETIRED, NATIONAL GUARD, RESERVISTS & 100% DISABLED VETERANS.* Each qualifying person can purchase up to six, 3-day Park Hopper tickets for him/herself and family or friends, but one of the six tickets purchased MUST be for use by the Eligible Service Member or his/her spouse. ** EACH QUALIFYING PERSON MUST SHOW MILITARY ID AT THE DISNEYLAND GATE and must accompany friends and family members each time they visit the park.***
*This offer is not valid for Veterans, DoD, or Foreign Military/Coalition Partners.
**All six (6) tickets must be purchased at the same time, but do not need to be used on three consecutive days. Tickets must be signed and cannot be shared. The same person must use their assigned ticket for all three visits. All tickets are 100% non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
***One person on each visit must present a valid military ID (CAC card with active/retired imprinted on ID, green active duty ID, blue retired ID, or 100% permanently disabled military ID with 100% disabled designated on the ID.
Disney is capturing detailed database information that will be verified each time a Military Salute ticket is activated. If the eligible military guest has already activated their allotment of 6 tickets, they will be refused entry and no refunds or exchanges will be made at any MWR Ticket Office for these non-refundable tickets.
Anonymous on 05/05/2011:
Sounds pretty clear-cut to me. I guess it's a reminder to always read the fine-print before making this type of purchase. That goes for any travel plans too.
Anonymous on 05/05/2011:
great review, very helpful!
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