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Drop off charges ????
Posted by Not happy about this on 06/12/2007
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I recently rented a car from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport location. My husband and I flew into Raleigh-Durham and rented a vehicle from Enterprise to drive home. We had a lot of business to take care of and were going to be coming home with a lot of belongings so we decided to drive home. I have rented from Enterprise in the past and have always had a positive experience. This time it turned into a nightmare. I made the reservation online and even had a live online chat with a customer service representative. When we got to the Enterprise office in Raleigh, it was so crowded. There were people everywhere. By the time it was my turn to go up to the counter, it was such a rush and when they asked me if anyone else would be driving the vehicle and I said, yes, my husband, they only asked me for his driver’s license and didn’t need to see or talk to him. He was standing outside with all of our luggage. They just took my driver’s license, his license and my credit card and the woman who took care of me only asked me if I wanted a Sonata or a Taurus and then told me to come outside and get the car. We were rushed outside, she pulled the car up and handed me the keys. I asked her if she was going to inspect the vehicle before giving to us and she said “Oh yeah, it’s so busy here today, I almost forgot”. I also had to ask her to mark how much gas was in the vehicle because it was only ½ full.

The trip was fine but here is the really bad part. We drove back to New York and when I went to return the vehicle to my local Enterprise office, they looked at me like I had five heads. The Customer Service Representative told me that they do not accept cars from other branches. You cannot even imagine this ordeal. I have never had a problem like this with any other company I’ve rented from and have never heard of such a policy. The CSR then proceeded to call the Raleigh office and put me on the phone with a CSR there who was very rude to me and said that they do not do “one way rentals”. I never knew about this. When I made the reservation I clicked on “drop off at another location” and that was it. I never thought about this nor was I ever informed about this policy. Apparently though, if you rent from an Enterprise office, the vehicle must be returned to that office no matter where else you drive to. I was shocked. There was no way I would have ever rented the vehicle from them if I knew this. They said there was going to be this big drop off charge and when I told them no one had ever informed me about it, they said I should have known before I rented the vehicle. They then put me on the phone with a manager and he was also very rude to me. I explained that the day of the rental, I was rushed out and when they asked me if I would be driving anywhere else, I said yes and they never asked me where or anything. They give you unlimited mileage but you still have to drop the vehicle off at the location you rented it from. I was really both annoyed and shocked and frankly, very very nervous. Since the manager was rude to me, I asked him very sarcastically, “So, what if I drove to California, would I still need to drive the vehicle back to Raleigh”, he chuckled and said “yes” and then I said, “This is absurd, I can’t believe how this company operates” and with this awful rude tone he said to me “Then you should have rented with another company”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and then I got more annoyed and loud and he started saying they were going to charge me $2.00 per mile which would have come out to around $1,100.00 plus the rental, which was only $206.00 to begin with. I told him I didn’t have that kind of money and he started saying he’d have to pull someone from his office to come and pick up the vehicle and when I said, “Can’t someone just rent the car from there, he said they don’t share vehicles. I said “How was I supposed to know that?” and he said, “You should have asked”. Whoever heard of such a thing? He then said I should read my contract and I told him, “Are you kidding me, I was rushed out of there, I’m lucky I got my full name on the line”. So after this whole back and forth drama and the manager at the Enterprise office I was attempting to drop the vehicle off spoke to this guy in Raleigh, he gets back on the phone with me and tells me that “he doesn’t normally do this for anyone and can get in big trouble but he’ll do me a big favor and ONLY charge me $550 plus the rental”. Now I only had $500.00 to go on my credit card, they took a $200.00 hold and the rental was $206.00 so I thought I was covered for the initial rental and told this person that I did not have enough to pay for it and he told me to “Figure it out”. I then got very frustrated and the manager where I was took the phone from me and was trying to work something out. He took the keys and said he was working it out and was going to check out the vehicle to make sure there were no damages (which there were none) and that I had enough gas (which there was a full tank) and then told me everything was okay and that the Raleigh office would be contacting me to “negotiate” something.

I did not hear anything from them and kept trying to call and left several messages. When I checked my credit card online, I saw that there was no balance left and when I called the credit card company, they told me that the card was charged by Enterprise for $550.00 and when I told them I did not authorize the charge, they told me that I had to call Enterprise and that there was nothing they could do for me. I kept trying to call Enterprise, left more messages, sent emails and to no avail. Today I looked at my credit card statement online again and there was now a charge for $899.28!!!! I cannot figure this out. I am so upset and now I am going to be charged who knows what from my credit card company for going WAY over the limit. I finally had a chance to calm down and read the back of the contract and there is a part that says they can charge a drop off fee of $100.00 or $.50 per mile if the car is dropped off at another location, whichever is greater. So to the best of my estimation, at 550 miles charged at $.50 per mile, would come out to $275.00 and even if they add the $206.00 for the original rental that comes out to $681.00. What is the extra $218.28 for? I am so confused and keep calling to get them to send me a bill or an estimate, a breakdown of what they are charging me but I cannot get anyone’s assistance. This was just not a pleasant situation, there’s no way we would have rented this vehicle had I known any of this, I would have made other arrangements for sure and I know it is my responsibility to read this contract, but it’s a four page contract, in tiny little writing and it was such a rushed rental, I just don’t know what to do and how I am going to pay for this. Can you imagine a person wanting to go through this? Had I known any of it, I never would have bothered. Was I supposed to guess that this was their policy? Do I let them just get away with this? How do I know they won’t charge me more money again??? I am really very upset and need some guidance on this one.

I do not feel this was fair treatment and I was treated very rudely. Does anyone out there care about consumers? Are we all just to be made to bow down to these big companies and have to deal with whatever they dish out? Am I just another number? Someone, please help!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-12:
From Enterprise's web site -
Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-06-12:
It is extremely unusual to find a company that doesn't charge for large drop off fees. I used the Enterprise website and could not find any 'one way' rental except for what emt_c says above. And, when you do have a one-way rental with another company they need to know your destination, not that it is just one way.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-06-12:
Yep, it says it right on the page when you go to reserve a car.

One Way Requests

Generally, one way rentals are possible within a metropolitan area. Please consult with the Enterprise office to determine if a one way rental is possible.
Posted by Dedicated Reader on 2007-06-12:
You wrote, "I know it is my responsibility to read this contract." That sums up the problem.

Then, "Are we all just to be made to bow down to these big companies and have to deal with whatever they dish out?"

Yes, you do -- because you agreed to their terms when you signed the contract.
Posted by Ceese on 2007-06-13:
Wow!!! Okay to say that I was ballsy and flippant I think is a bit extreme. Naive may have been a better word to use but not ballsy or flippant. How was I being ballsy by renting a car and making a very honest mistake? That is ballsy to you? I didn't have the intention of causing myself so much grief, I mean give me a break. Where do you come from? You can clearly see that I had no idea about this and why don't they ask you these questions when you are renting? I was even told by a manager where I dropped the car off that this should have been explained to me before they even let me sign anything. Why is it so hard to imagine that you can rent a car and drop it off at another location from the SAME EXACT company? You can buy something from a store and return it at the same store in another location, can't you? I don't get it and think that some of your comments were a bit harsh. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but geez!

Also, one of the biggest car rental companies, Avis lets you do one way rentals, picking up from one location and dropping off at another. A friend of mine actually rented with them recently and dropped off in another state with no problem. I did not want to rent with them though because to return it where I live, I would have had to go much farther away from home and wind up taking transportation home afterward.

Hertz, another huge car rental company also lets you do this. Apparently, the jerk in Raleigh was right, I should have rented with someone else. I just know better for next time though. My whole point to posting my complaint was to vent and my despair over their lack of understanding and their rush right out of the gate to be totally rude to me. That was unwarranted. Then to lie to me and tell me what they were going to charge me, disregard my phone calls and charge me whatever they felt like was my actual issue. I thought this was very sneaky and let me tell you THAT WAS BALLSY!

So again, now explain to me how this was ballsy and flippant on my part? I don't understand how you guys were so shocked when other big companies have no problem with this and it is such a non-issue with them. What companies do you rent from?

Thanks for all that support fellow consumers!
Posted by markml on 2007-07-03:
I can definitely understand your frusteration and plight. And I do think that poor level of customer service should be unacceptable, but unfortunately it is not surprising for a rental car company.

However, to consider it from their perspective, the reason they wanted to charge you so much is because they now have the hassle of transporting the car back to Raleigh (i.e. they have to hire a driver to take it back, pay for the gas, and the car is not making money for them while it's not being rented). It probably would have been cheaper for you to drive the car back yourself and then take a bus home.

Also, certainly not all stores will accept a return from another location. The ones that have really large inventories and distribution systems (like Walmart probably) will, because they get huge shipments everyday, so even if someone bought all of one item at a store and returned it to another store, it wouldn't effect them that much.

This is obviously not true of car rental agencies, which can only have a small finite number of cars at every lot. When you return the Raleigh car somewhere else, that is one less car they have in the lot, because they probably don't get new cars delivered everyday.

I'm not sure how Avis and Hertz manage to do one-way rentals so easily, but my guess is that it is easier for them because they are much larger companies. Also, I think they generally charge much more than Enterprise for their rentals, so in some cases, the price of "one-way" is built-in to the rental fee.

Still, the customer service was very unacceptable. Thanks for the advice about Enterprise.
Posted by leopard on 2007-07-13:
I worked in the car rental for 3 years at hertz, and I have a friend at enterprise. The reasons you can rent 1 way from Hertz, Avis, and a few other companies is because they are corporately owned. enterprise is different. Each branch is individual, and owned by that particular branch. They are permitted to share cars with other branches in the same metropolitan area. The reason the agent was so upset, is because now he has to fly an employee to new york to retrieve his property and endure large expenses for airline tickets and the cost of driving the car back to its home area. All of this expence which Im sure will come to a lot more than the $900 you were charged will come directly off his bottom line. Car rental employees' pay comes mainly from profit after overhead. Because of this incident, this particular branch will probably not profit this quarter. Car rental offices are always run with only 3-5 employees per branch, and it sounds like this raleigh branch is in a very busy location. so for your failure to read your contract or throughly read the website, you are taking an employee away for up to 2-3 days to retrieve your car. Next time, take your time, even if it is busy to fully understatnd your contract, and read it completely before you leave the area.
Posted by mcm on 2008-02-12:
The same thing happened to me; I made the reservation online for a van in San Francisco, and called to confirm; when asked where I was going, I said "moving to Portland".. no one said "you can't drop off the vehicle there!"
They were shocked when I returned the van. It would NEVER have occurred to me that they do not do one-way rentals. My rental time period would have been close to physically impossible; I would've had to drive to Portland, then automatically turn back around to drop off the van in SF again, making no stops for gas!! If it's such an issue getting a vehicle back, common sense would suggest that they'd ask where I intended to return the van.

Now they want to charge me over a $1000; I'm disputing the charges on my card and having them removed, and fighting it as much as I can.

I'm taking the issue to a local news show as well; I won't pay more than was originally quoted to me without a fight. If I made a mistake by missing the fine print in the contract, then so did they, by not asking where I would return the vehicle. They need to own up to their unclear reservation policies and unhelpful, clueless customer service.
Posted by michigan-mom on 2008-09-23:
I feel bad for you, but be glad it was not HERTZ!

I had a 35 DAY one way rental from HERTZ.

My personal car burned so I had to wait on the insurance co. I returned the car and had the same problem with returning it. Prior to dropping off the car I had talked to the HERTZ Corporate Office and the Alpena MI location where I rented the car from to clear the drop off and still had the same problem. I requested they send me a bill when they had it figured out and never received one. I had used my Debit card to secure the car so they attempted to run the charge through my checking account sending everything flying.

TOTAL CHARGE FOR 35 DAYS @ $129.00 per day

Their web page says: Competitive rates with no separate Drop-Off Fees.

I could have bought the car for that.
COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! no matter how small
Posted by Gwen on 2012-08-13:
I feel for you. I agree they should have took the time and explain that to you. I'm going one way but returning to an airport but I had to do it by phone. The local place was going to charge me for one way. This saved me $50.00. I haven't pick up the car yet but I can't wait til I show them my reservation. They also put ahold on your bank account of $150.00 til you return the car. It's very confusing but you would think that they would have explain it to you. They did to me and then I decided to call the main company. You can take it to any airport free of charge.
Posted by Tony on 2013-05-23:
I have rented twice from Enterprise in the last few months with both being one way rentals and I had no problems. First rental I needed a car because mine was totaled in an accident - I rented in San Jose and dropped in Monterey. They told me there would be a $75 drop fee, but they forgot to put in the computer, so when I dropped off, I wasn't charged. Second rental was to move from Monterey, CA to SLC, UT. I reserved online the one way rental and then called to confirm the pricing and policy on miles. My quoted rental price included the mileage and drop fee in the rate (no extras). When I dropped in Utah, I had no problems. I have had nothing but great experiences with Enterprise. (I do book through USAA, though for a member discount - don't know if that makes a difference?)
Posted by aw on 2013-06-14:
i accept one ways everyday. i cannot always send them out if i am short on cars. we do NOT go retrieve the cars back, we just lose them and the income until we get one to replace it. i am ALWAYS upfront about charges and am sorry you had a bad experience, the pros of this company outweigh the cons and most of the cons are things the customers never see!
Posted by Larry Amitin on 2013-07-30:
If there is a problem with a company charging you an unfair amount, most credit card companies will remove the charge pending an investigation. I hope this helps you.
Posted by Jack on 2013-09-24:
It's very easy. It's your responsibility to ask these important questions and not just assume regardless of how simple it may sound. If you had asked and been told something difference you may have something. You didn't ask and didn't read the contract - that's solely your fault. Be responsible -you're an adult. If everyone posting here is saying its your bad then stop and take a look at it with an honest eye.. You messed up. Deal with it. We all make mistakes time to get over it
Posted by Peter on 2014-03-21:
I know this is written long after the original review but here is my experience. I rented from Enterprise with a pickup at an airport and drop off in my home city. It is very clear on the website that you must enter the location where you are dropping the car off, not just click a box saying your will not be returning it to the pickup location. The website even shows how much the dropoff fee will be, mine was $25. But I've tried to rent one-way from other airports to other cities and the dropoff fees were hundreds of dollars I think the problem started when you didn't understand the website, everything after that just snowballed into a huge frustration. Also, I rented one-way (airport-to-home city) online, when I got to the airport I thought I might get a better deal and was told they don't rent oneway, so they pulled up my reservation and waa-laa, one-way.
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Damage Recovery Unit Incompetent and Harassment!
Posted by Harrassed customer on 07/18/2009
When I returned my rental car the Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental office representative made me spend 30 to 40 minutes filing a claim with my insurance company to cover for the hail damage on the rental car. He also made me wait while he called the insurance company back to make sure he had all the insurance information. I paid the rental fees, my deductible (for my insurance claim) and left, thinking that was the end of that!

A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail from the Damage Recovery Unit asking for my insurance information. I called them up and was told that yes they did have the insurance information. But that was not the end of it; Yesterday (which was a few weeks after the first letter) I got another letter in the mail - only this time in addition to saying they did NOT have the insurance company information, they also enclosed the invoice for the repair done on the car.

When I called my insurance company they told me that Enterprise NEVER did get back to them.

The representative at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental office OBVIOUSLY had no problem contacting my insurance company, so either the DRU is very incompetent or they have no clue how to use the phone. Instead of trying to contact my insurance company, they harass me by sending letters after letters asking for the SAME information. What is unbelievable is to think their business comes mostly from people who need rental cars while the cars in the shop and so they deal with insurance companies constantly. Why won't they contact my insurance company or RETURN my insurance company call?

I am aggravated and do not appreciate the harassment and will NEVER rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car anymore and will advise anyone to seek rental cars elsewhere. There are BETTER alternatives than Enterprise Rent-A-Car out there!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-18:
I wasn't aware insurance companies are responsible for hail damage. Hail would damage the car even if its sitting in their lot.
Posted by rayzehrung on 2012-07-09:
M3C, Exactly! That is what I think happened to me. They had damage when it was returned and stabbed me for the damages. Here's what happened to me:

For years, I have been a good customer of Enterprise Rent A Car. I fly into DC every month to see my girls who live in the DC area. This past time, I dealt with a young black man who seemed to have it in for me. He showed me an upgraded car (I have been VIP for years, so I am used to upgrades from Enterprise) and asked me if it was OK. I took a walk around the car and did not notice anything glaring about the condition of the vehicle. It was a Dodge crossover SUV type vehicle with just over 14K miles.

I kept the car for the six days, returning it at 4 am, as I had promised. Since nobody was there (at the Enterprise area of DCA), I left the car and went to catch my flight.

Two days later, i received a letter stating the the vehicle had suffered "damage to the roof due to hail" and that I was responsible for 2300 in damages. I called and said that I did not look on the very roof of the vehicle when I checked it out, since it is an SUV and i am a senior citizen and did not feel comfortable climbing up on the wheel well and looking at the top roof. After all, I had never thought to look at the top roof of any SUV I rented in the past.

Enterprise insisted that the car had been damaged whist in my possession, a finding that I found difficult, since I could not remember any hail coming down while i was in the DC area.

I went to the NOAA (National Oceanographic and Aerospace Agency) and looked up the storm reports for the week I had the car. There were no reports of hail within 300 miles of where I was. Since I had only driven the car for 225 miles, I figured this was proof positive that the care did NOT receive any hail damage whilst I had it in my possession. I even emailed the link to the NOAA to the claims people at Enterprise.

They continued to deny my claim that the vehicle was damaged before or after I had possession and insisted that I either have my insurance company (AAA) pay for the damage or that I pay for the damage myself.

I am very angry at the way I was treated. Even after I provided absolute PROOF that no hail had occurred while I was in possession (an impossibility), they continued to insist that I was responsible.

My take on this is that the young black radical who helped me had it in for me. I am a successful businessman and he had an attitude from the get go. I cannot prove he purposefully gave me a car he knew was damaged, but I feel i was setup.

Now...since I have not listed his name, i am not committing libel, but the real kicker is that even with POSITIVE PROOF from the main storm SCIENTIFIC center for the USA, Enterprise continued to claim the car had been damaged while in my possession.

My insurance company is going to pay the claim, minus my deductible, but the absolute crappy way I was treated has firmed up my resolve to NEVER again rent from Enterprise, or their sister companies, Alamo, or National. I spend about 6K a year on just my DC trips with them, but now...I just booked a six day rental with Hertz, my old car company, who for some reason, I quit using (I think Enterprise is cheaper, now I know why, jerks).

So, here you have it. An unscrupulous company claiming damages to a vehicle by a loyal customer, even after proof has been provided.

I almost thought about suing them, but finally, just decided to let my insurance pay and leave as many bad reviews for them as possible.

Caveat Emptor.
Posted by Unhappy Customer on 2012-08-05:
I just received notification from the Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit that I "damaged" their vehicle during my 3 day rental. Absolutely rediculious, the vehicle was in same condition when I returned it as when I picked it up. After some research this appears to be a recurring theme with Enterprise, I think a class action law suit is in order!!
Posted by faryal on 2013-03-23:
This happened to me too!Class action suit is definately in order.
Posted by Deepti on 2013-07-29:
Same thing happened to me! I have credit hold against renting cars right now.. and they have reported me to a collections company. All the while, when they haven't provided documentation proof to my insurance company. Ashley L Harris from the Damage Recovery Unit is the one incharge of my case and is probably the worst thing that happened to any customer service related job. The case has been pending since september 2012 and it has still not been resolved- can only speak of her incompetence in providing two simple documents to the insurance company.
Posted by Ramen on 2013-09-27:
I got a car with enterprise a person hit me n the back there were no dents only a scratch. I offered to fix it my self. They refuse and took my deposit. Then they say I had the car for an extra day . I got the car at 12 noon Friday they say I got it 7 in the morning. Now they no I got it at 12 n they still want give me my money. I hate them
Posted by Enterprise cares on 2013-10-14:
Thank you for your post and making us aware of your experience. My name is Kat and I am a Social Monitoring Coordinator for Enterprise Rent A Car and would like to assist you. Please email Care@Enterprise.com with your contact information, rental agreement number, and exact branch location so we can follow up with you directly. Please also type reference number 131014-001950 in the subject line of your email.

Best Regards,
Social Monitoring Coordinator
Enterprise Rent A Car
Posted by rob cosby on 2013-10-28:
this also happened to my family. Enterprise lied and said we damaged their vehicle. I not only have integrity but many safe driving awards. never rent from Enterprise- they blatantly LIED- the location i rented from was in Midlothian,Virginia in April 2010
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Enterprise UK damage waiver scam
Posted by Paul volunteer on 10/18/2005
HEATHROW AIRPORT -- When I returned my car rental to Enterprise at Heathrow last August they found a 4 inch scratch underneath the plastic bumper, the kind of scratch incurred when you ride up on a curb when parking (something we didn't do by the way). You had to get down on your knees to see it. I can't imagine any other rental car company in the world would find much less consider the scratch as damage. They took a pre-charge of 50 British pounds and suggested the final charge would be less. They also promised I'd be notified within a few days as to the final charge.

Seventy-five days on I get a charge to my credit card for a total of almost $400 including the initial 50 Pounds and no explaination as to how they spent all that money fixing a 4 inch scratch in plastic!

Do me a favor and pass on the news. Don't ever rent from Enterprise in the UK.
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Posted by ahoyle on 2007-11-26:
The EXACT same thing happened to me in Jacksonville, FL. I had the care for less than 24 hours and it's costing me $375.05
Posted by enterprise scam on 2011-02-24:
same thing happened to me in Burlington, Ontario Canada. Next time I rent a car I am going to lie down underneath the car and take pics.
This is a huge scam.
Posted by got scammed on 2011-11-19:
same thing happened to me in Minnesota. seems like they want to make something out of nothing. it felt they are robbing you and can't do really nothing! i'll never rent another car to this company again!
Posted by Doug on 2013-03-27:
Hired from Enterprise at Heathrow for one day only. Car driven home and back to airport. No car parks or other stops apart from final petrol top -up.
They found a small dent which could not have been caused during my rental. They persist incharging me £800. This must be a scam at Heathrow - many other hirings from this firm OK.
Suggest anyone else complains to Group Chairman in the US. They are big but should check their franchisees and staff more thoroughly.
I will never use them again.
Posted by Mike Osbourne on 2013-05-13:
The exact same thing happened to me today..there was a 4 inch scratch very similar..they tried to charge me the full excess £800.00..

I have hired with them numerous times prior nd never had a problem..If anyone does ever hire a car from them I suggest you check, double and triple check for any marks..

I finally called the UK HQ and they declined from charging me as they stated the damage had been done in a previous rental..!

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Vehicle purchased from Enterprise Car Sales in Van Nuys, CA
Posted by on 04/24/2002
VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- Re: Vehicle purchased from Enterprise Car Sales in Van Nuys, CA

To whom it may concern:

On 5/12/2001 I bought a Buick Regal at Enterprise Car Sales in Van Nuys, CA.

Unfortunately, the car never performed well. Since purchasing the car I have taken the car in for repairs 6 times. The last time I took in the car for repairs was 4/3/02. The automotive shop told me the transmission had to be replaced. I finally got my car back on 4/10/02. The same problem I took the car in for happed again the next morning 4/11/02. Frustrated with all the car repairs I called the credit union with some advise as to what to do 4/12/02. I was told to call Autoland and see if they could get me into a new car. I immediately called Autoland and spoke with (removed). I set up an appointment for 4/15/02 to see (removed). The next day 4/16/02 (removed) called me to inform me I owed more on my car then it is worth, which I knew already. He advised me to call the credit union loan department and ask for a new car loan and a personal loan for the remainder of the loan. My cars trade-in value was $9,200 and I owed $16,277 on the loan. On 4/17/02 I spoke to (removed) from the loan department. Unfortunately she was not able to help me with any loans, she advised me to call Enterprise car sales and see if there was anything they could help me with. I then called Enterprise car sales in Van Nuys and spoke with (removed), Branch Car Sales Manager. He told me that he could not help me since he had not heard about my problem before and I did have the car now for almost a year. In September 2001 when I started having problems I did go into Enterprise and spoke to (removed). I told him what was going on and he in turn directed me to (removed). Either way, all (removed) could say was for me to take the car back to (removed) Automotive Center and see if they could fix the problem again. I cant remember if I talked to (removed) again on 4/19 0r 4/20, but she asked if I would consider getting a 2nd Mortgage on my house. I could not see myself doing that. Frustrated with all the car problems I went to see a sales associate at (removed)(4/22/02) and see if they could help me in any way. I was able to trade in the Buick Regal and get into a new car. I now have a new car, my payments doubled, but at least I have the security of driving a dependable car.

I have filed a Better Business Bureau complaint regarding Enterprise Car Sales. After about $3,800 in car payments and $860 (EMRP warranty company covered the bigger cost)in car repairs I have nothing to show for it. I had to pay $2,800 for a down payment on a new car, which I put on a credit card. To pay off that credit card I have taken a loan from my retirement. In no way can I say that I received any help for either the Credit Union or Enterprise Car Sales. I am now in further debt then ever before.

I will never recommended Enterprise Car Sales. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-16:
Let this be a hard lesson. You get what you pay for and buying a car from a rental car company is a huge mistake. The cars are often driven short distances in harsh driving conditions. Although they may, and I stress MAY, have regular maintenance, this is usually not good enough. I am sorry for your losses. Good luck
Posted by Lesson Learned on 2012-10-17:
I will never buy a car from Enterprise Car Sales again! I bought a 2009 chevy impala less then 2 yrs ago and now have to pay close to $3000 to get my transmission replace because its out of warranty!!!!! N yes I kept up with my oil changes n fluids! Soooooo not a happy customer!!!!
Posted by Anon on 2013-04-17:
I am sorry for the trouble you had with your Buick but I do not agree with the two comments. I have bought before from Enterprise and had not one second of trouble and am about to buy again. Also have a family friend that has bought two cars from them and not a problem. Other rental companies may not take car of their cars as well and there may be some lemons but I have always had good luck with Enterprise cars.
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Enterprise Scam
Posted by Shoelady on 11/20/2006
OKLAHOMA CITY -- On October 30, 2006, I rented a car from Enterprise Rental, 7500 S. Shields, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, due to the fact that my own personal car, a 2005 Suzuki Forenza, had been hit and damaged by my neighbor while backing out of his driveway. My neighbor was insured by Allstate who covered all the necessary repairs to my vehicle. When settling the claim to my vehicle, Allstate advised me that I could have access to a rental car free of charge to me through their rental agency partnership with Enterprise while my own personal car was being repaired.

I rented this car from Oct. 30, 2006 until Nov. 14, 2006 while my own personal car was being repaired at Legends Auto Body shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When I returned the car on the afternoon of Nov. 14, 2006, I was greeted by a young woman who shook my hand and took the keys and the pink copy of my paperwork, said “thank you” and then walked to the back of the agency. Normally I would have left at this point but I had forgotten to tell her I needed a courtesy ride to the auto body shop where my personal car was being repaired. All of the agents were busy at the time, so I waited about 10 minutes for someone to wait on me. Finally the young woman came back to the counter and seemed confused as to why I was still in the agency. She asked me if there was something else I needed and I told her I needed a courtesy ride. She said, “Oh yeah just a minute while I go take a look at the car you returned” like she had forgotten she needed to do this. She took a clipboard out with her and came back into the agency about sometime later, went up to one of the male rental agents and said something to him. He then proceeded to ask us if we knew anything about the damage to the left side of the car. I told him that damage was already there (as stated in my explanation below) and he disagreed with me. I reminded him that at the time I rented the car, he mentioned the car had some dings, dents and scratches on it and he disagreed with me again. He then asked for the name of my insurance company and my deductible amount, and asked us to sign some paperwork, which I refused to supply to him because I am not responsible for this previous damage. At this point he refused to listen to anything else I had to say, ignoring me and referring another agent to me who explained that Enterprise would be investigating this damage as damage caused by me while the car was in my possession. After waiting about 15 more minutes, I was finally supplied a courtesy ride back to the auto body shop to pick up my personal car.

When I arrived at Enterprise on the morning of Oct. 30, 2006 to pick up my rental car, I was told there were no cars available at the moment but there should be one available soon because one had just come in but was in such a mess, it was having to be cleaned up and would be available, if I would just wait a few minutes inside the rental agency. After about 20 minutes, one of the agents (Agent #104CW) told me my car was ready and gave me a set of keys. He had me go over the standard rental paperwork and initial at the spots where I declined the additional insurance. He told me to come outside the dealership in the parking lot right outside the front door so he could “get me ready to go.” He had a clipboard in his hand and showed me the car that was to drive, a late model 2-door red Chevy Cobalt. He walked around the car making notes on his clipboard. He acted like he was in a hurry and stressed, and it was very cold outside and wind was blowing, so the entire walk around process lasted about 2 minutes.

At the back of the car, he stopped and stated “this car was a mess when it came in and the seats were pretty dirty and stained but we got them cleaned up” and went on further to state “there are some dings and dents and a few scratches on the car but it’s in good shape” while pointing with his hand in a general manner to the car. I made the statement to him “Well as long as it doesn’t break down on me on the highway and it isn’t dangerous to drive,” to which he laughed and said “No not at all.” He had me initial on the paperwork that I accepted his comments about the car, and then handed me the pink copy of my paperwork, told me the car had a ½ tank of gas in it, and started talking to another agent outside while re-entering the rental agency. At no point during the initial process did he go over each and every ding, dent and scratch on the car and have me initial each one, but had me initial a general area that I accepted the car. I have never done this through any previous rental agency so I did not know I should have demanded to go over each and every blemish on the car; I thought his general statement about the car having “dings, dents and scratches” on it covered everything since the damage on the left side was so obvious.

As I started to get inside the car, I did notice there was a dent (the dent I am being accused of causing) on the left side behind the left back window. I neglected to mention the dent because I thought he had already referred to the dent while mentioning the “dings and dents and scratches”. I thought this practice was strange since I have rented cars many times in the past from various rental car agencies such as Alamo, Budget, and Thrifty (never Enterprise) and I have never had a rental agent do this at the time of rental. In the past when I have rented my car, I complete the necessary paperwork, go over the rules and regulations, and the rental agent gives me keys, then tells me where I can pick the car up in their parking lot, they have never physically walked me out to the car. I have never had to go over a car with a rental agent therefore and because I thought he had referred to the “dings, dents and scratches” in his statement, he was including every ding, dent and scratch on the car and I did not specifically point out every one that I noticed. In fact, one of the scratches he pointed to in a general way on the back bumper turned out to be bird manure that came off when I rubbed it with my finger.

The car the rental agent (Agent #104CW) supplied me had keys already in the ignition but as stated above, he had also given me a set of keys. Thinking this was a second pair, I placed them in the glove compartment. After I got home, I opened up the glove compartment to put my Enterprise paperwork in it and I noticed the keys were to a silver Ford Taurus.

I am suggesting that the agent meant to place me in the Taurus but in his haste that morning, he placed me in the Chevy Cobalt. As I stated above, the agent seemed to be in a hurry that morning and confused about which car I was to rent. I also remember there were two or three people coming in at the time I was waiting in the rental agency to return their cars and my speculation is that one of them was the previous renter of the Chevy Cobalt because after they left the agent told me my car was available right outside the door. I think he meant for me to rent a silver Taurus because those are the keys he originally gave me, but he became confused and gave me the red Chevy Cobalt instead. I am suggesting that the previous renter is responsible for the damage to the car and (1) he left before the rental agent discovered the damage, or (2) the rental agent never noticed the damage but noticed it when I returned the car and I am being accused of it unfairly.

I would also like to point out that Enterprise utilizes elderly drivers to pick up renters and take them to Enterprise to rent cars. One of them picked me up in a van the morning I rented the car, but the afternoon I returned the car, one of them took me to the auto body shop to pick up my personal car that was being repaired and he transported me in the same car (the Chevy Cobalt) that I had rented. On the way to the auto body shop, the elderly driver almost ran a red light at S.W. 74th and Shields and would have had my husband not been riding in the front seat and reminded him to stop. The driver seemed confused about almost running the light as if he never saw it. I am suggesting that this same car (the Chevy Cobalt) could have been damaged in the transporting of renters back and forth by negligence or accident on the driver’s part with or without him being aware of it, due to the elderly nature of the drivers. Also I noticed Enterprise rental cars are parked in an uncovered parking lot and this car could have been damaged by vandalism or an object striking the car in the parking lot.

I am not responsible for the damage to the car of which Enterprise is accusing me; responsibility for the damage is due to negligence by Enterprise in not adequately documenting damage done by a previous renter, vandalism or natural accident; therefore, Enterprise is attempting to coerce an innocent party, Debbie Gardner, and/or her insurance company to pay for the damage when there is no conclusive proof that she is responsible.
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Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-11-20:
It's getting to the point where the renter will have to take pictures of the rental vehicle before accepting it from the rental company! A lot of these car rental agents are incompetent boobs who blame the next renter of a vehicle for damage inflicted by the previous renter because, for whatever reason, they didn't spot the damage (or didn't bother to look at the vehicle) when the renter returned the car. If I were you, I'd write to the CEO of Enterprise Rent-A-Car explaining your experience with the agents that this location.
Posted by GWbiker on 2006-11-20:
For future use: In this age of time-stamp Digital photography, it might be a good idea to photograph the car damage prior to accepting the rental. Then download the photo onto a computer for printing. Might prevent a person from getting a big headache when returning the rental.
Posted by Shakra on 2006-11-20:
When you take the pictures, make sure you do it right in front of the agent. They started asking me the same questions and I became suspicious. I will NEVER rent from Enterprise again. They are shady.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-11-21:
GWbiker: Didn't I post the exact same suggestion before you did? For future use: Reading previous dicussion posts will prevent redundancy, and will prevent you from looking like a copycatting doofus!
Posted by GWbiker on 2006-11-21:
Hey Heywood: Your public post to me didn't prevent you from looking like an immature brat.
Posted by bsk20719 on 2006-12-07:
I am just now going through the same darn thing i didnt notice a very low dent before i left with it and there trying to blame me, also may i add it was my second car because the first ones inspection and registration was outdated. I want to fight this but i dont know how. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Posted by webigail on 2007-09-19:
I will NEVER rent from Enterprise again. I am experiencing the same problem. Ironically, I only used them this time, because I had a 50% coupon, which was the result of a class action lawsuit.

Their unethical practices are beyond belief.
Posted by CoopersDad on 2010-01-15:
Hi there,

I worked for a rental car company for 8 years, and this kind of thing was, unfortunately, common. I have written a couple of articles that outline a) how to prevent this from happening and b) what to do if something likes this happens to you. I hope that this is helpful to you and other readers:

How to prevent rental car damage claims:

How to dispute rental car damage claims:

Good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-15:
I have heard of this type of thing, and my husband is anal about walking an agent around a car we are renting and making him write down every thing he can see about the car and refuses to sign the contract unless all the things he sees is in the contract.
Posted by Charlie61 on 2010-03-23:
It is now 2010 and I have just been victimized by Enterprise Rental Car. I rented a car in Philadelphia on a rainy, cold day and did not get out of the car to inspect. When I returned the car, the agent found 2 dents on the roof of the car which she accused me of causing. I can assure you, I would have known if I had rolled over or if something had fallen on the car that caused dents on the roof. She asked me to sign a paper taking responsibility which I refused to do. I asked to see all the prior rental damage reports to make sure this had not been reported before. She said she was unable to do that. As soon as I got home, I cancelled my credit card so they couldn't automatically charge me. Do not rent from Enterprise, they are hounding me via mail every other day.
Posted by truthhurt on 2010-08-01:
Next time, check the car over before you leave, if there is damage and you do not report it when you see it, then how is enterprise supposed to know you didnt do it???
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Untrustworthy Staff
Posted by Beachroamer on 04/14/2005
HAWAII -- Whatever you do, don't trust this company.

My car was being fixed in the shop and my insurance company offered me a free rental from Enterprise until I got my car back. Just a couple of days. The outlet in Kailua, HI set me up with a Honda Accord. The staff walked around the car quickly with me before rental and checked off that there was no damage. I brought the car back two days later and the manager immediately notices this indentation in the hood, which I hadn't noticed at all and which you could only see if the light was shining on the hood in a certain way. She starts complaining to me about what trouble I've caused her. I ask her if she's sure that it wasn't there before she rented it to me, because we had only taken a very quick look about the car. "You shoulda got insurance! That's what insurance is for!" she barks back.

Legally, I was responsible. They charged me $450 for a hardly visible indentation that should have been easily pushed out.

Do NOT trust this company, and if for some reason you can't find another rental agency, LOOK AROUND THE CAR VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE RENTING.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-14:
It pays to get rental insurance. I get it when I rent those awful Uhaul trucks for even a few hours.
Posted by Ferngully on 2005-08-20:
I can relate. These ppl are lazy and dont check thoroghly enough for my taste.
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Enterprise Rental Cars Thieves and Liars!! Don't go!
Posted by Azzy on 09/25/2009
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I rented a car twice at the North High Street branch in Columbus Ohio. I told the manager Jordan that I wanted the lowest rate possible. He forced the damage waiver on me, claiming that it was required. The first time the charge did not go through and I paid the amount from my internet reservation. The second time the charges did go through but when I went to their internet site, it listed the damage waiver as an optional item. I called the national service line and asked for a refund. They acted like jordan was some kind of rogue manager but still told me I had to ask him for the refund. I googles it and saw other complaints in more than one state, so this was the 2nd lie from Enterprise. It took a half hour before Jordan would give me my money back but then 5 weeks later another charge for 56 dollars appeared on my credit card. Again the national help line said I had to call the branch, although they weren't sure which branch made the charge. Ross, a clerk at the High St branch claimed they did not see a charge, then someone called and said some trucking company had paid my previous bill! After I gave them the banking information for the 2 rentals, they claimed they needed time to research and would call back. I called back after 2 days and they said another branch had charged me, not them. I called another local branch who said it was them, then Ross said he needed more time to research, then the next day said he found someone to credit the charge. 3 days later the national help number had no information on the charge, but Jordan would be calling me about my credit. Of course he never called and I finally called my bank and changed account numbers and protested the charge.

I would not rent a car from these crooks under any condition. I have never dealt with a more incompetent company. It starts with the national office and is seen at the branch level.

They deserve the worst possible rating for a review. They back their fraud with lies.
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Enterprise is a horrible company
Posted by EnterpriseSucks on 09/30/2007
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- This a version of the letter I sent to Andy Taylor, the company CEO. I removed information that could identify who I am.


Andrew C. Taylor
Chairman and CEO, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company
600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO 63105

Dear Mr. Taylor,

My most recent, and final, experience with your company can only be classified as hell. I was to attend a conference for the over the final weekend of September 2007. I decided to rent a car and chose your company because it had the best value. But after the problems, hassles and frustrations I dealt with from your employees and your company, I will never again use Enterprise, or its affiliated car rental companies.

After making reservations on Expedia.com, I thought it would be best to contact the Enterprise location at the local International Airport (the location I planned to rent from) with questions. On Monday, Sept. 24, 2007, around 1:20 p.m., I called the airport location asking if it was okay to rent a car using a debit/credit card. The gentleman I spoke with assured me that it was fine and that a deposit of $150 be added to be bill and returned following a successful transaction. Everything was set.

However, on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2007 (the day I planned to leave), I was told by the very unfriendly desk clerk that he could not allow me to rent a car for two reasons: I did not have a credit card and I did not have any flight information. I live rather close to the airport location (and had rented from it previously) and decided I’d do it again. The location has the best hours of operation. Not until I went to rent the car was I told that I needed a flight reservation to rent a car from the airport location.

After speaking with the manager and being treated absolutely rudely by both of the desk clerks, I returned home and called the customer service line. The operator apologized plenty of times for the problems and assured me that everything would work.

The new plan was to rent from the another location nearby. I informed her of the credit card situation and she assured me that I needed two banking/billing items that proved I have income and proved that I am me. I again asked if this was all that was needed. She promised that it is exactly what was needed, plus the $150 returnable deposit.

Friday, Sept. 28, 2007, I get to the other location with proof of income in hand and was told by Caitlin, the employee, that I needed to provide a phone bill to rent a car. After explaining to her the situation and telling her that the service line did not mention that I needed a phone bill, she said she couldn’t help. I then contacted my father who left work to assist in this situation. He ended up placing the car on his credit card.

Situation over, right? Wrong. Moments before I was set to leave, my father noticed that the Kia Rio car I was issued had a driver’s side rear flat tire and that the state’s registration sticker was missing. After waiting nearly 25 more minutes, Rob, the manager on duty, replaced the Rio with a Ford Focus. And, again, a missing state registration sticker.

The fiasco with your company ruined my trip, as I was expected to be at the hotel on Thursday evening. But because I couldn’t leave for the conference until Friday around 9:30 a.m., not only did I miss out on a good bit of the events but the event I volunteer for is being charged a one-night hotel fee because I was not there Thursday evening.

Because of the miscommunication between your company policy and your employees, and for the lack of professionalism and help from everyone I dealt with at your company, I am demanding you not only refund the $55.02 for the rental car but also $109 for the room reservation I was not able to use at the hotel. Had I known all of these stipulations when I first had questions, I would have made other arrangements.

Believe me, I have informed many people of my dissatisfaction with your company. I do not rent cars often, but it is going to be an extremely long time before I ever choose your company again.

I look forward hearing from you.

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Posted by Timboss on 2007-10-01:
You asked if they took a debit/CREDIT card, the clerk heard Credit card and took your reservation. But the other items are interesting - I very seldom ever put flight information down on a rental car form. Also, some cars they have are from other States that do not require a sticker, I live in one, so the vehicle may have been registered in a different State. I agree with JayD on the fact that you need a credit card if you are going to be renting cars - I tried to rent one once and I needed all the information you talked about.
Posted by EnterpriseSucks on 2007-10-01:
Online, it said that many car rental companies take debit cards. That's why I called to see if they did. And that's when I was told yes. I even explained to the employee that it was a bank card for my checking account.

The vehicles were BOTH registered in Pennsylvania.
Posted by Timboss on 2007-10-01:
You could notify the DOT that Enterprise is renting cars without inspection stickers. I looked on the DOT website and found something very interesting, it seems if you register in certain counties you do NOT need an inspection:

Who must participate?
Motorists with gasoline powered cars, vans and light-duty trucks (9,000 lbs. or less gross vehicle weight), with a model year 1975 and newer registered in Allegheny, Beaver, Berks, Blair, Bucks, Cambria, Centre, Chester, umberland,Dauphin, Delaware, Erie, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Lycoming,Mercer, Montgomery,
Northampton, Philadelphia,Washington, Westmoreland and York counties are required to participate in Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) Program.

The plot thickens.

I had a similar experience with an airline. I wanted to pay by check at the counter. I called and talked to 2 different people and explained I wanted to pay by CHECK at the counter, they both said no problem. When I got to the counter, of course, they wouldn't accept a check. So many times there is a disconnect between what they say on the telephone and what really happens.
Posted by Timboss on 2007-10-01:
You could notify the DOT that Enterprise is renting cars without inspection stickers. I looked on the DOT website and found something very interesting, it seems if you register in certain counties you do NOT need an inspection:

Who must participate?
Motorists with gasoline powered cars, vans and light-duty trucks (9,000 lbs. or less gross vehicle weight), with a model year 1975 and newer registered in Allegheny, Beaver, Berks, Blair, Bucks, Cambria, Centre, Chester, umberland,Dauphin, Delaware, Erie, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Lycoming,Mercer, Montgomery,
Northampton, Philadelphia,Washington, Westmoreland and York counties are required to participate in Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) Program.

The plot thickens.

I had a similar experience with an airline. I wanted to pay by check at the counter. I called and talked to 2 different people and explained I wanted to pay by CHECK at the counter, they both said no problem. When I got to the counter, of course, they wouldn't accept a check. So many times there is a disconnect between what they say on the telephone and what really happens.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-10-01:
TimBoss, in Pennsylvania all vehilces need a yearly inspection sticker. The above listing of counties is for those who needs to have an emissions sticker. THey are 2 different stickers. (and don't even get me started on how stupid this is since older cars are exempt!!)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-01:
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Unlimited Mileage - Only with stipulations
Posted by Shakra on 01/05/2006
NEBRASKA -- I made reservations to rent a car from Enterprise. I went to pick it up this evening and was told that I had unlimited mileage, but only in the surrounding four states. This is ludicrous. This is NOT unlimited mileage.

We rented the car to drive to our hometown in IL. This is a roundtrip of approximately 700 miles. I can't drive there without incurring extra cost, but I can drive to the Black Hills in SD, which is approximately 860 miles roundtrip and not incur extra cost. They gave me the option of either paying $15/day or pay .15 per mile after 150 miles.

Your representative told me that it was so Enterprise didn't have extra wear and tear on the cars. Hellooooo!!! You're in the rental car business. If Enterprise cannot handle the wear and tear of a vehicle that it is renting, then perhaps it shouldn't be in this line of business.

Needless to say, I cancelled the reservation right there, walked over to Avis and got the same kind of car with unlimited mileage and far less than what it would have cost me to rent from Enterprise.

I have traveled all over the world. I take one to two trips per month and rent vehicles. I have never heard of this stipulation from any other rental company. I know to stay away from Enterprise from now on.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-01-06:
I knew Enterprise only allowed a few states. Had no idea Avis would allow cross country. Thanks for the info.
Posted by guchiedad on 2006-01-06:
How does a rental car company know if you are going beyond their "4-state" restriction?
Posted by Shakra on 2006-01-06:
I should have put that in. I had no idea that there was a four-state area restriction. She asked where I was going and I told her IL. Thought it was a casual question.
Posted by LarryDan on 2006-01-06:
Whenever renting DO NOT buy the extra insurance.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-01-06:
It is called GPS tracking. They can track you all over the country and know where you are at any given time. When you go past the boundries they are alerted.
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Posted by Utah Says No on 12/04/2009
We had a minor scratch on the fender which was paid through the Visa claims service in Feb 2009. In November 2009, my wife tried to rent a car from National (Enterprise, Alamo and National are all together) and was told she was on the DO NOT RENT list for non-payment. No customer service agents were available (it was Thanksgiving). We finally resolved the matter after ~12 phone calls (including being transferred to discontinued numbers 3 times) and were told that the systems for accounting (read: the people who cash the checks) and the DO NOT RENT list are not linked...AND THE COMPANY IS UNLIKELY TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. If you rent from them, beware...you may not be properly credited for any payments made on a claim, even if it is done through your personal insurance or credit card company coverage.
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