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Medford Oregon Location Will Not Have a Car Waiting for You as Promised.
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Rating: 1/51

MEDFORD, OREGON -- Enterprise Review - My husband and I reserved a rental car from Enterprise on April 19, 2016 to be picked up on June 21, 2016 at 11:00 in Medford, Oregon. A Toyota Corolla or similar. We were driven to Enterprise by a relative on June 21, 2016 and arrived at Enterprise at 12:15 to pick up the rental. Derek ** printed up the rental agreement and said it would be a little while as they were getting a car ready. We waited awhile and were then told it could be an hour or more as there was another customer ahead of us. I asked if there was even a car at the location and was told no.

The relative had an appointment and I asked if they could deliver a car to our Hotel in Ashland (we would get a ride to the Hotel with the relative). I told Derek they had made inconvenient for us and that was the least they could do. When you make a reservation, that's what it means. Reserve. Derek acted like it was no big deal and so did Mike the Manager. Derek said no and I told him to void the contract and I would go back to the Airport and get a car from Budget. Derek then said, yes he would. I said we needed the car by 4 O'clock as we had plans to go to a concert. Derek said that would be ok. We were driven to the hotel and waited until 4:30 and still no car.

I called Derek and he said he had been at the Hotel to deliver it and we weren't there. I said no way as we had been waiting outside our room the entire time. I said, "Why didn't you call as you had my number" and he didn't have an answer. I said, "We are going to have to rely on a cab to get us to the concert on time." Derek then said he would deliver it at 8 o'clock the next morning. No car came at 8 o'clock and I called him and left a message. I then received a call from Mike the Manager saying Derek had the day off. Mike said he would send a car and tried to cover up for Derek. Mike delivered a Ford Fiesta after 9 O'clock.

We then proceeded out of town and my husband says it smells like dog. I took a picture showing white hairs. We rolled the windows down and air it out for awhile. The whole process was frustrating and not how we wanted to start our vacation. It was upsetting to our relatives who had to go out of their way to accommodate us. Derek should be reprimanded as lying shouldn't be tolerated and not following through with an agreement. We were given a credit as we hadn't received it in time and were told the actual bill would be $200.00. The actual charge to my account was $250.00.

I have used Enterprise before and never a problem. I heard from others this branch always promises and never delivers. I hope this doesn't happen to other upcoming vacationers as you don't need the distractions when traveling.

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Rating: 1/51

HERMISTON, OREGON -- OK. I labored through this whole trip once already and just as I was about to put the finishing touches on my review my cell battery died. Bummer. BUT I will labor through this whole journey again because IMHO it's worth telling.

This involves two Enterprise car rental locations. The first is located in Hermiston, Oregon and is the only car rental there. I called the Hermiston Enterprise to rent or reserve the next available car on November 23, 2016. I was informed there were no cars. Thanksgiving, the 24th. Understandable. I asked to reserve a car on Friday November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving. I was informed they would be closed Friday and through the weekend??? I asked to reserve a car for Monday, November 28th. He said to just call on Monday??? WHAT do they do there? My guess is as little as possible.

Pasco, Washington airport was the next closest Enterprise car rental. I reserved a car with Enterprise through Expedia. (Expedia could find Enterprise rental cars available that Enterprise couldn't find). The reservation was for Saturday, November 26th. I didn't realize until I got home Expedia charged me $20 for this torture. So at this point I must rent a motel room in Hermiston, Oregon for two extra days and pay an $80 taxi fare to get to a rental car at the Pasco, Washington airport.

I arrived at the Pasco airport and approached the Enterprise car rental desk. The young man at the computer couldn't find my reservation number so a young woman came over to help. She was a cold, rude, and obviously unhappy person. Red flag. We finally got through the initial 'fill in the blanks on my computer screen'. I pulled out my VISA debit card to pay the $179 and change to rent the car.

The icy young woman informed me at this point they could only take credit cards. Something I banned from my life by choice. I told her I had never had a problem renting a car with my debit card before. She then asked me if I had a friend or family member who had a credit card? This was delivered as if I were a bum with a tin can spare changing while simultaneously bumming a cigarette.

I moved down the counter to the Avis/Budget area. The Avis representative was polite and tried to be helpful. Yes, they took debit cards. Yes, they had a car available. Yay! BUT it would cost $400 for a mid-size vehicle, one way to Mt. Vernon, WA. A 380 mile trip and 24 hours, $400. Wow!!! Apparently, one-way costs more.

So, I had lunch at the airport I was now stuck in and reviewed my 'options'. I even checked to see what the airlines had. Nada. I went outside and sat in the sun for an hour or so thinking or not. I came to the conclusion humanity treated one another horribly and the almighty bottom line wins, hands down. So, I mentally prepared myself to rent a car from Avis to the tune of $400 for a one-way, 380 mile, 24 hour trip.

I returned to the Avis car rental desk. The representative looked up the car rental for me and lo and behold!! It would now cost me $179 and change to rent a car. No explanation seemed to be available for this drop in price. Within half an hour I was in a mid size rental car headed for the saneness and sanctity of my home.

I predict Enterprise Rent-A-Car will eventually go out of business or more likely be bought out by a company that knows how to do business. Wouldn't a car rental business WANT to be open with vehicles available during the holidays? I suggest in the meantime that Enterprise does something for the rude, unhappy, lethargic reps they employ. I will never use Enterprise again. I will hitchhike first.

Awful Experience
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Rating: 1/51

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO -- My car been hit by a truck and I have to rent a car from Enterprise in Glenwood Springs, CO. The most awful experience of my life (and it's not over yet!). It was unethical sale from the beginning by Fred (damage waiver is optional!!!) After that my card was unauthorised charged Friday afternoon and put my balance to negative over weekend if I didn't find out about it by accident.

I explained situations to the banker and she called Fred on my behalf. He admitted that card was charged without notice and made offensive remark about "language barrier". When banker said that they stop charge he snapped (on taped company line!) and I quote : "I WILL RIPPED HER (me) OUT OF THE CAR!!!" and hung up! It was four days how I return rental car but there is no refund from unauthorised charge and no response for complaint that I filed!

Company Response 11/02/2016:

O. We've noted your comments and we would like to have the opportunity to look into your billing concern for you. Please send us a detailed email to include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.
When emailing, please list Reference Number 161102-003489 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.
Carol H.

Enterprise left me stranded
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Rating: 1/51

LAUREL, MARYLAND -- I had urgent need of a rental car as my car will be in the shop for several days. I tried calling the closest Enterprise office but never could get through. I then called the main Enterprise toll-free number and made a reservation, gave the representative all of my information, and arranged for pickup. She assured me that everything was arranged and that I would hear from someone when they were on their way. This was about 2:30 in the afternoon.

After an hour or so went by, I started trying to call the local office again. I waited on hold listening to the ads and the occasional "Please hold - someone will be with you shortly" type message until eventually it told me that it couldn't get me through right now, "Try again later" and hung up on me. Did this a few times. No one ever answered at the Laurel location. I called the main toll-free number and explained the situation and was told that there was nothing they could do and that I needed to call the local office. It was now a bit after 4:30 and I was getting worried.

I tried the Laurel office again a couple of times and someone finally picked up the phone. He then asked if he could put me on hold. A few minutes later, he returned to the line and I explained that I had made a reservation a couple of hours ago and was waiting for pickup. First he said they were really busy, then he said we weren't in their pickup area. He claimed that the Jessup office was the location that would do pickups to where our offices are located.

I then called Jessup. They were very nice and apologetic but said that they were not the correct office and it made no sense to say that it would be them when they were much farther away. They eventually got through to the Laurel office but really couldn't do anything about the situation. It was now about 5:40 and, even if I could have found someone at work to give me a ride somewhere, all the relatively nearby rental car agencies would be closed.

So I still have no rental car and am still at work the next morning. I suppose it could have been worse but this is not the kind of service I expect from anywhere but especially not when you may be putting your customers in a dangerous situation.

Company Response 06/29/2016:

Customer service and satisfaction are very important to us at Enterprise. I would like to follow up with you. Please email me at with the complete details, contact information (including a phone number) and any rental agreement numbers. Also reference #160629-003447 in the subject. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. Chris, Social Media Monitor, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Charged for Damages I Did Not Incur
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- After having my car totaled early last year, my insurance company arranged a rental car through Enterprise Rentals. What a nightmare. I was charged over $500 in damages that were not there or caused by myself. I did not notice any hail damage or damages otherwise to this vehicle after the hailstorm on April 12th, nor did anyone else, including the Enterprise employee that took my car in on April 20th. I was not given a copy of the turn-in inspection when I turned the vehicle in and repeated request after this claim was presented have been denied.

Additionally, after turning in the rental car, I returned to Enterprise after receiving a call from the individual that took in the rental, to pick up some belongings I had left behind in the trunk and again there was no mention of damage. After the claim was presented to me, I was not afforded the opportunity to inspect the claimed damages. Furthermore, from the pictures that were sent to me I can see no hail or other damage.

Given that there was an additional hail storm that occurred after I turned in the car (April 25th) and that thousands of cars were damaged in these storms, I feel there may have been a mix up. I know and have several witnesses that will attest to the fact that the rental car I had sustained no hail damage from the storm of April 12, 2016.

Today I received a letter from a collection agency Enterprise enlisted to collect. I called my insurance company USAA who said they paid whatever was above my deductible because they had so many claims from the hail storm and decided to go with the Enterprise's decision without asking for turn-in or investigating further. Seeking justice in San Antonio.

A Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -- My insurance carrier made rental arrangements for me through Enterprise. I picked up my rental on what turned out to be a busy Monday afternoon for their office. Did a quick walk around a wet/air drying vehicle for dents and scratches bigger than a quarter per the rental agent. There was a nick at the top right corner of the windshield that was not documented. All is well the first week with the vehicle.

Warm weather moves into the area and a crack develops in the windshield. Take the car back to the Enterprise office, they do a damage claim and ask for my insurance information. I question the rental agent about the process. He says "someone will contact you by phone and you can dispute the damage." Okay... So they place me in another rental. I have to ask them to perform the walk around to note damage. The vehicle I was given was filthy (looked as if someone had spit on the window) and smelled like someone's dog had been living in the car.

Since I was unsure of when my vehicle would be fixed, I decided to return the vehicle the next day. Went to the Enterprise office. Was told no vehicles, come back at 5:00; sure. Made a return trip to the office and they placed me in another rental vehicle. Mind you the interior of this vehicle was just as bad. At this point I conceded. Received a letter in the mail from the Damage Recovery Unit of Enterprise requesting I file a claim on my insurance for the windshield.

I call the number listed and after two transfers I am told they don't have an estimate for the windshield. Excuse me, it's a windshield. How complicated is it to get an estimate for a windshield. Representatives says "I see it is just windshield damage so it's no big deal." What! It's a big deal to me since they are demanding I pay it or file with my insurance. "Oh, I understand someone will call you by next week." Really! I want this nightmare to be over.

Got a call from the local office this morning. Enterprise Agent says "we want to charge the card on file for the damage waiver," my response "I still have the rental vehicle". Her response "we just want to take care of the current charges". Fine, I give up. (I took out the damage waiver after the issue with the windshield, didn't want any additional headaches). Enterprise is about to screw me out of a lot of money.

Outstanding Service
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Rating: 5/51

COCOA, FLORIDA -- They give outstanding service. In January an agent named Amber locate a couple of hats I inadvertently left behind in the rental car I returned. A number of days transpired, she found them, and called me to tell me she found them and I could come by to pick them up. Meanwhile I had not realized I had left them behind until she left a message on my phone.

I was so happy she took the time to locate the rightful owner because one hat had sentimental value to me, given to me by a very close friend before he passed away. Both hats meant a lot to me and I was grateful to have them found and returned. Thank you so much Amber and Enterprise Rent-A-Car for your kindness and diligence to return these items to me. You inadvertently gave me another Christmas present I really wasn't expecting but was so grateful to receive.

Car Rental Covered by My Insurance
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Rating: 2/51

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- While my husband's car was being repaired after an accident, my insurance covered a car rental direct bill with Enterprise. The car repair took twice as long as expected. My insurance with Travelers only covered 30 days - my body shop was to pick up the cost where Travelers ended. At start of rental I had a new 2016 Jeep Renegade rental - they asked me to come in and sign new paperwork to continue rental where they switched out with a much older Jeep Patriot (it stunk LITERALLY). I was disgusted with Enterprise for how they treated me after the direct bill ended. I will never use them again and I wish Travelers would use a different car rental company in the future.

Depressed When I Returned Car
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Rating: 1/51

CULLMAN, ALABAMA -- I rented a car from them, because I did not have a credit card I had to have a deposit. I put down 200.00 dollars and was supposed to get this back when I brought the car back. On the receipt they gave me it said "24 hour billing cycle." I was not shown this when renting car so I waited. No deposit back on my card. I call Enterprise customer service and lady I talked to said "yeah they don't tell you they hold your deposit for 5 to 7 days when you rent the car."

The car was perfect when I returned it. I purchased all the insurance. I felt like because I did not have a credit card I got the runaround. We work all year to take our kids on a vacation. We had a budget and I was expecting to get this money back right away, since Enterprise took their money from my account right away. I think Enterprise should wait 5 to 7 days for your money from your customers. This is shameful. It ruined a great vacation. I cried for days. After this you need to get a better billing system. If this is the problem it is not fair for you to keep people's money... Your company took theirs right away. Not fair... Will never rent from you again... Heartbroken.

Fraud and Lies
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Rating: 1/51

EDGEWOOD, MARYLAND -- Enterprise has wrongly accused us of damaging our rental car up for thousands of dollars. They refuse to return phone calls and are reluctant to give out information when questions. One representative referred to my questions as "irrelevant" and told me to call my insurance company. I believe that Enterprise is running an illegal and unfair scam to hurt consumers. I have done the research and there are thousands of similar complaints against this company.

Do not use them. If you do, record all of your dealings with them. Never let a company representative transfer your car (the company won't record names of transfers - it's irrelevant). Do not allow this greedy corporation take advantage of you.

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