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Poor Construction
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OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- My husband and I just purchased our Engle Home in Oviedo, FL in Live Oak Reserve subdivision in December 2005. We paid over $600,000 for our home and absolutely nothing was done right in this house. I've had 2 rooms with the ceilings completely ripped out and replaced because one ceiling's drywall was pulling away from the beams, the other room's ceiling was lopsided and every single beam was visible. I have 2 other rooms where the ceiling is starting to show the same problem. My entire yard on the sides and back of my home wasn't even graded at all!! Any heavy rainfall and my yard will flood over. I have extensive cosmetic defects throughout the house, scratched appliances, damaged door frames with gouges, dents, carpet not tacked down in some parts of the house. I have 23 windows in my home almost half of them needed to be replaced because of being damaged with extensive scratches. Just an absolute nightmare!!!!
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CobraCat77 on 04/26/2006:
Did your inspector not see these problems? Because if they are gross problems he neglected to see, he may be on the line. If not, then it seems you got stuck with a nightmare and I'm sorry. You DID have an inspector, didn't you?
Ponie on 04/26/2006:
Cobra, my questions exactly.
Anonymous on 04/26/2006:
The Engle Homes Experience
It’s really quite simple. Build better homes and better neighborhoods in better locations. Give people choices of thoughtfully planned communities with access to schools and parks and golf courses and great family activities. Build exceptionally designed homes that afford lasting value. Provide a simple, enjoyable home buying process. Then make sure people are happy after they move into their new Engle home. This is the Engle Homes experience we’ve provided for more than 20 years to new homeowners all across America. Recently, we joined the Technical Olympic USA, Inc. family of companies to become one of the largest homebuilders in the country. This means even greater resources and cutting edge technologies backing up our very special commitment to you. To further enhance your experience, we offer all the financial services you’ll need through Preferred Home Mortgage, Alliance Insurance and Universal Land Title. For us, providing the Engle Homes experience is an all-consuming passion. Come tour one of our outstanding communities today. We truly believe that once you've discovered the Engle Homes Experience, you will want to call one of our carefully crafted neighborhoods home.
tawanda on 04/27/2006:
A friend of mine bouht a home in Kisseemee a few yeaers ago and ended up taking the builder to court. The roof had problems, the foundation cracked... It was bad. The builder had to refund the entire purchase price, and my friend quickly got over wanting to live near a lake. He found his perfect, well built home in Orlando. I encourage you to call the BBB and Attorney General regarding this builder. Hopefully they can give you the relief you seek without much more expense. :)
gunga on 05/10/2006:
I too live in Live Oak and I have to disagree with you for the most part. Here are my reasons:

Unlike many other builders Engle hired an inspector to check out our house prior to closing. This inspector found things that I did not find, he reported to us. He did not care if Engle liked what he said or not, they fixed everything we found even our entire kitchen countertop because it had a scratch on it, they make a punch list of many items. Can you imagine another builder out there that actually hires an inspector that is basically working to for you. I don't think so. I had a Mercedes home prior and they did nothing as far as inspections. All they said is heres a can of paint for touchups.

After he was done he had us fill out a survey. He said Engle wants all excellent, so they fix all problems they find. Well we never filled out the survey and still had our issues fixed.

Also for a year you can get Engle to fix problems. Most of those scratch and dent problems should have been brought up way in advance by you, blame yourself there. They aren't that hard to see. Replace all the windows for scratches give me a break.

I would think the wall issue would have been repaired within the 1 year warranty period, if not it could still be brought up. The carpet problem is a simple repair and I would not doubt that Engle would fix it for nothing if you called.

I have neighbors that are in their home for 2+ years and Engle still repairs problems at no cost.

I too have a few issues with our home. But I live with them. They aren't cosmetic, if you want to see crappy workmanship go find people that have Ryland as a builder.

It's funny how people bring up the amount of money they paid for a home and expect to get better quality for what they paid for. My neighbor paid 220,000 and complaints much like this person.

I paid 240,000 for my home in 2004 and its worth 500,000 now. If I felt as bad about the deal as you I'd probally pack up and sell it. But all of those issues are minor.
nickp on 10/30/2006:
WOW, this person is FULL of crap. I am the WINDOW INSTALLER FOR LIVE OAK. I know EVERY HOUSE I have installed. I know for a FACT you DO NOT replace WINDOWS for SCRATCHES, that is ABSURD, as any scratches are nominal if anything but are ALWAYS spray painted over with special paint to CONCEAL AND COVER ANY SCRATCHES. You obviously do not know anything about anything and just spurting crap from your mouth. I take this as SLANDER, you are lucky I do not want to pursue this any farther.
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Engle Homes' Poor Quality and Construction Has Lead to Misery 10 years later.
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It's too late for us; we went with Engle Homes because of the location. There were other builders but we ended up choosing Engle.

Ten years later, it never ceases to amaze me how cheap Engle Homes is. As an example, our shutters flew off after a few years. Repair guys couldn't believe it and asked who our builder was. When we said, "Engle" they weren't surprised.

Today, we found out that we have a crawl space in our closet that can be opened. Behind there is a spot with light fixtures, etc... Yet, we never knew about this since Engle slapped together a piece of wood and covered it up. This area was meant to have drywall and flooring. Instead, there was a 3 foot board which was screwed in - not even nailed. It took us a half hour to undo the screws. The reason that we had to go back there was because of a leaky roof!

This brings me to another thing: They ended up hanging our gutters so that they drain towards our house! We have had to pour money into contractors to get this fixed. Additionally, they noticed that shingles have not been put tightly and Engle never did put water proofing under the shingles.

If you have a choice, you should avoid Engle at all costs. I haven't outlined our other headaches with these guys, but now with the advent of ratings systems, I hope that the word spreads.
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Venice09 on 04/05/2010:
Your review makes me realize how lucky we've been. We bought our house as new construction almost thirty years ago and ended up with a solidly built structure that has required no major repairs or maintenance over the years. But it really was just a matter of luck because we had no idea what we were doing back then.

I think you review is very helpful for anyone researching builders. When it comes to houses, it's never too late to share your experiences. It also helps buyers know what to look for and/or ask about before deciding on a builder. Very helpful.
Anonymous on 04/06/2010:
Our house is an old remodeled school house. We lost our shutters 3 times due to high winds during tornadoes.
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MARICOPA, ARIZONA -- Engle home builders has terrible customer service. I purchased a new home in "Province", Maricopa town, Pinal county.

I visited their design center to make selections. After selections were made, I wanted to change my selection to a larger tile. Engle Builders would not allow me to change my selction.

This with 8 months to go before my home is even completed!!!!! Engle would not be bothered with changing a piece of paper. If you buy an Engle home don't make any changes. They will not honor them. DON'T BUY AN ENGLE HOME. DON'T BUY AN ENGLE HOME.
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SWRaider on 01/14/2006:
Engle Homes has the WORST customer service I have experienced. We checked out their rating before buying and they were excellent. They hire unskilled labors who don't speak English so you cannot communicate with them. From the President down they do not return calls. They claim they called you, e-mailed you, scheduled laborors to come...yet nothing. I have taken 72 hours of vacation time in two months waiting around on laborer to show...that never show. When we threatened to file a complaint with the register of contractors, they gave us their license number our house was built under. That right there indicates they don't care. I have had MAJOR problems with my home. From not properly caulking causing my upstairs bathtub to leak into my downstairs office. It took them 3 months to fix and we had to tell them every step of the way what needed to be done. Now they cannot locate the color of my house so my house is three different colors. I have been extremely disappointed with the customer service, the workmanship, the lack of concern to repair their mistakes. I campaign everyone to NOT BUY AN ENGLE HOME! My first home was a Pulte Home and to go from Pulte (which had fantastic work ethic) to Engle was shocking.
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