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EHarmony Is a Fraudulent SCAM. They Should Be Sued.
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Rating: 1/51

Please warn all your friends NEVER to join eHarmony. If I could give them zero stars I would. It is a dishonest company that cons their clientele into committing for three months to a year. Then after 2 weeks of sending people who live nearby, a vast majority of which are clearly not a match to you in any way, they begin to send only EMPTY profiles of people who live a 1000 miles away or absolute NON-matches.

They give no way for the member to search their site, they choose your seven matches a day and only do so if you allow eHarmony to email you. These matches begin to repeat within a month. There is a "what if" category that allows you to search a dozen potential matches they say are outside your "match range". These are random people many up to 25 years younger or older, from around the country, most of who have empty or near empty profiles with a single photo, who later end up in your daily seven actual matches.

One of my daily seven matches I received from eHarmony was so clearly fraudulent they immediately began emailing me through the site, phishing me for my actual email address in broken speech. I attempted to email eHarmony to cancel and was told to call. I called and the person was really rude and then told me there was nothing they could do, that I should email the address they would send me. I emailed that address and again heard nothing. Since I emailed however, I have stopped receiving any updates on their website, which is nice, but they kept a years membership fees for 5 weeks of HORRIFIC service.

I have since used their on-site messenger to attempt to receive help and still have received no reply. The site uses TV commercials to trick more people into their scam, hoping no one ever reads reviews prior to signing up. If eHarmony simply said "we do not have any matches for you at this time", that would be honest. Instead they trap you for your entire period.

People sincerely want to find love and companionship and eHarmony preys upon this need. I offered to pay for the time I'd used and even offered to pay double their rate and was told there's nothing they can do, I had to pay for the entire year for my one month's completely ineffective service. To refuse to refund and cancel a subscription after providing no service, after multiple requests and providing such a HORRIBLE completely fraudulent product is SHAMEFUL.

If there was a class action suit, I would sign on. If there is a lawyer who would like to begin the process, I will sign the complaint today. Please tell everyone you know to avoid eHarmony. Online dating can work. There are honest and effective online dating sites out there. The top two competitors of eHarmony are both genuinely good sites. I know because I've used them since my experience with eHarmony.

I sincerely hope others are more fortunate and learn of eHarmony's deception before signing up. Because eHarmony will steal your money and according to the dozens of other complaints I've since read, they will renew your contract and charge your credit card even after you've cancelled. eHarmony is clearly the Enron of online dating.

Still Sending Me Unsolicited Magazine Despite Saying They Would Stop
By -

I never asked for a magazine subscription, nor knew they planned on sending me one. I contacted them several times in January and they finally said they would stop sending the unsolicited girlie magazine to me. Two months later, they are still sending it.

In January you apologize for sending me unsolicited porn. Now, it is March 22, 2009 and the porn magazine is still being sent to me. I just received another one in today's mail. STOP, STOP, STOP. You better believe I am going to be discussing this sickening act of yours on my television show. I have also filled out the appropriate
form with the USPS.

What a Ripoff!
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I had tried eHarmony a few years ago and was disappointed. However, I'd heard from a few people that they had upgraded their service and that the program was very successful. I thought I'd give it another chance, thinking I could always back out if I felt that it wasn't working for me. I signed up for 3 months because it seemed reasonable in price and I thought I would be able to make a decision in time if I needed to back out.

I used the system for a few weeks, during which time I was sent only a few matches and they were inappropriate and didn't match my criteria or my personality at all. Disappointed I emailed eHarmony to cancel and got a lame reply that didn't explain anything. So I called in and talked to a nice guy who said my settings were all wrong and that he'd reset them, I'd re-do the test and I would have tons of matches in no time.

Well, I did as he said and for about a week I got the several matches he was talking about. None of which I would be the least bit interested in either in personality or in looks. So I called in again and was told that since I'd had an account 2 years prior, I could not cancel my subscription. They said that they matched on personality and that I should give the matches they were sending a chance.

I was very upset about this as it cost $110.85 and I thought I would be able to cancel. You have to read the fine print and even then it's sketchy in terms of a previous encounter. Needless to say, I'm very disgusted with the whole thing and feel that I have been ripped off.

Since my last conversations with eHarmony, I have only received a few "matches" and again none that I would be interested in. They tell me to be patient and that they don't promise that I'll get a lot of matches or matches everyday. My experience has been awful...and expensive. So be very careful before you sign up with eHarmony... their commercials and matching system doesn't take your desires into consideration, yet somehow they promise to match on personality. I think its a losing proposition myself.

The Matches on eHarmony
By -

I signed up for the 3-month trial, after being really persuaded by the TV commercials. I have been on other dating sites (that were free) but wanted to find a serious relationship and it seemed like eHarmony would provide that. However I was very disappointed with the matches, they all looked so terrible. There is no way to specify body type as a criteria or attractiveness. On top of that, you cannot hide or block your profile from desperate unattractive matches. So I took my photo down and just waited out the subscription. It's too much money to spend, getting the results I was getting.

So if you do not like your matches, you have to sit and wait until some new ones join eHarmony. If you do not find looks as a criteria then yes maybe you will be happy. But I still think physical attractiveness plays some role. I could not picture myself in an intimate relationship with the people the site were suggesting. I was disgusted.

I then proposed that since men have a better time finding women in the natural world, since there is so many of us, that the only reason a guy would even sign up on a PAID site is that they failed in the natural world. But again that's my opinion. It just sucks for females, not enough men out there unfortunately, attractive ones anyway.

Applied Charges to My Credit Card Without My Consent
By -

I initially signed up for eHarmony in August of 2010 as a 3-month "trial" membership and billed it to my credit card. It was under my understanding that this would be a one time flat rate and if I was interested, I could extend my membership. Needless to say, I was not impressed with their "matches" and discontinued visiting their website.

I have just recently found out that they have been charging my credit card quarterly without my consent. I immediately contacted eHarmony and they told me that because that I did not cancel my membership, I was automatically charged their monthly fee. I am disgusted with their non-professionalism and hope that I can prevent this from happening again.

Not Worth Spending Money On
By -

Before signing up, I just ran a few checks. On the first settings I had, there were only 25 potential candidates with 30 miles of me, and of these, 6 weren't even in the UK. And since when has China been within 30 miles of the UK? I changed all the settings the other way around, changed the location by 100 miles - and still got the same list. Try the test for yourself. This company simply does not have anything like the number of members the two key UK dating websites have. Spend money with them at your own risk - I'm not going to.

eHarmony Rip Off
By -

WAVELAND, ARKANSAS -- I have tried this service twice now but it will be the last time. They only match me with people outside my age and distance request. When I contact them, they say I need to change my profile or post better pictures to be matched with others. I want to be matched with someone who is what their profile says and who looks like their picture so I can only assume the men I'm looking at would appreciate the same. Why do you have to pretend to be someone else to get matched? I'm sure there are men in Arkansas within 120 miles of me who are members of this site. Just show them to me.

Company Response 04/27/2009:

Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for trying eHarmony. We're sorry to hear that you didn't have a satisfactory experience either time you tried. There is, in fact, a way to adjust your settings so that you don't get any matches outside of the settings you've chosen, and it can be done by making a few clicks. We do always try to offer suggestions to our members in order to improve their experience, because we genuinely our members to find success.

We do a search for matches every day, and how many matches you receive depends on many factors – first and foremost, compatibility, then we take all of your personal settings into account.

I personally would be happy to view your account to see if I can help further or answer any questions you have. If you happen to be on Twitter, you find me as @eharmony_jack.

  • Jack
eHarmony: Be Warned
By -

CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE -- As a widow, my grown daughters had been encouraging me to join eHarmony for the last couple of years. I finally joined but thankfully, I only joined for three months. I have had very few matches, nothing in the last two weeks. When I emailed their customer service department, they suggested I change my drinking preference from a few times a year to a more frequent use. In addition, they also suggested that I select more religions denominations as I had selected those that I felt were compatible with my religious views.

I was surprised by their suggestion as both of these are indicators reflect who I am as a person. With supposedly thousands joining daily, I find it hard to believe there aren't other people who have views similar to mine. There is no refund if you are dissatisfied; however, I will obviously not renew my subscription. I now know that their commercials aren't for real. In good conscience, I cannot recommend their service to any of my single friends.

Be Careful Giving eHarmony as a Gift!
By -

BE CAREFUL giving eHarmony as a gift! eHarmony will screw you later by continuing to charge YOU…the gift-giver! It happened to us...we called them to resolve it – explaining to them that it is illegal to charge OUR card on a continuing basis WITHOUT OUR approval. They have every right to contact the account holder – and attempt to make arrangements for a continuing subscription – but it is purely illegal to allow the gift recipient to authorize OUR card to continue to be charged.

And you know what they said? “We have to have the gift recipient's approval to not charge your card” WHAT??? It is not the gift recipient's card! This is criminal, scammy, and illegal. Thankfully our gift recipient called “for us” to “authorize” the discontinuation of charges on OUR card! Be careful – these people are scammy!

What a Rip Off
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- What a rip off. You waste a lot of time getting set up and then find out they want $60 a month. If their service was so good, they would not need a year-long rate! I got several hits that were not good matches. Also, the whole thing is a scam - if you find a person you like, and they are a member - they cannot reply.

The eHarmony folks are total pukes - these folks prey on lonely people and make it worse. If someone reaches out to you - you should be able to reply. How do you know if the person you mailed was not interest or jut not stupid enough to pay these folks $60 when anyone worth dating can meet someone by just heading to the local coffee shop. I hope others will start to get it that these sort of services do more harm than good!

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