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Discount? I Don't Think So
Posted by on
JAMESTOWN, NORTH CAROLINA -- We allowed Empire Today to quote a price on installing ceramic tile over 215 sq. ft. of space. First of all, he brought in samples of engineered vinyl tile because that's what he sold the most of and assumed we'd want it. That was a bit off-putting at the outset because we knew we didn't want it. He brought in samples of ceramic tile, and even though we didn't like any of the samples, he pushed us to pick one or two so that he could quote us a price. At that point, we were just wasting our time because we didn't like anything we saw. Just for kicks, we pointed out 2 samples. One was significantly more expensive than the other, it turned out. The most expensive one came in at around $15,000, but after the "discount," we would pay more like $8,000. The cheaper tile was around $7,000 to start with, and after the discount it was reduced to the $4000 range. Even that was more than $1,000 higher than what we had been quoted by a local company. We explained that we didn't see a sample we liked, and he was gone in just under 2 hours. That was last Friday. Today (Wednesday), we got a call from another Empire representative who offered us a price of just less than $2,000 for what was probably the cheaper tile. I told him we didn't like the looks of it and had gone with another company. The bottom line is that the prices are rip-offs and people who wish to deal with these folks should either change their minds or always say "no" up front and wait for them to offer another price because if they buy from the representative in their home, they'll end up paying twice what they should. Even the price he gave me today was several hundred dollars more than the quote from a local company. It should have never been $4000 in the first place. These people are marketing artists and schemers. Buy local and save time and $$.
Company Response 12/09/2011:
Sonja, we’re sorry to hear our estimate didn’t meet your expectations. We pride ourselves on world-class service and are sorry to hear you went with another company. We hope you’ll reconsider giving us the opportunity to earn your business should you have any additional home improvement needs. Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you’re willing to give us additional feedback, please email us at customersupport@empiretoday.com or call us at 888-588-2315 x4195. Thank you, Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Alain on 2011-12-09:
As your review points out, sometimes a local company can beat the prices and quality of a national chain.
face it on 2012-01-19:
Well said Alain,
You will always get a better price and superior service hiring a private contractor. Empire, as well as the rest of these corporate pirates, need to be boycotted. COMPLETELY!!
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Empire Today- A Terrible Company
Posted by on
A perfect model of a scam operation. They say on their site that this is what they do:

•On the day of your appointment, a friendly, professional Sales Representative will arrive at your home to show you samples, allow you to match the samples with your existing décor, measure and give you a fully installed price to give your home a new look. The representative will discuss our financing options and also schedule your installation, which could even be next day!
•On the day of your installation, our experienced professional installers, who handle every job with care, will arrive at your home. After the installation is complete, they will review the job with you to make sure you're completely satisfied and provide you with access information for Empire's Product Care websites, featuring product care/maintenance information, manufacturer's product or Empire installation warranty information, and more details to extend the life of your product.

But don't believe it. Here are the actual steps:

1. You contact Empire
2. Empire sends out a very nice and convincing salesperson to talk you into spending as much money as they can.
3. You get an installation appointment. Bear in mind the samples this guy shows you, Empire in Chicago and the carpet warehouse they use are totally unrelated, unlike a carpet store you would walk into.
4. The installer shows up. The carpet is not what you ordered but a vastly inferior substitute. Suddenly the installer can't speak English and just apologizes. If you order a 4" pad, they arrive with a 2" pad. Whatever you thought you were getting, you will get much worse stuff, so bad in my case, I rejected the installation. They sent one guy to do a 3 man job.
5. Complaints go unaddressed or result in attacks by one of their tough guy departments. You will never get wrongs righted, your money back or a proper job.
6. If you seek smooth talkers, disoriented installers, bait and switch tactics, pressure sales, low quality services and products and incredible hostility from a company department you didn't even know existed, you will certainly want to call Empire Today.
7. I am now a professional property manager and just installed 2500 sq. yds. of carpet in a large building, around $100,000. I recommend any buyer of flooring to use a local company that sells and installs the products. They have a tougher time acting irresponsibly than do fragmented and remote outfits like Empire whose method is Get the customer's attention, Get their money, Give them crap, Ignore or abuse them afterwards.

I never have to tell fellow property managers about Empire as among this group, the word is already out. And that word is: Empire is junk and a scam: Ignore.
Company Response 04/11/2011:
I’ve read your post about our company and several things you mention are concerning to us. I’d like the chance to look up your account and to speak further with you so I may better understand what happened with your installation. As a whole, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the same quality, name-brand products offered in retail stores and world-class service throughout your entire experience with us. If you’re willing, would you please send your contact information to customersupport@empiretoday.com or contact me via phone at 888-588-2314 x4195 and I will follow back with you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager

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Alain on 2011-04-09:
Give a call to Rebekah Clerk (an Empire Rep that responded to a previous complaint in a company response) at 888-588-2315 ext. 4195 or e-mail her at customersupport@empiretoday. I'd be interested in seeing what response you get from her.
Mr Curious on 2012-01-19:
The Number Rebekah left is for a fax machine, kind of wonder if that was done on purpose, and Alain had to post the proper number instead.
face it on 2012-03-30:
Jack the boxer. Thank you for this review. I am indeed hopeful that at least one potential customer of Empire will in fact read this ,and instead of Empire ,they will call a local dealer/installer. If one person where to pop up and say something like "you sent me orange carpet and I wanted green" that would be about the end of it. There are THOUSANDS of complaints against Empire in regards to quality, professionalism,customer service,false advertising,and so on. How can a company continually get away with ripping people off this way? THIS MUST STOP!!!
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Stay away from Empire
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- In May 09, an Empire salesman sold my husband and I a product that was the "best thing" in vinyl. He showed us how durable it was, claiming it was water proof, and that it had a seamless quality. Within a few months, there was bubbling that had to be fixed. A couple months later we noticed a few gouges appear, the main seam continually became more noticeable and more bubbling appeared. In Jan 10, many attempts were made to contact Empire. It took several phone calls before someone came to inspect the floors. The repairman called the day prior to confirm the appt for an earlier time and that day. I corrected him and related the appt was set for 4pm the next day. He called late the next morning asking if he could come earlier. I told him no, neither my husband nor I would be there. I reminded him that our appt was for 4pm. He showed up to the house at two, my roommate let him in and he tried to repair the floors, not conduct an inspection like he was supposed to. Several weeks later, an actual inspector came to the house to examine the floor. He said he would try to compensate us the 3, 200 we had already spent and quote us tile instead of replacing the vinyl with more vinyl. The salesman called a couple days later, he said he would give us full compensation but, the tile installation would cost roughly 8, 000, 4, 900 with our compensation included. We got a second opinion from West Coast Flooring; they quoted us 3, 900 for all the same areas plus the fireplace and entry way. I have requested contact once again regarding a possible refund and have not heard back yet.
Our BBB complaint got us no where, we decided to go straight to the corporate office to file our complaint. The corporate 0ffice made us an offer to replace the vinyl with tile for $500. However, there were only five options none of which we liked. So, we requested a monetary settlement. They offered us 1/4 of the money we originally spent on the floors and a settlement agreement issuing a gag order and that we had to retract our BBB complaint and could not blog or forewarn anyone against the company.
My family owns a flooring installation business and I am familiar with the proper care and normal wear of a vinyl floor. In my opinion, Empire and their product are not meeting expected standards. We are unhappy with Empire due to the poor quality product sold to us and the terrible customer service. Considering the price difference and better customer service experienced with West Coast Flooring, we are dissatisfied with Empire.
Company Response 05/20/2010:
We are currently researching your concerns. We are dedicated to service and satisfaction. A representative from our customer service team will continue to be in contact with you to assist with all your concerns.
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dan gordon on 2010-05-19:
I would think the bubbles would be from the mastic they used. Even if there were a moisture issue it seems the installer has the burden of accepting the jobsite conditions. I'd sue in small claims. It would be somewhat easy to get another firm to give an opinion of what is causing the problem or pay for an independent flooring inspector. Good luck.
Nina goelz on 2012-06-30:
Terrible customer service. Going on 5 days and job is still NOT complete. Do nit trust BBB rating. I will be filling a formal complaint with the BBB, and calling my visa account to challenge payment.
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Bogus Quote - Square Footage Outrageous
Posted by on
STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had to replace the carpet in the hallways/staircase of a three story three family in Boston. I had used Empire before, so gave them a call and got an estimate. The price was $4.53 per sq. ft. installed. To say that the salesperson was incompetent would be generous. He had to measure everything three
times, could not do simple calculations. He made so many mistakes on the order crossing things out two and three times that it was unreadable. He told me that I had to put down a third of the total cost because it was a special order and would take 10-14 days to get the carpet. Then in the next breath said that it could be installed the next day.

Came up with an estimate of $3,692 based and 774.26 sq ft. I said that seemed high. He said: no, and that this was a big area. I asked if there was an additional labor charges since this was a staircase. He re-iterated: no, it's a flat fee. I agreed to remove and dispose of the old carpet to save $200. He called the office and the lowered price for $3,001 was agreed upon. When I ripped up the carpet I looked at them and concluded that there was no way that this was close to 800 sq ft. I measured it and came out with 304 sq ft. I am an architect with 30 yrs experience and an expert in this area. I had a third person measure it and he came up with 305 sq ft.

Granted it was a staircase with more waste than normal, but over150%. I called the office and complained. A manager came out and first he said was that in the order was written for 680 sq. ft., not the original 774.26 sq. ft. that the basis for the quote. He also confirmed that the price included installation and that there was not a separate labor charge. When I asked why there was no
adjustment and that the price still reflected the original 774.26 sq. ft. he had no answer. He also confirmed that it was in stock. No one has ever explained why I had put up $1,000 deposit instead of the standard $25. A question that remains unanswered to this day.

He measured and came up with 502 sq. ft. Not sure how using the same equation they came up with three different sizes for the same square footage of floor space. He told me that he would give me a $500 credit. I said OK and the installation was scheduled for the next day. I really didn't have much
of a choice, as I stood to lose the $1,000 deposit.

The installers arrived with the work order where the price was still $3,001. There also was a note to call after the work was done. When I told them that this is not the right price, they called to the office before they started, but the manager didn't want to talk. I took the phone and reminded that we
agreed to lower price by at least $500. He answered that he would discuss the final price after installation. The installers installed and I called to manager again. This time, he said the bill was $2,800. I reminded him again that he had agreed to a $500 credit from the $3001. He denied that he had ever having agreed to that. Among the scrap was a single piece 12ft x 6ft = 72 sq. ft and I tried to get a credit for it. I tried to pay for 430 sq ft instead the 502 sq. ft. (502-72=430), the amount actually installed plus waste. He said: no. So I said that I would pay for every sq in that was in the truck. I took out my calculator and computed: $4.53 x 502 sq. ft + 5% (taxes)= $2,387.76. He said: no, that
$2,601 was the best he could do. I reminded him that the contract was for $4.53 per sq. ft. for 502 sq. ft. not for 545 sq. ft. (There was a total 502 sq. ft. of carpet in the truck). I still questioned the 58% waste (based on 502 sq, ft., not the 545 sq. ft. that I was charged for), but have decided to drop it

He pretty much demanded the new higher price even though he could offer no explanation as to how he came to that price. He also told me that I had to pay it since it had already been installed even hough the new higher price had never been discussed. So, I paid $2, 601. Very expensive carpet for the 305 sq. ft. of floor space!
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dan gordon on 2009-06-13:
first I have been a cpt rep for Mohawk for many yrs. SF pricing is governed by the govt. What most people fail to realize is your buying 12 ft goods and cpt must be run in the same direction. Its not unusual to have to pay for more than the actual SF. Empire sales people are not employees and can charge what they like as 'independent salesmen'. Its normall for stairs to be charged at $5-7 per stair. Its rare for Empire to even break down their bids. I would never recommend a 'store' like empire to do any work. Box stores and franchises seldom give you the service you want or need. They don't have follow through when you have a problem. Someone is paying for all that advertising. Do you really think you get two rooms Free when you buy one? How many yrs can they be having a 60% off sale?
Nohandle on 2009-06-13:
Jim, you being an architect with 30 years experience I have no doubt you can properly measure square yardage. Many people don't. I also realize you understand dye lots and the flow of the carpeting. Many don't. You being an architect understand the perceived waste in staircases, hallways and seams with carpeting. Many don't.

Obviously you knew the exact square yardage you needed, taking into consideration the variables, so why did you initially agree upon the 774 SF when you in fact had 304 SF to be covered? Just curious.
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Not Truthful on Estimate and Pushy Sales Man
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHATSWORTH, CALIFORNIA -- We called for a free carpet estimate for 3 bedrooms (10x10) (12x10) & 16x12 and 13 stairs, we were shown cheap carpet stating it was high end and it didn't have the Company name on samples, but Empire's name. The sales guy tried to state it was Shaw, but I don't think Shaw would like that their name wasn't on these samples. Then he never showed us his true estimate just gave us a 50% off deal for installation, padding and carpet.

Our cost after the 50% was $2,250.00... We had other estimates for much less and it included better carpet and installation, padding & moving furniture. When we told him were still shopping and not sure yet, he started that fake phone call to his boss to get a better deal and he was a horrible actor and you could tell he wasn't even talking to anyone. Then gave us $250.00 off, he became to change his attitude and putting down our carpet we had and tried to give us a week to think about it but with a $50.00 deposit refundable up to a week. I didn't fall for any of his horrible sales antics and was done. We said no thank you and we did our research and read reviews and read our story over and over.

Shame on you Empire for just not sending good sales men and being more honest. Funny thing is basically stating it would of originally cost us for 3 bedrooms not even large rooms and 13 stairs that it would of cost us for low grade $4500.00 without the sale? Please give us homeowners better credit!!!! Bad Business!!!!
Company Response :
Hi Deb, we were disappointed to read your review, but we appreciate that you’ve taken the time to share your concerns with your sales appointment. It’s disappointing that your sales appointment did not meet your expectations, and we’d like to learn more about what happened. Because we are a full-service company, our pricing is all inclusive and covers product costs, installation labor, and any additional requested services. We also offer a price match guarantee. Unfortunately, we cannot locate your account with the information posted here. Please call us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or email your contact info to customersupport@empiretoday.com, and we will reach out to you. Thank you. Jeanette Ramey, National Customer Service Manager
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Salesman Sold Us Two Types of Floors We Could Not Use
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SOUTH HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- We ordered kitchen flooring from Empire. we agreed on wood planking. After a week the men came to install it we were told the floors were not level and they could not install it without it cracking. We were frustrated and were willing to accept white tile and the salesman promised to have the floors leveled as well. When the men came to install they AGAIN stated it too would crack and refused to install it: and there was nothing about leveling the floors on the paperwork.

this was a week before Thanksgiving and our floors were a wreck Empire offered $300.00 off of rugs we had installed as well, but it did not restore our trust in salesmen who misrepresent the facts to sell floors.
Company Response :
Hi James, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We are aware of the issues that prevented your installation from being completed, and we regret any inconvenience that occurred as a result. We understand that we’ve been in contact with you about these issues, and we’d be happy to discuss this further and address any unresolved concerns. You can reach us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or customersupport@empiretoday.com. Thank you. Jeanette Ramey, National Customer Service Manager
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Buy One Room, Get 3 Free Ads! "FRAUDULENT"!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GLADSTONE, OREGON -- We responded to the TV ad (buy one room, get 3 free). The year before we had our living room carpet replaced for about $800.00, but because of a new carpet burn from our fire place, we decided to take advantage of the ad offer and get a couple small bedrooms done as well. Even with the ad I knew there was bound to be extra charges. So I expected to pay double the living room costs. The sales bid came in @ over $5000.00! I asked the sales girl "how's that possible considering the ad"? She said the carpet was free for the extra rooms but we had to pay all labor. I asked how much per yard she was charging for the matching carpet. She had charged us 3 times the retail value for the carpet. Empire Flooring is the worst way to go for flooring. Go to a flooring store and find a reputable, local installer if you want a "real" fair rate for flooring and installation. Stay away from TV ads!
Joe builder
Company Response :
Carl, it’s disappointing that your sales appointment did not meet your expectations. We understand that you’ve gone with another company, but we would like the opportunity to learn more about your concerns and better explain our all inclusive pricing, as well as the promotion. If you’re interested in speaking with us, please contact us at 888-588-2315 x3555 or customersupport@empiretoday.com. Thank you. Angelica Snell, Resolution Team Manager
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Don't Waste Your Time or Money
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- We contacted Empire today for an estimate on new carpeting in our entire house. An Empire Today salesperson came out with samples of carpet and gave us an estimate of approx. $3000. He assured us that the carpet was good quality, and that there is a 10 year warranty should anything happen to it, such as excessive wear or stains. It also came with a 1 year installation warranty. We decided to purchase. Not even 2 months later, the new carpet looked worse than the 10 year old carpet we had replaced with it. It was worn down to almost nothing and it was falling apart from the seams and from the middle of the floor. We do not by any means abuse our carpet. We never wear shoes in the house, we vacuum at least twice a week, etc. So we called Empire and they told us that they would send an inspector out to look at it. Instead of an inspector, an Empire salesperson came out, but even he told us that there was clearly a problem with the carpet and that he said he would request a full replacement of an upgraded carpet. He took pictures and went on his way. Over 2 weeks later, after not hearing anything from Empire, I called them to check on our claim. The lady on the phone told us that the claim had been denied because, from the pictures, they could not see any defect in the carpet or the installation. When I asked to see a copy of the pictures, I was told that the salesman who took them passed away and they did not have access to his computer. After fighting with them for weeks, and filing a complaint with the BBB, they finally
Company Response :
Amanda, we regret that this matter has not yet been resolved. We understand that we have been in contact with you previously, and we will continue to work towards a resolution. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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User Replies:

PassingBy on 2013-09-18:
Amazing that they denied the claim based on the photos, yet now they can't because the salesman died. If even true sue them in small claims court.
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Designer/ Contractor - "Empire a Good Value"
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- After reading the reviews of a few disgruntled consumers, mostly directed at sales persons tactics, I had to jump in and give a professional opinion...I have 30 years of national design and architecture experience specifying and installing the finest materials. Empire's commission based sales staff is as varied as any other group of people trying to make a living, but their products (out of necessity) are the same as any other retailer...you simply get what you pay for. Of course anyone who has to foot the bill to schlep samples all over town with no promise of a paycheck is going to be disappointed, maybe even desperate, if a sale isn't made, and isn't it human nature to let those feelings show?

Nothing in life is free, including the gas it takes to show up at your door....so visiting a dealer where you really see multiple prices and qualities makes a much more informed buyer......recently I used Empire again for a house I was flipping and they did an absolutely superb job. Maybe beauty, or irritation, is in the eye of the beholder, and the disgruntled Empire customers are simply inexperienced buyers whose limited purchasing expertise is showing.....and their evaluation of their salesmen overly critical.
Company Response 08/19/2013:
We’re thrilled to know we were able impress you with our sales and service. Thank you for the recommendation, we look forward to working with you on your next project. – Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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dan on 2013-08-18:
I'm sorry but they sell Beaulieu carpet which is very very cheap at greatly inflated prices. If you have 30 yrs experience you would be buying from showrooms or dealers at far less than a 2-300% markup. Your facts don't justify the reality of how Empire Works.
BigAl on 2013-08-18:
You have a right to your own opinion but you do not have a right for your own facts. The sales techniques of Empire are based on company philosophy. Their pricing is also geared to maximize profits. In home pricing is a farce. The salesmen are instructed to quote a "price" that is way above retail and then high pressure the client into instant approval through a sham discount. To say that the consumers are at fault for not being "experienced enough" is laughable. You are right in saying that the salesmen take the brunt of the criticism but you fail to mention they are following corrupt and deceitful procedures mandated by corporate. Your so called "professional opinion" is inaccurate and worthless.
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Carpet Does Not Hold Up to Traffic Wear Over Short Time
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I purchased carpet for our living room, dining room and hall 1 1/2 years ago. At the 1 year mark they called wanting to know if we were satisfied. I had just been telling my husband how disappointed I was in how the carpet looked dull in the traffic areas and that the luster was gone compared to non traffic areas and how nice they looked. This was 1 year after installation and we had been gone to AZ for 4 months during this time. Empire came out, took samples, tested them and called back saying the manufacturer was replacing the carpet due to defect. All new carpet installed. We're 5 months down the road, and again we had been gone for 2 months to AZ so 3 months of use and the traffic pattern is showing a definite wear and the luster is gone again. Empire came out, took samples, tested and called back saying there was nothing wrong.

This is actually too bad, because I was going to replace our carpet in AZ next spring using their services. At this point I am very disappointed that I have a carpet that will most likely need to be replaced in the next year or so because the wear is not satisfactory. I will never use Empire again and feel that they let me down and their name is one that can be trusted.

To make it easy on yourself and save money long term, I would carefully select another carpet company.
Company Response :
Vickie, we regret that your product is not meeting your expectations, as we always want our customers to be completely satisfied with the products they receive. It’s disappointing that you’ve still been experiencing issues, and we will be following up with you shortly to discuss the situation in more detail. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 888-588-2315 x4195 or customersupport@empiretoday.com. Thank you. Rebekah Clerk, National Customer Service Manager
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Old Timer on 2013-08-15:
Empire are the biggest crooks in the carpet biz. Buy one room and they will carpet 100 more for free. Yeah right, with cheap crap carpet like this OP got.
dan on 2013-08-19:
you should look for carpet with 'appearance retention' warranties. Carpet normally mats down so what you describe as 'wear' is simply the way carpet performs. Better carpet has a high twist yarn and those products will carry an appearance retention warranty. Everything wlse won't. Look for a frieze textured carpet
Vickie Jones on 2013-08-26:
Empire sent out a 3rd party to test the carpet, Empire tol us the results came back that after a 2 month period of 2 adults in the house the carpet traffic wear appearance was normal. When we purchased this carpet I specially talked with the rep about not wanting a cheap carpet and getting one that would look good for several years. For the amount paid for this carpet it should not be showing major traffic wear patterns after 2 months. Very disappointed in Empire and will definitely not be purchasing any future carpet or any product from them. Save your money and save disappointment from poor quality carpet.
Vickie Jones on 2013-08-26:
Thank you, I wish I had known this prior to purchase and also had seen the 1 star rating. Lesson learned!
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